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  1. Hmmm I have two characters that would be fairly obnoxious to fight if you'd like I have a character named Maximus who is invincible ( you can still beat the crap out of him you just wouldn't be able. To deal a death blow) although he is completely and wholly insane making Random and unprepared attacks, other than being unable to be chopped into pieces he could be a instresting character as it would require many an alternate way to beat him. Then I have anther not completely invincible except in theory. As he'd bounce attacks right back to sender at double strength. I have a deity class Newhmeria. She could be quick and easy at the start however she's an embodiment of pestilence War and Evil , the longer the fight lasts the more amped up she could get. War of attrition would not work. She'd also be perfect for reuse unless ou have a deity ender technique or weapon as she'll often use different hosts and forms. Of course i can make a character to any specifics you'd prefer all the way down to clothes they wear and abilities ( just don't give me a personality to play please) just forgive my roleplaying technique I'm a bit rusty all my roleplays are or have died and I've never really roleplayer with you so I'm not sure as to what style to use for your accomadation.
  2. All advertising goes through the cooler I know. However there's a bit of a problem finding stuff to do for the fact all the more instresting posts are very full and the others I can't get into due to lack of knowledge or a proper character. So if any one has Anything they'd like to suggest please say so!
  3. As always the Nersherderian militiary is looking for skilled individuals or PMC companies to train with and against for the betterment of soldiers and to finally push recruits out of boot camp. positions for instructors are open upon passing a test and having a partner to expand beyond said instructors own abilities. Of course these instructors will not be permeant. You can also run ops against squads or help them run ops. Of course there are many possibilities
  4. Awww alright hope life gets better
  5. Seeing as how a battle was in full swing news finally reached the Directive of war whom had been watching from the start. The conflict made him giddy with excitement. He Quoted his favorite line before he gave the orders. " Gentlmen and ladies I love war.... as of now all sentient factions are currently engaged against the lord of the monsters, as such we will avoid direct conflict by sending aid and using the long reach tactics. You have your orders commence!" Being that they were rather close to the demonic hordes soldier could safely fire from ontop and behind their walls. Enabling for many monsters to be cut down with near 0 causulties. One of the warships hiding above the clouds began its decent over the hostile area. A bomber and a fighter squadron were deployed. Once over the 4 other factions it began dropping its payload. It would have been an excellent way to badly damage all the major players around the city, however much to the relief of ground troops and leaders the payloads didn't detonate instead containing the respective ammunition for each side and medical supplies. Two medic were also dropped in with the supplies. Throughly keeping all other units alive. That weren't already dead. Powerful artillery strikes were conducted on the rear away from the forces fighting the demons. " Great another warzone with guys we don't know!" Exclaimed a medic.
  6. EZ looked about as what would become the city began to unfreeze. A weather generator would be nessary or else the steam would soon swell up and cause the movement air. That fact alone would be able to ice the whole project as their weather was naturally very violent. Of course using steam to heat the city would make this one warmer than most other cities and was fairly unique to this place. The soldier working the foundation began singing a worker's song that a few knew from youth. He was intrested in the conservation of energy and the mice. " Very interesting , I would have thought the technology wasn't very worthwhile , I was incorrect in that assessment." At the sight of the mice some of the driods recoiled and backed away eliciting a response from the more Chaddy caddies. " OH NO THEYRE GOING TO SMELT US!" This did cause some laughter from a nearby soldier who was moving supplies about. Of course one soldier was dragging a bag full of three round objects almost jealton like in design. He brought it to the heart of the city and waited for the proper time.
  7. All right got it
  8. XD
  9. It's fine at least the ball is rolling a little
  10. I'll wait on you
  11. Oh oops I can get a response up for you Earl
  12. I have faith in you
  13. The drunkard nodded. " Yes please pour the coffee. As for the milk it's fine no need to trouble yourself. The real question is would you like something?" He played with Pearl's pretty hair when she walked up* then he gave kitty a look over. He was think about what he should do with her." Hmm what to make I you do today. Also I think the Father is a pretty cool name. How about you Pearl?"
  14. Pavel noticed the flowers when they waved. It was amazing. How many times had he seen such a sight being surrounded by fire? Oh such a sight. The only way to go was by fire. " hello little life"