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  1. Back down on floor 4B, Thurgood and Aveline head to the part of the large room that has the screen and podium. Aveline turns on the microphone. "I know y'all like eating the sweets and talking, but it's time to take a seat if y'aren't already. Take some more sweets with you if ya want, but I mean, there's a reason we're here. Thurgood takes out his phone and initiates a wireless connection to the projector. @𝒓𝒊𝒂𝒉 @The Hummingbird @Mystic_Lhoth ((Fur Ball can still enter at this stage))
  2. Okay, so it's more like a how a Nordic country actually is: free-market capitalism with a huge social safety net. Is electricity widely used and understood there? I don't think there would be many motor vehicles, since it's still within the Genesaris continental shelf/area. I ask because my roleplay activity here coasted to a halt, and one of my main characters (Thurgood Singlance) is always looking to expand his business interests (the Mil Dot, the Copper Bell, the Damn Good Craft Soda Company) into new areas if conditions are right to do so.
  3. I have a few questions about this place: What is the base technology level of Agana? What are Agana's policies on vice (gambling, drugs, prostitution, etc.)? What are Agana's policies on firearm ownership, or weapons in general? Most importantly, is Agana open to foreign investment?
  4. "Me neither," Thurgood says, but King Light saw fit to promote me to nobility within his kingdom. Honestly I don't know why." "Prob'ly 'cause you helped repel those invaders you told me about," Aveline says. "Yeah, I took a job to lay roads here, mainly to earn money for New Everrun's construction, but also partly to learn how to use asphalt; never paved a road with that before. then some assholes, which later i would learn were slavers, attacked. Never had my laziness payed off so much." "Yeah, he never brought in his weapons or tac gear from his truck after the job in Genesaris killin' pirates," Aveline says. "Silverbrush bank branches seem to be poppin' up everywhere!"
  5. 'What kind of sports do you want to play in this area?" Thurgood asks. This is very important: a tennis. basketball, or racquetball court will require much less space than a football (regulation, association, or American) field, or a baseball diamond. "Do you also want a full-blown recording studio and rehearsal space?" Thurgood will also need to find and vet a pool installation crew and supplier. At least he can source some weapons.
  6. *boomp* When the gondola thumped against something, Thurgood wasn't thinking it could be the swamp monster people kept telling stories of; he was thinking more of a crocodilian, like a gator, cayman, or croc. "Got any gators or crocs 'round here?" Thurgood asks the gondolier, thinking that they would be far more dangerous than the fabled swamp monster.
  7. The recognition finally registers before Holly introduces them. "Oh yeah, I met you in Port Sun, back when it still existed, that necromancer cunt," Thurgood says, clearly still bitter from its destruction, "I think you remember me and Aveline, thank you for coming." Thurgood then takes a swig of pop. "Damn, I cannot get over this flavor! Anyways, the barbecue is fresh." "Is that Holly Sheathe?" Aveline asks. @Zashiii
  8. Thurgood had sat down and waited for a gap in the conversation to ask Dia more about the home she wants, sipping on the virgin fruit cup. Borrowing money from John Wilder is something Thurgood Singlance would never consider: the latter has seen the former in combat, and the mighty Smiling Jack is like Captain America with Wolverine's healing factor and Tony Stark's attitude. Don't pay up, and he's going to make you pay, one way or another. So far, from what Thurgood has heard, Dia's house will require a lot of low-voltage and data wiring, beyond the eight-conductor ethernet cable, probably an armory, definitely an accustically controlled room, perhaps like the trapezoidal echo room like the one Les Paul designed?
  9. While this manor wasn't made to be completely wheelchair accessible, the only obstacle that pair would encounter was the short step up to the front door. It's odd that they felt odd being invited, since they're part of "everybody" after all, but Thurgood and Aveline are the only two people in the house with drow blue skin, and both are just now stepping away from the pop fountain, Thurgood with a cup full of the new Lemon-Lime Cherry Kick not!Mountain Dew Code Red flavor that will very soon become his addiction, and Aveline with a cup of Gha'zhu. "'Sup?" Thurgood says to the pair of ladies, "just came in? Got food, plates, and utensils in the kitchen over there, including cups for the pop fountain behind me, there's booze on the breakfast bar, lemme know if ya need help," The two guys eating their barbecue with copious amounts of "thermite" sauce are now regretting their decision and using the milk and its caesins to remove the capsicin from their mouths. It'll hurt worse going out the other end. Just as the Toto song ends, the disc changer turns its carousel to another disc, selects a track at random, and the laser starts reading the S/PDIF data, and the rest of the electronics convert it into music; more specifically, a song atht Aveline's been trying to learn to play on her electric guitar. @Zashiii
  10. Once again, Thurgood would return to the nightclub that Singlance built, for yet another project from Dia. Honestly, he was wondering when she was going to want her home built. "Is Dia abailable>" Thurgood asks once he gets inside.
  11. "I'm a business owner," Thurgood says, "or rather, co-owner; half of the Mil Dot, half of the Copper Bell Hotel Casino, and thirty percent of the Damn Good Craft Soda Company. I'm starting to go fully professional into general contracting too. I've also got my Journeyman Electrician license. What sort of investigating do you carry out?" An investigator can be any number of things. a licensed Private Investigator, that works for individuals, companies, and attorneys to do surveillance and other research into a person or company, a spy that works for governments and investigates other nations and governments, non-governmental espionage, illegal investigations, hell, an archaeologist is sort of an investigator too.
  12. Thurgood Singlance got the Sinners Den built, he can certainly get her a home built too.
  13. Unfortunately, Fur Ball would find his assumptions quite incorrect as humans, elves, and the occasional dwarf walk around the "street" atrium of the Copper Bell Hotel Casino, checking into the hotel, riding the escalators to different floors, but there is a round stand that has a touchscreen interactive map of the Copper Bell, and a large advertisement for the Comity of the Kitten Pile, including the location of the box.
  14. Neither Thurgood nor Aveline thought this would become an assault on the Cult's own compound; after all, it would likely have been easier to take them down from the air, but they're not exactly the ones making the command decisions. James Eredas is, and though he ordered the fleet to fire, this high-altitude research blimp does not have any weapons. Of course, now this blimp is circling the compound seventy-thousand feet above it, and even through the gaps in clouds, neither one of the Snglances can even hope to get any kind of view from this kind of distance that would be useful; all they can see are bigger flashes of light, which seem like little twinkles way up there. Until the Master Knight, or somebody else with the appropriate authority, gives the order, they're staying put, dreading the moment they'll be jumping into a highly-chaotic combat situation completely blind.
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