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  1. So, sorry, but I am living out of a hotel right now. At least for this week. Waiting on housing help. I'll get to writing when I can

  2. “The short version is you got struck by lightning and then the forest tried to protect you and now we really need to get moving. When We tried flying you acted like it hurt or you were dying, if I carry you but stick with running, will you be fine?” He kept looking over his shoulder looking for the guards to start homing in on them, looking for an electrically charged... GALEN! Stop inviting trouble and fucking focus on her already! Aku snarled at him in his mind, and he tried to set his anxiety to the side, attention back to the woman laying on the ground under him.
  3. When she had gotten out, he had gotten into his car and started it back up, rolling forward enough to make it tot he next pump before he stopped, but his hand hovered over the ignition switch, tempted to tear out of there and leave this circus behind in his rearview. Though he probably wouldn't get all that far. Not just because of fuel, but simply being unfamiliar with the are at all. He thought on it long and hard for a few moments then shut the engine off again, stepping out and starting the pumping again when the machine signaled it was ready. He grunted as he turned and was hit center mass by the clenched hand around the bottle, but he managed not to stagger this time. Taking the bottle, he eyed it and shook his head, the bottle flipped over a shoulder to shatter on the ground a few feet behind him. “Even you should know better than that, it's whiskey or nothing.” a side long glance at her as she chugged the bottle, remembering the last drinking contest they'd gotten into. “So can a Goddess-against-her-will get drunk?”
  4. He was silent as he started picking out details, the little things that stuck around despite her attempting to hide the truth. She ws obviously good at it, and he admired that, but even the lies had to have a grain of truth here and there. Slippery, crossed his mind, but only because she needed to slip free easily when cornered. He stopped analyzing and thought his question out. “Do you know who's in charge of the girls that got picked up and then delivered to their deaths?” it would be a wonderful thing if she did, as it would cut his work load in half, but he doubted the entity he was hunting was that stupid. He wasn't stupid, he knew by the ink that she was answerable for what he was going to involve her in, probably with her life, and be damned if he was going to just abandon her to that fate, but first he had to know if she was actually involved in the process, because tht would mean an entirely different fate than death by employer. He wanted to believe she wasn't involved, but, after the decades he's spent doing this, he couldn't rely entirely on his hunches anymore.
  5. Another macaroon demolished with gusto as he listened to her, head canted to the side as he thought on what she said. Then she wafted a spell past him, and he chortled before he shook his head, “Lass, you need to be a little more careful about slinging them like that. If one of the Special Police caught you doing that...” then he ruffled his feathers out and and rolled his head until his head was upside down, opened his beak and stuck his tongue out to the side. Hen he resettled his feathers back in place. But the parade, that was true, it was today, and the baubles. “Admittedly, I had thought off going to raid the trash can behind the jewelers... But, a nice parade is always a nice little addition. Though,” and he turned his head to spear her with one eye, it might cost you the remainder of your macaroons...” as if that were a dire circumstance.
  6. so this can be marked resolved. I don't know why, but this time it was there in my email within the minute, but I know for sure nothing from Valucre hit my email before now (did a search). So weird.
  7. So, update. I've managed to secure a storage unit to put as much of my crap in as possible. I've got my tablet up to date and so long as I can hit a wifi signal I should be good. Working to make sure my phone can be a hotspot, and then it'd just be a matter of making sure I have decent signal. THEN it's just going to come down to finding a place to live that accepts dogs...

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  8. They spotted the fog when they rounded the corner, it was between them and the shop, but they could tell Kirin wasn't in immediate danger from it. Slowing, Aku panted softly, a new terror forming in her. She remembered what it had taken the last time to handle this, but she wasn't sure she could handle it again. Sure, they'd had time to recover, but the depths of her magical reserves hadn't deepened appreciably since the... A man came tearing out of the bloody mist wielding a knife. Aku could only stand there in shocked horror as she watched him rush a terrified woman and begin stabbing her over and over again, screaming something about how the spiders needed to die. He'd then looked to another person, in a group that was trying to run from him having watched the seeming cold blooded murder.
  9. She stopped, mid-thought, as a sense of dread or wrongness came over her. Turning to look at the door, she frowned, trying to figure out what it was that she felt. It was a thought outside herself, a feeling that wasn't her own. Kirin? The twin souls both thought as out loud a they were able to. The feeling of cold dread became even stronger, and this prompted Aku to stand so suddenly the chair she'd been sitting in was knocked over onto its back. “Miss?” She turned to see a look of concern on the man's features and she gave a small smile, “I'm sorry, sir, but something's wrong, I need to go,” and with that she was through the doorway. Her stride was long, but she felt as if she was running in slow motion for some reason. The fear that something had happened to Kirin overrode any other thought right then. Her manners were lacking too, bumping and knocking against people as she made a mad dash towards the shop where Kirin was supposed to be.
  10. “Considering your loving touch broke the pump...” he growled, hooking a thumb towards the mart as he leaned so he could look at her through the open driver's window, “why don't you get your happy ass back out of my car and turn on the other one while I pull up to it.” He had other thoughts as well, but right now, he also needed more answers and this was shaping up to be a nasty day. “And, be a dear, grab some beer while you're at it, or stronger, if they have it.” His smile was half sincere, the other half failing the charade, but only by remaining flat.
  11. “Sending... returning?” there was a bit more anxiety in that question, but Aku suddenly had a worry... “Ah, yes, sorry, I should have mentioned that these friends of mine are very far from here. I'll use one of the better courier services, but it will still take a couple of days to get any sort of a reply, even using a Teleson or one of the communication orbs.” She let out a sigh, but she knew there wasn't anything that could really be done about this either, even she couldn't guarantee a teleport wouldn't mess with the contents of the containers somehow. Nodding her understanding, she then pulled out the coin purse from it's pocket. Then paused, catching sight of the dumbfounded look from the Alchemist. “What?” “What are you doing?” “I had thought I was about to pay for the courier service fees as well as whatever it was going to cost to have your friends look into this...” she said in a somewhat uncertain voice, now unsure of what was going on. “No, no, your lady, my friends will want to look into this without being paid, until someone is stupid enough to mention payment to them,” he added, as she shook his head. “As for the courier service, I'm considering it as part of my original fee. I said I would do my best to track down the source of this strange liquid and I'm a man of my word...” he actually acted indignant about what Aku had suggested and she felt ashamed for making her assumption. Smiling her most demur smile she leaned forward and kissed the man on his cheek, which not just mollified him, but actually brought a slightly shocked look to his features even as he blushed slightly. “Um... I say... what was that for?” “For being such a kind gentleman. So many would have taken my coin without hesitation, it's wonderful to meet someone that can show such kindness nowadays.” This seemed to fluster the Alchemist even further, which meant Aku had to force herself not to laugh otherwise the compliment would have been ruined. “Well, I say... thank you. Um...” She smiled and held out her hand which was tentatively grasped by the aged man across form her, “Thank you again, sir, I'll check back with you in a week, though you can reach me at Kirin's Shop if you find out something sooner.” “Wait, Kirin, you say?” His accusatory look brought Aku up short and she now felt ashamed of herself for not just letting it go with the week. “Um, yes?” Suddenly her hand was grasped by both of his and he smiled brightly, “So you're the reason why she's gotten out of her slump?” “I, we... I think so?” she was utterly confused by the turn this had taken, half expecting there to be some sort of feud simmering somewhere, but definitely not the look of joy on the man's features. “You don't understand, youngin...” the man said as he began fishing the coins back out of his pocket that he'd taken as payment for the examination. “Kirin's been a help to all of the merchants in the area, but recently she's been... Off, is the best word I can think of...” Aku stopped him, catching both of his hands in hers before he could return the coins, holding them tight in her hands. “No, stop. I didn't mention Kirin for any other reason that if you knew her then you could contact me through there. What I do with and for her doesn't require anything form anyone else, and I am not going to take my money back. We made a deal, I paid for your services, the money is yours now.” She was firm in this, and didn't let the other's hands go until he nodded. “Now, I should be toddling off, I wanted to pick up a treat for her on the way home...”
  12. “There isn't a poison or anything that is like an elixir in either of these crystals. Further more, they contain the same substance,” the alchemist said as he worked with the two crystals, using a machine of some sort to extract a small amount of he ichor from both gems. “What's of more interest, the poison removing gem treats this as poison, the other gem just draws out impurities, which this definitely is.” Aku, sat there for a few moments, waiting in the silence, thinking there might be more, but the Alchemist was studying the ichor in the bowl now, using a metal spoon like implement to stir it around while adding this powder or that liquid and watching it react to them. “Ummm, do you have an idea what it might be then?” she asked softly and carefully, not wanting to sound as impatient s the pair felt. “Well, it reacts like blood would, but I've never seen anything that bleeds this stuff. Now, if this is some sort of secretion from an animal, though... hmmm... I know a couple of people that deal with that sort of thing, can I have one of the crystals to show them?” The alchemist actually looked prepared to hear her say no out right. Surprised by this and the question Aku shook her head, “No, please, use them both, hanging on to them myself isn't going to help me get an answer any faster. I really would like to understand how this substance got to where it was.” That was something else she'd been careful to omit, the circumstance under which the substance had been obtained. She didn't need any of that information clouding any of the possible research ideas. “Ah, thank you, that will greatly help, not having to limit the sampling or wait for the return of the crystal before sending it on to the other person.”
  13. After the last hour or so, he found that this didn't really phase him as much as it should have. It really should have been a shock or at least made him laugh, but right now he was still a bit angry. Apparently senseless violence was becoming the norm anymore. “So, Goddess of Spring, or whatever you are. How is it that you at like a vampire then? Aren't things like you above such things?” there was a hint of sarcasm there, but he was genuinely curious about that, and about... “And for that matter, what will happen if Simone dies while you're trapped by this contract?”