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  1. Blariville seemed like the perfect place for Bandit to be from - he's a rough and tough dude (and Blairville's short on laws and not so short on people making their own rules) so it made sense for him to grow up somewhere like that. It's also a Sky-port, so it explains why he made his OAM flight-capable and there's enough of a military presence there that it explains why he got into the military. Him also not being as magically inclined as your average Blairviller would give reason enough as to why he left. I also like the distinct District-based cultures the city has, and I'm probably gonna add some flavour to him regarding that.
  2. I tried to tag you in a discussion but your fancy 0 made it hard so I just linked to your sheet. Hopefully you get the notice 

  3. '-... I've got an unidentified bandit on my tail!' 'What is that? Anyone got a clear visual!?' '-it's moving too fast, I can't track it! I can't track it!' You meet the missus yet? >[LOAD: DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS] Model: OAM-E-AT-77 Designation: Cottonmouth Design: Ogre Assault Mech Base Frame: Warrior (Experimental Modifications) Manufacturer: VULCAN ARMS Pilot: Gheist 'Bandit' Salvador Core: Dual Exalta Cores. OVERCLOCKED. >[LOAD: CHASIS SPECIFICATIONS] Height: 7.3 Meters, 24ft Weight: 58 Tons, 52,600kg Crew: 1 Primary Colour: Matte Black Secondary Colour: Scarlet >[LOAD: ARMAMENT] Weapons: CG-20CR 'Iconoclast' Chaingun: Initially designed by the R&D deparment of the Terrenus Military as part of the OPMED project, this 20mm chaingun was originally designed for use with the OAM-S Chasis titans. Repurposed for Cottonmouth's use, it is capable of being fired single-handed and generates a considerable RPM. Its munitions use a two-stage firing sequence supported by back-mounted gyro-jets at the rounds base - after a specified number of revolutions, the backburner ignites, propelling the round even further; making it exceptionally useful during airborne engagements. Every fifth round is loaded with a 'tracer' system that interfaces with Cottonmouth's back-mounted Archer missile system, locking in hit targets for pinpoint, deadly accuracy. MG-4 'Dragon's breath' Microwave gun: A compact micro-wave emitting 'pistol' - it was quickly removed from conventional Terran armouries due to its less-than-humane application and effects. When the weapon activates, it superheats its target, irritating the object down to the molecular level and causing a catastrophic build-up of heat, literally reducing the target to nothing more than a bubbling mess of slag. 'Archer' Missile Pods: Four missile bays housed at the back of the titan's body, housing dozens of high-velocity, high-payload missiles. They may be fired with the use of an on-board targeting system, but benefit greatly when used in conjunction with the Iconoclast's tracer rounds. When locked onto a target, they bleed through a shrill, bassy tone that may override any electrical or audio equipment. Equipment: Reactive Armoured Plating IR Smoke Grenades Arc Smoke Grenades Modified Primary and Auxillary thrusters: Heavily modified thrusters located around the titan's chasis allow for 'true' flight, similar to that of the OAM-J Javelin-type Ogres. However, due to the anarchistic design, implementation and generally 'over-enthusiastic' overclocking, constant refueling is required. Victory ASI Type Intelligence: Acerbic by nature, 'Cottonmouth's AI is female-designated and very, very fond of her pilot. Equipped with a four-dimensional data-bank and relational database. Flight-trained, and fully capable of piloting herself airborne without the control of Bandit.
  4. 「DATA-INQUEST DETECTED. ACQUIRING IDENT-TAG... ... >[VERIFYING... VERYFYING...] ... >[VERIFIED. WELCOME, USER. REQUEST DATA-CRYSAL SCRY? Y/N] ...> [CONFIRMED. LOADING PROFILE: OPMED_F://325 DESIGNATION: 'BANDIT'」 '- You hear that ringing in your ears, son?' >[LOAD: PERSONAL INFORMATION] Name: Gheist Lysander Salvador Designation(s): 'Bandit' Rank(s)s held: Private of the 1st Terrenus Lancers (OPMED DIVISION) Species: Human, Cybernetically Enhanced Age: Born 561 WTA, thirty-six years old Birthplace: Blairville, Terrenus Occupation: Mercenary liaison attached to the Terran Armed Forces, Private - 1st Terrenus Lancers (Former) >[LOAD: PHYSIO-REPORTS c. 595] Height: 198cm/6'6" Weight: 90kg/200lbs Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Build: Muscular 「LOAD PHYSIO-PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION, FILE DESIGNATION 34-B3 Y/N ... >PLAYING: ++ '-this is Doctor [REDACTED], beginning second session with Private Salvador. And how are we today?'++ ++ 'Jubilant, Doc.' ++ ++ 'Don't be so morose. These things are part of protocol, after all. Your superiors asked me to do this, they're... worried about your state of mind. I believe one or two mentioned a concerning lack of... 'inhibition' when you conduct yourself in and out of uniform.' ++ ++ 'You gonna fix my head Doc, is that it? Some ink-blots, a box of tissues and getting in touch with my more sensitive side?' ++ ++ 'No, none of that today. I want to know why you took that bribe, Salvador. Your comrades can't trust you now, the death of trust is the death of cohesion within a squad. They seem to believe you'd do anything for money, without question.' ++ ++ 'Without question? No. I'd ask how much.' ++ ... >END PLAYBACK.」 Note(s): Allergic to Canid species. >[LOAD: EQUIPMENT LIST] XDR-7 'Cataphract' Weave: A form-fitting suit of synthetically forged armour. The suit's appearance stems from basic human musculature - whose materials are chemically rendered derivitive of mithril. Though the forerunner metal's protective properties have been lost following the cultivation process, the suit's electro-stimulated muscle-coils enhance the wearers physical capabilities considerably. Feats such as wall-running, tossing fully-equipped insurgents like dolls and considerable speed when running are some of the many enhancements the suit confers onto the wearer. Bandit wears a kevlar-weave set of combat-fatigues over the suit. XDR-7-H 'Graeae' Helmet: An advanced helm that interfaces with both the XDR-7's systems and the cereberum of the wearer. An influx of data streams across the helm's peripheral vision, allowing for the user to task-manage as easily as breathing. Equipped with thermal, night and electrical vision spectrums. Capable of filtering out most benign toxins/chemicals in the air, as well as a half an hour supply of air. XDR-RTs: A lightweight set of thrusters located at the base of the suit's back. Enhances the already considerable agility conferred by the Cataphract weave. Capable of sustained 'hovering' for a few seconds, and allows the wearer to jump a considerable distance. CP-41-L 'Longbow' DMR: A bull-pup frame marksman's rifle, favouring precision and reliability over stopping power. Chambered in the 8.19mm 'Shrieker' round, propelled by the combustion of a magical crystal located in the cartridge's base. Silenced and featuring a 6x zoom scope that is capable of interfacing with the Graeae HUD.
  5. Samø


    It me, Samø. Old name was Saxon and I'm baaaack. Glad to see the site's still going strong. Nice to see you all again.
  6. I'm baaaaack I've made some edits to the character, nothing too serious beyond a slight weapon's change, picture change and the addition of a paragraph detailing the guy's personality. Again, if anything's wrong with it, feel free to comment below or PM me, and I'll try and fix them as best as I can. I don't know if I want to keep Gabriel in Orisia, so I'm stalling on making a bio for now, and I've tried to include enough information in the bio itself that you can get a general idea of what he's gone through. The pictures Abhorash from Warhammer Fantasy: Vampire Counts. I can't remember what codex edition it's from.
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