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  1. Rise of Angels

    I appreciate that.
  2. Rise of Angels

    I won't have any more reason to post until one of the teams needs help, so I'ma just ready an action for Challara to sprint to the outpost that gives a signal.
  3. Rise of Angels (Factions)

    "Yes suh," Challara responds, wondering what the hell this signal will be. In the meantime thoigh, she checks all her magazines, links all her M60 belts together, loads that really long belt into her M60, makes sure her Mossberg 590 is loaded and more shells are easy to access, and settles down for a very tense wait. But behind her, the refugees are talking. "A drow? Really?" "No, it's a drow with a machine gun!" "Well, they'd better fuck up those bandits, they killed half my family!"
  4. Rise of Angels (Factions)

    Challara looks at the map wordlessly, studying the three outposts' locations, but doesn't make a decision; every time she has in matters of combat, it's been a bad one. That, and her experiences have taught her to just follow orders and leave the thinking to her superiors. While Challara waits for the rest to decide what they're going to do, she drops her backpack, takes a knee, opens it, and starts gearing up for combat. First out is an Advanced Combat Helmet, followed by a Modular Tactical Vest, a full set of XSAPI plates (with a special "female-molded" front plate), more pouches (including a long one for M60 belts), M67 frag grenades, and some more ammo. Delibrately and proficiently, she pieces everything together, puts it all on, and now she looks far more like a modern soldier. If John, Jenn, and/or Anouk know as much about combat and tactics as they should, they'd probably either point Challara towards an outpost her firepower would be particularly destructive to, or even better, keep her back until one of the other assault teems needs assistance, then send Challara in to inflict heavy casualties as either a distraction or facilitation to the others.
  5. Rise of Angels

    With the recent magical fluctuations rendering chemical propellants unreliable, firing an M60 will be especially dangerous to both the bandits and Challara, since I need to roll a d100 for each shot!
  6. Terrenus | AMA (Ask me anything)

    So compressed-gas and magnetically-accelerated arms it is then...
  7. Taen HQ

    So firearms work fine in Taen, but as soon as you leave the portal with one, the rounds can detonate, misfire, or squib far more often... ...but could the fluctuations in the Terran arcanosphere say, change the destinations of the already established portals, or make new temporary entrance portals?
  8. Terrenus | AMA (Ask me anything)

    Does this magical gunpowder reliability affect all firearm propellant chemistries, or just black powder? Also, would this also affect the part of Taen that is inside the pocket dimension?
  9. Taen HQ

    I did not know about the anti-gunpowder field. That would make it pointless to sell guns there then, wouldn't it?
  10. Taen HQ

    Neither Thurgood nor Aveline is a gunsmith; they use and sell firearms, not make them. Why would somebody want a muzzle-loading flintlock over a modern, self-repeating firearm anyways?
  11. Taen HQ

    So, Thurgood and Aveline currently cannot get to Gaia Prime, where their first location currently is. Would there be a way to magically transport that giant, cast-concrete building to a spot prepared on Corinth, likely outside Andelusia? I expect to do a lot of roleplay to make it happen, since the amount of magical energy to pull that off would be immense, and those who can wield that kind of magical power would never dream of doing this for free.
  12. While my two main characters are a mix of two basic races (98% human, 2% drow), and my secondary is another standard race (100% drow), I do have two supporting characters (NQFPC: Not Quite Full Player Character) that are a different species. Race Name: Radar Fox (Vulpes frequentia) Basic Physical Description of the Race: Radar foxes are as large as red foxes, of which dimensions are available on Wikipedia, except for a few key points: the braincases of their skulls are a little taller and a good bit longer, the points of their ears end in long, whip-like growths (around 1/3 of body length), and they have six limbs instead of four. The front two limbs end in five-digit hands biomechanically identical to those of bipedal humanoids, but they need at least five free to balance while walking. The coloration of their fur can be monochrome, spotted, gradient, or dual-tone usually with shades of brown, orange, black, and white. Radar foxes are fully sapient (though there are quite a few that would argue that their sentience isn't full sapience), and communicate by transmitting radio frequencies between 3MHz and 30MHz (the same band that CB and amateur radios use, also known as the decameter band, or High Frequency (HF)), giving radar foxes their colloquial name. Radar foxes can receive radio frequencies between 300Hz and 3GHz, all through the whip-like growths from the tips of their ears (or eartennae). Age of Race: Nobody truly knows how long radar foxes have existed as a species, but some scholars estimate that the species first formed around 28,000 years ago. Place of Origin: Radar foxes are native to various angelic realms and planes, sometimes living and breeding with angelic foxes. So far no known breeding population has been found on Valucre. Character sheets for two of these living in Taen can be found here (Vivian and Nadia).
  13. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    @Aleksei MOAB is right: Not only is Thurgood's information wrong, two reeeeeeally sick feelings hit the pit of his gut: - he has absolutely nothing of value to offer Primera, or any other head of State for that matter. Thurgood is a mercenary and arms dealer with zero political influence anywhere. By the look of this castle, she already has more money than Scrooge McDuck, and even if it wasn't back on Gaia Prime, all his operating capital likely wouldn't make a single noticable bump. Primera, with all this wealth, likely has the best armed forces money and influence can procure, and has no need to hire a mercenary. Doesn't matter if he did because of the second feeling. - The portal in question no longer exists. So, as far as Thurgood knows, there is no reason for him to stay, which confirms his suspicion that he does not belong here. "Well, you won't need to worry about that, because if my information is wrong, that portal no longer exists, and I have no business here," Thurgood tells Yontan before stepping towards the castle's exit, "besides, I ain't got shit to offer this 'Grande Kommandant'." With that, the crowd parts, and he leaves the castle, the city, takes the next cargo airship to Terrenus, and leaves Renovatio altogether, likely never to return.
  14. The Mil Dot Lunaris (the establishing)

    "Well, like I said, we'll scrape and tan this when we do the zkriz'as, and when it's done in a month or two I can start cutting and stitching it then," Aveline says, "anything else ya need while you're here?"
  15. Taen HQ

    @Grubbistch Unfortunately, the Mil Dot doesn't have any magitech weaponry right now: just conventional firearms and knives.