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  1. I don't like medieval settings... ...outside of Pathfinder, but I like Starfinder better...
  2. If the Ursa Madean archipellago didn't have a tech cap, I'd want to open Mil Dot locations there too...
  3. I might have a character or two that would want to sell them guns, and/or build a new location of their gun store chain there...
  4. Yeah, Thurgood, Mel, and Natalya are there too
  5. Thurgood just kept shooting pirates, trying to make enough of a hole to give him enough time to load another 40mm grenade into his assault rifle's underbarrel grenade launcher. Then Addison slammed into the hull, doing significant damage. So much for saving the ship... ...but that distraction gives him enough time to load a 40mm grenade, and lob it in the gorgon's general direction. @Fierach @Phoebe @Veloci-Rapture @Zashiii
  6. Didn't have enough to make a proper post until Addison just did her thing
  7. Damn Good Soda Company Organizational Information Organization Type Private Limited Liability Company Industry Food and Beverage Headquarters Casper, Terrenus Subsidiaries Damn Good Energy Damn Good Diet Area(s) Served Terrenus Hyperion Empire CEO Tyler "Fizzy" Delp Notable Members Tyler "Fizzy" Delp Thurgood Albert Singlance Historical Information Founded 18,322 WT (as Delp Medicinal Tonics) Reorganized 18,476 WT (as Damn Good Craft Soada Company) "It's not just good, it's damn good!" ―Damn Good Craft Soda advertising slogan The Damn Good Craft Soda Company makes various flavors of carbonated soda pop for both retail sale, and syrup for wholesale dispensation. History Founding Like many other current soda companies, this one was founded originally as a company making medical tonics. Back then, carbonated water was seen as a medicine, which many makers added various ingredients, and sold them with dubious medical claims. The law eventually caught up with these companies, who were forced to remove unproven medical claims. Reorganization After "medical" tonic companies were forced to abandon medical claims, most other companies just added lots of sugar to their recipies with no other changes; not the Damn Good Craft Soda Company. They focused on making great-tasting carbonated beverages with new recipes. Until very recently, the Damn Good Soda Company only served Casper, and remained very small. Previous members of the Delp Family wanted to keep the company small, as they felt getting too large would cause too many problems. Tyler Delp threw those notions out the window, reformed the company as an LLC, started expanding, and added artificially-sweetened beverages and energy drinks... ...then ran right into the problems his ancestors were afraid of. Unfortunately, Tyler Delp expanded too much too soon, and had trouble covering expenses and loan payments. Thurgood Singlance, one of the partners of the Mil Dot Stores, became a fan of the beverages, and purchased a share of the company, injecting much needed cash, and a person with experience in business and logistics. Ideals & identity "The damn good diet drinks you've been wanting for years" ―Damn Good Diet Soda advertising slogan The Damn Good Soda Company is proud to be a (at least partially) family-owned company for over 10 generations. Since the laws forcing the company to reorganize, the company has been focused on delivering quality product with no compromises on quality.
  8. "Okay, I'll hop on the next aerostat headed for Terrenus and get these to Blackblood," Thurgood says, blissfully unaware that it's called Fracture now. Maybe he can catch a Zeppelin straight to the Zuhl Plateau... ...either way, he'll need to leave his Galaxy S10 here.
  9. That won't exist for much longer! Typical: politicians making campaign promises they have NEGATIVE intention of keeping! 🤣
  10. @Grand Mainframe Joke's on you! I can't vote because none of my chatacters are citizens of Fracture! I don't even think the Singlances are actually citizens of the Veluriyam Empire! Yeah, they were major nobles of Ursa Madeum when the Veluriyam Empire held it, but lost their nobility when said empire left, so I think they're back to being Legal Resident Aliens or something like that... ...actually, I'm not entirely sure their residency is technically legal... ...fuck, I'm playing possibly illegal aliens...
  11. "Uh, ya know you can just take that money and buy yourself some, don't you?" Thurgood asks before putting the cases on the ground. Thing is, they look the same as the orange cream from a distance, but they're not all the same flavor. There's a case of orange cream, a case of black cherry, a case of strawberry, and a case of lemon-lime. "There's more flavors from that same company, but that's all I could carry right now. I want to eventually try them all; I think I've found a new pop supplier..."
  12. NPC staff by store (does not include any PC staff) Lunaris: Osiria Morrison (kitchen) Mark Morrison (sales) Danielle Morrison (food service) Roy Morrison (sales) Port Kyros: Zerrorth (range)
  13. "Well, on this magic-heavy continent, I never know who knows how to shoot and who doesn't," Thurgood says, "never saw ya shoot during that pirate job either." That's because he spent the battle out on enemy ships, trying to be a wrench in the gears, which is his modus operandus since Daimonas' incursion onto Gaia Prime.
  14. "For their open-market items, yes;" Thurgood says, "however, custom orders have so many factors in their pricing that I don't think even Blackblood will know until they get these designs." Then Thurgood thinks of something. "Are there any items here that may be similar to the designs in here, or do you even know how to use firearms?"
  15. "Yeah," Thurgood says, "the whole pirate situation? Still can't believe I made it out alive... ...but yeah, I can contact Blackblood, whaddya need?" "Rolling the dough out flat enough to not break the pasta roller," Bobby says, cutting the dough in half with a clean scraper and passing the other half to Tasz, before he gets to rolling. "Don't get it too thin though, the roller sets the thickness more precisely than we ever can."
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