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  1. ( heads up my country doesn't have currency it's all chill, their valuable are high quality things such as armor weapons and jewelry so head up if you want to stay here XD) a few of the survivors thanked him and rested up. They pointed at dead radio man and handed him the signal and the coordinates. That way he could let others know about all this.
  2. Jaxster ,"Navy" Alex AsternAllen Miller Frost Zernand Nester the Lester Tk Dominique Francis , Saster or Jaxster the Disaster aka the Unknowable. He hails from the other side of Reality and is a very Unique fellow. He is to be a flagship character such as Tobais and OD. He has no powers or any real fighting skills other than able to heal nearly any wound within reason. He is however Self aware and will break his own character to break the fourth wall. His two main abailities is His Adarove ability and his special Time Stoper. The adaptive allows him to select 1 ability per thread able to switch only before combat and not during it can not be any extreme ability and he can't use it extensively for otherwise he'd loose control. One stopper allows him to stop time st the cost he to has to be frozen except for his thoughts, and the ability to look around, taking any step forward backward or sideways instantly break this. He can move freely as long as he doesn't move from his spot with turns being an exception giving him lost of time to look about the area mid battle. He can chose to break it as he likes. Magic users who are aware can avoid getting stuck in time however they face the same rules as he does. He can not heal while time is stopped he can't not change things while time is stopped and he can not heal himself or others in battle if he uses this ability. Time stopping only allows him to dive far off and slow attacks extremely quick and close attacks will still most likely land. His mask is not going to break and covers all but the top of his head where hair grows. He likes to shrink people [ Redacted access denied terminate] some info: Red hair. His mask his white and is very animated the masks mouth will live and change facial expressions while the features are in black if he said aww his mouth would be white. Typical black shirt with red fingerless gloves and red shiny shoes. With nice red pants to match. His clothes are nice and sweater vest like. His height is unknow because to some people he seems tall, some see him as normal , others see short. His age can't not be gleaned from looks.
  3. ( XD love your storytelling bro.) Ace watched the kids fool about. He saw them sneak in through a hole that got them in beneath the floor of the house. He could tell that this would be a bad idea. An old woman walked up to keep watch with a lantern having Come over far to late. He sat there and watched. The inn keeper finally found him and gave him his coat. He thanked the man with a sincere tone before he went back to his tone. He was surpised he'd hunt him down after not spending any money. It didn't take long for one to scream and only two to come out. He'd always ready about this it was a classic seen in literature, wonderful he was slipping up now. Of course they'd be traumatized and would propbabably start babbling. Best to check it tommrow. With great care he settled back in and closed his eyes*
  4. open

    ( sorry mates ) Alishar and Rusival had been following the conversation to a certain point before having blanked out. They shook their heads. Alishar spoke up. " Wait what's going on? Sorry we spaced out..." rusival looked over at Devin. " Enjoyed talking to you but Pavel is better than I am!" Tobais came down in front of all of the remaining party members. " I'm willing to accept any commers for anyone who wants to spar of course there is a 10 unit fee."
  5. ( I Don't know what I walked into XD I would like to have Curious meet Tobais one of these days) Ace had Walked out of the inn by now the rain beating down like the earth were an instrument for a musical cacophony. He didn't care these worlds were so much different from his life. He could always remember the drills, still in his muscles, and the cold neutral walls with only the cold void of space outside. None of that neutered right now as he walked to a tree And sat down. As he closed his eyes to sleep he could hear teens daring another boy to spend the night inside a "Haunted house". He beilves there was higher power and supernatural beings however he doubted a human's ability to stay beyond their death. However they always wanted to beikve in life after death, they couldn't seem to register the possibility that luck could have been responsible and that death would take them all and nothing would remain, he saw it as futile to try however he might as well enjoy whatever the universe gave him before he never woke up. He wasn't against his homelands believes he just doubted a deity would care enough to be so kind yet cruel at the same time. He watched them go and go on eventually forcing the other inside before they ran off leaving the boy to be terrified and scared forever.
  6. The officer gave a quote thanks to the lad who had saved him. Still there was moaning in the back ground pain consuming some and others crying out not wanting to meet their maker.
  7. The soldier coughed. " it was an ambush they caught us while sleeping ..." he passed out tired from nearly dying. Other bodies were laying about. Some had valabubles on them of course there was plenty of souvenirs to be collected from the destruction as well. There wasn't that many men out here clearly a small squad on patrol. Clearly they had regretted going out today.
  8. ( Sorry if this got brutal really fast for you guys just seemed like a step up was needed as you were all just traipsing trough with ease sorry just say if I made this to much)
  9. One man yelled out bastard at the dragon. He slammed his great hammer down and a mighty roar left the side of the room as a hidden chamber opened. Any bandit not made of magic fell to their knees coughing blood and looking at him as if betrayed prompting a shrug. What came out would terrify even a demon of the pit and would destroy any intermediate Advenureer without any struggle. A massive foot stepped forward ugly purple skin of a unspeakable posin pooling at its feet. It had to bend over to accomadate for the small space. It had a great sword and club and a stupid look on its face. However she was immediately singled out. Her two allies were stopped from helping as what could only be described as " Black men" men of which a dark shade that even the light wouldn't be able to illuminate their features men immune to fire and shadow who quickly worked to over whelm the other two. They absorbed magical attacks and could be sliced and feel nothing. However they hungered for the flesh of the adventurers. The more massive purple creature tried to crush The woman of the party with its foot. On the fifth floor the bandit lord rose with a club. He had on a dragon mask however he closed the distance in a blink smacked her. The weapon didn't go through it connected via an enchantment of the magical kind. She was sent flying. He was ready for her tricks.
  10. open

    Rusival smirked. " I didn't I just throw it around like a toy and hope I hit soemthing important. " It causes a chuckle from Alishar. His body is more a goo to the other's gas state but since it would act like a gel effectively stopping peojectiles it could be more useful. Then Rusival pipes back up. " Although Grim could have probably helped with some of my fighting moves."
  11. IshBal looked around at the people around he had a sense he'd be stuck with them for a long time his fate sense was tingling after all. There was so much here but he doubted they'd get to do what they came to do, the enemy blockade hinted at that. He carefully looked around for any extra information he could glean about the situation.
  12. I Tobais had finished setting traps some ways were effectively a trap hold with the only way in through the windows meaning countless thrives would saricfice each other and never find the door inside. With noisemakers on the corridors for support. " That's pretty impressive you two I can honestly say that you two can go far, very far." With that acknowledgement down he was sitting down taking notes rather carefully of the new layout. Making sure he could remember this place even in he dark.
  13. I thought thought we were waiting for you or someone else if not I'll get my post up
  14. With great care Ace " Negotiated" any left over scraps and some sink water. After being treated to a rather free meal he stick a device in both the rotten food and water they both dissapeared inside and a nutrient paste formed inside. He noticed her shivering and put a coat over her. He made sure he was to far away fro her to return it quickly. With that. He drank/ate the paste that he'd made for himself. Befor answering back outside. He'd bath in a spring for free he didn't want to bother these bitter and pathetic capitalists and their set ways.