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  1. Just like the title says, better give a couple examples. Thurgood Singlance: he gets shit done. Aveline Singlance: A faaaar better, and female, build of Thurgood Singlance. Challara Arabett: A dim follower, victim of Yh'mi, but she's strong. Soker Kidwt: A work in progress. No, seriously. Vivian Singlance: A sapient fox trying to be Aveline. Nadia Singlance: Thurgood is rubbing off on her.
  2. I want to write, but I'm too lazy to write a full story most of the time. I also like writing with other people.
  3. As Soker was getting ready to take on whatever comes, Asher essentially makes a flame barrier with a fairly narrow opening. this may be good news for others, it isn't for Soker; her whole fighting style revolves around constant movement around her enemy. with such a narrow opening, that's nearly impossible, Hell she won't even have much space to swing her blade. Good thing it can thrust too... ...so with much trepidation, Soker takes her place at the front of the formation, and draws her blade, ready to drive the point home to anything that attacks them.
  4. Construction may have halted for a couple days, but Thurgood sure didn't: he spent them checking the sightlines and curves of the paved roads, especially over hills. In Ursa Madeum, where he started making roads, Thurgood subconsciously designed the roads for motor vehicles, even though he was the only one on the archipelago with any at the time, because that's all he knew. With the Moss Forest Highway, it became more conscious: making hills gentle enough to allow drivers traveling forty miles per hour (or 64.3738 km/h) to see far enough to drive safely, and making curves with constantly changing radii to allow drivers to gradually make the turn without having to jerk the wheel, designed for a minimum speed of forty miles per hour. Additionally, those curves are banked. Unfortunately, not at the optimum banking angle, because animal-drawn cart wheels could slide sideways if they were, but still. Here in Jiyū, being so close to the Zuhl Plateau that has plenty of motor vehicles, the design for them intensifies. All turns on the main thoroughfares that don't go through populated areas are/will be optimally banked, sight lines will allow safe driving outside of populated areas at a minimum of fifty miles per hour (or 43.4488 knots), but inside populated areas, he's leaving trees and structures closer to the road, narrowing shoulders and lanes, and tightening curves to subconsciously make drivers slow down. After all, this isn't his first road...
  5. @Tyler @Ataraxy @Malintzin @Vaudevillian
  6. Got the Copper Bell Casino thread up here for auditions.
  7. Buuut, the Copper Bell is not open yet. Dealers need training, especially for more complex games like Craps, Pai Gow, Sic Bo, and Faro, the rest of the staff also need training, finishing touches need to be put on, the mall tenants need time to set up, and entertainment needs to get scheduled. The last part is what Thurgood and Aveline are focused on right now, as they host open auditions for various acts for both the multi-use venue, and the bars scattered around the property. In fact, the auditions are taking place in the multi-use venue where a stage has been set up with crew for the lights and sound equipment to meet the needs for those auditioning. "So who's up first?" Aveline asks Thurgood. ((Tagging those that have expressed interest, @Venus Sprite, @Peach, @Djinn&Juice))
  8. The Copper Bell Hotel Casino is, obviously, a gambling establishment. This one isn't as opulent as the King's Fountain, has humanoid dealers on real tables with real cards, chips, dice, wheels, and balls, unlike the Helix, and is a generally affordable place. There are two main entrances: one from the "street" and one at the subway station (yes, it has a subway station). Both have large sheets of polycarbonate letting natural light in during the day, and are about fifty feet high. The five floors above the entrance floors are open to each entrance. The street entrance shows the ends of the first five floors of the casino, while the subway entrance shows the five floors of the mall and entertainment. The floors and walls are all hardwood facades with copper decorations that actual.ly look surprisingly modern. The casino floors have plenty of slot machines, craps, classic Blackjack, Spanish 21, Pai Gow (not Pai Gow Poker, but actual Pai Gow with Chinese dominoes), Five Card Draw, Texas Hold 'Em, Roulette, Faro, Caribbean Stud, and Sic Bo. there is also Keno and Bingo parlors. The mall has various tenants from across Valucre, and plenty of vacancies (it's a big mall, hard to fill it all at once), including a food court. The casino has a buffet of comfort food, and the kitchen is available for orders from the casino floor or hotel rooms. There is a multi-use venue that hosts fights, concerts, performances and other sports. There is also a bowling alley, with 20 lanes of standard 10-pin, 10 lanes of duckpin, and 10 lanes of candlepin, and eight bars scattered around the property. The Hotel is fifty stories of rooms and family suites. The rooms aren't very fancy, only having a bed, microwave, mini fridge, alarm clock, basic bathroom (shower, toilet, sink), but are always clean, comfortable, and reasonably priced. In fact, everything under the casino's control (that is, not in the mall), is priced for lower-class people to generally afford. Even the slots and table games have minimum bets as low as two ounces of tin.
  9. Seems to me that jazz would be better suited to one of the bars instead of the main performance venue, which the Copper Bell does have...
  10. Yeah, actually. there are plenty of plays and stand-up comedians performing in Vegas! Why not the Copper Bell?
  11. Full summary: Thurgood decides to build a hotel casino entertainment building. Aveline doesn't like it at first, but she kind of comes around... kind of. While the Singlances were testing the bowling alley equipment with John Wilder, a giant explosion rocks the building. If Thurgood hadn't overengineered it, the building would have collapsed. The explosion was a deliberate malicious act, but set up to look like an accident. It also contains a Mil Dot location, with a range underground with robots! Short summary: Thurgood and Aveline build a hotel casino, named it the Copper Bell, despite a boom during construction. Consequences and Opportunities: There is yet another casino in New Everrun. The Saboteur: Somebody tried to bring down the Copper Bell, trying to make it look like an accident, Who did it, why, and are any other places in New Everrun in danger? @Csl @danzilla3
  12. It takes a couple more weeks for the insurance investigators to finish, and in that time, the workers have made significant progress on repairing the damage. What the insurance investigators find is that the explosion was not planned by either Thurgood or Aveline. However, it was deliberate. The insurance company will forward their findings to the police, and pay claim; the company will do everything they can to get the money back from the perpetrator(s). The Copper Bell Casino gets finished only one month behind schedule, and with tightened security, nothing else bad happens. Dealers got trained, slot machines got configured, some tenants were signed to the mall (but it's not full yet), and the giant copper-plated bronze bell gets hung in the atrium.
  13. "Uh, I hate to point out an oversight," Aveline says. "Bull fuckin' shit, you loooove to point out where and when I fuck up," Thurgood replies, "so where is it?" "Parking," Aveline replies, "there's no chance we're gonna have enough lot space, even if we paved every extra square inch of surface." "We've got a subway station," Thurgood says, "do we need a lot of parking?" Aveline just glares at him. "Alright then, we gotta build a garage though..." Thurgood says "Okay, but where exactly?" Aveline asks, we don't got a whole lot of space left on our plot... Thurgood looks around, and his eyes fall on the temporary support structures. "there," he says as he points to them, "once the repair work is done, we can convert those into parking garages. "Huh, guess Grant was right," Aveline says, "you can be resourceful... ...at least when the solution's obvious..."
  14. Before the insurance company could investigate the incident, the building had to be stabilized. Within a week, trucks carrying oversized loads of very long steel I beams that are ten feet tall and eighty feet long, with some smaller, but still massive beams, and were being welded into really long I beams. The plan is this: roll/slide the beams through the lowest undamaged floor, so each end sticks out. then, weld a temporary steel structure that will take the weight of the tower directly to the bedrock. then scaffolding and supports can be constructed below to hold the damaged floors up and provide a place to repair the structure. Doing so was a huge feat, requiring custom-made lift frames with rollers for the gargantuan beams, along with floor rollers and counterweights to roll the beams in without putting strain on the damaged structure. Hydraulic jacks lift the beams up to the floor above, and ironworkers weld in the temporary support structure as concrete workers place forms around the base of the main vertical beams to secure them to the rock. Once the concrete cures, the real work begins.
  15. July second, eighteen thousand five ninety nine, the Copper Bell Casino was still under construction. The six underground floors and subway station were getting finished as the thirty-second floor of the hotel tower was being poured, and ironworkers were welding the steel structural beams of the thirty-sixth. Three separate thirty-kilowatt transformers supplied power for the construction, with space for three sixty kilowatt transformers to be installed later. Sometime around eleven-thirty, the transformers entered an "open delta" state, as one transformer was disconnected. The other two are able to operate at eighty-three percent of the reduced total capacity to supply three-phase current, but the demands of construction and equipment testing drew, combined, a whopping one hundred sixty percent of safe operating power. Naturally, the transformers, including the mineral oil inside, started heating up. The thermal cutoff system that should have opened all breakers to the transformers did not work, neither did the associated warning systems. Unknown to those on site, the temperature of the transformers rose to three hundred thirty degrees Celcius, causing the mineral oil to boil rapidly. The pressure quickly rose to the point that safety relief valves opened, releasing mineral oil vapor into the local atmosphere. Ventilation fans installed to keep the transformers cool pulled the vapor outside, where it formed a colorless cloud with the odor of burning rubber, which went unnoticed during construction that produced similar odors. Once the vapor cloud reached explosive concentration, detonation was inevitable. The fireball and massive explosion severely injured twenty-nine workers, with nine sustaining third-degree burns. The overengineered structure remained standing where a properly engineered one would have completely collapsed, saving hundreds of lives. ((I wanted to write a USCSB-style video "script" for this. Too bad I don't have the means for Abbott Animation to animate this explosion...))
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