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  1. If anybody's sucking, I am.
  2. So who has next post? I know it ain't me.
  3. "Neither is goin' in unprepared and unequipped," Aveline replies in her native Hoosier accent, "ya might be ready, but what about the rest of us? I don't got the ammo, arms, nor armor ta go 'round killin' big shit right now. Then there's the issues of transportation, communication, we'll need supplies and tools, and that means knowin' where we're goin' and how long we'll be on this adventure." "I co-own a gun store and range. I've prob'ly done my body more damage leaving the Range Master's booth on a busy day than eating with forged tool steel. That means I can oufit this party with weapons, ammo, and armor, if I have some time to get back and get it all here, and I can assure my big brother, the other co-owner, that I can get the cost of everything recouped. Of course, I also need to know what to get. Even Aveline must admit that the oil is affecting the flavor, so she switches to the spoon. As far as she's concerned, this better pay off; constructing the Mil Dot was very expensive.
  4. Didn't think post order would matter too much at this point in the RP, but the next round, now I know to wait for both @LoganDub and @NuclearCommando before I post.
  5. Aveline finally gets a noodle with her chopsticks just as Devi starts talking. Then the sticks slip, cross, then fly out of her hands. As Aveline listens, she has questions. Like: 'who is this rival', 'why did he think Devi could give this guy a kid', 'why did he fight her because she couldn't', 'how does this realm's cosmology work', and 'how much and what equipment will I need for this mission'. "So, uh, it's either that or find new ways to kill time at the Mil Dot," Aveline replies as she gets fed up at her failed attempts to eat, "so what will this mission entail, and what threats would we face?" Getting more hungry by the second, Aveline takes out her Leatherman Wave, flips out the handles, wipes off the jaws, then uses the pliers to finally eat something. "Fuck chopsticks."
  6. Tourists: every single civilization has to deal with them, and they often brought an arrogant ignorance to the local society. Two rich douchebags in particular laughed at Devi as they used their sattelite smartphone to upload a video of her pleas to the internet, and link a snarky tweet to it. Devi never knew about it, much less that the bored co-owner of a gun store on another planet, in another dimension, would see the video and become so indignant at these douchebags' insults that she would take a route through Sigil, a city she hated, to La Guardia, then take a ferry from there to Nar Oeste, to beat the shit out of these douchebags. They left on matching flourescent yellow crotch rockets an hour ago. So now Aveline Debbie Singlance, a human in drow blue skin (and the pointy ears), standing at five feet seven inches, still wearing the black polo with white collar and sleeve trim, with the Mil Dot logo embroidered in white thread on the left breast, blue jeans with a black belt holding them, the holster, mag pouches, and a shell pouch for her Glock 17 and Mossberg 590 (eight-shot, adjustable stock), all a couple sizes too big, is walking back with a monk holding the bowl a small human-shrimp creature is sitting in back to a resuraunt on a boat, wondering what the hell is happening, and why everybody they pass is staring at her like she's a Conqueron. "So what the fuck is this about, anyways?" Aveline asks.
  7. Well, part of my first post will be how Aveline even learned that Hodra even exists, and knew where to go. It won't be long though. To the IC thread!
  8. I thought this thread just sort of vanished from anybody's attention... ...but escorting Devi, that's why not. I'll edit the title and first post.
  9. I forgot to ask and I didn't see it mentioned, what genre would this be? The character I'd like to use is from a modern technology base, and I don't think it would be fair to bring an assault rifle and grenades to a swordfight.
  10. I thought of starting my Valucre roleplaying by bringing one of my two main characters from Gaia Online to La Guardia in a planal-transport glitch, but taking a mercenary job would be more fitting I think. Yeah, I have a huge interest in this. Now there's just the minor detail of how either one heard of it... ...but I'll cross that bridge if and when I come to it.
  11. I won't even pretend to understand what all that means, or even how much work it took to get the servers back online, but thank you for doing so. I just discovered this community, and I don't want to see it burn before I can enjoy it.
  12. Update: I've since found another roleplay to act as that kind of intruductopn, but after that, who knows?.
  13. Thank you for the Code of Conduct link, I couldn't find it otherwise, and I tried. I'll assume Valuchre has 1/8th the density of Earth and therefore the acceleration of gravity at the surface is 9.8 m/s^2 as well. I'd think about starting in the Tavern of Legend, but from what I read it's a strict medieval fantasy setting. I think I may just introduce one of those two humanoid characters though...
  14. I'm new to Valuchre, but not to this type of roleplaying. I'm fairly active on Gaia Online, but the roleplaying scene on Gaia Online has slowed down considerably. Yet I have two characters I have a LOT invested in, and I'd like to bring them here instead of starting from scratch, but I have a few questions that I can't find answers to: What is considered "obscene", for site rule purposes? Is posting certain words you can't say on television obscene, or is it something like cybering or overly describing gory scenes? Would there be a place (or places) where I could eventually establish some sort of commercial establishment with its own thread (after extensive roleplay establishing what, where, why, and especially how)? Valuchre is twice the radius of Earth. According to the square-cube law, this means Valuchre has four times the surface area and eight times the volume of Earth as well. What is the acceleration of gravity on the surface? If Valuchre is the same density as Earth, it will be much higher simply because the planet has more mass, and would therefore affect the development of all life on Valuchre and make my original idea of bringing two characters here from elsewhere unfeasable.