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  1. As I play Pokémon Sword, I can't help but think of how many of the bad situations Thurgood Singlance would have murdered Galar out of.

    Chairman Rose wouldn't live past the conversation at the top of the tower, Sordward and Shieldbert would have their smug asses ventilated after they forced the first Dynamax, and Sonia's new "assistant" would be suffering for three days with a horrendous fever before dying of sepsis from being impaled Vlad-Dracula-style. Guess that's why he's here on Valucre instead of whatever planet the Pokémon games take place on...


    ...oh, and Oleanna's life would be in danger too...

  2. Two status updates in one day?

    Yep, I remember what I originally wanted to write: The Comity of the Kitten Pile is happening!

    A while ago, I made an interest check about a fun social club that didn't have a name yet. This will be the end result of that line of thinking.

    Lillith Reiter and her paragons are the only ones specifically never welcome.

  3. I think Thurgood Singlance will get into general contracting.

    "I get shit done."

  4. I didn't know you were attached to the Copper Bell thread...

  5. That feeling when your two main characters will need to travel a couple thousand miles on a regular basis, one way, but can't use the MagVac trains because:

    1. The trains don't go to their destinations

    2. The trains will literally NOT FUCKING WORK with them on board due to the whole "can't benefit from magic" thing.

    Unfortunately, mundane transportation options remain heavily limited due to the amount of magical abundance, mastery, and reliance.

    Anybody know where Thurgood and/or Aveline Singlance can obtain a personal aerostat and learn how to fly it?

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    2. notmuch_23


      @Fierach it's not as simple as an antimagic field: magical/otherwise supernatural attacks and detrimental magic/otherwise supernatural effects happen, and happen to them more strongly than normal.

      So neither Thurgood nor Aveline Singlance can benefit from magic, but they sure can be hurt and hindered by it.

    3. Fierach


      And what if they do work because the player/owner of those magical vehicles enforce it?

    4. notmuch_23


      then the same magic that keeps it working will not allow either Thurgood or Aveline to board

  6. "Well we, this little duo here, are flat FUCKING broke! But hey, let's go spend four-hundred pounds of Rhodium on a manor to babysit people that will abhor us soon if they don't already!"

    "Whoa, we're not broke, we just... have our wealth locked in illiquid assets."

    "What's the fucking difference? Either way, we don't have the cash to drop on an outhouse much less a noble manor right now! Especially after how much we had to shell out to fight Lillith Reiter!"

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    2. notmuch_23


      Which part though?

    3. Dabi


      The first and third. The second sounds like Thurgood

    4. notmuch_23


      *Ding ding ding ding!*

      "Tell Dabi what they've won!"

      "Uh... being correct?"

  7. I want both of my main characters to have at least one "thug life" moment in a roleplay.

  8. So I'm watching Extreme Trains on Youtube, and for some reason,  the image of one or two giant steam locos pulling a 100-car container stack train from Port Kyros (from a ship there from Casper) over the Wicker Mountains to the Cold South fills me with as much wonder as pure electric locos using overhead catenaries to pull those containers from Martial Town or Zuhl Plateau, rolling up the Blue Hills, doubling the length in Taen, and thundering down into the jetties of Casper. 

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    2. notmuch_23
    3. danzilla3


      Heavy machinery is your groove, isn't it?

    4. notmuch_23


      Heavy equipment, structures, infrastructure, technology

  9. There was a place I made up on Gaia Prime called Copper Valley, and I even had a joke for a late night show, and now I have no other place to write it,

    "Ya know, the's this site called 'It's Just Coffee' that's 'bout just cas'yul dat'n. If they wanna bring it heah, they gon' hafta change it t' th' peeps heah. Fust, th' humans,"

    It's Just Beer

    "th' woodies," [wood elves]

    It's Just Wine

    "an' th' drow."

    It's Just Sex

  10. Are there even any theme/amusement parks on Valucre? Any with roller coasters? how about good coasters? I may need to make one, or rather, Thurgood Sainglance may need to build one.


    Only issue is if anybody on Valucre can build a roller coaster, let alone one over 200 feet high.

  11. Peach Toadstool has a horribly incompetent security team. In New Super Mario Brothers Wii, they let a cake in with the tops of all Bowser's kids poking through the top ring round the bottom tier. Seriously? If they tried that with Aveline Singlance, the news headlines next day would be "Bowser Koopa and all Eight Children Brutally Murdered."

    "Police found a gruesome scene in the Sierra Ossa mountains as several wooden airships burned violently after they plummeted into the mountainside. After the fires were extinguished, many charred corpses were found, including Bowser (both senior and junior) Wendy, Morton, Larry, Iggy, Roy, Lemmy, and Ludwig Koopa. Though autopsies have yet to be performed, medical examiners at the scene note obvious bullet holes characteristic of a larger-caliber pistol, and very large exit wounds, characteristic of expanding bullets."

  12. Correction: Thurgood Singlance does not use an RPK as a horn replacement, but instead a PKM. the RPK is just a bigger AK-47M and is still mag-fed. The PKM is also a Kalashnikov-pattern machine-gun but is belt-fed. That is all.

    1. Agent Knockout

      Agent Knockout

      To be honest, I didn't even notice that anywhere (possibly because I really don't watch many threads), but if I did, I might have actually pointed out that. As for the PKM, it is nice to see that it's not only Khan who is going to be using that Soviet relic in one way or another!

  13. I think Thurgood Singlance may have a Grumble beef with Lillith Reiter. Will this spill over into actual, canon RP?

    1. Ataraxy


      Hahaha nah grumble is noncanon just have fun with it

    2. Malintzin


      >_> You should def make it canon...

    3. supernal


      Grumble as a technology is like soft canon. As for the actual content it's noncanon. It *can* spill over into actual canon RP with both sides consenting to treat their throwaway silly comments as actual fightin' words, but absent that then it's def throwaway silly comments for the lols

  14. I saw a reward on a quest of 32 ounces of rhodium, and at US$500 an ounce, that's US$16,000; a good amount for an individual.

    It's also the gross profit that the Mil Dot Lunaris makes in an average of about...

    ...ten to fifteen minutes.

  15. Thurgood A. Singlance on the law: "If the law works for me, great! I'll let it work unimpeded, up to the moment it does not work for me anymore. Then the law can go fuck itself; I'll do what gets me justice."

  16. If Thurgood Singlance did much of what he wanted in Ursa Madeum, there would be a city on the coast with its buildings being overwhelmingly constructed with aluminum. Every single-family house would be framed and clad in aluminum; the sidings and roof could be anodized in damn near any color of the rainbow (no painting required in that case), and every window could use synthetic sapphire instead of glass (which is an aluminum-based mineral). The electrical cables would only have two conductors, because the entire fucking frame would be the grounding conductor. Aluminum furniture would be the norm, high-rises would be framed and built with aluminum instead of steel, but the concrete would use polymer-reinforced-fiberglass rebar because aluminum and concrete don't go so well together.

    1. Csl


      Sounds like you want to make this kind of location somewhere.

      Of interest:


    2. -Lilium-


      We want to do some biblical damage to it first, perform gratuitous violence against a battery of ancient alien monsters and spirits, and rebuild what is left without technology.....

      So, if you're up for the challenge and want to create your own place in the soon to be revised Alterion...Please let me know. 

  17. One thing I want to see in a steampunk setting is a steam boat, probably needing to flee or chase down another boat, retract its paddle wheel(s), spin up a set of steam turbines, and engage the clutches on a couple of jet pumps.

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