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  1. @Grubbistch, now that Oscar is an evil tree, Cassandra basically broke away from the Uldwar family, and Luis is in charge, is there any chance of at least a temporary cease-fire between House Uldwar and House Singlance?
  2. If it wasn't for the war in the Nu Martyr province of Renovatio, Aveline might be open to bringing Torie back to Ursa Madeum where she and Thurgood are building (or rather digging and carving) their manor, or even to Taen, and Torie could learn quite a bit from Thurgood and Aveline, like how to use a firearm (if her paws are small enough to pull a trigger), basic structural, electrical, or civil engineering, small-squad guerrilla warfare tactics (like how to make booby traps), or even just how to play Pathfinder and/or Starfinder.
  3. I know Thurgood often evokes annoyance in Aveline, but I don't think they really tend to evoke a specific emotion, other than maybe either confusion or annoyance. How did these goddamn yokels become nobles?
  4. If not delivered within 30 minutes or less, is that justice free?
  5. Oh, the card... ...not really a logical chain of thought to call the Branch Manager of the Lunaris branch of Silverbush Bank to tell PRIME that Lillith and her paragons can rapidly redeploy anywhere... ...on Valucre really... ...at will.
  6. Really? Neither Thurgood nor Aveline have ever stepped foot in Port Mars since being promoted to nobility! The Uldwars would capture, torture, and impale Vlad-Dracula style either of them for even daring to go near Misral now!
  7. yeah, except he doesn't have her number...
  8. Also kind of need to know how the hell Aveline can contact PRIME on her phone. Pretty important information to pass along... ...and I want to roleplay it as the four defenders drive to Parrish (since it's on the way to Nu Martyr). @Aleksei
  9. Since not everybody is putting their side and location at the top of their post, or in many cases in it, Where abouts is everybody? Thurgood and Aveline are leaving Keto, driving southwest towards Nu Martyr, and will likely need to go through or around Parrish.
  10. Defenders- Leaving Keto It had been a tense fight with the shambling horde back to the truck, but Thurgood, Aveline, Vivian, and Nadia manage to get in and take off before the undead got too numerous. "D'ya think we can make it to Nu Martyr in time for this information to do any good?" Aveline asks. "Well 'less our phone work here, it's our only option," Thurgood replies. Since Thurgood is driving, Aveline takes out her smartphone, and is surprised to see that it has service! So she then makes a call to "zero" hoping that it will get her to an operator, or at the very least play her an error message that tells her how to get in contact with one. "It's ringing..."
  11. Well, this is what a .50 BMG FMJ does to ballistics gel... ...now imagine if the bullet opens up within the first half-inch...
  12. especially with a fully-expanding bullet!
  13. Would an electroshock weapon like a Taser X26 still disrupt Lillith's neural signals, or is she immune to that too?
  14. Challara's opinion is that these creatures are highly organized, and if the Order of the White Hand does nothing to break, disrupt, or even address that organization, she'll refuse to be a part of the suicide campaign.
  15. Wait, Thurgood's unknown (at least to him) ability would make Aveline's phone work on the different microwave communication protocols in Nu Martyr if need be...
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