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  1. After one full lap around Lunaris (which is a very long circumference, almost surprised they made it), they stop outside the Mil Dot in the clearing between the stairs and loading dock. "Wow, fuck that was a run," Thurgood says while catching his breath. "Yeah, I wanna work up to multiple laps like that too," Aveline replies, as she takes off her helmet and armor vest, "but it's time for warm-up stretches. Face me." "Head side-to-side; left, right, left right, give me four more; two, three, four. Up, down, up down, up down, up down. "Arms out small circles, two three four five. Reverse, two three four, five. Big ones, two three, four, five, reverse, two three, four five. Feet shoulder-width apart, reach down for your right foot, up, left foot, up, right, up, left, up, right, up, left, up, right, up, left, up. Down middle, hold two three four. "Tip forward, palms down, scoot your feet up, and press, two, three, four, five." "Then what the fuck was all that runnin' for?" "Get your blood warm and flowin', building endurance. Now we'll get into it. This is a combo burpee and push-up, done in six steps, done as I call them out. Do these with me." Aveline then crouches down with her hands on the ground; "one", then puts her legs out in a push-up ready position; "two", lowers her abdomen; "three", pushes back up; "four", brings her legs back to the crouch; "five", and finally stands up; "six; got it? Don't care. One; two; three; four; three, hold 'till I say... four; elbows at ninety degrees! Four, five, six. How many?" "Two," Thurgood says. "Two what?" "Don't have a rank yet Av."
  2. Hell, Aveline has combat experience; she's even a combat sniper with a necklace of many HOG's teeth (a certain type of sniper trophy). If anything, she would want the VCF to oppose her SOS in chalk-round force-on-force exercises.
  3. After some distance, Thurgood comes out of the Mil Dot and starts running beside her. "The fuck ya doin'?" he asks. "Developing a - training regimen - for the Special - Operations Squad." "The what?" "Lunaris' version - of SWAT." "Wait... did I - miss something?" "Yeah - I was - named leader - of the - Special Operations - Squad for - the Lunaran - Protectorate." "Thought you - didn't like - cops." "Still don't" "Why - take it - then?" "Keep an - eye on - them." "Never - expected - that though..." Aveline picks up a whistle she just got, puts it in her mouth, and *FWEEET* Thurgood keeps runing beside Aveline, confused by the whistle blow. "Sprint up!" A light goes off in Thurgood's brain, and he sprints a little to get ahead of Aveline. about 30 seconds later, she blows the whistle again before sprinting around to get in front of Thurgood.
  4. It had been a hard couple of months, training in law enforcement, cramming in Veluriyam and Lunaran law, proper police procedures, and whatnot, including actually instructing others in firearm use and combat, including basic marksmanship, reflex exercises, basic tactics, and a very basic primer on booby traps, since she can easily imagine criminals setting them for cops. These were mainly who would be other leaders in the Lunarian Protectorate. While Aveline wasn't picked to be sheriff, thanks to her lack of law enforcement experience, overabundance of combat experience, and deep mistrust of law enforcement (which she ended up projecting onto others), she was chosen to lead the Special Operations Squad. While the initial LP academy wasn't that bad, Aveline is leading the squad that will respond to situations more dangerous than the rest of the force can handle, and she envisions even other jurisdictions calling on her squad to respond to apprehensions of dangerous suspects, hostage situations, heavy shootouts, beasts too dangerous for the hunters, and even special operations missions for the Veluriyam Imperial armed forces. Thus, she's going to train her squad to be Delta Force Ranger SeAL OSS Spetsnaz Mossad Green Beret enforcers of law, order, and peace anywhere the Veluriyam Empire needs them. There's a problem though... ...Aveline has never really extensively trained anybody to this extent. So she's going to need to develop a training plan and regimen, mainly by doing it herself first. Thus we're at this point: Aveline is running around the entirety of Lunaris in full long-range combat gear and a 40-pound armor system.
  5. Challara is taking the sanity, because logically, she cannot get any of her special abilities back. Area attack and sustained fire are based on physical items (grenades and rounds), and her limited heal spell is based on dark magic, which positive energy would hamper. So if anything else, Challara should lose her limited heal.
  6. "Ah, fuck..." Thurgood says, looking at a blank Starfinder character sheet, "the fuck do I wanna make?" Nadia is reading the class section in a copy of the core rulebook, currently the Solarian class, as Vivian reads over the different themes in a copy of Pact Worlds. Roy is still trying to wrap his head around the concept of a role-playing game.
  7. The power plant would be geothermal, and the steel mill will center around using arc furnaces to refine iron and make different alloys like mild, stainless, tool, blade, chromoly and such to start local industry and refined alloys are more valuable than raw iron ore.
  8. I want Thurgood to build a power plant and steel mill in Totenborough.
  9. I'm surprised that jungle pigs aren't taking care of the zkriz'ka pack...
  10. notmuch_23


    The Better Singlance @mercommando_87 • 3 seconds ago Y'all probably think I'm a dumbass, but JUST discovered this, after getting the fuckin' Crook to work with my Galaxy S10. Now how do you upload a profile pic? #IsThisInternet REPLY GRUMBLE LIKE SHARE
  11. Yes! I'm down for this year's Reverie!
  12. It had been quite a long time since Aveline discovered her room stuffed with boxes. Thurgood built a highway. Pigs surged in population. A hunt was held to reduce mentioned pigs' population. There had been a crime wave. Part of that were some attempts to rob the Mil Dot since apparently none of the criminals thought through all the consequences of trying to pull off an armed robbery at a fucking GUN STORE (like they don't have or can use firearms or anything). Worst part of those robberies was cleaning up all the blood and gore. Now, the store still has so much pig meat frozen, canned, and dried that it will be on the menu and on the shelves for the foreseeable future. Through trade, the shelves are full of firearms and ammunition. Things are quiet. So quiet in fact that Aveline is running a game of Starfinder Adventure Path Dead Suns. Where did Aveline get any of the Starfinder books? When she did have her game store open, Aveline opened a merchant account with Paizo (and other companies), in which she paid far more money than her initial order cost. When it closed, she still had a positive balance, and later became unreachable. Instead of cutting Aveline a check for the remainder, somebody decided to send her product instead, regardless of what company policy laid out (Starfinder, and the subsequent failed book bindings cost them a lot of money). So Aveline got every Paizo release product up to Dead Suns Adventure Path part 6.
  13. The "incubator's" fall lifted this realm's mental oppression, and now Challara thinks she might get her focus back, but then there it is: an inky black rendition of the child those horrible abusers terrorized. Challara takes a moment to regain her focus, because she needs to hit this thing! Well, most of her focus came back, not like it does any good here. Challara lines up for a longer burst on the dark figure, but that burn again causes her eye to water as the dark child darts closer, and the bullets wouldn't even hit the floor if it wasn't for gravity. One wipe, and another burst, same story... ...except one of the screaming-hot shells manages to eject in a weird trajectory, bouncing off her inner arm, and landing between her armored vest and her neck. "Gaaaaaahfuckdisfuckinplaaaaace!" Painful as it was, the burn got her head out of the way of the dark child's blade right at the last second. Small favors huh?
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