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  1. "No, Thurgood is tight with John," Aveline says, "I don't want anything to do with that gang-banger, and since he introduced us, I honestly suspect he has some sort of ulterior motive. Besides, the resources we need to expand aren't just capital or material." Most people on Lagrimosa know by now that black powder and nitrocellulose propellants are unstable on this continent, Vulcanium can't be economically mined from Corinth (if at all), and the supply of Blackblood's petroleum-based propellant has been dwindling. Then there's the fact that not every government wants a gun store in their jurisdiction. Expanding the Mil Dot stores will take chemical breakthroughs and political leverage. The mighty Smiling Jack may be able to help with one of those, but likely not both. Then there's the fact that neither of the Singlances want to owe John Wilder even one tenth of an ounce of tin.
  2. This is just a ruse for Absolom's mega companies to gather more slaves.
  3. Especially a lead dragon; that flesh is just completely perfused with lead and lead compounds.
  4. The Mil Dot Lunaris barbecues zkriz'ka meat, makes acid bomb lemonade, and also makes canned, caramel gha'zu.
  5. "That's it so far," Aveline says, "we never had the resources to expand further..." "and we won't for a while after how much building this place cost," Aveline thinks. There's also the problem with Aveline now being so damn busy that she can't participate as much in the business, which means Thurgood has to act unilaterally, which pisses Aveline off, which drives them apart, which makes Thurgood act unilaterally...
  6. Honestly, I put all supernatural abilities and systems in the "supernatural" box, and only really skim the surface occasionally. As far as I think, the natural world has Laws, and the supernatural world has "rules" that are only enforced by other supernatural users, which make them more like "loose suggestions we want you to maybe think about adhering to,but can't really force upon you." Supernatural martial arts are just users that limit themselves with "rules" for some reason, and are just as supernatural as magic.
  7. "Well we, this little duo here, are flat FUCKING broke! But hey, let's go spend four-hundred pounds of Rhodium on a manor to babysit people that will abhor us soon if they don't already!"

    "Whoa, we're not broke, we just... have our wealth locked in illiquid assets."

    "What's the fucking difference? Either way, we don't have the cash to drop on an outhouse much less a noble manor right now! Especially after how much we had to shell out to fight Lillith Reiter!"

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      The first and third. The second sounds like Thurgood

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      *Ding ding ding ding!*

      "Tell Dabi what they've won!"

      "Uh... being correct?"

  8. High above the cloud cover, seventy-thousand feet above the surface of Valucre, floats one lone, small aerostat. More precisely, it's an aerostat without a rigid frame, with the internal pressure of hydrogen gas keeping the envelope inflated; pressure which is stretching the envelope much larger at this altitude. Fortunately, this craft is designed for it, made and normally used to track and study large weather patterns that can only be observed and measured this far above Valucre. Now though, instead of large instrument clusters ready to drop out of its airlock, Thurgood and Aveline sit in the hold, with full combat gear, three full-size airfoil canopies each, bottles of 80-20 nitrogen-oxygen mix (and the necessary gear to breathe it), plenty of anti-materiel items such as thermite, explosives, caps, and detonation cord, pressure-based altimeters, a few magazines for their assault rifles, but plenty of 12-gauge shells for their shotguns, and communication to the rest of the Allied Fleet, ready to step into the airlock, and out into a freefall towards any aircraft in this fight, to either help defend a vital allied craft, or much more likely, board a craft under the Cult of Power's control to either capture it or take it out of the fight. It takes massive balls to take on the Cult of Power in the first place, but to drop out of a tiny blimp, fall between forty to sixty-thousand feet, and rely on a relatively small assemblage of nylon to take the fight right to the enemy is just completely fucking INSANE! The Singlance Siblings hope it's insane enough to blindside the Cult of Power, and most importantly, work. "We should be right above the fleet," the pilot shouts back. "Call it," Aveline replies. The pilot activates the secure communication device, and transmits just a short phrase to any allied fleet craft connected: "the hornets are in position."
  9. ((This thread apparently affects Hasturia more than Eridanus...))
  10. Thurgood grabs a fitted sheet, a regular sheet, a pillow core, and a case for the twin-size guest bed that Gozen will be sleeping on, ready whenever he wants to go to bed. Doesn't bedding include some sort of blanket, comforter, or duvet? Normally yes, but the warmer climate of the Moss Forest makes one unnecessary. This is a heavy thing to drop on Thurgood and Aveline as this will effectively split their political allegiances. It could be a benefit, it could be a burden, it could be quite detrimental.
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