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  1. Thurgood does not have a criminal record or warrants on Valucre though.
  2. Holy shit; Thurgood Singlance has been doing bad things to people for bad, good, neutral, selfless, and selfish reasons for years! Maybe he can join the VCF as an initiate that already has combat experience.
  3. Thurgood A. Singlance on the law: "If the law works for me, great! I'll let it work unimpeded, up to the moment it does not work for me anymore. Then the law can go fuck itself; I'll do what gets me justice."

  4. If Thurgood Singlance did much of what he wanted in Ursa Madeum, there would be a city on the coast with its buildings being overwhelmingly constructed with aluminum. Every single-family house would be framed and clad in aluminum; the sidings and roof could be anodized in damn near any color of the rainbow (no painting required in that case), and every window could use synthetic sapphire instead of glass (which is an aluminum-based mineral). The electrical cables would only have two conductors, because the entire fucking frame would be the grounding conductor. Aluminum furniture would be the norm, high-rises would be framed and built with aluminum instead of steel, but the concrete would use polymer-reinforced-fiberglass rebar because aluminum and concrete don't go so well together.

    1. Csl


      Sounds like you want to make this kind of location somewhere.

      Of interest:


    2. -Lilium-


      We want to do some biblical damage to it first, perform gratuitous violence against a battery of ancient alien monsters and spirits, and rebuild what is left without technology.....

      So, if you're up for the challenge and want to create your own place in the soon to be revised Alterion...Please let me know. 

  5. Inside are more of the same fucking creatures that really destroyed the wagons, only because the Tyranid Trigon Chhiten Magus didn't burst up in the middle of the formation and splinter them all in one fell swoop for some reason. Honestly, her shotgun would be more effective in these tight quarters, and with creatures that mostly operate with mêlée attacks, but there is one that is currently wielding a sub-machine gun. Even somebody with the leadership qualities of a worker ant can recognize that particular twistling is the greatest threat right now. So, with a clear mind, and the discipline that comes with it, Challara lines up the front and rear iron sights of her M60 on that twistling's center of mass, and... *pop-pop-pop* *pop-pop-pop-pop* *pop-pop-pop* ,,,three short bursts of automatic fire slam into the creature's baneful flesh as the last link of the belt drops with the hot casings onto the floor. One smooth motion slings the heavy machine gun onto her back, and another picks up the Mossberg 590 that she picked back up from the last nightmare after the dark child went down, and the purple drow opens the chamber to make sure there's a shell loaded.
  6. Both Thurgood and Aveline review the training outline, and both suggest a demonstration of their existing firearm skills to see if the emphasis on those exercises needs to be on learning or teaching the techniques, which require different approaches. Primarily, Aveline needs to teach these to others. "So will this training include skills and approaches on how to teach these to others?" Aveline asks, "I know from the little experience I have that learning something for personal use and teaching others are quite different, even though learning is integral to the process of true understanding, which is: Learn the fact/technique/motion (knowledge) Apply the knowledge Teach the knowledge to someone else. To that end, Aveline wants her operators to teach some of these to patrolmen to complete their understanding, and give the patrolmen more tools to deal with aggressive perpetrators. Other than the firearm section, the outline looks solid.
  7. "Well, I want a more counter-insurgency role, since we'll be Lunaris' SWAT, but I want to learn battlefield techniques as well," Aveline says, answering Sheryl's questions, "I honestly don't have a squad yet, but the governor just appointed a sheriff like, three days before I left, so the Protectorate in general hasn't had much time to recruit, and that's my recruitment pool. Our overall battle gear is a 40-pound kevlar, nylon, and ceramic plate armor system including a vest with neck protection, a helmet, the necessary pouches for ammo, protective wraparound glasses, and a com system. As far as threats though, those are literally as varied as those that commit major crimes, but I expect to face the absolute, hands-down most violent, most insane criminals in all history. As far as equipment, we own the only gun store in Lunaris, we're already supplying the standard patrol cops, so my squad will literally have access to anything and everything on our shelves to get the job done. I'm really well-versed in firearms, familiar with forced entry techniques, I just don't have any formal training in hand-to-hand combat. I mean, I fought with him most of my life, but we fight dirty." Thurgood definitely noticed Sheryl's natural beauty, but he's also smart enough to know that a woman that can teach Aveline something about combat is not a woman that will EVER be anywhere within the same universe as the desire to ride his wood, so he won't even dream of making a pass.
  8. Now, the Mil Dot is quiet after the lunch rush. Thurgood and Aveline still haven't come back in from their trip to northern Terrenus; they've gone to the celebration. Regardless, it seems Vivian perfected her dry-rub blend, and all the customers raved about it, which made her feel good. Nadia, unable to blow glass, instead is apprenticing with a local blacksmith\bladesmith, and had been for a while, learning how to make blades. By now she's getting the craft down pretty well, with a noticable increase in muscle mass throughout her whole body, but mainly her arms and front shoulders (some fabrication skills are universal, and both glassblowers and metalsmiths need to carefully control the temperature of their media). As a result, the knife case now has some of her own blades, with handles made from both jungle boar tusk and zkriz'ka antler, with some shaping to make them easier to hold and use.
  9. It had been a hard, long session of training, but they're done. Thurgood finally drives through the Blue Hills Portal to Taen, with Aveline asleep in the passenger seat, empty 55-gallon drums sounding with every bump, and into Lunaris to find a giant crowd of people celebrating, and more importantly, blocking his way to the Mil Dot. After backtracking, and driving off-road in 4-wheel drive through the maze of trees that is the Moss Forest to the little crescent of forested land within the vast fields that the Mil Dot sits in, Thurgood wakes up Aveline, so both can drag their sore, bruised bodies up to their rooms for some rest, but the sounds of celebration carry through the relatively unobstructed atmosphere. "The fuck is that?" Aveline asks. "Eh, sum'n 'r other, crowd blocked my way back here; surprised some of the big bumps didn't wake you up." "Well fuck, I could use some excitement, let's go!" "It'll have to be on foot; this truck's outta fuel." As if on cue, the diesel engine sputters and dies. Aveline then steps out and starts walking her sore legs to the excitement, and Thurgood sets the parking brake, locks the doors, and follows.
  10. I liked playing Thurgood and Aveline as nobles, short as it was. I just wish I could have done it longer so i could play out how they would play out the inter-house drama their way: direct, blunt, clever, and sometimes violent. Thurgood is still going to find a way to mine and refine the bauxite on the bottom of the strait between Corinth and Yh'Mi into aluminum metal.
  11. Well, now Challara had some black goo cover her cuts, and some weird blue fire burn her... ...burns away? The fuck is this logic? While she waits for somebody else to make a decision, the drow just closes her eyes, and tries to bust away any of the insanity the last realm offered up in an all-you-don't-want-to-eat buffet, and was amazingly able to. Then once she opens her eyes, she sees Soryn going through a door, so she goes to follow him, since it's probably a less painful deathtrap than what's under the floor.
  12. Rolling to see if Challara can get her last point of sanity back (for now)...
  13. Of course, Aveline has a good funk going too, though M'shen would be much more sensitive to Thurgood's, since female brains and olfactory cells are more sensitive to male body odors. But all that aside, Thurgood and Aveline follow M'shen to their acomidations to at least bathe before going to the financial offices to pay for all this training and everything that goes with it. This is an entirely new experience for them, rarely venturing outside of the Veluriyam Empire, but the Lunarian Protectorate needs Aveline to form the Special Operations Squad, and part of that is teaching the operators how to fight without firearms, to either take perps alive or defend themselves if they run out of ammo or the perp gets too close to use one. ((edit to not double-post)) Now clean, and a few hundred rhodium Terran coin lighter (five ounce coins), the siblings eventually, after much arguing, circling, backtracking, and consultation of any available maps and\or people in this vast fortress, they finally make it to the library to meet Knight Sheryl Wainwright.
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