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  1. A Hunt for Slaves

    I'll try and get one out before I die
  2. May end up 



    dissapearing for a



    while later today...




    by a while while I mean a 





  3. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    With a patient silence the man jsut watched as the Queen interacted with some of the other guests. He didn't much care there were many here just to see her. After all business did not belong amongst a place like this but still he could have been doing other more productive things or eliminating particular nuisances to his people. He put a price of gum in his mouth after taking it out the wrapper and dropping it behind the facial concealing mask he wore. The two people with him watching everything else happening in the room. Al of them standing ther blankly.
  4. Villains! (OOC)

    I'm here but maybe for a short while well see
  5. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    @Aleksei I don't see or if it is there really understand where my character(s) is in your post) the man simply watched all the happenings of the wedding with a sort of inner distance. He was just like any other guest other than the one fact he could be bored to tears at a party. seing as the time was right he finally walked down the stairs and back to the front of the hall he approached the Empress and politely waited for her to turn and address him. He was still pretty sure he'd arranged this thing before hand.

    Alright XDo
  7. Alright Signaler only if if I can man the crow's nest
  8. The Scarlet Submarine Co. (Three new cities!)

    So wait is that a yes but I have to wait til the thread is posted? Cause se I don't know how it's going to become official other than well I don't actually know. I've never seen an official thread they look like normal threads
  9. It's another wedding! [interest check, yo]

    @Alexei @Aleksei perhpase we should work on some space trade routes?
  10. Anything you think I should do mate
  11. A Hunt for Slaves

    I recall them being a War band...
  12. A Hunt for Slaves

  13. A Hunt for Slaves

    Tobais had been perhpase the quietest among the party. If he wasn't absolutely completely silent. Instead of walking in the line he'd been walking beside them. So far all this group has done was debate and bicker. He didn't much care about what these slaves got, he had s bottom line and they were standing in the way of it. He could pick out Motrin even from this great of a distance. He'd recognize him don any where. If he was helping you he was one of those annoying assets, to be in his way was an annoyance to him but also a drag to tell with bit when he didn't take sides he was completely ignorable. He readjusted the fox mask on his face depite also wearing a turban to protect his head from the dessert sands. His long sleeves and light body armor would give ample enough protection on its own. He clearly had a multitude of swords on his back that he'd so far to this day ha never had to use. He doubted today would be different. He hated the desert only because sand dunes were your only cover to use. Of course so far this place was Flat.
  14. A Hunt for Slaves

    All I've im here and don't worry Satan my threads suck to ( By that I mean they never gain traction and it gets me mad yet for some reason when I put that anger into a thread it gets ground...)