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    Restless Nights (Lf male)

    It's a PM thread hun. :( I'd make a lil book of screenshots eventually for you if you'd like and if my partner would approve.
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    Restless Nights (Lf male)

    Of course hun. You're Lockie <3
  3. X parties, makes noise - everything to escape the crippling agony. Z stays at home, blinds drawn, in constant pain from their own actions. On their way to possibly do something stupid, Z stumbles upon the club - of course the very place that X tends to go. Z considers taking at least one last drink. X, now meeting with a new face, takes action under the neon lights, and after a chunk load of alcohol, it follows them back to the gloomy apartment Z had earlier planned to leave for good. The morning after comes with terrifying revelations, as X finds the marks of Z's destructive behavior. X, shocked, yet still not clear in their head, convinces the other to start partying together. And how could this possibly turn out okay? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This would be the story of two severely depressed young adults (20-25yrs old), who each has their own way of dealing with the pain, wether suicidal or not. I plan this to be rather emotionally disturbing and intense, and will include substance abuse (mainly alcohol, so far), violence, gore, curse words, and sex (can be fade-to-black). This means I want only 18+ rpers. You can put your own backstory into your character. * This is a MxF in which I will play the female role /shot. * I do have a tiny preference for character X, but I'm cool with negotiating * I like descriptive writers, definitely doesn't have to be published author-level but the kind of depth you can reach with descriptive writing is fucking amazing! Length? Maybe a paragraph at least. I know life gets ya sometimes. * This RP is an emotional outlet for me, which kind of makes it personal, so I don't want people that won't seriously make effort. IF the roleplay dies out eventually, it's ok, because I can't force people to put love into something they don't. No need to feel that kind of pressure. Other than that, I'm SUCH a happy person and I LOVE talking OOC. Planning things in beforehand or plot twists- both are equally awesome and we can mix them.
  4. A weak sound sped by the elongated ears, and the golden figure bit her lip. Brows furrowed and this was the moment the feathery creatures was closing in on her by the duel grounds, hence the way the elf had already begun running towards the place where she would find her most precious item. The waving scabbard by her waist halted in its cleaving sounds and just as Thalyn could pull a carefully crafted arrow out of the dark skinned quiver, the sound she had picked up and the rumble of voice inclining they were under attack fell coherent. A slight misplacement in the natural waves of the wind had the huntress keen on the pull of the strain. Her eyes calculated the exact fall off feet to the ground - this leap being made by one of the crow like Tengus - and her right foot took position beneath the shoulder angling itself to pull an arrow to the corner of her chin. Thalyn blinked, took a breath and let the carbon arrow slip from her grasp. Whiskers silenced the thangg noise of the string, the recurved bow hugging her right side soon enough, and the elven female watched the tip of her arrow drill through skull and brain of a crow's dark feathery head from the side. Lucky shot. Thalyn was over advantage so far, but her archery wouldn't be enough as two other Tengus began tumbling forward towards her. Their powers wouldn't allow her arrows to fly the way she wanted, and so, this was the time for her to prove her Ninjato justice.
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    Recruiting, New squad of Seven Deadly Sins!!! OOC

    working on it. still trying to get familiar with the area
  6. With a bat of eyelids followed by a carefully rising smirk adorning the pale pair of lips, Thalyn set her piercing gaze upon the personification of pride himself. Her conscience was clear, and so was the view upon her. It didn't take long for her patience to falter as the supposed opponent seized to show up for a good while. This was visible in the way the Taida slowly shifted on the spot. The silence was bigger within the small elf than the air around her, and it was as if taken from the dead fields of a desert. "I... Prefer to be called Thalyn." Her eyes seemed to emit a flash of light as she had yet again taken view of Kenshi. "But I guess I cannot escape from what I am." The sword slid back where it had been, the huntress knowing very well a single scrap of dust upon it would cause her nerves to go haywire. Then she stood. And stood.
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    Who's Hunting Whom?

    His story didn't seem to budge Aryll the least, although one that truly knew her would be able to see behind her stone face, see the evil curve of her lips, the glimmer in her eyes and hear the laughter erupting from her throat. Rarely she would let that side of her show, and just as rarely, she could hinder it from slipping on to her features. "Such a scaredy cat. Afraid of animals? Huh." She bit her lip as they rolled forward, leaning forehead against the window and just watching the quick flashes of scenery pass her gaze. The feeling during the moment the Academy would become evident to their eyes would determine what kind of scene this vengeance would paint. If it would be the cruel one; that when Aryll would completely succumb to the devil on Jon's shoulder and become what she had never been. If it would be the poisonous one, where she would lead the offender to believe things were the way he would have wanted them to be before landing a silent blow on him and disappear without a trace; one that Aryll would actually prefer over brutally murdering him the way Jonathan would have preferred initially. Or, then again, if what only was needed was a simple flick of a hand, a growl from voice, and the desk boy would never touch a fellow being ever again.
  8. Look at you I knew you were a good writer. Great entrance ! 

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      Aww. There is no fighting yet though D: Thank you sweets <3

  9. The rise and fall of an orange skinned, thin creature's chest became evident to the spectators. Her long, silvery locks had been tied back behind her head to keep in place, for she was not ready to get stuck in the smallest of obstacle; being face to face with another female, the dainty rogue knew just how dirty they could be in their tricks. No less her own.m As feet paced slowly forward, Thalyn Sehlis gestured to her opponent, in an attempt to greet. The elf had a brown linen cloth embracing the heights of her torso, it tightly wrapped around her chest to keep in place. She drew her blade from its chamber, a 19 inch swift Ninjato, its silver emanating with reflected light upon its tipped edge. The female held it carefully, both hands grazing on the black handle, and the straight blade pointed to the side. She was standing as if she was a young child, head tilted to the side, breezes of wind hitting little strands making them fly, and legs put together, one knee slightly bent. Thalyn wouldn't say she was the master of fighting, but rather the opposite, however, when it came to battle itself, there was no stopping her from delivering techniques of fine ability. There would be no sand flying through the air from her steps; the skin and bones she was made of had caused her be lightweight; feet gave no sound upon the noisiest of terrains, and so, the elf held an intricate ability to sneak upon foes and stun them. Thalyn held a deep despair, shackled within the walls of her heart. Through battle, they would be set free. 1/5
  10. Busy weekend. :)

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    Who's Hunting Whom?

    The gesture seemed apologetic, yes also a mere way of further pulling her strings. Aryll smiled as she sat down in the car, leaning her head back, not thinking very much. The situation itself was so strange it would only provoke further confusion if one pondered too much. As the dull landscape below rough clouds became evident to their eyes and Jonathan spoke, Aryll took a moment to glance at him. Being on a path of retribution, she pondered; they might as well peek into the clinic while they were at it. Or, if that was out of his limits, the female thought that perhaps that would be a mission of her own. The focus for now remained, being the trip to the Academy and all the while avoiding the earlier incident from happening again. She should have been scared but, when it came down to it, her body and mind tended to tell her something else. And apart from the fact that the reunion had brought them close on so many levels in such a brief time, Aryll couldn't help but find everything that had led to it intriguing in a way. Danger. It was crazy, but what else? Was it her fault that Jonathan had pushed her against the wall to not get splattered by poisonous bullets? No. The only thing she could be held accountable for in that moment was that she liked it. The sound of his voice was still singing through her head when she replied, a smile adorning her features. "It's still fucked. It gets these pretty sparks when the rain hits. I could always see it from my window. I used to think that's when you'd come back on a white horse and save me."
  12. kyuri

    Who's Hunting Whom?

    She was about to stoutly walk away when something else completely wiped her pride under the rug. A frown and a squinted pair of eyes gazed after the demon as he strutted past her, and she really wanted to just knock him down at that point. Nonetheless, Aryll walked up beside the other without a word. Thinking back to the halls of the Academy, Aryll pondered about whether the man in thought would actually still be there.