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  1. The hydra attacking Lunaris thread was my entry into Valucre, and you welcomed me with open arms; I'll never forget you. Who are two people that could not possibly have anything less to do with Titus and Teresa's deaths but will still get eternally blamed for?
  2. Well, now that the four have finished their ramen, they return to moseying up the main street towards the daiyokai's estate. Aveline stops at a place selling traditional kimono and obi, steps in, and starts browsing. "When will you possibly ever wear a kimono again?" Thurgood asks with some annoyance. "Okay, first, it's my fuckin' money and I can get whatever the fuck I want with it," Aveline snaps, "and second, who says I want a kimono? What if I want one of these strips?" "They're obi; they form the belt of the kimono," Thurgood replies. "Whatever, I love these patterns." "So what the fuck ya gonna do with 'em?" "Hang 'em up in my office," Aveline replies, "I wanna have some nice things in there!"
  3. As soon as the flames lit up the area and the walls went up, Challara only made one decision on her own: slide the M60 onto her back, and pull out her Mossberg 590. Once she does, the drow pumps the handle, cycling the action and causing the empty shell that cooked off to pop out of the chamber to allow a fresh one in before it closes again on a fresh 00 buckshot shell, waiting for somebody else to take the lead. Fortunately, the blonde knight did, with a simple command. So Challara moves left then up, remaining behind the others, but close enough to step through and attack whatever the fuck is moaning up ahead.
  4. Rolling to see if Challara can even move (Long Way Down)
  5. "Well, it all started early last year," Thurgood says as he finishes cleaning the hood, "I had the itch to build something, which I get at times, and Ursa Madeum was just recovering after it's liberation from the tyrannical rule of Damien Gillick. I went through the portal from Taen to see what I could do to help, and barely got my truck through the ribbon of soupy mud that road became." Thurgood flips a valve above the sink faucet to redirect the water to the sprayer, turns on the hot valve, and sprays down the now clean hood. "I picked up a shovel, and started digging out the mud to replace it with a better road. Then I got a small steam shovel and roller to work faster once there was a road that could support their weight. That road led to many more both in Andelusia, and the rest of Ursa Madeum. I even brought in steel girders to build bridges. Aveline joined me pretty early, and when the people got curious about the machines, we both realized that there were, and likely still are, gaps in their knowledge of science that Decameron Academy certainly wasn't teaching. So Aveline builds a school to teach the people about science and tech. Then a rumor starts circulating that the new Emperor was going to grant us nobility, which angered the locals to the point of destroying our school. Empress ParĂ¡lios actually granted us nobility, which made things worse. Only reason I think the general public doesn't attack us now is that they heard of how we took out a cell of murderous traitors, and would rather not fuck with us."
  6. "We're outsiders," Thurgood says, "we're not only not from Ursa Madeum, we're not even from this planet, and all of a sudden we're now major nobles." Thurgood picks up a rack and sets it in the mop sink before grabbing a scouring pad. "This is all just speculation, but I honestly think the locals believe we didn't earn nobility," Thurgood says, "of course, in their eyes, I don't believe there is anything we can do to earn it. Not acting like traditional nobility is only part of it. I honestly believe the people see us as Veluriyam's snitches." That last word is really the crux of the problem; nobody likes a snitch.
  7. There is also the new member guide on the home page. Also, don't feel like you have to start in the Tavern of Legend; I didn't.
  8. "That's good to hear," Thurgood says as he puts on a pair of cleaning gloves and mixes the degreaser in the spray bottle with the right amount of water, "I'm sure you saw how close I was with John Wilder last night, and I know Aveline knows I have some connection to him and the Wild Hearts, but I just don't want her to know how strong that connection is. I'll probably take ya to meet him; he could probably use your skills too." Thurgood closes the spray top on the bottle, before reaching down and tossing Lithist another pair of black cleaning gloves. "Put those on or else this shit'll dry your skin faster than sticking it in hot desert sand all day." The degreaser/cleanser Thurgood is spraying on the inside of the hood, the grates, and the bottom of the pit is so powerful that stripping skin of all its oils only takes seconds. Unfortunately, burned on sauce and the heavy soot from an intentionally oxygen-starved fire need something this powerful to lift it, and even the 75% water dillution he's using is only recommended for jobs like cleaning inches of partially carbonized oil from heavy equipment. For this, the manufacturer reccomends a 95% water dilution, but this concentration works faster, and actually cleans the grates.
  9. "Well, we're gonna bust that rust loose," Thurgood says as he moves to one side of the hood, "Get on the other side, and together we'll lift this hood off and flip it over. An oil from his planet that stung. Thurgood mulls this over as Lithist gets into position. Well, he has access to some bullets with tungsten carbide penetrators, and even a few with stable uranium penetrators. Perhaps Aveline can teach him how to snipe; get some simultaneous fire strategies going. "What about organized crime?" Thurgood asks, wanting to know if he can introduce Lithist to John Wilder.
  10. "Keepin' all the bolts together," Thurgood says as he takes the ten short bolts from Lithist, sticks them to the magnet, sticks the ten he has to the magnet as well, then shoves the mass of bolts over far enough for him to stick the powerful neodymium magnet to the handle of his rstchet. "Now they won't roll off or get kicked somewhere we won't be able to get 'rm. By the way, you ever shot a firearm before prospect?"
  11. @Fierach, @P.N.See, @Thotification, So what should Challara do? Unfortunately she's not a leader, and doesn't like making tactical decisions, as some Copper Valley Militia NCOs learned pretty quickly.
  12. While Lithist went to change, Thurgood got the supplies gathered: a spray bottle, a powerful degreaser, scouring pads, cleaning gloves, wire brushes, putty knives, two ratchet handles with sockets already attached, and a magnet from an old hard drive. Thurgood hands Lithist a ratchet as he leads the prospect into the room where the pit in question sits. It's mostly cylindrical stainless steel, with a stainless steel box on the left side, and a cone on the right that tapers into a flue that goes through the ceiling. To the right is a large fiberglass mop sink, and of course, there is a sizeable floor drain. This all becomes clear when Thurgood flips the switch to turn on the lights. "The top is held on with twenty bolts, ten on each side," Thurgood says, "get on the back and take 'em out. I'll get the ones on the front."
  13. I'm wondering if the City of Angels has radar foxes living there, or at least brought some (more) to Valucre...
  14. I assume i'm part of group one, who else is? It's not like Challara to make decisions and strategies...
  15. ""Sup prospect?" Thurgood asks. Yes, it's still in play; it's part of being a prospect. Since Aveline isn't up yet, he now has some time to talk to Lithist alone, which he was going to do sooner or later. "Fuck yeah," Thurgood replies, "gotta clean the barbecue pit. If ya don't have any work clothes, I got some. Don't know if they'll fit, but this is gonna be dirty." First thing is to see if Lithist is afraid of hard, dirty work, and it will get harder, and dirtier. Even though it's the first time he's used it, a barbecue pit gets quite filthy between the burnt sauce, meat juices, smoke, and ash pan.
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