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  1. I like this. Perhaps he can be helping out with the new outpost they are making in between Patia and Blairville?
  2. I would think they are centered more around money but if your willing he could be someone to do some dirty jobs for them that they can't leave a trail back if that's alright? Oh yes yes! We wish to expand much. Would you like him already employed or contracted?
  3. The CEO would look towards the boy he was with before they stepped out into the reception area and a disk on the floor would send them up like an elevator. “Vincent Drone. Ah yes. Your lab will be on one of the lower floors but you will be sharing the space with two others. The floor is split into four different quadrants. Three labs and then a break area. Your lab will have your name on it and when we make it back to my secretary she will hand you your PDA and it will have all your login information as well as ordering information.” Vincent looked at the other Vincent and nodded his head. “I expect good things. I will check up on you within the week to see how things are going. If you are unsure of anything please consult Dr. Savant. He’s one of my most trusted workers and his mind is something to admire.” ____ A woman walked out from the back with a large beast in tow. The beast was just a bit smaller than the room and it looked like a demon straight out of hell. His horns curled along his head and his golden mane would flow like a lions. His skin was black with gold ornaments attached in various places. The beast snorted and pushed his master forward causing her to gasp as she was pushed towards the secretary. The master was a young woman who was fairly tall with long blonde hair. Her outfit was more on the sophisticated side but her pale skin showed that she did not get out too often. The woman watched as the secretary would frantically flail about to keep up with the flow of people that just came in. “Here. Let me help you.” The pink haired woman said softly before she picked up the experimental files. Just as she was about to call names, someone physically broke the door down. Veronica would frown at this and look towards the woman and her entourage before she pointed towards the door and swayed her finger so that the metal would reform itself. “Enough.” Veronica said towards the one named Jay and Arashi. The receptionist looked up at Veronica as the woman stood behind the counter. “Please sit down in the area and wait for your name to be called. There were people in front of you who are waiting patiently.” Veronica then turned from them and would look over the files. “Okay!” Veronica’s voice would cast out through the area. “Martin, Circe and Arashi please follow me towards the experimental area! Along the way please tell me your desired injection or experiment and I will pair you up with the scientist best suited for you. Once your first injections are done I will show you to the living area and your rooms. If you have any requests please make it before going into your experiment so I can have it arranged and done by the time you are finished!” Veronica’s beast would grunt before he walked over towards the door where the group was to follow through. He would look at the man in a wheelchair before walking over to him before making a small growl to his master. “Oh yes. Mr. Martin would you rather use the elevator?” Veronica asked softly to the man. If you wish to use the elevator speak to the guard beside the stairs and he will call it for you.” She said with a smile before smoothing down her dress and looking for the third name she called out. Circe must have been the girl that was sitting by herself. Looking something out of a forest Veronica couldn’t help but smile. What an interesting group this was. Veronica walked towards the exit towards the experimental area and walked down the steps. She would wait in the experiment lobby for the group whenever they were prepared. ___ The receptionist would stand up with her own stack of files. “Okay anyone here for a job interview or to speak with the CEO please come and get your visitor badges! He will be out shortly and you will be escorted to a conference room! Also please leave the guards alone ma'am! If you're here for a meeting or interview please come this way!” The receptionist said before jumping when the elevator Vincent and Vincent were on would appear behind her. “Oh Sir! We are rather busy today and you have people waiting for you.” The receptionist would pass him the folders before he nodded. “Can you please get Vincent here is folder and PDA? I made sure it was all set up before he got here. Also please inform Dr. Savant of the newcomers. Perhaps he will wish to help them get settled or help Veronica watch over the experiments. I trust him.” Vincent would look towards Vinent before giving him a pat on the shoulder. “This is where I leave you. Since you work here feel free to watch over the experiments that are about to happen downstairs or you can explore. Whatever you wish to do. Keep your badge on you at all times. Good luck.” The CEO would look towards the others in the room. “Please follow me to the factory is you’ve been waiting for me.” Vincent turned and walked to the factory doors and opened them up before following a hallway to the left towards the meeting rooms.
  4. The woman would reach for the glass the bartender set in front of her as her target spoke to her. Gloved digits wrapped around the glass as she softly picked it up and brought the amber liquor to her lips and would take a long drink. Bourbon truly did feel good going down today. A warm feeling trickling down with it as it settled in her stomach. Before she answered the man she ordered some food from the bartender as a way to make him sort of go away. Once the civilian was gone she turned to look at him, steel gray eyes settling in on his features before she gave a chuckle. "I personally have nothing with you handsome. However the people whom employ me have their own concerns." She explained as she set her glass down and would cross one long leg over the other. Like many of the people Elysia encountered, this man did not seem like much of a threat. He was calm, collected and seemed to simply be enjoying himself. Surprisingly this was typically the case. Her employers spent far too much time worrying about what could happen rather than worrying about other tasks. The bartender would walk back over and set down a massive plate of fries and mozzarella sticks. A small happy noise came from Elysia's throat at the sight of food before she picked up a fry and popped it into her mouth. "I'll be straight with you." She said after swallowing her first fry and aiming for a mozzarella stick. "My employers are around to make sure that magic users who can become a threat to the world are watched over and if need by neutralized. I'm one of their higher subordinates but I am also the more forgiving. I was sent to check in on your power and to make sure you weren't doing anything outside of the laws or boundaries that apparently exist. You're currently one of three people I have to see." Elysia would munch down on the mozzarella stick and close her eyes softly, savoring the amazing flavor. Food truly was the most glorious thing. It was the best thing to knock someone out of their pissy mood. "Elysia is my name." She said before nudging her plate towards him. "Would you care for some?" She asked as she picked up her cup and took another long drink from it before requesting a refill.
  5. Last Chance, a decent sized territory with a sizable army to defend it. One of the names on her list apparently resides here for the time being. As she stepped through the town gates the sound of bustling life hit her ears. Her heels crunched against the ground under her as she would walk. Her features and clothing were hidden under the guise of a cloak. As she stepped deeper into the town the more people she noticed. The town square was bustling with people rushing about their day. Under her cloak she gazed upon each of the signs as she walked with the crowd looking over each building. She paused towards the center of town and reached into her cloak and pulled out a special crystal with runes etched into it. The crystal began to glow and point in direction of the mage she was after. Now with a clear direction in sight, she would swiftly walk along the road avoiding people the best she could. Sadly, that wasn’t as easy as it sounded. A man walked out from around a corner, not looking and bumped into her. Naturally that meant it was her fault. The woman paused, about to apologize to the man when he growled at her and grabbed onto her. BEfore he could say anything the woman’s right gloved hand shot out of the cloak and grabbed his throat. She leaned in close and whispered something into his ear causing him to pale over and let her go. She huffed softly and continued along her way. After a little while of walking, she made it to a small tavern that was near some form of academy. Pushing the door open she stepped inside and was greeted with warmth from a raging fire. Stepping aside from the door she admired the establishment. It was not the common tavern since most people here seemed to be enjoying books or a good meal. Perhaps they were students? Either way there was a sizable amount of books in the tavern and it was more welcoming than the rougher ones stationed deeper in the city. She lifted her hands up and pulled her hood off and would untie her cloak and hang it up. Elysia was a woman with tanned skin and bright blonde hair. Her eyes were a cool steel color and her build was voluptuous yet athletic at the same time. She wore heeled boots on her feet that wet up to her knees before tight black leather pants wrapped around her legs up to her hips with a chain belt. Her top was tucked into her pants and had a bit of a V-neck. Her left sleeve was nothing more than a strap but her right sleeve was long and elegant, dangling to her hips with only a gloved hand peeking through. While fixing her gloves, Elysia would walk over and sat down at the bar. She presented a picture to the bartender and awaited for her drink as she closed her eyes and folded her hands in front of her.
  6. Vincent would be signing papers on a clipboard as one of the scientists was talking his ear off about something small that happened in the experiment. Vincent was never interested in listening to what happened during the experiment, all he cared about were results. Sure, when he was first changing the company to more suit his needs he was much more hands on but this was no longer a small operation and these days his time was rather precious. He finished his signature and would look up at the man who fell silent almost immediately. "I understand your excitement but it's best if you just put everything in your report for me to read. I'll appreciate it much more that way since right now I have many other things to do. I read every report so just put it in there." His voice was strong, authoritative with a bit of husk to it. The scientist bowed his head and they all spread out. Vincent sighed, thankful for the space before he heard someone call for him. Vincent turned his head and noticed a new boy standing at the end of the hallway looking a bit awkward. This boy was someone he recently hired yes? Ah but the name was not coming to his tongue. Vincent turned and would walk towards the boy. He slipped his hands into his pants pockets before he stopped in front of him. Vincent was a tall fellow with perfect posture so it may come off as him looking down upon the person without meaning too. "Hello. You are a new hire yes? I do not mean to offend but can you please remind me who you are?" He motioned for the man to follow him as he turned to walk towards the reception area for the experiment ward.
  7. Yes please join! Sorry I just saw this! The main role play thread is here~ https://www.valucre.com/topic/35939-welcome-to-ventrix-industries/
  8. To the Northeast of the Casper docks a wide building spanned over two blocks. The building was made out of metal and brick with a large sign that said ‘Ventrix Industries’. There were two doors on the outside, each with a security guard. One lead to the store, where customers came to purchase their injections, and the other lead to the actual factory and testing areas. To get inside the factory you either needed a visitor's pass or actual Ventrix credentials. If you manage to get inside you’ll step into a lobby where a receptionist will explain that to the right there is the factory, down the stairs are the testing areas, and up on the second floor were residential apartments for test subjects and workers. The atmosphere would be pleasant and if you went to the factory or the testing areas everyone was working and aiming for the stars. Everyday Ventrix makes anywhere from a seven thousand to twenty thousand injections to be shipped out to their other facilities. Each injection is made by hand and packaged very carefully before being boarded onto the truck that drives them out. The main facility here in Casper has about fifty experiments going on in the sublevels on the building. Each experiment differing and are on the teetering scale of going to work or fail. The shop is always busy with a wonderful team of sales associates helping customers and getting them what they want in a timely manner. Today Vincent, the company’s CEO, would walk into the lobby and took the papers from the receptionist. As he looked them over he walked down the stairs towards the experiment area. Vincent was a middle aged man with barely any wrinkles. His complexion was fair and hair starting to turn salt and pepper. Vincent dressed in the best suits money could by and he took great care of his appearance. Vincents steps were brisk and he hurried down the stairs and made it to the main hallway. Some scientists scurried over to him and began to tell him about their results while a woman tried to run after them and tell him about the meetings that he had to keep in mind he had today. [[Whoooo first post! Let’s get going~!]] @Sings Through Pain @ODSTDRAGON @Metty @jack-attack @LightningBolt @Emperor @Someone
  9. Yes yes. Let's get it arranged~ If you'd like to private message me details about your company I would appreciate it! Ohh I would like that a lot. Would you like to discuss pricing in character or through private messages? The thread should be up tomorrow night but since it's a holiday it may not happen. Thursday is the day I'm aiming to make the thread. I will naturally link it here! I will try to make the thread tomorrow but since it's a holiday set your hopes on Thursday night EDT. If you'd like to private message me about your character or post it here maybe I could help you decide?
  10. Thought I quoted this. Ventrix Industries would love to poke around a super soldier program and develop injections for it!
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