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  1. New?! Haha, you have been around forever now! I certainly will let you know, however! Bump!
  2. It feels rather nostalgic being on the website again after such a long period of time. I do hope I can befriend some fresh faces!

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      Welcome back!

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      Welcome back.

  3. Hello to all of you, it is a pleasure seeing you all once more. Before I continue any further, I want to say how lovely the site looks as it has changed so much over the years as I have returned. I know that rarely any of you individuals will know who I am, but for those who do not, my name is Constance and I am 26 years of age. I have been involved with this community, off and on, since 2011. Although I have not had the pleasure of doing much on the website, an individual who I remember from my past suggested to me to give this site another try. I do remember posting over a year ago, however I will be honest and say I couldn't really envelope myself in anything at that moment in time. I do remember when Valucre used to have it's own TinyChat video calls at times and how others used to communicate through Yahoo! Instant Messenger. Those were the old days! As far as how I role play and who I am, I have left six other times before this. I have had the pleasure of meeting a few individuals and being involved in a few experiences. In my past, I came across some users such as Suta, Cordeliane, Linova A, Shades of Grey and Saturnalia. I was a part of a role play that I remember bits and pieces of known as "A Pious Meeting," and part of a group known as "Generation X," which Shades of Grey was the individual that created a lot of these massive threads and ideas for the idea of Generation X, from what I remember. I wasn't necessarily a distinguished member, you could say I was a bit obscure. At one point, I was also a supporting character for someone who played the role as "John MacTavish" in the Great South, if I am naming that properly. I tend to also create female characters only and am adaptable at fulfilling any role in a story that requires a female to any degree. I initially started role playing fourteen years ago on GaiaOnline, where I took part in "Towns" based communities, which resulted in me immediately learning a tier-based combat format as my introduction into role play itself, so combat-related instances are something I could thrive in. However, as the years went by, all of the communities I used to reside in have since became extinct and the website is not necessarily a place where role play can be done anymore. I enjoy almost any genre that is given to me and make it a mission to try and see if I can create a female character even in the most difficult of genres for me. I find it to be a fun challenge for me! My Discord is Constance#4036 and I am interested to see what this website has in store for me at this stage of my life. If any of you happen to know of any role plays that are seeking a female role of any sort (whether that be secretarial, support-based or otherwise, I've done it all) please do let me know! You may also simply add me to befriend me as well. I hope to meet some fresh faces and potentially run into some old ones.
  4. *whisper* Come baaccckkk~

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  5. 2020 EDIT: I just came back after quite a long while! I am not sure if this is in the right area so if this thread does need to be moved, I understand completely. I am looking to be involved in any role-plays that may need a female character of any type. I can fulfill almost any role that may be needed for anyone! I want this return of mine to be a permanent one for sure and I want to create new relationships with a lot of you on this site, so I hope I can receive some responses to this thread. I respond to posts here and in private also! Your choice on how you wish to contact me. I also have a Discord as well, which is Constance#4036!
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