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  1. Salutations. Salutations. Salutations.
  2. "I'm sorry for your loss," she expressed, referring to the mage. "If the pay is fair and your honor remains intact then I would be glad to join your merry crew." She meant that as long as they did not participate in the real pirate stuff and provided that she could keep herself fed and clothed while keeping a little spending money then she would gladly take the job. "Where is your ship?" She asked him.
  3. Ceol did not flinch away from the hammer as it screamed through the air. It was only turned at the last moment by the strength of her grandfather's arm. The inn-keep yelped and scurried into his dilapidated alehouse with very little color left in his cheeks. She let him finish speaking in total before replying. "Grandfather. You besmirch my name because of my dress and question my innocence because I travel with a man who has not asked my father's permission to court me and could not give my hand or agree that I might be his betrothed. What man should he ask then to ask after me?" She questioned Reinhard. 'I've always felt like a bastard,' she thought. She closed her eyes and took a deep annoyed breath that perfectly matched her grandfather's. The mannerism, everything about it from the tilt of her head to the timing matched the old man's. Without question she was his granddaughter. Her eyes flashed open. "We are coming with you. You are my grandfather and you are in danger. I love you no less despite your cruel words and I will not let you face danger alone now that I know of it. How dare you though. I am innocent and he hath been the perfect gentleman. See how he blushed when I kissed his cheek?" She could not rightly stay at the inn now. The inn-keep would have them killed under his roof while they slept no matter how much her grandfather threatened him now and it was not in her grandfather's personality to cajole or bribe the man to keep her safe. 'He can not stop us anyway,' she thought. "We will follow you. Denying us now and we will be murdered in our sleep. If you still think I am some fragile flower I assert that my champion will defend my honor in combat and prove our worth," she finished but was not exactly clear who this champion was. The obvious assertion was that she had named Worroth her champion and had put him on the chopping block. @Worroth @The Hound
  4. So sorry.  I forgot about you.  You will have a post sometime tonight.

  5. The dark-skinned guard stepped in and stood across from them. As he started to speak Ceol looked more and more worried. Her reaction mirrored Worroth's when the guard mentioned torture. She grew deathly pale. Worroth looked at her as if he expected her to pull an explanation out of thin air. He looked at her as if he expected her to be able to explain what had happened. In her experience it did not matter what they said. They could easily separate the both of them and question them. It would be easy for them to tell if she had lied and if they discovered that then their torture would be far worse in the end. She interlaced her fingers and pushed them between her thighs. Her shoulders slumped and she started to shake. Worroth's hope would be dashed like a ship upon sharp rocks in a storm. She had nothing that could save them from this unless she attacked the guards and now that she was paralyzed with fear it was doubtful she could even accomplish the needed vocal control, pitch, and tone to do that. "We got lost in the woods. We were staying at a tavern," she said with a shaky voice. It was as if she had experienced torture before and the thought of it happening again sent her to the very edge of horrified panic. "We saw the city and walked here," she continued. She wanted to ask why they would threaten to do this. "Do you not have merchants and bards that travel here from other cities? Surely you do not torture every traveler, do you? I'm a traveling minstrel. We mean no harm to the city or anyone in it." She started to rock back and forth in her seat. She was terrified, this was clear. @Worroth
  6. The elf girl stands behind the curtains her facial features too perfect to be real. At first she looks scared out of her mind and then she looks confused. "What?" She asks as he changes. "I'm dreaming. I have to be dreaming. A lucid dream with a false awakening. I'm still dreaming," she says as if she is speaking to herself and then slaps herself hard in the cheek. Nothing happens. She does not simply vanish. "Ouch," she flexes her jaw and then rubs her cheek. Then the guy who looks like a middle aged Asian with weird hair pulls a golden Kalashnikov out his butt. To be fair it may not have come out of his butt but it appeared that he just reached behind him and then suddenly had the weapon. "What! What in the hell, fuck?" She exclaims as she reaches up and tugs hard on the curtain. It tears and most of the cloth falls. She drapes it over her body, careful to keep covered up. "Who are you and why have you brought me here? What do you want with me?" She asks him. 'What does he want? He kidnapped me or I'm dreaming. I have to be dreaming? Am I dead? Did I die? Am I in hell? Please God. I'm sorry. Jesus forgive me,' she thought all these things as she waited for his answer. She had noticed no difference between her normal body and her current one. There were differences obviously but she had not taken the time to inspect herself on account of never entertaining the thought that she may not be herself anymore. @Trigger2Red
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    She tread one of the many platforms around the crown of the Elder Tree, humming a sad little song. She was in a bazaar but little was being sold or traded. Most were worried about the siege and talking in hushed tones concerning the Xer-orians and the possibility that they may break the gate. Ceol had come to Taen and Lunaris by chance. She was not necessarily trapped in the city despite the siege. She could escape easily and at any time but something did keep her there. She would later call it fate. The performer had been in the city before the Xer-orians had attacked the walls and had chosen to remain once they started to hit the gate. She moved over to the edge and leaned upon the railings that faced the gates. Her arms were folded and resting upon the smooth wood planks. Her chin rested upon the back of her hands. Smoke rose from the field but it was so far that she could make out no single figure upon it and amid the forces either defending the gate or arrayed against it. It was at just that moment that the great tree quivered. There was a brief exclamation from the people behind her, alarm in brief screams or panicked calls. The tremor caused her to wake from her daydream and stand straight. The ground exploded in the distance. Great fissures opened up in the earth and stone long before she heard the rumble, felt the intolerable heat hit her cheeks, or smelled the acrid swirling reek. Plumes of smoke, fire, flung earth, and stone rocketed into the air all across her field of view. The world was breaking. Valucre was cracking before her very eyes. Ceol cringed back, recoiled from the sight as the tremendous crack of splitting wood filled her ears. Her flush cheeks paled and fear clawed at her heart. The people behind her screamed and cried out in horror as the tree started to slowly list to once side, steadily twisting even at the start of its long fall. She clutched the rail, and tightened her pack using her free hand. She turned back to the people. "Listen to me! Listen!" She screamed over the rumble. Some did turn to look to her as they clutched at anything they could to keep their balance. The children clung to their parents as the platform lurched and her own feet threatened to slide from under her. She raised her head. Her words started low but quickly bloomed over the rumble and the barrage of lightning and thunder. "♫The book of love is long and boring No one can lift the damn thing It's full of charts and facts, some figures and instructions for dancing But I, I love it when you read to me. And you, You can read me anything.♫" Flashes of light crawled and then danced across the air to condense upon their heels in sparkling fashion like sunshine spun with starlight. The children and their parents, the merchants and their workers, and all the other people that were on the platform and in the bazaar rose slowly from the deck and at their heels ethereal wings flared to life. The platform cracked and fell away but the people were held, suspended in the air. Her voice rose over the din as they clutched each other and started to pull together. Some prayed and others wept out of fear or some delusion that a miracle had been performed. From higher branches and platforms people fell through the space, screaming as they went and were caught up and lifted again to the group. During it all her eyes were squeezed tightly shut. 'I dare not look. Surely the death and destruction will claim my heart. I will be overcome. My voice will crack,' she thought, tears streaming down her face but her emerald eyes did open and she gazed out across the smoking ruin. The howling gale threatened to scatter her woven notes but somehow her voice prevailed and rose to new and even more beautiful heights. "♫The book of love has music in it, In fact that's where music comes from. Some of it is just transcendental, Some of it is just really dumb. But I, I love it when you sing to me. And you, You can sing me anything.♫" The magic of her song moved them away from tree, narrowly pulling them from ruined buildings and falling branches as the trunk twisted. They were suspended in the open air and under them was a broken, ruined city. She reached out to a swarthy looking merchant and took his hand. He did the same to another woman and the woman took the hand of a elderly man. Every one of them started to join their hands as the world sundered below them.
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