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  1. Korben actually stopped chewing on his new toy for a moment in order to properly appreciate the head pats, but was back to his insistent gnawing on the femur in moments - it already had a fair few gouges in it from his teeth. Vice nodded to Arturo's farewell, though he stayed seated where he was, just offering a small wave. After a long moment though, he called after him. "Feel free to return if your ribs are acting up... or if you have some other injury that needs tending." He offered, though he spoke slowly, as if he was unsure of the words. He didn't often invite people to his home, preferring to meet his patients in town if he was needed. But... well, Arturo wasn't the worst sort of company. Once the half-elf had taken his leave, Vice leaned back against Korben's side and reached up to touch his still healing scalp gingerly. "... I think there are still a few bits of glass in there." He commented to his dog - who gave him a scolding look as if he'd actually understood what he'd said. [Summary: A quiet night at the tavern gets a bit out of hand when Arturo and Vice step in to rescue a bar maid from some handsy travelers. Arturo helps an injured Vice back to his home, and while neither man seems particularly well-versed in social interaction, a tentative friendship forms. @Vansin]
  2. The longer that Arturo spoke, the more Vice looked down and away - though his expression wasn't anger or even unease at being in such close quarters with someone who perhaps wasn't entirely right in the head. To be honest, the way Arturo was speaking was... almost a bit too easy for him to relate to. It did make him feel some spark of kinship with the other elf... but at the same time he wasn't willing to trust such a thing. Especially since it also made him feel very... exposed. Korben, for his part, just gave Arturo a wide doggy smile at the pats, but stayed cuddled up to Vice, who was still stroking his ears absently. "I think... you make entirely too much sense..." Vice said slowly, after a long moment of consideration. "...perhaps eventually I will understand it better, but for now... I think I don't live quite as far away from it as you." The fact he was willing to admit that much was frankly miraculous, but again... Arturo was so damned genuine when he spoke that even Vice was having a hard time doubting his intentions. It was more... everything else that he didn't trust. @Opaquely Translucent
  3. Vice actually jumped slightly as Arturo started to laugh, frowning slightly and casting a bit of a worried look around him. That tension from earlier was suddenly back in his posture, but before he could spook too badly Korben squirmed around to lay his head in his master's lap, snuggling in and seeming to set Vice at least slightly more at ease. When their guest finally got a handle on himself again, Vice seemed to relax... mostly. Still not quite as comfortable as he had been a moment ago, but at least now he didn't look almost on the verge of bolting like a scared deer. "...it's all right." He murmured, busying himself again with rubbing at Korben's ears - though the mutt was giving him a concerned look. "I... am I doing something odd?" He asked, half to himself. Though he wasn't referencing his reaction to Arturo's laughter - more he just wasn't so sure what Arturo was referring to when he said everything was so strange. Though he was aware that he didn't really have a good idea of what constituted 'normalcy'. @Opaquely Translucent
  4. Vice couldn't help a wry smile at that admission - possibly not a conventional reaction to the idea that his guest was not entirely sure of his own sanity, but well... he could relate. "Aye... it's not the worst one I've had either." Vice murmured, settling back into Korben's fur a bit more. Almost as if reassuring himself the mutt was still there - which Korben was happy to help affirm, tearing his attention from his new toy for long enough to turn and give Vice a good slobbery lick on the cheek. For all his dourness though, Vice didn't seem to mind, and rewarded the pup's rather messy show of affection with a small smile and more ear scratchies. @Opaquely Translucent
  5. "I suppose I... just assumed quiet would be nice. I'm not used to it either." Vice admitted. By now Korben was done showing off his new prize and came to flop down in front of the two men, gnawing on his bone while also making sure he was well within both of their reaches for more pets. Vice was happy to take the hint, and actually turned to use the pup's side as a huge backrest while facing Arturo more fully, and bringing a hand up to one of Korben's huge ears to give it a good scratch. "How exactly did you find yourself unconscious in a swamp then?" He asked idly. He wasn't trying to pry, but it did seem somewhat unlikely that Arturo had simply opted for a nap in a marsh. Especially a Gnoll infested one. @Opaquely Translucent
  6. Vice blinked at that, looking a bit surprised at the sudden curiosity from the other man. He hesitated a long moment... but , well, it hadn't exactly been an invasive question.... "... I only just arrived a few weeks ago." He replied slowly, and honestly. Though whether Arturo would believe it or not with how well established Vice's home was was up to him - most might find it hard to believe he'd converted a tree into a livable domicile in just a few weeks. Never mind the scant hour it had taken for the brunt of the work. "It's... quiet. Simple." He added, to answer the other question. There was a long pause, before Vice seemed to remember that he should probably have a follow up to that. "...and what of you? You said you'd only just arrived as well..." @Opaquely Translucent
  7. Vice didn't react to the stench of the place other than a very slight wrinkle of his nose. It honestly was the best case scenario - everyone present was still breathing at least. He strode through the main aisle of the church towards the man on the dais, but as he went his eyes flicked left and right, tallying up the number of people that were present, making mental notes of who seemed worst off and would need tending to first, who could wait for later. For the moment though, he moved to crouch by the man who had spoken, and offered him another vial from his pouch. "Here - a swig will tend to that cough." He murmured, his voice just a touch softer than it had been earlier. "Now, if you could tell me if there is anyone in this town who is well enough to walk, I could use some assistants if I'm to play doctor to all of these people..." -- It was a long night. The man he'd given the cough medication to had been severely dehydrated and certainly showing symptoms, but after some water and a swig of Vice's potion he was at least well enough to leave the church and start making rounds of the town - telling people to bring their sick to the church, that there was a new doctor. People were skeptical, and a few so despondent they refused to come, but Vice merely took that news in stride. He'd go door to door himself later, if he had to. A few that were still healthy, either by early paranoia or a simple quirk of their immune system, had come too, and he had these people help him to make the church a bit more comfortable for their fellows, bringing linens to turn the pews into cots and bedrolls for those that couldn't fit on the pews. He'd had one of the braver ones run to Mortimer's to retrieve the bulk of his medicines (he gave the man a bottle matching the one he'd shown Mortimer, to prove to the man he was on the errand he said he was), so he wouldn't have to take a break in the running of his little impromptu hospital. Some people were quite close to being lost - many were dehydrated like the first man, from neglect and illness both, and he first had to hand out rounds of anti-nausea potion like drinks in a bar in order to get people to the point they could even drink the water they needed so badly. Then it was finding the ones with the worst fevers, who needed to get their temperatures brought down before they cooked themselves. And then antibiotics for the ones that had caught pneumonia on top of the original ailment. And on and on... Later on in the night though, he took aside his little troupe of helpers for a long moment. "All right, now I've a particular method for the lot of you..." "But we're healthy!" One of them, the young man who had run to get his medicines, protested. "For now." Vice corrected him. "But I've no idea the incubation period of this illness - you could have it in you already without knowing it, which is why..." He withdrew a small copper case from his pocket. "The best course of action is to bleed it from you." "What? But... but you didn't bleed everyone else..." A girl added, already rubbing one of her wrists while eyeing the contraption in Vice's hand warily. "The others are too ill already. And too weak to lose the blood." Vice explained patiently. "You are all still strong, and bleeding should take enough of the toxin out of your bodies that you will remain as such." The little troupe of volunteers looked between one another nervously, but then the young man who had first spoken stepped forward, rolling up his sleeve and holding it out to Vice. "Thank you..." Vice murmured with a nod, holding the small copper case against the man's skin. He pressed a small knob on the side of the case, and a set of tiny blades whisked through the man's skin. He winced, and then blood began to flow, into a flask that Vice had produced to keep the blood from spilling on the floor. After about a half pint had been taken, Vice covered over the man's wounds with a cloth pad soaked in antibiotic, wrapped it up, and then nodded to the group. "All right then. Next?" -- By morning, the guards would likely hear sounds of life from the town again. Those who had been better off, like the man by the dais when Vice had first walked into the church, were already up and about again, and had joined in the tasks of either caring for those who were still ill, or going house to house to find those who had been too deep in their despair to come to the church the previous night. Or, in some cases, to gather and bury those who had succumbed before Vice's arrival. The elf himself was still in the church, looking tired but making the rounds of the place and checking to be sure everyone was progressing as he'd like. There were certainly still those than needed more tending... but it appeared as though there would be no more deaths. @Better Than Gore
  8. Revvys

    Vice Verloren

    The Story So Far: Winds of Plague: Vice and his huge dog Korben arrive and create their home just outside of Coth - and conveniently, there is a nearby town in desperate need of a physician. (FINISHED) The Trouble with Travelers: A quiet night in a tavern takes a turn for the worse, but a new friend is made... inasmuch as Vice is capable of making friends (FINISHED)
  9. That was his favorite trick!! Without hesitation, Korben leaped after the bone... and it promptly hit him in the face before he managed to catch it in his mouth on the rebound. Just because it was his favorite trick didn't mean it was his best. He landed a bit clumsily, then turned to look at Vice, the bone in his mouth but apparently not sure he'd earned it. "Good job, Korben. Good boy." Vice assured him, more of the tension going out of him and the smile on his face relaxing slightly. He wasn't really home until Korben started making him feel it, it seemed, but now if anything he seemed just as relaxed as Arturo was, thanks to the mutt's antics. Which was something of a feat, as it was rare for Vice to let his guard slip so much around another person, even if it was in his own territory. But honestly... Arturo seemed so genuine in everything he had said and done tonight that it was hard for even Vice to suspect malicious intent somewhere behind it all. @Opaquely Translucent
  10. Arturo's question would be answered by a loud thumping sound - which proved to be Korben's tail beating the floor excitedly. He started to wriggle impatiently in the half-elf's lap at the sight of the bone, and even gave a few impatient whimpers - but he was a good boy and knew better than to just snatch the treat from his new friend's hand. Vice was moderately bemused at the fact that Arturo just happened to have a pile of bones in his pack, but the explanation wasn't exactly out of the realm of possibility. Still not exactly what one would call normal, he was fairly sure - but as long as he didn't seem to have any designs on adding to collection Vice was willing to chalk it up to a very strange quirk. "Aye, that would do the job I think." He said with a nod, and actually allowed a very small smile at Korben's excitement - certainly the first Arturo would have seen from the man. "Make sure he does a trick before you give it to him though - he isn't supposed to get treats for free..." 'Trick' seemed to be the magic word, because as soon as Vice said it Korben was suddenly sitting bolt upright... then laying down... then trying to give Arturo his paw... then rolling over... apparently trying to do all of his tricks at once in hopes of winning his prize. @Opaquely Translucent
  11. Vice hesitated at that - he could tell that Arturo meant every word that he said. It was a bit... refreshing, to be honest. Even if he had his doubts as to the wisdom of such a path, he couldn't deny that the intent was noble. It did at least soften his posture slightly - he'd been stiff-necked since he had stepped out of the cellar, but some of the tension did finally go out of his shoulders. "...I will take that advice under consideration." He lied. He would do no such thing. But now Korben leaned across Arturo's lap towards Vice, and started nosing at his elbow earnestly. For a moment Vice looked a bit bewildered, but then a look of understanding dawned and he ran a weary hand down his face. "No, Korben, I am sorry. I did not remember your beef bones." He admitted with a slight roll of his eyes. Which earned him a reproachful whine from his pup, who then flopped his head back down into Arturo's lap with a very mournful sigh. @Opaquely Translucent
  12. "That depends greatly on the injury." Vice replied, wiping his hands off on a rag he'd had the foresight to bring over with him. "For something like this - two silver pieces. It wasn't so much to take care of." He capped the jar he'd used for the bruise, and held it out for Arturo to take. "On the house this time, though, of course." Repayment of a debt in some small measure at least. "I take it you intend on being injured again then." It wasn't really a question - judging by his scarred armor and even more scarred skin, Arturo seemed like the type to get into trouble fairly regularly. @Opaquely Translucent
  13. Vice did notice the scars, but he gave no outward indication of it. Well... almost. When he placed a hand on Arturo's side to see how bad the bruise was, he did seem to be making an effort not to touch any of the old wounds. Or maybe that was just a coincidence of where his hand fell. In spite of Arturo's stoicism, he was very gentle as he pressed on the man's side - not that it wouldn't still hurt, but he certainly didn't have to be as delicate about it as he was. "You've cracked a few ribs." Vice informed him, before opening up the jar of paste he'd brought with him and spreading the contents carefully over the purpling welt on the other elf's side. It was rather strong-smelling stuff, with a heavy scent of herbs, but it would only take a few moments to start lessening the ache in Arturo's ribs. "I will give you some of this to take with you - best practice would be a fresh application every morning, and then re-bind yourself. Speaking of which..." He unwound the heavy bandages, and looped the length of them around Arturo's midsection before pulling tight. Again, it would hurt, but there was nothing for it. "The best way to help ribs heal is to ensure they don't move." Vice explained while he kept wrapping the cloth around his patient's torso, until he was satisfied that they were holding all of the damaged bones in place and finally tied it off. @Opaquely Translucent
  14. Vice just rolled his eyes at the man's chattering, but just tuned it out after the first few sentences. Yes, yes, ramble on - if it meant he wasn't going to stove Vice's head in he'd just be grateful for that much. Vice just waved to Mortimer as he headed back down the street, towards the church, and frowned up at the building for a long moment. He didn't have any particular ire for religion, per se... but he had to admit that Mortimer was right. God didn't appear to have done a damned bit of work for these people. So now he did instead. "Cheers." Vice muttered, saluting the sky bitterly before pushing the front doors of the church open to see what sort of carnage waited for him inside... if there was even anyone left there to treat. @Better Than Gore
  15. Korben had absolutely no complaints about the pets resuming, and even moved to lay down and place his huge head in Arturo's lap. Which might end in Arturo having some dog slobber on his pants, but such were the risks of the gigantic pup's affection. Vice did his best to make his shower short - but there was a fair amount of blood to be washed out of his hair, and off his hands and neck. His shirt would likely have to be chalked up as a loss, but he should be able to salvage the vest. When he did come back downstairs though, he was roughly toweling off his hair, apparently not bothering to be gentle with the fresh wounds in his scalp, and was dressed again in a long sleeved shirt and a high collared vest. He was a little surprised to see the other elf so happily entertaining his dog, but he didn't comment on it, and instead just went to a cabinet by the wood stove in the kitchen, returning with a roll of bandages and some sort of salve. "All right, let's see the damage then." He said, sitting down cross-legged next to Arturo, and gesturing to the side he'd taken the hit on. @Opaquely Translucent
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