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  1. That pretty much confirms that this is the post of legends
  2. Was looking for an island or group of islands however Baizo was the closest place to find so will be using a thread here, note for the rp’s future, could connect to the main island of Baizo for a terminal gate as so many rps do take place there it would be beneficial to rper’s whom need quick transit and the properties would be intresting to have to work around or with. Note over rp thread starts here, posted for upper management to properly explain filing.) an an island alone on the waves, was here, small insignificant and easy to look over when charting maps as it was that small, now you couldn’t see from one end to another, however it was less than a mile with a strange bend in different parts of the island. This gave a both slightly formidable and easy to hide feel. Being able to love and hide the project from the elements and people who would be undesirable for the assistancance and construction of the Zerenith. The project had been was open, but the personnel assigned would continuesly work on it. The fact others were involved was simply just a poltitcal move to try and build friend ships that would last and finally break the complete Isolation of the tiny Nation buried in the snow. I80 took in the island before stepping onto it. It’s systems all ready calculating where the best positions where, the seasonal weather here, and geological activity, it was all Nominal for the project, however had no natural resources to tap into, no natural caves, and no natural magic. It was simply a blank slate. One Zerenith for each side of the island. It spun around tracking and looking for another island or just big enough rock to support another Zerenith. However it found that only a medium sized fishing craft would be suitable enough for another gate. Such a shame, was what it’s programming dictated, however it could sense the much bigger isles nearby. But anomalies ran all over its scopes. Unsuitable for their purposes. Any variables that could cause disasterous or make the equipment malfunction as a result should not be put into the mix yet. All’s vout Val there were suddenly from now where ads looking for smart scientific individual willing to work on a physically and atomaically have popped up with mysterious coordinates ( @Hurttoto @Stumbler )
  3. Alright I’ve been on Val for 2 years and I feel like I can finally be more useful and help ful! To bad I’ve gotten way more busy and only get to visit once a day or in short bursts. 


    So to any one following me with a unique idea hit me up.


    @The Hummingbird 

    i would like to do a non cannon role expansion. Your board leader for Genesaris ( it’s been a long time and my auto correct hates the word with s passion)  and well I’d like to do something in the mountains as part of s delving dungeon crawl of Peril and while I’m ready to read up on lore you made the location, probably know it best, however what chat he’d my eye was I looked st the mountains topic about a year ago and I remember a part of the post speaks about gods or the old gods, something very powerful esstially way under that watches the out side world.  Now your probably busy but I figure I should go to you first to ask either, if you would like to GM or participate and help out, or in a pm we talk and you help me under stand how it should work and what your vision is or was.


    @supernalit’s been a while your an awesome admin, anyway when I first joined I wanted to help others and well I thought the best way was to be a tavern of legends Mentor,  now I’m not well versed in official quests and the combat and inventory working of Val however a big problem when I was a member was that a lot of the people who were suppose to be staff were very busy and some people aren’t very literate and well some people are shy and other get ignored.  I am currently able to post once a day with weekends being an exception ( Or any day I’m off schuedual  , as I have a pattern I follow in days I attend school and work and checking in is a part of my day.)  so I would like to finally ask to mentor. I can give tips work in rps to help people get more length  help them get accustomed to posting orders and the general flow, however I’m more than willing to learn whatever you or any of the other admins, staff, moderators, or mentors want to teach me to either be more useful or help others. 


    Finally to a dear friend I haven’t talked to @Mickey Flash you have a busy day lots to do, yet still find time for Val, and I thank you for two years ago noticing and accepting to help me, and for inspiring me to write grandkids tales in my head, have sudden inspiration, and the do’s and don’t’s  of huge rp posts on Val.




    Terminal gates ooc

    @Hurttoto @Stumbler here is the out of character forms

    Role Expansion! #1: Terminal Gates

    Alright it’s going up.

    Role Expansion! #1: Terminal Gates

    @Hurttoto @Stumbler mill be putting up the real thread tommrow afternoon pic going up in the morning. You both ready?

    Role Expansion! #1: Terminal Gates

    Thanks! thats pretty awesome you have quite the creativity! I look forward to his interactions with the group.

    Role Expansion! #1: Terminal Gates

    CNt see sigs. It had yet to begin
  9. Ooh I have several ideas for this! maybe a poor mage wanders into her and they end up becoming friends or stuck working together. of course I do have a faction that would be untreated in her condition how to make a defense to magic and how to cure her

    Role Expansion! #1: Terminal Gates

    Well I’m not sure I honestly didn’t expect a reply, because I doubted there would be interest so reply to this thread Friday if no one else wants to take part and well start on saturday
  11. Hello Val been a while. I figured imma fire up again and try and gain ground for a country of my own carve out my little space. However I also want to socialize with you and make new friends. So I’m launching a role Expansion. Ive mostly tried to keep my nation small and self contained and isolated and tried to recruit people however as this is fruitless as I’m a relative in known to all the constant and new faces of Valcure I figure I should introduce small bits of the culture and work with larger nations, and existing members to work with lore and world building! now I’m putting this here as the first role expansion to see how it goes. if it’s a successes I plan to shoot Val into the stars and aim for excellence. So here we go the intro for this first one, this is aimed at my nerds and those interested in technology! however this will also open up operutinities for you larger nations ! It’s a humanitarian project! The Trrminals/Gates/Doorways/teleporters/ matter cannons/ Accelararors as the rest of Val will undoubtedly call them, among other names, are to functions as Long range quick transit machines, able to move Materials, people , machines and vechiles at relatively close to Light speed, anywhere on the planet, and possiblely to others. However that’s only the dream. Rhis role play is a foot note of possibility. The He rp is set on day one of the project, material aquirwment, design, production. This is stage one, the ground work. Stage two is to take over two uninhabited islands’s in Valucre’s vast oceans. For testing of the Zentheria as the Nersh have designated them. Stage three involves picking people role assignment and outsourcing work to people of your choosing! Mercs or trustworthy adventurers. stage 4 involves testing, however spending on the speed and size this may be the start of an intrigue plot involving sabatoage. now this rp sounds huge and sprawling however I doubt the ability to fish this many people and also keep a high amount of people( because large groups often end up losing a lot of members) so this will probably be smaller and if a majority want to skip step or work on a specific part then that’s the part we move to. now then this thread does have to to with lab coat wearing hard workers, but again materials are needed, and so are test subjects, so if you want to get a nice reward ( either an upgrade or raw materials as the Neesh do not beilve in a moneyrsry system and do not support it at all) it even experience in the dangerous locations of Val! also the potential for larger nations to be better connected ! Trading, invasions, the ability to quash rebellions, exploration, aid , or evacuation make this a versatile tool with a multi purpose function. maybi also point out, that while again this is simply an rp to work on the idea I’m more than willing to expand the world concept! Seeing as to how valucre’s lands are so wild and different and diverse means different gates built in different area’s will have different design challenges! One may have to be powered by magic in one area while being able to withstand High radiation in another area! Sorry adventures mercs and other explorerers! I am working on another expansion for your Cup of tea! Anyway if one of the mods sees this I want to state this is non cannon unless approved and that I want to ask the Genesaris board leader about something. I tried to ping you but my device can’t find your. Same and is glitching our when I pull up the mentions. Sorry

    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC


    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    Hey good to hear busy means your doing well o hope! Cya soon

    Under The Hot Desert Sun

    Ahah rushed off to the herb room. He didn’t know what to get he hadn’t been told so he went a different direction to get to his room and grab his little note book. With that he read the descriptions of the plants and what they were useful for. With this knowledge now in hand, he hurried over to the herb room and begins to carefully look over the plants. He finds one here, and another there, but eventually he finds all the ones he thinks will help. He begins to crush and mix and water and heat the little mixture he makes. He gives it a taste to make sure there is no adverse affect. Feeling nothing come on he rushes back to scarlet and Khepri handing the little mixture over to War. “ It was the best I could do in a rush.”