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  1. Taen; the pocket dimension with a permanent portal, and thousands of temporary ones, is used to dealing with problems, like hydras, giant aggressive ant-people, and reeeeally tall, bloodthirsty canines, but their newest one... ...came out of left field. Wild pigs are a problem in many areas of Valucre, but they seem to be especially problematic in the land of overabundant bounty, Taen's Moss Forest. One would be forgiven for thinking that between the tall, wolflike zkriz'kas, the bears covered in leaves, the fearsome primate garanthas, the strange and lethal salamanders, and the ant-like xer-orians, that no other species of animal, invader or native, could ever become so numerous as to be a problem, much less a viable population. Yet, that's where the residents of Lunaris find themselves; dealing with a booming feral hog population that has no fear of humans, elves, dwarves, the native tree-people, or any of the aforementioned viscious creatures. Sebastian Heileger, Governor of Lunaris, faced a massed outrage of citizens as the pigs brazenly broke into homes and businesses, destroyed crop and pasture land, ravaged fruit trees, devoured gardens, and even forced the Banyan Market to make an emergency closure for the first time since it opened. Governor Heileger deferred to two local business owners, who happen to own the only gun store in Taen, Aveline and Thurgood Singlance. The two are calling for a massive, no-limit hunt of the offending swine, and are even offering prizes to yhose who kill the most weight, which begs the question: Did they make the pig population boom to increase sales? When we reached out for a response, we got quite a snarky and sarcastic one. "Yeah, that's right; I singlehandedly fucked with the entire goddamn ecosystem, brought Taen's entire economy to its knees, almost destroyed agriculture, and managed to keep the whole of the zkriz'ka, morpher, salamander, xer-orian, garantha, rixnaur, mork'outh and whatever the fuck else is out there from even touching this pig population, genetically engineered them to be able to live here so successfully, got their population to critical mass, and staged a fight between them and damn near every local zkriz'ka pack all over Lunaris, JUST to possibly sell more guns, and hope like fucking hell that the people are still alive and have the money to do so. Yep: I'm the greatest criminal mastermind in all of history!"
  2. Thank you; I was beginning to wonder. I'll write a post for Roleplay News.
  3. Oh yeah, they also have bone spurs on their lower legs that let them climb trees, and better balance, but still not a very good sense of which branches can support their weight so... ...falling pig warning!
  4. No, it's forest-colored; they've adapted to the Moss Forest.
  5. Oh, oh, yes! Thurgood can read Nitrogen-Based Chemistry, How to Synthesize Explosives from Chemicals Taen Plants Produce, How to Build Effective Bombs, Nuclear Warheads and You, My First U-235 Fission Reactor, Semiconductor Fabrication Made Easy, The Idiot's Guide to Maritime Engineering, Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles for Dummies, Essential Dam Design and Construction, Traffic: How to control It Effectively, Bridges for Every Situation, Practical Genetic Engineering, The Genome: A Complete Guide to Programming and Reprogramming Organisms, The Virus: Not Just For Illnesses Anymore, Practical Botany for Impractical Plants, and... I can't think of any more right now. Would those be available as audiobooks?
  6. Fortunately, not all the solar panels were destroyed; only one was, three retain partial functionality, and the rest are fine, and the ones that weren't now augment the array rising out of the low clouds, and good thing too: the Mil Dot Lunaris needs that power now more than ever! Aveline is busy registering people for the contest, Thurgood is constantly taking loads up from their underground storage, Mark and Roy work the sales terminals, Vivian and Nadia retrieve items behind the countet, Bob amd Osiria are preparing the pig meat they already have, and Aveline assigned Lithist to basically a gunsmithing role. Of course, there is pig meat in the barbecue pit, on the stove, in the oven, in the freezers, and the menu is packed with pork dishes. Other restaurants are doing the same for the hunt, and in all sorts of stores, there are huge stocks of canning jars and pressure cookers to preserve all the meat that will be sure to come from the swine genocide. ((Tagging all those that stated interest: @Akiris @Tyler @The Rabbit Emperor @The Alexandrian @Thotification @Vilhardt))
  7. Could I get an announcement for my pig hunting thread? "Massive Pig Hunr in Taen"
  8. "Finally," Thurgood says as he and Aveline make their way to the stage. "Okay, one a them fuckin pigs jumped through the windshield of my trock and made me crash it, destroying some expensive equipment in the process, but chanting won't get the fuckers outta here," Aveline says, "and they sure as fuck won't leave on their own. So, we can either hope the zkriz'ka population takes care of 'em-" "Or we can hunt down and murder every single motherfuckin green hog we can find!" Thurgood shouts. Aveline glared at Thurgood. "Whaaaat? I thought ypu were sett'n me up! Am I wrong? Wasn't that where you were going?" "Yeah, but I wasn't gonna say it... ...so evil though," Aveline replies before turning to the crowd, "but yeah: we gotta become these pigs' new predator and pick up the zkriz'ka's slack. To that end, we're offering prizes to those who can kill the highest weight, and we'll have special sales on arms and ammo." "So kill the hogs! Kill the hogs! Kill the hogs! Kill the hogs! Kill the hogs! Kill the hogs!" Thurgood chants as he walks through the crowd. Just like before, it catches on. Aveline waits for the crowd to leave, then turns to Sebastian. "I'ma get the word out as far as I can. If the problem is as bad as I think it is, we're gonna need some outside help." Let the hunt begin!
  9. I've already started the thread, but the hunt idea hasn't come up yet...
  10. The citizens of Lunaris are piiiiised! Even though jungle pigs have invaded Yaen a long time ago, the native carnivores have kept their numbers in check. Recently, their population exploded, and their war with the zkriz'ka population spilled over into Lunaris. Now, a crowd of citizens surround the City Hall, shouting at the government. "Those fucking pigs ravaged my pasture!" "They ate my whole garden!" "They killed my baby!" "We can't go outside safely!" Then one person starts a chant. "Pigs out now! Pigs out now! Pigs out now!" As chants normally do, this one also catches on with the surrounding people. "PIGS OUT NOW! PIGS OUT NOW! PIGS OUT NOW!" It isn't long until the entire crowd is chanting "PIGS OUT NOW! PIGS OUT NOW! PIGS OUT NOW! PIGS OUT NOW! PIGS OUT NOW! PIGS OUT NOW! PIGS OUT NOW! PIGS OUT NOW! PIGS OUT NOW! PIGS OUT NOW!" @danzilla3
  11. Full Summary: Aveline wants to find an alternative source of electricity for the Mil Dot, and discusses it a little with Lithist, their new hire. On her way back from getting more solar panels as a temporary measure, a jungle pig drops through her truck's windhield, making her crash the truck. Aveline then has to travel through a huge fight between jungle pigs and zkriz'ka, highlighting just how much of a problem these pigs have become. Then she finally returns to the Mil Dot Lunaris (landmarked at this point by a Ponderosa pine), to find that the battle had raged there, and had simply moved east through the city. Short Summary: A jungle pig causes Aveline to crash, and makes her see how much of a problem jungle pigs have become, especially in their battles with zkriz'ka. Concequences: Lunaris, and by extension the whole Moss Forest is being terrorized by jungle pigs. The citizens won't just stand by and let it happen. There is a Ponderosa pine growing in the Moss Forest. What does this mean? Who knows right now? Opportunities: The Mil Dot Lunaris will soon be holding a massive jungle pig hunt massacre genocide management program. No other species in Taen have been known to grow this large of a population so fast. Why these pigs? @danzilla3 @Csl
  12. "Oh, a few days ago," Thurgood says as he singlehandedly lifts a 365-pound dead hog into the bed of his pickup, with much effort, of course, "damn, these fuckers are heavy. Say, where's the new panels... and the trailer... and your truck?" "Still east; fuckin pig dove through my windshield and made me crash." "Well fuuuck, at least you weren't hurt too badly. I'll get the cables and pulleys; we gotta get those back." "Not right now we ain't," Aveline says. "Why not?" "Pigs an' zkriz'ka are tearin' each other apart over there! I ain't gitt'n in the middle of that again!" "Oh for fuck's sake," Thurgood replies, "they just left here! Some of 'em got in 'fore we could lock the doors! Even as strong as that polycarb is, I'm surprised none of 'em, or even the walls gave!" "Well shit dude, ya built that place strong enough to survive a direct hit from a goddamn Aiorbus A380!" "Well an A380 ain't got shit on that fuckin' battle! Looked like somethin' outta Braveheart, except the swords and shields were claws and teeth!" "I'ma go inside for now, and think about what our next move is," Aveline says as she heads for the staircase that goes up to the store.
  13. I just reread the section on Lunaris, and the Twine part intrigues me. Of course, Twine doesn't reach out to the Mil Dot Lunaris, which is fitting, because even with a highly-advanced Twine transciever, neither Thurgood nor Aveline would be able to use it!
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