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  1. Charactuuuuuhrs! Robert Dunlevy Phillip Dunlevy Lucy Hanniker More TBA ^^
  2. Signing in with identical human twins Robert and Phillip!
  3. Ruh roh! I am stuck, and I can't get out, won't someone please please help me? *flails weakly* Oop. Well. looks like I'm stuck then. Shucks. XD
  4. Hey, it's a thing! I'm really thinging the thing! Good golly miss mashed potatoes! Yeah. Ok I got nothing. I is a me, this is a thing, I haev posted a new topic HEAR ME ROAR, because I can. I write on the side, but I mean, one player writing. I did some RP way back in the way back, when I was 13, and terrible terrible emo. It was fantastic. Don't ever try to find anything from that time, I'm pretty sure it was mostly consigned to fire. :D Speaking of fire, I'm taking sign-ups for MOSTLY safe uh... social experiment later today in the atrium. There is a waiver. Nothing to worry about tho, you'll love it! :D
  5. *flying battle clomp* MINE.

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      I feel like my parents must when the computer hiccups. So lost XD