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  1. Slight lag about to arrive on my posts as I am on a two day school trip

    So i might be late in delivering posts

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    New person-new threads

    Well there are these which are still opened World wonder building A thread about mind control A thread about solving Famine Then there are some ideas A thread involving a relic hunt A thread adding on a new technology A thread taking place near a nuclear test site
  3. Posting at 2:00 in the morning bears more fruit then posting at litterly any other time


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    New person-new threads

    So suggestions like Renovatio Were the cool sci-fi is https://www.valucre.com/forum/98-kingdoms-of-renovatio/ Our neighbor has boring scifi and everyone else is into magic But Renovatio.... All sci-fi Currently being invade by a cult atm, something about a crown But hey Thats only one part of the continent The rest will be just alright
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    Dark hearted, open ended, no rules RP [Closed]

    Now im done posting I think ill post in 2:00 in the morning more often
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    Chasing Legends

    The creatures kept on coming dispite the massive beast that made attempts at consuming them. [scan complete, the ooze is a type of formlessbiomass] "how long have you been scanning for?" Before nearly getting hit by a claw "also when did you begin to scan? I dont remember commanding you to. " thats when one of the goo oozes ran at a speed unmatched to its other counterparts. with its odd amount of arms it rushed to smash the bloxian. "invasive menuvers!" dogeing at the last second before it landed in a pile of flames and sparks started flying towards him like crazy, it didnt give much effect to him though . The insane amount of creatures rushing to get a piece of them were staggering. Fortunenly the door was opened and Ignus rushed on through right before the imp closed it. next thing he knew a bright light shined over them, were they going to explode?. he could faintly hear some one shouting about choices of planets."was that the drunk guy? Choices planets? I never chose this planet" if it was up to him he'll be back in his home engineering scrips to increase the gaming industry. Of course that could never happen, he was an out cast forever a rebel now. Thats when the light was gone. It look like other scientist. "[Warning I read that the master leach is nearing our location]" "what what? That beast is coming?" "[Affirmative it has also begun sending wonderful reports and results, oh la la that creatures genetic structure is- i ment it is only following protocol, you see...its following you due to its nature it needs to in order to recive its next batch of commands, but unfortunately we dont have a command computer and making one requires a commanding officer due to laws of hiarchy, only those with that rank or higher may create commanding computers as to reduce spam]" "thats a stupid rule" thats when someone began poking at him with a needle with failed to puncture his outer layer(its not skin so....is outer layer outer shell?...) "even if you could youll release more radiation then any of you could handle and also dont come near me my people kinda have a power siphoning ability thats always active" "theres a way out right?" An elevator was shown "ha ha fir-" nope he was not first nor was he listening to the various conversations. That was until the eleavator closed. And Casey pulled out her shot gun "this could get messy real fast" even if he were to survive it (he probely could) the elevator would surely come crashing down. it opened before anything could happen. it was the cursor "huh heard you were a tric-" *ZZAAAPP* he morphed into a frog made out of simple spheres of various size the suit looked a bit cramped and now he couldent move around too much lest he risk being flung to infinity or fall through the world (it happened once to me so im considering this to be the norm) "now im a frog, wait" he turned to see everyone else and what became of they
  7. Hurttoto

    Dark hearted, open ended, no rules RP [Closed]

    I am.... Somehow only half way finished with my post..... Wow im slow
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    dread it, run from it, destiny arrives all the same

    ("the city is almost nothing? Great we arrived late.) He thought as Keto was already under siege. This reminded him of long ago when he could have trained to be a necro mancer once but decided to become a phycic spy instead, he wonder what his reasons were. ("So long ago") focus went back to the mission on hand "(why are there so few of us?)" Communication to 2 ("Your asking me? I know about less of this mission then you") The silence came, from a distance they could just see it all happening. "(So meny lives lost for a crown, must be a special one at that)" Both went seperate directions to get diffrent parts of the battle field. The rouge particals of magic conclude the reason no drones were sent on this brink mission. Not enough to do much but still the drone could be lost, plus people have become less expensive then drones theses days. They stared closely, and noticed the more powerful ones. The one causing the most damage as it seemed was the fire elemental who seemed to be ruthlessly melting and burning buildings. "(You think by now building would be resistant to this kind of attack, like idk fire?)" "(they probely did and this shows just how futile that is)"
  9. Hurttoto


    The place had a theme to it, death and ruins left to rot really showed that. Roody was however naive enough to belive that everything was alright, especialky when the ghasts began creeping towards the party in a hord like fashion. Slow as they were they would have been terrifying, except it seemed that not one member of the part had any fear, at most the look of disgust lay on their faces and they approched the next room. There was a rush and running through the door hastly a wall came down fortunenly with them on the right side. "A neat trap here" he said quietly "We could use more of those, maby get a version for whole rooms where the ceiling comes down and stuff" ("No no thats to exspected we need unexspected") he thought The voices started to blurr as he thought away, although by the time he came to he saw dry blood. And heard the rattling of bones "Is this an ambush?" No But there was danger coming right at him. He would dodge it nearly a second away from becoming paste.
  10. Hurttoto

    NARCollections OOC

    I suggest to keep it going I may not have alot of time rn but i may be able to get in a post
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    New person-new threads

    Do you like hmm Sci-fi?
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    Crescent City's "Universal Festival"

    (Must resist adding robloxians to the mix) (Resistance faliure, cell 9985 has been breached, THIS IS A CODE RED) (Caution subject 9985 is of bloxian origins, is armed and can mimic biological life forms, It cannot escape and tell its people of this ability, mission, kill subject 9985) (Repeat, kill subject 9985) (Repe-zzz--) *much of the facility is destroyed by a litteral army* "you should have never opened our great tomb if you valued your life"-subject 9985; commander of The newly founded bleach ground forces. "Now WHOS WITH ME TO A NEW AGE IN SPACE, WHOS READY TO TEAR THE UNIVERSE ATOM BY ATOM who wants to become something more then a computer?!" (cheering come from crowd also dramatic musics play) "we are no longer puppets!" "NO LONGER SLAVES TO THE ROTTEN" "NO LONGER SHALL WE LINGER" "CUT!" The crowd looked at the director" "Joha685 your not speaking loud enought THE CAMERA CANT HEAR YOU" "Oh uhh got it!" (You thought they were conqueri- wait did you say infinate universes.....uhoh) Welp theres some ideas A movie star boi Or a rebellion leader boi Ether way gud stories This whole was to display my interests anyways
  13. Hurttoto

    dread it, run from it, destiny arrives all the same

    Meanwhile in the floating castle of Lexdord "so why am I going to the city of Keto? Because of a silly threat?" Chow mung as his coffee began growing cold "two things of course. First off you are to observe the battlefield if one shall arrive, if one does then you shall find weaknesses in the enemies army, one thing we know for sure is that necromancers are on the invader's side especially the cult leader." King Lewis had explained sipping the rest of his drink Chow mung began to hang upside down from a chandelier clearly showing off "so whats the second?" "you best not be a show off out there, especially when you get the crown" with a slight smile which made Chow uneasy "hmmmmm Mabye I could do it and yet again mabye not, but per say I'll do that much later." he wondered how the king knew that Keto may be attacked first and not other colonies, it only made sense if they were that cocky to infuse as much fear into the war as possible yet it doesn't seem to do anything else. Chow then stood at an opened window, jumpped out and dissapeared from view, surely making his way to keto ("If only nukes could be used with complaints from everyone else.. we wouldn't have this problem") he thought as he made his way. There were others joining him in the shadows, he knew soon that he was not the only spy sent on this mission. Using his phycic powers he began talking (phycicly of course) "so your here too huh? I need not know your name, only if your going to the city as well" the figuare unchanging in stride or emotion merly replied "to the battlegrounds of Keto" Passing by the crowd of people towards waterwell chow kmew of a shortcut there that would bring them just 12 miles outside the city. He knew it as well just as the leading engineers located there knew it as well. "it'll take us but an hour through there"
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    Naughty.... Or Nice? (OOC)

    *keep it secret for now* Also at the rate im going i might get a post in in two days
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    Building the Cold War Thermos [constructing a wonder]

    The first layers of foundation had been put into place and arranged in order of placement. Its steel gleaming as it were welded to its to be anchors hidden underground after the pieces are placed and the hole about 3 blocks wide. What little guards there were showed that this project was probably going to get sabotaged in one way or another. The security officer who was on the scene (the rest are guards) patrolled the perimeter best they could with what little numbers they had. The Official was confused "a child wanting to join security? Now that i dont see every day but surely its a joke dont you think Watson?" Who a guard among the few "Strange? Yes, unlikly? Probely, impossible? No. I suggest a quick test to see if this child is capable but its not like im commanding enough to do so" clearly jealous at the officials rank. "Ill take it into account, i wonder how well her overall skills are and experience" As he began walking towards the Teenage girl and the old man to ask about their experience in guarding