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  1. Things are begining to slow for me as much more time begins to be stripped from me.

    Does this happen to anyone else?

  2. Hurttoto

    Temple raid (The OOC

    Cuz the scorpion really likes that energy field
  3. Hurttoto

    Big Pond, Little Fish.

    Do you want to be algae? Or regular boi? What are your main interest in terms of rp?
  4. Hurttoto

    The Arrival (RexRexo red Algae Empire)

    The new colony and its ways marked a spark of industrial evolution, a to be factory that would soon mass produce this new gravity defying material. With it the Algae can soon with ease soar through the skies and spread or to map out this strange land ----Events ALGERIA city had a sudden growth spur. And has now 2.3 infrastructure A new corporation was formed: RGM banking The second city is dubbed Rafil city A new corporation was formed: Graviton mining facility A new fleet of three is to be constructed.
  5. Hurttoto

    Terminal gates ooc

    Alright So whats tha plan?
  6. Hurttoto

    Neurological mind trap system (N.M.T.S)

    They both collaborated with each other for several moment to deduce on the plan of action. ["we stall the AI program after its downloaded, those scientist would just consider it to be the computer taking an extra 3 seconds ] The computer then began reciving the program and immediately began analyzing it for any content that would be impeding to progress as a whole or would slow it down. they had found nothing malicious within it do the computer added it as an expiremental node within the cubeand translated a copy so it could fit in with the computer's language. The replacement slaves had just arrived moments later. ["Ahh more experiments......this will be fun"] ["but is it honourable? For the greater good? Or is this the lengths one is to take to gain power?"] The AI stared suspiciously ["Well sometimes these lengths have to be taken to secure the greater good, if you've noticed others around our great nation have been.....not so good so to say and this calls for early preperation"]
  7. Hurttoto

    Role Expansion! #1: Terminal Gates

    YESSS Probely But Yess
  8. Hurttoto

    Project Destroy Tia

    I was wondering that to
  9. Hurttoto

    Project Destroy Tia

    Ill be posting soon Had some irl stuff to take care of but its all good now
  10. Hurttoto

    Wanderer of Fate

    Cali was a bit suspicious of the guy, he seemed like he was running from something, then again he had suspicion of Alterion's ways and how they treat people. He was surprised that riots weren't about in that area as if the same happened within Lexdord there would be people lined up to fight it back, the same goes for the laws. Back to the park he was thinking "Well your armour most likey won't, youll have to change to even make your appearance diffrent." As he shifted to stand "May I ask who these people are that are looking for you and what your name is or at least a nickname?" He then would begin heading towards the left side of the city where the air fields lay, around this time of day it was partially empty. Though if everyone had similar schedules then that wouldnt last long before traffice became heavy "If we hurry we can make it before traffic blocks the air fields" As his walking quickly turned into a ramped sprint.
  11. Hurttoto

    Temple raid (The OOC

    Yes Or at least attempting
  12. Hurttoto

    Temple raid (The OOC

    The other way around You see the dog is trying to warn the scorpion
  13. Hurttoto

    Hanging Temple (time for a raid)

    The creature had stopped just before an energy field had appeared right in front of it perventing it from moving any further. It however poked around the field curiously as it seemed to be interested in the field itself as it seemed to lose interest in the visitors being now mesmerized by the energy field. The dog had reappeared scratching its face while keeping a straight eye on the. Group yet staying away from it thinking that this was a trap. It then made its way slowly to a mechanical arm made of copper seeming to melt into it. The arm's shadow then began to move and slither across the floor as if it were alive, the shadow then approched the creature and attempted to drag it away from the energy field. The creature then chittered to the shadow . If anyone could translate that they would find that the creature would belive this to be the 'light' (dispite having access to sunlight in certain halls).
  14. Hurttoto

    The Festival of Lights - Exhibition Matches Begin 9/8

    Im just watching all of this I like it