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  1. Welcome to the Mad House

    I do have more however the Rp is built to deceive you. however it will play out fairly standard ly, slay the monsters, find out where they come from, who makes them, kill them. Lots of combat and care are required
  2. The Revival of Tazarek

    I had an enoucter during whisper night and as they explored part of my mountains not to much all of which shut down when warlock left
  3. Beyond All Mortal Ken OOC [Special Jotsy Edition]

    Ah ok I can wait three days
  4. Welcome to the Mad House

    Congrats. Your a spirited youn person has found this page! As such I’m inviting you to a Long rp, at least Months, enough for the characters to get attached. I can agree to once a week posts they’re fine, and I know real life is a bother, but hopefully I can skillfully achive the Full effect. This rp will be vague, yes there is a story and path, however I will be using Metaphors and Moving words to describe the happenings. It will be colorfully masked. Anyway there are two endings with 1 that is probably for real going to happen 99.99% unless you work hard to change it. You will be taking care of a small sick child in a gruesome angry after world and try to beat the oprressors who efficiently run what’s left of the world. Sound good?
  5. Under the hot desert sun

    I’m interested
  6. Of Thieves and Reapers

    I wanna Know every form of Combat so I can have the biggest Body count to ever be achieved, sand you partially know 1 and are profeincent in the other. That seems good enough to me!” He followed the senior to the rock and stared him down with a vibriant Fire. If looks could kill his life would be in the most danger it had even been in. But they can’t leaving him either eh upper hand.
  7. Beyond All Mortal Ken OOC [Special Jotsy Edition]

    Back! What have I missed?
  8. Looking for character interaction

    Sweeet some time
  9. Looking for character interaction

    It’s ok! Sorry for the wait guys! I’m sor sorry! I just need two more days and I’ll post again. We have a big test and it’s all crammed into a day so I’ve been, keeping a look out for strats for it
  10. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    Ameli would peel out from behind the window for he kitch* How May I who you today ma’am?” He red hair was still the same long and beautiful and those googles and that mask his her eyes. The bar was still open.
  11. Beyond All Mortal Ken OOC [Special Jotsy Edition]

    Alright! Sorry I haven’t been on! I’ll be missing for the next two days then I’ll be back and ready to reply
  12. Open 4now: Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    I didn’t see the link, in blind I guess or my device can’t handle it and isn’t loading it
  13. Looking for character interaction

    Good ole Ambush?
  14. Of Thieves and Reapers

    Well that’s true but all life is is a hypothetical isn’t it? If I go to the store I can get eggs and rarely are we wrong, but sometimes the unexpected happens and it all goes Arye. You may pass your self off as another person but I could bump into you later. So many things can happen we’re all part of a test with no goal.” he nods at the questioning. “ Of course I do!” He stopped and took in what he said. “ Well you should because It’ll be benifical to you. Yea it’ll be a pain in the short term, but you could take on more jobs because you have me, or I can watch your back and you can watch mine, and one day I’ll save your life. “