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  1. Hurttoto

    Light hearted, open ended, no rules RP [Closed]

    I think...... Idk i was planning to add more to it
  2. *knocks on door*

    "Anyone in?"

  3. Hurttoto

    Neurological mind trap system (N.M.T.S)

    [Meanwhile back inside the computer] ["I'll just let that insult to us pass by"] time was once again in their favor...to them it might be a couple of hours ["well its only a joke dont you agree? Well it seems you agree with that notion going around"] buzzings of code wizzed by in an orderly fashion calculating away at the information collected from that rouge signal ["who knew there was a phycic powerful enough to have rouge phycic signals bouncing off of ....well everywhere. It could have rouge signals bouncing constantly and we could have been lucky to receive one and had enough time to analyze it"] though true, they still needed to find out just how to build a detection system. Without a doubt they may come up with something before the minute ends *or possible weeks to them at least*
  4. Hurttoto

    Dungeon-makers wanted!

    *thinks about joining....* "How would you feel if a cartoon decided to help?" Hurttoto said in a curious way
  5. Hurttoto

    Custom user title raffle 19

    (Me happy)
  6. Hurttoto

    Leying a Foundation

    The broken wood along the farmhouse creaked as passing winds drifted around and about, knocking into the barn at times. "hell I am!... I ment...of course sir!" Getting a bit more excited then he wanted to witch he was hopeing it went passed the prince and was forgotten quickly. "Arent you excited? Even a bit?" Looking to Madam Linda Linda Owning land for a vacation and detoxifying land? It sound lije more then was offered by Lexdord by a small margin considering that people wont be given land for helping over there. Yet over here...... Most likley they were desperate or so he thought ("also where are the nation's trained professionals") is what ran his mind ("do they not have any?") He came to the conclusion that mabye there are none here and thats why they (our characters) are here. He grabbed for a shovel and a rake. "There is but one question I have, can we use fire to destroy the dead plants?"
  7. Hurttoto

    Chasing Legends

    to A body being dismembered was nothing new, occasoinly an arm or leg will fall off if you happened to be near sn explosion or something, then again he was but a simple, organized being who could reorganized itself if needed. Yet in the case of Erin....well she was a physical biological being who couldn't just reorganize itself into something else nor was a biological being simple made, so mabye those terrified faces when she fell apart was then something to be expected. What did surprise him was the odd noises that took her head "Facanating.....wh" but then he doubted himself (still editing)
  8. Hurttoto

    Where did I go?

    Who are you? Where are you? What are you? How are you? Why are you?
  9. Hurttoto

    Rescue Towards Sanctuary (general location)

    The embers of cities primate and industrial of people and machine, all seemed woven in this wild landscape and the people moving out seemed to make that ember dimmer and the light shone elsewhere to more developed, less wild, and more supported lands. Unlike the primitive lands they previously resided within. The primary residences were filling up with those who sought escape from a never ending fear of all around them. However there were too few ships sent with the mission compared to the over flow of people. Thus several trips will have to be made inorder to retrive an adequate amount of people
  10. Hurttoto

    Getting Ley'd

    Whos turn is it?
  11. Hurttoto

    Solving The Famine

    "Without preperation well ok then first you flick this red internal switch then type in what you want...like lets say....a pizza., then dump water in through the top annnnd" The machine shook a little until it shot out a pizza the size of a 10 inch slice, it came out a bit warm though. "Not to worry the radiation dissipates within seconds" as she noticed that there was some water left at the top of it "I named it The Reverse Hydrorsdioactive Food Fabricater or The R.H.F.F for short, but see how it made pizza? Imagine what other foods ot could create! Op got a bit...excited there sorry "Yes I prefer to seek out the nearly impossible yet this is not exactly impossible as for efficiency...well that will depend on the limits of water intake..which I got to be honest its a bit higher then I expected
  12. Hurttoto

    Write with Me

    (Yeh srry for such a late response but I was at school) Security level low: any character is allowed to interact Security level strict: only approved officials surporting may enter this one Security level Maximum: Only native born with security level 8 clearence can get even close to this project. There are also other ideas that dont have threads yet Algae lamps Solar lance (battle ship weapon) Whrms (sub-terrain robotic worm unit) Sand reactor (harnessing the ancient sun rays trapped from within sand) Thorium cruise missiles (the ultimate anti-nuke. And meny more I think
  13. Hurttoto

    Naughty.... Or Nice? (OOC)

    Basicly now I have to deal with his slack...... O0F