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    Terminal gates ooc

    Days not minutes sorry

    Terminal gates ooc

    I think he’s dropped out. I’ll give him a few more minutes

    Terminal gates ooc

    I was waiting on our friend to go

    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    I just think war doesn’t apperectiate jump scares XD

    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    XD I couldn’t help myself

    Under The Hot Desert Sun

    Ahab watches the whole process nervously he then thinks to run off and grab alachol or anything else he can find that would help numb the pain. He hurried through the temple gathering a few mint herbs before comming back to the agonizing screams sure to follow. He covers his ear closest to the scene and walks over pushing the booze to Khepri’s lips. He informs her to drink it so that it can help numb her up if she wants that. Screaming? It sounded like, but it couldn’t be. He’d never heard Khepri Scream. With a slow speed he steps into the first step. 1,2,3,4,5, and 6 went by slowly. Soon a rythm formed and in no time he was half way up there. Everything was hurt and badly damaged. He didn’t remember the last time he’d been this, messed up. When he finally steeped into the room he was horrified to see someone inflicting pain in Khepri, however the herbs and booze quickly cleared his mind. Clearly it had to be a medical operation. He hoped. He slowly came over to the scene and walks up slowly. Before sitting down to Khepri’s side and holds her hand like he’s trying to help heal her somehow. For everyone his appearance was sudden, quite and almost ghostly. Like he’d simply materialized in a room and snuck in like death.

    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    Alrighty I feel like I can post with ease now.

    Role expansion #1: The Terminal Gates

    IO8 couldn’t only ponder the purpose of the threatening warship that hovered over the island. It was confused they hadn’t made any announcement to any government as to where they’d be,and as to the nature of the project, a concentrated military effort to stop them should have been avoidable. However the biggest concern was the fact that no military weapons, personnel, or anything militaristic at all was present here and that should have been obvious. It didn’t want a war, but if attacked it would report back as such, and it was more than willing g to fight back to avoid a shut down and destruction. Anyway the event was intended for thinkers not a foreign Military, with only a day of the ads being put up it wondered what kind of place could mobilize so quickly? Also they must not have anything better to do. something came from the ship. It had been distracted and had failed to notice another vehicle approaching from its Flank. Luckily this one looked Civillian in nature. At this time what it could only call a meclanel landed with a seemingly human, or humanoid child inside. It waves back and watched the two carefully. borh of them approached and one more loud than the other, but both esstially asked the same question. What was the project, and what was the device. It was at this moment it finally began its true thinking and calculations. ” This Civil Project is a Zerenith-“ it pauses proceeding the language the two speak then deciding to change vernacular to help understanding. “ This is what I and my Creators call A Zerenith. I believe amongst your tongues it could better be called a Gate, a doorway, or a portal. This is a prototype Hulican, Housing, for the Senstive equipment in order to get the device to function. It is intentions for mass fast transit between two geographical locations. I take it you two are here to help make this project a success ?” It looks between the two of them patiently awaiting an answer. However makes no movements to leave or show hositsloty as it simply isn’t programmed to and the fact ther is nothing to offer.

    Role Expansion! #1: Terminal Gates

    Sorry for being late working hard today! Post on the wayp

    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    Oh yay my turn ? I feel like Tobias should wait other wise he may get upset and citified war and I don’t want to have a fight XD

    Role Expansion! #1: Terminal Gates

    Alright I’m on it either tonight or tommrow morn

    Role Expansion! #1: Terminal Gates

    Welcome to the crew! Quite an entrance well since Stumbler is no longer around I guess it’s my turn. However I’m willing to wait if you two have any one else you’d like to get to join the thread.

    Role Expansion! #1: Terminal Gates

    Yay! we already lost Stumbler I think
  14. That pretty much confirms that this is the post of legends
  15. Was looking for an island or group of islands however Baizo was the closest place to find so will be using a thread here, note for the rp’s future, could connect to the main island of Baizo for a terminal gate as so many rps do take place there it would be beneficial to rper’s whom need quick transit and the properties would be intresting to have to work around or with. Note over rp thread starts here, posted for upper management to properly explain filing.) an an island alone on the waves, was here, small insignificant and easy to look over when charting maps as it was that small, now you couldn’t see from one end to another, however it was less than a mile with a strange bend in different parts of the island. This gave a both slightly formidable and easy to hide feel. Being able to love and hide the project from the elements and people who would be undesirable for the assistancance and construction of the Zerenith. The project had been was open, but the personnel assigned would continuesly work on it. The fact others were involved was simply just a poltitcal move to try and build friend ships that would last and finally break the complete Isolation of the tiny Nation buried in the snow. I80 took in the island before stepping onto it. It’s systems all ready calculating where the best positions where, the seasonal weather here, and geological activity, it was all Nominal for the project, however had no natural resources to tap into, no natural caves, and no natural magic. It was simply a blank slate. One Zerenith for each side of the island. It spun around tracking and looking for another island or just big enough rock to support another Zerenith. However it found that only a medium sized fishing craft would be suitable enough for another gate. Such a shame, was what it’s programming dictated, however it could sense the much bigger isles nearby. But anomalies ran all over its scopes. Unsuitable for their purposes. Any variables that could cause disasterous or make the equipment malfunction as a result should not be put into the mix yet. All’s vout Val there were suddenly from now where ads looking for smart scientific individual willing to work on a physically and atomaically have popped up with mysterious coordinates ( @Hurttoto @Stumbler )