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    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    Oh boy oops XD I’ll be able to look in and clean up my post tommrow or hopefully tommrow

    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    You can disregard the part where he asks for the knife I’ll clean up the last post next round

    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    Sorry it’s been a long day. My mind was still stuck on the cutting her open part .

    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    He’s asking to do the cutting himself. Also kust cause he wants to see it.

    Under The Hot Desert Sun

    Ahab: so is there anything else I can do for her? That looks like it’s going to leave a scar. tobais just stares blankly at scarlet from hebhind his fox mask. He takes a deep intake of air, before he gets up and walks over to scarlet with a calm Cold demeanor with Absoultely zero emotion that was unnerving he gently and slowly opens his hand. “ Give me that blade, and tel me where we need to cut. Efficiently is key here.” He looks blankly at Scarlet. His body was lean tall. His armor was light meant for movement. Something seemed off about his hand. It was so real and lifelike, yet something was off.

    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    Alrighty! Sorry I forgot to post. And it just slipped my mind! I’ll get one out tonight

    Die in a Swamp

    Alrighty expansionism. Can I get a kink to the thread so I can know culture and tactics? I’d looks myself but I’ve never seen a thread on them before

    Looking for a partner

    Hello! It’s me again! have you ever seen Soul eater ? I’m looking for a relationship like that. A partner and a close friend to undertake adventures or maybe undergo roleplay’s in pm. in case you aren’t in the know about the show which wouldn’t surprise me and still find intrest here this is how it works! basically a human teams uo with a personified Weapon. ( kinda like all those weird card games, with Cryptids, weapons, food, ghosts, etc.) however this weapon is alive and still has their own personality. They can’t be used without someone to wield them and the weilder is completely vulnerable without them. Sounds fun right? Obviously this requires an active partner who posts a lot, and someone willing to put in tons of time for development and to keep it going. Mom halpy with a post a week! And all I ask is you let me know if you can should something come up!

    Want a haunted suit of Armor?

    I’ve been Dying to use My oC Revan for a long time. Of course it’s hard to use him and get him into threads he often can’t go far. Plus a general issue of being unable to communicate with his helmet on and his body in pieces. Revan died a long time ago and a long forgotten place, for a forgotten cause to save people, and has faded from memory. However his armor never gives never yields and fails to rust. It’s mysterious as it is impervious. They say the Nobel Knight died of Blunt force to his body. Which is true. His soul is now trapped in the very armor he held so dear and used to defend his forgotten and fallen empire. Luckily for a weird Collector, patron of the supernatural, cultist for dark arts, or a lone adventurer you can buy or find the armor ( probably in pieces. ) there is all sorts of fun to be had here! Why not try it out?

    Die in a Swamp

    I can post anywhere from daily to once a week however I’ll need information about the other side to properly play them. Or I can play foot soldiers)

    Terminal gates ooc

    Days not minutes sorry

    Terminal gates ooc

    I think he’s dropped out. I’ll give him a few more minutes

    Terminal gates ooc

    I was waiting on our friend to go

    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    I just think war doesn’t apperectiate jump scares XD