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  1. notmuch_23

    Pressure-Washing Andelusia [quest]

    It only takes three days to ferment the sweet fruit that Taen's jungle quadrant has to offer in that climate, and now Both Thurgood and Aveline return with about 200 gallons of moonshine brandy, also for customers other than the mortician, since apparently the local bars have been running into shortages as well, and good booze is fetching some pretty high prices. Aveline is the first into the funeral parlor with two jugs of 'shine, and Thurgood follows very closely. "Don't tell me you actually did it," the receptionist says as the two walk in. "You bet'cyher ass we did!" Aveline replies. Then the rotund mortician emerges from the back. "Do you expect me to buy that watered-down bathtub gin?" he asks. "Watered-down my ass!" Thurgood shouts. "I'll see about that," the mortician says as he pulls out a crude hydrometer. A hydrometer is a device that measures the specific gravity, or the density compared to a standard, usually pure water, of a given liquid through the buoyant force that measured liquid exerts on the hydrometer. Ethanol is less dense than water, so more of it will make the hydrometer sink more into the liquid.
  2. notmuch_23

    Home for the holiday/Reverie reunion

    The Morrisons have been doing a fine job running the place, which is good, since life had suddenly become very busy for Thurgood and Aveline, since they've been promoted to major nobles in Ursa Madeum. Finally, at least Thurgood makes it back, as the rumble of a diesel engine heralds his arrival. Not only does he need to draw out and arrange construction of a port, he also needs to plan an entire mining operation for vulcanium, which will need to be extracted deep underground out of granite. Slowly he plods up the stairs, not being able to afford to use the elevator on this very cloudy day. In fact, the store is only on half lighting, depite needing double, since he hadn't the time to finish the methane auxillery electrical generation unit, so the building still relies on photoelectric generation. "I do not remember building this many fucking stairs," Thurgood says to nobody in particular as he finally reaches the top. The automatic doors open as he drags his feet towards them, through them, then towards the door to the "back", since he doesn't have the energy to vault the counter to get behind them.
  3. notmuch_23

    Have a Joyous Reverie!

    Aveline is not a melée fighter
  4. notmuch_23

    House Singlance Manor

    Like most of Corinth though, this little slice of it is also heavily wooded. The coring teams had to cut down lots of trees to place the drilling rig, which got taken to the closest sawyers to get dried, cut, then used for something. there's no doubt Thurgood wants to ramp up Ursa Madeum's timber industry as well, and he'll need that wood cut to very precise dimensions to make the forms for this poured-concrete house/bunker The fact is that House Uldwar will attack them at some point, and their place needs to be a bunker to withstand that attack. As Thurgood goes to mark out where he wants his place, an idea suddenly hits him: "Why don't I build our manor mostly into the rock? It'll have much more protection underground, a constantly lower temperature, and i won't need nearly as much concrete. That still requires the cement kiln arriving though with all the parts for the small wind farm I'll need to build to power it, which requires the port..." The other ports on Corinth either can't handle the physical size of these loads, can't berth the ships making the deliveries, can't handle the extra traffic, or can't stand House Singlance using them. Taking the loads through the portal requires lots of trucks to traverse very rough mountain roads to the blue hills portal, then across the jungle quadrant of Taen, which admittedly is much easier with the better roads Thurgood planned and constructed, but the portal to Ursa Madeum is right smack dab in the exact center of Andelusia. Yes, Thurgood did construct the road out of the portal as straight as he possibly could, but he couldn't make those streets as wide as he would have liked, and they're constantly jammed with traffic. Getting an F-350 through there is a feat already, but a convoy of semis is practically impossible; semis carrying 120-foot-long blades and giant steel tower sections is a straight-up fever dream! At least the geologic core studies necessitated a detailed topographical survey. This will be expensive, but necessary, and will get loads of use once the aluminum mill is up and running.
  5. notmuch_23

    Wait, House Singlance is doing something? [still open]

    Holy shit, I got a(nother) response! Yes, please. Depending on which day this character arrives, Aveline may be gone to the Reverie ball. Thurgood will be there though.
  6. notmuch_23

    Strangers in the Night [Networking Event - Interest Check]

    I'm good with it ending now if that's fine...
  7. Charlie's at 2 hit points, and Challara's emergency medicine spell really only heals for people that aren't that injured. If Charlie was at zero, it could keep him from dying, but that's about it.
  8. notmuch_23

    House Singlance Manor

    Fortunately, it didn't need to go that far: Grant Knight, leader of House Senaria and prince of Hyperion did Thurgood and Aveline a huge solid by getting it for them, completely bypassing Sir Engvar's efforts at the zoning and development office to deny them this foothold. It's not the real estate Thurgood scoped out earlier, he figures that's been truly and permanently compromised. Instead he went to the opposite side of Corinth to a site more suited to a port, that includes a river with a lower velocity but a much higher flow volume, which can support a much larger reservoir, and thus has the potential to generate more electricity. Already he and Grant accidentally discovered a new mineral while exploring the geology for petroleum deposits, as well as both limestone and bauxite, which can together make Portland cement, the chief ingredient for concrete, that will build a hydroelectric dam, and aluminum, which is what much of the electricity from at least the first powerhouse will go to. There is also a better topography for a heavy port, though the natural harbor will need to be artificially augmented and dredged to berth ships with deeper drafts. Thurgood has since gotten the coring drill repaired, and kept the crew busy taking core samples of the rock around his new territory, but only down to the basalt, to determine where the bauxite deposit is. Turns out, the deposit tapers sharply as the cores drill inland, and show the deposit getting thicker as it heads out to the water, suggesting that the lion's share of the bauxite lies in the sea between this part of Corinth and the mainland. This means that a vast majority of the bauxite mining will be done underwater, with specialized watercraft to drill holes in the rock and place the explosives, then dredge the loosened rock off the bottom. Unfortunately, this will be beyond the capabilities of a cutter suction dredge.
  9. notmuch_23

    Wait, House Singlance is doing something? [still open]

    It's been 77 days longer than the five-day time limit on bumping in this forum from the last post, and circumstances have changed, so please read the new first post.
  10. Nah, I think it would be multiple giant tomes for every other noble house, while the half-sheet on House Singlance slips between the shelf and the back of the bookcase and ends up on the floor inside the base. Wait, whaddya mean mild? The obscenities would make GEORGE CARLIN blush!
  11. Nah, House Singlance is a major noble house: the library is required to have that half-page of information available.
  12. House Singlance It's got everything about House Singlance so far, since they have not yet had the chance to really do anything yet... That has the info on Thurgood, Aveline, Vivian, and Nadia as characters.
  13. By whom? Not me, nor Challara. It would have been awesome if somebody who trains riding mounts could have just roped a Saeveon's snout, hopped on its back and make it their steed.
  14. notmuch_23

    Blowing Off Steam

    "Have you analyzed vulcanium or the reaction products chemically?" Thurgood asks Issac, "I'm sure such an energetic reaction has to leave something behond. I just hope it's not overly corrosive or toxic..." If the reaction byproducts are toxic, that brings up disposal problems, and dangers to both the users of these weapons and the environment. Thurgood doesn't want Titus to establish something like the Superfund program to clean up his arms factories, shooting ranges, Mil Dot locations, and the mines that extract the mineral.