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  1. The laugh that sounded was as mirthless as it was hard to pinpoint. True, where Artifice saw the shadow was very well likely where the other was standing, in the darkest corner of the basement, but the sound of its voice came from all around while at the same time being in the center of his mind. What's the matter, little Artifice? Afraid of a little darkness? the voice said, mocking him for his supposed courage. Then the creature did walk forward, but, nothing more than the general shape was revealed, as it seemed like a constant fog of darkness was billowing from the creature, cloaking it from the lights in the basement. There was also a slowly growing fear, building up with every step the creature took towards Artifice. Was it being generated by the creature or was it some part of his own fight or flight at seeing something that wasn't willing to be seen, yet. You smell... there was a pause as the unmistakable sound of something taking several deep inhalations was heard from the creature's direction, mmm, so very delicious... It's a lucky thing for you that I've already had my fill... It had stopped several steps from the lad, but, even still, the lights were dimming more, casting deeper shadows with every passing moment.
  2. There was obviously a startled surprise to this. You're talking to me that way? And in all seriousness too. This made his non-existent blood boil. The one known as Ganthronex may very well have come into existence because of the male, those repressed emotions slowly having built to the point that he was brought into being, but after that point the Tulpa felt he was a separate entity. Dependent on said creature, but his own self none the less. His appearance in the basement was quite noticeable, almost like something the size of the empire state building had crammed itself inside the tiny space that was their home. You will come down here, now, the voice inside Artificer's mind said, implying there would not be any argument with this. Anger was as palpable in the air as humidity would be jsut before a thunderstorm.
  3. Stroke her, came the whisper, as it always did when she was in the same bed. Slip your hand under her shirt. Was it his own thoughts, some dark part of him trying to entice him? Or was it some dark entity trying to subvert his thoughts? Ganthronex, a name unknown to most, was hidden in the light here, now that he was weakened once more. The pair of them were his main staple now, and when they dreamed, ah, the delicious power that they offered him. Power enough to walk in open under the dawning sun and wreak such destruction and cause terror. Yes, that was what he was after. Though his true target in the building had eluded him, for the time being, he was still able to meet a goal. Now he had to bide his time, once more, until the pair were asleep and he could draw on their minds once more. The boy struggled in his dreams, which gave them a different flavor than the others, those that he slipped into the dreams of and watched them run in abject terror. He even listened into the dreams of the girl, the one that slept so deeply and completely that she might as well be able to cross over into that alternate reality. And every time she awoke, she rushed to her brother, hoping he could protect her, when he couldn't even protect himself from that which hauunted their nights. He would be sad when he finally broke them, but, to be honest, it was going to happen eventually, though he hoped later rather than sooner.
  4. WOLFIKIN!!!!


    Well LOOK who found his way BACK home???




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    2. princeben07


      OH, next time as in: Whenever you are ready to give me the details on what you're working on next...just so that I can keep up with you. You're always cranking out SOMETHING, lol!!! ^_^



    3. Galen Wolfe

      Galen Wolfe

      LOL... so I'll let you start your story, just tag me in it... and the little matchstick girl... basically, a woman who has been abused as a child develops pyro-kinesis abilities that manifest themselves anytime she strikes a match. She never consciously seems to direct what happens after this, blacking out just after she finally snaps and lights the match, and she wakes up afterward in the charred aftermath. She keeps moving around, but knows the government is chasing her, as well as some unknown person or group that seems to have abilities as well.

      that's the gist of it, for now. I used to have a better description somewhere but apparently I didn't save it to a word file so will have to wing it,

    4. princeben07
  5. I lost my way... But now I'm found... or wait... no... I may still be lost. 

  6. He was silent for a time, mulling this over as he continued down the road. So, five people, all messing in the same pot. "Too many chefs..." he mumbled to himself, his frown deepening as he fit the long muscle car between the rear bumper of a Luxury SUV and the front bumper of a semi-truck... barely. He was driving on auto-pilot at the moment. Then he snorted as he finally caught up with the terminology she had used. "God? The person in charge seriously doesn't call himself that, does he?" Considering what it was he was hunting, he very much doubted it was a skyward company that was involved in this.
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