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  1. @Twitterpated a reply for my funky guy!) Tobais didn’t recognize the language which was odd he’d been on this world long enough to know most of the major languages. “ From another world? Or are youperhase from a small tribe on this one?” There was a odd occurrence as a bird rushes the ship. Surely it wasn’t about to kill itself by ramming the deck? Had the bird gone mad? There was massive internal debate as the more idle personalities got interested in the bird. Of course someone transforming was nothing new to him. So when the bird became a bird girl hybrid it cleared up everything. The bickering settling down. He looked between the two he would make sure to memorize them. They proceeded to move to a table “ so I beilve we have business to conduct do we not?” The table was a nice polished and well made one. He didn’t much care for some drink. “How about some water please?” ( again so sorry about I short post I’ll try to do better .)
  2. It’s fine. Sorry I’m the only one who got on besides our new friend
  3. Alrighr I have an idea what I’ll be doing for the huge Val event so I’m going to try and get sections done at a time! Just drop me a ping and I’ll be dropping a reply next time I’m on!
  4. Long had the road and the years been. So many voices inside his head. When taking on jobs Tobais usually only worried about the price figure. This was different. He had long seemed a worthy opponent and a challenge. There was no help and the grizzled merc has to put it all on the line. He made sure he had enough steel string for an army. He had packed medical supplies paper bombs and all of his personalities. He was not going to fail abs usual, this would set both his reputation and employment possibilities higher than ever before. One step closer to his goal. He needed enough money to save her, funding a cure and to keep things torn getting worse. He’d been hoarding for a while, this job had plenty of coin snatching chances; bodies to drop and loot to gain. Another job and hopefully he could rest for s while. His puppet body moved perfectly easily trodding down the road of the city. He was looking for a certain ship. He made sure to write it down so he could find it. And would you know it? Here it was. It wasn’t very impressive but it probably couldn’t for the desinstion. He readjusted his mask. “ well time to talk to the employer. Or one of his lackeys.” He stepped in and searched for a man in a black suit. “ Mr Jinsoku I take it? I beilve we have some liberation to do.” ( sorry this was done late, I began to rush and I got a head ache I’ll try and clean it up.)
  5. I m pretty sure I have it on follow, it’s I’ve been letting Steam handle it since he has a group figured I’d wait for some more people and make another group to get rolling. Had a awesome idea where the teams compete in like a dungeon run but lowkey I’ve just been tired
  6. Can’t wait to see what it’s like!
  7. It’s fine steam your doing good
  8. I’ll look at it once I’m free today
  9. One on one s go a lot better as long as your partner is there.
  10. Sadly this is Val rp at its finest. Sorry. But almost every site has this problem
  11. Alishar has been lost in space, he’d been forcused on the object of Of the conversation for a long time, he found himself deserted once again, and without someone to help him. This was unfortunate, he supposed he would have to wait here and see if anyone else in need of guidance or help came by, or say ward travelers. He slid behind the counter and began to reorganize the drinks and brandies. My sucha. Fine day maybe he should venture out? No he needed a host first. This would have to come later he supposed though. He looked over the tavern. “ what a great place to start an adventure.”
  12. I didn’t see it I’ll give Mac Antoher week
  13. @SteamWarden is it my turn again? Did I mess Max beth’s post? Also surprised no one nee has hoined the tavern
  14. Pavel had become lost in thought. The wind wasn’t that chilly, a statement easy to rebuke for a thickly covered man, however it was nothing compared to the ice and snow of his homeland. It was actually quite a nice place in his humble opinion. There was only ever one problem with it. And that was the isolation. There were so little of them and no one was ever allowed into the heart of his home land. However he could always go back unlike his tiny companion. He’d have to take them there one day, I’d he could ever get them through the rigorous border and stringent security only to have to either take the covered road or delve into the tunnels since the plains were to much to try and travel. To much danger. However one thing he’d never been use to was currency. He didn’t really like it. He found the whole system aggregating and worthless, as well as a device for damnation to keep people trapped in their station. But of course he also didn’t care for most things. The fire, the cleansing, watching as the word became more pure and clean so that more life could come. This is what motivated and brought him his joy. It was a work of beauty. Something scarcely fathomable to others but him. Watching the flames do a burning dance and washing away the horrors and evils of this cruel existence was the one satisfying thing in his life. They were at the town and he held the door open for them. Gesturing for them to go inside. After they were in he went to the counter and began getting the things he’d need to Make the two women protective clothing h for the adventure and got Dante a hazmat suit. Everything was set other than actually making the gear.
  15. I was referring to the fact everything seemed to get quite al over my Val
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