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About Me

A word of Warning

I'm an adult, I think adult thoughts, and I treat others as such until I'm told otherwise. Not over 18? Tell me.

My role play tastes are quite eclectic. Sometimes I like to do D&D style or pick your adventure type games. Other times I prefer playing standard threads. Pick your style, Sci-fi, Fantasy, mixed, realistic. I have characters and ideas to fit into each niche. Sex scenes are not necessarily sought, but if the opportunity arises, yes, I'll be all over that. I usually play in third person, and, unfortunately, I tend to slip back into that mode of RP as time goes on, so I'll apologize about that for now.

I don't have any real restrictions for play. I have preferences, we all do, but I don't let that get in the way of a good story. I am male and prefer to play with females, but I know there are some awesome male writers out there, and would be remiss to pass up any play opportunities. I will request partners that are descriptive, IE: can be long winded typers when the occasion calls for it. Not all occasions do, and that's understandable. But constant one or two sentence replies tend to cause disinterest after a time. Not to say I will drop the RP, but I'll find an excuse to get to “The End” quicker than usual.

My role plays tend to not have a definitive end in mind. Actually, I tend not to have more than a starter idea in mind. Except when it comes to a couple characters, whom I will be introducing shortly. I am not beholden to keeping them exactly as they are, but this is how they are in my mind. I am also gender flexible when it comes to my characters (as you'll see), and also flexible about human, anthro or feral. I tend to play anthro characters easily, but that's not everyone's cup of tea, so is cool. I also tend to post multiple times a day. I'm Disabled, I'm home 90% of the time. I AM BORED! If I'm not here, I'm playing video games, and I prefer to write my own then play someone else's story, although I will admit, some of those stories could be very interesting to free play from a point.

So, Firstly, My first string characters:

Galen/Aku: They are my main character/s. They are two beings occupying the same body, Galen is Male and Aku is female, and their body changes according to whom is in charge, as well as being able to morph into other forms as the need arises. My all purpose character, as it were.

Curious: A female fox spirit of the fire element. My mystic/fantasy character.

Tathom: A male cybernetic soldier with a checkered past. Actually can be played in both Scifi and fantasy realms. He's a mix of Warhammer 40K Space Marine and the Straight Jacket anime.

Jason Johnson: My bounty Hunter. Tends to be realistic settings, but easily as flexible as Galen/Aku.

Samra Usan: A female cybernetic bounty hunter modeled closely to the Metroid series, but she's a lioness, and I even have a story I'm writing on and off again about her, that may make its way into the site eventually. 

Grae Maen: A Grizzled, scared veteran of military service. 

Don't like these, or, like one but not as it's currently written? Fine, as I said, I'm flexible. Shoot me a PM.

Story ideas

Invasion. (Tathom x any)

This story is best played with a non-human race as the plot twist would make more sense. The planet (your character's) is being invaded by essentially Warhammer 40K Space Marines. Your character is one of the resistance fighters and Tathom has been tasked to hunt your character down. The twist: his memories have been altered and it turns out his mother was one of your character's race. The one calling himself Tathom's father is actually after a power hidden on your character's planet that can only be harnessed by your character's people.

A Little Curious. (Curious x Any)

This is actually my place holder for an entire series of stories based, loosely, on Scooby Doo idea, but with more adult flavoring, mixed with a bit of Witch Hunter Robin. I'm listing some of the thought candy story names here, but feel free to name your own:

The Ghost in the House.

The Star in the Woods.

The Witch in the Brew.

The Moon in the Sun.

The Watcher in the Woods.

The Shadow on the Sand.

The Water in the Blood.

The Body in the Lightning.

The Eternity in the Moment.

The Poison in the Wish.

The Sound in the Silence.

The Lionheart. (Lionheart x any)

Honestly, I've had this idea ever since listening to and watching the Of Monsters and Men 'King and Lionheart' music video. Thoughts: A) sort of like the video, kingdom besieged and king killed, leaving the queen and her child, the heir to the kingdom left. Pick one, and play from there. B) a complete outsider is drawn into said above conflict, and the Lionheart makes itself known to them. I have no further direction unfortunately.

The Paladins. (any x any)

Take the Underworld movie theme, Lycans v Vampires, and add in a Human group that moves into the scene: The Paladins. World governments are tired of being the pawns of either side of this war, and too many innocent bystanders tend to die when the two clash, so they have secretly gathered together a small army of elite soldiers that have been trained to fight both sides with technologies either stolen from the other two or developed quietly for the eradication of the warring clans and families. This would involve Jason as one of the Paladin Captains, and your choice of either of the other races involved. This does not have to even deal with the Underworld scene in the least, I just use that as an example. The main thought being Jason and chara have to team up to deal with the remaining side's sudden acquiring/developing a means to take complete control of the world by wiping out the main enemy to their faction.

The First Time (any x any)

The initial bond and training of a mountable animal (Dragon, Gryphon, Giant Avian, Pegasus, Unicorn, or telepathic large animal) and their rider. In time of peace just before a sneak attack that starts a war? In war and trying to bring peace? In peace and general mis/adventures? As little or as much drama as wanted.

Immortal and pet 

Character strikes a bargain with/is cursed by Deity/God/Spirit and becomes immortal, has one companion animal that lives with them or is part source of their bargain/curse

Lady Hawke (MxF)

Seriously... need I say more. Not necessarily the exact story/movie. But what else says Fantasy/Romance/Gore than this?

Sparhawke's Grandchild (Grandchild x any)

The child of a thief and the goddess of mischief, what could possibly go wrong? Not sure/don't know what I'm talking about? The Elenium You should read if you have not. Along with The Tamuli (refer to Link)

Quothe Raven (Quothe x any)

character is followed around by a raven, that talks, and actually seems to be intelligent, and then one day he brings character an odd trinket...

Alpha of the Wolves and the Queen of the Tigers (MxF)

Two immortals, one of canines, one of felines: always at odds, but always toying with one another in one form or another. Can also work for the sun and moon. Or any combination of opposites that constantly vie with one another for power.

The Last of the insert magic creature here (any x any)

Seriously. Hunted, collected, wanted. Are you the hunter or the hunted?

The Old Is New Again (Any x Any)

Chartered flight to some remote wilderness for plans of hiking or skiing or something of that nature. Near evening or late night, things take a turn for the worse when, suddenly, a brilliant Aurora blankets the sky. Much brighter than would be thought, and, depending on the location, maybe unheard of. Everything electronic goes crazy. The pilot does his best but the circuits of the craft give up under the strain and they have to control the crash landing. The character awakes in the wilderness, near the crash site. Hurt and seemingly alone except for the pilot... what shall happen? This will definitely have an explicit tag attached to it, also not for those against gore.

The Worst Wizard (any x any)

Rincewind (Terry Pratchett, Discworld), Perf (Journey Quest, YouTube), basically a character stumbles upon a wizard running... which is something the wizard seems to be fairly good at. And not much else, other than finding trouble... Just one problem after another...

Fairy Tales gone wrong

Brave: What if Merida didn't save her mother from being a bear, or watched daddy kill her? Crimson locks and the three deadly bears.

Lilo and Stitch: What if Lilo or Nani died during the first movie?

El Dorado, Moana, Pick anything... I even have red riding hood and three little pig ideas... I mean, seriously. Am I the only one that's fantasized about such things?

Ghost Hunter/ Paranormal Activity (Any x Any)

Character goes with group to enter a haunted location. Weirdness/horror/gore ensues. Separate from my Curious string of stories. Probably happens in present day time.

D&D style:

Your Character awakes in a dimly lit cave, no clothes or items. This is definitely not where they had been nor is it the norm. There is ALOT more OOC to this but this is how the story will start.


Psychological more than smut:

These ideas are meant more as a psychological thriller, and I will play them as such. The responses will be slower than my usual ones, as it's not always easy to get into this frame of mind. And, honestly I've scared myself flipping to this mentality, so... forewarned: this will not be for those that get nightmares easily! These are me playing the male versus a female character. Not necessarily playing versus an actual female though, woot if possible, but not a requirement, just the female character. Because, honestly, if I am to play the predator, then I have to play to my preferences.

The Collector (MxF)

Women start going missing. Some are high profile, others are your every day person. Some fit a pattern but not all. Play as the victim or the investigator. Or both.

Tainted Love 

Harley Quin and the Joker type love. Good Person turned bad by a worse person. Maybe chose to become that way, or maybe succumb to the other's overwhelming personality. Can play after that point... or play from the very first meeting. I prefer the latter, as it means personalities have a chance to develop.

Alternative thought:The Cell is a nice psychological thriller with a slight futuristic twist... but why not push it further. What if you could have a Matrix level virtual environment, and the world's most dangerous people are kept inside of their own worlds, inside their own head, 24/7. This is considered the perfect prison, kept alive by intravenous cocktails to keep them alive. In steps a psychologist, wanting to figure out one of these warped minds, but in order to do that, he/she must step into that deranged mind's playground. What is to stop her from slowly being pulled into that mind. Is she becoming a research subject herself?

FBI Raid Gone Wrong:

Basically one of the organizations makes a raid on a drug dealer/Mob house/some high value target and things go sideways. The single agent left alive (female) is at the mercy of the leader of the enemy group, but he doesn't kill her, he has much more inventive ideas in mind that will help her repay him for the losses her team cost him. Of course, down the road there will be a rescue attempt, but will she be willing to escape?

Need a Lift? (MxF)

Uber, Lyft... all these companies offering the convenience of a ride on speed dial. But what if their supposedly careful background checks let a real predator, or even a psychopath into their midst... Though a simple taxi ride can be as dangerous. Or a fake police officer pulling someone over. Could she spot the danger, or was it already too late?


Generalized story ideas:

These are stories ideas meant to be more plot/thought candy ideas than something I have set ideas for:

Hunter/Hunted (either in the primal sense or like bounty hunter)

Angel/Demon/Human (Keep thinking Constantine, but not necessarily)



Dom/Sub (no not necessarily sex related in the least)



To be updated as things progress, of course.

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