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  1. Valuce: Breaking the Fourth Wall

    "Zappy? Well i would have personally preferred electron but ok guess my second nick name is Zappy" he said seeming still surprised a bit at the fact that he was able to erect an electric charge, although he knew thst the drain on hos own life force would be tremendous unless he figured out how to use the powers with more efficiently. But before he could do that he need to provide help, except that he didnt know how to build a good strecher sled but he did know how he could heal him. "We need to find aloe so ill join the awsome adventurers because we'll have a better chance at finding some while we're making a trail. Then I can bring it back and use it to keep Kodiak from bleeding any further" Then he looked down the hill and found a sort of path that led down to the bottom or so it seemed from the angle he was looking.
  2. A new land ( survivors destination:High rock)

    This is currently being rebooted Please be patient
  3. Why that profile picture?

    Mine is a pic of a egg from the 2017 egg hunt in roblox I had gotten some really good ones then
  4. Valuce: Breaking the Fourth Wall

    He felt startled when his hand was suddenly caught in another "Well uhh she was attacking someone and I jus-" "-y-yeh what she said sorry but producing that shock ball thing somehow made me jittery and fatigue at the same time so i-im stuttering now, oh and by the way the name is Hurttoto whats yours?" he said to the both of them though he could feel the energy returning to him. As he looked up to see the dryad being burned with steam. "Wow got to say I belive that dryad if that was a dryad was quite hostile, anyways you alright?" as he began to look around to see if there were anymore threats incoming from the distance. Before sitting down collecting what just happened. "From the looks of you you'll probably need one, and a medic to, neither which I am and umm no thank you im fine but thanks for asking, im Hurttoto " he said while looking around again. @P.N.See @Abigail666 @Raspberry LA @Fennis Ursai
  5. Open 4now: Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    Im taking ACT tomorrow so I probely wont be posting until after
  6. Valuce: Breaking the Fourth Wall

    "Ok then well I guess we all have no clue where w-" when he heard the sound of what sounded like wolves bashing agaist a bear. "Woah whats that?" He was going to ask who Kodi was but was that if he did I'd end up being too late to help. So he also ran into the direction of the noise seeing and now adressing the scene "lets see wolves a, plant thing and im guessing the one being attacked is Kodi. Who was in the middle of fighting wolves and a plant person "Hmm let me try an electric strike" he concentrated with all his might, so much his head hurt. However he only was able to muster a dust size ball of electricity "i feel woozy now" as he opened his palm to let it suddenly head in the direction of the dryad. When it impacted it really was unimpressive in doing damage however it did seem to paralyze the dryad, how long this paralysis would work for how ever he knew not. "That should give you time now get the wolves I dont know how long she'll be paralyzed for!" He yelled at Kodi as he now began to look for things to throw (hes very picky when it comes to finding a good rock to throw) @Abigail666. @Raspberry LA @Fennis Ursai
  7. Open 4now: Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    Ill post tomorrow to bring surpport to the battle
  8. Attention Board Leaders of All Levels!

    I should have submitted this before What's the plant/flower called? Snowdin/ ice wake (it has multiple names but these are the two most used) -Whats does it look like? A tree that has pitch black leaves and snow whit branches -Where can it be found? On the one mile ring of freak snow that surrounds itscold -Is it hard to get -- what are some of the hardships that an adventurer might encounter while trying to get a sample? Well although they arent gathered much, if they can withstand the sudden freezing climate it exist in then they should have no problem other then the fact that the leaves have to be kept cold to keep fresh Or else it turns soggy and loses its properties. -Does it have any special properties? It can cause one to feel the ice around them, sometimes leads to hallucinations. Also can be used to create a power fuel Most of its properties are still unknown -How might have someone in Orisia heard of it -- as in, is it well known, is it legendary, or a part of a myth? It is part of a myth, and has been considered a new scientific discovery
  9. Open 4now: Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    Were on a mountain connected to a forest right?
  10. Valuce: Breaking the Fourth Wall

    Hurttoto wandred around the forest as it seemed that all was too busy to notice him as he passed by the fire. Having decided to go and look for some sticks he thought to himself (I wonder which continent this is?) As the only thing he could see were the green trees. "There no bugs here.....thats a bit odd " as normally there would be bugs flying all around him trying to blind him but yet there wasn't. "Hmmmm wait didn't that screen thing say I have electricity....." He fiddled around with his hands because he guessed that it might come out from there. And it did, a small barely sustainable stream of static shot out from his hands, he put it in range of a blade of grass, yet all it seemed to do was cause it to drupe a little. "Ill work on that when I figuar how to work on that" Thats when he saw some people leaving to go down hill "hey can I join this travel downhill? @Abigail666 Then he saw some others and wondered if they were joining as well. @Raspberry LA @P.N.See @Akako Akari "Do any of you know where we are? Cuz I definently dont." He said taking scale of the hill they were on and the surrounding clearing taking note of a dragon in the distance and attempting to gain some sort of understanding of where this location was.
  11. Open 4now: Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    Im going to post sometime tomorrow
  12. I'm confused

    Hey I know how you feel I was suicidal once and almost grabbed for a knife myself once. The repeating days almost got the better of me, then finaly something changed I went to talk with people and eventully the depression went away. So I'll suggest becoming more social more inclusive (in a positive) because if you lost interest in life itself then the only way to build more interest is to become more social.
  13. Flower Festival - Port Caelum [Interest Check]

    Yea this is diplomatic opportunities
  14. Flower Festival - Port Caelum [Interest Check]

    Hmmm I might send in Tiddian my navy gal