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  1. Well, hit, miss, or backfire, once I use a special ability with Challara, it is GONE until she returns to base. If I had used all her area attacks, sustained fires, or her ONLY limited heal in the Long Way Down thread, she would not have gotten them back for Child's Play, and I'm absolutely positive that there is at least one more nightmare thread beyond this one, but I suspect at least two, and her specials need to last through all of them. So given that, I want to use them at either nearly full, or preferably completely full sanity so that they"ll actually do something. I already wasted one sustained fire!
  2. Challara's vision gets blurry and she gets shakier the more this place assaults her mind, and as relatively dim as she is, knows that trying to shoot anybody in this condition won't turn out so well. So, just like she'd been trained to do in battle in Copper Valley when the battlefield conditions start overwhelming her, she stops, slows her breathing, and tries to gather the scattered bits of information, thoughts, fears, and condense them into one focus... ...and there goes Soryn's P.U.D with its cold, robotic voice. Try again... ...with the rhythm of breathing manually slowed, Challara closes her eyes, and instead tries just getting the superfluous shit out of her brainspace. It's starting to work! Oppressive environment, YEET it the fuck outta here! Horrible "incubator", horrible mom is taking a flight to Who-gives-a-flying-fuck-berg! Them shadow bitches? Looks like Team Rocket is blasting off again (even though it was just two members)! Between that mental exercise, and a reserve of dark magic Challara didn't even know she had, her focus is starting to return, and along with it her combat effectiveness.
  3. ...for how much more sanity?
  4. Rolling for Challara to meditate...
  5. One thing I want to see in a steampunk setting is a steam boat, probably needing to flee or chase down another boat, retract its paddle wheel(s), spin up a set of steam turbines, and engage the clutches on a couple of jet pumps.

  6. I think that Thurgood and Aveline, being not just otherworlders (that have their own powers that neither can know about), but unable to use magic or other powers (including using the Twine network), and immune to magical healing, sould not be connected to the wildlight network at all, nor contain any.
  7. I thought it did, and I think in this case, it should, since Sustained Fire (and her specific method of Area Attack for that matter) don't use magic or supernatural powers, but instead physical consumables (rounds, grenades). Whether or not the attack action worked, the rounds were still fired.
  8. So that sad excuse for an incubator tried to attack, and Challara got so scared and pissed, she didn't notice that it didn't do a damn thing, but one thing is clear to her: "dat cunt's gotta fuckin' die!" So with great fury, the drow points her heavy machine gun up to the evil female figure, and lets fly a long burst of fire. In her rage, the bullets fly anywhere but into the "incubator's" body, so she tries to readjust her point of aim,a nd fire a shorter burst. The epinephrine and fury throws her aim wide again! Now the drow tries to control her breathing and refocus, but the thoughts of that cunt daring to abuse her own kid can't leave, and makes Challara even more furious. "GYAAAAAAAAAAH!"
  9. Rolling for Challara to meditate
  10. Rolling for Challara to fire normally
  11. Rolling for Challara's sustained fire
  12. Okay, I just really read the new quests for Totenborough, and I think Aveline needs to audition for the upcoming festival. I've never really done much with her musical aptitude as a self-taught electric guitar player, even back when I was roleplaying on Gaia Online. Time for her to dust off that Fender Jaguar (modern player series) and get some practice in between running the Mil Dot and dealing with Thurgood's industrial ambitions, which now include Totenborough (he's thinking about seriously upgrading mines and constructing large-scale metal refinement facilities).
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