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  1. No, that's just the way it's happening right now., It's the store's thread, it's just in the first phase (the constructing, the configuring, the hiring, the opening, and the normalcy}. It's still an open thread during all five phases though, not just the last two.
  2. open

    After lunch, Aveline went up to the house to fetch some cordless tools and batteries. Specifically, a router, drill, 1/2 inch spiral cutter, peg cutter (just an oversized pencil sharpener), a 1 inch auger bit, hammer, and chisel, along with templates for cutting mortices and tenons. Now, she's using them on the end of one of the heavy timbers, to cut a tennon for the mortice she cut where one of the heavy end joist meets another. The auger bit will drill holes through both pieces of wood for a peg. This is the way buildings have been constructed for centuries, and there have been ones that have stood for just as long. Therefore, Thurgood has called for this construction style for the main load-bearing structure while having the walls built a much more modern way. While the sales floor will have open framing up to the roof windows (which Aveline thinks will leak like crazy), the rest of the space will be two floors high with an attic.
  3. I think that could work, but muscles actually are capable of anerobic respiration. It forms lactic acid that makes muscles sore, though there is a man featured on Superhumans that can clear it away very efficiently.
  4. I've already questioned its ability to exist here before. In real life, in the reduced-oxygen environment of Taen, there would be no fight: the hydra's skeleton would collapse under its own weight, and the lungs, even with three hearts would not even come close to being able to oxygenate all the blood, much less the rest of the tissues. Rule of Cool, MST3K Mantra
  5. How can the Titans, and while we're at it any large creature, live while violating the square-cube law? A 12 to 16-foot tall person would be pretty reasonable, but the biology has to cope within that law...
  6. open

    Crank it down. load the lumber, crank it up, unload the lumber. Aveline and Nadia repeat this process until Nadia's shoulders start hurting again. Fortunately, Aveline has enough to start... ...after lunch. Climbing higher to their treehouse, Aveline washes her hands from a bucket of water, pulls some pulled barbecued hydra from the minifridge, puts some on a couple plates, then re-heats the reptile meat before putting some of Thurgood's sauce on them, then between a couple slices of bread before bringing them back down one-handed. Amazingly, the meat still smells like the smoke Thurgood cooked it with, something he's somehow been able to do. Maybe one day he can nail down whole-hog, considered by many the pinnacle of barbecuing. "Hungry?" Aveline asks Nadia. The radar fox nods her head as Aveline sets the plate down in front of her, then sits on the sheet of marine plywood. Nadia lays down and takes a bite without using her hands, and starts chewing, savoring the smoke, rosemary, sage, tomato, and other flavors pass across her taste buds and olfactory tissues. Aveline is doing the same thing, but doesn't enjoy the same depth of sensory experience that Nadia does. Not nearly as good as meat just out of the smoker, but even after this much time, still pretty damn tasty. Yes, Thurgood did this to hydra meat.
  7. Hey, what a coincidence, Thurgood can barbecue the snek! Hope you like Memphis style!
  8. Okay, with a .50 BMG fully-expanding rount ripping open one heart, Margie ripping open the second, and the third beating much harder to make up for the other failing two, the hydra should exsanguinate quite quickly now. @Ataraxy is leaving, so is that thread? (as in the end of it, like saying "and that's game" when it's clear that it just ended a little prematurely)
  9. open

    Aveline's F350 comes to a stop in a parking area Thurgood laid logs in to make a firmer surface. Aveline opens the door to step out, with Nadia bounding out after. Without a word the radar fox clambers up the ladder and releases the crank for the pulley lift, then starts to lower the small platform. When it hits the ground, Aveline slides a few heavy timbers on it, and Nadia slowly cranks them up to the level of the platform as Aveline ascends the ladder at a slightly faster pace. Once up, Aveline puts on her safety harness before putting one on Nadia. Impercievable from the ground, there is a grid of cables for the clips of these harnesses to attach, especially important because there is hardly any decking on the platform, and a long enough fall to cause serious injury. Making sure one of her clips is on the cable, Aveline steps over to the lift, balancing on the outer beam as Nadia sets the lock on the lift drum. Then Aveline takes the timbers off, one at a time, laying them across the set joists before going back down with the lift to repeat the process, already feeling winded from the reduced-oxygen environment, re-hearing one of Thurgood's statements on the subject: "Listen: you want this store, get over here and help me fucking build it!" Now he's tromping through the jungle while she's here putting up the main structure.
  10. No, that's fine. Do you want me to post some more progress first? I plan on playing almost every aspect of construction.
  11. Well, I think you're after V1L3 VILLAIN in posting, and I'm after you. Either way, we did need somebody to post.
  12. Aveline was paying little attention to Morty, managing to dig a Smith & Wesson 500 from the remains of the trailer, instead aiming at the spot where the spine met the brain stem in the open mouth of the hydra head as it quickly drew near... ...until lighning struck the beast and caused this head to rear back. Then the light show started. Where others saw rave lighting, Aveline saw targets. Two stood out to her as they looked like hearts; one just beneath the shoulder, and one more towards the middle of its body. The third heart was hidden from Aveline by the first. But before the storm calmed, Aveline resumes her tactical breathing, and adjusts her point of aim within the scope since the bullet won't have to fight gravity as hard. One last check of the chamber, and Aveline feels brass. So, right between the humerus and the bottom of the left ventricle is where Aveline puts the point of aim in her scope, draws another slow breath and holds it.*Thump-fump, thump-fump, thump-fump* index slides down and slowly squeezes the trigger; *thump-fump, thump-fump, thump-fump, snap, BOOM*. Again the stock shoves back hard into Aveline's right shoulder, but her feet stay planted on the truck beed floor, and another .50 BMG fully-expanding round streaks rolling out of the barrel towards the hydra's left heart. The round may expand inside the skeletal muscle and not damage the heart at all, or may still rip through some cardiac muscle. Regardless, the round will likely cause profuse internal bleeding, which will make the hydra's breathing harder as blood fills the upper chest cavity. If the hydra does not die of exsanguination, hypoxia will quickly become a real threat.
  13. open

    Here in Lunaris, it seems Thurgood and Aveline are the only ones to bring motor vehicles. Whether that's smart or stupid, given the inhospitability of this terrain to wheeled vehicles, remains open to persomal judgement. Aveline has been putting her F-350 to good use, now glad she bought one with an aftermarket transfer case, CV joints, powered front wherls, and front differential, because it has so far let her bring three runs of moonshine brandy to Casper, and bring back some of the long, heavy timbers that will make up the structure of the store while the photoamperic cells charge the forklift cells that charge the batteries for the power tools that will let Aveline form the mortices and tennons to put this structure together. But then there are all the other concerns. How will the plumbing work? Where will the fresh water come from? How will it be made potable? Thr Mork'outh say that the river water is drinkable, but both Thurgood and Aveline agree that they must have a tolerance or immunity to everything bad in it, such as animal shit and parasites. Then there will need to be a place to separate the shit from the wastewater and return it all to the jungle. Installing a large enough septic tank and leach field will be challenging in these soil conditions, and sludge disposal, while simple (proprly composting it will kill harmful bacteria and other microbes), will still generate a gnarly stench. The one issue that plumbing pales in comparison to though, is the generation and use of electricity. Burning fuel is out of the question, as is finding a natural source of heat. A uranium fission reactor, while very efficient, would just raise far more concerns and challenges than it would solve, and the flow of the river is not adequite for micro-hydro generation, leaving the only two viable options wind turbines and photoamperic cells (which Thurgood complains about being mislabled photovoltaic because they turn the light into electrical current, not potential). Photoamperic cells will compete with trees for starlight, but a wind turbine must be at least 30 feet above the tallest local obstruction to be effective. With the height of the tallest elder trees though, only an antenna mast the height of those in North Dakota and Kansas would be tall enough. So solar cells it is.
  14. open

    This is the Mil Dot Lunaris: a firearm store that the kid of items that Americans could only dream of, and ammunition tipes most people don't even think are possible. Or rather, it will be. Right now it's just a platform frame on the western edge of Lunaris, between four non-elder, but still very thick trees, about 35 feet off the ground. The platform itself, though 10,500 square feet, is structurally sound enough to set two fully-loaded Airbus A380s on it. The connection to the trees would give out as soon as you set the first down, but the platform wouldn't budge. Right now, Aveline and Nadia are starting construction while Thurgood and Vivian are tracking the thieves that stole the load of currency, and the rest of Lunaris is doing the same. Even though the store is under construction, this is still an open thread, in which anybody can post, just be aware that Aveline is always armed and Nadia can hear and smell a stranger long before they even show up, and I will update this post as work progresses.
  15. Better- that will all be part of the roleplay!