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  1. Tobais sat and listened already he had the pieces put together from the others. The best to place to infiltrate was the heart. It also led out to so many other places. With those served the connections would fall. It would also make it easier to infiltrate other places as well. Finally he tapped on Jin’s shoulder. “We’re looking sketchy over here. The best plan would be to take the woman’s advise, and to form teams. The entertainment idea would be viable. We can make two other groups. One pretending to be slaves and slavers, and finally some free agents to appear as the more powerful people. While It stretches the current party thin, it gives the best advantage. A single person can get where a group can’t. The “band” can actually preform. You can hang out before and after the performance and gather intel. And since it a outside band, asking questions, as long as they aren’t pointed, would draw no attention. The other group, can actually move about in the heart of evil. They can take information from the source. After all slaves hear all kinds of information from their masters. Then with someone in the higher ranks, it grants some umbrella protection to the other agents and of course, discourse of the intricate and detailed workings of the system is laid bare. These three prongs have the most protection and the most accuracy. We can cover the big picture, the workings, and ground knowledge. Of course that’s a pretty tall order. But probably the only one sufficient enough, to dismantle this lave empire.”
  2. Misera smirked hearing the dragon didn’t have a name he immediately knew what he was going to do. Name the dragon! He looked the scaly boy in the eyes and smilies. “well I’m naming you Elias! Because it’s a fitting name for a big black boy like yourself.” He snickered diabolically because Elias wasn’t a fearsome name. And it was in fact human. Making the dragon sound less fearsom but to those who let bakes device it would be their doom “that’s a Henry, Bill, Billy, Joseph, Alkiliza, Hefivisa, and Midget.”
  3. Dandy sunk into the muck this wasn’t how he wanted to die. He wanted to go in a much more intresting and useful way. Of course he wasn’t going anywhere. “Hey! I wanna name some skeletons? Have you ever arranged them for environmental story telling? And for messing with them? Also my name is Dandy! What’s your name?” He struggled to try and get out of the mud. He wanted to pet this scaly best and caress his scales. Those mice scales
  4. Sorry Val after yo last night! ) Surprised he obliged!) Dandy smilies as he saw the dragon reading. He pulled the dragons tail tighter and tighter of his own accord. Wanting the warm scales wrapped around him. He gently laid his head on his tale. The dragon would find a beautiful poem, at least for a human. He could no doubt help him refine his skills and expand his words. Maybe the dragon could have something amazing to look over in his cave one day. Of course, if he wanted, he could nose through the journal. It was clearly old. And taken care of. With hints of abuse. There was also the fact hat he couldn’t torture someone who was dead, since they could no longer revive misery. Of course maybe an undead thrall was in order? But what if the human stuck around as a ghost yearning for dearth unable to leave?! Softly Dandy rubbed he black dragon’s tail. Revealing something new. Affection. And energy. Of what would he do with this human? He wanted to die. And to wallow in this swamp. The two were surprisingly similar at a general level.
  5. Dandy was flung into the mud and muck however he heard something wondrous! He stood up and looked the black dragon in its skeletal face. “THEN give me death. After all there is no point in being h alive is there? But! I do want you to at least take my poems and read them first. They’re dreadfully terrible. Had he scared the dragon? He looked very much surprised. Or maybe this dragon was scared of him? Oooh that would be awesome. To scare a dragon into submission! But he doubted that was the case. “ What has come of the outside world? It’s going I guess. Not really that great but it could always be worse than what it is I suppose.”
  6. Dandy had just finished his poetry when it began to rain. It went from a light rain to a full blown storm. The swamp became a drown hazard. He needed to find shelter. Wait why should he? He wanted to die. But a long suffering from Phuemonia probably wasn’t the answer. At least not a desirable one. He bang to sludge through from Islam to Island. He had to stop and be careful so he wouldn’t get swept away. Then Dandy saw a curious shape. What was that out on the rocks in a torrent of murky water? It was dark like a shadow. And it looked curious, but he didn’t know how deep the water was. He could get swept away the water rushes past the big back dragon hiding the noise of swimming and fighting from his ears. dandy has to use a wooden stiicks which he used as anochors. Tiresome and tedious proxsss as bodies washed past. To Dandy’s amazement he found a large dragon. Wonderful! He could crush dandy with his teeth and spare him the trouble. Oh then maybe he’d become on with the dragon and take it over! He emerged from the rushing water and hugged the big black dragon. “YESS YOU’RE JUST THE THING I WAS LOOKING FOR! CAN YOU-HELP ME END MY LIFE SO IM NOT SUFFERING?!” He Hughes the dragon's Chest tightly
  7. Sorry for delay!) Dandy was unaware that a dragon could even live in a swamp. However that was something that would soon be corrected. However at this moment he was taking in the nasty marshland. Dandy put on the skull of what was once a lizardman. He looked around wondering what this thing could’ve once been a gator perhaps. He smilies and dunks his head under the swamp water soon losing his humany smell. Happily he smilies and produced a note book from his bag. With glee he began to write down some rather morbid poetry. About this festering cesspit. Ahh the joy it brought him. Maybe here he could find the sweet release of death? He laid amongst the bones of what was once long ago the dragon’s meal. Sliding parts and bits into his clothing and into his bag and into his hair. He laid back and stared at the sky.
  8. Howling rain, stormy nights, wail of his soul. He wished it was raining so that it would be more dramatic. He ran from home unable to take the constant laughing and regular beatings. How long was it since the dragon slept or since the boy left? Not important since soon the two would meet. Dandy ran until his foot went straight through the ground. Sinking into muck. He tumbled face forward into disgusting swamp water with a nasty splash! It took him several minutes to gather himself and his things. A simple satchel that contained his note book and a simple pen. He coughed and gaged as he wiped rotting flesh from his face. So gross and disgusting to most this place appealed to him. The rot, what would eventually be his world, the only thing that all this was leading to was blackness. A never ending darkness that would make space seem complete. He began to cross the swamp, he stepped onto something large and smooth, probably a rock, and began heading towards skeletal remains that barely breached the water. He wondered if he could find an old ruined castle here as well? Who knew what secrets of death this place held. Such a mess, most people would hate this place. Then he suddenly remembered all the dangers in places like these. Diseases, snakes, gators, poisonous lizards and frogs. Any number of things that could end him. He stopped his wading and rested in the water. A chance to finally escape this miserable life and know nothing. This place was beautiful and soon he’d be rotting away here. At least that’s what Dandy though. @Rabbit
  9. Well I’m glad we can bring depth to a monster. Shall I drop a dm to arrangement this?
  10. Alright be safe
  11. Yello Val it’s me again! This time I have rp ideas to pitch. ( yet again) however this is based on DND. Wel based, I mean I’ve seen some videoed about the creatures don’t know to much about all the complex lore but have had some ideas. So. Now then, you don’t have to know about dND to do these as I’ll explain them in depth. Nor do I require a campaign but if you have a campaign idea revolving around these ideas, feel free. I’m not into the dice rolling because I have bad luck. But if you want them I’m fine with doing them. Anyway I digress. I’ve included several non dnd based ideas. But I’ve labled them as such. Anyway most of these are redemption stories, alignment changes, and involve cute sweet cuddly goodness on normally evil characters. Not all ideas involve evil characters so be warned! A relationship of Morbiosity! black dragons are one of the most vile dragons imaginable. They live in putrid swamps and prefer things to rot and die. So what happened when a emotionally unstable and depressed mortal wanders into this dragon’s territory? A slow but steady friendship! I think a moody teens and a bike dragon would get along, since one wants to die and watch things die, and the other enjoys the Vileness in life. I imagine it starts slow, and has a gradual build before the dragon considers the human part of its life. So what else have I to pitch? I had some ideas but they’ve floated away now. I’m down for redemption and evilness galore. Have an idea of your own? Feel free to pitch! Don’t get discouraged if you see a lot of comments! I’m always game for something new and exciting
  12. Exciting! Also have I replied? I remember typing up a post for this thread
  13. Alright alright! I’ll pm you both
  14. Ahh wow I’ve been trying a long time to get them going. They’re very curious and complex people
  15. One of my ideas or do you have something you wanna pitch?
  16. XD Tobais would drive her nuts cause without payment he won’t do a job XD and then he’d probably never act the way he wants unless she paid him XD
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