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  1. Exciting! Also have I replied? I remember typing up a post for this thread
  2. Alright alright! I’ll pm you both
  3. Ahh wow I’ve been trying a long time to get them going. They’re very curious and complex people
  4. One of my ideas or do you have something you wanna pitch?
  5. XD Tobais would drive her nuts cause without payment he won’t do a job XD and then he’d probably never act the way he wants unless she paid him XD
  6. Oh my I thought she was trying to put Tobais in place XD never mind
  7. Yes here or pm? The Nersh would have far worse problems than a changeling bit I’d be happy to give you the break down into their culture and their world view. Alright so you want a thread? I was expecting Pm the only thing I need do is ask for your preferences
  8. Welp she’s gone about it in the wrong way. These two are going to butt heads a lot know probably maybe idk.
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