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  1. Well give me a character and I will. ibecause of course the more dangerous you are depends on who comes after you
  2. I’ve been working on a huge quest line. I wanred tk have it ready ri go at the bringing of May. But I have to delay it. Irl things have come up I’m taxed with a current project and I’m barely doing good replies on a current rp here that I am part of. Another reason is this rp, as it adds another layer to the current quest so I would like to finish it up before pushing it out. I am still looking for some help with this huge project. So I want to apologize. But i will make this event happen
  3. Tobias had forgotten to mention his name. Which was a fallacy on his part. He looks over between Jin and a man he doesn't care to learn his name. He lacked professionalism and manners. He slides some calamar over to his more bird-like compatriot. ” so rude I suppose you have a point. I am Tobias. Someone who hopes his name has spread to the winds and been carried far and wide.” He carefully inspected someone else as they approached. Should he be worried? No, he was ready. It did little anyway she was joining they're little soiree. ” I'm sorry you just missed the information dump. On our target. However, you appear to be someone who is knowledgable about the ropic .” ( sorry it's short )
  4. Oh yea I forgot. Your basically allowed to play around with whatever powers you like, bur rhe more powerful or dangerous: the higher the threat. the more dangerous you are the harder they hunt the group which could strain relations with your friends
  5. Many of us probably don’t like being hunted down. However, sadly that’s exactly what’s happening here. you and a band of others have come together to live free. To be free. However you are all either Anomalous in other words, you’ve broken the world in a fundamental manner, and this shouldn’t Exist. Or you own something that does, which means you are to be Interrogated, tortured, investagated, and incinerated. its either run and die fighting to be free, or end up in a cell to be a Expirament. You and your comparaits done have a chance against the superior forces hunting you down by yourselves but with each other maybe his rmaybe you can stay away. GRSA: they move like a hive despite being human, their weapons are dangerous to all of you, even those who are invulnerable. You are the pest they are the exterminator . Priority: Threat Level Maximum. Task force 9: Hunters in the night if it breaks reality, Kill it. They have no mercy, you will be terminated on the spot, or if they capture you, burned alive. The Soceity is the Broken man: you don’t belong, you will be caputured and locked away for your own good. You can’t hurt and you can’t be Hurt. The Cult of Zarthrax: Order is madness. You will be enslaved to free this world if it’s rules. Let only that which shouldn’t Be! Alpha Corp: theyre the top of the buisness world, and you? Your a niche product to sell. Prepare to become a Slave to corporate greed. investigation Buero: threat level Low. huh, that’s odd, it rained frogs in Carolina, time to check that out. they show up to see what’s wrong, getting found out by then usually results in one of the other factions finding out and taking over. You better be Benign to get caught by them. intergarion, Amnesia, observation and release.
  6. Tobais sat Patiently as Jin explained his encounter with the slavers. He was luckier than most, they usually tried to add to their profit pool, but then again not to many wanted male slaves. With a sigh he begins to try and interrupt this man, whom he presumed would be him Employer however there cane a great show before he could speak. A man who reminded him of some kind of monster hunter, turned vampire, who died a horrible death at sea showed up and began to cause a scene. He could practically feel his vileness? It wasn’t someone he would trust, if he did trust anyone. He probably had a temper, and he was probably educated by experience instead of knowledge, not that it was a bad thing, but usually such individuals were crass and hard to get along with because they always seemed to point out what you were getting wrong. So this team had two professionals, ok a pro and one veteran, some girl who this was probably going to be her first outing and a buisness man with at least a little experience. He took some calamari and ate it calmly, despite the fact he didn’t need it. So. This what the motley crew that were going to take down the Largest of Genesaris’s Slaver Enclaves. He tries not to make any obsence gestures. He was glad he had his mask and his puppet body. He stood formally and tried to ease the suites man into a seat. Before he spoke clearly and precisely. “ So you make it sound like you know this place, yet you don’t really know it by anything other than reputation and tales. Not judging, that’s just how you make it sound. So let’s get some facts and something that will probably help at least two of the four people here. Because I have no doubt the man who just joined us probably know this place. And if he doesn’t? Guess he’s about to learn.” He took a moment gesturing for them to all get a bite and some water before he began he had a lot to cover. ” This place, of immorality, as you see it, is one of the most powerful places on the continent. It’s a massive Hole. Burris’s beneath the earth. The city is build on rings each one has a function and is indicative of the class. The highest on the social latter live deeper, with markets at the top, middle and bottom. It has its own protection force, plus the people who live there, mercenaries and Thugs to stand in the way, with the richest having huge homes, that are well defended and guarded by either PMCs or their Own private army, on top of the guards in the street. The person responsible is probably in the center at the lowest point, however they aren’t one for making themselves publicly known. The city is easily defendable, from large scale invasion via choke points and lay outs. Also a slave uprising? Out of the question. They all get magical collars that stop their powers and act as punishment devices. You’d have to free them before they could do anything. The top ring guards are lightly armored and armed and are only there for a pay check, however the lower city guard are a whole mother story, and again that’s without the Mercs which vary widely. So we can easily walk in with no secrecy provided you know one of the hidden entrances or pass words or know someone, or one of you had to get made a slave. I do in fact know an entrance but I’m not sure how concipicious it would look if a whole squad walk on in through a small entrance. So any question? That’s just the general overview. There is a lot to unpack if you care about the inner workings of the city.” He huffs, speaking to a group was annoying. He hoped he hadn’t mess up or said anything wrong. He goes and sits down to have a drink. ( got that from another rp, and some of the lore. But it’s been a while. )
  7. @Twitterpated a reply for my funky guy!) Tobais didn’t recognize the language which was odd he’d been on this world long enough to know most of the major languages. “ From another world? Or are youperhase from a small tribe on this one?” There was a odd occurrence as a bird rushes the ship. Surely it wasn’t about to kill itself by ramming the deck? Had the bird gone mad? There was massive internal debate as the more idle personalities got interested in the bird. Of course someone transforming was nothing new to him. So when the bird became a bird girl hybrid it cleared up everything. The bickering settling down. He looked between the two he would make sure to memorize them. They proceeded to move to a table “ so I beilve we have business to conduct do we not?” The table was a nice polished and well made one. He didn’t much care for some drink. “How about some water please?” ( again so sorry about I short post I’ll try to do better .)
  8. It’s fine. Sorry I’m the only one who got on besides our new friend
  9. Alrighr I have an idea what I’ll be doing for the huge Val event so I’m going to try and get sections done at a time! Just drop me a ping and I’ll be dropping a reply next time I’m on!
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