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  1. King Lewis would like to talk politics
  2. Sorry for the really late reply I was on a haikus for the couple of months.

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      It's okay, I kinda did the same > u <

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  3. I'm back...again? Shit. I don't know.

    Heyyyy Im back to Just returned in the middle of a space war..... So whats been going on these past 2-3 months?

    "It was nice to see you to." She said walking with the others who she joined up the stairs to the rooms where the students would soon be living in. "Now this school is split into 3 parts a magical side full of mysteries and glamour, the techonlogy side which has always been bold in dicovering now things, then there is the middle ground, a mix of both in which only the elites and most successful could enter. For now you will all head into the neutral rooms where you will stay for a year learning the advantages of both technology and magic! Now to your rooms now" she said

    "Thats a nice name, my name is Mrs.Golad and I am the enchantmened object handling teacher" she then noticed that the girl was shaking with fear and though it was her being nervous "dont worry everyone gets nervous in the first days, but no need to worry once you become use to all of this" as she swung her hand in the air "well it becomes normal" she said as she was one of the teachers called to help sort the children out.
  6. (sector 4) Producing leverage

    In the city a dark storm was coming, one that no one would know of soon enough to escape its wrath especaly since the very sector that was responsible for protecting the city from things like arcane diseases was brutaly destroyed by an unknown sewage explosion that burned the entire sector to the ground. "HERE IT BEGINS!" said Hurttoto through the microphone voiced within the factories "HERE BEGINS A NEW AGE! ONE WHERE YOU BECOME MORE!" he said this as he was perpairing plans for domination. "and so it starts" he spoke off of the microphone. "Ecila Activate the phycological takeover aspect on the disease controls, we begin tonight" saying this with a low voice away from the microphone And so she slithered to the controls and awaited for the night to come....

    After the lottery was finished the grand master had proclaimed " for all of you who didn't get in free I wish you good luck for next year and bit you a due!" And so the grandmaster and her followers went inside as one talked in a low voice " A young dragon breed came in walking on all fours" the grandmaster replied with confidence "We sometimes get people from less educated nations and empires, its just the way this world works" she said as they began to sort out the students to their rooms based on many things. One of the teachers saw a dragon born trying to appear small walking towards her asked "whats your name shy one? Its ok not to tell if you dont want to"
  8. The town known as only 'Magitech community town' is what the place is called, in the empire of Lexdord. Various cars quietly roamed about though the streets passing the great halls of the town (though small in territory size the building were taller then sky scrapers) sitting as the grand education center for all...except vampires, vampires are the only creatures truly hated by the people and government alike. Free admission was set for a lottery celebrating the 89th anniversary of the town, although free you can only join once per yearthen you ether wait until next year or pay the hefty fee to enter. "Only 60 people will be chosen to enter for free." Said the grand master of the town (basicly mayor) "now put your hand into the electronical booths, it will give you a ticket with a number on it now let us begin!" The first numbers were "43378" a Naga slithered inside "33390" A gargoyle flew to the door "44785" A man in a top hat walked inside "58953" A dragon girl aged 14 silently marched indoors...
  9. Discord

    Mine is broke ):
  10. An Old Adventurer Approaches*

    Same here Exept im more into SCI-FI But I like it here cuz its a blend of both And I love crossovers!
  11. Sky Pirate Recruitment Drive

    Yo im back Coming with the same charater I had before
  12. New To Valucre

    Hello.... Welcome.... Such wonderful........entrances..