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  1. notmuch_23

    Pressure-Washing Andelusia [quest]

    Well, onto the scene of the most recent related murder. Aveline rolls into Andelusia like she normally does, and ignores the glares and nasty comments the locals make as she drives to the scene. Once she gets out, two things strike her immediately: The body has been removed, but the scene has not been cleaned up There's really no point in cleaning up The position of the body is rather crudely marked in an outline of smeared horse shit and an indent in the mud. there's more scrapes around it, which could have been the assailants, the guards, or other people passing by, but one thing she finds as she looks closer is blood: lots of it. Almost as if getting this victim to bleed was their goal or something. As Aveline looks closer at the blood spray patterns, she finds a lot of gouges, as bright of tan as the day the tree was cut down, in stark contrast to the gray exterior, and they're at the origins of the blood trails. Aveline takes out her phone and Leatherman Wave to take pictures of the gashes with some limited measurements and context. "Holy shit, these assholes aren't fuckin' around!" Aveline says. About two thirds of the gashes, which seem like the ones from the assailants, are rather wide and deep. The other third, likely from the victim, aren't as deep, but certainly longer. If she had to guess, the assailants, since this much violence is only possible with a group of people, were wielding heavy axes, likely two-handed. and the victim was using a longsword for defense, and from the blood patterns, got in a couple good wounds. Next stop: whomever processes dead bodies here.
  2. I do believe that minor noble houses need to be under some major noble house, but I could be wrong. Either way, I think House Singlance would be the noble house to talk to: they're the newest, and smallest house seeking to technologically advance Ursa Madeum, and the patriarch is in good with John Wilder, Taen's crime lord. so it's either work with them, or fight an underworld war with them.
  3. notmuch_23

    Index of evil organizations

    Would an organization make this list if another considers it evil, even if the organization in question has never really done anything evil?
  4. notmuch_23

    Looking for Mercenaries, Killers, and Operators.

    In my case, it would just be much ado about nothing: Challara does not yet have a reason to act.
  5. notmuch_23

    Taen Empire Delegation to Tethys

    Would a member of one of Ursa Madeum's major noble houses be helpful?
  6. notmuch_23

    Taen and Ursa Madeum AMA

    They're integral to the mission to root out the traitors in Andelusia, so yeah, I'll definitely flesh out a class of scavengers!
  7. Thurgood will bring his smoker and a bunch of zkriz'ka and jungle pig carcasses to 'cue, while Aveline plays electric guitar. Let's do this!
  8. notmuch_23

    Taen and Ursa Madeum AMA

    I'm sure there are scavengers in Ursa Madeum, and especially Andelusia, but who are they, what do they wear, what are their mannerisms, habits, modus operandi, and what do they scavenge for?
  9. notmuch_23

    Interested in being a reporter?

    Didn't know if I could...
  10. notmuch_23

    Interested in being a reporter?

    I'm kind of surprised there isn't an opinion piece on the political scene in Ursa Madeum, and especially opinions on the noble houses. Why isn't any opinion writer shitting all over "House" Singlance for being just two violent, otherworlder rednecks?
  11. I'm surprised Rozharon would actually defend them! I get the idea that she's starting to regret that decision.
  12. she could go hunting Taen Jungle pigs with Thurgood and Aveline; they're far nastier and more aggressive than other pigs, plus they can climb trees! i really wanna canonize those...
  13. The magic boot could be from an entirely different dimension where Red Foreman actually existed: it allows its wearer to put the boot, and by extension their foot, right up somebody else's asshole!
  14. You type that like it's a bad thing!