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  1. I'll have to limit myself to Two posts per reset innfree flow as I lobe to respond
  2. semi-closed

    The last remnants of men held up inside the main building with their commander. The two flame throwers were standing at the door. The commander watched as another group of vitals dropped. He put on a helmet and turned a valve. Before most of the men could run out it the room filled with gas. Cutting down more men. It wouldn't actually hurt them other than make them itch and give them watery eyes reducing their vision and accuracy. But anyone who was still in there would deffinetly have to be marked dead. The number were close now. Again the bombers came. With particular accuracy. A they dropped the pay load by the door. Dropping the numbers and effectively trapping the rest. EZ sighed and theourgholy marked in his journal that he wa a failur due to the use of Of gas. It was a last restore to give them their last fighting chance but ultimately seen as a sign of weakness to have to use it. However this mattered not at the moment. A fighter came right after the bomber to do a staffing run. A two LMG's pushes into the court yard trying to take down any man still standing of course they couldn't get them all out to say their work was minuscule was a rather mean and inaccurate. The door shut again. And the commander pulled out a lighter. While it would be easy to accept defeat he was determined to at least make it a draw. As both men groups desevered the win in his eyes.
  3. All I wanted was to be nice for all those people who posted rps out there and never got any attention....
  4. semi-closed

    Of course they were slowly shifting men inside the fort. Using the more exhuasted squads to draw fire as men ran inside. Their commander soon did the same. As only a few men were left in the court yard easy to fire upon with all those guns. But this didn't stop the stragglers from scrabling. One did some crazy Anitics by rushing right at all of them to draw attention. A few more made it back James the walls and building. While it would be hard to gauge how many were left without counting men on the ground. It was enough to win the day. No doubt they'd gotten a lot in melee and some more as they ran. There were still a whole lot to cause problems. Of course the only way would be to go in there. And it was pitch black past the door. Even if they sent in 10 at a time a single grenade or a shot gun would make a fearsome defense. Of course there wasn't anything left to smoke them out with. As the nershedians had kept their explosives inside. Of course now sky force. Was easy pickings for the two bombers still in the air. They'd either have to dive inside or get blasted. And the bomb begand its descent for the dead center.
  5. semi-closed

    The Nerhedarians weren't quick to give. While easy to seem that way as their number were falling fast they made sure sky force was falling faster. If a man became out numbered he pulled the pin in a suidical move to even out the numbers for his comrades. And soon some were even using fallen men to block shots for them. A gruesome but simple solution. Their comrades was moving about his enemy pushing down number more catching them while he either fired at or struggled with his own men. And they were quickly regrouping. As squads formed back up and began focusing fire on certain sections slowing more men to break free of the melee and move on down sky forces lines. Some men even riding back inside to bring their men ammo. Even more so two or theee soldier had brains and " played dead for a sky force soldier to come by just to get a nasty melee surpise. The table were turning rather slowly. But the two forces were probably roughly even at this point. A officer fell and the other two rolled to cover to catch their breath. Running up to them would result in a quick melee stab as soon as one came around the corner, get more and they'd simply take themselves with the entire group of sky force. Soon men began swarming encircling sky force groups and unleashing furry in the whole group. Soldiers still locked in a melee brawl started shoving each other down. Some men simply refused to " die" ducking when possible and rolling some even if they could grab another Skyforce and make them take the shot mean to kill them. They simply refused to give their line. The flamers even rushed in. Nani g guts with flames barrels with their heavy frontal armor able to absorb more than one hit and the fact that they seemingly didn't exist. Different groups began using tactics and each man had a skill to employ. While skyforce was required to only take down one man they aimed for at least dozens of skyforce soldiers if not a hundred.
  6. Good grief auto correct likes to screw with me anyway Alexie this is an Alias you want to know his real name? We'll get out there and talk to him! Standing at 6'1 and a healthy weight with a slender build often wearing long clothing that's either Green, white , or black Erodle camp. Of course he has a mask! With a camo visor beanie that has a golden cirlcle with a crest in the center. this is the prime Direective of Nersheder often always with an armed escort of top troops, his personal freak and machines. OD- in case I ever want to do the you are now your avatar and also the Personal freak of Alexie designed to perfection having had a long road to development. When placed in an environment he'll adapt to most of its laws of the universe that place is out in space or outside of this he has limitless potential. Standing at 6"12 ( that right get dunked on) with an indescribable build and unknown weight. The laws you'll see break regardless is Fourth wall ( on occasion) infinite space in the pockets of his cloak, the ability to walk up walls and stand upside down and on ceilings, his indestructible mask( no exaggeration) , and his sword that can cut through just about anything made of standard molecules however this is in reserve for long fights and boss fights, or the greatsest of evils... and no it can't cut through his mask. He also seems to be able to instantaneously teleport, and make multiple versions of himself. However they are not as resilent and can only take 1 hit. He is incredibly durable as he's set up like a mini boss you'll have to break his spirit before you'll be able to kill him which is pretty hard in and if it's self. Luckily should it happen he'll probably have no will to fight. Should he die it'll be at lest one year before he'll just mysteriously be back. Of course not a real life year! I don't have the patience for that !
  7. I'm thinking of writing stories here. I figure if I wait long enough I'll either get someone telling me to just do it or Supernal telling me not to..... so that can only mean.... FIRST ONE TO POST IT WINS!  

    Side note: when you see 3 notifications from an admin in a row- °_° what have I done? 

    If an admin hasn't already seen this joke I just know one day I'll get banned because if it...



      Of course it may get ignored...

  8. open

    Alishar was currently talking and chatting up a more Lupine kind of man. Although he stood out due to his rather bright color scheme with a personality to match. Rainbow hair with tiedye clothes. Of course touch had a small price to pay. Although st the moment he carried little and was trying to be interesting for the creature he was regaling in a tale. @Galen Wolfe
  9. open

    Ameli was up and about again and she counted bouncing , quite literally, like a rubber ball about the Tavern. Joining and slipping from conversations faster than you could say Hi really quickly. Quite desintive with her look. Although her speediness and curiousity was making Tobais a little angry at her. He found it a ting when things were constantly moving about near the speed of sound in his perpherial vision. Of course the more intimidating Gas mask man was skulking about. Looking for something dead or for someone with a Good story to listen to. Of course intimidation was more than his appearance as the weapon of choice he packed was quite devastating and didn't require accuracy. Of course with as many stories as he heard no doubt he could tell for those who could bear to listen. But Death was his Buisness buy and selling it. If you needed a coffin or a body bag he was the man.
  10. interest check

    XD your welcome and I wouldn't mind if these became a one on one. Of course I could have a dastardly twist up my sleeve if that is so...
  11. Yes sir.
  12. While I don't have an rp I can make one and make a character to go with
  13. Boom one more for the party
  14. Neeshedere would love to have you if you can take the cold and having everything provide as long as you provide back.