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    (Me happy)
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    Leying a Foundation

    The broken wood along the farmhouse creaked as passing winds drifted around and about, knocking into the barn at times. "hell I am!... I ment...of course sir!" Getting a bit more excited then he wanted to witch he was hopeing it went passed the prince and was forgotten quickly. "Arent you excited? Even a bit?" Looking to Madam Linda Linda Owning land for a vacation and detoxifying land? It sound lije more then was offered by Lexdord by a small margin considering that people wont be given land for helping over there. Yet over here...... Most likley they were desperate or so he thought ("also where are the nation's trained professionals") is what ran his mind ("do they not have any?") He came to the conclusion that mabye there are none here and thats why they (our characters) are here. He grabbed for a shovel and a rake. "There is but one question I have, can we use fire to destroy the dead plants?"
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    Chasing Legends

    to A body being dismembered was nothing new, occasoinly an arm or leg will fall off if you happened to be near sn explosion or something, then again he was but a simple, organized being who could reorganized itself if needed. Yet in the case of Erin....well she was a physical biological being who couldn't just reorganize itself into something else nor was a biological being simple made, so mabye those terrified faces when she fell apart was then something to be expected. What did surprise him was the odd noises that took her head "Facanating.....wh" but then he doubted himself (still editing)
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    Where did I go?

    Who are you? Where are you? What are you? How are you? Why are you?
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    Rescue Towards Sanctuary (general location)

    The embers of cities primate and industrial of people and machine, all seemed woven in this wild landscape and the people moving out seemed to make that ember dimmer and the light shone elsewhere to more developed, less wild, and more supported lands. Unlike the primitive lands they previously resided within. The primary residences were filling up with those who sought escape from a never ending fear of all around them. However there were too few ships sent with the mission compared to the over flow of people. Thus several trips will have to be made inorder to retrive an adequate amount of people
  6. (OOC note that this takes place a couple of months before hand, which was when it was originally supost to be made) "There are places to be and things to do, everyone has a job, there is work to be had and people acquired, everybody has a purpose, there are lands to defends and land to leave, there are people to save and people to leave. The choice of fate lay in those with the power to do so. Yet to those that lay powerless there choice is determined by fate" It had been over an hour since the sun came up and what a cold morning it was. Dispite it regularly being hot and arid in the kingdom of Lexdord however it did happen at Certain times of the year. The wasteland plains that streched for tens or even a couple hundred miles beyond the city limits would look discuraging for those who weren't used to it. Yet to those who were recalled it as a normal thing, to some it even appeared to be a sanctuary as there were really no real wild dangerous monsters going about or any of the troubles that come from other lands, empires or nations. Particularly Lexdord was a very safe place to be in or at the most safer then most. Yet there was that famine problem, and having nothing but wasteland to cultivate didnt really help the situation which was trying to solve itself. The goverment had looked over diffrent lands, they would seek a colony in the north dedicated to just farms but they realised that they didn't have enough man power to create one that would remain stable for long. It take long though, they had a plan to put into action. What was this grand plan? To go into the lands of Alterion and begin advertising their sanctuary as a prime location to be in saying that future generations would be in safe stable hands "Dont you want your child to see the world not as a playground of just bloodshed and suffering?, dont you want to look at your children and not have to tell them that death is near?..... Lexdord where the future is protected and cared for" Was the voice of a female projecting off of an ad Air ships which included 3 transports a battleship and a Pincer class ship (A class which are able to exceed extraordinary speeds but however only have few point defence guns as their weapon) lead by Commander Titian were soon enforced to collect those willing to leave a land of sufferings and enter a land of peace and security And Work.. "Report?" She asked the computer -Status of weather conditions are recovering it is safe to travel through now- it had displayed "Para warp report?" -Ready to launch- "Set a course for Alterion smake in the middle of the primitive lands! And extend the field to the rest of this fleet" -Affirmative activating Para drive protocols and informing crew with 30 second delay- The humming of the Para could be heard in pulses, at the same time the area aroubd the airship and the airships following began to wrap and become increasingly distorted as the Para's electronics were bending literal reality just to reach its destination. -30%....42%- Not a suprise that it take awhile for it to engage but it was taking its time -67%..................89%- The crew began to get into seats -93%.........100% 30 second delay active- The crews from the other 5 ships were preparing as the synchronized countdown continued -10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...Engage They suddenly saw the land melt away as colors blended together, this didn't last long though as soon within under a couple of minutes the colors around reconfigured themselves to reveal the lands. "The first of meny to soon have them travel to Lexdord"
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    Getting Ley'd

    Whos turn is it?
  8. The island of Amalia, isolated from the rest of time for so meny years life forms thought to have gone extinct during the early days of civilisation live and some still thrive to this very day. The fact that this island had an existing hive mind or semi-hive was of great intrest to Lexdord. Although one might find it strange that Lexdord wasnt interested in the others that had been discovered like in taen. The answer to that would be simple...you see these were one of the less hostile hive minds that have gone around, not to mention they were quite underdeveloped in terms of economical efficiency their technology however was quite equivalent to most civilisations heading straight foward into the information age. ----On the Airship "This place is perfect for beginging our corporation!" Segi had screamed excitedly. The rest of the crew nodded as the airship began to land lightly on the beach of Amalia, upon looking he saw quiet untamed mountain like wilderness yet behind it he saw the life of a settlement. "Look there it is, now begin setting up advertisements....we'll need all we can get"
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    Solving The Famine

    "Without preperation well ok then first you flick this red internal switch then type in what you want...like lets say....a pizza., then dump water in through the top annnnd" The machine shook a little until it shot out a pizza the size of a 10 inch slice, it came out a bit warm though. "Not to worry the radiation dissipates within seconds" as she noticed that there was some water left at the top of it "I named it The Reverse Hydrorsdioactive Food Fabricater or The R.H.F.F for short, but see how it made pizza? Imagine what other foods ot could create! Op got a bit...excited there sorry "Yes I prefer to seek out the nearly impossible yet this is not exactly impossible as for efficiency...well that will depend on the limits of water intake..which I got to be honest its a bit higher then I expected
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    Solving The Famine

    "Famine, a scourge that always had threaten the stability of a diet, it caused by hunger of the people would always be present,but today the scourge shall meet its first fallings"-King Lewis Tis was a normal arid day in the kingdom of Lexdord. The skyies with clouds streaking across like missle trails or jet trails, as they leave their exhaust. But today yet again begin the threats of riot caused by this hunger. Dispite the influencers powers it could no longer hold them back. It was alone, against almost a million minds and now it became overwhelmed. "This stupid thing! Always gafailing at the worst times!, who ever wanted this ancient device clearly never saw its limits!" Said a technician who was looking at it inside and out. "Yes a bit outdated but it survived, plus we can. Always upgrade it to updated standards" said Rotwell But lets not pay attention to that -----elsewhere in Lexdord city In one of five generic (boring) schools at a science fair were a child namex Rachel Oli had "Water as you might already tell can retain and contain information the same way memory chips do except better much better, Now I was thinking that by using radiation we could do stuff like transport goods from one place on the world to another insta-" At this point the judges had begun walking away (rude ikr) but it was due to fact that well there were already meny other ways and they just plain didnt like the idea. "..........well then dont worry I have.....ummm a second project that is...well REALLY IMPORTAINT...LOTA MONEY INVOLVED" that part was sorta. True,to create the mechine she had to over a course of a year buy parts the altogether costs around 789,652 common diamonds (or 1,124,665 U.S dollars) which is buy itself alot of money. Origanly it was built for the purpose of getting herself into her scientist career or perhaps even starting her own company, like meny others at her school who all wanted to become similar things "Let me tell you about something revolutionary and exciting, something also including water"
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    Write with Me

    (Yeh srry for such a late response but I was at school) Security level low: any character is allowed to interact Security level strict: only approved officials surporting may enter this one Security level Maximum: Only native born with security level 8 clearence can get even close to this project. There are also other ideas that dont have threads yet Algae lamps Solar lance (battle ship weapon) Whrms (sub-terrain robotic worm unit) Sand reactor (harnessing the ancient sun rays trapped from within sand) Thorium cruise missiles (the ultimate anti-nuke. And meny more I think
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    Naughty.... Or Nice? (OOC)

    Basicly now I have to deal with his slack...... O0F
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    Write with Me

    What about technology development?
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    Naughty or Nice?

    Her mind faded into much of a haze as she could no longer control herself, she seemed to be entrapped in a cage of love and dance. "Wow this is addicting" as she began spinning faster and faster. It was all so sudden she had lost most control over her body. She was already dead as she thought, who knew it would have been here. A random world within the cosmos. Then the oddest thing happened, she heard a high pitch sound getting louder and louder, she also felt her left pocket sack vibrating violently. For a second she snsped bsck to reality, just in time to pull the shield in front of herself which reflected off of the shield and straight into dancer's left antler cutting nearly all of it clean off. "Rude cherry nose he just wanted to dance" she said drunkly as the crystal silenced for a second yet after it resumed its sound she half focused lifted her sword "Sauk Auj" The sword began to glow by now charging with electrical power the light being a bright blue in defiance of the red that came from Rudolph the 'cherry' nose rain deer "Time to get serious" (Ill do the dice calculations later im currently extreamly busy by the time i write this)
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    Naughty.... Or Nice? (OOC)

    Yep Especially Darrie
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    Light hearted, open ended, no rules RP [Closed]

    It does have a weakness Or at least did.... Anyone have any swarm killing weapons?
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    Light hearted, open ended, no rules RP [Closed]

    It does have to as the virus is already wild and out of control the moment it kills the beast Due to a primate nature of seeking out other energy sources But... Then again ether way with or without the consciousness of the beast we'll just end up with a similar outcome
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    Of Men and Half-Men Interest Check (Need 1)

    Are cartoons allowed to defend this city? If so I know a character
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    Naughty.... Or Nice? (OOC)

    Yes skip I looked and he hasn't been online in 15 days
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    Naughty or Nice?

    "Darre Sangria. You trespass on other people's private propertyat your leisure!" She saw as she was proven right he had clearly gone mad She had though this might had been simple but "Well its hardly avoidable when you travel alot especially here where apparently everybody is within your naughty so the question remains if no one is on then who will the nice list include?" She reached her empty hand into another vortex and pulled out a shield of steel. She was almost ready to attack yet she'll rather defend herself for awhile since she knows nothing about his attacks and which type of attack he favors. So she held back and raised her shield, observing the red suited man that portrayed himself as Santa. "By the way have you ever heard of Yin-Yang?! Not everyone is always pure not even you!" as she prepared to jump away incase of a sudden bashing attack
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    Naughty.... Or Nice? (OOC)

    !! yes Srry for wait Ill get to post
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    The first rise of Javerion inc. (Amalia)

    Things were strange with the Ulway and their roads were quite primitive and in dire need of an upgrade. The colony they had landed near was in a location which might be considered prime for tourism and trade that was if it was brought up to date. Time will tell eventully what is to become of this colony and possibly others to follow, once the road is complete of course. "lets set up shop here" Titian pointed at a clearing near to edge of the city as to have better assess to the outskirts. And with the permission of the Ulway Machines soon began pouring out, though they were silent for roaring mechines. Trees were uprooted and packed in plastic in a manner so they could be replanted later when needed cement was to make the first layer of the road then tar. It will still take several days to complete the first layer that is if nothing stalls the progress. (OOC:this is in the case that the Ulway do accept the aid)
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    [legend=Character Sheet] [BASICS] [box] First name: ROODY Surname: THE Nicknames: BUN BUN Alignment: Lawful Good Race: cartoon (a bit on the classical side say...2006 stuff mabye so not that classic) Profession:Cartoon shows? Affiliation: * shrugs* Religion: none...... Hometown: Town of Animi, Lexdord Marital Status: single Gender: M Age: unknown [/box] [PHYSICAL] [box] Voice: high, similar to some obe whos alwats shouted quite a high voice for his age. Eyes: brown, no blue no,....ok tbh i have no idea Complexion: well he has gray fur Height: 4"7' Build: Slim Hair: gray Scars: none Tattoos: none [/box] [MENTAL] [box] Demeanor: Bright and ready to spread cheer Hopes: that everyone could enjoy cheer no matter how dark they be (personality wise) Fears: thinner but who has that here? Likes:those that agree with cartoons Dislikes: those that dont [/box] [GEAR] Various cartoon gags [box] Top:cotton fur Bottom: brown jeans [/box] [WEAPONS] gags of course! [box] WeaponNameHere: [/box] [SKILLS] [box] SkillNameHere: [/box] [box] Age 00: Born [/box] [FAMILY] [box] Father: NameHere; years old Mother: NameHere; years old [/box] [STORIES] [box] Age (StatusHere):ThreadTitleHere [/box][/legend] wip
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    Let's Make A Deal [Stormlands]

    Well the day was just getting worst before it could get better, first the ship gets crippled, then they're attacked by golems, and now? Taken to who knows where to who knows what. It all seemed too much of a coincidence though that these people had found them even with an S.O.S beacon the storms would have withered its signal unless. They were the ones who attacked the ship before hand, if he was right then they had a very powerful weapon with them and he was becoming curious. ("Well now Im wondering what it is....") he thought to himself as he began the dangerous asent out of the airship to take a peek. Toxic water splashed among his face yet he ignored the burns as he scouted the surroundings. ("Best to go back inside......."). He was gona wait until they had passed the acid filled clouds before trying again. He stared outside wondering why they were importaint, was it...information perhaps? He didnt know and might be wondering for a while.