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  1. Again, assuming the cadets can follow directions, they should have their targets out to five meters, and their Berettas loaded. "Anybody not have their pistol loaded and ready to fire?" None of the cadets made any indication that they didn't. "Commence shooting," Aveline says, expecting to shortly hear a bunch of nine by nineteen millimeter Parabellum rounds firing. With the staccato of pistols, Aveline walks up and down the range line, watching the cadets, correcting stances, helping them aim, and one cadet starts complaining. "These sights must be off, captain, I can't hit shit!" "All right, set it down, I'll take a look." Aveline them cranks the target back in, puts masking tape on the few holes through it, and cranks it back out before swapping mags, and firing the pistol one-handed, and puts six rounds through pretty much the same hole, them brings it back. The hole is down and to the left. "Oh, you're right, the rear aperture does need adjusting." Aveline takes out her Leatherman Wave multi-tool, folds out the Phillips-head screwdriver, and turns the windage and elevation screws a bit, cranks the target back out, fires six more rounds, makes another adjustment, and the last three hit dead fucking center before the chamber locks open. That cadet just stands with his jaw hanging open. "Should be good now," Aveline says as she removes the empty mag and sets the pistol back on the "table".
  2. Multi-use Venue Floors B2-5 Clothes were changed to far more casual ones, Candlepin bowling was done, badly, and then it was time to get to the venue, currently configured as a performance theater, and as the other viewers file into their seats, there are four that staff members currently occupy, to keep them free for their occupants for the show: Thurgood, Aveline, John, and Mal. So what is the show? Stark-Raving Circus: a delightfully weird wonderfully unique entertainment experience. Thurgood and Aveline make their way to their seats, with buckets of popcorn and cups of pop, and wait for John, Mal, and the Stark Raving Circus. @danzilla3 @Djinn&Juice
  3. They could do all the quests in Valucre and not earn enough cash to get them out of their "hole" Yeah, no roundabout/legal slavery
  4. *sigh* yet another opportunity for my main characters, and the do not have the capital right now to capitalize on it...
  5. notmuch_23

    Gratitude thread

    @danzilla3, for bringing me into his awesome world of roleplaying, especially with the Wild Hearts.
  6. Of course, Thurgood heard the whole thing. "Uh, Av? Av? Av!" Thurgood says, "are ya there?" Aveline does not respond, and Thurgood starts questioning why. Oh, the attraction... "New Everrun to Captain Singlance, are you reading?" Thurgood asks, before just pulling the end of her ear, avoiding the pistol round ear studs. "Ow! What the fuck?" Aveline shouts, "wait, what just happened?" "I'm guessing an organic version of the Windows Blue Screen of Death," Thurgood replies. "Oh, uh... fuck," Aveline says, "I uh, didn't think other people could be attracted to me..." "Well, at least I'll never face that problem. Wanna go change and try some candlepin?" "Fuck yeah, I need some time for my subconscious to work."
  7. Blueprints by Z-Man Games; easy to learn, but there's a surprising amount of strategy.
  8. To catch a Priestess, it also reeeeally helps if you have the ability Arena Trap. I'll demonstrate: *Notmuch_23's Arena Trap prevents Priestess from escaping!* *Notmuch_23 used Sludge Bomb.* Poisoning pokemon makes them easier to catch.
  9. A problem has been detected and NeurOS has been shut down to prevent damage to your body. The problem seems to be caused by the file: romance.sys Aveline_Debbie_Singlance.exe Aveline has stopped thinking; she's stopped doing anything, really. The idea that somebody might be attracted to her just does not register clearly. Thurgood and Aveline have always been... well... the others; like freaks, but not the ones people buy tickets to see. In their hometown, and everywhere else, people stare until one tries to make eye contact, then they look away. People talking tend to stop when Thurgood or Aveline get near, and the group moves elsewhere. Very few people initiate any conversation, and even those whose job it is to serve the general public don't deliver more than just enough service to these siblings to not get fired. Yes, Thurgood can lead workers, but it's their job to follow. Outside of the job, they want nothing to do with him socially. It's always been that way, and they've gotten rather used to it by now, and hold that treatment to be normal. So the idea of somebody having any social interest with Aveline, much less romantic is a completely alien experience that warrants caution, and even suspicion.
  10. "Which one?" Aveline asks, "there's eight here." There is a bar on each casino floor incorporating the service elevator bank (which the breaker boxes and plumbing manifolds are conveniently next to), which people can certainly sit, eat, and drink at, but 75% of the operations are for serving guests on that casino floor as they gamble. There is a cigar/pipe bar on the second story (with more affordable cigars and loose tobacco, of course) which also serves the hotel guests' room service. There is a bar in the bowling alley, next to the chilled keg storage and glycol system utility room (to keep the beer cold on the long journeys to all the taps), and there is a bar across the atrium from the subway station. "I don't need to buy drinks here either. Did you forget that I own this place with Thurgood?" The crowd filters its way through the atriums into the casino and mall floors respectively, some to stay on that floor, most to the four banks of public elevators that don't require a room key to operate (but to get past the elevator lobby on floors three to fifty does require a room key), and the two sets of escalators that move between the casino and mall floors (with a longer one walled in at the first basement floor). The hotel guests line up at the front desk where six people stand to check them into their rooms and issue room keys, with two more using temporary terminals.
  11. HiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiii you're in good hands with Csl
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