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  1. He smiled, Lauren seemed to be taking this strange situation fairly nicely. In the past, similar situations had included initial panic and hysteria other people, so much so that he normally left for both of their safeties. "Omelets sound good. I'll show you a couple tricks for the future too." He then proceeded to show her variations on spices and such that he had experimented with over the years. By the time they were done, the aroma had filled the air, tempting the two with the promise of a hearty breakfast to come. "So yeah uh, remember that combination of spices that I showed you. It works on most egg dishes." He put the two omelets onto separate plates and set them on the table, glancing at her as a signal for her to join him.
  2. Once again, Hector let his gratefulness become known, "Still, thank you. For all I know, you could have saved my life just now." Following her into the kitchen, he peered over her shoulder into the fridge, "If you want, I could cook... Maybe show you the ropes a bit?" The food wouldn't help him much, but at least helping Lauren prepare would give him something to do other than lounge around.
  3. semi-closed

    As soon as the Nersherderian forces started to retreat inside the remains of the fort walls, Skyforce knew they had the advantage. This was because of the fact that the Nersherderians sent their men to the undestroyed parts of the wall, thus blocking them off from supporting each other and separating their already small numbers into several even smaller groups that would be very easy for Skyforce to take out one by one. Immediately following one of such groups inside their hiding spot, the 125 remaining Skyforce infantrymen were able to take them out easily, only losing a few of their number because of their overwhelming advantage. In addition, they were now under the cover of the wall, and in extension, from the danger of the bombers in the air. Once they took the fort, the win would be theirs, as the bombers could not contest their hold on the fort itself. That would required much more firepower or boots on the ground. After catching their breath, the Skyforce infantry rushed out of their hiding spot in the walls and into another isolated wall segment, catching the few Nersherderians inside by surprise and once again losing only a few men in the process. At this point, the most senior Skyforce officer reckoned that Skyforce had about 105 men remaining while the Nersherderians only had around 20. The troops waited inside the wall for more bombs to drop, then once again rushed outside into the courtyard, repeating their tactic again on a third segment of the wall. The stone walls of the fort would prevent the Nersherderian forces from effectively communication with each other, and thus each group would be unaware of the plight of the others, allowing the Skyforce infantry to continually catch the Nersherderian troops off guard each time they struck. The Nersherderian officers, only had enough to regain their stamina to put them on the level that was slightly above their grunts, so the infantry wouldn't have to worry about them too much. All in all, victory looked assured for the Skyforce infantry.
  4. @Galen Wolfe @ODSTDRAGON If you check her profile, she hasn't been on since September last year. So... I think it's safe to say that it's a dead thread. @Galen Wolfe if you want an rp, feel free to pm me, I'm open to all sorts of stuff (ODST we're already in an RP lol)
  5. He had just hung up from his call with his dad when Lauren entered the kitchen. "Not sure. I've made some arrangements for that to be taken care of though, so I think I'll be out of your hair in a week or so." He winced a little when the words left his mouth, "Thank you for harboring me. You could have just handed me over, you know. Why didn't you?" In the back of his mind, he knew there would be another problem: his thirst for blood. Although he had just drank some today, it wasn't enough to last through an entire week, and he would eventually have to resist the constant temptation to obtain more through any means. Problem was, he would most likely be stuck in this apartment with a human, so that temptation would be doubly worse.
  6. @kyuri I would be down for this if you're willing to do so... Although it looks as if you may have already started...
  7. semi-closed

    When it comes down to a battle of attrition, the outcome of a battle relies on one thing: numbers. No amount of skill, strategy, or other tricks would be able to overcome the simple fact that if a force had greater numbers in a melee battle, they could trade kills with their enemy until there were no enemies left. This was the strategy that the Skyforce infantry utilized. If each infantryman 'kills' one Nershederian soldier before they died, Skyforce, with their greater numbers, would emerge victorious. Cornelia sighed as the Nersherian marines rushed into the bridge, they were overzealous, as everyone on the ship had been marked as dead as soon as it crashed. She told them as much, "No need to fight here anymore, we'll all marked as dead, including y'all. The battle will be determined by that melee over in the courtyard." She beckoned towards the brawl taking place outside the viewport of the airship. As she watched, each Skyforce infantryman picked a target, leveled their rifle, and fired. While their weapons were slow to reload, they packed high power for something their size and had excellent accuracy. Combined with the infantry's skill, each shot would likely hit its mark. Anyone who wasn't under cover would get hit by a magic bolt from the rifles, including the officers that had managed to survive for so long. They had been weaving and dodging for so long that they would obviously be tired and unable to dodge the next volley. It didn't matter how many of the Skyforce infantry died, if each man marked as 'dead' marked at least one opposing Nersherderian soldier as 'dead' as well, Skyforce would emerge victorious.
  8. Hector looked down at himself, only just now realizing that he had dried blood running down his cheek onto his shirt. It wasn't much so Lauren must have missed it in the dark. He went into the kitchen and turned on the tap, washing the blood off of his face and trying to come to terms with what he had just done. He had drunk blood. Something he had sworn off doing for hundreds of years, and yet he had done it without even thinking about it. Given, he had done it in self-defense, but nonetheless, he had done it. The noise of people knocking loudly on a nearby door came to his ears. It was most likely the 'police' knocking on his door in an attempt to find him, confirming his suspicions. What was happening was definitely larger than what he had expected, he would need help getting to the bottom of this. He took out his phone and called the person he least expected to ever talk to again, "Hey dad, it's me. We need to talk."
  9. "Shh. Don't be so loud, they'll hear." He spoke in a whisper. Pointing his thumb towards the balcony, "You left it unlocked." "Listen carefully, I think something big is going on and I can't tell you what for your own safety. All you need to know is that the police you see outside most likely isn't actually the real police." He went on to describe a part of his encounter with the 'FBI' agents earlier, ending with the fact that he almost knew for a fact that they weren't actually FBI. "They'll most likely be watching my room for a few days before moving on, so I hope you don't mind if I stay here for a bit." He paced back and forth for a bit. Just what was going on anyway? His best guess is that he had been discovered, and that a powerful organization was hunting him. How and why were beyond him, but so far that seemed the most likely reason.
  10. Welcome to the site! If you have any questions everyone here is super nice and helpful :) Hit me up in a pm if youre ever looking for someone to RP with :)
  11. This is pretty cool, I may use this for one of my characters in the future :) I know your new, so welcome to the site as well! PM me if you ever are in need of someone to RP with, I would gladly do so.
  12. semi-closed

    Seeing a large group of enemy forces inside the walls, Cornelia decided to make a change of plans. "Pilot, aim for the walls." The pilot complied and positioned the Peacekeeper right above the walls, so that even if the engines shut down, the ship would fall onto the wall, marking everyone on it as 'dead', unless they scrambled into the courtyard, where they would be forced to be engaged in melee combat with the Skyforce infantry. The officer's as good as they were, would most likely tire soon and be marked as dead. Fighting as long as they did, they were probably already half-dead on their feet. While the man with the AA12 initially would be able to fire off a couple bursts into the group of infantry, he would get shot by men from other parts of the battlefield that were effected by the detonation. Struggling, the Skyforce infantry once again reformed into a line and charged the remaining enemies in the courtyard. By this point in time, the Peacekeeper had hit the wall and anyone left on it would be marked as dead. Thus, the only remaining forces on both sides would be in the courtyard, duking it out in one last final melee contest. The Skyforce infantry, while drastically reduced in number and inferior in one-on-one combat, would have the advantage in melee combat because of their line formation, which would allow them to form a spear wall that would bring devastated effects onto anyone who fought them. If the Nersherderians decided to try to fall back, the Skyforce infantry would fire volley after volley into the backs of their enemies. This would be it. One final charge would determine the outcome of the battle.
  13. As Hector woke up, he already knew the day would be grim. His body ached, and he was more thirsty than ever before. Perhaps his estimate of a few months had been too generous, he felt as if he wouldn't even last through the day. Still, he would have to continue his search for a new source of blood, and to do that, he would have to search the city. Opening his laptop, he searched the city for markets that would likely have pig's blood, and actually found one that he must've missed before. Before he head out, he remembered his promise to Lauren from yesterday and sent a message off to his friends. It read: "Hey guys, I found someone who majored in Graphic Design if you need one." Afterwards, he got dressed and left the apartment complex, on his way to the market. It was decently close by, but he would still have to walk a few minutes to get there. It was early in the morning, at around 4, and Hector wanted to get this done as fast as possible, so he decided to take a detour through some dark alleyways. He would be able to defend himself if he needed to, although he hoped he didn't. He did. In the very first alleyway he entered, he noticed two men blocking the pass in front of him. Looking behind him, he noticed another two entering the passage way to block his exit. Not only that, but these weren't any regular thugs, if they were thugs at all. They were wearing dark suits and sunglasses, each with a headset in on ear. They slowly approached him, Hector braced for a fight. One spoke up, flashing an official-looking badge, "Mr. Larkin? We're with the FBI, we would like to have a word with you." He looked at the speaker and raised an eyebrow, responding, "Not sure this is how you approach someone if you just wanted to talk. Tell me what you really want." The man didn't answer, instead pulling out a baton and charging him. The others did similar actions. Hector ducked under one swing while at the same time tripping another man behind him. He grabbed the falling man's baton and swung it into his initial attacker's testicles. He cried out in pain and fell to the ground. Reaching up, he blocked the swing of another baton, and, dropping his own weapon, swing a fist at his face, knocking him to the ground as well. The last man started to run, Hector ran after him, moving faster than any human could normally move. Jumping on top of him, he bared his fangs and sunk them into the man's neck, drinking deeply as the man screamed in fear. Eventually, he passed out from lack of blood, and continued to bleed. He would eventually bleed out if left unattended. Hector froze, he hadn't even realized what he had just done, his instincts had taken over. On the bright side, however, he wouldn't have to deal with thirst, and he could finally use his powers once again. Pulling on the shadows around him, he enveloped himself in them and teleported back to the apartment complex. Running up the stairs he went for his door then paused, They'll be looking for me there, whoever they are. I need to go somewhere else. Looking around, he noticed Lauren's door. He ran to it and knocked loudly. "Lauren? Are you up? It's me, Hector." Suddenly he heard police siren's outside, Shit, I'm out of time. He ran inside his room and proceeded to climb the balcony outside, jumping from his to hers in a flash. He wasn't spotted by any of the incoming policemen. Quietly, he snuck into Lauren's apartment, hoping that she would understand his dilemma.
  14. Finally, the thirst went away. Hector stood up and wiped away the remaining water. I have to find another source of blood soon, he thought. It would drive him crazy if he had to put up with this for much longer. Even though it was noon, he was tired and suffering from the vampiric equivalent of malnourishment, so he decided to hit the sack. Lying down on his bed with a groan, he quickly dozed off, going on to sleep until the morning.
  15. Hector quickly entered his room and headed for the bathroom. Turning on on the tap, he started to drink greedily. Intellectually, he knew that his thirst would not be quenched by mere tap water, but his body insisted that he drink something. The tap water would help, but the dryness would be back soon enough. As he heard Lauren call out to him, he took a break from drinking to respond, "I'm fine. You can go ahead and head back if you're done eating. I'll see what I can do about that recommendation." Turning back to the open faucet, he returned to greedily drinking the water, all the while trying to forget the appealingness of Lauren's neck.