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  1. Beyond the World We See OOC

    Preferred Name: Chalicearay Hartford Nickname/Alias: Chalice Gender: Female Age: 20 Sexuality: Heterosexual -- Race: Human Height: 5'9" Weight: 128 Body Type: Fairly good body structure. One definitely would not call her scrawny, and she's got a generally muscular outline, but she couldn't beat most grown men at an arm wrestling match. If leg wrestling was a thing however, she'd kick their butts. Her form is fairly feminine, though she's got a slight pear shape to her body. Facial Structure: Her jaw is a bit more masculine and sharp, with a cleft in the center of her chin, but it rounds up to her face, with an upturned nose exactly where it should be. Coloring: She has slightly pale skin, but it's splattered with freckles. Her eyes are a dark, serious green. Hair: She has a relatively professional hairstyle. It's a strawberry blonde color, but fairly straight and generally pulled back in a tiny ponytail. It reaches just under her chin, and one side is a bit lower on one side then the other. Identifying Marks: Some birthmark freckles on her arms and one on her face. Her lips are surprisingly memorable in the fact that her neutral expression generally consists of them being slightly parted. Her upper lip has a sharp upward curve to it, so naturally does so. Physical Strengths: She's got great leg strength from plenty of walking around and standing, as well as trying to maintain physical fitness on the side. She doesn't have much for arms, but she can throw objects fairly accurately. Her hand-eye coordination is exceptional. Physical Weaknesses: Her pain tolerance is extremely low. Picturing violence often sends her stomach churning, and if she witness someone else's pain it's easy for her to feel empathetic or phantom pain. Physical Ailments: Migraines are common. Headaches even more so. There are quick, painful ones she sometimes gets, as well as constant, annoying ones that are more like a soft pinch. She also gets dehydrated fairly quickly. -- Apparel: She always wears as much as she can. That way, if cold hit, she has plenty of clothes. If warmth hits she can take the extra shirt and jacket off. It can vary, because it's pretty easy to forget about clothes when you're running from a rabid dog, but her outfit generally remains solid. A pair of worn jeans, a skirt, a tanktop under a longsleeve shirt. And, of course, her light patchworked coat. Arsenal/Weaponry: A couple of knifes, one serrated and the other dull and mostly used to open items. Additional Equipment: She carries a satchel with her. It contains a broken brush, some soft cloths, and a pair of socks. She also managed to find some pepper spray that hasn't entirely been used. Other various items come and go, but she usually has a water bottle. Skills: She is very good with her words. It's easy to insult and hit people in just the right places to make them break and crumble, and she knows all of the tricks that some try to throw back at her. She's very observant. Chalice is also extremely flexible, and can fit into some interesting places. Coming up and singing songs on the spot is pretty easy too. Incompetencies: No matter what happens, Chalice can't bring herself to lie. She also can't stand the idea of pain and suffering, and is pretty much a wimp when it comes to any daring or possibly harmful actions. She doesn't like new things, either, and anything outside of her normality can get overwhelming. She automatically tries to assume the worst of a situation, so that way she won't be dissapointed, but things could get better. -- Brief Personality: Gut feelings are a common thing for Chalice. She is wondrous and confident with her words, but someone that seems negative can set her off. She can sense their lies like a giant cake ontop of a haystack, but she can't lie as much as she can't find the needle in there. Because of this, she usually remains silent. Her gaze is usually harsh as well to prevent people from asking questions. Expectations: To finally bring herself out of the dumps where she can use her words properly again. Re-rooting herself in a different state is a dream, especially considering all the enemies her tongue had managed to make her in the courts of her current whereabouts. Religion: She believes in God. Likes: She really likes shrimp. It's a heavenly thing. Honesty and people with good virtue. Dislikes: Idiots. Basically people in general. People who ask a lot of questions and demand answers. She doesn't dislike a lot of foods, considering she doesn't have much a choice, but will not have tea. Or milk. Phobias: Torture. Finding herself stuck in situations with no good way out. Mental Ailments: She can't lie. -- Brief History: She worked her way to the top. Her family life was pretty average, but the things she wanted to accomplish weren't affordable, especially with three other siblings. So, in order to get into colleges and law schools, she had to work for it. A lot of her middle and high school years were working, then. It was split between as much work as she could do and as much homework she could do. Graduation from college wasn't even close when she began helping out in the courts at 18.She left her family behind to move to the big city, where her popularity as a lawyer got many bad people in prison, and made her plenty of enemies. A particularly powerful one had plenty of contacts on the outside, and soon she found rumors and lies spread about her, ones that corrupted her public figure entirely. As one can imagine, and 18 year old getting one in prison can be particularly embarrassing. Extra: NYC is the bomb i love it. I love NYC. Boom. It's been revealed. My true love....I've finally let the world know. I have a power, but do we just reveal it in the roleplay?
  2. We're Going On a Trip (In a flying pirate ship...)

    It didn't take much for her to get the items she needed. Belle may have been a...pirate, as most might say, but she did enjoy eating relatively healthy to keep her head on straight. Of course other then the faint, but constant, stench of alcohol on her breath. Something had to counter the unhealthy drinking habits, so fruits and vegetables had to do! The good thing about most fruits, and nearly all vegetables, was that they lasted fairly long. Apples were near impossible to ruin, unless cut open and left in the air. Bananas, on the other hand, got rotten really quickly. She considered them bad luck on a ship, mostly because of the fact that they did more harm then they ever helped. And they didn't help anyone anytime at all. She also got some dried meat. More money slipped out of her grasp, but it was well spent. As much as she loved the ship, the amount of money that had gone into the rudder was hard to remain neutral about. The food was a bit easier, because she didn't spend much at all. And it was food. Her ship flew, but food kept her alive. It was pretty good to and she enjoyed the pleasure it could give her tongue on occasion. With a little bit of though, she also bought a bar of soap. Belle liked keeping at least relatively clean, though she doubted she would ever feel flawless again. Soap kept her skin fairly nice, however. Fitz obviously didn't need it. With everything she could think of, and was willing to spend money on, Belle headed back towards the ports. Her misty eyes scanned over the sails of ships as she neared. This wasn't the best port, nothing like the docks of royal capitals with priceless boats all around, but a couple of larger vessels peeked above the rest. Her boat wasn't quite in sight, but she didn't doubt that Fitz was already there, dawning an impatient appearance as he waited for her. She didn't care, and she knew he was just trying to annoy her. It was merely amusing. One bag in her hand, full of the items, she picked up her pace. The sun was lowering in the sky, but several sailors still wandered about. Some carelessly. Some with a mission. The ones with business to attend hardly noticed her, but the careless ones were more prone to scan her over. She would catch their gazes and wink before flashing a sharp smile, which would send their eyes away from where they didn't belong. Sure, her face was a little bit off. One eyebrow was a bit thicker then the other; her nose slightly crooked. Her skin was tan and her hair dark, however. Accompanied by bright eyes and a dazzling smile, it made her look at least a little attractive. And it wasn't everyday these sailors saw a girl in pants and boots. Belle chuckled. She was amused at herself, but hurried onward. Fitz wasn't quite at the ship yet, much to her delight, and she gave him a lopsided smile as they boarded for her to stash the items. "You found a cheap place with good alcohol?" Good alcohol was hard to find, and that was probably a good thing. A couple cups of the stuff not watered down skewed her judgement completely. "Or maybe fresh water." A little real hydration could never hurt either. @Worroth
  3. Off to Find a Wizard 2: Blairville

    She simply nodded as she ate, crunching upon some of the nuts. They left a weird aftertaste in her mouth and stuck to her teeth, but she still made sure to eat some. They would provide a little extra energy during their travels, she knew. Even though they weren't her favorite food. The traveling life hadn't allowed her to eat much, but it benefited her flying skills. She needed to eat the healthiest stuff she could find, and the fish was good, but she helped herself only to two of the fillets. It had an interesting texture, but the flavor wasn't bad. It tasted fresh. Dawn chewed on another bite and glanced at Damien curiously. Usually, when she greeted people, it started with a "how are you?" or a similar greeting. It allowed the person to know you cared about what happened in their lives, and they generally replied before turning the question back. But since she had been traveling with Damien nonstop, albeit only for a couple days, the thought had not crossed her mind to ask him how he was. She knew her own thoughts on the adventure, but what about him? He surely had questions, and although he had made it his job to protect and accompany her, that wouldn't stop him from doubting her own goals. So, swallowing the fish, she tilted her head curiously at him. Her nose twitched as she sniffed before her gaze fell on his face. "How are you?" It sounded a bit odd. Most likely because those were common words to begin an encounter, not start in the middle of them. She followed it up with a curious smile anyways.
  4. Off to Find a Wizard 2: Blairville

    It smelled pretty good for the limited supplies she had. The meat was the main factor, but once the fish was thoroughly cooked she cut it up into smaller pieces. Fish never took too long to cook in any case, and this situation was no different. She rested the pan next to the fireplace so it would stay warm upon Damien's return, but she didn't have to wait long. He was quick with whatever he had hurried off to do. His face was slightly flustered anyways, so she didn't need to be a genius to guess. Dawn was just helping herself to a small chunk of the fish, and she smiled at him and shrugged. "It's edible. That's all that counts, I believe." (OOC: I'm back! I know it's short but I'm currently brain-dead XD)
  5. Beyond the World We See

    I would love to meet your one a day quota once the roleplay starts, but I will not be returning from a current vacation. I will be running on the 15/16th of March, but is that acceptable? I might be able to get a character up beforehand, but I lack a computer.
  6. Off to Find a Wizard 2: Blairville

    She wasn't about to doubt him, and she new it was true too. Fishing had been a pretty common sport that many partook in. Dawn, of course, was not one of those. While her companion patiently waited for their dinner, she busies herself with finishing up the camp and tending to the fire. It had started smokey and large, but slowly burned down to hot coals. She made sure to try and keep it like that in order to cook the fish. Nearly an hour had passed, and she temporarily wandered away from the lake for a brief stretch to her wings. It took her about ten minutes, and only five of them was actually stretching, but by the time she had returned Damien seemed satisfied with his sucess. She smiled along with him. "You filet and I'll cook. Does that sound like a deal?" Cooking was an easy household task most women, at least, knew. She was one of them, and didn't mind trying to help out with their dinner. The three fish weren't too big, and would be easy to cook through. If she added some of the dried meat to it there might be a little more then the usual flavorless flavor fish held. And the salt she had packed would definitely come in handy.
  7. Off to Find a Wizard 2: Blairville

    She was slowing them down a bit, but it was her quest. Dawn tried to keep up with Damien as best she could. She had Bragged about her ability to run back at the Tavern, but that was an all out sprint. Speed seemed to be her forte, but it was the stamina she lacked. So, when the reached the lake, relief flooded through her exhausted body. She nodded in agreement before busying herself with helping set up as much as she could. It had only been another half hour when she was finishing up the fire, and Damien was working on the fishing lines. Once again, she relaxed into the fire by wrapping her hand around a burning twig. It was rejuvenating, and her mind wandered back to a recurring dream. It contained the elements that got her to her current state. The experimental process her father had explained in vigorous detail before. It included a lot of fire, and blood, and magic. It struck a curious chord within her, but the idea was still revolting. Dawn sighed and stood, wiping the charcoal ashes on her leggings as she turned out to the lake. Her hair and face could use a quick wash in the water at some point that evening before she slept. "I've seen a couple fish jumping, but they don't look too large," she called out to Damien. They had further out as well, but hopefully he would snag them some dinner with the setup.
  8. Off to Find a Wizard 2: Blairville

    Dawn turned her eyes to him for just a moment before she tilted her head up and peered through the tree cover. A sigh escaped her before she returned her focus to their path. "I know. i...have said many times that without war there would be no hope." She shrugged absentmindedly. The statement had been repeated many times, and it still rang true in her mind. There would be no need for hope if there was not conflict and pain. "If there were more like you in this world, many might have been saved." She lowered her voice and smiled warmly at him. "Myself included. I dont consider myselr unstained." The forest seemed to clear up for a stretch, at least on the trail they walked. "I doubt many do. So thanks, knight." Dawn had intended to call him her knight, but realized just beforehand how possesive that was. She didn't realize how obnoxious and careless the nickname she had resorted to seemed. It was almost a bit rude, and she flinched as the word left her mouth. Knight was such a generalized term. It was probably just her mind going sporadic, but she hoped Damien didn't care to correct her. Dawn did that sometimes when she was tired or emotional. She tended to overthink and worry on occasion, and it was sometimes hard to tell when her logic faltered. But she definitely could have been a bit more sincere with the statement.
  9. Beyond the World We See

    Ill do my best to be there. If we need character sheets would you make an outline?
  10. Off to Find a Wizard 2: Blairville

    Dawn wasn't sure weather to laugh, stand in awe or cry. Her knight's presentation had been full of so much determination and valor that she simply couldn't laugh. She had asked the question, and it wouldn't do to be suddenly silent. Crying just...wouldn't do. He had a much better goal then she did in general, but that was okay. It was okay to wish for normality instead of fame. Despite wanting to respond, there was another moment of silence. And then she snorted. "Not much? Those are pretty noble goals, Damien." And then her mind went back to how he called her 'my lady' and she made a mental note to call him her knight. "I think any king would be grateful to have you on their side." It was true. He may not have much of a name now, but she could help with that at least a little. Exaggerate stories of their time together with her family. Travellers occasionally came through, and most were eager for more stories to spread. Dawn smiled to herself at the thought of it as she readjusted her cloak. It was getting a bit hot, and her head hurt, but she could survive another couple of hours. "It is good to throw completely into what you enjoy." She was completely honest, but couldnt help but hesitate at the idea of it. His goals were noble, but they involved so much fighting. Dawn herself understood that it was necessary sometimes, but at least he was on the good side. It was still murder, however, and the cause didn't justify it. But, maybe that was just because of the way she was raised. Maybe it was just because she had been nothing but hurt by blades and swords. They could be used for good, but usually, in they end, someone ended up hurting. She exhaled softly and turned her eyes to the ground as she maneuvered around a bush.
  11. Off to Find a Wizard 2: Blairville

    "Its not that I prefer Dawn," she had begun to reply, before realizing he was right. "Well....I like Faera too, but Dawn works just as well. Its less fancy too." Smiling graciously at his compliment, she then fell into step next to him. Another four hours of walking seemed like a very long time. But she had known it would be so the day she set out from home. But still, it was a long time to walk. It would seem like even longer if they remained silent, so she searched for a conversation topic for a long moment. Something that might last a while eventually came to mind. She stepped over an naturally, mossy bump in the ground and glanced at Damien. "What do you hope to accomplish with your life?"
  12. Off to Find a Wizard 2: Blairville

    She shook her head. Her hair had been braided back again at some point during the hike, but some strands were already falling loose. She absentmindedly tucked some behind her ear before finding a comfortable place to sit. Though her wings made everything pretty uncomfortable. There was a fallen log, however, and it made for a pretty easy resting place. The sun was high over their heads, and she had begun to sweat with the heat and exertion. She was fairly temperature sensitive, but didn't want to remove her dark cloak. Once Damien got out the bread and cheese again, she munched on the quaint lunch. "My name is Faera Ryoko." The random statement led back to her earlier question, which had been followed with a long silence as they travelled on. Dawn shrugged. "My middle name is Dawn. And...if you want to get political, my stepfather's last name is Sauroth." Once the random information was revealed, she smiled over at him and stood. The break had been brief but enjoyable. She tugged at the corners of her cloak and squinted up towards the sun. It was midday. They had been walking fairly fast, and if they kept going at this rate they would just make it to a reasonable body of water. She made sure to drink some water so as to not overheat. That wouldn't be enjoyable.
  13. Off to Find a Wizard 2: Blairville

    Dawn didn't have much for possessions, but she slung her bag over her shoulder and nodded. "Aye!" Since Damien had don't most of the work she felt a little bad, but at least now she had more of an idea what to do next time. She had to carry her own weight in the group. Save for the fact her own weight wasn't too much. They set out after making sure the camp looked natural and relatively unbothered. Dawn wasn't sure how much walked they were going to get done, but it would be a full day's worth. She made sure to walk briskly next to Damien with the hopes they would reach a body of water. "Hey, Damien?" Her voice was soft, but the question was sudden. She hadn't really asked the question actually, but decided to do so before he responded. "What Is your full name again?" He had introduced himself in the Tavern, but she could not remember the rest of his name. Damien was the only part of it stuck in her head, for that was what he had asked to been called. That was, of course, before she even knew he would offer to a company and protect her. He was kind of like a noble older brother, she though with a small grin.
  14. Beyond the World We See

    I really like this idea! If you need any more people, or want some contributions, I'll be open! Are there any restrictions on the characters? Also, I am currently away from home, but I should be able to post at least a little by your starting date.