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  1. But Jay can still work for them, I just figured he didn't want to go through the process (prospecting for half a year) for just an "internship".
  2. Already have: Thurgood and/pr Aveline will be talking to him more about a position when the party winds down. With the Taen Loci actively degrading equipment it deems hostile to nature, they'll definitely need his skills and powers! Maybe you should think about whether or not Lithist wants to just work for, or be a part of House Singlance. @The Rabbit Emperor from what you wrote about "Jay's" desires, I figure he probably doesn't want to be a part of House Singlance.
  3. No, a character does not need to be a current "citizen" of Ursa Madeum to be considered! If you'd like, I could start a thread and tag you as an opening, or you could start the thread if you'd like.
  4. Aveline stops her truck as close as practical to the closest point the professional surveyors nail-staked to the river banks they want to continue the survey from, since its position in three-dimensional space on Corinth is known. Then she hops out, opens the back door to let Vivian and Nadia out and grab the theodolite, still in its case. Thurgood hops out and goes to the bed to grab the tripod and sighting poles. "Just two," Aveline says as she also grabs wooden pegs, nails, a hammer, a notebook, and a Sharpie. "Just two?" Thurgood asks. "Yup, right now I'ma just gonna put down stakes for me to put this," Aveline says as she pats her theodolite's case, "then you and Nadia'll cross the river for those measurements.
  5. "Learn how t' use that thing?" Thurgood asks when he returns. "Yeah, I think so," Aveline replies, "my results and calculations are within about 1% of the official survey." "How was the trig?" Thurgood asks. "Not as hard as it was when I was learning it the first time..." Aveline says, "whelp, shall we head out?" Thurgood opens a back door for Vivan and Nadia to hop in the back of Aveline's truck before he closes it and steps in the passenger side as Aveline buckles up. The sighting poles and tripod are in the bed. The sliding guides, theodolite, and distance wheel are on the floor behind the front seats. Aveline starts the engine, and engages the transfer case for 4L, then shifts to first and starts rolling to the riverbank in this virgin coastal forestland.
  6. What is it exactly that you want to do with "Jay" here? I mean, Thurgood and Aveline are outsiders too: they're not even from this planet.
  7. "Okay, first, we didn't shoot them with lethal rounds, they were buckshot beanbags: hurt like a motherfucker but usually won't cause serious damage, and not really," Aveline says, "if the ordinary people hate us that much, I honestly figure the other houses abhor us unless they prove otherwise. We're gonna and up House Karadeen's economic and military rivals, so I don't want to get too close to them." Aveline leans back towards Pallas. "I know it sounds cruel, but I'm glad they're not."
  8. The manor is done, the announcement has been made, the radar foxes have been adopted, Thurgood and Aveline are working on expanding their territory, the Taen Loci are rapidly degrading the machinery to dig the vulcanium mine shaft, and they're doing this with pretty much only the aforementioned radar foxes. House Singlance will get this shit done with or without anybody else, but do you really want to miss out on this advancement? If you(r characters) don't want to work directly for/with House Singlance, or you want to go in a bit of a different direction but still be a part of this, that's what vassals are for!
  9. Thurgoid takes a trip to the Vulcanium mine shaft to pay the workers, bring over another can of rust-stopping paint, more high-pressure flexible steam hoses, and assess yet another problem with the gantry crane. The thing is brand new, and shit keeps not just needing maintenance well before it's supposed to, but completely breaking before reaching the break-in period, with loads well below even half of its rated capacity! What the fuck is happening here? Then the drills keep needing service too! Well, that gives Aveline some time to learn how to set and use her new Theodolite, and brush up on her Triginometry to see if she can replicate the results the professional surveyors got when they surveyed a particular section of land within their territory. If she can, she knows she got her methods, measurements, and calculations correct.
  10. Well, that was some party, time to get back to work. Thurgood already submitted the final adoption form all filled out, so now Vivian and Nadia will officially be part of the Singlance family in six weeks to eight decades. While they were in Andelusia though, Aveline picked up her order that came in from Port Sun: an analog theodolite, five sighting poles, five sliding guides for the sighting poles, a mechanical distance wheel, more rope, and a tripod for the theodolite. If they're going to build a dam and dig a reservoir for the river that runs through their territory, they'll need to better know what they're dealing with geographically and topographically.
  11. Who doesn't? We could have Tom Cruise and Val Kilmur play homoerotic beach volleyball before climing into their fighter jets and dogfighting them 25,000 feet over Yh'mi!
  12. Since that first night Challara laid Charlie out, she had been working... ...and working... ...and working... ...and working. Fidelitas learned real quick that it's best for everybody to keep Challara occupied with physical tasks, like carrying shit to build the walls, holding things up, and other general labor that Challara's strength lends well to. In fact, she's still working right now, probably moving supplies.
  13. "Rough is a fucking understatement," Aveline says, "Oscar Uldwar wanted us to sign a new constitution that would cut the Veluriyam Empire out of Ursa Madeum essentially. I'm sure your mom tol'jya how that went. No matter what happened there, I'm sure he would have found some way to set us back more than we already were. Where every other house started at the same level, we started in a deep pit that Oscar threw boulders into." Aveline isn't complaining though: adversity is where one discovers what they're made of, and when one overcomes it, one becomes stronger. "Grant Knight lowered a rope, which I'm grateful for, but if he didn't, we'd get ourselves out," Aveline says, "but the fact that we almost had to make a deal with somebody else to get what we should have from day one really speaks to how much influence and respect we don't have here." To be fair, they don't have much influence or respect in Lunaris either, even though Aveline helped slay the hydra. Thurgood and Aveline do want to talk to Lithist more, but they'll wait until the party winds down.
  14. Okay, I'm catching up on The Orville, and I'm watching the episode where they're moving time capsule artifacts from 2015, and manage to revive an iPhone. I call bullshit with a caveat. iPhones, and damn near anything else now without a magnetic hard drive uses NAND flash, which use floating-point transistors. Without getting too technical, the data (unless refreshed after a while) will only last FIVE YEARS at most. So for the crew to be able to reconstruct the data after 400 years, their technology must have been able to determine the most recent state of the floating-point transistors and essentially reprogram it to that state again.
  15. Well, either way, I know House Singlance will do what they can to either minimize the environmental impact of their development, or in the case of strip mining, return the land to nature in as good of a state, if not better, than it was when they started (with a different topography, of course).
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