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  1. Good great gillycutters. The man /was/ insane. Lucy sighed internally. Well, he was physically sound enough anyway, she supposed it wouldn't make that much difference whether he was simple or not, she just had to get him in bed. Though. She had to admit that the disguise of being simple in the head was probably one of the most effective guises one could wear in an unknown situation with too many variables. She leaned back against a tree and studied the man sharply. Hard to say whether he was faking or not. Aloud, Lucy replied to Jen's mind-speak wryly, " 'Fraid I'm all out of explosives, dear. " Her sharp gaze quickly shifted, tracking the writhing shadows where the light struck them. Lucy frowned. The beast was clearly upset, and probing for them, why couldn't it find them? She crouched and scrabbled on the ground for a twig or rock. Grabbing two small stones, half crusted in muck, she flung one away from the patch of shadows cast by the overhanging greenery, into deeper shadows, close by the beast. It didn't react in the slightest. She cleared her throat. "Well gang. I have a theory." She pitched the second stone into a puddle of sunlight, lofting it gently to obscure the angle of where it came from, and shifting a step to the right, just in case. The stone flew gently through the air, coming down almost peacefully. The instant the stone's shadow entered the sunny patch, the beast shrieked triumphantly and the stone zinged straight back the way it had come, violently embedding itself deep in the tree Lucy had been standing in front of till just then. Flashing emerald eyes just a shade too wide Lucy exhaled, inching a further step from the tree. "Well that's that then. Whatever it is, it can't see us in the shadows." She bit her lip, "Don't know about you lot, but I've got nothing to deal with that and I'd rather not if I don't have to. You're welcome to stay here, but I'm going to keep going. If I've been tracking accurately, we'll probably reach the outer edges of this distortion by tonight," she added, hoping to bolster the rest to action, preferably in an away direction. "So long as there are no more surprises." Brief victory seemed to have incensed the creature even further, it lashed out even more tentacles of shadow, probing so wildly at the edges of the shadows it could reach that it almost seemed the shadows upon the ground boiled. Nothing, nothing, where did the quarry go? So hungry, so hungry, crunch, feed, eat. Eat. It screeled plaintively, unable to form words, but too excited to remain silent.
  2. Rob's careful eyes took in a quick downward shift of the gaze of the attractive young thing he'd been carefully avoiding looking at this entire meeting. Was she.... blushing? Rob was confused. Perhaps she was restraining laughter at him? That would be unfortunate. He frowned worriedly and glanced at Phil. Phil was paying rapt attention to Travis's, admittedly, impressive display. He shot a quick grin at Rob. This was definitely going to be interesting, but, more importantly, fun. Travis was clearly more interested in June, the bard, than Phil, but that didn't deter him in the slightest, a challenge was always worth it. He tipped his hat up a bit, to reveal more of his face, grinning lazily. "Oh. If it comes to entertainment, my brother and I will not disappoint," His voice was smooth and soothing in unusual ways. A bedroom voice, that nonetheless carried across the entire room, and could, if needed, rise above a noisy street crowd; it invited the listener to sit and listen, and whispered sweet nothings into the silence hung heavy in the air after he finished speaking. He'd been named silvertongue before, and it was certainly true of the moment. Phil could spin a yarn like no other, and whisper ideas into another's ear that came out of the listener's mouth as though the listener had thought of it themself. Rob was skilled in sleight of hand, what the simpler folk often perceived as magic, and could juggle more than adequately. Rob's favorite show was the one he started off juggling knives slowly, clumsily, to build tension and fear that he might slip up and be injured horribly, and speeding up, faster and faster till the knives seemed a river of quicksilver between his hands and the sky and earth; it was always a crowd pleaser. Phil let a few moments slip past, to give the group's imaginations to work on what he could possibly mean by "entertainment" before carelessly adding a clarifier or two, "Rob juggles and I am a talespinner," he said it simply, but filled out the blank spots of the bald statement with a strange unspoken tension and inflection that hinted at much, much more. Scandalously so, with his rogueish grin. Rob rolled his eyes, but nodded. Yep. He juggled. That was one of his skills. Why not. He said nothing, having exhausted his store of words already, and not wishing more attention. Phil didn't have to look at his brother to know exactly how uncomfortable he was making him, by announcing even one of his lesser skills to the group. "So," he tilted his head to the side, allowing the light to catch his face at a good angle to accentuate his most attractive angles, "everyone's going and everyone wants first crack at infiltrating this mystery city none of us have seen, or know really anything about. Sounds like a plan." He said it almost sincerely, but with a mocking glint in his eyes betraying his amusement. Having been through a good deal of fighting with his brother, via one mercenary band or another, he know it ultimately didn't matter: no plan, however well crafted, ever survived first contact. The simpler the better, and the entertainer cover was as much of a plan as he was prepared to commit to beforehand. "The bard has a point, however," he added dryly, "we should probably have a contingency plan for the worst case scenario." He turned to the queen and raised a questioning brow. Rob shot a furtive glance at Breta to see if Phil's silver tongue had successfully caught her attention, as it had unintentionally snared many before.
  3. Moi be prepared? Good golly, it's like you don't know me at all! :D Postage tomorrow or saturday if I get a good enough chunk of time. If I'm going to be shoving some cracks in this foundation I want to do it properl-... I mean uh.... I want to give this my fullllll attention, yes. >.>
  4. The knife Tana had thrown bounced harmlessly off a tree and thunked into the ground, point first. Landing in a patch of sunlight it cast a small, vague shadow. Where the point had landed a deeper shadow eddied around it disturbingly for a moment before an eerie wail crawled up the back of the party's minds and chittered across their teeth. The dark murk ripped violently away from the knife point, still shrieking, shredding a smooth edge into ragged wisps that evaporated where the light touched them. Something enormously not-there moved then, shying back a step, then settling again. This time with ominous intent in its stillness. Quick eyes could capture slender tendrils of blackness snaking across the ground in the late afternoon sunlight dappling the ground and trees. Probing quietly for a moment, nothing moved. Then with a sudden, whipcrack of darkness, the murk shifted and something smacked the blade back whence it had came, twirling dangerously fast.
  5. Lucy's instincts stilled her blade before cold logic followed up, the young man had clearly burst forth from the foliage as though pursued. The greater danger was behind him still, not the man himself. Winded and sweating, covered in bandages, Lucy's second response would have been hysterical laughter. First a child now a.... wounded man? What was that lunatic of a wizard thinking? Lucy's only outward response was a slow blink. Tana's outward reactions were quicksilver, however, a blade at the man's throat before he could do much more than register the group of deadly women. Lucy noted the woman's speed, quite at odds with her lazy smile and smoking habit, and mentally catalogued an herbal concoction that would slow her up should it become necessary. Lucy dismissed the man from her immediate concerns, surely a heavily bandaged, gasping man was little threat to her, and Tana had it covered anyway, and scanned the foliage whence he'd come. Lucy relaxed her stance but shot a sharp look at Khari, there was something about that last sentence that seemed to hint at more than merely completing a mutual quest peacefully. This group was far too alike for peaceful resolution and co operation to be the sort of thing she'd ever take at face value. Nevertheless she nodded in agreement, despite the deadliness of her companions, the current threat was still stalking them from without. Lucy sighed internally, clearly this one was going to be trouble as well. Lucy blinked at the man, then snorted at Jen's flippancy. The man was completely insane. And babbling a bit, but she supposed that jumping headlong into a group of knife-wielding women after fleeing some untold horror was likely to have that effect on a soul. And speaking of effects.... Lucy curved her sensuous red lips slightly up, alluringly and dropped the lids of her eyes just a hair, before slanting an emerald glance and quick smile at the only member of this crew she had any shot of affecting with her usual charms. Despite the bandages, and crazy, he really wasn't bad looking, she wouldn't mind taking her time to work on him. "Any idea what that is?" Her question was punctuated by a strange roar, reverberating through her mind, but, oddly, not deafening her like it should have. She rubbed an ear and shook her head a bit, was the creature some sort of mental attacker? Lucy's eyes widened as a branch thumped to the ground nearby and she froze as it shattered, seemingly all by itself. A precariously tipped large branch suddenly shuddered, and fell, thudding to the ground not five paces from the huddled group. Something dark shivered toward it through the dappled murky light without disturbing the light mist. With a savage crunching the branch splintered into a thousand musty toothpicks. Silence returned a moment later, thicker and more sinister than ever before.
  6. I believe @Warlock claimed Valinde, and Vintel was claimed by @Al Sa-her. (Tagging them so they can correct me if I'm mistaken)
  7. I don't believe it's been claimed yet, so I'd like to claim Kuratel. I intend to write a single epic/novella thing of its destruction, if that's alright? It'll be part of backstory for a new character. :D You can populate it with ghosts later @Song Sprite And @The Hummingbird, does whispernight have any lore behind it? Like, what it is, where does it come from, why does it happen?
  8. We've headed into the swamp, not yet to the distortion, I'm trying some stuff on normal ground before mixing it up, like the training round on a video game XD Anyone who got left behind, feel free to catch up or meet us ahead (or group up and come as group number two!)
  9. Great gods above and below, Lucy found herself liking the spunky young girl far too much to be healthy. She had thought she was far too jaded to be charmed by a smile and rogueish attitude these days. Apparently she couldn't help herself when it came from someone young enough to be her own daughter, she grumbled to herself ruefully. Shaking the rain off her hood she smiled almost honestly and with a careless half-shrug at her gathered companions, strode after the little girl who was also, apparently a mage of some sort. "Guess we've waited long enough!" She announced cheerfully. Traditionally Lucy found herself distrusting of magic users, but she found, even if she didn't quite trust her newly made acquaintance, she definitely liked her far more than was going to be healthy to the completion of this quest. The road into the marsh swiftly turned into a trail and from there degenerated into a footpath, before disappearing altogether. The party had to be careful to watch their feet, as the ground was treacherously slick and wont to swallow a foot or more whole. The skies had, thankfully, cleared as the day wore on, but the ground was still soaked from the night's rain. It was beginning to steam in the afternoon sun, however, turning the swamp into a misty hellish murk. Dangling vines hidden in the mist and rotting deadwood often tripped the party up, slowing their progress and shortening tempers. They were heading into an older part of the swamp where ancient kings of mossy timber towered, ruling the skies and blocking much of the sun, festooned about with royal verdant trappings of moss, slime, and vines. Creaks and cracks, strange hissing, and eerie cries echoed wetly into the dampening mist. Lucy was almost certain it was mostly just birds and harmless small animals making most of the racket, and trees making the rest, but it was still unsettling. Her sensible, waterproof shoes were caked in suspiciously smelly mud, along with the bottoms of her pants, and her waterproof coat had a few new rents and tears in it from some surprisingly sharp undergrowth she'd flailed through earlier. There was a steady stream of cursing running through her head and all her charm from this morning was gone. The savage parts of her soul were dangerously close to the surface after hours of this damnable trek, but kept very carefully under her strict, iron control. Her face was extremely neutral. The short sword she gripped fiercely in one hand perhaps belied her true feelings, however, as she hacked her way through the ever-thickening swamp. Since they'd left the last part of the path, more and more they'd been forced to make their own path. Since that first bramble bush, she'd been using the blade to clear a path and nothing had caught or tripped her again. She stopped, leaned against a tree and waited for the rest to catch up, time for someone else to take point and blaze their trail. She took a sip from her oilskin and frowned. The eerie cries had stopped, the creak and crack of the ancient timber in the wind was the only sound aside from her companions coming up the trail she'd blazed. She cursed under her breath, bringing her sword back up and scanning the misty mess around her carefully. She waved at her companions, to hurry them closer, and put a finger to her lips. Something enormous thundered to the ground a small distance away, one of the enormous, half-petrified ancient trees had fallen. But Lucy heard nothing of what had sent it to the ground, she half-crouched, all senses open, jade green eyes flashing all about her. A second thunderous death of ancient timber sounded, closer. Lucy held her breath and waited, hoping it might pass them by, whatever it was. She'd long known the gods had fought many battles in these lands, who knows what monsters they'd left behind?
  10. Phillip was rewarded with a sweet smile from his newly acquired romantic quarry as he rose from his sweeping bow, not bad for his first time in front of any kind of royalty whilst not in shackles. He shot a sideways grin at Robert, who never failed to notice the small things, Rob rolled his eyes and mouthed "don't come crying to me." Rob noticed something off about the new cloaked arrival immediately, aside from the fact that there was generally something a little bit off about anyone who felt compelled to conceal all their features beneath a cloak. The form seemed a bit... off? As the hood slipped away, revealing the newcomer's features, Rob found he wasn't as surprised as he maybe should have been, judging by the reactions in the hall around him. The kenra were involved, why would it be surprising that one had shown itself a bit prematurely in the precedings? Perhaps it was because he and his brother had traveled a great deal and only come to roost in Selemath recently; political nuances rarely played a large role in their usual line of work. Phil's curiosity was certainly hooked now, he'd never seen a kenra in person, though he knew what one was supposed to look like. He was paying attention for once, at least. Rob nodded, crudely put, but the kenra girl had a point, a native rep would get them a lot further than even his brother's charmingly flowery poetry ever could. Even if she hadn't grown up among them, she was still kenra. As the assembly was concluding a young girl, maybe a year or two younger than he and his brother peeled off from the crowd and ran up to the elf queen. Rob bit his lip. Dammit. His brother was going to need watching on this trip, the last thing he needed now was a distraction! Phil elbowed him discretely in the rib with a knowing smile. Sometimes it grated on Rob's nerves how well they could read each other, and this was definitely one of those times. He studiously looked away from the truely wonderful girl, Breta, speaking to the elf queen and studied the kenra with open curiosity, having never seen one in person before. His perusal was cut short as the group moved after the elf queen, to a council room of some sort. Make love, not war, got it. Phil nodded sagely. Rob rubbed the bridge of his nose, quietly stepping on his brother's foot. When Phil turned to look at him, he raised a brow in silent admonition. If they'd been alone he'd've smacked Phil upside the head and told him to get his head on straight. They might take the occasional paying job where someone had to die, but this was the sort of thing that could lead to many deaths. And none they'd been paid for, Rob thought to himself sardonically. Now that they were all sardined into a room together, Rob took stock of his other soon-to-be road companions. The masked three unsettled him, but he could not put his finger on exactly why, he suspected they had ulterior motives for coming on this peace mission and dreaded having to watch them. Unmasked faces were much easier to read, even when they were blank, or had true feelings hidden behind cheerful smiles. Instead he watched their body language carefully. The amazingly tall, bandaged fellow, Syr, was trying very hard to be unobtrusive, which had the unfortunate effect of making him stand out to Rob. Rob smiled slightly and nodded, despite his withdrawn nature, Rob felt he'd make a good, solid ally. Perhaps he'd leave charming his erstwhile companions to Phil though, Rob thought more than he spoke, it made him somewhat awkward in verbal communication. Phil loved a man who took charge, he felt like he could swoon right into Travis' arms. Phil's head swiveled like an owl. Oh. Damn. He loved a woman who took charge. Double swoon. Rob kept Phil in his peripheral vision and bit his lip, and knew the exact direction of his thoughts; he wasn't sure if he should laugh or cry, but he knew both were definitely inappropriate at the moment. Rob tilted his head to look full at his twin, and noted the small, glazed smile fixed on his face, indicating that Phil was going to be uselessly stupid for awhile yet. It frustrated him when Phil acted like this, the idiot was deadly smart and on point when he had his head in the game, but then he let his heart make him stupid. Rob waited only a moment after June, the bard, had finished speaking, to consider Phil being Phil, and the bard's suggestion. "Perhaps you and the kenra should go ahead together," He offered quietly, "if there is no obstacle to a non-elven foreigner entering, then two sets of ears are better than one, and if there is any obstacle, perhaps our new friend's presence can smooth tensions." He paused as a small frown creased his brow as a new thought entered his head, he was forever doing things backward, but a belated and backward introduction would surely be better than none? "Forgive me, I do not believe my brother introduced us, he is Phillip and I am Robert, Phil and Rob if you prefer," He turned to the kenra, "And may I ask what we might call you miss? I feel it is a disservice to forever refer to you as 'the kenra'." Rob's voice was soft, gently accented, and rarely used. He was swiftly becoming uncomfortable with being the center of attention and hoped someone would take that mantle from him, possibly the kenra whom he'd just put on the spot?
  11. I'm not really keeping with any order, so long as it doesn't devolve into pure chaos it's completely whoever whenever. :)
  12. Sure! Throw your hat in the ring :3
  13. If you're gonna have chaos i see no reason not to go for it whole hog! xD plus I can't keep track of my hairbrush, nevermind a bajillion rules I'm gonna break anyway probably :D
  14. Oh sorry Anon, yes go ahead, we've just started off so it shouldn't be a problem! ^^ And there's no strict posting order btw, just try to post at least one in a 3 day span, let me know if you can't. Back and forth posting should be fine for a few posts also, if it fits with whatever you're doing :)