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  1. hey! nice idea! would you elaborate a little? how would this play out in a 1x1 rp character wise to you?
  2. omg awhh ; ww ; you may pm me, soulmate <3
  3. Looking for someone or some people to rip with since I'm craving itttttt. mostly I'm just cravin Warcraft RPs but I can't seem to find anyone haha! About me: * I'm an extremely happy person and I joke a lot OOC * I usually post a few paragraphs, I love details especially when it's angsty. I love emotionally investing in my characters D When there's dialogue the post length can vary * I prefer female roles and MxF * I don't do smut What I look for in a partner: * Someone who is open to new ideas and loves talking OOC * Post at least a few times a week. Remember now that our future role play is not limited to my suggestions! Pairings I'm currently interested in: Demon x non demon Light elf x dark elf (if Warcraft: blood elf x night elf) Knight x knight Settings: Real life world Warcraft universe Made up world SUGGESTED PLOTS: --- knight x knight ---- (undeveloped) in the end of a fight, the winner party heads back towards their homes. a severely injured knight from the losing team A calls out for B (winning team) on the battlefield. B decides to help A. but B has to pretend that A is a prisoner in order to help A in secret over in their land. Light elf x dark elf --- (undeveloped) Z traps X while wandering in the forest. To get free, X reveals that they have one of Z's clan captured back at home. Soon, Z realizes that it is a family member/friend. Z forces X to help free the friend, in trade for sparing X's life. ........? Feel free to inspire me, haha. And send ideas or plot ideas, would be awesome! I'm open to everything. I just really wanna get started as soon as possible! ;wwwww;