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  1. Hurttoto

    The Cyberpunk City

    (Help steal some sci-fi techs?)
  2. Hurttoto

    NARCollections OOC

    You are doing enough Actully i havent posted cuz of the lack of time i actully get to use on this site to actully post. Which causes a track record for me of mal-posting and creating underdeveloped post/threads. Although the times where I can grasp at least half an hour I could come up with something decent.
  3. Hurttoto

    The Cyberpunk City

    Hey I listen to Enigma to. Mainly the tracks from like 2-4 years ago
  4. Hurttoto

    The Cyberpunk City

    Hmm Interesting.... Time to steal some tech boosts... Mabye
  5. Hurttoto

    Where does your character live?

    as far as I know King Lewis: Lives in Capital building of Lexdord City, Oo'xora, Renovatio (looks kinda likw the white house if it were a castle that hovers in the air cuz he a king (technicly a govener but hes called king of Lexdord) Cali: Lives within a two story government house all to himself and his nonexsistant brother
  6. Hurttoto

    Nu Martyr Goes to War

    I think lexdord could help with that...... Mabye
  7. Hurttoto

    Light hearted, open ended, no rules RP [Closed]

    And it was all because the user wasn't trained to prevent this.....
  8. Hurttoto

    Light hearted, open ended, no rules RP [Closed]

    Yes Basicly taking their strongest aspects It might also be an explanation as to why its acting like the monstrous creature it absorbed.
  9. Hurttoto

    Nu Martyr Goes to War

    How about Lexdord spies? They could use some 'training'
  10. Hurttoto

    Light hearted, open ended, no rules RP [Closed]

    I guess I should? Idk But say What if those leach leach onto those black goo things as well? And gain their aspects...... (I definently did not just come up with this out of blue) Tge3y collect DNA to become more atune to their new environment
  11. Hurttoto

    Naughty or Nice?

    She begain to think about how to stop the lasers while she was dancing about when she came up with idea..... Could she still fight while under a semi trance and dancing and avoiding laser beams all at once? Maby she could... The dance became more violent and unpredictable causing her to just narrowly miss a beam, gradually she was able to reach for her sword once again. Her first plan involved using the sword to reflect the beams in in a perfect angle so it impacts its sender disarming the deathly lasers. Then she'll have to melee the reindeer. The second plan involved the lasers again but using the lasers to strike out two of them and melee the last one. That was the plan and she soon put it into action making sure to do the right moves at the right moment, one misstep and she could lose the opportunity. Before Rudolf was able to catch on to what she was doing which was seeming to leave herself open, he fired his nose laser and swinging it like a baseball bat she swung her sword and saw as it went right through Cupid. She could feel herself regain more control of herself as she was becoming less obsessed with Dancer
  12. Hurttoto


    Roody was about to set the tea down when he looked at the time " while we travel I shall say my name, here we are mearly using precious time which thiefs could use to stop us, and I thought we would have still had time, hmmm wonder what happen pr rather when happened?" Confusing himself abit "By the way your not allergic to blackberries are you?" She probely wasnt she probely was, and he became curious. On board the airship the forst thing he became interested in were the creatures in the cages... "Ohhh what kind of creature do we have yonder?" As the ship began its sail. "Also a few hours?" Finally he was able to share the tea "My name is Roody the Bunny, not Roody the Rabbit. Someone else had already taken that one" Small conversations and long pauses would take place as the hours ticked on by. Soon the somber air of their location would begin to become faint but ever present. "I bet were here, it smells weird like tge sea but something odd mixed in" The ship landed at the colorless harbor, he didnt know the name yet he should have bit he skimmed passed that believing it was too dull to read up on this location. "Looks like an apocalypse went through here" seeming suspisous of his surroundings as they went closer to the entrance of the dungeon. "I just have one question.... Do the walls move?"
  13. Hurttoto

    Naughty.... Or Nice? (OOC)

    I was waiting on lawman Unless im mistaking the posting order
  14. Hurttoto

    NARCollections OOC

    Hmmm Ether 25, e, n or 2 Also what does e and n stand for? Are they also room numbers?
  15. Hurttoto

    NARCollections OOC

    Lets put it in the least convenient place possible