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    Atlanta - A Mage the Ascension Game

    The more things changed the more they stayed the same. It was a muggy afternoon and the air was balmy with moisture. Hot and Wer the air conditioning in the office building proved inadequate as the thick atmosphere dug its way inside. The whining buzz of the fan wheezed pitifully in the cublicle next to his. Dennis ignored these discomforts and took solace In the warm orange glow of the setting sun. It would soon be time to get off of work and now that paying the bills was done, be could engage his passion. His pen tapped a stoccata against his desk as he reread the text of his support, making himself look busy rather than begin more work than his intended schedule would allow. The tune of A Love Supreme ram through his mind, invigorating his soul and soothing his mind. He visualized in his mind the night that was to come. Before him sat only the plastic keyboard of his computer but his fingers hungered for brass contours of his saxophone. When the time finally came he stood up, throwing his suit jacket over his shoulder. He left Work in haste not taking overly long to wave goodbye to his superior. He checked the time on his IPhone and he smiled, knowing that he was making good time. He would make it to the venue with plenty of time to get tuned up. He thanked God quietly as he opened the door to his modest yellow vehicle and drove off down the parking lot.
  2. I want to run play by post Mage: The Ascension. This is a World of Darkness game using the Storyteller System by White Wolf Games. The game will use the rules in Mage 20th Anniversary. I will act as Storyteller in the Game. No character sheet or profile is recommended at the beginning. The game takes place in Atlanta Georgia in the year 2017. The avatar storm has subsided, to the benefit of the traditions and the technocracy. Atlanta is the center of a major conflict between the renewed and potent traditions and the dominant Technocratic Union. Atlanta is the flashpoint of a new war between mysticism and reason. The natural world and old ways grow among towering spires of steel that serve as a testament to the power of science and reason. Superstition is prolific even among the sprawling cities. In the perimeter of the greater metropolitian area Men and women of Science and Mages of Magic vie day to day for the consensus, the faith and belief of every sleeper. You have awakened. Suddenly you realize that you are a not merely a man, but likened unto a god. Your will be done, as you believe, as you -know- the world to be. You are fighting a war For the greatest prize, reality itself. Gonna Post there, you can respond how you’d like. I’ll mostly play role as Storyteller to help facilitate your story. Though as more players become involved I’ll introduce my own character.
  3. Sings Through Pain

    Bale Apocalyptica

    Crsh The slab of concrete erupted into a rain of massive stones. One collided squarely in Ilohims face and the rest smashed into her body. Her head was thrown back into the wall behind her, leaving a dent in the brick. The titan impact of the trolls arm was fearsome and devastating. Yet before she could hit the ground something caught her. It was as if the strings that held the puppets limbs went taught, leaving the marionette suspended, neither dead nor truly alive. Her body turned in the air and her feet did not hit the ground. Invisible power encapsulated her body, making it upright and snatching her forward like a slingshot on the backswing. A bruise sat on her face where broken bone and torn flesh ought to have been. A red leer peered out from the space before her closed eyes and crimson smoke churned from her lips and nostrils. She came forward and her left came out to grasp at the massive limb of the fell sorcerer. Her hand, however large, could not possible hope to grasp the massive grotesque thing that the mage conjured. Yet, she did not need to. Something else did. The mage would feel the sudden crushing grip of a massive hand, invisible, but based on what it felt like, the hand of a titan had reached down through the clouds, to grab the horrid limb as a parent might grab the arm of a newborn babe. Then, without warning or ceremony, that impossible invisible grip would snatch Arthur up and throw him 50 feet into the air, the arch of the throw would cause him to eventually fall on the roof of the building at Ilohims back. Ilohims body followed the motion, her left hand wrenching back in an upward arch. "AWAY FROM ME!" A voice called out from nowhere. Ilohim performed a right hook to follow the throw. A torso sized trench tore through the wall to Ilohims right, a tell tell sign of the wave of telekinetic force that would swing from right to left threatening to slam Xartia and Enid into the wall at her left. Xartia would be happy he decided to conjure a defensive spell. Ilohim would not notice as the insect crawled into her ear, working its way through the Red smoke and eventually plugging that one exit. @Al Sa-her @Lady Gilaen @Voldemort
  4. Sings Through Pain

    Bale Apocalyptica

  5. Sings Through Pain

    Bale Apocalyptica

    @Al Sa-her @Voldemort @Lady Gilaen
  6. Sings Through Pain

    Bale Apocalyptica

    The girl had not turned to face them. Even as the Mage, The Seer, and The Outsider came upon her she remained stooped over the pile of viscera. She fingered the gore with child like fascination. Ilohim was exposed. Vulnerable. Daft and dumb to the retribution that arrayed against her. Yet she was not alone, despite the fact that nothing stood beside her. In the shadows of the after and the before, the troll stooped over her, fascinated by the blood and bits that she toyed with between her fingers. It whispered a hateful cacophony that only she could hear, stoking the fires of madness. After, should they survive, they might recall seeing something angry and ugly, unforgettable and yet half remembered in the shadows of memory. They would ask was there something there or...maybe not? It was one part mind, divided by time, and it stuttered calculated threats, unable to parse its fury but cruelly understanding the curses that bailed from its red lips directly into their minds. Ilohim did not need to turn to face them, and yet, furious eyes were upon them, hateful, malevolent and ready! The seer was the most likely to perceive it. Even the magic and sorcery of this world made sense and could be understood, but what predators keep brought to bare was new. Uncharted. What did Red think would happen when she gathered the most sensitive and volatile minds this world had ever known and saddled them with the sad tragedy that was life. The thing they faced was demonic in its most traditional and original intent. A personal demon. Addiction. Loathing. Insanity. To Enid she could smell the sepsis left upon fate and the pile of psychic trauma that echoed through the past and present, converging here and now. She would feel a tremendous weight as the psionic infection reacted intelligently to the conjuring of spells. Cracks spread through the concrete of the alley in a line in front of where the girl knelt, picking over the gore. A force unseen but remembered flipped up a slab of the ally, forming a makeshift wall that rose just in time to catch the burst of water and the ball of lightning Depending on how long the stream lasted and when the ball of lightning hit, a rather hilarious outcome may result as the lightning took its natural course up the magical stream and into the mouth of the magician. Whatever the outcome though, the slab would fall back to the ground and Elohim now stood, her body utterly relaxed, her stare completely blank and unaware. Something worse, even bigger than the giant girl stood just behind her. Though you couldn't quite make it out, the Will Worker, The Cambion and the Oracle would know it was there. There, Illness lived! Psychosis walked! And this unfortunate Malady would be the burden for the world to bare.
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    Welcome to Ventrix Industries

    Eventually it started to hurt less. Though his own screams still echoed through the dark halls of his conscious. The void was impossibly vast as he floated without sensation of body or time. Is this Death? the Doctor asked himself, himself being that voice cast from a singular will that still, apparently existed. That couldn't be right though. Existence suggested some sort of presence and the only conception of what this was is was no where, in its most primal sense. He could still feel that echo though of the last moment before all this. Searing pain, as flames licked about his crushed flame, burning and burying him with his beloved. Now though she was gone and he was alone, set adrift in cruel oblivion. The voice that was his will went silent for a moment, as if renouncing himself to the maelstrom of the Wyrm, which returned existence itself into its most primal form. Before he fell too deep into that immortal sleep, something caught him, ceasing his descent like a life line from the Angels. It called out, at first as another singular will like his own...but...different... Familiar. <∞> LazarusV005.exe "Dr. Savant" Monsters of Chrome and Wire worked tirelessly on the 13th sublevel of Ventrix Industries. It was a company that abhorred waste. Why waste one of the brightest minds on the continent. Dr. Christopher Savant had at one point been employed by Ventrix and then later, became one of its top investors. The doctor had produced great work here, as he had in many places and often he wanted to keep an eye on the fruits of his creations. Robotic arms that ended in surgical steel dispensed threads of hot primium metal to build upon the burned corpse of the late doctor like a spider spinning its web. Other mechanical limbs held the doctor in place, moving him in unison with the 12 other arms that stitched at his body. Some injected a unique serum, combining the advances of the biological progenitors of the company with impossible feats of mechanical engineering, to do something that had never been done before. The Machine delivered its progeny upon Valucre, like God before it. The Serum restored the burned and broken flesh of the doctors body, rebuilding it stronger and more receptive to the cybernetic parts being built within it. Days passed as the machine did its work and slowly Chris climbed his way through the Umbra, taking a long journey back from death. He was not alone in this path. As he walked through the labyrinth of oblivion, The Machine was his companion. It did not lie to him. It told him truly that he and his wife were dead, and his daughter fatherless. The Machine did not spare him the course harsh reality, but almost in a Socratic method, it lead him to other conclusions. Other possibilities. With questions it sparked a fire of wonder, that illuminated the darkness of fear and ignorance in his mind and lead him through the low umbra into the high epiphany. He saw the Machine in its true form, as it had always existed. The god child of Mother Spider, the Weaver, this spirit had always been close. In every calculation, in every measurement, in every tool, He saw the Incarna of the Machine for what it was and he became its prophet. He saw great Autochthonia and he saw the utopian idea of what the world could be. He saw a brave new world. One without the unpredictability and absurdity of the world of magic that took away his beloved. He saw a reason to go on. He knew his purpose. A better reality. A new paradigm. <∞> Complete. Press any key to continue. Finally the Doctor opened his eyes. One was brown, as it had been, but the other, chrome and infrared. He stepped down from the machines that held him aloft as he looked down at his left arm, without surprise. He had designed it after all. Shining in the bright fluorescent light of the sublevel. He took a deep, long breath, feeling the closeness of The Machine and taking comfort in it. A stream of data, ran through his periphery, informing him of the time that had passed since the incident and explaining to him where he was. It didn't need to tell him what happened. The issue of this world would be resolved soon. @Dancing In Lunar Rays
  8. Sings Through Pain

    NAT - Old is the Victor.

    I'm still on a mobile device so I can't until later tonight
  9. Sings Through Pain

    NAT - Old is the Victor.

    Do we still need to copy it to valucre?
  10. Sings Through Pain

    Bale Apocalyptica

    Predators Keep was a community of like minded individuals at its infancy. There were none like it in all of Terrenus. A community of those blessed with extra awareness and expanded capabilities of the mind. To most this was a blessing but the psionic community would soon learn of the scourge of mental illness among the most powerful minds in the world. Ilohim was born of a psychic race, but did not inherit the charmed capabilities of moving matter with the mind or knowing what other people were thinking about. All she got out of the deal was being pissed off nearly all the time and not ever really knowing why. It was a tower of fury that abuse and lousy parents had built higher and higher. Perhaps if Red instituted mandatory psychological evaluations by a doctor or at or at least a half way decent telepath, they might have seen the signs of disruptive mood dis-regulation. For most of her life it was like most children with the disorder, filled with moodiness and tantrums but left untreated and kindled with a life time of bullshit had turned it into a Rage that was nothing sort of supernatural. Fury, most of which had no cause or reason, burned away her senses and left a wild beast behind. The quiet, shy girl, was now just a bundle of rage, wandering the streets of predators keep with blood on her hand. Three would feel that anger, the seething hate and resentment that had been let to fester for a life time. They would be drawn by it like fly's to a sickly sweet trap. Xartia, Arthur and Enid would come upon an alleyway. A large figure huddled over a pile of viscera facing a wall. Its fist pounded into the red muck, seemingly unaware that its prey had been long dead. No matter how many blows she dealt to the remains of the innocent passerby, her anger was not quelled. She needed them both to die and despite the fact that she killed them both, all she could see was their laughing faces. Arthur and Xartia would feel heat against their skin despite the cool night air. To their eyes, from behind, Ilohim was just a regular girl, if extremely tall and broad, but if they looked beyond sight, beyond physical matter through the third eye. They would see her mental image, the self reflection of a large grizzly creature half ape and half snake - like the trolls of old. She did not seem aware of them, even as they came across the ally, yet everything in their bones would scream stay away...like approaching a dragon as it sleeps upon its hoard. @Voldemort @Al Sa-her @Lady Gilaen
  11. Sings Through Pain

    Of Brass and Fire

    The descent of the angelic woman incensed the demonic looking elemental. "The host of Ahura Mazda?!", it barked in confusion upon sight of her. Its words cracked like flames as a look of annoyance grew on the flaming surface of its face. "No matter. I will feast upon you all the same!" Sabim didn't seem to notice the hide behind who vanished from view just as quickly as he came. Such a mysterious creature had avoided the notice of the massive fire creature, whom was used to lesser creatures passing beneath its notice. Its attention was on the winged one, whose winged gale was felt despite their distance. Sabim's bulky arm rose with its palm facing towards the sky. A blue globe of flame sparked into its grasp. It was then that the mortal that first caught his eye took initiative in a brave charge. Sabim cackled and pushed off its massive rear legs to leap to meet the charge! At the last minute the flaming chimera performed a gallant leap, sending its massive body up over August and towards the flying woman. In truth, the elemental had been threatened by the Angelic appearance of the creature and was intent upon killing it first. Sabim paid no mind to the little girl if she had been handed off to the flying woman. It would be advantageous if her hands were full. Upon leaping into range, Sabim attempted to smash the blue ball of flame in its right hand into the chest of the angel causing a burst of heat that would sear flesh and crack bone. If successful sabim would use its fall and the contact of its right hand against the winged Womans body to drag it down to the burning ground... @Sloanage @Puranetto Ueivuzu @Robbie Rotten
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    Quench the Flame Tyrant [Boss Fight][Small Group]

    I enjoyed it. Its a very interesting concept. Now we are just waiting on @Sloanage
  13. Sings Through Pain

    Vague Manipulation

    It will also lead to clunky cumbersome post because we've created a culture where any missed detail means you lose agency. So now. Why not include obsessive detail to prevent that?
  14. Sings Through Pain

    Vague Manipulation

    And it's also not about allowing redos. its just if there is something vague you ask what they meant. Assuming whatever you want because something wasn't fully described seems like an awful practice that will only lead to player dissatisfaction.
  15. Sings Through Pain

    Vague Manipulation

    My position is that it's both. The competition is being the best roleplayer. Roleplaying is collaborative storytelling.