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  1. "Whelp, once the navy's been built, I really think it needs a force of marines," Thurgood says, "I know the Empire already has an army, and I know it's effective, but I see a smaller marine corps filling a different role: amphibious operations, surgical strikes, and the dirty work that while necessary, is dishonerable, but yeah, I felt like I was rubbing Ursa Madeum the wrong way. Not that I cared but... ...can you tell us where we're being reassigned?" "Would they need any glassblowers there?" Nadia asks through the RF converter. @Csl
  2. Aveline does not know how the A.N.T. treaty defines "basic human rights." and one right in particular adresses one main cause of the peasant revolt of 1381 in medeval England. Telling the common people about those is really a backup in case nobody else adresses them.
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    Time will tell

    Aveline is apparently the first "noble" to enter the room, with a stack of papers in her hand, since Thurgood is off doing something for John Wilder. With purpose she strides across the deteriorating audience seats, up the stairs to the stage, slaps the stack of papers down, and takes her seat. The stack is various drafts of the charter of rights their house would have proposed if they were staying. The ones they've settled on include: the right to life is paramount the right to liberty is just under the right to life the right to property is just under the right to life and liberty (meaning a sapient being's right to liberty supersedes another sapient being's right to have one as property) all rights are sacrosanct until exercise of a right interferes with the rights of another, or are removed through the due process of law the right to express one's own self and opinions, individually and/or collectively, the way one wishes (includes all forms) the right to own, use, and maintain weaponry the right to defend one's self, others and property the rights of those accused of a crime to legal counsel, a fair trial, and within a reasonable time frame the right to petition the government for redress of grievances the right to rebel if government does not uphold and/or defend these rights the right to change one's location of residence within the Veluriyam Empire at one's own will, as one's own resources allow, without needing permission from any level of government the right to conduct commerce privately, in the form one sees fit to (on either side of the transaction), which includes the right to not be forced into a private transaction Aveline has told anybody who will listen (which became increasingly numerous as she did), about her vision for the rights of the common citizen, and that if the new government does not grant or uphold them, to fight until it does.
  4. Vivian and Nadia stayed in their seats while the funeral went on, knowing that very few would be watching where they were walking, and frankly, they've suffered enough footwear hits to their midsections. Now that it's over, they plod their way into the drawing room where Lenore (they can smell the difference between Pallas and Lenore) is talking to Thurgood and Aveline, so they just hop up to the last empty chairs at the table. @Csl
  5. Wow did I come acriss this check late; I have two characters, one available right now, that would have collected at gunpoint, and if not enough loot was found, would have brought the debtor('s dead body if necessary) back with what she could repo.
  6. "I'll make an announcement, please hold." Bsrt can hear the announcement over the phone. "Attention Mil Dot shoppers, I have a boy in the phone who thinks it's funny to let his piss fly everywhere. If you would like to give him some good old-fashioned corporal punishment, please come to register one."
  7. I kind of want to post responses Thurgood would have to Bart Simpson's prank calls.
  8. The revolution that I wanted to start, but can't now that the Veluriyam Empire is pulling out like something I probably shouldn't mention...
  9. Yeah... undeserving... ...just the foreign commoners that upgraded the road network...
  10. The main problem is that it's so far out from any civilization (by choice, to not need to compete directly with the other houses) that the middle of bumfuck nowhere is closer!
  11. So what exactly will happen to the former House Singlance territory? Will Thurgood and/or Aveline be able to retain it? does Grant Knight get the deed since he actually paid for it? Does the new government just take it without any sort of recompense?
  12. Thurgood sighs, "I just at least wanted him to live long enough to see the navy we'll build the Empire," Thurgood says, "a proper blue water navy that would have allowed him to reach out and touch any point on Valucre's oceans. At least you, Pallas, and you mom will..." Aveline didn't say anything. At this point she really can't without it sounding all blubbery.
  13. Thurgood, Aveline, Vivian, and Nadia just keep cuttung down trees and digging undergrowth ahead of the fires, when a stampede of bugbears rumbles through. One bigger male asks them : "what ya doun 'ere?" "Starvin' the fuckin' fire," Thurgood responds, "ain-t gonna keep goin' if it ain't got shit to burn!" With that he makes the back cut on the tree he already notched, and watches it fall away from the fire's direction, then sprints to the next tree and starts notching it, not caring what the bugbear does next: he's got a wildfire to contain.
  14. "I'm actually here as a favor for John Wilder," Thurgood says, "he wanted me to bring equipment for this phase of the operation, figured we'd need better guns to compete with blasters. In return, later, I'll probably need to ask him for a favor." Thurgood will likely be securing the Wild Heart's operations in Everrun once he and Aveline move there. "Nah, I probably wasn't gonna eat both mains," he says as he pours enough water into the flameless ration heater the second main is in. I'd offer a packet of beverage powder, but there's no intact cups here, I can't remember if I brought any more canteens, and this much water would dilute it waaaay too much." Thurgood's FRH is done heating, so he takes the main pouch out, sets it down, and rips open the shelf-stable cornbread. "If ya want the other cornbread, set it on the outside of the heater bag; make it nice and warm."
  15. "Well prob'ly not completely," Thurgood says to Dante, "but as far as I know I'm a vast majority human." Then Thurgood uses the blade of his Leatherman Wave to cut a small corner in the cherry beverage base powder, then open his rugged, plastic military canteen. Furtunately, there was no saltwater inside, so he pours all the powder in, fills it up with water, closes the top, and starts shaking the living shit out of it. "Yeah, I was born on Earth, then we moved to Gaia Prime when I was around 12. Surprisingly the two planets had a thriving trade, ironically going through Sigil... guess it ain't gonna thrive so much anymore. Want me to start heating the other main for ya?" Thurgood picks it up and reads tbe label. "Pork shoulder, turnips, and dandelion greens in blood gravy... yep, this is a drow menu alright. Bet that dry spice will make your mouth and asshole burn too. Or maybe ya want some plain grits?" @SteamWarden
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