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  1. notmuch_23

    Nu Martyr Goes to War

    Oh, could Thurgood and Aveline also sell firearms to other defenders? They do own Lunaris' only gun store...
  2. notmuch_23

    Claiming the Furthest Point

    Challara doesn't know what the "victory" or "defeat" conditions are, nor does she care; there are still enemies that need to be ventilated and Challara is not one to give up or retreat. Now that she's standing, she sprints over to the right side, to see a swarm of smaller creatures, and another one of those fucking traitors. The chhiten swarm is best dealt with grenades or rockets, but right now they're too close to the other defenders to use those, so instead Challara fires a burst right into the fucking traitor monster thing. Plus, another one completely pissed her the fuck off so... ...only question is if the twistling could notice Challara's intent before she fired.
  3. notmuch_23

    Dice Rolling Thread

    Rolling for number of Challara's actions (Claiming the Furthest Point)
  4. notmuch_23

    Nu Martyr Goes to War

    I'm in then. Thurgood, Aveline, Vivian, and Nadia (and their prospect Josh if the person that plays him isn't AFV) will for the most part be operating behind enemy lines to do everything they can to disrupt Lillith's campaign. After all, war is far more than a series of battles.
  5. notmuch_23

    Nu Martyr Goes to War

    Yes, this does involve the Veluriyam Empire, but the vulcanium shaft is a long way from reaching vulcanium depth, and the aluminum operayion likely won't even produce a milligram of aluminum metal for at least three years. Is there anything around Renovatio that affects nitrocellulose-based firearms?
  6. Could a fighter start pursuing the monsters when they try to leave and aren't already dead yet?
  7. notmuch_23

    The things we do for a pop... (Port Sun)

    When Thurgood and Aveline finally get to a teller in the bank to exchange their Terran Rhodium coins, with Thurgood's belt straining to hold the massive sack of coins up by his sack. It turns out tellers are not authorized to touch one troy ounce of rhodium, much less the twenty-five troy pounds dangling in front of Thurgood's junk, so the teller has to call the supervisor over, who then sees that this exchange is more than five troy ounces, then more than one troy pound, and so must pass the transaction off to the branch manager. So they sit in the branch manager's office, with four security guards in the room when she finally steps in, closes the door, and addresses the two scruffy-looking blue drow rednecks that are apparently loaded. "So uh, I understand you two need to exchange a large amount of Terran coin to gem coin. How much are you wanting to exchange?" "Twenty-five Troy pounds of rhodium," Aveline says as Thurgood drops the sack onto the hardwood desk with a respectable metallic rattling thump. As the branch manager opens the sack and takes a look at the coins, she sees the symbols and names of large, legitimate Terran mints; an ecclectic mix of coins minted in or around Casper, Hell's Gate, Tia, Ashville, Last Chance, Norkotia, Tazarek, Palgard, and even Biazo City, all from different times. The formidable security guards' eyes grow wide and their jaws drop, and one even pipes up. "The fuck are you doin' carrying that much goddamn cash?!?" After all, they're looking to exhange the equivalent of US$150,000. No wonder they're amed.
  8. Fighter jets dogfighting with flying Chhiten Magni? We need this... ...we sooooooooooooo need this! Now where are the in-universe Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer? Also, if you fly high enough, the air turbulence evens out, making the dogfights possible.
  9. It occured to me a while ago that the Chhiten Magnus could have just burst up in the middle of the wagons, made its big attack, and instantly claim victory for the monsters in one post. Also, if ground transport is this dangerous, why not just use heavy-lift aerostats to deliver supplies from the ocean side of Yh'mi?
  10. A bunch of RPG books from her failed gaming store back on Gaia Prime.
  11. notmuch_23

    A (Temporary?) Trinity

    First House Senaria, and now House Hildebrand are coming giving House Singlance a chance. Now that Oscar Uldwar is gone, there may be a little hope with that house too. House Karradeen will be an economic rival, and the disposition the other houses have towards Thurgood and Aveline have yet to manifest. "Yeah," Thurgood says, "let's feed the nation!" Guess there's nothing much to do now but maybe have some grub, either here or elsewhere, Grant didn't tell them if there would be lunch or dinner served or whatnot.
  12. notmuch_23

    A (Temporary?) Trinity

    "Eh, we'd just need to build it with a fish ladder to let them go down and up over the dam safely, and do it in such a way the fish can actually use it, and hope they can handle a bit of swimmin' through a slackwater lake" Aveline says, "anything else y'all wanna discuss while we're here?" If they'll have access to petroleum fuels, that opens up the options to mechanize plowing, planting, care, and harvest, putting either a lot of people out of work or making them available to work other plots. Everybody likes to make fun of a redneck 'till they get in a pickle, because most of the time, a redneck can get you out. It may not be pretty, and the solution may not be permanent, but a redneck can get you out.
  13. notmuch_23

    Have a Joyous Reverie!

    "It's gonna be yuuuuuuuuuuge, an' were gonna employ all the communication and gendah studies majors, so they finally have a job for a change, and especially the gendah studies majors love ta write a lot about nuthin. It's gonna be so confusin' the illegals will turn around an' go home!" (this is pure satire, by the way)
  14. notmuch_23

    Have a Joyous Reverie!

    Hey, I like brevity! In fact, I haven't been reading very many posts because they're walls of text bigger than the one Trump wants to build on the border, that reference so much previous inside knowledge, that I would need to be the post writer to understand it.
  15. notmuch_23

    A (Temporary?) Trinity

    "yes, it has been too much talk, not enough action," Aveline replies. "But yeah, we so have a deal," Thurgood says, "don't know when we can fit the planning and construction in though..." "We've already got a place to live in Lunaris," Aveline counters, "we can postpone that project if we need to." "But that cement kiln is absolutely necessary to the dam," Thurgood points out, "it's prob'ly gonna need a shitload of concrete." Then Aveline thinks of something. "Are there any migratory fish species we need to consider when designing this dam? Where we come from, there were a number of species called salmon that would migrate to the ocean soon after hatching, then return to the same spot in the same stream to reproduce. Predictably, large dams dams had a very detrimental impact on their population, which had historically been an important source of food for the area's ecosystem. We don't want to do the same damage in the Symarron."