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  1. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    When Thurgood finally got to the roof, the troublemakers had scattered, and unfortunately, he has no way of knowing where they went. If he'd brought Vivian or Nadia, his radar foxes, they'd have no trouble getting the scents and using them to track down those little shits, even in this dense crowd. But Thurgood is alone with his chalk-dusted irritating clothes, and the two Colt M1911s holstered on his belt, with extended 12-round magazines, and long mag pouches behind those for more. So defeated, he descends the fire escape and steps back out to the chalk-dusted street. There, a lady handing out lovely cupcakes seems to offer him one, but sidesteps and walks past as soon as he puts his hand out. A few yards closer, a man handing out bread bowls of soup stops to let a few other guests grab one, yet backs away as Thurgood approaches, along with the other guests. In fact, Thurgood expects to only be able to move anywhere by bumping and squeezing like he's trying to enter the Gen Con Dealer's Hall at 10 AM Thursday morning, but no. All the people in the street part for and glare at him like he's Jared Fogle or Bill Cosby. "HEY! WHAT THE FUCK Y'ALL GLARIN' AT ME FOR?" Thurgood shouts, and almost screams, "do I look like Ted Kaczynski?" Of course, nobody here knows who Ted Kaczynski is or what he did...
  2. Ban the user above you! [GAME]

    Banned for no reason
  3. Ban the user above you! [GAME]

    Banned for caring about if/how a user expresses emotions
  4. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    "Well, I'ma find a restroom and try to clean up a little more while ya think about it," Thurgood tells Yonatan before he turns and heads to the nearest one he's allowed to use. Once there, he uses the sink, soap, and a bunch of paper towels to get as much chalk and itching powder off his skin as he possibly can. It feels a little better, though the itching powder stays in his shirt and jeans like tiny hairs after a haircut, and it is so annoying he actually leaves the castle to find a clothing stand or store among all the food stalls and partiers. During his search, the same teens tried to dump another 55-gallon drum of chalk dust. This time, Thurgood avoids the plume, sprints to the back of the building, climbs on a dumpster and jumps onto the retracting ladder of the fire escape to climb up to the roof and beat and/or shoot the living shit out of those living shits for doing this to him before.
  5. @Aleksei, Thurgood asked Yontan if there was anything he could do for her after unblinding him, though I wouldn't blame you for missing it, Would Yontan take him up on that offer, or would she not? It's just been a while since I posted last in the Dancong on Moonbeams thread, and I hate it when my characters get stuck.
  6. Taen HQ

    Do animals need to be discovered in a separate thread to be canonized? I believe that some sort of wild swine has invaded Taen a long time ago and have since adapted to do what no previous pig has been able to do before: climb trees. All the other predators of Taen, especially the Rixnaurs and Zriz'ka, have been able to keep their population in check until the Xer-Orians forced them to shift their attention, which would allow the pigs' population to reach the point of quickly becoming a nuisance, and danger. If I could, I'd like to at least use the Mil Dot Lunaris thread to at least introduce them. Besides, it's been too damn quiet in this forum.
  7. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    "Huh, who are-" Thurgood starts as his words get cut off as Yontan rubs her hands on his chalk-covered face. At first it stings bad, but in a few more seconds the chalk mud under his eyelids somehow finally softens, allowing his tears to pull them into solution and away from his eyes. If one could see the drops falling, they would see vivid swirls of color in each drop as the different colors of chalk dust move around, suspended in the saline until they hit the ground. It only takes a minute for Thurgood to be able to open his eyes without irritation again, where he sees the short woman in her peculiar robes. "Oh, thank you so much," he says, "I thought I'd have to stumble around until I managed to find a sink somehow." "Naw, really?" Thurgood replies, "I thought everybody openly carries firearms everywhere, and constantly smell like a mix of fragrant nectar and rotting leaves! Anything I can do for ya, since you just, like, un-blinded me?"
  8. Ban the user above you! [GAME]

    Banned because I only rolled my last two crits in Pathfinder games when the enemy was only at one hit point! What does it have to do with you? Nothing, but I'ma ban you for it anyways!
  9. I'll have a post for you tomorrow!

  10. Ban the user above you! [GAME]

    Banned for having a bird as your profile pic; it's not even in color!
  11. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    When Renovatio reopened itself to the rest of Valucre, Thurgood was overjoyed: the only path between the Mil Dot Gibson Creek, on another planet in another dimension, and the Mil Dot Lunaris, in the pocket dimension of Taen, is through a stable portal to Sigil in La Guardia. But after hearing about the celebration on Avylon, he decides to go see what it's all about. the first thing he sees is the copious amount of chalk dust on the ground. The very next thing he sees is the inside of his eyelids. A group of teenagers decides to join the kids throwing buckets of chalk dust, though their "bucket" consisted of several 55-gallon drums, all dumped on one person: the five-foot eleven inch human in drow skin (and ears) with a simple tee and jeans now permeated with bright colors of chalk dust. For a half hour he'd been shuffling through the streets effectively blinded by the chalk mud caked under his eyelids, furiously scratching himself everywhere because one genius had the bright idea to mix the dust with itching powder! Now he stumbles into the magnificently gilded castle, not knowing it is, and leaning against the wall, trying to pull his eyelids down so his copious tears can have a chance to do their job. ((I don't know if security would have taken his weapons or not...))
  12. La Guardia is a reeeeeeeally important place for Thurgood Albert Singlance, since he still has a Mil Dot location (the first one) in Gaia Prime, and the only stable way there is through Sigil: the City of Doors, and the only stable way there from Valucre is in La Guardia. Yes, shipping things all the way from the ungoverned land just south of Copper Valley east to Durem to enter the nearest portal, through Sigil to La Guardia, and then from there through the Blue Hills Portal to Taen and Lunaris, with an intermodal stop in Casper is a really long and expensive route, but so far it's the only one. So yes, Thurgood will be there, and may possibly inquire about opportunities for new or expanding businesses (maybe for a third Mil Dot location). Aveline would too, but she broke her foot in Bi'le'ah and is currently taking it easy back in Lunaris.
  13. Are you a mercenary or what?

    Oh, "post-apocalyptic porn set"? Aveline falling on Thurgood with her legs split to straddle the uneven terrain as he turned around to check on her? Yeah, I can see that.
  14. Are you a mercenary or what?

    Which parts in particular did you find humorous?
  15. Ban the user above you! [GAME]

    Banned for being a hypocrite