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  1. Ive been dealing with alot and kinda am still a bit busy
  2. You can post ive been dealing with unexpected problems lately
  3. In the chaos going around Darre began to focus her power on a beam of her own, she didnt know it till it hit. The bomb had destroyed the rock she was hiding behindand sent her flying mid air for at least several feet. "What the he-" the nuke seemed to take out the majority of the forces as the elves were no longer to be seen. Except for the big one. "Of course the boss is immune to nukes" she vegan to notice that before the explosion she saw elves plotting a sneak attack yet they never came. ("Odd I wonder if someone was helping me out,, ill ask around later") she thought then began charging her beam ("probely wont break the armor but thats not its purpose") she fired and the beam as expected sid little but annoy and cause O'gurligr to look for a moment ("almost time for the true attack") the beast went back to trying to get Dan Putting two fingers on her forhead a yellow light befan to appear (" ha you'll be finished once my (well its pronunced Tui`k) beam ill bake you from the inside out!") She thought then concentrated as the yellow beam was almost ready to fire.
  4. My afv is ending i may post tommorow
  5. Oh im on an afv rn due to graduation but I might be able to start on one monday
  6. Im gona take a break from rp, as im not efficently being productive and running into writer blocks.

    So ill be back in a couple of days/weeks

    1. Hurttoto


      May be back to post monday at the earliest

  7. He looked back at the group and wondered what the crates held and his curiosity got the better of him as he took a look inside yet to no avail all that was found were parts of what was litterly junk. With a dissapointed sign he closed the lid and shuffled through the small layer of water silently tapped under his feet, his goucus was only off for a moment or two, the thing itself was gone but he could just make out some sort of oozey path it made.
  8. This is good Cuz i might need to take a break from rping for a week or two, ive been ether hitting writers blocks or just didnt have the time to post Might be time for a break
  9. Ok But i may not get a chance to for at least several hours
  10. The new room was much less battle torn and seemily less trap filled then the former rooms they went through "A bit dull in this one" he was yet intrigued as there was nothing here to kill them...yet "Theres something here I dont like dont know if its the crates, the water or that crack " roody said as he suddenly became very curious and took a peek. Now he couldnt see much in the darkness from what was seen was movement. "Something on the other side of this wall indeed, looks like only one thing is moving but im not too sure"
  11. Yes Ill get to making the post in a couple of hours.
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