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  1. WOLFIKIN!!!!


    Well LOOK who found his way BACK home???




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    2. Galen Wolfe

      Galen Wolfe

      my question would be a) who do you play? b) whom would I play? do you want to be the kid and I'm the dark voice? do you want to play both? are there hunters of the TULPA?

      I need to update my thought candies page... I thought of a story kinda based on the little matchstick girl... kinda

    3. princeben07


      Okay...glad you're interest has been piqued!!!


      I choose to play Artifice, his sister, the father, mother, Police Officers and various passerbys.

      I think YOU can play Ganthronex, as your writing skill is very critical in this RP; since you DO know your way around the keyboard, I sincerely look forward in working WITH you Wolfkin. I think the dark tone you set for the TULPA will be spooky as HELL and creepy as FUCK!!! TULPAS don't have any enemies; that's the strange thing. IF you create a TULPA, YOU are its OWN enemy, in some instances.


      You can also play the 22-year old Step Son of Dr. Ray Blotch, as there are other things at work that I can't reveal right now; I don't want to spoil things, lol.


      TULPAS cannot kill whom they serve, which is YOU; however, since the mind operates different, they CAN harm those that cause mental DAMAGE to their "Hosts."


      Ah, I can't SPOIL everything for you bro!!!! You will have to WRITE with me to get to the BOTTOM of this entire ordeal. If you have any further questions, feel free to pick my brain; I LOVE it when two forces get together to make some imagination HORRIFYING!!!! BUWAHAHAHAHAH!!!




      Matchstick Girl? Interesting Concept. You will have to  elaborate about it next time. ^_^



    4. Galen Wolfe

      Galen Wolfe

      I'm fine with this all of this...

      next time, as in after this story or when next I reply to this thread?

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