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  1. Sacred Moulding Pen | Rain, Rain, Go Away! | Quest

    "Of course,” She nodded, predicting that something like this was likely. It was already more than enough that someone who had the knowledge came to her. Besides that, she could handle herself. The atmosphere of the tavern didn’t phase the girl, her own activities leader her to similar places many times before. "So, what do we need.” She got straight to the point. She was aware the chances of her having to get her hands dirty were high, though she was already attempting to break and enter, so it didn’t particularly matter. A way to reach the place was clearly an important requirement. Still, that would likely be the last step, as stealing a ship would no doubt cause an uproar, thus making it harder to do anything that followed. He apparently knew a way in, which while it made him even more suspicious, was helpful. That would likely be the first thing they’d be getting. “Anything In particular I should know about this before we get these supplies? What your role may be, any particular skills, something to look out for?” She looked at him inquisitively, trying to gather as much intelligence as she could, it would likely be helpful.
  2. Sacred Moulding Pen | Rain, Rain, Go Away! | Quest

    The man admitted he had reasons, which is good in the first place. Anyone who says their doing anything out of the good of their heart has something planned. “So long as the aide you provide offsets the inconveniences you may bring, I’ll accept your offer. And I hope nothing more than to get away from this rabble.” She finished, making sure to keep up with wherever the gentleman may take her. Despite asking earlier, she didn’t particularly care about what he wanted from the place, only what he wanted from her. As a dagger for hire she had to maintain an air of professionalism, not digging into contractors nor allies business without warrant. "So, you seem to know where it is, but do you have a way to get there and a way inside. You don’t look like someone who would be infiltrating alongside me, but I may be mistaken.” She commented. Having an ally alongside in a mission like this brought goods and bads. If you did end up in a brawl, having someone watching your back was useful. On the other hand, it may be easier to be discovered, especially with someone not well acquainted with subtlety.
  3. Sacred Moulding Pen | Rain, Rain, Go Away! | Quest

    Abadi turned to look at the newcomer, her eyes narrowing slightly. While it may be reasonable for a passerby to interject if he had overheard her question, the fact that this gentleman was playing along with the little facade she had put on was more than enough to set off a few alarms in her head. However, these drunken fools clearly had nothing to give her, leaving this her only lead. She walked over to the gentleman, leaving the sailors with a simple “Goodbye.” To the ordinary person, her stance would be casual, but to the trained eye, one could see she would be on her toes to retaliate if things turned violent. She made it her goal to always be ready if she were to run into trouble, even in a relatively safe situation. "So,” She began, once she was sure they were out of ears reach. “Who are you and what do you want with me. Ordinary people wouldn’t just play along with something like that now would they?” She said, her eyes narrowing at the man's face, looking for any tells that he was lying. She was not against a contract proposition, so long as it secured a way into the establishment.
  4. Sacred Moulding Pen | Rain, Rain, Go Away! | Quest

    One good thing about a town like this, it never slept. Gossip was always to be found, and sailors, while a crude lot, tended to be rather loose lipped. Whether that was their stupidity or their stereotypical enjoyment of alcohol, she didn’t care. The first thing to learn was its location, and sailors would have likely seen it while they were flying in. Abadi herself was belowdecks so, not too much of a view there. Spotting a likely lot, she approached them, prepared for whatever remarks they may make. Her height, as well as preferred clothing, tended to get her varying remarks, most of which were not in her interest, though she didn’t really care. Approaching the group, she figured a straightforward, but innocent approach would be best. “Excuse me?” She said, her voice taking a polite tone. “Do you fellows have any idea where there might be a big floating thing, not a ship but a building.” She started, “My cousin lives here and told me to meet them underneath it, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Would any of you kind gentlemen know perhaps?” She said, tilting her head. If they got too touchy with her, she could turn her height into an advantage with a quick palm to the lower jaw, if only to stun them.
  5. Cosanastre was impressive to say the very least. Abadi had hitched a ride in on a late airship, making her way towards her goal. Although it was hypothetically a wild goose chase with the specific target, the Sacred Moulding Pen, only having a chance of still being there, not to mention that she would still have to find it. Still, if something like that had been taken she would have likely heard of it through the grapevine. Either way, there would still be something worth taking in that floating fortress it was developed in, Olympos. First things first though, she had to learn more. Intel gathering could be a difficult thing, however, the bustling shipyard, full of crewmen from all over had to have something on the place. Conversing with people wasn't normally her strong suit. In fact she'd rather simply force the information out of them by threatening them. She may have to do such a thing, but she'd rather not get law enforcement involved, especially since they were likely equipped with vehicles that could reach her even if she were to get to the floating lab. Alternatively, if she could commandeer a ship, so long as she could locate the fortress, it would probably be possible to enter it by crashing into the fortress, entering through whatever hole she made. Then again, that presented the risk of damaging both the pen and possibly the equipment that kept it airborne, which would be even worse. She supposed she'd approach her intel gathering differently based on who she came across.
  6. Abadi

    Name: Abadi Gender: Female Age: 18 Race: ??? Height: 4’8 Weight: 88 lb Hair: Purple Eyes: Purple Appearance: A relatively small girl, standing at only 4’8 and weighing 88 lb. Despite this, she is rather developed, especially for her size. She has dark skin, with a noticeable grey tinge to it, the color contrasting her vibrant purple hair and eyes. Short, neck-length hair frames a petite face, which more than often remains a stone cold poker face. Clothing: Her standard outfit is rather revealing, exposing most of her back and a fair bit of her chest. Its leggings extend to her feet, with a piece of fabric looping under the arch of it. Abadi considers this to be enough, and as such chooses not to wear shoes. She often wears a black hairband with small, hornlike protrusions. Personality: Abadi is a relatively serious individual, tending to keep a straight face in most situations, speaking rather bluntly with little care about affecting another's feelings. This is due to both a sense of professionalism she feels about herself and what she does, as well as a disconnect with her emotions. She has difficulty coping with emotions, at times feeling as if they are alien and not her own. As such she suppresses them to keep herself thinking as logically as possible, as well as to allow her to focus on her movements and her trials in relation to her. Her spatial awareness is well trained to work with her fighting style. This, combined with her cold personality and comprehensive understanding of the human body makes her a talented killer, with little understanding of the true ins and outs of human morality, instead believing in survival of the fittest. Her awareness also leads to a constant examination of her surroundings, making sure she has a plan if she were to get into a fight wherever she is. As such, when she gets surprised by someone, it hits harder than it would with most people, leading her to often panic and get embarrassed. Given time, she opens up to people as she gets to know them, slowly becoming more playful and outgoing, though still hiding that side in public, instead feigning ignorance and using blunt statements to tease them. History: From a small group of Thieves and Assassins that has quietly existed for a long time. Not much else is known. Abilities: Replay - The user has the ability to record a moment, object, or action, creating an after image in the location where it happened. This afterimage is solid and acts as if that moment in time were happening continuously, allowing for blade cuts to float in the air like razor wires or punches to repeat indefinitely. Camouflage - Can blend in with the area around them Combat:
  7. A Meeting with the Toy Maker Fox

    The young woman hadn't seen what was in the room, though frankly she didn't care. So long as he did what she asked and didn't betray her, his business was his own. “Well, You should probably focus on your research, filling out my requests as you go on. One thing in particular that would be of assistance would be armored mobile weaponry, tanks and the such, to help fill in where an undead army may lack.” She started off, looking at her map, which was focused in on a rough outline of the island they were on, although there was much to be worked on given the unexplored nature of this place. “While digging through these books, if you could keep an eye out for tomes on necromancy and Biomancy for me to better my own magic with that would be useful, I believe I have enough skill to modify some of the already strange wildlife to be of more usefulness to us, That may require us to make a menagerie of sorts. Failed experiments could be used for undead production.” She outlined, half talking to herself.
  8. A Meeting with the Toy Maker Fox

    “I prefer to work off of my own power. Religion was... different back home." Aurora said, thinking back to the raving lunatics that tended to head temples back home. Still, the lack of a dominant organized religion did have its benefits, especially to someone with a massive skeletal warrior at their side. “So this entity of yours, what are they like.” She said, moving some cobwebs to the side with her hand. “Do you think his ulterior motives may get in the way of my plans… That would end rather badly…” She sat down on the stairs, pulling out a map from Anzo’s skull and marking a few places with her wand."I prefer to work off of my own power. Religion was... different back home."
  9. A Meeting with the Toy Maker Fox

    “What do you mean by ‘touched’ is it similar to what some people would call ‘Blessed’ and others, myself included, ‘cursed’” Aurora said, crossing her arms. She assumed by ‘flame’ he meant his magic’s natural tone. “Not to say that I won’t continue following. I unfortunately don’t have much better to do, not without your assistance at least.” She stated following after the man. “As for lackeys, I feel you’d be better suited to constructs then undeads, especially if you want to keep a place like this tidy. Undead are cheap and durable, but their brainpower tends to be lacking and they are often disorganized. Golems and the like tend to be more organized at the very least, given the nature of their sentience.” She said, displaying a fair bit of knowledge on the topic at hand. Necromancy and golemancy overlap at some parts, so she had done a fair bit of research on the topic. Not enough to create them herself, but enough to understand their process.
  10. A Meeting with the Toy Maker Fox

    Aurora smirked as her terms were accepted, although, this man seemed sensible enough to know when a good deal was thrown directly in his face. She elegantly accepted the glass coin, picking up Anzo’s skull with her other hand, flipping it upside down and dropping in the coin, releasing a distinct whooshing sound. The sound of a bag of holding. Using the majority of what was left of her family's fortune, she had bought a bag of holding, expensive to say the least, but without it, the rest of that fortune would be lost as well when she moved out. She had paid good money to have said bag be nigh indestructible, in case its placement on her bodyguard put it in harm's way. “Of course there is something useful in here. It would be idiotic to think otherwise, with all of these books about.” She commented, before responding to his question on the book. “A book which clearly has something to hide. And things worth hiding are often worth seeking for.” She said matter of factly, disinterested in the book. From the looks of it it had something to do with a ship, not her forte in the slightest. If she were going to design a flying vehicle, she’d make it with her magic, by her rules.
  11. Experiment Gone Wrong

    Aurora turned around to face the energy man who seemed to have materialized from the ceiling, and was looking rather worse for wear. He seemed to have run into some trouble with the intruders, something about them being ready for him, and him wanting them to switch places assuming Aurora would fair better. Putting down the tools she had been using, Aurora turned around, putting a hand on her hip. “I suppose I did need some practice using something I’ve been looking into. I will hold them at the stairs, t’was unwise to hold them at the entrance anyways no matter how powerful one is.” She commented heading towards the stairway, listening as the guards bashed on the entrance, seeming to know where it was but not how to get in, causing the girl to smirk at the lesser beings struggle to figure out a simple puzzle. She had yet to try this on a human, and she was almost certain there would be less than exemplary results, but hopefully, enough to deal with a few nobodies. With a deep breath, she began preparing the spell she wished to work on. While similar to necromancy, both in theoretical and ethical views, biomancy could be a fair bit more effective when there wasn’t as much time to prepare underlings, or if those underlings may be unusable. She listened, waiting for their footsteps to draw near. This spell would accomplish several things for her, if it were successful that is. As they approached, Aurora flicked her riders crop, making the man in front drop his weapons and clutch his chest. This spell was powerful, but it also took a fair bit of preparation. With a gruesome moan, the man seemed to expand, his armor snapping off as his circulatory system shot outward, creating a bloody web of veins and arteries with his heart in the center, latching onto the walls, as well as the two men who had been directly behind the first guard, blocking the way and allowing the necromancer more time. Regaining her breath, she flicked the crop once more, the exploded man's bones separating themselves from what little flesh still clung to them, sharpening and sending themselves arching into the joints in the second guard's armor, who was held still by the veins, however avoiding any areas that would kill him near instantly. With one final move, she brought the small bits and pieces of flesh that had hung on the bones and the veins and brought it together into a large, bloody orb, throwing it forward, the projectile twisting around the veins, popping in between the third and fourth guards, the now acidic blood burning at their exposed flesh and and corroding the outer layer of their armor. Aurora stumbled slightly, using the wall to hold herself up. Even with a large mana pool, so many spells in quick succession drained a large piece of it. She hoped the netting, bodies, and acid would be enough to slow them down while she recovered. Reaching the crop through the bloody web, she touched the second guard, using drain life to convert what life he had left into mana for her, eventually finishing him off and leaving him looking rather mummified. While not enough to restore her reserves completely, it was enough that she could continue fighting effectively, especially once they had gotten through the mess she had just created.
  12. A Meeting with the Toy Maker Fox

    “In the case we don’t expand you will be just as free as you would have been sitting here all day. This island would remain your playground, and any other land is a bonus. There is no need for you to be known as more than a toymaker, they need not know your face.” She started, noticing the small flaw in his argument of it becoming a prison, leaning forward, “The land around your pub would not be property, but rather governed under you. A market of privately owned shops around here would boost this places revenue even further.” She laid down a bit of groundwork for his requests. He was pushing his luck, however, any resistance from his during the construction of such a place would cause issues. “I am capable of this task alone, given enough time that is, using undead to do the labour of construction. Your cooperation would boost the effectiveness of these efforts however, especially with your partnership involving one trained in the arts of creation.” She cleared up, not wanting to show any weakness or reliance on his answer, less he push his demands. “Your research would be credited towards you, and you would be compensated thoroughly based on its effectiveness. However, as a result of this payment, the government would be allowed to use this research for production as they see fit, with the exception of selling this technology without your permission.” She said, resting her head in her hands and kicking her feet. She didn’t want to tie herself down to this man, at least not so much that she must request to use his technology for development. “Personal protection will be provided in undead underlings ordered to listen to you, as well as whatever other defenses you procure yourself. The main source of protection would be the city around you and its defenders. If you request so, more defenders may be added to either the city guard or your personal guard.” She finished, considering what she offered to be more than a fair deal. She must be feeling generous, or understands what this man could do for her plans. Either way, it would be insane to not accept an offer like this.
  13. A Meeting with the Toy Maker Fox

    Aurora entered the strange room, Anzo’s head cradled in her arms. Glancing around, she was impressed with the room, especially the stench. It caused her to cough loudly before eventually getting used to the strong scent of magic. Sitting in a chair opposite of the gaudy chair the fox masked man had sat in, the girl sat the skull on the table, before leaning her elbows on the table and folding her hands together in a businesslike manner. “Millibytes. They are mostly virus carriers. Combination of a creature and technology. I wouldn’t recommend letting them out, especially if they’ve been in there for a while, who knows what long forgotten things they could carry.” She explained about the creatures, her knowledge of insects coming in handy, observing the man thoughtfully, his mask making it difficult to gauge his reactions, but she attempted anyways. “I have no intentions of imposing on your freedom, probably no more than this cautionary message.” She said, leaning forward, “Where I am from, true freedom was almost commonplace. Thieves, Murderers, Traitors, they were everywhere, always ready to slit your throat to get what they wanted… My parents learned that the hard way.” She said, her eyes growing distant for a moment before coming back, “Freedom is a gift, but like anything, too much twists one’s mind and leaves you a husk, devoid of empathy for others… I myself may be no exception, but even so, that would be for you to decide.” She finished, crossing her legs, done with her warning. “Now, as for my purpose… I suppose it's to regain my power and wealth. I do not want to be trodden on by others, not even kings.” She started off, her right hand moving to her left shoulder, resting itself so the fingers gently grazed her back, before shortly moving to rest on the top of Anzo’s skull. “There’s only one type of person who doesn’t have that happen to them, and that is an unmatched ruler. This place seems ideal for beginning a civilization to spread across the land, through peace or through force. I suppose if you were to help me, the more we take, the more of this freedom you gain. You’d be granted complete freedom within the borders, with a few exceptions, specifically disclosing national secrets or attempting to off me, but everything else would be free game. I’d say you’d have a lot to gain from this deal, as would your skeleton friend. This place doesn’t seem to get many customers, and having a town built around it would boost business drastically, now wouldn’t it?” She explained herself in length, using the teachings she learned growing up as a noble to attempt to coerce the older man.
  14. A path diverged in the woods [CLOSED]

    You need not necessarily start where the last person ended, so long as the post ends at least at that point, if not further, though you would wish to not get the post too offtrack. Not to mention, the starting post in its current state is highly metaphorical and open ended, it only means what you make of it, it only directly says, "There are 5 people, someone/something picked them, they end up at the start of a forested trail."
  15. A path diverged in the woods [CLOSED]

    Adaptability is a key part in rp. Simply enjoy the challenge of coming up with how your own character got there. It could be a rumor from a tavern, or someone sent them to get it, they don't even necessarily have to have been told to work together or arranged to. Heck they don't even need to work together in this thread at all. It depends on your own imagination how you got there.