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  1. Then Things Became Interesting

    Zarinden looked at the file she had been given while listening to the words of Scholar, memorizing absolutely everything. She was glad that her thoughts and feelings were of an actuality rather then just a imaginary feeling. She could never grasp why someone like Soldier, if caught and held accountable, would be willing to put their hard earned spot in jeopardy to do such betrayal and sly acts behind others backs, and simply thought of Soldier as nothing more then a coward of a woman. Listening to Scholar speak to her, she heard him address the fact that Dwed could potentially harm her, and she smirked for a moment, holding her clipboard close to her once more, adjusting the top of her office dress. "I am not intimidated by anyone, and if something happens to me, then I will deal with it." She spoke so strongly but so calmly about the situation, unnerved by the thought that something as crazy as murder could even be in play toward her. "..Though, you have to think deviously, if I may say. You are dealing with a person who is dangerous to society of Tazarek in itself." Blinking her dark brown eyes and looking to the left and to the right for a moment so no one else came through, she then spoke again, "We need to take care of this solely between the two of us. How you wish to take care of this is up to you." Zarinden looked toward her boss, letting him decide how he would like to deal with this situation but what was more serious of the matter is that he needed to take care of his own representative before things became too entangled, and she hope he would realize that through this conversation.
  2. Then Things Became Interesting

    "We have an issue.." She folded her hands forward, unsure of how to directly go about this conversation. "Someone by the name of..Derkolimin Dwed.." she spoke as if she tried to remember the name from when she looked at the paperwork he had given her before shredding it earlier, "came into my office, knowingly trying to proposition illegal property operations and extortion, from what it seems.." She showed Scholar her clipboard, the notes she had outlined of the incident. "He tried to illegally sign for these operations by asking me if I would want his assistance 'moving up the ladder' and I responded with a disagreement." Zarinden pushed her hair a bit to the back, before putting her hands on her hips. She had a feeling there was more to this situation then meets the actual eye and she felt something would be coming this way in the near future. Zarinden cared about those around her more then herself but she would never show that publicly; showing emotions was never her thing, and keeping it straightforward and sly was her specialty. "I want us to address this situation, however.." she spoke, but then made a very bold move by saying what she was about to say, "...Do you think that Soldier is behind any of this..? Have you heard anything else?" She spoke stern and respectfully to Scholar, making it aware that this situation needs to be figured out or solved in one way, shape or form..even if it at the most extensive circumstances, having to outwardly take care of it beyond the office.
  3. Then Things Became Interesting

    Zarinden waited for just a moment to make sure the area was clear of him, before grabbing her clipboard and walking down the hall. The response that Dwed gave made her feel as though he was going to cause harm to either someone or something of a bigger gravity. Something made her feel very negative about this individual but she would make sure that her highest power would know of these concerns. She made a left, and then saw the large office, knocking on the door, before opening it slowly. "Scholar, it is Zarinden, we need to talk about an extreme concern that I have just encountered that may affect someone or something within Tazarek." She spoke calmly, not finishing her sentence yet, awaiting to see if Scholar would respond. Her hair was all behind her back, and her facial expression gave off a sense of seriousness to the situation.
  4. Then Things Became Interesting

    She put her pen down slowly, looking at her paperwork as she slowly fixed her hair. Closing her eyes for just a moment, she then opened them and leaned forward on the desk. Zarinden knew of these types of people, dangerous deviants...anyone willing to say or do one thing, to get to the top, no matter what the cost. The moment Dwed mentioned talking about the ladder, is when she realized that she had to deal with this situation, and fast. When she heard Dwed say she potentially needed 'help' to move higher up then to where she was now, she couldn't help but chuckle. He was trying to not only malevolently sweet talk her but also trying to put a vice grip on her...but it would never work, not for Zarinden at least. This was her territory when it came to these types of cunning behaviors and quite frankly, she felt bad for the poor fellow making it too easy to read him. Looking at the papers again that were pushed back to her, she put them in her hands while she smirked once more and spoke, leaning in. "You know.." she said calmly, looking down for a moment, then her brown eyes pierced up suddenly. "I have no idea who you are, though you really are SUCH a talker.." she put emphasis on the sentence, sounding serious but knowingly aware she was being sarcastic. "In order for us to really get this situation to it's end course, allow me to give you an idea.." She held the papers and smiled briefly, before turning in her chair and putting the documents in her shredder, obliterating them as the pieces fell into the garbage can underneath. "You see..I don't need to ask for help. I get asked for help by people who really need my services. Surely I'm power neutral, but what exactly are you..?" She spoke in her seductive tone, standing up from her chair, coming across very straightforward. Aware of what type of person she could be dealing with, she kept herself calm and observant, and pushed the coin back. "You have some gall to come into an office, of a higher power even that holds the highest of Tazarek, and expect someone to illegally accept claims and property operations? Please, excuse yourself from my office at this moment in time." She kept her tone the same, waving her hand forward in a "shoo" type of manner, not phased by Dwed in the slightest. Time stopped briefly for a moment. The room got silent and anything could happen during this silence, so she kept herself coordinated not blinking once, awaiting for Dwed to excuse himself from her office, and would then be reporting this to Scholar immediately once he left.
  5. Then Things Became Interesting

    Zarinden narrowed her eyes as Dwed approached her office, not even asking to enter and just coming through. As he walked by, she glared forward. "I don't have a fond feeling for this one," she thought to herself, unsure of how to properly react to his first response, but she kept herself at ease like always. She had no idea who this man was, why he felt the need to randomly ask for favors or not even have the decency to say "Can I come in?" Holding her clipboard in her left hand, she kept the door open for some odd reason as she normally would keep it closed. As she walked back to her desk, she had already been aware of the new areas of Tazarek being developed due to the claims she had already accepted upon approval through Scholar, which they get delivered to after they go through Zarinden herself to verify actuality of facts and payment. "So..how can I help you..?" Zarinden spoke with her casual flirtatious tone but kept it serious, walking toward her desk, standing behind it. Something just felt cautious about this dwarf, but luckily for her she knew how to defend herself or call for help if she needed; her signal phone had been in her dress pocket, unnoticed to the dwarf but ready to be used if necessary. She then heard his requests, casually moving past his compliments of her own being and her office. The way Dwed spoke to her as if he already knew she would say yes to whatever demands he gave made her feel very sour internally. She took the paperwork from Dwed's hands, and then looked at her own she had just finalized which she was going to give to Scholar herself. "I can't accept these requests. Expansions will be happening in less than a week for these businesses and structures. Surely you must be aware of this." Zarinden spoke calmly and handed him the paperwork back. "I know there are areas soon to be demolished for renovation, perhaps come back to me then." She came across from the sounds of it, kind about the situation but internally aware she would never bow or accept the requests of just anyone, only of Scholar's. "Have a nice day," Zarinden sat down at her desk again, looking up to Dwed, and proceeded to continue her paperwork she had been working on earlier, hoping he would be smart enough to understand the declination of his requests.
  6. Then Things Became Interesting

    Zarinden had been sitting at her desk, this being her first real day at the office which was within the most important area of Tazarek. She was sporting a new type of outfit but of course she couldn't just have it the way everyone else wanted, it had to sport a bit of flare of who she was by nature. She wore a office uniform, that was opened in the front, but had a flattened lavender collar which obviously exposed more of her chest. It was knee-high (a little bit shorter then that), the sleeves reaching halfway down her arms which had lavender cuffs. Black, six inch heels adorned her feet, although she was already tall enough as is. Her hair was put straight down, looking sleek and very shiny all on its own while her light pale skin lightened up even more in her office room, dark brown eyes gazing down at some papers. While denying another attempt on a claim in relation to bribery and falsification of documentation, she heard the sound of another dwarf yelling out in the hallway she was located in. There is only few doors in this particular area for someone to need assistance, so someone being down here made Zarinden curious for a moment. Zarinden stood up from her desk slowly and walked toward her door, not worried in the slightest on who it could be behind it. She turned the knob and looked to the right, standing outside of her door. "If you are searching for the main offices, you have to walk the opposite way of which you came." She smirked but also spoke casually, keeping her neutrality in tact.
  7. Then Things Became Interesting

    Zarinden calmly narrowed her eyes, as if she wanted to say something to Scholar due to how he responded to her clothing but made a slight smirk and simply replied with, "Of course, I can change my attire. Though I promise it will be tomorrow, as I did not bring extra clothing with me, I will buy something." Zarinden showed maturity about the situation though, keeping her main goals intact. She held her clipboard in her left hand and listened to the last several words that Scholar had spoken to her, exiting out of his office and closing the door behind her. Other strangers kept walking through the hallways, glancing at her here and there with unsure looks. She rolled her eyes at the thought of someone thinking she dressed like this as a game, when it was purely who she was, though she didn't look too far into it. She walked down the hallway, looking left and right slowly, fixing the top of her dress as it was strapless. Going farther down one hallway, she went to the right and realized no one else was in distance the farther she went. It seemed her office was a bit far from everyone else and on the first door to the left it said "ZARINDEN CARLMAS." Zarinden opened the door and smiled a bit in private at the fact she had her own office. Coming from a obscure area in Stonebastion to being called upon by Scholar himself, mind you, he was one of the important six in Tazarek), had her highly interested for what her journey would be to come. She sat at her desk, looking to the left where she noticed a decent amount of claims and reports. Pushing some of her braided hair to the back, she grabbed a pen and began to work on some of these claims. While going through this paperwork, Zarinden thought to herself about what this will lead her into. Surely, no one other then Scholar has a reason to directly communicate with her, but she also made sure to keep what he had said about the representatives in mind at all times. One in particular seemed to be creating an indirect issue for the others and when Scholar told her she actually foiled a part of Soldier's plan, unaware it was because of this representative, she was a bit intrigued. If she kept her distance from everyone other then who she reports to, she can potentially use information she finds out to her own whims during specific situations. Besides, it's not as if no one has a reason to really follow Zarinden to begin with since she is a newcomer, right?
  8. Then Things Became Interesting

    Zarinden waited in a large room that seemed to be bustling with so many visitors and appointments but after all, she was within the actual city of Tazarek, some place she would have never expected to be, as she was a born resident of Stonebastion. She was waiting to meet the Scholar of Tazarek, but she was unsure why someone of such high importance wanted to call her forward, surprised at the fact anyone even knew of her to begin with. She knew that they were one of the six important figures who had an impact on Tazarek itself and they dictate the city and it's choices. Signaled to come into an office by Scholar finally, Zarinden walked forward, nodding her head as she held her clipboard in her left hand. Today Zarinden looked very high class in her appearance today, though she tries to look classy every day. Her light silver hair was all done in some very thin braids all over her hair, the sides of her hair fell down with braids, while there was an updo of them as well which you could see the distinction of how strongly tightened they were on the sides of her head. She wore a diamond choker, with a strapless black dress that exposed her cleavage highly, as her dress would then create a slit, and she wore white strapped heels at the bottom. Not surprised by the coming fact, she was probably taller then her Representative seeing as she was the uniquely tall dwarf. Zarinden heard of the expansion but never knew too much about what was going on due to the fact most of those matters are handled by a higher rule. While she stepped foot in the office and began to sit down, she listened to Scholar's words toward her. "Well, I did not think much of it. Really, it was just child's play between the two dwarves themselves," She smirked, knowing that it was a lot more easier then what people made it seem like but she didn't think it was as important as people seen, but being recognized is always a good thing after all. While listening to the Scholar she noted the very important words that he spoke about Soldier: "So..Representatives seem to be going against each other indirectly and obscurely, hm..? " Thoughts went through her mind as she blinked for a moment, continuing to smirk. Being an opportunist, opportunity was something she has taken far too much in her life but would continue to do so anyway. Listening to Scholar's request, she crossed her leg and folded her hands on her clipboard. "Of course, I can do this job with no issue. The way to end these bribery and extortion claims that you receive from within is to directly address them. What does this mean? What it actually means, directly addressing the sole sender or writer in question." Zarinden began to speak intellectually. "I am very power neutral, and although that can be a positive or negative trait to those who view however they do, having someone like me in your line of secretarial administration dealing with these issues will allow you to continue the non-biased natures that you so desire when it comes to handling situations." She was hoping to surprise Scholar on how well versed she was when it came to all of the knowledge and skills she was capable of when it came to being an intelligence agent and assistant in general. She waited for the Scholar's response, accepting his work deal and waiting on what she would be told next.
  9. Searching for Role-Plays!

    Send me a message on what you are looking for! Alright, sure! Send me a message on what you might be looking for. Bumping this thread!
  10. It all Started with a Feud [Stonebastion]

    Tazarek..? Why would I be called over to Tazarek itself? No one knows me in that area. Zarinden's interests were piqued, as she smirked per usual. Before she decided to answer the words that Talbek said earlier, she stood up pushing in her seat as she looked like she was heading to leave the office. "...Who has requested my presence and under what grounds? Am I able to know?" She played with her hair casually, standing in her high heels still. In her mind, a little danger and risk really couldn't hurt anyone, if she wasn't allowed to know, though she thought she would ask anyway. Tazarek is the epicenter of the most important groups, stores, townsfolk and so much more. Why would a obscure, female dwarf from Stonebastion be required there? Zarinden was curious to know.
  11. It all Started with a Feud [Stonebastion]

    "Much appreciation for the compliments, thank you.." She smirked, sitting down in the chair in front of Talbek's desk. Zarinden had no doubt in her abilities to negotiate tactics with anybody. No one really knew who she was or where she came from in Tazarek, so being told that her skills would fit well for her throughout the towns and cities of Tazarek made her think about what her future could potentially hold along the way. "It doesn't even involve a bend to make my will be seen by others. I simply use my straightforward and neutral outlooks to get the right outcome to any situation." Zarinden chuckled a bit, putting a hand to her mouth before stopping. "It just depends on the situation; some times it may be enticing, other times it truly is about coordination." The female dwarf sat with her leg crossed, her very light pale skin glistening in the office light, waiting for what her next order would be from Talbek, unsure of what she should do next.
  12. It all Started with a Feud [Stonebastion]

    Now that things had finally calmed down on both ends, Zarinden continued to smirk, fluttering her eyes for a moment as she looked at her clipboard. Storek responded to her first which made things much more easier, though she wasn't interested in the slightest when it came to other practices. "Ah ha..." She responded to Storek's question in relation to having a pint some time, not really giving him an answer but going along with a small chuckle but with complete disinterest, but no one could tell that is how she felt. Ivan began to speak about the rumors of Thundermar's potential resurrection through followers and the prophet Ingmarn. She chuckled to herself for a moment but then thought analytically; truly Greatbeards could not really be around still, could they? After everything that happened during that particular disaster, how could anyone still be around from that time? She didn't like the way he looked at her because it seemed as though he expected her to know things and she quickly made a rebuttal. "You only hear what you hear from others nowadays." She waved her hand, acting as though she knew of nothing else, but no one really knew her back story. Within the final sentence that Ivan spoke, that signified that this treaty can now be acknowledged and created on serious grounds that Zarinden had laid out, as both parties had agreed to this. She handed one paper to Storek and the other to Ivan. "These are your treaty copies, to review at any time to what you both have agreed on today." Zarinden pushed herself back from the chair and stood up, obviously taller then the other to dwarfs. "This meeting is finished. Thank you--" As she finished speaking, a signal came through on her pocket phone, answering it immediately, as she held her clipboard. The other end was Talbek speaking with her, but she kept it quiet so neither one of the other male dwarfs could hear it. "Yes, understood. I'm on my way as we speak." Zarinden pushed her chair in at the conference table, bidding the two dwarfs with a gorgeous smile and wave, before turning her head, smirking. She pushed open the doors and made a quick-paced walk to the right, going several different directions before being lost from sight.
  13. It all Started with a Feud [Stonebastion]

    Zarinden snapped her fingers and then unexpectedly raised her tone, sounding rather sharp from her usual seductive tone, which could intimidate mostly anybody. "We are not here for a deploy and re-assignment of soldiers and individual folk. This is a treaty meeting centered within a conference room, not a battleground. Even if it was a battleground, it would be mine and mine only. Don't cross lines where they should not be crossed. Am I understood?" She calmly adjusted her dress once again, growing tired of not being listened to, before clearing her throat and pushing some of her long, silver hair back, tightening her two high pigtails at the top. These two dwarfs had no idea what social compatibility was even if it was glancing at them right in the eyes, from what it seemed to her. You have one, the Granite Grudge, who wishes for the other to exile themselves away from Stonebastion. While the other, the Thunder Hammer, expects large oaths for not so large situations. She took both of the dwarfs individual wants into consideration before speaking of her own individual proposal. "Ultimately, as I am the sole person that decides what goes into this treaty, allow me to suggest what I feel individually should be done..." She spoke calmly in her normal tone, turning her head toward Storek, smirking, acting as if she was being flirtatious. "Storek, you do not have to migrate to Tazarek. However, you must keep your soldiers in line. No more confrontations or physical cruelty to any Thunder Hammer or otherwise. If caught or proof is found of this, I will be reprimanding you." So bold, yet so cunning, Zarinden stayed neutral through it all. The tempers that both dwarfs could have did not intimidate her in the slightest nor did she allow herself to feel obligatory to the desires of anyone in particular. She turned her head to Ivan next, looking the same way. "I, individually, am a descendant who has been born within Stonebastion, so with that said, I will also not make you migrate back to anywhere either. Though...you need to answer formally right at this very moment if you are head of, or are involved, with anything relating to the Thundermar institution. Do keep in mind if you say no and I find out you have lied, I will also be reprimanding you." She looked through all of her notes on her clipboard that she wrote throughout the entire meeting before coming to this final decision she had reached. "These ideas have both been in reference to what you have both given at this table and I have combined your wants to the best of this treaty's needs. Do we have a truce?" Zarinden looked over to Storek at one end, as she narrowed her eyes and looked over to Ivan at the other. Both of them could easily go at each others throats with how much tension was in the room right now, but the bigger picture is what could be accomplished for Stonebastion and smaller towns around that could benefit from the non-confrontational atmosphere and the decrease in reports.
  14. Searching for Role-Plays!

    You can add me then and we can speak whenever you want to! Constance#4036
  15. Searching for Role-Plays!

    I am not sure if I have posted this in the right area so if this thread does need to be moved, I understand completely. I just returned to the website after being gone for about five years so I am still trying to re-adjust. I am looking to be involved in any role-plays that may need the following character types: Secretarial assistants Entertainer Assist Character (partner, basically) Princess or any type of female character that you may need for your role-play. I am very good with creating female concepts for just about any type of role-play! I want this return of mine to be a permanent one for sure and I want to create new relationships with a lot of you on this site, so I hope I can receive some responses to this thread. I respond to posts here and in private also! Your choice on how you wish to contact me. I also have a Discord as well, just ask for it!