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  1. Damn Dirty Drug Dealers (Quest Thread)

    John and Kilg'hesh made it down just fine, but they're not normal, and more importantly, not encumbered. Thurgood knows that jumping onto land is an instant death sentence, and with his load, so is jumping into the water. So he looks around, and not finding an immediately obvious safe route down, he takes his M32, cracks open the cylinder, gives it a full turn, then slips six frag grenade rounds into the cylinders before twisting the launcher closed. Sure enough, there are people rushing towards John and Kilg'hesh's positions. Thurgood adjusts the stock and sight angle to 20°, and aims for the larger groups, not sure yet of how much gravity will affect the grenades, never having fired these from an elevated position before. So Thurgood was pleasantly surprised when the blasts knocked down the groups, landing a little short of his aiming point. Now he's comfortable lobbing a grenade at the group now reaching the bridge closest to Kilg'hesh. The grenade actually bounces off the forehead of the fourth person to reach the bridge, hits the decking, then detonates, spraying shrapnel in all directions. Thurgood now rushes over to a copse of vegetation a bit away from the fall to find a way down.
  2. Damn Dirty Drug Dealers (Quest Thread)

    Thurgood is loaded down. In addition to his dragon hide bodysuit, an advanced combat helmet, his modular tactical vest, and the XSAPI plates within, he has twenty-five pre-loaded thirty-round box mags for his AK-47M, fifty separate twelve-gauge shells (5 XREP, 20 00-buck, 10 foster slug, and 5 ricin shapnel) for his Mossberg 590, 24 40 millimeter grenade rounds for his M32 MGL (12 pain gas, 12 frag), 10 M67 grenades, 200 feet of detcord, ten bricks of C4, blasting caps, one roll of duct tape, a bundle of zip-ties, his Leatherman Wave, standard Zippo, and one Colt M1911 with four 8-round mags. At least he didn't have to carry the 8 30-round box mags, red-dot reflex sight, and 20 foster slugs he brought for Kilg'hesh. "I dunno 'bout you two, but I agree with Mr. Wilder, " Thurgood replies, still breathing very heavily, "I brought shit to breach walls, grenades, and I know two of us have shotguns. I never anticipated a subtle approach."
  3. Mil Dot Lunaris Out Of Cartridges thread

    Yep, tables and chairs inside, and on the porch.
  4. The Mil Dot Lunaris (the opening)

    Thurgood places the gold coin on the scale, sees that it's within 1% of one troy ounce (.99 to 1.01), then puts it in a small ultrasonic probe and generator, since it's not a big enough amount to warrant a full touchstone test. After the detector receives no anomilies to suggest the inside is a different metal, which takes two seconds, he enters the amount, then gets four ounces of silver. By the time that happens, Kilg'hesh's order is done. "So, your change is four ounces of silver, here's your cup, and here's your order," Thurgood replies. Can't let anybody else think that Kil is not a normal customer.
  5. The Mil Dot Lunaris (the opening)

    "Well, I can give it to ya bloody, I just have to tell anybody that if you get sick from it, don't come running to me." Thurgood says, "but however long those ribs are cooked, the meal costs one ounce of silver." In fact, every one of these barbecue meals costs one ounce of silver; its equivalent in American dollars (ten) is about as much as one would expect to pay for such a meal.
  6. The Mil Dot Lunaris (the opening)

    "I must inform you that undercooked meat, eggs, poultry, or fish can cause foodborne diseases, and if you insist on ordering such items undercooked, the Mil Dot will not be responsible should you catch any," Thurgood says, clearly not wanting to, but still entering the order, "the freshest we got has been in there fifteen minutes, still should be plenty bloody. Dry or wet?" This must be the first person Thurgood saw order undercooked barbecue.
  7. The Mil Dot Lunaris (the opening)

    A couple minutes later, Thurgood opens the window to take food orders. There are only two animals on the menu today: -Pulled Pork or Zriz'ka with two sides, cornbread, and drink -Half rack Pork or Zriz'ka ribs (wet or dry) with two sides, cornbread, and drink -Pork belly with two sides, cornbread, and drink Sides: -Navy beans in sauce -Green beans (seasoned with pork) -Potato salad -Fried Okra -Macaroni and cheese -Mashed garlic potatoes and gravy -Hand-cut fries
  8. Damn Dirty Drug Dealers OOC

    Yeah, because I've been ready.
  9. The Mil Dot Lunaris (the opening)

    With that, Aveline turns back around to get an AK mag, and a snap cap. When she comes back, she quickly puts the top receiver on the bottom, like she's done a dozen times before, puts the snap cap in the mag, takes the rifle, points it to the floor, slides the mag in, making sure it slides in correctly, pulls the charging handle back, makes sure the cap enters the chamber, releases the handle, puts the safety on single fire, and pulls the trigger. Both can hear a click as the action engages, so Aveline pulls the handle again, and the cap flies out like a spent casing should. Then she clears the rifle, puts the safety back on, and hands it over to Kilghesh before emptying the mag the Hunter M7 came with and leaving the rounds on the counter while swapping the empty mags so Kilg'hesh has the right one "Can't take ammo from customers; too much liability," Aveline says, "unless you need anything else, we're square." Thurgood stacks some coins next to Aveline (her half of the moonshine profits), and steps back into the kitchen to wash his hands, check on the barbecue, and help Bobby with the sides: it's almost time to open for dinner.
  10. The Mil Dot Lunaris (the opening)

    "Alrighty then," Aveline says as she takes the individual rounds, turns back around and steps over to one of the AR-15 parts cabinets, and gets a 7.62 x 39 top receiver with barrel, full-auto and three-round burst capable. Aveline brings it to the counter, and quickly reassembles the top receiver, leaving it separate from the bottom, and makes a quick check to make sure the new top will fit. It will. "So, here's what I can do. Since this top is in pretty good shape, and I actually know a few people back at the Gibson Creek location that would jump on this in a hot minute, I'll just swap the one you want for the one you got. Sound fair?"
  11. The Mil Dot Lunaris (the opening)

    "Medium-sized? Hmm," Aveline then grabs the three rifle rounds that would fit that description and comes back um turning around, then places them on the counter in front of Kil. "This is a five-five-six NATO, the round this frame was originally designed to fire, the three-hundred Blackout, a necked-up version of the last round to hold a larger bullet, and the seven-six-two M42, the round that Kalashnikovs fire. Both Thurgood and Aveline like the power and penetration of the 7.62, but don't like that it tends to go straight through flesh. It is reliable though, even through carbine-length AR-15 gas systems. Whatever Kilg'hesh chooses, he'll need a new barrel to accept the different size of bullet flying through it.
  12. Mil Dot Lunaris Out Of Cartridges thread

    Nah, it's fine, I'll deal.
  13. The Mil Dot Lunaris (the opening)

    "Whelp, the only difference between them is the round they fire. So I'll get one of each round we have these top receivers in, and let you choose what you wanna shoot," Aveline says before turning around and digging through a few cabinets. Elevator doors open out of sight, and Thurgood steps into view behind the pistol cases. When he sees Kilg'hesh, and Aveline digging in the cabinets, he makes the zipping motion over his lips. Aveline doesn't know about their move to take over the budding drug market, and Thurgood wants to keep it that way. "Sell the shine already?" Aveline asks. "Sure did, went quick too."
  14. The Mil Dot Lunaris (the opening)

    "Well, these AR fifteen platform is very versatile," Aveline saus as she inspects each part, "I can swap out this top receiver here for one of eight top receivers I have in stock; all can fire full-auto or three-round burst." Aveline figures if she just makes an even exchange with another used top receiver, she can still profit. This top receiver seems to be in pretty good shape.
  15. The Mil Dot Lunaris (the opening)

    "Well it depends," Aveline replies, "is there anything here you want?" Aveline then removes the magazine and clears the chamber, not knowing if Kil did, before she field-strips the rifle to check its condition.