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  1.  graduation is coming in 2 weeks 🙂

    Also prom but this no date this year 😕

    1. Twitterpated


      Date or not, if you want to go, go.

  2. With interest the official jotted soming down then said "good enough for me, welcome to guard duty, but i must if what you said was true then wouldnt you like a higher position? No wait i see your testing the waters most likely" Shafts of lifts and steel framework rang out with the sounds of contruction work, moving cable and echoing voices it all would have been made errie if it were not for others attaching bits and pieces together steadily making the structure whole and ready for use. Coiled up wires hung about awaiting their purpose which has yet to be built and until it has been built the wires would lay there waiting... ... ... Of the small stack of guards only few surprisingly were surprised to see a child and an elderly pass by. "Is it me or are they making these guard positions more broad?" Said one "You never know kids these days especially with magic so we'll see" said another "Still a child but netherless a cover does not always reveal secrets" said a third (SRRY IT TOOK SO LONG)
  3. The creature began to regan its footing ("well that didnt last long") as expected, however unnoticeable to all as focus was directed ether at the rising skeleton or the door way the banana peelvbegan to look less cartoonish as if without Roody hanging on to it it decided to reject being a cartoon gag and instead become an ordanary banana peel. Through the door which was shoved opened seemily the whole place was begining to fall apart at the seams. Stone, bricks, and bones began to rain down on the group one even snaked the tour guide yet it seemed to bother little much and went on. Then water began flooding the hall and to the misfortune of them at the lowest elevation of the hall was infact the door to a new room. "Of course its like this, now if only the roof could reposition itself afterwards" he grabbed on to the door and pulled. But the water rose And rose And rose "Pulling doesnt seem to be working.....hmm" And rose
  4. Things are a bit slow with me I might get one tomorrow afternoon
  5. I might get one in tommorow If not probely by next week
  6. I also hope it doesnt end
  7. A little bit more But if i dont reply in a day or so feel free to skip me
  8. meanwhile at lexdord "I Shall say the plan is well underway, we will do our part by preparing a rocket launch, make it seem like a lunar surveyor" King Lewis explained to his small council "Now I know what your all thinking, its pretty ridiculous to send something so valuable to the moon but its not, now think about this..... we havent heard of them storming at luna now have we? No have we heard that they can go anywhere on valucre? Yes hence it make perfect sense to just send it off the moment we have it in our possession" The council sat silently as time was ticking. "well thats good and all but wont Lilith know we have it? I mean its energy signature moving towards us wont go without notice unless... is there a hidden device of some sort that the spies hold which could I dont know blind tracking magic?" Rotwell questioned "something like that lets just say that if this succeeds she would infact find a quartz crystal" "by the time the spies leave with the crown she would be too occupied with the 'crown' to notice that a much weaker more real crown just left her view" "Wait theres something a missed with this, how was I not told of th-" "Because we dont know what else it does we do know some basics about it and now we get to test out this crystal on the field itself, it may be dangerous but would you rather wait years? Do we even have years? anyways as far as we know it can mimic magical 'signals' not the magic itself but its residue and its signature, plus it amplifies the energy as its insides conduct a steady chain reaction which remains for up to 19 hours, according to the 5 gram sample with light magic. It leaves behind quartz residue. The best part is that in the expiriment even when crushed it continues to operate just as smaller more numerous crystals no more details not even its name nor its origin as of now shall be discussed!" (The meeting will go on but thats boring so to the field) Nu Martyr The journey to the Capital city of Nu Martyr was stressful as passing by cities that soon would be consumed by the wake of Lilith and her paragons ("all would have been avoided if people knew how to keep their mouths shut") and like a bigot compared the people here to that of Lexdord but he soon stopped and kept on his way. he was hopping that the cities that are left could hold long enough for him to just get the crown and run. The problem would be breaking and entering for course, the soilders on the side were on high alert and most likely already suspected him. yet his phycic powers told him that so far the soilders were foucused on preperations. ("so meny preperations so little time") he thought to himself as he approched the castle. ("cant just walk up to them without being halted mabye theres another way inside?") So Chow began searching.
  9. Less to read I havent fallen behind that much... Right? .......
  10. I noticed the cruiser is at a war in Renovatio.... Set off the alarms ONE ESCAPED
  11. Give me a couple of days Have some school stuff to work out
  12. I also am interested in unnamed island (definently not for possible oil resources) for communities of people to grow and prosper. Plus a get away from the toxic lands of Lexdord...
  13. In general Born on Emporion formly earth before the nuclear ice age and epideminc which ether killed or implantef it self into the survivors of 2018 aug 16 or 18 and lasted for approx 80 years Ether way the world warmed and after a brief 8 years of nuclear summer. Anyways its around the year 2240-2252 where my characters were born in cities like Hurttoto city (replacing New York) (ik ego) Safor city (replacing Detroit) or Fort Richard (in Philadelphia one of the few places left unreplaced). Roody however was 'born' in the year 2188 also in Safor as a show that ran for 8 years
  14. Ooohhhhh Free real estate E-E Whats the diffrence between the two islands?
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