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  1. I kept waiting for this thread to go on. I wasn’t even notified about the other replies.
  2. With all said and done. Pavel gave a jovial smilie breaking. Character a bit. That was the reaction he needed from Mal. “I’m off.” He said as gruffly as possible. Leaving Mal to do his job. For a man who didn’t have a lot of infiltration experience he was certainly giving this his best shot. Which mainly included tons of research and looking into how other agencies and of course his own would conduct long term infiltration missions. The key, was time, you had to carefully wiggle and maneuver your way through the workings of the gang. With that said, Pavel took up his post at a bar and acted like he was drinking Vodka. Heavy liquors and spirit to make one seem strong and hearty. Then came the waiting game, eyeing up his mark, and looking for a chance to bring them over. Not much happened first go, it took several days before a bar fight broke out and Pavel could assist his mark in the brawl. It was fun to feel the rush of lifting someone over his head and tossing them like some great monster. The details weren’t important what was, was what came after...
  3. Pavel didn’t get much choice, considering his large stature, the only gang he could pick was of course that of the big tough gangsters that could push shove and frighten the toughest of the city cops. To be clear he wasn’t that large, but he lacked the defining characteristics of the other gangs, and he was built to carry weight, very much making him appear like a bruiser. Like some bar room boss in a beat em up. He’d miss the company of his companions, but they’d go about things various ways. What one should never do was appear to be seeking out the gangs without having an inn. Be it friend, a sponsor, mentor, family, if you didn’t have one you made one. Which could never be easy since gangsters kept up their guard, letting in cops or letting people get to their boss would mean death or prison, or of course all of the above. What you do is you bump into one and try and hit it off. Never mention the gang first hand, until they mention it to you. That was an immediate red flag. The style of his target could be deceptive, as most of the men in the outfit loves to party have fun and didn’t appear to give a lick about the consquences. But they were like all the others smart and dangerous, the fun life style, the appeared of authority, it was a lure, and distraction. The pressure of the money, the paranoia, you could easily be gunned down, stabbed poisoned, maybe executed by your boss because you were off the night of a shooting, or of course gang warfare, police shoot out, and of course other things that can happen. It isolated and made the drugs, booze, and women all to easy to accept, all to easy to lose yourself, you were going to hell for a simple sin anyway, why not just go ahead and take it all the way? With that Pavel made breakfast once more maybe one of the last times for the squad and began doing research. Going out inspecting the frequent locations, their slang, relation ships, and began rummaging around for clothes to make the look. He’d lived another life once, where purification was king, he knew how to burn men out. So of course, fake tattoos vibrant clothes, out on a show. He was a brute who loved fire, he cousin crush your skull or would seee you drown in gasoline. He was large, he was mean, and an unstoppable machine. Pavel for the time being was no more. Andre Ivanovitch was born. Having grown up in Tenerus, served as a merc with several of the military units out there, and of course eventually ended up on the decline with drugs and violence and a length prison sentence. Bad burns on his face and hands up to his arm and shoulder from a little “Accident” while playing with gasoline. And he’d killed many men for the pleasure of scattering the ash. Before A few to many days went by he politely knocked on Mal’s office door and then realized Andre wouldn’t knock unless he was getting paid. He opened it, with his shoulders rolled back and a new found cockiness in befitting of the once polite and kind team cook and arson specialist who would make sure any evidence of this operation would end up like the make believe victims , particles on the wind. He tossed a whole folder thick like a fantasy book onto the table. And spoke in a very rehearsed Tennerian accent. And made sure to give Mal his best shot at Physical intimidation. He was missing his flame thrower, but walking up to a gang member with that sure wouldn’t go over well. “I need those documents authenticated and easily found in the event of background checks, I need a forged criminal record, and I have picked out a suitable apartment. It’s close enough that we should be able to put in a land line just between the two. I am under the full beilve the rest of the team that are under cover need to be scattered, and placed randomly, but within easy access of each other should the need arise to check in on them. As of today, I am Andre, and a criminal, I ask that should the need arise to meet in public you act fully as if you were netting with a big dumb criminal thug. And that we have never met each other. I will be acting fully in character and I will punch you if I need to. And if possible I think you should use any monetairy or press contacts to begin generating rumors and a little bit of street credibility for me and the other members whom are to be undercover. Inside the file is the full constructed backstory I have worked on for this mission. I submit it to you for formal review. However I’ve gone over it hundreds of times and made sure to memorize it. “ he breathed in and sighed raising his finger. “I have addressed you in this way for the purposes of character and the final need I have for this operation to have any success is a complete wiping of any digital media of me and our other operatives that could have been caught, especially from the night club, and I need all attempts to ascertain my real identity to be as hard and as painful as possible. That is all.” He exhaled trying not to fall back to attention, doing his best to lack displine. He stared down Mal not as a kind man but as a big Russian beast and with a pressure fitting of one. In another life, Pavel would’ve been a steam roller flattening out any opposition he came across. Good thing this wasn’t that eh? He waited for Mal’s response and hopefully his appraisals if this newly constructed characture before him.
  4. Pavel shook his head at Adaanai’s words. “Never was much of a dancer. My homeland adored the arts and mingled them with science to make things of beauty. But dance was something more private meant for ones interpretation of the impressive Symphonies that had so much time effort, and research put into them, they would shake you to your very being upon a trucking a cord. Even then. Something for civilian life. I was born and bred to do one thing.” Swords, Guns, armor, they were the weapons of conventional ware fare, his weapon made him a terror. A target, people would abounded their entrenched positions when he came close. The sick and dying, would also know purity in their final moments. He’d never picked up on dancing. Trying to learn social skills like cooking and fixing clothing, took up his free time. “Which one should we go after first?” Someone approached them, some drunk elf who was shorter than Adaanai. He threw his hands to the side and tried to stare him down. “Wanna dance pretty boy.” Surprisingly it was a girl. Not that one could tell on first sight. Pavel looked at his friend. (sorr fo Danzilla. I just though the stallion should have some girl troubles!)
  5. Pavel cooked them all a nice fruity breakfast soemthing to give lots of energy and have tons of flavor the lease gets could do. He’d wave Mal and Teddy our the door. Before speaking up as they went. “Good Luck!” ——————————————————— the big man was slow to gear up. They had to go into a club. Which meant he’d have to leave the tank here. He put on some nice dress pants, and a shirt before walking out. “Adaanai? How you holding up? I just need my jacket and I’m ready to go! “ he paused shouldn’t he add more? He’d been quite peaceful. Mostly cooking and helping tidy. “I look forward to working with you!” Yea that would do it right? Even fully clothed he felt naked without his tank. “Do you need help? Sorry I must be bothering.” He stops and hushes deciding to leave them alone he was harassing them! He sighs through his mask and stops. They’d best head out in a bit. —- Pavel opened the door to the club for them. Into The dark of the club. Was it filled with people and lights? Yeah, but it wasn’t as crowded as one would think. They could actually move. The music was a live jazz band. And there was slight booze smell on the air, with smoke drifting about from a few lit cirgaretts. If one looked hard enough no doubt they could find drugs in the back rooms. He sighs. “Time to get to work” (sorry it’s not great)
  6. Pavel was first up. He walks up and looks at Mal then at the information. He took it all in. “So we’ve got a lead. Who wants breakfast before we go all the way out there? Can we track the hit?” I mean what the he’ll kinda question was that? Wasn’t that what they’d been working towards. Give the big guy a break he was trying to make sure everyone was fed and just woke up. He stumbles over to the make shift kitchen, and looks over the supplies. Mask secured tightly to his face. He turned on the stove and began cooking something for all of them. “What’s the game plan then?”
  7. Pavel clicked his radio in acknowledgement and scrubbed the terminal. “Did you erase us from any Cameras, sir?” He went and got a fine rag. Whipping down places they had touched. Before removing objects and putting them back in his own van. Methodical and fast. Usually contradictory. He would I’ve liked to clean the room and door but that would be to suspicious and take far to long. He got in the van and drove away. Most people would use gasoline. Most people were stupid or thought it would be cool. After all it’s what the movies did. Pavel use to have to burn people. Quarantines and such, forest fires and of course moving people who didn’t want to live from their nice fortification. Burning and cleaning were his specalities. If the op went belly side up, torch it and make it look like an accident. You wouldn’t have to maintain Plausibke deniability, if there was no evidence for you to deny. Of course the problem with theee things was everyone knew who did it they just couldn’t prove it. Someone hates another person, it’s them that’s responsible for every little slip up and accident that takes place. Where was he? Oh right. In his head again. Focus. Diesel fuel. Gasoline was volatile, it’s why it worked well for combustion engines, what most people failed to realize when using Gasoline, is that it would jump and follow. You poor gas on the ground it would get on your shoes, or boots, there was no doubt. It would get the end of the sleeve, and it would always go right back to the can no matter how careful you were. The flames found their way back to you. Little known fact that he’d been told, and seen enough to know better. He’d tell them not to use the gasoline then have to put then more out before they lost toes or fingers. One little splash, you were done. He poured the fuel on the engine, in the tank and inside the vechile. He lights up a little air plane and flies it inside. The flame takes. And the rest wasn’t a worry. “I’m pretty far out. Any one close enough to give me a lift? If not I can walk.”
  8. Oh shit she wasn’t buying his story was she? Damn it he wished he had his powers. Instead of being a frail little mortal. He was a fae damn it. “Well can I stay in here? They can’t find me as easily if I’m hidden away from the majority of the people on board!” He gulped getting nervous.
  9. “I don’t have a name. “Illecium lies bur so what she didn’t need to know. “And I’m here because I was crawling through the vents to escape my room. I was being held captive by a mob boss! And he’ll be comming for you!” He seemed to suddenly panic. None of this was true, but if he convinced her he’d been taken and was hoping to get away- the ship jitters and took motion Yea to late now! “But he probably doesn’t know I’m in here and if it’s private I’ll be safe.” He put on his puppy act. “Oh please won’t you help me?”
  10. Sorry this post may be bad or short. But I’m putting effort in. I’m just struggling with these feelings but I’m to stubborn to drop out so please bear with me!)))) Pavel was surprised he wa slicked but then again he did have the bright idea the first time to dress up as a handy man. And now it seemed the boss and everyone else found it to be a great plan. He was a bit surprised that it worked out so neatly. What a lucky coincidence. He didn’t speak but acknowledged with head nods when he could. As usual he grabbed tools and a ladder and would Follow Mal inside. Keeping nice and quite. The terminal was a huge data center, and Mal wanted a Virus to siphon information. No doubt he’d need to route it to another data center. Because there was lots comming through. Some of the machines were hot burning up, some ran cold, and some buzzed as they sucked in tons of watts to keep the system going. And as was fitting with his large stature he ended up on guard duty. Rolling out the tape and even going so far as to use soft red lights and place them inside the door to make it seem like there was a real issue being fixed. Draws less supsion. He placed the ladder inside the door with a bucket on it. If someone important came through, who Pavel couldn’t stop without a scene they’d knock the bucket over so Mal would know to prepare before being spotted.
  11. Pavel had an idea. There was a simple little trick to getting in anywhere you wanted to be. Simply bring a latter, and dress up. They’d think you worked there. Of course this wasn’t as effective on military bases, but putting on a Maintenance uniform grabbing a ladder and a tool box, he’ll most places would help you get in. So Pavel slink off got a construction van, put on some work gear, and took a ladder and tool box, presto. Pavel walked to the door, and surprisingly they opened the door for him! He put some distance between himself and teddy so she could easily go where she needed to do, and carry out the orders as she saw fit but he took a moment in a quiet hallway and radioed her, voice soft. “Just in case you need it. There’s a spare worker uniform in the truck outside. You didn’t need it to get in, but it may help if we have to leave this place in a hurry. “ he cut off and continued walking looking all about the place. The terminal the terminal, terminal...
  12. Illecium froze mortified. Damn it he must have fallen into the cabin of a rich woman, she had a direct line to security. Why did that have to be? She gave him and ultimatum and well he couldn’t exactly refuse now could he? She had him in a pinch. But at least she gave the ultimatum. He didn’t have much choice. Slowly he rose out of her couch. She didn’t see him come up. Good, maybe he could skip by her? He gently began to creep towards her trying to reach the door, his own heart beat thumping and pumping and slamming into his chest. He nearly reached the door, he gripped the handle and slowly opened it when it Squeaked. DAMN YOU FEDDLE WINKLE! When she turned if she didn’t have a heart attack she’d find a small real haired elf eared, kid? Nooo... that was a elf. That was a gods darned Elf right there. And not one if the tall sexy ones but clearly a Santa’s workshop rejectee. “I showed myself like you asked and I’m going to leave like your going to ask....” he tried to step out and calmly walk down the hall.
  13. Pavel has come far and wide to end up here. Slinking our to a loading bay. Purification, Fire, it was such a disturbing and scary thing. Bodies, had to be burned, trees had to be burned, people, and animals had to be burned. He readjusted the mask and slipped around to the closest door of the garage. he picked up a duffle back of his real attire, roughly similar but lacking the colors and the patches and Emblems of this place. Much cleaner. Where was he? He’d gotten tired of that life. A man could only burn living people so much. The flame, was his life, but to use it used destructively even for the greater good takes a toll on ones mind. A city is Quarentined? He goes in. You burn the buildings, you burn the infected, you burn the disease out. Let the smoke rise. Medicine was indeed a thing where he cane from, and it was in use, but when they showed up, it meant an epidemic. It meant a time of cleansing. Their number to large, and people to weak. You burn the underbrush. He relaxed his stepped slowed down. He’d look suspicious if he kept going at that speed. He’d burn this uniform later. To the van, he took the long way around the fence edge to act like he was doing something. Could feign importance. But he couldn’t stop seeing those grisely images. All the corpses as their bones turned to black. The culling for the flame. And who could? The big man stepped up the the van, and slowly slide back the door. Looking at his two companions he held up his hand. “Friendly.” He said softly and very pleasantly. Like silky fabric to the ear. He stepped inside and sat down. “Now we just need the other to join us. I’m sure we all did great!” He tried to bring joy to spark joy, but one was an automaton and well he doubted anyone would be happy in this group. He’d traded out burning people, and the diseases, and cleansing the forests, for shadowy work. But they could get him anywhere he wanted or needed to be. And all he had to do, was torch evidence and make bodies vanish. Entire building had gone up in the middle of a night, and he made arson look Belivable. No one batted an eye at a condemned building burning, or when a criminal did it for insurance money. So it all worked out.
  14. Alishar was his name, and to his dismay, Bodysnatching was his game. That old saying never judge someone unless you’ve walked in their shoes in their skin? Yeah he was a living Idonum of that old saying. Needless to say he stood out rainbow hair and rainbow eyes. He’d begun to dress in more modest clothing earthy and dark, but not matter how much he tried, he can’t fix his hair or eyes. Body snatching, a scary phenomenon and quite rare was something he couldn’t control. A simple touch or a stroke was enough to find him as someone else. Once more Alishar was staring into a mirror, same old body, another day new place new location. Gloves, check, a doctor’s mask, check, coat pants boots and a hood? Check. Alishar was different from the other snatchers he wasn’t malicious didn’t walk people around til they were drained he throughly despised what he was. Resented it. He couldn’t take control away from someone and manipulate them in such an evil way. But regardless he still needed it to survive. A form of energy drain. Which lately, was having odd effects. He was begining to keep people’s powers if they had any, for a short time after he left them. And it was getting longer and longer all the time. This all worried him, but regardless it was Time to get going, heading out. New school, and no new face, maybe he could make a good friend and have some help with this issue of his? He steps out hands in pocket arms close to his body. Avoid skin touch, he needed to get to school. Pack himself onto the bus and get out. So began his benign day. Unaware he was about to run into a time eater and end up dragged into her life for a change. (Sorry it’s so bad)
  15. The cloud Jumper was a huge ship. That much was true. Which also meant it was an excellent place for stowaways. Illecium was short. And an angry fellow, for a damn good reason. He was once powerful, a wicked and wild trickster, he use to be a Fae, and now he has been cast down to mortality. He was short with woven ears and people always asked if he was an Imp, a Elf, of the short kind, which was degrading. Having to scrounge around for money, and work a job, damn he was beginning to appreciate the mortals who worshipped him. Illecium was currently crawling though the vents of the ship. He needed out of this town and to see the rest of the world. He had to explore the rest of it. He crawls along further. And further hearing talking form the crew. Some special guest was here. Oh that was interesting and what not not that he really cared didn’t affect him. At least that’s what one is suppose to think. He Walks over a grate. It gives way and he smacks into some soft pillowy mattress. He was in a large room with some nice looking things. A huge pool. Then he heard footsteps. He slips into the cushions and easily slips from sight. Good thing it was a big couch fit him perfectly.
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