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  1. My strongest character is kick why? Because he can never die ONLY FALL APART AND FUSE BACK TOGETHER however he doesn't deal much damage
  2. "oh damm my life was a waste"
  3. question can any of your characters sell products, become a spy or an entity?
  4. I have an RP about being a god would you be interested in that?
  5. I might have know an rp
  6. is this still open?
  7. how do you attach pictures?
  8. ok well do any of them have experience in getting stuff on markets?
  9. New Surname: Lexdord --High Rock. — House surname: Emporion safekeep (Lexdord) — Location somewhere south of the large central island — Allies: N/A General — Land: 3mi2 and 2 smaller villages (Reuben landing)2mi1 about 35 miles north and (Yoneyo)2mi1about 67 miles north east ↳ Geography: extremely arid land. basically with pale green hills all around ↳ Conquered Territories: — Populace: 80,000. ↳ Conquered Population: ↳ Enlisted populace: 24% defence/ 14% offence — Resources (ie; A = Abundant D = Demand S = Scarce) ↳ Resonance & FerroA&D, GoldS, Iron oreA, Leather/HideA&D, Livestock (camel) & FertilizerA&D, CoalA&D, woodD,waterS&D, uraniumA&D (must complete 3 conquests.) ↳ Army Available The rushers are the first line of defense for the kingdom the secondary line of defense are the force soldiers ↳ Navy Unavailable ↳ Air & Spatial Force Unavailable ↳ Research & Development Facilities (allows a kingdom to develop new energy solutions and such to advance toward modernity and beyond) Unavailable — Status: at peace (expanding) — Conquests:None
  10. Captian Lewis had accepted this and became king of high rock its surname became Lexdord (emporian safe keep)
  11. I have some questions are there any escape pods? can the engine support multiple fuel sources? where are there bathrooms?
  12. can i join too i can send in Maria from my characters page (scroll to the bottom)
  13. First Name: Maria CAD Surname: CAD Nickname/Alias: none Age:19 Visual Age:17 Sex:Female Race: Human( Emporion) Marital Status:single Alignment: true neutral Occupation: The national bank of Emporion Class: alchemist Sub-Class: none Title: ( Madam:'Maria':) Affiliations: none in this world Pets: Endermite(basically what a darkness sprite is called in their world) [PHYSICAL] Height: 9"10 Weight:146 Hair Color and Style: red,brown/short Eye Color: changes depended on location Build: fit and athletic Complexion: orange,brown Scars: a srape on her right eyelid Physical Disabilities: none Tattoos: only the national bank symbol Voice: normal Resistances: to the cold and natural resistance to advance diseases [MENTAL] Hopes: to one day own a city Fears: That people will push her down Likes: almost everything Dislikes: drugs and politicians Personality Traits:fun but bored also would work anywhere Habits: will work anywhere to achieve her dream Mental Disabilities: none Sanity: (sane) Rivals: she doesnt know yet Allies: unknown Weaknesses: fire, being outnumbered Strengths: shes very friendly so she will gather allies and friends. [GEAR] Headgear: headband Upperbody: security suit(she was in the security unit once) Lowerbody: security suit Feet: all terran boots Weapon: (laser shot, 33' caliber, Nexo wand) Storage: (3 Buborium seeds, a flare gun, a book, on a card 300,000,000 diamonds worth of money but only she can spend it ) Accessories: only that suit [SKILLS] can slide really quick and was an engineer once so she knows how to repire things Specialization: banking/security/engineer Others:none [MAGIC] the Nexo wand Specialization: forces magic into an area instead of the user getting hurt by using magic the wand has "fuses" inside it that take the damage and like fuses needs to be replaced Other:none Religion: Emporin( to advance is the only goal in life) Birthdate: 2247 Birthplace: Hurttoto city Family: The CAD family Quotes: "Where am i,How, WHY ME?" Biography: other then shes a banker none