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    Space the final frontier / Emporion realm
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    Sci-fi,civilization role-plays
    Also roblox
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  1. Would your characters be friends with you?

    Hmmmm idk i look like the emporion leader so.... My charaters might give me a chance then throw me to the street It could go ether way
  2. Writing a book

    I have the same problem im writing 3 stories at the same time....its not going well
  3. A new land ( survivors destination:High rock)

    As the ground shook the ruins of the lost city began to rise until finally, the earthquake stopped and an area 7 miles west of the settlement was no longer just emptiness but now supported numerous structures "Time for you all to head that direction" said haggard as he motioned the slaves to the moss covered ruins But little did anyone know deep within it a fire kindled within and a hold shine amongst the walls deep within the bowels of this abandon city. @Neondragon7 @jaistlyn King Lewis saw the wizard reply "It is indeed...i wonder how though, we are floating not amongst the ground on top of magma plates, you shall investigate the strange tremors for you have more experience in the swamp area itself, would you require anything to venture there?" He said @Bkfootball Emily the Buborium overseer oversaw the buborium usage and wondered one thing as she drove to the loud power plant " how would we expand?"
  4. Silver Sky [Taen & Yh'mi Worldrift Event, Part 2]

    The arrival of the rift seemed to be of no surprise to David he thought stuff like this happened all the time yet he was well unaware that this was not as normal as he thought , he took the opportunity to solve this it could be simple If this were his home, there's rifts that open regularly and are closed by the patrol....but there was no portal patrol here it was just him and whatever came next He majored in portal tech and acording to his findings so far things could get worst much worst he ran to the place now known as no man's land.
  5. OOC: Silver Sky

    Ill be posting sometime tonight
  6. Hello, there.

    Hello there welcome to the site What are your interest? In terms of roleplaying of course...
  7. A new land ( survivors destination:High rock)

    Haggard had sat in his cooled military trailer reading the law changes which made him upset "Malcom why do ye care so much about these slaves" he said to himself as he read 'the upper slaves may become freed if ether they bring/do something of great help to the kingdom or they have good behaviour for 11 months' "I wish i made the laws!" He said as he threw the screen on the ground but the a smile came on his face ' you may smite them if they are vampire related or are vampires ' "oh ho ho finnaly its time for an extermination " then he went out side to command the soilders to exterminate the vampires within the slave ranks when the ground begain to shake...... @Neondragon7 @jaistlyn King Lewis "So Malcolm has you sister found out where we are ?" "Yes captian she said she found star BX-3 you know the gray one thats actually blue anyways we'er somewhere between Alpha sector and the tainted sector ,we also found bad news this system is currently moving away from BX-3 in 12 years it will be unreachable , this is mainly because in the way for the next 500 years would be quasars and blackholes, unless theirs orbit somehow changes miraculously, also theres another problem this system that this planet resides in is in more then just our galaxy but entire others if not calculated right we might end up well somewhere i think" Malcom said King Lewis thought about this for a moment when interupped by a man screaming "there be an earthquake in the east " "How bad is it" said king Lewis "Very" the man said @Bkfootball
  8. Wanders into Town

    Depends.... What are your interest Also hi!
  9. Seeking a teacher/A place to learn

    Try my kingdom Thread here Lexdord OOC in Renovotio They specialize in teaching Also they are on very good terms with dragons as of now
  10. Taen & Yh'mi - When Two Boards Collide

    Im more closely at tean so can i join the tean part Also if so wheres the thread exactly.
  11. Taen & Yh'mi - When Two Boards Collide

    Is this stil accepting people?
  12. A new land ( survivors destination:High rock)

    At night fall meny of the slaves had mud homes the lucky ones however had brick houses , as a reward for good behavior the slaves were given a chance to build a farm and hunt for food, but of course it was time to grsb out some slaves to scout the unknown swamps "alright all even numbers wake up, its scout'n time " he ordered The soldiers to wake up the even numbered slaves "as youve might have or not have heard ruins of a town were Discovered and ive been ordered to send you there by the king himself and you must wear these " he showed them a neck collar " take them off they explode tug them you get electrocuted, it will beep if you escape the 18 mile perimeter and if you keep going its going to explode , this is just to keep you from running ,only a precaution..you lucky i didnt design them or it would've been worst!" He had said.. @jaistlyn King lewis" so you say that you tried to scout there but only found ruins?" He said A serpent in gleaming armour approached "Yesss sssire but we also found a cave sssystem in there however its....dangerous two men have been killed from it already " said the serpent "Are there any upper slave in the area?" He said "Yesss there are meny infact just months of good behaviour away from being a free citizen" the serpent said "Good lets keep an eye on those settlements if this succeeds the kingdom will want to once again expand." He said now wheres our wizard colleague i heard he has an idea on how to solve our food problem. @Bkfootball Meanwhile "Yo Emily you got that buborium to the silos yet?" A shadowed man Said "Yes its being delivered now just hold on a bit...." she said
  13. Seeking skilled workers of the criminal variety

    I might join But im not sure