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  1. TheShadow

    [GS] E'na

    Viktor silverbow watched the battle with fascination. The other woman that was fighting Lilith was at this point not even putting up a good fight getting punched in the face that pushed the woman backwards. It was like watching two siblings fight with one being older and the other younger. It reminded him of the legends of the lords of shadow who would fight each other daily in order to make themselves stronger until one overcame the others and declared himself the alpha brother. Legend goes that these battles would go on for months at a time and to this day it is why. His thoughts were interrupted at first by Lilith's question and then by the explosions happening around them. But as he turned to face the woman fighting he saw to his amusement that the other woman did not want to give up and instead charged at Lilith and now the blades of both women clashed together. “Who I am is not important, Only that you have the one thing I desire most, and what others crave but can never have because they are weak ,and the weak deserve to die while the strong live on for only the strong are worthy of living.“ he replied as he looked for a way to get Lilith out safely before more explosions happened. A part of him felt he should charge in and help but he did not know what the other woman was capable of or who she was to begin with and he did not want to interfere in the fight. Instead he would look for a safe place to head towards to escape the explosion. If that was even possible given the current state of the area and what appeared to be bodies all around. And badly damaged buildings. “ By the look of things we need to get out of here soon Lilith. I have doubts these buildings can withstand any more explosions like the ones we just felt. “ Viktor said softly looking around but keeping his hands folded waiting to see what would happen next. He was more interested in seeing just how powerful Lilith was then escaping right away. It was one thing to come to a scene after the fact and another to see it in person. Was this woman truly as powerful as one believed to be or was it more fiction than fact. @Ataraxy
  2. Shadow Inquisitor general Aurelius Amare watched as a guard was punched in face and knocked on his butt from the impact. Guard recruits were not the same as they use to be and that guard was apparently part of the weaker family. No matter the guard would be punished later for failing at his job. Keeping a close eye on the incident Aurelius turned to face the high priest. The man appeared to be lost for words that a guard protecting him was just punched in the face by a woman it appeared no less. But the man composed himself before speaking although clearly shaken “ Girl… What.. What are you doing. I demand you tell me what in the shadow gods name made you punch a guard in the face. You.. You better explain yourself.. Guards.. Surround her this instant. Do not let her escape, She is a criminal until proven otherwise! “ The high priest stuttered. The guards grunted and began to slowly encircle the woman although it was clear they were wary of the growing crowd. For his part Aurelius moved closer to the high priest and stood next to him but did not say a word just yet but kept his arms folded. Meanwhile the guards behind the woman began to poke each of them with a metal rod causing the woman on the poles to cry out as the blade went through the wood and into the woman's backs. A cruel but efficient way to tell if one was still alive or not. The crowd began to get rowdy with some even shouting about how the woman deserved their faith for they are unworthy!. Which is what Aurelius hoped would happen. The people seeing the truth and knowing that soon their troubles will all go away once the woman were dealt with. Better yet they may even help in the roundup of woman who were known to be unfaithful. But that will happen in due time hopefully. Right now he must focus on his task that was before him. @Metty
  3. Alright so how does one start of the path of becoming a Notable Resident. OOC wise and IC Wise Who do i need to contact etc @Malintzin Also when it comes to forming a noble family. is it possible for just one characer to go for it and still have it count for every characer who belongs to that family IE If say Joe starts on the path and gets Citizenship and a noble family. and you have Jane who is also part of that family but comes later on.. Does Jane get counted as being a noble regardless
  4. Shadow Inquisitor general Aurelius Amare stood in the front of the newly built Umbra basilica in the town square of Blightaerie which was funded by house Silverbow to show their dedication to the shadow god and his teaching and to show those in the land that they will fund all that was needed. They only ask that they turn away from the old gods and embrace the one true god. The God that would lead them to greatness if they followed his teachings and his laws. But the people had to be shown the price of Disobedience if they dared question the teachings or broke the rules that were laid out for them. That is why Inquisitor Aurelius Amare was here to carry out a public execution officially that is. He was here for another reason all together As the crowd gathered in front of the Basilica and the guards kept them at bay. The front doors of the Basilica were opened by the high priest and his escort of guards and four women were bought before the crowd. The woman were each being escorted by a male guard to a wooden post where they were tied to it by rope around their hands and ankles. The high priest made his way to the podium and raised his hands up to the sky. The speech was about to begin “ Our God demands that all follow his teachings and rules. These women refused to follow it and are convicted of trying to seduce married men and thus their punishment is death. They refuse to repent for their crimes and refused to accept the mercy of the shadow god. For that reason they are sentenced to death by burning. Let this be an example to all that the shadow god demands obedience to his law. That in exchange he will bless you and your family! “ The priest turned to the guards and nodded his head as they sit alight torches that were on the ground and then set the wooden posts on fire. The crowd began to get rowdy but they were being held back by the guards For his part Aurelius Amare kept his arms folded and watched the crowd. He was looking for anybody he deemed worthy of being.. Experimented on to become a tool of the government that would help them root out troublemakers and the unworthy. They would be under his command but first they needed to pass the test.The last person did not fair too well and were sent to a special prison. Maybe he will find one this time that was worthy. The screams of the woman were getting louder, attracting more attention, But so far it was only curious glances and nothing more. @Metty
  5. Well I have a house already and characters part of that house so could I jump into Noble rising ? @Malintzin
  6. Viktor silverbow kept his hands folded his sword at his side its scabbard as the airships approached their destination away from the others looking out across the sky. He was not used to flying in the air when one can simply use a portal to get to a location. But the foolish woman Lillth would not listen to reason and he was not about to argue with her not when things were at stake that took priority over a petty argument. But just as he was about to focus on the shadows around him, He heard shouting followed by everyone and ran over to where the shouting was coming for which was at the sky where he saw creatures flying around them. What in the world were they.. He had never seen such creatures before and none of the books mentioned them. And why were they here in the first place. They were black like the shadows themselves.. But were strangely not the same as they appeared to be rotting.. And dead. But that was impossible. How could they be dead if they were flying? He saw the others trying to fight the creatures using the mist. No he would need to hide the ship and hope the flying creatures could not detect them. But he would need concentration and no interruption Or he could retreat back and watch to see how many of his rivals would be killed by the beasts and comment about their inherent weakness. After all they were all rivals to him and his ultimate goal. What better way to thin the herd than by watching them get slaughtered. The unworthy deserved only death while the strong will find a way too. survive Yes he would go with retreat and that is what he did as he slowly began to walk away from the others towards a safe location.He did not care if they would be mad at him for doing so or if he will be punished later for it His father told him that though pain one can become stronger. It was how he was able to manipulate the shadows though the embrace he had to go though. It was not a loving embrace but a cold one. But worth it in the end.. Just like his arrangement with Lilith will be worth it in the end. He would in time claim a throne for himself He clenched his hand briefly so that a shadow demon can appear though a small portal and walk out of it. The demon looked at him and licked its lips or what it considered lips as the creature was nothing more than a humanoid looking creature but just completely black. “ Why dont you make sure Lilth has a good view of those flying creatures. Break the windows of the control room since there is no doubt she is in there. We do not want her missing the fun do we “ chuckling Viktor headed towards a generally safe area and folded his arms waiting to see what would unfold @Ataraxy
  7. Augustinus silverbow opened his eyes just as a figure entered his bedroom located at the top of the silverbow mansion and made its way towards the far corner of it near the window. The air in the room changed from warm due to a fire to cold as it was put out with the sudden movement of the figure in a matter of seconds leaving the room cloaked not only in darkness but cold that caused him to shiver.The room was dark except for a pair of red eyes that peered out from the shadows themselfs. “I have a task for you, my son. A rather simple one that will get the ball rolling so to speak. There is a goddess and her followers that I want you to seek out and wipe out completely. Her name Is Jamy and she is apparently the goddess of Entertainment and sex. She is located in the city of Vinosea city. I want you to Spare nobody but make sure to make it appear the goddess and her followers lost their minds and decided to kill themselves .It must appear that they have succumbed to the infection “ the figure laughter soon filled the small room. Augustinus Joined in the laughter afraid that if he did not his blood would be spilled instead. Finally blood will be spilled and the purge can officially begin. A portal opened up and a small demon appeared. Small like a imp but with large red eyes and sharp claws for fingers and toes. Its mouth filled with razor sharp teeth as it kneel before the figured cloaked in shadow and handed them a piece of parchment before returning through the portal it came out of. The figure laughed again and Augustinus could not help but join in with the laughter although he had no idea why. “ It seems I am needed elsewhere, The shadow god himself has favored us as our spies have informed me about the location of “ not finishing the figure soon departed the room the same way it arrived leaving Augustinus alone to ponder what was located and why it was good news. Dressing quickly making sure the room was empty before leaving and heading in the direction of the planning room inside of the Manson. There he will await his brothers. It was not long before he was joined by his eldest and middle brother. Both kept there arms folded across there chest not happy about being woken up in the middle of the night. But it was important that this meeting took place as they had a new task ahead given to them by the messager of the shadow god. From the start the eldest brother was not impressed “Augustinus, you know very well that we can not help you with this task. We have other business to conduct on behalf of the family. You were tasked with going after this abomination of a goddess. The family can not be apart of this. We can provide funds and support but that is about it “ Azazel the eldest brother said softly. Aidoneus shrugged and kept his mouth shut Augustinus banged his hand on the table and walked away. Fuming he made his way to his own room and clenched his hand long enough for a portal to open up. This portal would take him to Vinosea city and there he will begin his hunt for the goddess. Or maybe she will come to him.. After all she was the goddess of entertainment and sex. " Goddess Goddess where are you. I come to be entertained by you. Do not keep me waiting for i am not a patient man !. You have something i want a desire and you can not stop your nature. Come and entertain me! " He shouted loud enough to make a scene and draw attention to himself. @Malintzin
  8. TheShadow


    Name - Skuggabjörn ( Bears of Shadow ) Type -Aberration Stages of growth Cub Stage - At birth Skuggabjörn are tiny and weigh less than a pound. For the first couple of weeks, the cubs are with the mother as she keeps them warm in the cave they are born in. At this stage a small mouth forms on their stomach which is used to eat shadows around them.Thus from birth, they already gorging off the shadows. At this stage, they are defended by there mother and looked after. also during this stage, the mother is teaching them how to hunt and survive in the forest. Cubs will remain on average for eighteen months or until the mother kicks them out so she can mate again. . By the time they have turned one year old, they can weight up to 70 pounds or so. they mostly drink milk from the mother childhood Stage - Skuggabjörn are taught everything they know during the eighteen months they are with their mothers. They learn how to blend in with their environment, learn how to hunt the other animals of the forest. To defend themselves from threats ( both other creatures and themselves ) Adult stage - At this stage after learning everything from their mother. They are kicked out and made to live a solitary life. Location - Alterion, Genesaris Environment - Dark forests of Alterion , Rising West and other forests in Genesaris Organization - For most of the Skuggabjörn adult lives, they live a solitary life. Only coming together to mate during the warmer months before heading out again. During the winter months, the Skuggabjörn go into caves of the forest or tunnels that they have created and spend the winter months with them.feeding off the shadows Size 100 - 150 pounds although this depends on the forest they live in. If they live in a forest filled with other creatures they will weigh a bit more ( In general ) For males, they can range from 120 to 150 pounds, females when not with cubs range from 100 to 110 pounds. while with pregnant and with cubs 150 to 170 pounds They are small but make up for that by being able to climb the trees in the forest. Easily able to adopt to the changing forest they can be found throughout it hunting animals and humanoids. But they also able to feed off the shadows themselves. They are able to do this because of the mouth in the middle of their stomachs that absorbs the shadows. two retractable claws on each of there paws made of black basalt. this allows them to hold onto there pray and also burrow into the ground for defence or for an ambush. Special Qualities/Abilities Skuggabjörn are able to feed off the shadows and darkness itself due to a mouth that grows on there stomach. Alignment: Chaotic Evil Description - They are small but make up for that by being able to climb the trees in the forest. Easily able to adopt to the changing forest they can be found throughout it hunting animals and humanoids. But they also able to feed off the shadows themselves. They are able to do this because of the mouth in the middle of their stomachs that absorbs the shadows. two retractable claws on each of there paws made of black basalt. this allows them to hold onto there pray and also burrow into the ground for defence or for an ambush. Black fur or in some rare cases a very dark brown fur. All Skuggabjörn are marked by a mouth that grows on their stomachs no matter what forest they live in. 4-5 feet when standing upright
  9. TheShadow

    [GS] E'na

    Viktor Silverbow placed his hands together waiting for a scout to inform him that they had found her. He had been chasing her for some time but always seem to miss her ever so slightly. For three years he had chased her from location to location and each time he got closer to his prize it was always some miscalculation on his part that made him punish and kill many of his underlings in anger. but finally he would meet her face to face as he will not fail. He quickly put on his new piece of armor that covered his face completely leaving his features hidden. Those looking at him will see nothing of a dark abyss. The sword at his side was a family heirloom passed down from his father even though he was not the eldest his father saw something in him. A passion and desire for power and to control the shadows themselves. All of his brothers to some decree could but he had mastered it. Was able to manipulate it to do his bidding like he was going to do now. With a clenched hand he stood up and a portal opened and he stepped though It was not long before he appeared in the location his scout told him he would find her. Taking in the darkness which made him feel at home he heard a scream that was like music to his ears. It seems he might just be in time or rather a little to late to see her in action. Oh well beggars can not be choosers after all as the saying goes. Luckily for him he knew the woman's name although he had doubts at first it was really hers. Still what harm could happen if he called out the name he got. " Ah I finally found you Lilith after all of these years " He said in dark voice almost in a whisper but loud enough for hopefully those around to hear him. " It is about time we meet face to face " @Ataraxy
  10. Lucius Silverbow, The Forgotten brother
  11. I have come back after three years. Sorry for leaving all of the sudden like i apparently did. I was still in college so had to put my priories first 


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  12. Eldest son - Azazel Siverbow
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