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  1. Meanwhile... Hurttoto was seeking the various crates and boxes he had discovered on his journeys "FUCK YOU !" He smashed the lid of of one what he saw partialy disturbed him ... a case silver and blue attached to explosives and a pad " could this be..." he put his hand on the pad ["scan commence ...........................[DNA Scanned to be....Hurttoto welcome sir]] the case opened and a clear liquid in a syringe was within the depths of the case. The label said"Entity serum 189" "But this will only work on something not born yet so puts me out of the question" he though for awhile thats when he remembered his "expirement" "its the only way to keep this out of others hands" walking slowly towards the chamber where his daughter was being breed and he inserted the serum into the top. the countdown was almost out as it displayed "8:34:21" "just 8 and a half more hours to go" and so the chamber descended again. "I may need help opening these boxes". He then opened another and found a cracked screen. immediately it started hacking away and collecting information stuff like [crime level up since last hour] [production levels steady] zoomed by,was all it said yet more things and word formed upon the screen soon saying all types of things. "ahh something useful" but alas it was still cracked.
  2. HERO Name:HURION Power: can control electricity and with it magnetism Weakness: rubber everywhere Secret identity: robloxian Job: construction worker Costume: blue,yellow nylon vest and chainmill VILLAIN name: Raider Power: anyone that he comes in contact with he can gain their powers Weakness : for now fire Secret identity: none Job: none Costume: black coat with a color changing hood
  3. can i type bios here? to make it easier to find
  4. Kick saw a dragon "cool i'll make one to" so he got mud water, and someones nose hairs , some fire, a piece of his essence then stuck a monolith inside it "and now for the finishing touch" (grabs some bread) done!" he said then he pushed the poor dragon into the world Then the dragon trasformed into a giant cubed eye that started glowing red and blue. "What am I!?" it said Kick replied with a "A dragon i think your surpost to guard the lands from dangers and such also heres armor". he gave the "dragon" some invincible armor and gave him his book. "something to read when your bored" (still editing)
  5. The way the ship shook was unusual to Chad as never had he been inside of a storm like this,though it seemed like he was having no trouble at all with it. He was handling a compound ,gray an crystal known as 'Buborium' like that he feared might explode if he didn't strap it down "Dam thing stay still please one moment?" he needed help but he could just find.."ice cold air..that will keep it from blowing us all to smithereens" he grabbed on to a tank of liquid nitrogen connected it to a tube, he then attached a water launching fan to it. It started to shrink then fell and shattered "welp better then dead" he whimpered as he scooped up the pieces"At least it'll be easier to liquefy" he whispered as he threw in some chemicals and watched it liquefy. "Might as well postpone my other projects till i upgrade my gun". and so he settled down and started tinkering with his weapon. (still editing)
  6. i guess i could join sometime your in need of someone evil? Taylor ( scroll to the bottom
  7. A person came upon the store in odd clothing the person brought a bot and left. Yolo: creepy guy Rachel: yeh theres going to be guys like that around (turns on T.V) "TODAY ON FIGHT NIGHT SUPREME WE HAVE WORD THAT THERE'S A NEW CHAMPION after the madman as he was called got knocked off his throne some one named uhh( Thim Wolle?) its a harder name to pronounce but umm yep this guy (shows average guy) won against this guy(shows basically a really fat guy). Rachel: Thats one of the bots i could tell Yolo: of course you can He looked into the growing night and though whether there was a closing time when he saw a group of unusual people waltzing drunk over to the store. this made him grab for his gun then again they could have guns to and worst there were 8 of them.Rachel peeked "here we go again".
  8. someone both male and female and yet neither
  9. I made a mistake and though 1 was the worst and 10 was best so if you get two just delete the first one
  10. yes basically well actually its "they"
  11. Well the quest started out in sector 5 as just selling products with my to employees and gaining a hold on the market eventually selling more products and spreading to other sectors then taking over the market then they wanted to stay at a hotel but the only usable funds gave them a 2 star hotel which I had noticed then after there could be a crossover They relate by being in the same sector and even hotel. how tho would happen is that upon entering they gather all the information and likes about and included with the hotel and come upon Banter note that this is just an idea
  12. Kick became exited at the fact that a god of imagination had caused artist. To appear.....Time to make a demi-god he said The demi-god of progress he created and literally threw the demi-god towards Titan city ,at this more towns and cities began to form most into kingdoms and empires there were now 6 empires (frostone,Titan,Freeunity,Corporatmoney,Nazi Gutham, and trampland) these are all peaceful empires.......for now the goo that had been created were gaining human form most of them took the form of woman others like the change shape constantly.
  13. Why not start at the most recently posted post. The 2 star hotel specifically and it could be like a race to the banter or something. just an idea though