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  1. Housesitting

    Tobais nodded at the course of action given to him, so they had a plan, but they needed a strategy. He made sure the alcove that his the thief was wired up, trying to save him would have a dehibiliting price for anyone not skilled at wired traps. once fhatvqas done he checked the supply of wire, still in the green, he had enough for several more on the fly creations, he motions the Twins over and begins to checks the rest of the floor, with it clear he waits for them at the stairs. “ Can you make a mirror that we can use to see down this next hall way?”
  2. Looking for character interaction

    Rusival is a character I’m looking to use. This little bugger is very death obsessed despite his age, and enjoys taking lives more than playing games like normal kids. as you could imagine from someone who wants to be a reaper so hard, his normal weapon is a scythe ( That has chainsaw teeth ) hwover he lacks the proper strength to cut through falls which means all the power comes from swing speed and momentum, this often leave him vulnerable to preemptive attacks, but your able to see it coming. He prefers to start fights via ambush like a proper assassin should, he isn’t evil as he’s painted to be, while yes he is killing he’s at the ripe age of not being able to completely understand the concept of mortality. anyway, for you evil characters he is a weapon to be used, for Good characters a child in need of reform and the rest of you don’t care so this is where it ends. I have some ideas but I’d need to know my partner’s character to fully understand
  3. A Fickle Little Pickle.

    Why do you forsake me!?? I know why jk alright well this will be here for a long while and probably never go any where so if you ever get free
  4. A Fickle Little Pickle.

    It’s been a while since I’ve made a post. Your going to want to make throw away characters for this, you can use normal ones but I made this because of the Plot central event that Happens! im going to leave this be for three days, let me know your interested in this and begin thinking up a personality trait Central to a character! Then come up with what they’d look like inside their mind. From nervous wreck to Billy BadBoy! still with me? So you and a band of a few others have been hired for a standard Fetch Quest. And in fact it’s pretty easy getting the items but that’s where it goes horribly horribly wrong! 1 of two things happen depending on a vote of interested parties! Your character get Shackled together arms and legs both, and you have to work togther via the core personality trait of your character, or you all end up in one body vieting for control to complete puzzles defeat enemies and get the object back to your employer to hopefully fix the condrum
  5. Paint this journey black

    He hadn’t even Considered himself a hero, she just something about her made him move. Which irritated him, he’d thought offbeat himself as a jaded and bitter person maybe it was the naive glint in her eyes, or the way the wind Caught her skirt, or the youth in her face he didn’t know. However he was absolutely exhausted from running up the stairs then through a window, and smacking into a steel desk. He pushes the desk out of the window, crushing one of the cars of the people who had been waiting to clean up her bloody mess. He began to walk out of the room and into the hall way rather Calmly. He unzipped his jacket, and didn’t find a janitor’s uniform, Darn it, wrong profession today. He sighs as he looked for a Janitor’s closet to break into to find a uniform so it would look like he was suppose to be here. However he didn’t and couldn’t find one. Sighing, he grabbed a screw driver and looked for an air vent to get into, good thing he was looking for one because all of a sudden the power cut out. He only knew this because of the back up red lighted kicking in. Which meant the cleaners were once again after him. He didn’t have any extra Rounds or magizens except the current one in his pistole. Which meant he was going to have to not try and track down this unit’s Captain right now. Something donned on him once again, he doubted the girl had made it out. And if they found her, no doubt she’d get cleaned up. Of course she may end up far worse if she had powers. Wait, had she been dangling up here because she was special? This began to stir in his head and he began to fly down the stairs sometimes skipping steps and once or twice and falling down the stairs. He thought he saw her in the stair well but wasn’t Sure* Hey Falling Girl!? * he calls out*
  6. Housesitting

    Tobias was always happy when a course of action went as it should and these Two were good company. Especially the fact they were willing to listen to a well thought up plan. However letting the thief go was never the intention, they were a hostile and the more removed from operational capacity the better. He hurled a really long Yo-yo down the hall. Why this odd weapon? It had steel cable as part of its string, and he enjoyed the sight of it wrapping around the theif’s Neck and cutting into his voice box and messing with his Hyoid bone. He began to pull the man in like a spider while he was unable to cry out, was Tobais to apply a little to much pressure his artieries would get Cut. “ Shouldn’t we integrate him? Or we can use him as a trap and see if we can draw out more of his friends..”
  7. Beyond all Mortal Ken [Interest Check]

    Oh opps
  8. Beyond all Mortal Ken [Interest Check]

    I want in! Not sure who to use though
  9. Housesitting

    Tobais smirked upon hearing the thief was down in the hall way. That was something good to know. He looked between the two. “ All right here is what we’ll do. This is complicated and totally not my normal Opertus Mardi but we know some of them can Mind control. Can you two make Illusions of yourself’s and put them at the end of the hallway? We need to know their combat ability and intellegnce. Hopefully they will fail for it and we can take them from behind nice and quite like. Additionally, are any of my trip wires still in the hall way? Or is it to dark to see?” Tobias was Cautious with his words making sure they barely got above the sound level of a breeze. Carefully thinking over the situation and how to approach. ( I really like their Dynamic it kinda makes me wanna do a love of Life where he helps take care of them.)
  10. Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    We seem to be set
  11. Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    Why are you describing one of my characters that I’ve been wanting to use for a long time but don’t? i legitimately have a character aware of the fourth wall. In fact how awesome he is at doing things is determined by the plot, and has a tendency to talk In OOC of course its kinda whacky so I’ll scratch him out for now until the wonderful lead returns to sort it out
  12. Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    Secret Unlock Achived. But there is XD. That’s my home town.( jk but for real there are towns irl called casper.)
  13. Athentha Event

    E care about you and want to see you improve! so please some context for the uninitiated. or otherwise you may not get to much traffic
  14. Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?