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  1. Jack observed with caution the escalating situation on the stage, taking yet another sip of whiskey. Despite his calm, almost indifferent demeanor, Jack was very much interested in what was happening. At this rate, he thought to himself, taking mental notes of the rather impressive physical capabilities of all parties involved, we'll kill each other before we even see the Beast. When the words 'the Beast' ran through his head, they had massive air quotes attached to them. Jack couldn't quite bring himself to take seriously a thing called the Beast, even if it was a very real threat. His attention snapped back to Janus as she offered a choice: scout the city with her or scout the forest with a Captain Alenko. Jack raised his nearly empty glass into the air. "I'll take the city," he said in his usual smooth and ever so slightly sarcastic tone of voice. He wasn't sure how much use he would be once combat began, but he was damn sure he'd be useful here. Scouting a crowded city at night? This job practically had his name written all over it. The thought actually sparked a bit of nostalgia and excitement in Jack, bringing about memories of scouring the streets when he was young, planning elaborate heists and looking for the truth about the circumstances of his birth. Now, however, was no time for a trip down memory lane. He looked around him, curious as to what the others would choose.
  2. (Sorry for the delay everyone, I've been a bit busy. Should be posting in a timely fashion from now on, though!) Jack raised an eyebrow as one of the masked men shoved the guardswoman aside, spouting some nonsense about ‘losing her head,’ then went running off to do… well, to do something, probably. Jack took a sip of whiskey, seemingly not too concerned with the meaning of this interruption. Whew, he thought as the drink ran down his throat, I’m gonna need every last drop of this. He took this opportunity to size up the others who had volunteered to fight this Beast. There were, of course, the two lovely masked gentlemen who had arrived before him. They seemed to have a rather straightforward approach to problems, which Jack supposed would be a good balance to the subtlety which he preferred, so long as they didn’t get in his way. His gaze shifted from the masked men to a rather stern-looking blonde woman who carried some considerable firepower. “Well,” Jack said to no one in particular, glancing down at the rapier and flintlock pistol which were the only weapons he carried, “I’m beginning to feel a bit underdressed.” He had to do a double take when the next member of this little raiding party caught his eye. Being that he was thoroughly impressed by a sniper rifle, he certainly wasn’t prepared to see a goddamn robot standing only a few feet away. After staring in awe at the feminine metallic figure for a moment, Jack regained his composure and continued to scan the party. Overall, this little band of misfits seemed a little tightly wound for his taste, but one man caught his attention - a gentleman standing beside the guardswoman who somehow reminded Jack of himself - perhaps it was the aura of smug confidence he exuded, or just his dashing good looks, but Jack couldn’t help but feel that he and this man were going to get along quite well. Jack snapped out of his contemplation and returned his attention to the events unfolding before him. He stood on the tips of his toes in an attempt to better see what was going on, but couldn’t get a good look, and didn't care quite enough to exert himself any further, so he grunted and rocked back on his heels, taking another sip of whiskey.
  3. Jack strolled into the courtyard at his leisure, his hands resting in the pockets of his brown leather coat. Though his face appeared cool and apathetic, his heart raced; whether the cause of this was anxiety or excitement, even he couldn't say. By all accounts, this beast - what was its name again? He'd read it on the notice, but all he could remember was that it started with j and was entirely too difficult to pronounce, like the thing wasn't content with kidnapping and aimed to make people sprain their tounges as well. He was getting off track. He'd heard only frightful tales of the beast, and though he was certainly nervous to face it, it was also a bit thrilling. Running from guards and angry shopkeepers had once provided Jack with his fill of excitement, but as of late it just wasn't enough. Being bored is a real shitty reason to sign up to fight a monster that probably like, eats people or something, he thought. As he wandered the courtyard searching for the guard, Jack somehow ended up with a glass of whiskey in his hand. That seemed to happen a lot. Zigzagging throughout the plaza, getting distracted more than a few times, Jack began to wonder if he was even in the right place. Before he had a chance to finish that thought, however, he heard a declaration from across the courtyard. "WE'RE HERE TO CATCH THE BAD GUY!" He took a sip of whiskey. Maybe this was the right place after all. Making his way in the direction from which the challenge had come, Jack saw two men, each of whom donned a mask - one wore a dark gas mask, the other a mask which resembled the face of a fox. It seemed his new partners weren't much for subtlety. He looked the two over for a moment before turning his attention to the guard member with whom they spoke. "I'm, uh, also here to catch the bad guy, I guess."
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    Jack heard Tobais' offer but gave no reply. Instead, he watched in fascination as Gull pulled all manner of curiosities seemingly from thin air and presented them to the other patrons. "What the fuck," he muttered softly, squinting at the sentient skeleton before him.
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    Jack took a swig of vodka. "A mercenary, huh? I can respect that. Getting paid to have fun, far as I'm concerned." He cocked his head slightly and raised an eyebrow as Tobais spoke to one of the undead beings, watching the creature as it spoke to the young girl. The orc who had been sitting before now stood behind the creature, seemingly ready to strike at any moment. Whatever happened next, it was sure to be interesting, he thought.
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    Jack smiled and turned to face Tobias. The man's mask twisted into a grin, and Jack wondered what lied beneath. He shrugged. "Who am I to turn down a drink? Name's Jack. And you are?"
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    Taking a sip of his whiskey, Jack swiveled around on his stool to survey the room once more. Taking in his surroundings, Jack blinked. It seemed a lot had happened in the few minutes he'd spent waiting for that glass of (rather sub-par) whiskey. A little less than halfway across the room, a hulking orc spoke - a rather stern expression playing across his face - to a skeletal creature of some kind. He didn't have a whole lot of experience with the undead, but he had enough sense to know he'd do well to avoid those two. Not far from them, a small girl who couldn't have been more than fourteen was speaking to - fucking hell, was that a lich? Jack was beginning to regret coming to this particular bar on this particular night. He glanced at the towering woman he'd seen earlier, now dancing with a different partner, then back to the damn undead petting zoo. Then again, he thought, this could be interesting. Downing the rest of his whiskey in one gulp, Jack stood up and, after a moment of hesitation, made his way to the table with the orc and the... other thing that looked as though they were about ready to murder each other. As he made his approach, he saw another man who he hadn't noticed before - he wore a peculiar mask and, were it not for his present company, he would have appeared tall. Sliding into an open seat at the table, Jack ran a hand through his hair. "So," he asked, his voice smooth and jovial, not betraying even a hint of his anxiety, "how are you fellas doing tonight?"
  8. My Jack is probably going to use an alias. He is a wanted man, after all.
  9. Yep, here you go:
  10. I'm definitely interested in joining. I'd most likely be using Jack.
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    Jack strolled casually into the tavern with a yawn, twirling a small gold pen between his fingers. He was tired, but he'd never let that stop him before and he sure as hell didn't intend to start now. There was certainly no shortage of interesting folks around the place today, he noted. A group of three caught his eye - a small green creature, a towering (and rather shapely) woman, and a blonde man wearing some sort of mask. Jack's steel blue eyes lingered on them for a moment, then he blinked and shook his head. Continuing to scan the room, he took note of a few more patrons - a small black goblin standing on a barstool waving around a poster of some sort and a woman even taller than the one he'd seen before dancing with some poor chap who looked like he was having a fair bit of trouble keeping up. I wouldn't mind getting in on that myself, Jack thought. But first, a drink. He made his way to the bar, taking a seat at one of the few open stools and waving the bartender over. "Whiskey," he said, his voice full of life, smooth and charming. "Neat."
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    So that's it? Aerin chuckled. Of course that wasn't it. But it got him talking, so it was enough. Her mind began to race as the man told her what he had seen. A graveyard. Assuming the person this man saw really was Jun, why would he be in a graveyard? How could Aerin be sure he was telling the truth at all? He didn't exactly strike her as trustworthy. Should she take his claim at face value and go look for Jun now? Or should she ask around some more to confirm his story? Either way, she had to do it now. Aerin glanced at Cerbaus and gave a hurried "thank you" before turning to walk away. "Shkojme," she said, and the wolves' ears perked up. They moved back into formation - one at either side of Aerin and another at her back. Still not entirely sure what her next move was, Aerin began to walk. @ODSTDRAGON
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    Aerin tilted her head to the side, sizing the man up as he looked over the picture. She could see what looked like the stock of a firearm sticking out of his coat, either poorly concealed or meant to be seen. Its presence didn't trouble her too much - it looked like a sizable weapon that would be difficult if not impossible to pull out quickly. Nevertheless, she found her hand resting on the handle of the bone hatchet that hung at her thigh. Something about this man set her on edge. The man spoke, snapping Aerin out of her state of contemplation. He acted as though he may have seen Jun, though Aerin was skeptical. He wanted to know Jun's story, whatever that meant, claiming it would refresh his memory. She glared at the man. How was telling Jun's story going to help him remember seeing his face? She sighed. If there was even a possibility that this man had information, she had to go along. "He's my brother. Ran away from home a couple weeks ago. That's not like him, so I'm tracking him down in case something's happened." @ODSTDRAGON
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    Aerin turned around, now leaning her back against the counter, and set a steady gaze on Cerbaus. The gas mask and expressionless voice made him frustratingly difficult to read. All she could tell was that he didn't seem too interested in what she had to say. She nodded. "Not much for small talk, then." Holding out the notebook with the sketch of the young elven man to Cerbaus, Aerin glanced at her companions - their always reassuring presence helped to offset the discomfort she felt due to her lack of information on the man in front of her. She turned her attention back to Cerbaus. "You seen this man?" @ODSTDRAGON
  15. Seems like this is pretty full already, but if there are still any spots open I'm interested in joining as Jack.