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    You guys have snow right? Can i has some plz Cuz over here snow doesnt exist
  2. Is there an asteroid belt ?

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    Kind of an odd request...

    Time to send in the npc squad Or backup chars Or make new ones
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    Hey everyone!

    Dam im late Ill just throw gum i got from other places
  5. In a world filled with microorganisms of all types, there was always a struggle to become dominate. At first it was just regular microbs destroying microbs. However the presence and fleeing of an extraterrestrial microb known as Z-35 around 2000 years ago visited and used the world as its little 'experiment' granting them the level of sentience that it was gifted Decades went by after it fled as fights and battles grew in numbers throughtout the various microbs. Within 1657 years only 6 remained and by the year 1978 only three were left The Corilians being the most dominant as they have the most organized coral reef cities and had begun gaining atomic power The RexRexo red Algae was second being a raypunk society yet having spots in their territory where technology was less developed Then there were also the Manitrix who instead of technology uses magic to defend against the war. Alas it was pointless as in 1996 they were destroyed by a sudden barrage of atomic weapons Then there were two As the Rexrexo algae had begun their own atomic weapons, at this time some had begun building exo-skeletons out of steel and copper, often requesting that several algae bond together for it to operate. However our story starts in a less developed colony of algae, it didnt really have a name none but the capital has a name called Agirea yet the colony was sorly known as a lesser state and thus though it not be its name it was known as lesser state 5# one of the newer colonies, it was to be a buffer to pervent the coral hordes from invading the land by blocking one of several passage ways, if this plan worked then it'll give them time to build up an army sufficient enough to stop the hordes Thats when it happened, all that was heard was a terrifying screeching sound followed by the sound of rushing water, as if the water was flowing out to somewhere. The whole colony was ripped from its attachments and got sucked up by a disk shaped portal that proceeded to suck up all of the algae in the colony, closing suddenly seconds later leaving a gap where the colony used to be...... -[somewhere in Eastern Oo'xora near a stream]- The colony was dropped into the slow going stream where it eventually setteled on the ground, the shock of this would cause panic as they have been dropped in unknown and unreached territory....
  6. I want to join this but I dont want to ruin its feel
  7. Hurttoto

    Allied Nations of Terrenus (A.N.T.)

    This still open?
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    Be part of a growing Algae Empire

    But Idk whaylt do you guys think? By the way im starting the rp tommorow. @ODSTDRAGON @Old Man Jean @Animal
  9. Hurttoto

    Be part of a growing Algae Empire

    I was thinking..... How about we instead of having ranks we have biological stages? (Like single cellular and multicellular stage) And they are sepreat fron the tech level
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    The Diplomatic Arrival

    " the resources that we possess in our area of Renovatio would be close to a ton of iron, graviton, and some ferro along with aluminum, lead, traces of carbon and a special type of salt found in our madness deserts that repels water, which is only called that to attract tourist As for technologies, it all dependes on your interest you have seemed to be interested in restoration and peace so we have techologies for that We have a special piece known as a air converter, built to mainly remove agents in the air, it can also be used as an O2 generator. We have others though like our radioactivity absorber to get rid of that harmful radioactive waste We're also reserching on how to use nanites for things like restoration and climate cleansing. Of course there are also weapons we can offer but you dont seeming like the type to want weapons as their long term effectes sometimes permanently damage ecology."
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    Renovatio AMA

    Tommorow or in about 5 hours cuz I may not be able to go on my phone at any other time Or maybe in an hour I wont be online any other time.
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    Renovatio AMA

    Ok I would like to talk about it soon
  13. Hurttoto

    Renovatio AMA

    Well to start the pumps have oil slick walls surrounding it to pervent any of the oil from (incase of spilling) polluting the waters (plus the rig itself is really small as the platform is on acts as a primary barrier) The proccess would Basicly work by using a combination of filling the hole with pressure and using gravity generators to keep the oil in line. As for chemicals Lexdord's oil extractors dont require chemicals nor water to operate at all, it only needs power as the chemicals would both be harmful and eventully expensive to make. The reason for the oil in the first place is actully to grow a certian crystalline plant known as Buborium which just happens to grow best and in greatest quality when grown in oil. Usally it would require a carbon rich pach of dirt. Basicly its used to ether power things, it happens to also be a main ingredient for powerful rocket fuel And it can be used to make bombs. On a smaller note its used in potions and has regular demand for those that use it. I made the bio for buborioum months ago but I cant find it...