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  2. my character probably doesn't even care. who is feminist? don't care. this guy is green. don't care. want some food? i don't. couldn't give any less of a shit. i'll just lay here while you sacrifice your lives for no reason kind regards kyuri's character
  3. I want to be targeted by the lust lady. I love ladies lusting. And then a jelaous lady comes around. And there will be three lusty ladies.
  4. Thanks for claring things out. ;) I suppose #1 with me would be that I'll probably never understand your jokes, although I'm pretty witty myself
  5. Oh Yona, I'm not even going to notice. I'm a sloth, remember. . . XDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  6. uh, to be fair I'm a person has a very hard time going forward when I don't understand things, so it'd be very much appreciated if I was allowed to ask my questions if needed
  7. IDK WHICH SIN TO PICK NOW. I like sloths. Maybe I'll be a sloth. A sexy sloth.
  8. I think too big sometimes. Okay, so, there's this guy that starts a group of warriors, and apparently the people he finds are very peculiar in their personalities xD
  9. HERE COMES THE HOT SAMURAI BABE /shot anyway, I've read every post in this thread but it just made me more and more confused. Basically there's a warrior that wants to build an empire, and recruits other warriors, and these people got their distinct personalities that are a sin each? if so, why 'are' they these sins? don't kill me
  10. A hand rose to compulsively wipe the wet nosetip, Aryll staring back at him with eyes squinted. But as much as he could be a douche, he was still a very humble one. The female crossed her arms as one side of her mouth rose to form a smirk, this way admitting her defeat. "I suppose I could live with that." She said, eventually bringing the sound of laughter with her exhale. "I wouldn't want to go about making a scene, but I would like to find out what he's doing..." Taking a moment to actually observe the magic looking thing going on as the swarm of insects again appearing, Aryll's eyes remained wide open. Jon's comment on skimpy clothing had her glaring yet again. "Just don't. It's bad enough I actually tried the pair you got me." She waved a hand in the air, blinking, "I'd rather wear nothing."
  11. At first, the young brunette gazed down as he spoke. It didn't take long, however, for her to start squinting and for her body to move, automatically and quickly, as she started leaping towards him with her arm, her hand grabbing onto the cloth before his chest in a very angered motion. Although she couldn't say she was truly angry, there was something about that tone in his voice that irritated her so much. She did not enjoy being taken for a fool, and she never had. Still glaring at the other male as he held her, Aryll began biting on her upper lip, this indicating not insecurity, but rather a determination, the 'I am going to end you' type of look. He was strong, but she was as well. And she wouldn't hesitate to show it if he gave her enough reason to. "How do you manage to pull all three strings at once?" A grumpy mumble escaped her lips.
  12. Upon his words she let a quick laugh escape her lips. Her tears had stopped, at least for now, and she merely rested in his embrace before he started moving about. Aryll tilted her head, the motion somehow allowing her to delve into her mind, seeing if there was anything good in there. She couldn't figure out what they had been targeted for. At least she didn't have any reason to be targeted unless this had been some plan of Jonathan's, originally, until he had found out it was Aryll. What she did know, however, was that she did not want to step back outside just yet. "I think we should just lay low..." She spoke, pressing her lips together afterwards. She gazed at him, her eyes squinting in the process. "You sure those weren't your people? I couldn't see anything, it happened too quick."
  13. A smirk adorned her lips as her glance flickered between his eyes. The big bear was already back, and he wasn't stopping for nothing. Whatever she would be saying at that point would not change his mind the least, not tear his attention from the idea that had bubbled up in his head. Nonetheless, the brunet took a breath, the insecurity being evident in it as it was shaking. "I don't know if that's a good idea..." Aryll meant the fact that they had just been targeted. She wouldn't want to risk their lives just to get back at some douchebag who she had willingly let have her. At least not at this point. This moment was fragile, as if a dream.