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  1. Hurttoto

    Chasing Legends

    It took awhile to recover from that whole quickly running senario, for him it had all happened within under 6 minuets and the rush after rush didnt feel good nor did it feel like the normal rushes that usally happened regularly. Ignus207 sought there be no reason to stay in the same spot any longer then he already had and began marching away from the crash sight when he thought he heard voices. "What is that?" "A native" screamed a voice ".....please tell me that a suit function" "Affermitive I am an X model, I am filled with information. My only limits are my programming" "I dont think I've heard about you...are you something new?" "no, just a decommissioned and forgotten model that got buried among other various things" "Oh....well keep it down I think someone is coming!" "Well then...why not no clip? Or...wait! Wheres the home land?!" "Slaps face, how....didn't you....figuare that?" "well Ill blame the ones who tampered with my senser systems, it may take time to repair" "This wasn't prepped before hand? Like....ik there was a rush and all but im pretty sure there could have been more organization" Thats when he turned to see a group of odd looking people. "Wth are you?" "I see morphing magic afoot!" The suit said.
  2. Hurttoto

    Harsh Treatment.

    The building suddenly crumbled all around heras the dragon was behining its assault, quickly though she jumpped through a window and just ran until the pieces of the building stopped falling ether on top of her or next to her side. "A LITTLE WARNING WOULD HAVE BEEN GREAT" she yelled but they most likely couldnt hear ("Welp I guess they didnt need an engineer? ") she though as it just collapsed completely "Such a shame we could have converted that factory but I guess demolition works as well" as she stood up and began to look around to see the who event as a whole.
  3. "Is the dark faster then the light?"-Gumball

  4. Hurttoto

    Two months later...

    Search for the ones in Renovatio, Oo'xora Thats only My suggestion though cuz well Theres open threads there
  5. (OOC note that this takes place a couple of months before hand, which was when it was originally supost to be made) "There are places to be and things to do, everyone has a job, there is work to be had and people acquired, everybody has a purpose, there are lands to defends and land to leave, there are people to save and people to leave. The choice of fate lay in those with the power to do so. Yet to those that lay powerless there choice is determined by fate" It had been over an hour since the sun came up and what a cold morning it was. Dispite it regularly being hot and arid in the kingdom of Lexdord however it did happen at Certain times of the year. The wasteland plains that streched for tens or even a couple hundred miles beyond the city limits would look discuraging for those who weren't used to it. Yet to those who were recalled it as a normal thing, to some it even appeared to be a sanctuary as there were really no real wild dangerous monsters going about or any of the troubles that come from other lands, empires or nations. Particularly Lexdord was a very safe place to be in or at the most safer then most. Yet there was that famine problem, and having nothing but wasteland to cultivate didnt really help the situation which was trying to solve itself. The goverment had looked over diffrent lands, they would seek a colony in the north dedicated to just farms but they realised that they didn't have enough man power to create one that would remain stable for long. It take long though, they had a plan to put into action. What was this grand plan? To go into the lands of Alterion and begin advertising their sanctuary as a prime location to be in saying that future generations would be in safe stable hands "Dont you want your child to see the world not as a playground of just bloodshed and suffering?, dont you want to look at your children and not have to tell them that death is near?..... Lexdord where the future is protected and cared for" Was the voice of a female projecting off of an ad Air ships which included 3 transports a battleship and a Pincer class ship (A class which are able to exceed extraordinary speeds but however only have few point defence guns as their weapon) lead by Commander Titian were soon enforced to collect those willing to leave a land of sufferings and enter a land of peace and security And Work.. "Report?" She asked the computer -Status of weather conditions are recovering it is safe to travel through now- it had displayed "Para warp report?" -Ready to launch- "Set a course for Alterion smake in the middle of the primitive lands! And extend the field to the rest of this fleet" -Affirmative activating Para drive protocols and informing crew with 30 second delay- The humming of the Para could be heard in pulses, at the same time the area aroubd the airship and the airships following began to wrap and become increasingly distorted as the Para's electronics were bending literal reality just to reach its destination. -30%....42%- Not a suprise that it take awhile for it to engage but it was taking its time -67%..................89%- The crew began to get into seats -93%.........100% 30 second delay active- The crews from the other 5 ships were preparing as the synchronized countdown continued -10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...Engage They suddenly saw the land melt away as colors blended together, this didn't last long though as soon within under a couple of minutes the colors around reconfigured themselves to reveal the lands. "The first of meny to soon have them travel to Lexdord"
  6. Hurttoto

    The Burning of Everrun

    *story making*
  7. Hurttoto

    Testing the fun stuff

    King Lewis had announced a national emergency just to play along whipping suspicion off of themself for the time being as now governental outbranches needed to quell the people of the cities. Quelling them by telling them that the kingdom can asure that new technologies will usher this event eventully to be a perventable disaster. Saying basicly that they will figuare out how to counter it. For the days that passed eventually the people were calmed and felt assured that the people responsible for this frightening new weapon whether it be of magic or technological origin. There were some dispite these calmings that had decided to investigate this event and others for themselfs although they were merly single person run and were not of a big deal and at some times very interesting to watch them and their attempts. The truth however would be extreamly difficult to gain a grasp on especally since there were ment that would rather the truth not come out, Not yet at least. ---- /Lexdord Security HQ (name still pending) / "Well.....Well very interesting...our citizens are taking investigative measures into their own hands." Segi had said as he layed back looked around and saw that no one was watching and he took a quick smoke from a cigarette. He then was going to phone in a call to the king when he began to hear a voice in his head "eh, who goes there? The paparazzi? The king? The devil reincarnate?" ("No.... welo-ming p-r-y...so wel-me" )said a slow but static like voice that seemed to echo in his mind ("This is your liege and I would like to personally congratulate you on joining the growing phycic trend!") In a happy tone the voice said this. ("I bet you have an armanda of questions for us but not to worry all will be answered when the time comes" As you can imagine Segi was shocked, not only was his boss talking to him but this form of communication even though it was very common was just highly unexpected. ("But....how? I've never had phycic powers? But.....do you?") The voice seemed to become silent for a moment... ("Well I can tell you that wether you like it or not your now a phycic, I wish we can continue this introduction but we have some work to do.....work that includes pitting the blame to someone else")
  8. Hurttoto

    Let's Make A Deal [Stormlands]

    The creature soon had brung backups it looked like as more of them began to appear. At first he couldnt tell where they were coming from soon however it was revealed that they were infact coming from a waterfall in the distance, their footsteps could be felt and when they were marching in union the outcome would be something similar to an earthquake marching closer and closer to the ship. "I dont like our odds......" As he pointed his trusty pistol in the direction of them. Then something unusual happened, it suddenly began raining what seemed like high powered incendiary explosives that began bombarding the creatures killing them all. "Eh?" He looked up suspecting an airship and his suspections were correct it was an airship and it looked like it was perfectly built just for bombardment. ("Probely the one that shot us down...it looks equipped enough") he thought to himself. Inside the ship it seem as if a brawl was about to go down, but a false alarm when yet again the odds of success would be pretty low.
  9. Hurttoto

    I Don’t Bite

    Heres the bio for the kingdom https://www.valucre.com/topic/36407-high-rock-lexdord-state-information-still-editing/ And here are the threads https://www.valucre.com/forum/99-ooxora/
  10. Hurttoto

    Are you a badass villain? Join the Dead!

    Well my evil charater can.... Make demonic feces? ........ Where did my ideas go?
  11. Things are begining to speed back up for me

  12. Hurttoto

    I Don’t Bite

    *hears sci-fi* "Come to lexdord dear player" Ooc: I also am an 18 year old student (in high school though )
  13. Hurttoto

    Gaylord Mar (wip)

    ____x____x : e s s e n t i a l s :Birth Name:Gabil ArteUsed Name:Gaylord MarAlias(es): noneAge: 21Visible age: 19Date of Birth: IdcLineage: none existentClass: gunslinger-- Sub Class: guy with a missleOccupation: Mercenary cuz hes boredAlignment: evil but ends up doing heroic deedsMarital Status:singleBirthplace: Lexdord____x____x : v i t a l s :Height: 6'7"Weight: 132Hair Color: bronzeHair: short and mobileEye Color:greenHanded: LeftSkin Tone: paleSkin Condition: goodPhysical Condition: goodVoice: firm (russian accent)Arm Length: 4 feet____x____x : s t a t u s :Strength:. Lifts 60 pound weightsPower Classification(s): electricBlood Type: O-Primary Residence: government housingPrimary Discipline(s): Political and Economics-- Sub-discipline(s): Mathmatics, forms of scienceInnate Abilities: phase into a sub-dimension, can create demonic feces that grows in water and eventully becomes sentient and goes on a killing rage in a searchnfor more water(dies in high salinity)Special Abilities: *initiate groundhog day*____x____x : p e r s o n a : ____x____x : f e a t u r e s :A. Body Art:B. Scar Tissue:____x____x : b r e a k d o w n :____x____x : w e a p o n r y :Weaponry : Depth : Methods & ApparatusAttire.-- Headwear:-- Upperbody:-- Armaments: -- Lowerbody:-- Feet:Armor.-- Headwear:-- Upperbody:-- Armaments: -- Lowerbody:-- Feet:____x____x : a c c e s s o r i e s :____x____x : d e f i n e :____x____x : c r e d i t s :
  14. Hurttoto

    Entrepreneurs! Take Advantage of the Tropics!

    Well I was thinking one that produces various metals So a mining corporation Mabye throw in some construction aspects
  15. Hurttoto

    Entrepreneurs! Take Advantage of the Tropics!

    *Lexdord sees this* "I want in" says King Lewis "I want a corporation that all can join except for our neighbors they are rude"