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  1. I kept waiting for this thread to go on. I wasn’t even notified about the other replies.
  2. With all said and done. Pavel gave a jovial smilie breaking. Character a bit. That was the reaction he needed from Mal. “I’m off.” He said as gruffly as possible. Leaving Mal to do his job. For a man who didn’t have a lot of infiltration experience he was certainly giving this his best shot. Which mainly included tons of research and looking into how other agencies and of course his own would conduct long term infiltration missions. The key, was time, you had to carefully wiggle and maneuver your way through the workings of the gang. With that said, Pavel took up his post at a bar and acted like he was drinking Vodka. Heavy liquors and spirit to make one seem strong and hearty. Then came the waiting game, eyeing up his mark, and looking for a chance to bring them over. Not much happened first go, it took several days before a bar fight broke out and Pavel could assist his mark in the brawl. It was fun to feel the rush of lifting someone over his head and tossing them like some great monster. The details weren’t important what was, was what came after...
  3. Pavel didn’t get much choice, considering his large stature, the only gang he could pick was of course that of the big tough gangsters that could push shove and frighten the toughest of the city cops. To be clear he wasn’t that large, but he lacked the defining characteristics of the other gangs, and he was built to carry weight, very much making him appear like a bruiser. Like some bar room boss in a beat em up. He’d miss the company of his companions, but they’d go about things various ways. What one should never do was appear to be seeking out the gangs without having an inn. Be it friend, a sponsor, mentor, family, if you didn’t have one you made one. Which could never be easy since gangsters kept up their guard, letting in cops or letting people get to their boss would mean death or prison, or of course all of the above. What you do is you bump into one and try and hit it off. Never mention the gang first hand, until they mention it to you. That was an immediate red flag. The style of his target could be deceptive, as most of the men in the outfit loves to party have fun and didn’t appear to give a lick about the consquences. But they were like all the others smart and dangerous, the fun life style, the appeared of authority, it was a lure, and distraction. The pressure of the money, the paranoia, you could easily be gunned down, stabbed poisoned, maybe executed by your boss because you were off the night of a shooting, or of course gang warfare, police shoot out, and of course other things that can happen. It isolated and made the drugs, booze, and women all to easy to accept, all to easy to lose yourself, you were going to hell for a simple sin anyway, why not just go ahead and take it all the way? With that Pavel made breakfast once more maybe one of the last times for the squad and began doing research. Going out inspecting the frequent locations, their slang, relation ships, and began rummaging around for clothes to make the look. He’d lived another life once, where purification was king, he knew how to burn men out. So of course, fake tattoos vibrant clothes, out on a show. He was a brute who loved fire, he cousin crush your skull or would seee you drown in gasoline. He was large, he was mean, and an unstoppable machine. Pavel for the time being was no more. Andre Ivanovitch was born. Having grown up in Tenerus, served as a merc with several of the military units out there, and of course eventually ended up on the decline with drugs and violence and a length prison sentence. Bad burns on his face and hands up to his arm and shoulder from a little “Accident” while playing with gasoline. And he’d killed many men for the pleasure of scattering the ash. Before A few to many days went by he politely knocked on Mal’s office door and then realized Andre wouldn’t knock unless he was getting paid. He opened it, with his shoulders rolled back and a new found cockiness in befitting of the once polite and kind team cook and arson specialist who would make sure any evidence of this operation would end up like the make believe victims , particles on the wind. He tossed a whole folder thick like a fantasy book onto the table. And spoke in a very rehearsed Tennerian accent. And made sure to give Mal his best shot at Physical intimidation. He was missing his flame thrower, but walking up to a gang member with that sure wouldn’t go over well. “I need those documents authenticated and easily found in the event of background checks, I need a forged criminal record, and I have picked out a suitable apartment. It’s close enough that we should be able to put in a land line just between the two. I am under the full beilve the rest of the team that are under cover need to be scattered, and placed randomly, but within easy access of each other should the need arise to check in on them. As of today, I am Andre, and a criminal, I ask that should the need arise to meet in public you act fully as if you were netting with a big dumb criminal thug. And that we have never met each other. I will be acting fully in character and I will punch you if I need to. And if possible I think you should use any monetairy or press contacts to begin generating rumors and a little bit of street credibility for me and the other members whom are to be undercover. Inside the file is the full constructed backstory I have worked on for this mission. I submit it to you for formal review. However I’ve gone over it hundreds of times and made sure to memorize it. “ he breathed in and sighed raising his finger. “I have addressed you in this way for the purposes of character and the final need I have for this operation to have any success is a complete wiping of any digital media of me and our other operatives that could have been caught, especially from the night club, and I need all attempts to ascertain my real identity to be as hard and as painful as possible. That is all.” He exhaled trying not to fall back to attention, doing his best to lack displine. He stared down Mal not as a kind man but as a big Russian beast and with a pressure fitting of one. In another life, Pavel would’ve been a steam roller flattening out any opposition he came across. Good thing this wasn’t that eh? He waited for Mal’s response and hopefully his appraisals if this newly constructed characture before him.
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