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  1. Silver Sky [Taen & Yh'mi Worldrift Event, Part 2]

    First the battle for Totenborough, and now an ominous mountain. Challara went from maintaining the Heartless Manor to all this adventure. Of course, she swung by the newly-completed Mil Dot to restock on ammo and necessary armor plates. Now Challara stands, all five feet eleven inches of muscular purple drow wrapped in a modular tactical vest with XSAPI plates, a pack, a holster for her Jericho 941 (.45 ACP), a Mossberg 591 slung on her right shoulder, ammo pouches anywhere she can fit them, an Advanced Combat helmet over her jet black wavy hair, and holding a M60 machine gun, with a belt already loaded. Challara's legs are bare, with only a pair of gray denim shorts covering Is Challara scared? Fuck yeah she is, but nobody else would know by looking. That's what she was taught in the Copper Valley Militia's Marine Combat Unit.
  2. Quests and Canonization

    The Mil Dot Lunaris is done and ready for canonization @Ataraxy and @Csl. Just in time for the cross-board event.
  3. The Mil Dot Lunaris (the opening)

    Summary Aveline, one of the otherworlders that helped kill the hydra, wanted to build a gun store in Taen. Thurgood came to find her, and convinced him to help. So they did. It also serves food. Quick Summary Aveline builds a gun store/eatery in Lunaris. Opportunities There is now a gun store in Lunaris. Characters with enough cash can purchase rifles, shotguns, pistols, grenades, rocket launchers, explosives, ballistic body armor, basic survival supplies, pouches, packs, holsters, ammunition, accessories, barbecue, and even moonshine if you know how to ask, for their upcoming adventures. Characters without cash can get a job here. Lunarian deputies of the Sheriff can get their starting gear here (soft or hard armor, Glock 17 with holster, handcuffs with pouch, TASER X-26, and either an AK-47M or Mossberg 590), and can replenish their ammunition or get new armor here any time they need to. This is how the Mil Dot Lunaris pays its taxes (there will be taxes). Anything extra is solely at the expense of the deputy (unless otherwise approved by the Sheriff). Possible quests: Thurgood is always interested in new toxins and materials for ammunition. Boh Thurgood and Aveline are interested in new culinary plants and animals.
  4. The Mil Dot Lunaris (the opening)

    It's been a long time, and a shitload of work, but it's done. The Mil Dot Lunaris, the second Mil Dot location, is ready to roll. Outside, there is a switchback staircase in the front leading up to the front covered porch, which continues to the left and right sides beyond the trees. Wooden tables and chairs provide places for people to sit and eat. The front wall is mostly wood-framed windows, surrounded by profiled trim and cedar shakes. Suspended rope walkways also connect to the porch at different places.The windows themselves are triple-pane ballistic polycarbonate, three inches combined, with argon pockets. There is a ramp to a freight elevator on the loading dock for people who can't or won't ascend the stairs, as well as deliveries. A large sign stands on the front roof, with the Mil Dot logo (and name) laid in very white oak with dark ebony. The inside has two areas; the public area, and the private area. The public area takes up 70% of the volume and reaches through the supports all the way up to the underside of the roof decking. The back roof has the same windows as the front wall, and the same density. During most days, the only light needed is in the cases. All of the walls have cedar paneling, all of the lights are warm white LEDs connected to a direct current system, and rock maple covers the floor of the store portion. The eatery is separated only by the line where the maple flooring meets the yellow cedar. The same wooden furniture sits in this area that sits outside, and a wall from floor to ceiling separates the public and private sections. The freight elevator opens up from the "private" area on this wall in a way that does not allow the public free access. Restrooms flank the elevator shaft. The cases that line the back and left sides are heavy, with teak-covered metal frames holding heavy ballistic polycarbonate panes. Rifle racks and heavy cabinets sit behind them, with register terminals between banks of cases. Sharp-eyed observers may even notice the Browning M2 and Mark 19 emplacements and firing slots up on the walls and roof sections. The private area is just for people who work here, which includes the kitchen, storage areas, office, utility spaces, and where Thurgood and Aveline live. The only coatings applied to any of the wooden surfaces, inside or out, are clear varnishes and resins, all designed to show the wood's natural beauty. Overall the structure is actually stronger than the trees supporting it.
  5. Taen HQ

    Does that mean I can post with Challara in Silver Sky?
  6. Taen HQ

    Honestly, I'd like to just have the Mil Dot Lunaris completed in time for the rip to ruin its grand opening, and finally canonize the location.
  7. The Mil Dot Lunaris (the opening)

    The excavator is rolling towards the space that Thurgood is measuring and staking out for both the tank and leach field. Once he's done, the excavator operator gets to work digging the huge rectangular hole for the segmented concrete septic tank, starting from the center. Normally the operator will need to dig within a certain distance around underground utilities, but this is virgin ground. There aren't any here. As the bucket's teeth sink into the soft, wet soil, Thurgood makes his way back up to where he was to keep assembling the non-structural framing. Thurgood hopes to start cutting and attaching the exterior paneling tomorrow, and finish when the cedar shakes and shingles arrive. Aveline, meanwhile, opens the floor hatch dressed and wearing safety gear, steps down to the second floor, picks up the jigsaw, and starts cutting two-by-tens where Thurgood already marked them.
  8. Taen & Yh'mi - When Two Boards Collide

    Oh, I drink plenty of it. Where I live now, the municipal water tastes like bottled.
  9. Taen & Yh'mi - When Two Boards Collide

    I don't drink the artificially sweetened shit (unless I grab diet by mistake instead of regular at Little Cesar's).
  10. Taen & Yh'mi - When Two Boards Collide

    Oh, good. I love Mountain Dew!
  11. The Mil Dot Lunaris (the opening)

    Two more days of work, and the outer wall frames are in. Aveline wakes up to Thurgood sinking screws for the second floor decking. By the time she gets dressed though, more diesel engines echo through the jungle, Lunaris, and towards the site. It's a convoy of semi trucks rolling over the packed dirt, one carrying an excavator, two carrying sections of concrete septic tank, one with a box trailer, and a mobile crane. "Septic tank's here," Thurgood shouts up to Aveline. "No shit Sherlock," Aveline shouts back, "how we diggin' the fuckin' hole?" "That fuckin' excavator, dumbass." "What fuckin' excavator?" "The big one on that trailer. Ya bind? I gotta go down an' show 'em were to dig." So Thurgood climbs down the ladder, at a point just below the decking of the treehouse that he will integrate into the building, and steps, rung by rung, to the dirt. This will only be the first of many trucks bringing large items in, like the polymer roof cistern, filtration system, solar arrays, appliances, custum wood cases, and polycarbonate windows.
  12. Taen & Yh'mi - When Two Boards Collide

    I'm in there, aren't I, for Taen? Also, will this event have any in-character sponsors?
  13. The fight for Totenborough

    During the first World War, a frightening new weapon made it's way to the battlefield. It took a belt of ammunition and spat it down the battlefield at a frightening pace. British and French soldiers, fighting the same way they did for centuries, charging to face their foe, and learned the hard way what machine guns are capable of. The Kaiser's soldiers mowed down waves of their enemies on open fields, and forced everybody into trenches. Now, the Xer-Orians are doing the same thing in Totenborough, and they're all funneled in a narrow passage. When Josh throws his fourth fireball, Challara opens up her M60, and it dutifully sends nine bullets a second down its demon-made barrel and into the chitin and flesh of the giant bugs. When Zoran makes the rocks fall, Challara pulls a belt out of her back pouch, takes the end of the belt in the box, slips out the last round which makes that link fall, fits the link on the end of the new belt into the end of the current, and slips the round in, making one longer belt. It's much faster than reloading an M60, and when the Xer-Orians clamber back over the rubble, Challara resumes firing and cuts down the Xers. Of course, one could not immediately tell the stream of rounds were doing anything at all as the wave of bugs just keeps advancing.
  14. || The Hunt ||

    At Elizabeth's direction, Vivian and Thurgood take point, with Vivian leading with her nose, following a strong scent trail. Thurgood follows very closely behind, knowing how to tell Vivianfrom a morpher. One refrence to The Matrix. Vivian and Nadia have seen it at least fifty times. The morphers don't know it exists. Vivian sniffs, Thurgood has his AK at the ready. Vivian stops at a tree, and sniffs around it, trying to get a trail beyond, but she keeps going back to the tree. Thurgood looks down at the roots, and sees cracked earth. "Vivian, step away." The radar fox looks up at Thurgood quizzically as he switches to his shotgun and checks the chambered shell. It's an XREP, a TASER in a shell. "I don't want you gett'n hurt, now step back and get me some vine. NOW." Thurgood takes his Mossberg and points it at the trunk, knowing that if he's wrong, he'll look very stupid. But, he trusts Vivian's nose, and so he pulls the trigger. A mighty roar of expanding nitrocelulose pushes the plastic slug three feet to the trunk, with plastic fons popping out to stabilize the slug in its short flight. The prongs on the body embed themselves into the bark, and the electrical prongs, slightly outside sink into the bark as well. The onboard electronics boost the potential and invert the battery's direct current into alternating, sending the electricity through the tissue, and interrupting any nervous signals for twenty seconds. If it's a morpher, the twenty seconds should give him time to bind the creature and administer advanced interrogation tehniques until it either dies or gives up the location of the cash and its buddies. If it's just a tree, Thurgood will ventilate it to make sure.
  15. The Mil Dot Lunaris (the opening)

    (( @NUMBER N1N3, sorry but it's been over a week. Perhaps we could lay down the details of the agreement or whatever in a later post or another thread. Aveline would have expressed interest at becoming a deputy though. I like the idea of Aveline as a cop.)) Another week, and not only are the roof frame, upper tree anchors, trusses and major structural purlins in, complwting the structural frame, but the minor ones are already in along with the decking, roof window frames, and tar paper. The bottom frame is also fully decked, all with marine plywood, and the sounds of screw guns echo through the immediate area as Thurgood, Aveline, Vivian, and Nadia all sink screws into two-by-tens to form the non-structural wall frames for the outside, and ten-inch timbers to hold up the massive polycarbonate windows under their frames. The structural timbers will protrude by four inches, all on the inside, and Aveline wants to add decorative braces to those corners, and leave them uncovered, but coat them in laquer and have the molding go around them. Now that the frame is done, Vivian and Nadia pick up heavy hex-head screws as Thurgood and Aveline lift the wall frame upright, nudge it into position, then Vivian and Nadia se the screw guns to keep the bottom board still to drill their pilot holes before sinking the large, hex-head screws. Then Thurgood and Aveline will get ladders and do the same to the top board.