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  1. After much deliberation, I have decided to take an extended hiatus from roleplaying on this site.

    Unfortunately, life seems to be picking up, and I have been struggling to meet it's demands.

    My sincere apologies to those whom my absence will affect, I did not want to stop. Feel free to act as if my characters never existed.

    Once more, my deepest apologies. I'll be back.

    1. kyuri


      Best of luck hun

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      Life has a way of "happening", so worry not, Valucre will always be around as long as I can help it. Good luck!

  2. TheCalmOne

    The Hatred

    "We can leave letting the Elders know to the rangers. Come now, it's late." The with the mood ruined, Akane simply wanted to go to bed. She was tired, and her mind was buzzing with the implications of what had just happened. Tathom was right in that she had to think of a way to block the lightning bolt, but she had no idea how she would accomplish it. Pulling gently on Tathom's arm, she led him to the tent, "We can worry about it in the morning. For now, let us rest." It had been an exhausting week, and for the first time since they had been forced to flee the forest, Akane felt that she could finally sleep peacefully.
  3. Athena landed gracefully on her feet, drawing her weapons and moving dashing forward in a flash. While Shalia dealt with her fair share of the undead around them, Athena chose a second, smaller group off to the side to take care of. While she didn't have any outstanding powers like some of the others, she made up for what she lacked in pure skill with her blades, cutting and slicing through the undead horde around her like a knife through hot butter. She found herself lost in the fray, only breaking herself out of her trance after hearing Mina's command. She nodded to the woman as she ran up to her side. "Perhaps if we found a way to block the gates once we are through, it would protect our flanks."
  4. TheCalmOne

    The Hatred

    Akane returned Tathom's passion with her own, melting into his body and maintaining the deep kiss that the two of the shared. Moaning into him, she wrapped her arms around his back and embraced him. Suddenly, she looked into the sky and was practically blinded by a flash of lighting - that of which almost made the night seem as day again. Stumbling back and nearly tripping on a root of the tree she had been up against, she let out a small cry of pain as her eyes were briefly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of light that came from the lighting strike. "Wha-? What was that?" She looked past Tathom towards the dark sky, which was now storming in the distance, in the direction of the main force. There was no way that was natural, Gaia wouldn't have allowed that to happen. "How is that even possible?" It couldn't be what she thought it was... Nobody had ever managed to reach the essence of the clouds above them - they were simply too far away - and bend them to their will. This wasn't done by the beast-kin. Her face paled as the implications dawned on her, The Reich has the ability to control essence? Not only that, but whatever it was seemed to have the power to accomplish deeds that even the most powerful beast-kin wouldn't be able to do - it truly was a frightening thought.
  5. TheCalmOne

    The Vampire Next Door

    Hector turned to Lauren, "Don't worry about me, just get out of-" "Ah... that would be a bad idea." He had been interrupted by the man. Turning his head back towards the assailant, Hector saw that his pistol was back out, and this time it was pointing towards Lauren. "I can't just let someone go and tell everyone about how I assaulted you, after all." The man turned his gaze back to Hector, but kept the derringer pointed towards Lauren. "Let's make this easy on you. You two will come with me, or I shoot and then forcibly bring you with me. It's your call Hector." It was a bluff and both of them knew it. The man was betting on the fact that Hector wouldn't want Lauren killed, since there was no way that he could overpower Hector, even if he was wounded. Thinking back on it, the man was decidedly weak for a vampire, not to mention he looked fairly old as well - appearing to be in his 50s. It was likely that the man was nearing his lifetime. "Fine. I'll come, but Lauren stays." Hector didn't know what his father would do to her if he found out she knew his secret.
  6. TheCalmOne

    The Hatred

    Akane sighed contentedly as Tathom lavished his attention unto her. Had it really only been a week? The events in the forest that had brought them together felt like they had happened years ago. "Never fear, Tathom. I don't ever regret coming with you." It was true, even though it was chaotic and stressful and tiring, Akane found herself attracted to the freedom afforded to her now that she was free from the forest. When she had first become nine-tailed, she hadn't considered the implications of isolation, and could never anticipate how lonely she would be. Sure, it was peaceful, but she would almost never be able to interact with another of her kind. She didn't need to explain this to him, however. The bond between them would let him now just how content she was with their current situation. No matter how much she missed the calm, being with Tathom was better. She let silence reign for a while, letting the two of them enjoy each other's presence in silence. Eventually, Bronthor approached them and awkwardly cleared his throat. "The tents are set up, you two should get some rest. Tomorrow, both of you will be showing the Rangers the ropes. I'll explain more tomorrow morning, when everyone else is gathered." With that, he headed off, presumably to find his own tent. Akane noticed he was limping considerably more than before, had no one healed his wound yet? "Elder Bronthor," she called out to him, "do-" she stopped herself. Right, it was a matter of pride for him. A leader couldn't show weakness in front of his subordinates, and he had mentioned that he had formed the group. He would probably have someone close heal him later. Asking him now would be an affront to his honor. "Nevermind, sorry." He nodded, a brief flash of thankfulness on his face, then continued towards his tent, meeting up with the leader from before on the way.
  7. TheCalmOne

    The Vampire Next Door

    Hector's head snapped around to look at Lauren, "Shit," He swore under his breath, "Lauren, get out of here!" He struggled to his feet, hoping that Lauren had enough sense to listen to him and call the police while she was at it, and blocked the doorway. "A friend of yours?" His enigmatic assailant asked, "Perhaps a lover?" Despite the situation, Hector blushed, "Just an acquaintance..." If this man really was a hunter, then he would most likely go after anyone who knew about the existence of vampires as well. Lauren would be in danger if he found out that she knew his secret. He changed the subject, "What do you want from me?" He repeated. Was he with the group from last week? Hector didn't know, there were just too many factors at play here. "Isn't it obvious? I'm with your father. He wants me to bring you in." What the heck? "I thought we had an arrangement. I stay out of trouble and y'all stay out of my way." "Well, last I checked, you got in some pretty big trouble last week. Come in, just for a bit. You can bring your... what did you call her? Yes, you can bring your 'acquaintance' with you if you want." This man... This man was obviously misunderstanding him and Lauren's relationship.
  8. TheCalmOne

    Welcome to the Marsh (We got fun and games!)

    The friendly smile on Shanya's face turned into a slight grimace as she heard the man talk about fish. She considered herself pretty patient, but this guy was already getting on her nerves. There was no way that magician would hire someone this stupid. Shanya would have to keep an eye on this one as well. She agreed with the others' assessment of the creature. It seemed to thrive in the shadows, coming in an out of view. Corporeal attacks most likely would not have any effect on it, and Shanya knew better than to waste a bolt when she knew it was futile. Thus, she wouldn't be able to attack it, but she would be able to see it. Shadow magic was her specialty, after all. Of course, there was no need for her partners to know that, at least for now. Knowledge is power, and Shanya didn't want to give the others power over her. Releasing the man and stepping away from him, she made as if to continue on the path, then turned, "Well, I suppose we could just move on, try to lose it in the forest."
  9. TheCalmOne

    The Vampire Next Door

    Hector smiled as Lauren entered her apartment, then swiftly moved into his own. Opening the door, he peered into the dark space. While he couldn't see him, Hector was certain that there was someone else in the room. "Took you long enough to arrive" A gruff voice called out from further in the room, "I've been waiting for you to return." Hector didn't recognize the voice, and he certainly wasn't about to trust anyone who snuck into his apartment. He replied, "Who are you?" The voice didn't respond immediately, instead a dark figure rushed towards him, the dull metal of a police-style baton flashing in the weak light. Hector stumbled back, catching his attacker weapon in his hand and planting a foot in his chest. The assailant went flying backwards onto his back, but wasn't stunned for long. Instead of immediately rising to his feet, he instead drew something from his pocket. Hector wasn't sure what exactly it was until the loud bark of a gunshot echoed throughout the room and a bullet slammed into his thigh. Growing, his attacker muttered, "I didn't want to resort to this, but you're too strong to take on with a club." He moved towards Hector, who was down on one knee, blood gushing out of his wound. He holstered the weapon. It seemed like a derringer, a weapon that only had two shots, so the man likely wanted to conserve his ammo. "Silver bullets are expensive, after all." There it was, this man knew he was a vampire. A hunter? Perhaps. Not many people knew of silver bullets, and most of those who did thought that they only worked on werewolves, which had been hunted to extinction a century ago. "What do you want with me?" Hector asked. If the bullet really was made of silver, his life would be in serious jeopardy. If he could just stall long enough for the police to arrive, then maybe he would make it out alright. An image of Lauren flashed through his mind. Hopefully she had enough sense to stay out of this. He didn't want her getting hurt.
  10. TheCalmOne

    The Hatred

    Akane slowly awoke to the sound of Tathom's voice. Opening her eyes, she managed to catch the last part of his conversation with his mother. Once more, they would have to travel to another mysterious place... She sighed heavily. She couldn't help but miss the serenity of the forest before any of this had happened. It was calm and quiet, and Akane almost never had to worry about politics or the world at large. Still, she knew it was neigh impossible for her to return to said life until the war was won, and for that to happen, she and Tathom would have to defeat his father. "So when do you think we should leave?" She had been looking forward to a brief respite to restore the reserves of essence, but if time was of the essence she would just have to make due. (Sorry once again for the long wait D:)
  11. TheCalmOne

    Daoda | To Erect an Empire!

    Athena Bladesong watched apathetically as Dove clambered up a nearby tree. She was having a hard time finding a reason to motivate herself, although when the trio had first set out she had managed to convince herself of the necessity of this task. Her lord Koji had ordered it, after all, and his wish was her command. Nonetheless, she would carry out Dove's commands no matter how unmotivated she was. This was not due to the fact that Athena viewed Dove as better than herself - she didn't really care about that kind of thing - but because she seemed to know how to carry out Koji's wishes in the best ways possible. Turning her emotionless face towards Kenshi, she nodded towards him. He was the newest of the three, and in Athena's opinion the least dedicated to Koji and his cause. "Come, we shall greet these beings and ascertain their purpose on behalf of our lord Koji." She supposed that Dove had her reasons for staying behind, and she didn't really care. She suspected that Dove, despite the mystery surrounding her, would act in Koji's interest.
  12. TheCalmOne

    Welcome to the Marsh (We got fun and games!)

    Shanya had held off from her usual chattiness during the short length of their journey. While unusual for her, she hadn't been able to shack the nagging feeling that this group could not be trusted. They may have thought that she was like them, and it was true, in a sense. Shanya stole information and secrets for the highest of authorities. Thus, she was not a mere thief or murderer. Still, its not as if she would correct them, as their misinformation would be her advantage. Still, its not as if the group was openly hostile towards each other, some of the other members even seemed to be amicably joking with each other, but Shanya could not shake the feeling of underlying hostility that had saved her from betrayal so often. Suddenly, a bedraggled man covered in bandages burst through the foliage, only to find the point of a knife at his throat, held by the woman who had identified herself as Tana. As the ensuring aftermath occurred, Shanya simply walked up to her man, clapped an arm over his shoulder, and said, "Come now, girls. He's obviously not in the shape for any of this." Shooting a pointed look towards Tana that said something along the lines of 'Put the knife away', and audibly chuckling at the response Lucy had towards seeing the man. She continued, turning to look towards the man, "Ignore their jests for now, friend. Why don't we postpone this conversation until we kill whatever is making that roaring sound." She dropped her arm and turned towards the sound of the splintering branch, drawing her small crossbow and readying a bolt.
  13. Athena Bladesong sat still while the airship around her rumbled through the air, its gears churning noisily to keep the group in the air. Despite the acute possibility of the ship disintegrating due to the stress placed on it, Athena stayed still. Her eyes were closed and she breathed deeply, shutting out her surroundings. For she did not care. It was an odd sensation, to only care about only one thing, a person: Koji. Sometimes Athena figured that something was wrong with her; most of the time she didn't care. In her mind, the only reason she would obey her companions' orders was because they too were working for her savior, and thus they would be able to work together without clashing. Not that she cared, really. Opening her eyes at the sound of Dove's voice, she paid half a mind to her instructions as the other half once again retreated back into the depths of her thoughts. The plan was sound, at the very least. At least this way there would be relatively little in the way of meaningful resistance from the undead that the group faced. Sometimes she envied the undead - they existed without feeling or purpose or intent. They would have been the perfect tool for her previous owners, instead of the broken mess that they had in her. Of course, they had done their best to fix her, destroying her feelings and will and shaping her into a weapon to be used at their disposal. Athena didn't think it was enough. Once again her mind was brought back to the present as the group around her readied to jump. She too, prepared herself, making sure her rapier and dagger were in their places. She was ready. As she approached the edge, she looked down at what she would soon approached. The fall, not the ground, was what she desired most. For some odd reason, she felt a hint of emotion whenever she fell, however short the distance was. Sometimes she hated it, other times she welcomed it. Today, she felt as if she would welcome it. Closing her eyes, she stepped over the void and let herself drop, a hint of a smile on her face as she plummeted to the ground beneath her.
  14. TheCalmOne

    The Hatred

    Akane yelped in surprise as Tathom dropped like a rock behind her. Spinning around quickly, she knelt down and, struggling, put his arm over his shoulder as she lifted him back up. Thankfully, another one of the rangers came to assist her, flashing Akane a warm smile as she assisted her in supported Tathom's weight. Bronthor looked back, then explained, "We ran into some trouble on the way here... I'll brief you when we are at the camp." The smaller bear-kin, who Akane assumed was the leader of the Rangers, nodded, then said, "Follow me, we've had to change locations several times to avoid discovery, so the original site is abandoned now." The leader led them through a series of twists and turns before entered a large clearing that housed several tents. Scattered throughout the campsites were around a dozen rangers. In addition to the group with Akane, there would be about twenty of them total in the site. Bronthor frowned, "Where are the others?" "On patrol, I have the more experienced members teaching then newer ones the tricks." He lead the group to the hearth, which consisted of several logs positioned in a circle around a warm ball of essence-fire. Using regular fire would have given away their position so it Akane assumed that was the reason why they had to make use of essence instead of simply burning dead wood. "I'll have some others set up tents for you to stay in, but for now, you may rest here." He addressed these words not to Bronthor, but to Akane, who had lied Tathom down while cradling his head in her lap. He then promptly walked off. Bronthor looked towards her, nodded once, and followed him, most likely to brief him on the day's events. Left to her own thoughts, Akane looked down toward Tathom, eventually dozing off from exhaustion as well.
  15. TheCalmOne

    The Hatred

    Bronthor grunted, both in pain and in satisfaction, when Tathom told them of Andre's likely demise. "Good, I hope that bastard rots." Setting a slow pace, he continued forward, "The Rangers shouldn't be far from here. I will drop you off there and then report my findings to Felicia. You will be safe, I guarantee it on my honor." After about a half-hour later, a voice called out from the trees around them, and Akane became astutely aware of several powerful essence users dispersed around them. "Halt, identify yourselves." Complying with the command, Bronthor halted and replied with his name, "It's me, Bronthor. These two are my allies." There was silence for a moment, then a smaller bear-kin revealed himself in front of the group, bowing slightly towards Bronthor. "Forgive the security, we've been being harassed by an unidentified group lately. Nothing serious, but I've upped it just as a precaution."