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  1. notmuch_23

    Spokes of the Crown Part 2

    This building is far more attractive than Thurgood would like, especially with the emphasis on the natural beauty of all the wood. Oscar should see the Mil Dot Gibson Creek then: it's a drab, poured-concrete bunker. The hitching post and plastic, segmented water trough are recent additions, as more people pass through with literal horsepower The water in the trough only stays there for a maximum of five minutes, and will only fll if there is a horse there to drink it. The horses of those that pass through there have figured the system out, and it's designed to be intuitive, to the point that even some zkriz'ka brave the danger of being on the menu to get a drink of fresh, clean water here. It's not that much different than a touchless sink, in that a microcontroller controls the whole thing: just one of the many technological wonders House Singlants wants to introduce to Ursa Madeum, and there are even more inside. Right now, it's one of those awkward times where there are so few people at the Mil Dot Lunaris right now that one would wonder if it's even open. There is wood smoke rising from the chimney as Thurgood barbecues the meat for tonight's dinner rush.
  2. notmuch_23

    House Singlance Manor

    Now that there's a potential site for this port and town, there are a few things that need to get done: Claim/purchase the location. Have the place surveyed. Build a road here. Figure out how to get building materials here. Get the building materials here. Build the manor Generate electricity. Build the port. But, of course, these things have a process or procedure, and with any process or procedure, there are problems. the biggest one is that the populace at large, at least right now, hate House Singlance and will do anything they can to keep the house from doing anything productive. This means that importing anything will be a challenge. Anything they bring through the portal, at least if the people of Andelusia know it's for House Singlance, will either get stolen or destroyed. Materials could come in from other ports, but other noble houses control those ports, and would jump at the chance to stymie the new upstarts' efforts. After all, if House Singlance gains influence, that's less influence for them, and the other noble houses ca't have that now can they. So item number four will likely include item number eight.
  3. notmuch_23

    RP tips and practices

    The biggest thing I learned from my Technical Writing class in college is that quantity does not equal quality. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a word is also worth a thousand pictures; doesn't always take a screen-spanning post to get an idea across.
  4. notmuch_23

    Describe your character in one sentence

    Thurgood Singlance: "Violence, like sex, is never the answer... ...it's the question; the answer is FUCK YEAH, BITCHES!"
  5. notmuch_23

    House Singlance Manor

    Thurgood drives and walks the northern coast of Corinth looking for a place for a heavy port. Thing is, a surprisingly high amount of the coast is at the base of sheer, vertical-to-negative-angle cliffs that would never make a good port. Then he finds a place where the cliffs were carved into a dip, down to a river delta that forms a fairly decent natural harbor. The amount of flat, stable land is limited, but not a deal breaker. The river itself forms a canyon, which means there may be a good dam site along it. Only thing that could make this better is a constant high wind velocity for some wind turbines. Right now, he doesn't know what this town will shape up to be, but it will be something.
  6. notmuch_23

    Your examples of Mild Powers

    I've hesatated to mention these powers because I don't know if they're mild, but After reading the other examples, I don't even know if they're powerful enough to be mild powers. Thurgood has the power to make mecanical and/or electrical devices work by just believing they can, whether or not they actually do. E.g. driving a car without fuel, shifting to a gear that doesn't exist, using a cordless tool without batteries, and it can go pretty far. The converse is true as well. What makes this from being OP are the facts that Thurgood is an engineer at heart and knows pretty well if something should work or not, and he cannot know about his power or else he won't be able to use it (he will always have doubt). Aveline has the same power with medicine: something will heal or work if she believes it will. In both cases, the energy required comes from converting their own body mass (white fat first) directly into energy.
  7. notmuch_23

    Describe your character in one sentence

    Aveline D. Singlance Feminism version three: if you can't beat them, join them.
  8. notmuch_23

    House Singlance Manor

    Guess which method Thurgood likes to use? Well, he can't get up to sixty right now with the traffic, but forty is still a pretty good evasion speed if your pursuers don't have motor vehicles. Still, the people do throw rocks and trash as he weaves between and through the wagons on the streets he paved. Once Thurgood is out of Andelusia though, he speeds up to about eighty on the wide highway he paved between Andelusia and another settlement more to the north, partly because some pursuers are on horseback, but mostly to test the road. "I really need to put lane markings on here," Thurgood thinks as he has to slow down to about five as two wagons pace each other side-by-side, not leaving enough room for his F350 to get through, even though the highway is wide enough for at least four wagons. After about five minutes, he finally passes on the right shoulder, and blows a puff of black exhaust as the engine revs and he accelerates. to keep driving north. Why north? There are very few settlements and no noble houses up on Corinth's northern shore, and Thurgood also wants a port town, though he wants this port to be a heavy freight port, able to berth and offload the giant container ships that routinely travel between China and the United States, as well as ultratankers full of crude petroleum.
  9. notmuch_23

    House Singlance Manor

    Well, now that House Singlance exists, it needs a presence here in Ursa Madeum, which requires a manor. There's just a few problems though, the biggest of which is the fact that Thurgood and Aveline get assaulted as soon as they cross the portal into Andelusia. So when either one wants to explore for a site, they need to hitch a ride with a cargo wagon, and hide in the load. Lately the people have been catching on, so they're needing to hide in more disgusting loads that people do not want to search... ...or if they have the biodiesel, blast through the portal at sixty miles per hour and keep their speed up until they're out of Andelusia. If anybody tries to stop them in a ton and a half of Detroit steel, it will not end well for them.
  10. notmuch_23

    Taen and Ursa Madeum AMA

    Okay, I've got a question about Corimth's geography: where is the divide? At what point do rivers flow north instead of south, or east instead of west, or is it more of a point that rivers flow away from?
  11. notmuch_23

    Tinkers and Tankred

    I don't know if House Tankred would actually make anything for House Singlance, since nobody takes House Singlance seriously, but the two real members own the Mil Dot, and have money so... ...some sort of electrical generation or distribution equipment?
  12. notmuch_23

    Taen-ted Love (Another Recruitment Thread)

    What if you don't want to take on a quest right away though? what if you want your character(s) to acclimate to the unique pocket dimension of Taen without the pressure a quest brings? I've got ya covered there too! https://www.valucre.com/topic/36722-the-mil-dot-lunaris-the-establishing/ Yep, it's a hub thread. Ya know ya wanna...
  13. notmuch_23

    Here's Johnny! (Quest)

    "Shooting, eh? Might wanna get my truck's 'horn replacement' then," Thurgood says before he walks out to his pickup, gets the RPK that he likes to use instead of a horn, gathers up its belt, then brings it to the back room with him to meet John and Kilg'hesh.
  14. notmuch_23

    Here's Johnny! (Quest)

    Seems like John is joking about reaming Aveline's pussy, but thurgood doesn't let it bother him: Aveline is a competent individual, and can make her own choices. Plus, he's confident Aveline won't want to get too close to John anyways. "Like you could handle her," Thurgood replies, kind of thinking John is joking, but he's testing the waters. After all, John Vilder is not a man you want as an enemy. Neither is Thurgood Singlance for that matter.
  15. notmuch_23

    Quit Whining or Grab a Shovel

    Full Summary A while after Taen had conquered Ursa Madeum, Thurgood Albert Singlance sought to satisfy his appetite for construction and went to help with the recovery efforts, bringing his knowledge of modern technology and engineering. Immediately he saw that the soggy mud-tracks brought any recovery efforts to a crawl. Not being one to ignore an obvius problem, he picks up a shovel and gets to work turning them into proper paved roads using the materials at hand. The paving in Andelusia led to him bringing in steam-powered machinery, and paving many more roads more quickly. Unsurprisingly, the people had questions about them, that led to more questions about the answers, and Aveline quickly realizes that these people have no knowledge of mechanics, physics, or any science, so works to recruit educators from around Valucre for her new school. Then the trouble comes. Some people, looking to halt the progress, discredit Thurgood and Aveline, or damage Taen's reputation starts a rumor that the Taen Empire will grant them nobility. The populace assumes the worst, as people are wont to do, and make Thurgood and Aveline the target of their myriad frustrations, destroying the school, and spreading hate for the siblings. Rozharon Parálios, the Queen/Empress of Taen arrives and attempts to shame the people of Andelusia out of their senseless anger and hatred, granting Thurgood and Aveline nobility in the process. This has the opposire effect. Quick Summary Thurgood goes to help Ursa madeum, and satisfy his craving to build, finds that the dirt/mud roads are holding back the recovery, so he starts paving them. This makes him bring in heavy machinery advanced enough to make the people curious about them. In trying to satisfy them, Aveline discovers they have huge gaps in their knowledge, so founds a school to educate them. Somebody maliciously starts a rumor that Thurgood and Aveline will be granted nobility, which angers the populace. Rozharon Parálios comes to shame the people of Andelusia out of this anger, and actually grant the siblings nobility. It has the opposite effect. Implications -House Singlance, a noble house without history, influence, or much nobility, is founded -Nobody will take House Singlance seriously, so its members start between the 8-ball and the edge of a pocket -Technological advancement is coming to Ursa Madeum, because the patriarch of House Singlance is a determinator Opportunities The New Kids On The Block: as House Singlance is starting in a really difficult situation, they'll be looking to gain influence any way they reasonably can, without working against Taen, of course. This can be an opportunity to either help House Singlance and gain influence with the technologically advanced otherworlders, or deal the house a lethal blow before it has the chance to even really establish itself. The House Singlance Manor: having just been founded, House Singlance does not have a manor, or any other establishment in Ursa Madeum. This is a chance to help them establish one, and gain influence with the technologically advanced otherworlers, or make sure they're not able to construct one. An Adoption Ceremony: now that they're "nobles", Thurgood and Aveline Singlance will officially adopt their two faithful "furbabies", sapient radar foxes, and make them a part of House Singlance. Of course, this is another opportunity to either help or hurt the house. @Ataraxy @Csl