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  1. Welcome to the Mad House

    I do have more however the Rp is built to deceive you. however it will play out fairly standard ly, slay the monsters, find out where they come from, who makes them, kill them. Lots of combat and care are required
  2. Welcome to the Mad House

    Congrats. Your a spirited youn person has found this page! As such I’m inviting you to a Long rp, at least Months, enough for the characters to get attached. I can agree to once a week posts they’re fine, and I know real life is a bother, but hopefully I can skillfully achive the Full effect. This rp will be vague, yes there is a story and path, however I will be using Metaphors and Moving words to describe the happenings. It will be colorfully masked. Anyway there are two endings with 1 that is probably for real going to happen 99.99% unless you work hard to change it. You will be taking care of a small sick child in a gruesome angry after world and try to beat the oprressors who efficiently run what’s left of the world. Sound good?
  3. The Revival of Tazarek

    I had an enoucter during whisper night and as they explored part of my mountains not to much all of which shut down when warlock left
  4. Beyond All Mortal Ken OOC [Special Jotsy Edition]

    Ah ok I can wait three days
  5. Under the hot desert sun

    I’m interested
  6. Of Thieves and Reapers

    I wanna Know every form of Combat so I can have the biggest Body count to ever be achieved, sand you partially know 1 and are profeincent in the other. That seems good enough to me!” He followed the senior to the rock and stared him down with a vibriant Fire. If looks could kill his life would be in the most danger it had even been in. But they can’t leaving him either eh upper hand.
  7. Beyond All Mortal Ken OOC [Special Jotsy Edition]

    Back! What have I missed?
  8. Looking for character interaction

    Sweeet some time
  9. Looking for character interaction

    Rusival is a character I’m looking to use. This little bugger is very death obsessed despite his age, and enjoys taking lives more than playing games like normal kids. as you could imagine from someone who wants to be a reaper so hard, his normal weapon is a scythe ( That has chainsaw teeth ) hwover he lacks the proper strength to cut through falls which means all the power comes from swing speed and momentum, this often leave him vulnerable to preemptive attacks, but your able to see it coming. He prefers to start fights via ambush like a proper assassin should, he isn’t evil as he’s painted to be, while yes he is killing he’s at the ripe age of not being able to completely understand the concept of mortality. anyway, for you evil characters he is a weapon to be used, for Good characters a child in need of reform and the rest of you don’t care so this is where it ends. I have some ideas but I’d need to know my partner’s character to fully understand
  10. Looking for character interaction

    It’s ok! Sorry for the wait guys! I’m sor sorry! I just need two more days and I’ll post again. We have a big test and it’s all crammed into a day so I’ve been, keeping a look out for strats for it
  11. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    Ameli would peel out from behind the window for he kitch* How May I who you today ma’am?” He red hair was still the same long and beautiful and those googles and that mask his her eyes. The bar was still open.
  12. Beyond All Mortal Ken OOC [Special Jotsy Edition]

    Alright! Sorry I haven’t been on! I’ll be missing for the next two days then I’ll be back and ready to reply
  13. Open 4now: Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    I didn’t see the link, in blind I guess or my device can’t handle it and isn’t loading it
  14. Looking for character interaction

    Good ole Ambush?
  15. Of Thieves and Reapers

    Well that’s true but all life is is a hypothetical isn’t it? If I go to the store I can get eggs and rarely are we wrong, but sometimes the unexpected happens and it all goes Arye. You may pass your self off as another person but I could bump into you later. So many things can happen we’re all part of a test with no goal.” he nods at the questioning. “ Of course I do!” He stopped and took in what he said. “ Well you should because It’ll be benifical to you. Yea it’ll be a pain in the short term, but you could take on more jobs because you have me, or I can watch your back and you can watch mine, and one day I’ll save your life. “
  16. Looking for character interaction

    I can’t decide tbh
  17. Looking for character interaction

    Ethan it is!
  18. Of Thieves and Reapers

    You can put up all the walls and the best facade you want, but scarcely can one hide their Soul and it’s nature. I can tell you wear many masks and not all physical. Your probably putting up a front with me Now, and while your welcome to come after me, that would mean you’d have to slip back into this version of you, because only guards and Asassains can follow a killer, and I doubt you’d come after me if I could identify you. However you’ve got a point. If you changed up everything it would be difficult, but Their is a real you and eventually you’d make a mistake!” He Nods assuredly as for what I want ? I want Death. I want to slay people with ease reguardles of their Abilties. And I know you can teach me how.”
  19. Open 4now: Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    Is it going?
  20. Looking for character interaction

    Who do you want to use?
  21. Rise of Angels (Factions)

    Tobais had Brought Along Alishar with him. The graceful stride allowing him to take in the sights of the country. He was on time in fact ahead of it, and soon slid Gracefully into position in the front of he recruited lines. He spaced out a little as all the others did. Inner monologues , pasts to lament and inner motivations to recite and rehearse. He wasn’t going to Lie. He was here for reward, not charity. That was the nature of Humanity, War and upheaval. These people would be forever changed in such a profound way; that even if they got their homes back they would remain haunted and Wise to the ways of bandits and their kin again. That was all life ever was, turmoil, missed opprutinies, and Sorrow. Course what did he know of life? He was a thing built for greed, despite his human appearance and demenor he was far from that. All the extra Voices had a role to do. The fox mask Hiding his facesde hiknstand out, along with sunny Gold Hair. He peeks around at the others who are present and going to parcipte an intresting cast for this Show. He couldn’t help but Wonder Where a Dark elf a race so steeped in Fantasy had Just so happened to pick up an American lmg from Vietnam. He looked at his swords. So thin and heavy, precise and Elegant. But nothing would quite Stand Up to a hail of bullets so thick and Heavy. The other party memeber this far was another Female. She was different, Terran Spec Ops? He couldn’t keep up with the names of factions unless they paid or were opposition to payment, But she was definetly Military and Local to Valucre. He’d been around long enough to Know this. Long had it been since He’d been the fearsome merc is thr Tavern of Legend, And Now a Merc Looking to take every penny and Dime from the land of Valucre. What marvelous delight. Alishar stood out even more so than tobais, his hair was a Rainbow along with his irises and he wore A TieDye shirt. He didn’t know why Tobais was dragging him along but so be it. Tobais covered his skin and so despite tobais carrying him he wouldn’t end up wearing his team mate like a fresh Suit. He hated what he was. Having to slip inside of other living things to survive. It made him such a much hated monstocity. He sighed and waited for this to Continue. “ Tobais and -“ Alishar-“ reporting for duty. I’m here to collect you mr reward and assist you in the process. Fair trade?”
  22. Rise of Angels

    I will post today! I’ve had a hectic week with extra hours in it I’ll be posting around somewhere after 1:40 pm Central time
  23. Looking for character interaction

    Sure thing! What cha got in mind?
  24. Rise of Angels