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  1. Sadly I’ll be on Hiatus 

    ill still check in and do things, but a lot is currently been going on

    1. Hurttoto


      Same with me

      Except i just came off of one and its still bad

  2. Just don’t forget me I’d like to participate if I can sadly threads die all to much
  3. Tobais found this answer satisfying. And would quietly sit down and watch the hologram. The woman was an agent clearly. There could have been any number of various reason, and organizations but she was the affiliate some one. No doubt this was the person finically and intellectually backing this mission. The voice in Jin’s ear playing angel. He didn’t have much to say, to him she was like everyone else. A possible client. It never matter their reason only the end result. That they would get paid. She had a child, great and as usually recon died. How typical. Sometimes these scout programs were not worth investing in a waste of lives. But when it did work it was wonderful. He was grateful he’d been several times, and while things were bound to change, slipping in and out was trivial for him. How many times did he have to kill one of those rich slavers? He was surprised it wasn’t more so. He nodded solemnly before looking back at the bird like girl. “ Tell me dear, have you ever been on one of those before? Be honest, you can’t impress me anyway, I’ve seen and heard and done just about everything. So just the truth for your sake and the sake of the party. I need to know what I have to tell you, what to teach you, and your abilities. Sorry you probably aren’t as green as I think you are, but you bear the look of someone who hasn’t yet endured the full scale of pain this line of work enjoys employing on those who pursue it.” he looked at the others the only other person who made him consider worry was the other girl. She wasn’t new, but he didn’t peg her as a veteran just someone who had been around the block a few times. him Bishop Jin there sadly wasn’t an even team to make. One more and everything would be nominal
  4. I’ll be joining the thread try not to leave me in the dust to much
  5. Alright I’m -I think I’m free today so let me just do this post then
  6. You can generally start anywhere ! And this man may be your best bet
  7. Welcome to Val! check out the tavern of legend mate
  8. Oh crap did I forget to post!? I’m sorry if I did! I’ve been waiting for the thread to continue
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