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  1. Alright drop me a pm. I’ll try and have something together when you do that way I’ll have a proposal ready to go!
  2. Pavel carries out his duty easily. He checked over the ID and made it seem like he was checking it. “Hey where’s Marvin? Is he doing alright? His shift today. Hope they didn’t load you with to much work.” He would’ve smilied if he wasn’t wearing the heavy mask. And stepped into the booth raised the gate arm and waves me through. “Cya soon. Make sure you go to loading bay 7 that’s where the boss wants all of this stuff.” Pavle made it all seem natural he probably could’ve put them at ease if they weren’t careful. All he had to do now was make sure they got away when the time came and that of course they planted a tracking tag on her if he could.
  3. There was a soft click over the intercom. Mostly static then another click. Soft static before the voice came through low and sweet, sickly like honey. “Ready to roll.” Was all that could barely be heard. It took a lot of Work to get Pavel anywhere. He was a huge being, when comparator to the average specimen, not so much when put up against the peers of his homeland. He felt out of place standing next to the front door of the headquarters at Fort Echo. Of course no one questions the 7ft giant standing guard all geared up and looking ready to take on a small combat unit. Pavel didn’t sweat under the heavy gear and the fact his skin couldn’t breath. He was use to lugging around his heavy flamethrower. Of course, no one was allowed to be “purified” today. Usually you wouldn’t pick a big man to a stealthy type. Which semi solidified his position here. Officially he was one of the closet, relatively, ti the Major himself. He’d either have to help funnel, Catch, or run down the assassins once this all went down. This was also one of the few spots that would give him safety, as any assassin would find an alternative route or use a disguise. And killing the front door man, would ruin both of those potential routes for them. You would think the large man would be noisy boisterous or proud of himself. But surprisingly no. Quite and shy, it gave a deceptive picture. Who would think a towering beast, could keep up once you stripped him of his dangerous weapon? (Sorry this response is so bad.)
  4. Hey. Sorry to add a little topic to the water cooler. I’ve been super lonely lately. I wanna jump into threads on Val, but don’t really have the drive. I have that super ambitious project I planned, but Psyched myself out on. Long story short, I’m craving a long term rp or at least a long term partner. Things are kinda rough? Not exactly that. Got a great big void in my heart for interactive stories and people I like. Haven’t been doing much on here. So if you’ve time to kill and can be on regularly or at least tell me something is going on, how about we work something out? Not the biggest combat person. I like character interaction. Long term stories and I’d like to do a big list here, but generally I’m down for most anything that isn’t gory or violent. Sit com style. Romance style. Most genera are open. The general rule of thumbs, 1 paragraph, I’d like to give more but I’m running low on steam I wanna collapse in on myself at this point. And just good or exciting stories. Sorry if I’m a bad partner. I try my best but my story telling needs lots of work what else? Craving some dragons, ghosts, gods, angels , demons, just about anything exciting or out of the usual. But I’m not picky. Sorry this is a mess. Thanks for the time I’ve you’ve read this. Either Pm and let it be know or comment or like the post and I’ll on you, if you’re a shy bee. Good night good luck happy life safe travels Etc. Imma collapse
  5. Sorry for that massive event not happening guys, you know how life is, but I also lost my confidence! Anyway... I’m looking for a very special rp partner and some quests, I’ve looked over the cooler, I like most of the idea, however, a bunch of the events already have a bunch of people or a lot of pages. So if you have Anything you want me in let me know! Anyway im looking for a weapon or a miester! What are we up to? Not sure yet but I’m down for just about anything, I just know I’m looking for someone to play a partner role with me. It’s an idea based off Soul Eater. A cute little anime, where weapon are people and transform to be used. Very cool show I can help you out if you don’t know much about it!
  6. Tobais, had walked many circles and spoken with many people. This job was nothing special to him. Merely another challenge. He had the inevitable task of being the man up high. Sinking into the muck of the Genesian underground and once more pretending to be someone he wasn’t. Of course he had people to protect this time. Usually he’d grab a meat suit and infiltrate that way. But not this time combat and poisoning was a threat to be aware of. He had a whole new puppet body made, with a face under the mask for once. When he joined the group you could hardly tell it was Tobais. He looked fit to be an emperor or a living god. Each movement slow deliberate and graceful. The only indication was the mask. Softly he whispered to Jin. “Are we ready? It took grate effort and care to secure myself in the higher places of the alcove. I can’t afford to be late or not show. I’ve of course taken every precaution I can. Just make sure not to draw to much attention. To me and the groups and this operation can not fail. But of course I can not speak for everyone’s survival.” He didn’t look at Jin or give any indication he’d caught his eye. Making sure to give himself as much plausible deniability as possible. The spider had all his peices on the board now, and soon they would be taking apart a old fortress. Not an easy task.
  7. Sorry I haven’t posted usually have school for three days I’ll jump in tommrow
  8. It’s alright and I hope you get better comrade!
  9. Alright so what if the golden reaper is a golden sickle? With a wicked sharp edge it could be valuable simple because of the material, or maybe it has a effect that makes it great for farming. (and secretly assassins)
  10. Sorry for the delay! I’ve been meaning to get on! I’m finishing up a paper then I’ll be browsing around and hopping in. @Mickey Flash do you have an idea what the object is yet? If not I have ideas to pitch
  11. I just wanted to use Akil, a simple character who doesn’t have to much histor he uses a sword and a Hand gun. Mostly human. Wanted to develop him some more. And I could pm you idea and such for the adventure
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