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  1. Vice had been left alone in his home to muse after Mythandriel and Arturo had left. He had some vague anxiety that he couldn't exactly pin down - he hadn't been terribly happy to see them leave so quickly after their wounds were tended to, but both had been insistent. He glanced at the door, grimacing slightly. It was well-sealed, but he could still almost feel the sunlight that waited outside it. Like an itch at the back of his skull. But then suddenly Korben's ears perked up, and he stood, giving a soft, perturbed 'boof' before darting to the door and starting a full on barking fit. This wasn't his usual excitement over a visitor though - he seemed rather distressed. "Korben!" Vice followed him to the door, stroking his fur to try and calm the huge dog, but he wouldn't quiet. "Korben, KORBEN!" He managed to squeeze around to the mutt's head, and took it in his hand to force his companion to look at him. "Show me." There was a moment of silence between the two, and then Vice cursed under his breath and darted back into the house to put together a decently stocked medicine bag, and grab his crossbow. He rarely used the thing, and honestly was only a passable shot, but it was better than nothing. With that and a hunting knife secured to his belt, he pulled on his cloak and then joined Korben at the door, pushing it open and fighting the urge to recoil at the daylight. It stung, even through his cloak, and he pulled the hood down to cover his eyes - he couldn't see anything but white anyway. "This is a poor decision..." He muttered, but nonetheless he jumped onto Korben's back, and the dog immediately took off towards the town. Towards the faint sound of screaming he'd shown to Vice. @Spooky Mittens @Better Than Gore @Witches Brew @Opaquely Translucent
  2. Vice blinked as they both insisted on leaving, looking a bit hesitant to just let them both go. "... let Korben carry you at least." He offered, waving at the dog, whose tail started to wag again upon hearing his name. "Best not to agitate fresh wounds - even bandaged. And you especially ought to be less active." He said the latter part to Mythandriel. "If you are already this ill during the day, it is best to be easy on yourself, lest you make yourself more sick." @Witches Brew @Opaquely Translucent
  3. Vice looked a bit uncomfortable as he came back over to them, but he'd taken the time while Myth was crying to brew some ginger tea for her. He'd even been considerate enough to sweeten it so it wouldn't taste too strong. "... it's all right, I just... wasn't expecting it... you are allowed to be upset by things..." He mumbled, offering her the mug of tea, apparently much less eloquent about his own feelings on the matter than Arturo. "This will help your stomach though. You should drink." He insisted. Korben just gave one of Myth's hands a consoling lick, and let his big head rest in her lap. In case she needed to give him more pets. So she'd feel better, of course. @Witches Brew @Opaquely Translucent
  4. Vice actually jerked back slightly when Myth grabbed him - though she was quickly distracted from interrogating him by being violently ill. "How do you not know!?" He retorted, confusion writ large on his features. He really wasn't completely aware that just sort of... knowing that sort of thing wasn't entirely normal. Korben at least seemed to realize that Myth was now very distressed, and he trotted over to her, shoving himself between her and Vice and nuzzling his head under her arm as if trying to encourage hugs. That made Vice get a somewhat sour look on his face, but he just huffed and headed back over to his kitchen. He had some teas that were good for nausea. @Witches Brew @Opaquely Translucent
  5. Korben's leg was immediately kicking gleefully, as Arturo had found an itchy spot right away. This was the best day ever! He had two whole friends now - Myth had petted him so she was obviously his other bestest friend now too. Vice rolled his eyes at both Myth and Arturo's defense of her fighting skills, giving both of them looks like they must be touched in the head before settling down next to Myth to start tending to the burns on her feet. "Hmph. Women can fight just as well as men if they've the inclination." He retorted. "But most would have the good sense to avoid doing so whilst pregnant." He said it as if it was obvious - he didn't seem to think he was delivering any sort of new information. Though how he even knew was a question - he hadn't given Myth any sort of examination, and she certainly wasn't showing this early. But apparently to him it was a plain fact. @Witches Brew @Opaquely Translucent
  6. Vice frowned slightly at Myth, but then returned to doting on his dog for a moment. "I suppose that's a term to describe me." He grumbled, giving Korben another solid pat on the side before stepping away. "You need to sit. You shouldn't have been in any fight at all, let alone running off afterwards without tending your wounds properly." He waved at a cushion next to Arturo's while going to grab the medicines he'd need to tend to her. Her wounds weren't nearly as bad as his friend's, but she oughtn't be getting wounded at all in her condition... Korben, for his part, was happy to trot over to Arturo's other side and flop down in front of him, before rolling onto his back in his usual bid for belly rubs. He'd been a good boy! He deserved belly rubs! @Witches Brew @Opaquely Translucent
  7. Vice raised a brow quizzically at Arturo's comments. "...druidic...?" He asked, though he did manage to keep working on bandaging Arturo's wounds. It wasn't until he asked about changing into an animal that it clicked in Vice's head what he was on about. "... I'm not a druid, Arturo." He said with a quiet chuckle. At least there was a little more thought put into that than the usual just 'plant magic' he typically got from people trying to understand how he did what he did. -- Korben got up from the ground as soon as Myth was secure on his back, and took off like a shot into the woods. He was doing his best not to bounce her too much, but he wanted to get home so he could get told what a good boy he was! Before long, the ground was covered in thick grass, signalling their entry into what Vice considered his territory, and even sooner after that the huge tree he used as a home loomed into view. Without any hesitation Korben ran right up to it, then pawed the hidden door open and disappeared down the stairs without giving Myth much of a chance to process where they were. As soon as Korben came trotting back down the stairs, Vice frowned hard at the girl he still carried on his back. But first, he stood to walk up to his pup, who was standing very proudly in the middle of the room, and gave him lots of ear scratches. "Good boy, Korben... mmhmm, that's my good pup, you did a good job." Vice praised him quietly, while Korben practically vibrated with joy. He was a good boy! He did good job! This was the best day ever!! @Witches Brew @Opaquely Translucent
  8. Vice was grateful for a change of subject, and went right to work applying a cooling paste to Arturo's burns that would actually likely feel rather soothing. "I grew it, yes. Most of the cloth furnishings I had commissioned, but other than that..." And it wasn't as if they were expensive commissions, as pretty much all of Vice's 'furnishings' were cushions of varying sizes. Anything wood seemed to grow directly out of the walls or floors - even the hooks that held the lanterns that kept the underground room lit seemed to be part of the walls they hung on. -- Now Korben did lay down - but while he let go of Myth's shirt, he began to very pointedly nose her towards his back. They were supposed to get back extra quick, after all, and he could run much much faster than any two-legs could. And besides, it seemed like the nice lady was having a hard time walking anyway. @Witches Brew @Opaquely Translucent
  9. Vice blinked in surprise at Arturo's very frank comment, and again paused in his work, apparently in slight shock. But after a moment he just grumbled something that sounded like an affirmative under his breath before turning to grab some more medicines and bandages. "... turn around, I need to work on those burns." He mumbled - and seemed to be trying very hard not to make eye contact with the other man. -- Korben was happy for the pets, his tail beginning to wag, and for a second he considered laying down for snuggles... but he couldn't get distracted! His master gave him a job and he had to do a good job! So to that end, he took hold of the edge of Myth's shirt with his teeth and started tugging on it. Not hard enough to rip the garment, but still quite insistently. She had to get up! @Witches Brew @Opaquely Translucent
  10. Vice huffed slightly at Arturo's defense - but he had to concede that his ribs were at least properly bound still. So there was at least that. The first thing to tend to was Arturo's wrist - he'd likely had a few minor tendons severed, at least. The cut was certainly deep enough. He selected a jar of something that looked rather like green cement and started packing it into the wound - likely it wouldn't exactly feel good, but it would hurt a great deal less than one might expect. However, when Arturo asked his question, Vice pause for a brief moment before returning to his work, finding another sort of paste to spread over the outside of the wound. ".... I..." If he was being honest, he hadn't exactly taken the time to examine the reasoning behind his aggravation. And doing so now honestly wasn't exactly a comfortable thing for him... but once again, Arturo was just so damned earnest. It would seem wrong not to give him an answer. "... I... dislike the idea of your being injured at all. Especially when you have not had time to heal properly from the last wound." He replied slowly, sounding very much like he was working it out himself as much as Arturo was. "... you helped me... when you did not have to... so I would rather see you healthy than having to spend your coin on my services." That seemed... mostly right... -- Out in the woods, Korben had spent a good while following Arturo's scent. Vice had told him to do that first, and then there should be a new scent that would bring him to the hurt lady. Okay, he hadn't said it out loud, but it wasn't like Korben understood much actual speech outside of his name and a few common commands. Most of Vice's verbal direction to him was just for show. Once he found the site of the battle though, he picked up the scent of another elf, and then he was zipping off back to the woods after it. Ladies smelled different! This was the lady elf! It wasn't long before he found his quarry - collapsed on a patch of moss almost in the swamp. And his master had been right! She was hurt too! Korben made a mournful sound before snuffling at the lady's face. She had to be really hurt if she was laying so close to the swamp! The swamp smelled gross! No one wanted to sleep in the swamp! @Witches Brew @Opaquely Translucent
  11. "Like hell you will." Vice growled. "Korben! Job." Korben's ears pricked up at his name being said, and he stood up and wagged his tail slowly. "There is an elf woman in the woods somewhere, hurt. Find her and bring her here. Go!" In spite of what really ought to have been far too complicated a command for a dog to understand, Korben gave a soft 'boof' of assent before turning and darting up the stairs and out the door into the woods. "You stay put." Vice snapped at Arturo, before heading over to his kitchen cabinets to start pulling out bandages and salves and a splint for his hand. "Gods be damned... have you even been keeping those ribs bound properly? Likely not..." He huffed under his breath while he gathered up his supplies and brought them over to where Arturo sat. Though once he was properly situated next to him his countenance did soften very slightly. "... I'll help with the shirt." Taking off a shirt with one hand and a burnt back would be painful on his own. @Witches Brew @Opaquely Translucent
  12. Korben followed Arturo down into the house, and sat down next to him while carefully sniffing at his wounds and giving occasional sympathetic whimpers. After a few minute Vice came down the stairs that led to the upper floors of the tree, finishing with the last button on his vest as he went. "All right, now what is so important that someone had to traipse all the way out... here..." By then he'd actually gotten a look at who it was sitting in his living room, and he paused for a full second before stomping the rest of the way down the stairs and across the room. "What in ALL THE HELLS!?" He barked. "There is no way whatsoever that your ribs are even healed!! And what have you done now...!?" He crouched down to where Arturo was sitting to inspect him more closely. "Gods! If you hadn't come to me that hand might be a loss... and are these burns!? What have you been getting your fool self into now!?" He was supposed to be taking it easy while he healed damn it! @Witches Brew @Opaquely Translucent
  13. "Buff! BOOF!!! BOOWOOWOOWOOOWOOWOOOF!!!!" As soon as there was a knock Korben was immediately barking his fool head off - and now Vice knew for sure he wasn't getting any more sleep. "Auuughh.... Gods be damn-OOF." Korben had jumped up and landed a massive paw directly on Vice's stomach, knocking the wind out of him and making him curl up in pain. "Hahhffffffff-- Korben!! Gff... Gods, go downstairs and keep them busy...!" He gasped, while struggling out from under Korben's paw. Korben seemed oblivious to his master's discomfort, but as soon as he was given permission he bounded out of the room and down the stairs, leaving Vice some time to get properly dressed before having to deal with company. Arturo would likely be able to hear the scrabbling of giant paws on wooded stairs as Korben bolted up to the door, and grabbed a rope handle that Vice had made just for him, so he could answer the door too. And as soon as he'd opened the door he was doubly happy because it was his BESTEST FRIEND! He greeted Arturo with a big, slobbery lick on his face, and looked like he was about to pounce on the man... when the pup suddenly seemed to realize something was wrong. He tasted blood. He made a grumbling whining sound that almost seemed like a question, cocking his shaggy head to the side and backing up a bit to give Arturo some room. Oh no! Friend was hurt! @Witches Brew @Opaquely Translucent
  14. Vice's house was quiet this time of day. During the morning hours, if you didn't already know that the massive tree was someone's home, you likely wouldn't recognize it as such. There was no smoke from the little chimney in the ground that vented the woodstove in the kitchen beneath, and no sounds of movement from inside the huge tree. Even the animals that tended to wander closer to the tree when Vice was up and about weren't present. It wasn't until the sun began to set that there was a soft sound under the tree - a quiet grumble, then one of those mumble-whines that dogs make when they yawn. Korben had woken up, and got up from his bed in the living room to shake out his fur before plodding up the stairs to Vice's bedroom. He nosed the door open, then wandered over to Vice's bed (really just an especially large cushion piled with blankets and pillows), before flopping down on top of his master with a soft whuff of air. Vice let out a quiet grunt of protest, but managed to fumble for one of the nearby pillows and pull it over his face. "Ugh... Korben... ten more minutes..." He mumbled thickly through his half-sleep. It wasn't like they had anything they particularly needed to do tonight.... he could sleep in at least to moonrise... @Witches Brew @Opaquely Translucent
  15. Korben actually stopped chewing on his new toy for a moment in order to properly appreciate the head pats, but was back to his insistent gnawing on the femur in moments - it already had a fair few gouges in it from his teeth. Vice nodded to Arturo's farewell, though he stayed seated where he was, just offering a small wave. After a long moment though, he called after him. "Feel free to return if your ribs are acting up... or if you have some other injury that needs tending." He offered, though he spoke slowly, as if he was unsure of the words. He didn't often invite people to his home, preferring to meet his patients in town if he was needed. But... well, Arturo wasn't the worst sort of company. Once the half-elf had taken his leave, Vice leaned back against Korben's side and reached up to touch his still healing scalp gingerly. "... I think there are still a few bits of glass in there." He commented to his dog - who gave him a scolding look as if he'd actually understood what he'd said. [Summary: A quiet night at the tavern gets a bit out of hand when Arturo and Vice step in to rescue a bar maid from some handsy travelers. Arturo helps an injured Vice back to his home, and while neither man seems particularly well-versed in social interaction, a tentative friendship forms. @Vansin]
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