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  1. Umm...Hi.

    Welks! hope you enjoy yourself... if you don't get love soon, then hit me up, I'll be happy to get you started here...
  2. Your style of writing is very, VERY Eccentric, and yet DELICATE. you have a way drawing in the reader. Your FANTASTIC Vocabulary is nothing short of a blessing!! love your writing brother...erm Fellow Wolfkin...keep up the good work.


    We should WRITE together sometime!!!



    1. Galen Wolfe

      Galen Wolfe

      Well, I'm waiting on you to reply with a story idea... I have lots of ideas, just have to narrow the list

    2. princeben07


      Oh, shit....well,


      I've been sick off and on for the last few weeks, so I'm fighting the good fight with my back pain. It's debilitating, but I have treatment OPTIONS now, so I'm doing MUCH better and thanks for replying fellow Wolfkin!!


      I'll get into my other computer and copy my ideas and toss them OUT to you to let you know what the options are. We should really get TOGETHER and brainstorm on SOMETHING...ANYTHING is good for me....I don't write with a lot of people on this site; I just READ a lot and try to come up with ideas. Out of my character repository of 1, 890+ Characters, I've got an endless supply of whoever that I would need for the storyline to get started, so once you get settled in, just let me know what's up G, okay?

      Love your writing thus far,



  3. DNS migration maybe this weekend

    Okiedoke... definitely cost effectiveness is good... I wish I could help more with the costs... I'll try soon though
  4. What's in your speakers, nukka?

    Awesome Cover!
  5. What's in your speakers, nukka?

  6. Link [Quest] Blood Moon

    Galen didn't hesitate in his reaction, smoothly taking control of the body and rushing forward. The man stood stock still, staring at the skull headed beast rushing him. Galen was gentle, in the sense that his death was quick, but the ranger wolf was angry, having watched an innocent die like that. The man's head probably could have been ripped clean off his shoulders if Galen had really wanted to, but applying his anger in a brutal twisting of that head nearly a hundred eighty degrees was sufficient to make sure that one wouldn't harm anyone else. This is worse, Galen... Aku warned the one she shared her body with. “Yeah, this hasn't been around that long, not like last time. And that was a stronger reaction than last time,” he said as he looked at the fog, trying to figure out what was going to need to be done. Just then a constable came rushing up to him, placing a hand on his forearm. Looking down, he blinked to see the lady officer he'd promised a dinner date to.
  7. Salt Crystals & Moonlight Triste

    The happy demolition of another macaroon was paused, his beak having just hit the table, and the sapphire hued iris facing her narrowing to a pinpoint as he regarded that sentence in his mind at the same time he regarded the woman that had uttered it. Daintily cleaning up the crumbs of the last culinary victim, he then ruffled his feathers then settled them flat, an actual shiver running through him. “Whatcha talkin' 'bout sorceress?” he asked, lids narrowed now as he looked her over speculatively, debating if all the macaroons she promised to make for him would be worth what she was about to ask of him.
  8. A Chance Encounter

    He snorted at the idea of going into that store, his imagination already having painted a grisly scene that he didn't want to have confirmed. Instead he contemplated how he was going to deal with this newest of twists in his fate. His eyes had unfocused, looking out over the roof of the car and the scenery on the other side of the road as his thoughts circled the being that had been and still was his wife, if only in his mind. Then her question snapped him out of that gloom. “You're bored, I take it?” Glancing at the meter on the pump, noting the main tank was almost full, he nudged her out of the way of the driver's door so he could bend over, leaning in to toggle the switch to the emergency tank, making sure to top that off. He had a feeling he wasn't going to be stopping at too many gas stations, at least, not with her in tow.
  9. Eye of the Storm

    Galen's lower jaw hung looses on it's hinge, seeing the charred crater in the woman's abdomen. And she was standing on her own too... Questions later, we need to get going... Shaking his head, he snapped out of the more morbid thoughts. He stepped forward, leaning so one arm pressed to the back of her knees while his other arm pressed to her back, “Wraps your arms around my neck and hold on,” he commanded gently, sweeping her from her feet and cradling her to his chest. Crouching there, he took a couple deep breaths to help his lungs get ready for the sprint that he had planned. Gathering a burst of energy into his invisible wings, he focused on the path in front of him, picturing the route in his mind and setting the landmarks he remembered along the way firmly in his mind. Then the acceleration hit, keeping his leaps as horizontal as possible when he used his wings to dash forward, then running on the pads of his feet in between. Mindful of the woman bundled in his arms, he did his best not to make any jarring motions, still scared about the chunk of her body missing. But, Aku was right, he couldn't focus on that right now, now was the time to escape. Of course, by now, people had gathered on the streets, mostly to gawk at the smoking mess near the one spire, so he had to pick his route carefully to avoid out right bowling anyone over. But there were also other guards out here that had not seen or even knew what had happened, and he knew he was drawing attention to them by fleeing the area. Thankfully, though, no one seemed inclined to make the effort to stop them yet...
  10. I Dunno...

    if I was missed, was new when I had to drop... am back though now... hopefully for a lot longer...
  11. So, sorry, but I am living out of a hotel right now. At least for this week. Waiting on housing help. I'll get to writing when I can

  12. Eye of the Storm

    “The short version is you got struck by lightning and then the forest tried to protect you and now we really need to get moving. When We tried flying you acted like it hurt or you were dying, if I carry you but stick with running, will you be fine?” He kept looking over his shoulder looking for the guards to start homing in on them, looking for an electrically charged... GALEN! Stop inviting trouble and fucking focus on her already! Aku snarled at him in his mind, and he tried to set his anxiety to the side, attention back to the woman laying on the ground under him.
  13. A Chance Encounter

    When she had gotten out, he had gotten into his car and started it back up, rolling forward enough to make it tot he next pump before he stopped, but his hand hovered over the ignition switch, tempted to tear out of there and leave this circus behind in his rearview. Though he probably wouldn't get all that far. Not just because of fuel, but simply being unfamiliar with the are at all. He thought on it long and hard for a few moments then shut the engine off again, stepping out and starting the pumping again when the machine signaled it was ready. He grunted as he turned and was hit center mass by the clenched hand around the bottle, but he managed not to stagger this time. Taking the bottle, he eyed it and shook his head, the bottle flipped over a shoulder to shatter on the ground a few feet behind him. “Even you should know better than that, it's whiskey or nothing.” a side long glance at her as she chugged the bottle, remembering the last drinking contest they'd gotten into. “So can a Goddess-against-her-will get drunk?”
  14. The Fast, the Furious, and the Demonic

    He was silent as he started picking out details, the little things that stuck around despite her attempting to hide the truth. She ws obviously good at it, and he admired that, but even the lies had to have a grain of truth here and there. Slippery, crossed his mind, but only because she needed to slip free easily when cornered. He stopped analyzing and thought his question out. “Do you know who's in charge of the girls that got picked up and then delivered to their deaths?” it would be a wonderful thing if she did, as it would cut his work load in half, but he doubted the entity he was hunting was that stupid. He wasn't stupid, he knew by the ink that she was answerable for what he was going to involve her in, probably with her life, and be damned if he was going to just abandon her to that fate, but first he had to know if she was actually involved in the process, because tht would mean an entirely different fate than death by employer. He wanted to believe she wasn't involved, but, after the decades he's spent doing this, he couldn't rely entirely on his hunches anymore.