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  1. Name: Sapphira, Sapphira Ecstuffuan Alias: The Stone Queen, The Salt of the Earth, The Jewel of Ngranek, Age: 23 Birthplace: Sigil: the City of Doors but was raised in Granek Height: 6' Weight: 184 Pounds Race: Meta-Human Attributes Strength: Sapphira is monstrously strong betraying her relatively small stature. Her strength does not come from sheer bulk of muscle which she lacks but instead derives from her explosive full-body power and preternatural technique. You won't see her out-bench pressing the miners that she works with and maybe she can't curl nearly as much, but she is often thought to be the strongest person in the room. She is known for her skill as a wrestler, throwing men, women and monsters alike about with terrifying strength. She has lots of explosive power, allowing her to sprint at high speeds and run up to 100 meters in 11 seconds, though doing so would tire her out and she would not be in control over her momentum. Dexterity: Sapphira lacks her father's or grandfathers precision, coordination or discipline. While she understands the techniques she often loses herself in battle rage and falls back to using reckless techniques that are potent but leave her open for counterattack. She frequently throws herself at the opponent to get her hands on them, lacking her father's beautiful footwork. She is often either planted close to the earth or charging head first into the opponent. Outside of battle, she is clumsy to her own frustration. Constitution: Don't let her cute face fool you. Sapphira can take a hit from the best of them and keep coming. The reason they call her the stone queen is because of her stone like resilience. Her preternaturally tough skin and the ability to coat her flesh in stone affords her a mighty ability to take punishment. She also has a lot of stamina and endurance allowing her to work in the mines for days on end and fight for hours. Intelligence: Sapphira was never quite book smart but she makes up for it with her common sense and street smarts. She lacks any increased ability to comprehend and retain information if it does not have to do with the earth, or the ground or soil or rocks. This isn't to say she is dumb, just certainly no genius. Wisdom: Sapphira has an incredible intuition and common sense. She is uncannily clever and often very aware of her surroundings via her connection with the earth. She is perceptive and while her own finesse may be limited she is good about devising strategies in combat to suit her own way of fighting. At times, despite her rash and sometimes juvenile behavior she has moments of wisdom beyond her age. Charisma: Honestly she is kind of grating to be around. She is uncouth and is easily angered, or she is extremely overbearing. Sapphira hasn't really matured yet and is easily flustered, making people feel somewhat uneasy around her. Though she is attractive, if you like tall thick women with short hair. Traits Earthborn Sapphira's body contains an abnormally high amount of earth minerals. This high amount of earth material is incorporated into every aspect of her being, down to the composition of her cells. This makes her muscles and flesh more dense while retaining their flexibility, giving her a degree of supernatural strength and toughness. Besides her physical toughness and power she is as quick as a normal seasoned brawler ought to be. Sapphira maxes out at 400 pounds on bench press and maxes out on deadlifts at 1200 pounds. She can press 250 pounds over her head with both arms. When it comes to injury her skin is possessed of a leather like toughness and her bones can tolerate almost twice the strain of an average human before breaking. She has an incredible tolerance for pain and injury that makes her a terrible opponent to contend with. Normally Sapphira generally weighs around 185 pound, however, her weight and her physical abilities can fluctuate. Sapphira possesses the inborn ability to absorb earth minerals through her flesh and store them in her body. She requires physical contact with earth, soil, rock or concrete which means she may be at a disadvantage in some stages. This material can be used to manifest certain Psi-Onyx powers. She can hold a maximum of six charges of earth material in her body, representing a general composition of earth minerals flowing through her bloodstream. Each Earth Charge increases her virtual weight by 60 pounds. With each Earth Charge absorbed Sapphira's body takes on gradually more stone like qualities. At zero charges, her flesh is indistinguishable from normal human flesh. At six charges, her flesh appears to have the same texture as mountain rock. With each charge, she becomes slower and heavier, reducing her speed, and reaction speed by a noticeable degree. However, she also becomes stronger and tougher, as if putting on 60 more pounds of muscle and greatly increasing her strength and durability. Naturally her body will attempt to release extraneous earth material from her body in the form of gaseous dust that sloughs away from her skin. After three post without charging, Sapphira will lose one earth charge. Gaining an Earth Charge requires one post per charge, in which Sapphira must be touching the ground with exposed flesh (hands, bare feet, etc). Gaining a charge requires only about two seconds of time. Iwaken Sapphira's left arm appears to be made of animate stone, starting from the deltoid. The texture of the stone is like smooth marble stone. Tresondros whose left arm is made up of psychic crystal called this phenomenon Iwaken, or Stone Fist. The left arm is the same shape and strength as a normal left arm. It bends at the joints as a left arm would, with the stone like material bending as if through supernatural manipulation despite its hardness. She has the same level of fine motor skills and flexibility as a normal left arm. The biggest difference is, Sapphira's left arm is tremendously durable and is as tough as a similarly shaped piece of solid stone would be. This means that Iwaken can be used to block and grasp sharp weapons without fear of injury. Because of the hardness of the fist, it can be used to deliver crushing unarmed strikes. This does not mean Iwaken is invincible. Sapphira's left arm can be broken the same way a normal left arm could, through breaking it at the joints through hyperextension. The left arm cannot be used to block heavy attacks forever, eventually with enough damage the stone arm begins to crack and can be at risk of shattering. Iwaken contains vital neural networks that are essential in the function of her psychic abilities. Therefore, if the arm is destroyed, she will immediately lose 15 power points, half of her daily total! Iwaken is Sapphira's primary defense against armed and armored opponents. Iwaken can be affected by Sapphira's own stone manipulation powers, allowing her to do things like make her fist spiky. Consume Earth Sapphira can draw sustenance by consuming earth minerals and rocks. The more precious the stone the more power she can draw from the material. Sapphira must consume and swallow the rock or stone. Rock and Stone breaks down in Sapphiras mouth allowing her to eat it comfortably without hurting herself. Eating a precious stone mineral will allow Sapphira to gain 1 Earth charge. Sapphira requires 15 seconds, or 2 post, to digest this material and therefore can only gain an earth charge this way once every 2 post. She also physically needs to eat the material, which can make her vulnerable. Tremorsense Sapphira has a sixth sense similar to those of the dwarven race. She can feel through the earth around her and sense nearby movement. As long as her feet are on the ground she can sense all movement across the ground around her in a 20 feet radius. This makes her difficult to sneak up on by grounded opponents. Creatures not touching the floor or walls within 20 feet of her are invisible to this sense. Psi-Onyx Sapphira can manifest psionics as a naturally psychic creature. Her brain has numerous nerve clusters made up of earth minerals that contain and guide the psychic energy that her body produces to produce psionic phenomenon. Each morning Sapphira must engage in meditation to collect and consolidate the mental energy in her mind. This forms what is known as a power point pool. Each morning Sapphira starts off with 45 power points. Power points cannot be restored except by a decent meal and a nights rest. Manifesting powers requires the expenditure of power points, however certain powers may require Sapphira to spend Earth Charges as well. Sapphira may only use psionic powers in the air if she also utilizes an Earth Charge in manifesting that power. This is due to the fact that her psychic power is dependent on a strong, mental and physical connection to the earth. To manifest a psychic power, a psion must be allowed a reasonable amount of focus. Because Sapphira is a martial artist she can reasonably focus while moving or grappling but she cannot be in a striking exchange while manifesting a psychic power. Sapphira may either manifest one standard power or two immediate powers per post. Only immediate powers can be manifested as a response or counter to an opponent's action. Skills Wrestling Sapphira learned how to fight at an early age, first from her father, then later from her grandfather when her parents separated. However, due to Sapphira's naturally headstrong and rebellious personality she never learned the disciplined style of her father and grandfather. Instead Sapphira relies on her natural athleticism and focuses on impact throws that let her get on top of the opponent and beat them into submission. Her style combines brawling and Greco-Roman Wrestling together. Throw Anything Chucking stones and other items at opponents provides Sapphira with a long range tactical options. Despite her reckless way of fighting, she can generally hit a target within 10 or 15 feet with a thrown object up to her lifting capacity. Usually these objects are massive stones, so supreme precision is often unnecessary. Improvised Weapon Mastery Her way of fighting was honed mainly in bar room brawls and slug fest with the monsters of the Necropolis. She has learned to use everything in her surroundings as a weapon as a means of survival in fights with desperate men and creatures. She has an uncanny ability to use anything at her disposal as a deadly weapon. Powers Telemetry Standard - 4 points Sapphira can read the residual psychic energy in a physical item, to determine the items history and the history of its previous owners. She can glean information from cherished or highly venerated items, objects that owners have put a lot of mental energy and focus on. For example, she could see the manor of a heroes death by touching the sword he was clutching at the time of his demise. If sapphira was to gain possession of an enemies item or weapon, she could use this ability to activate that item as if they were the owner. This power can be used even if not in contact with the earth. Earth Glide Standard - 5 Power Points or 2 Earth Charge Sapphira may fall into any solid earth or soil surface and swim through it as if it were water at a speed of 30 feet across and 4 feet down per post. Solid materials that are destroyed while she is moving through them will instantly expel her from the earth and deal significant damage to her body. This form of supernatural burrowing leaves behind obvious signs of her passing, as the material contorts and bends to show that something is moving beneath it. if Sapphira goes more than 10 feet underground, she finds it difficult to breath and must hold her breath. [Augment - 3 Points] Sapphira may activate this power an an immediate action. Transmutation Standard - 3 points or 1 Earth charges Sapphira may transmute any rock, earth, soil, mud, or stone formation up to 4 tons in weight and 500 square feet in size, within eyesight into a different form of rock, earth, soil, or stone. The state that she transmutes a surface in to must be a earth mineral that she has consumed that day, with Consume Earth ability. This allows her to do an assortment of things such as transmuting soil to mud, or mud into hard stone. She may turn a block of granite into an equal amount of Basalt or limestone into obsidian. This can be used in an assortment of ways, such as disrupting the footing of an opponent or causing a cliff face to break off or to trigger a mud slide. Augment - 3 points Sapphira may use this power in conjunction with Earth-Bend, to simultaneously transmute the material while manipulating it. Earth-Bend Standard - 3 power points or 1 Earth Charge Sapphira may target 5 square feet of earth or rock in any natural or synthetic earth formation within 25 feet of her eyesight and manipulate that section of earth. For a 18 seconds (two post) Sapphira may translate, rotate, expand/contract, extrude, or bevel that section of earth. The section of earth may be translated or extruded at a rate of 5 feet per second to a maximum length of 50 feet, expanded or contracted to twice or half its size, or extruded to a length of 10 feet. These changes in the earth formation last for 30 seconds (3 post) after the power has ended. Manifesting this power requires a physical motion coincide with the change. If she wants to rotate a section of earth, she might spin her arms, if she wants to extrude a section of earth she might push her arms out or clap them together. With this power, she can create walls or columns. She can create holes and elevated surfaces. She can elevate a section of stone before throwing it at an enemy. She could strike an opponent with a section of suddenly raised stone or by flinging a piece of stone through the air. The extrusion of the earth is enough to boost her jump, allowing her to leap high up into the air. Also it is generally easier for her to create extrusions rather than intrusions in stone. Using this power has many sensory 'tells', usually the manipulation must be accompanied by a corresponding movement from her body. Her eyes glow with a silvery light and the smell of rain about to fall fills the air. Augment - 1 point Sapphira may target an additional five square feet of earth with this power. The transformation to the rock or earth formation last an additional 6 seconds (1 post) Augment - 3 Points Sapphira may activate this power an an immediate action. Stone-Shape Immediate - 2 power point or 1 Earth Charge Sapphira may pull earth minerals from her blood stream to produce six pounds of stone in a pre-determined shape on her body or in her possession. She may use this power to coat her body in temporary stone armor. She can use this power to produce stones for throwing or crude stone weapons for striking. If using this power to produce armor, she may cover a single limb, either her arms, legs, face, and torso. The stone is as tough as a thin sheet of mountain rock, brittle but hard. The stone remains in place wherever it is grown. After 18 seconds (3 post), the stone crumbles into dust. If using this power offensively, she can produce a large stone (about as big as a beachball) that she can use to club her opponents or throw at them. Augment - 1 Power Points By augmenting this power, she may produce an additional 12 pounds of stone (so a much larger or heavier stone) or cover an additional section of her body. Seismic Core Immediate - 5 points or 1 Earth Charge This ability allows Sapphira to briefly charge psychic energy into her abdomen and direct it. This technique helps Sapphira to defend against a sudden force threatening to knock her prone. However, this technique if misused can actually increase the amount of damage Sapphira takes from an attack by preventing Sapphira from rolling with the blow. To use this technique Sapphira quickly assumes a stance with a low center of gravity. After using this technique and until she changes her position she becomes nearly immovable like the mountain she visualizes preventing her from being knocked to the ground. Despite making herself immovable she does not prevent herself from being damaged in any way. This power also adds the effect of supporting Sapphira's balance and by doing so can increase her leverage during standing grapples. It can make her hard to lift while improving her own ability to lift and throw particularly with the use of Greco-Roman style suplex's. Sapphira's grappling strength and leverage are heavily augmented by this power. Equipment Rock Candy x12 These colorful stones are packed with various exotic minerals. They do not provide any more sustenance than any other stone for the purpose of consume earth, but they are carried on her belt in a small pouch and that means they are available for use on stages where earth minerals are not readily available.
  2. "James been talkin' 'bout has he?" She said with a smile. It would be obvious to Sheryl what the girl thought of the man. She chuckled when she sat on air. Being from Sigil, such workings were not unknown to her but Sapphira appreciated the casualness with which she did it. "Well...", she began to answer her question. Sapphira fell back, a massive stone throne erupted from the earth, catching her int he seat. "I'm the best damn fighter you will ever meet. Shit, I done fought people, monsters, sum'bitches who think they gods. I've been traveling the planes since I was 8 years old, seen shit you wouldn't believe...." Her eyes met Sheryls. "Or maybe you would. You right about me. E'stuffuans don't believe in no handouts. So what I got to do to prove to you I'm worth hiring?" A smile grew on her face... "I'll wrastle ya for it?"
  3. "Hell Nah" She brushed her short relaxed mohawk styled hair out from the front of her face as she watched the blue eyed woman approach. She could feel her through the stone and Sapphira welcomed the company. Sheryl would find that she could descend into the massive hole in which Sapphira worked, because with each step she took, a block of stone would extrude from the wall of the hole, forming a stairway directly to the young woman. "but a bitch got'a eat, N'am sayin?" In fact, building up savings so that Sapphira could go train was her intent. Though she had learned much of the knights after taking this job and it made her curious. Her power was immense, her pedigree was prodigious, she was surprised they hadn't offered her a job already...but maybe her people were less known here in this realm as opposed to Gaia Prime. "What can I do ya fer?"
  4. The oil on her alabaster skin stung in the heat of predators keep as she wiped the sweat from her brow. She whistled an easy tune as she stood upon an unnatural stone extrusion in the side of the caverns face. Beneath her was a massive hole in the earth whose black maw howled with winds from unknown vistas. Above the sky was painted an acrid orange from the billowing smoke that choked the air. Yet she was unbothered. She focused diligently as her hands worked the hard stone of the cavern wall, preparing it for the geothermal installation. It was a dirty, somewhat lonely job, made especially for her but it was worth the pay and Sapphira liked to party hard. She was trying to build up enough money for training for the Heaven or Hell.
  5. The rune cast shells collided with the crystalline plating along the things forearm, tearing off huge night black chunks. The bullets did seem to be somewhat effective but the beast seemed to be possessed of stamina and a constitution befitting of its size. By the time it got into melee range the bullets had done too little damage and it tore into them with fierce abandon. Whats more, as the thing attacked its form would shift. When Shields were brought to bear, the things stalk like feet would change into large chunky hands whose digits curled around the shields. Like some sort of primate, its fingered feet would pull down on the shield while its now shattered and spiky right forearm would come down on the head of the first soldier who came near it. With a sickening crunch the Soldiers head would be crushed beneath its mighty crystalline hand. With its other limb, the monster snatched up the soldiers dead body by the arm and would use him to bludgeon the next Soldier in reach. The creature acted without thought or consideration for strategy. It was pure Rage and Hate, backed up by potent Metacreative power. This Astral Juggernaut would not be stopped by mere Soldiers. A specialist needed to be called in. A Psion was the only entity with the power to take down the construct. The Queen had seen this sort of power before. She knew one Psychic who specialized in Astral Constructs...
  6. "We both know I'm stronger than Dad was when he fought. Besides, if I don't enter, who is going to represent the Fam?" It was true, it wouldn't be the Heaven or Hell if an Ecstuffuan was not present. Her genes beckoned her to fight and so when the call was made, she answered. Sapphira feared no man and did not fear death. Fighting was in her blood. "Thats weird. Celeste told me that she was going back to the brothel after she fell out with her Man." A concerned look grew on Sapphira's face. Sapphira didn't look down on her mom's occupation and business. Sapphira might have tried it if she was any good at being "Sexy". Her brother got all of her parents Sex appeal and Sapphira was only good at pissing people off rather than turning them on. "I heard she has an apartment around the way. You want to go see if she is home?"
  7. Nearby the lady with the missing arm, perhaps in another room there was another who was injured defending last chance from the onslaught of dreads faceless legion. They were in similarly bad shape but unlike her, nobody knew how to treat the strange alien immigrant. No doubt they and their people loved terrenus like all of its inhabitants, but they were strangers. None knew how to treat their crystalline bodies. None knew how to mend the cracks and shattered pieces that made up Oz’s crystalline body. So there he lay helpless. He wailed in pain in that strange shrill high pitch voice the Crysmal people spoke in. The Crysmals were a new race in Terrenus. A people apparently native to the astral plane who stereotypically made their living as psychics and sooth Sayers’s. They worshipped a strange god known as the Founder, Tresondros. Oz cried out, in agony, close to death, the name of his god, it’s high pitched glassy voice. ”Tres” ”Tres” ”Tres”
  8. They would find the threat purely internal. In fact, they would recognize this phenomenon. Sometimes when an individuals psionic talent manifested for the first time, it manifest wild and often falls under control of the subconscious. The powers that grow from the diseased mind were volatile and often proved immensely self destructive. Usually this can be caught before the event but it requires psychiatric and psionic care that Dagon, in his families poverty, lacked. Small orbs of violet light burned behind the glint of the dark crystal juggernaut. It towered at least 8 feet over the tallest armored soldier that surrounded it. The soldiers who knew about psionic craft would recognize this as a manifestation of Metacreation, the rarest Psionic discipline, made famous by The Peoples Champion the first of the Shaper class Psions. With a final roar the beast rushed forward. Its foot falls caused the ground to shake. It brought its two thick forearms in front of its face on guard, to protect itself from any impending fire. The bulk of the massive creature would smash into the Soldier with a sickening crunch and overrun them beneath the tree trunk like stalks that were its feet. If successful the Construct would turn to face the now broken circle of armored Soldiers.
  9. On the outer edge of the city we’re the tiny homes, built by the baroness for the people whom did not have the ability to do for themselves. Predators keep was the home of the psychic people but...for those whom potential was very limited it was a hard place to live. Dagon belonged to one such family, whose blood produced little psionic potential. For this family the cyclcal nature of generational poverty was apparent. Despite their lot, they were good, hard working and devout to one another. Yet the world around them was not. Growing up in Predators Keep is hard. The percentage of the populace with Psionic potential was growing with each generation. Dagon was ridiculed in school not only because of his poverty but because he was one of the few without psychic ability. Everyday came with a new jest, a new torment. The culture in the keep was not sympathetic. Predators keep valued resilience and self reliance, so Dagon swallowed his sadness. He knew that if he came to someone; they would say “suck it up” or some such. That sadness grew. It festered and churned. The night was dark. The rain fell hard and oppressive. He hid from the storm in the room he shared with his siblings, huddled in the corner as they slept. He did not want to wake them with his shaking or the tears that flooded down his cheek. He froze. Something coiled in his mind, gripping his consciousness. A keen shrieking echoed through his being and he writhed in agony, in terrible silence. A thing was born in his mind. A violent psychic awakening. A rare power fed on the resentment, all the shame, the hurt, and was born twisted. Reality buckled as it came into the world. The tiny home crumbled in a single violent instant. It was not known if any of the family survived as the the thing rose from the rubble. It was as if night was stretched over crystalline rock, cobbled in vague humanoid shape, barely visible in the backdrop of the rainy night. The thing howled with a piercing sharp shriek, this time the roar echoed in space for all of predators keep to hear.
  10. The angle of her nose made her want to punch it. The way it stuck up, inviting derision. Of course she didn’t. Instead she smiled, “Wassup girl, how y’all been?” She said, perhaps even with a bit of strained friendliness. Her mother taught her manners and returning respect for people. Besides Sapphira knew what it was to work a job. So she followed up the stairs and made polite conversation. When she walked into Lovis office and her mother addressed her, Sapphira got a good look at her. She stood regal and Sapphira thought, ‘damn my mom is cool’, so she smiled wide and responded “Mommmaaaaa!!!” She shouted. Her arms went wide and she went in to embrace her mother with a big hug. For any body else in this plane of existence, Sapphira coming in for a hug was a terror. But she got it from her momma, and lovi was strong enough herself for it to feel not unlike it felt when Sapphira was a small child. Sapphira held tight for a while, regardless of the dense smoke from mothers pipe. When she finally let go and Mom said she looked good. “Damn girl you too, I see I don’t got to worry about aging. You are looking fierce. I see you running things.” Sapphira looked around in amazement at the office. Then Mom asked why she was here, which she appreciated. Lovi and Sapphira were the same, both liked to cut through the bullshit. “I was on my way to Gaia Prime for the Heaven or Hell, I decided to drop by and see you and the girls.” Sapphira did not travel the planes as her father did, through the astral, but she swam through the elemental plane of earth to get to the various material planes. A gift given to her by Lovis heritage. A few of the girls from Sapphiras childhood home worked here, three girls in particular.
  11. She didn’t see her mom standing up there among the balcony. It wasn’t in Sapphiras nature to look up rather than forward. Some might call it pigheaded. Her stubbornness was well known, especially by her mother. Instead she looked for the Mezereon and after a while she eventually found the sign. On the exterior and on the interior, Sapphira might attribute the words floral and ornate to the design of the place. All in all it wasn’t her style and as soon as she entered she stood out like a sore thumb. Sapphira was no less attractive as the women here but to her credit, she wasn’t trying. She approached one of the women there and asked for the Madame.
  12. It had been weeks since she had heard from Celeste. At first Sapphira assumed that it was due to the limitations of technology in this land. The place certainly looked the part. Old but pretty too. She drank in the city beyond the sea with its multi hued limestone walls and tropical greenery, as the ship she was on drifted listfully towards the dock. She could see already why Mom decided to start a business here. Once the ship docked in the port, she could see how busy it was. Travelers and trade meant people looking for companionship. Sapphira didn’t understand quite why Mom needed another successful escort service but she assumed it had something to do with occupying her time so she could thoroughly ignore dad. Sapphira was dressed not unlike the sailors who disembarked the ship with her. A loose fitting white tank top covered her modest chest. The blazing sun had not succceeded in tanning her pale flesh, yet the light reflected brilliantly off the smooth stone surface of her left arm. She had Mom to thank for that. More than her looks, this oddity, what most assumed to be a skin affliction, afforded her a lot of attention almost too much. she pushed her way through the crowd, looking up, knowing that Mom would likely be standing too tall to be ignored.
  13. The more things changed the more they stayed the same. It was a muggy afternoon and the air was balmy with moisture. Hot and Wer the air conditioning in the office building proved inadequate as the thick atmosphere dug its way inside. The whining buzz of the fan wheezed pitifully in the cublicle next to his. Dennis ignored these discomforts and took solace In the warm orange glow of the setting sun. It would soon be time to get off of work and now that paying the bills was done, be could engage his passion. His pen tapped a stoccata against his desk as he reread the text of his support, making himself look busy rather than begin more work than his intended schedule would allow. The tune of A Love Supreme ram through his mind, invigorating his soul and soothing his mind. He visualized in his mind the night that was to come. Before him sat only the plastic keyboard of his computer but his fingers hungered for brass contours of his saxophone. When the time finally came he stood up, throwing his suit jacket over his shoulder. He left Work in haste not taking overly long to wave goodbye to his superior. He checked the time on his IPhone and he smiled, knowing that he was making good time. He would make it to the venue with plenty of time to get tuned up. He thanked God quietly as he opened the door to his modest yellow vehicle and drove off down the parking lot.
  14. I want to run play by post Mage: The Ascension. This is a World of Darkness game using the Storyteller System by White Wolf Games. The game will use the rules in Mage 20th Anniversary. I will act as Storyteller in the Game. No character sheet or profile is recommended at the beginning. The game takes place in Atlanta Georgia in the year 2017. The avatar storm has subsided, to the benefit of the traditions and the technocracy. Atlanta is the center of a major conflict between the renewed and potent traditions and the dominant Technocratic Union. Atlanta is the flashpoint of a new war between mysticism and reason. The natural world and old ways grow among towering spires of steel that serve as a testament to the power of science and reason. Superstition is prolific even among the sprawling cities. In the perimeter of the greater metropolitian area Men and women of Science and Mages of Magic vie day to day for the consensus, the faith and belief of every sleeper. You have awakened. Suddenly you realize that you are a not merely a man, but likened unto a god. Your will be done, as you believe, as you -know- the world to be. You are fighting a war For the greatest prize, reality itself. Gonna Post there, you can respond how you’d like. I’ll mostly play role as Storyteller to help facilitate your story. Though as more players become involved I’ll introduce my own character.
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