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  1. ...he might like that... XD
  2. Omfg flying for funzies? Careful, Morrin might get stuck with a Phil barnacle.
  3. XD I threw my awkward one atchu! Catch! Hahahaha
  4. Phil watched the floating mage's exchange with the little girl with interest, and amusement. Clearly unbalanced - in the mental sense, his physical balance was astounding, all things considered - he nonetheless managed to exude an aura of puffed-up importance all the way over to where Phil ambled near the back of the group. He grinned at the little girl's obvious discomfort during the exchange, and grinned even wider as an errant thought struck him. He leaned over to the Rob and murmured, "Wonder if he'd deflate like a balloon if you stuck him with a pin?" Rob coughed to cover a snort, and shook his head. The twins then watched a lunatic create a river in the middle of the road. They both raised eyebrows at that. Rob's grin slid off his face, there appeared to be some sort of dispute, he hoped it wouldn't turn violent. He'd make sure it didn't, he assured himself, focusing all his attention on the altercation and walking toward the mage to intercept if need be. Travis beat him to the punch, however and Breta and the mage parted before he got there. He slowed his pace and fell in unobtrusively beside a packhorse, watching June march an aggressive route to the front of the group, clearly in no mood to stop or speak. "What's got her in a fluff, eh?" Phil fell in beside Rob, perfectly aware of what had precipitated his sudden desire to walk faster. Rob shrugged, he'd never understood the whims of women, why would he start now? He blew a sigh out through his nose and turned to track the large hooded man, who'd fallen behind the rest. He was standing beneath a tree, clearly much relaxed, from how he'd been within the city. Rob raised a brow as the large man moved to remove his hood. He raised both brows when he caught sight of the man's eyes. That was surely an uncommon colour. Phil leaned in, obnoxiously, "So we liking the strong silent type then?" He grinned. Rob closed his eyes and counted to three, a common practice when dealing with Phil. "How is it you're still breathing, brother dearest? I swear that vile font you call a mouth has been punched in enough times you ought to at least be stripped of the power of speech." "Praise be to the gods above! T'is a miracle! My tongue be silver, but my mouth, she is clearly made of ironwood!" Phil laughed. Rob shook his head and drifted back to speak to the large man. Phil let him go, looking for where June had scampered off to, and what might that enigmatic Travis be talking to their official mascot Kenra about? Rob fell in beside Syr, glancing at him and nodding in greeting. He let the silence go for a time, enjoying it, then ventured a comment, "I've never seen eyes such as yours." He turned to study them, perhaps a bit longer than was socially acceptable. He was truly fascinated, they almost seemed to glow. After a pause longer than was graceful, he asked, "Are you of the tree folk?" He'd heard tales of folk who could become trees at will and could just as easily walk as men (or women), old tales - fairy and otherwise - interested him greatly. He hoped he wasn't making the large man uncomfortable, but his curiosity overcame his reticence, if not his awkwardness. Phil meanwhile took himself on up to the mage, something about him stirred the malevolent spirit of mischief within Phil's sad little soul. "T'was a pretty little river, little odd putting it where folk are expected to walk though," He jibed with a grin as his greeting, walking up to the floating anomaly.
  5. @Song Sprite You know you gotta kick my butt to write that this weekend! Preferably before I find the wine again XD
  6. My apologies for the comm silence, I'll have a post up tomorrow. If you're feeling antsy to post Song, don't feel like you have to wait for me XD I get home pretty late, so it won't be till later evening.
  7. Apologies, I meant to make a post last weekend but life got in the way, and I've been migrainey most of this past week. I also want to instigate a turn order, anyone's free to post in the meantime, but if I do not get a post out later today then it may be a few days more after that. Thanks for the boop :)
  8. Rob's eyes widened fractionally before dashing to the floor. And he'd been worried about Phil's entanglements, it looked like he was going to get into an awful lot of trouble, awfully easy. He was careful not to look back, the slightest hint of pink tinging his cheeks momentarily. Rob raised a skeptical brow. It seemed a singularly odd method of locomotion, and none too practical; what happened when a good gust came up? Well.... each to their own. Phil ambled jauntily at the back of the pack, aimlessly whistling a counterpoint to June's drumming. He and Rob traveled light at all times, a necessity of the life, as it were. If you never knew when you'd have to disappear, it was best to simply keep all one's possessions on one's person. It would be nice to have an instrument, or luxuries like a bedroll and a spare set of clothes, but it was what it was. Their clothes had, as a result, a multitude of hidden pockets, and dark fabric lining the bright blues and yellows of their attire, to be turned inside out for night-work. Rob was trundling along quietly beside his brother, eyes flicking back and forth attentively between all the members of the party, insuring he knew their position at all times. His hands were twitching impatiently, plucking a leaf here, brushing away a branch there, he'd kept them mostly still for the entirety of the interview, but now he was moving again, his hands wanted to move also. He mindlessly twisted them in a particular, discreet movement close to his body and plucked a small coin out of the air. After examining it for a moment, he determined it wasn't one of his Phil's, and he quickly slipped it into an interior pocket. Someday he'd stop doing that trick and taking things that weren't his, but today, apparently, was not that day. To keep his hands busy, and, hopefully, prevent himself from future theft, he took out a handful of tiny silver balls, and flipped them through the air distractedly; they tinkled softly as they flew through the air and his hands, like little bells. The tiny sound accentuated Phil's whistling and June's drumming.
  9. Woops. Iiiii.... yeah. Time has lost all meaning. XD Gogo all the posting!
  10. hahahaha omg Phil and Rob might be in trouble!! XD I'll get a post up tomorrow, hopefully, if not, then Sunday for sure. Anon, if you get a chance to post before I do, please2do! ^^ #RobandPhilbewilderedbutadequatehusbandos
  11. Welp, timewise it's a half-day trek, posts wise, I was thinking of doing a time jump next post, but I was waiting to see if anyone else would post. Either way sometime this weekend when I have a moment to post, I'm time-jumping us ahead to tonight, when we'll set a camp or pause or something on the edge of the distortion (will explain how it's visually apparent), and at that point ppl can either do the group thing or slip off to explore on their own. (If you want to do a solo-explore, but want a bit more description of the area, feel free to PM me, otherwise I'll update the scenery as we go :))
  12. Oh well, speaking of mounts, if a certain someone wanted to ride Phillip, he'd probably be up for it! Hahahaha /pleasedontkillme xD
  13. Good great gillycutters. The man /was/ insane. Lucy sighed internally. Well, he was physically sound enough anyway, she supposed it wouldn't make that much difference whether he was simple or not, she just had to get him in bed. Though. She had to admit that the disguise of being simple in the head was probably one of the most effective guises one could wear in an unknown situation with too many variables. She leaned back against a tree and studied the man sharply. Hard to say whether he was faking or not. Aloud, Lucy replied to Jen's mind-speak wryly, " 'Fraid I'm all out of explosives, dear. " Her sharp gaze quickly shifted, tracking the writhing shadows where the light struck them. Lucy frowned. The beast was clearly upset, and probing for them, why couldn't it find them? She crouched and scrabbled on the ground for a twig or rock. Grabbing two small stones, half crusted in muck, she flung one away from the patch of shadows cast by the overhanging greenery, into deeper shadows, close by the beast. It didn't react in the slightest. She cleared her throat. "Well gang. I have a theory." She pitched the second stone into a puddle of sunlight, lofting it gently to obscure the angle of where it came from, and shifting a step to the right, just in case. The stone flew gently through the air, coming down almost peacefully. The instant the stone's shadow entered the sunny patch, the beast shrieked triumphantly and the stone zinged straight back the way it had come, violently embedding itself deep in the tree Lucy had been standing in front of till just then. Flashing emerald eyes just a shade too wide Lucy exhaled, inching a further step from the tree. "Well that's that then. Whatever it is, it can't see us in the shadows." She bit her lip, "Don't know about you lot, but I've got nothing to deal with that and I'd rather not if I don't have to. You're welcome to stay here, but I'm going to keep going. If I've been tracking accurately, we'll probably reach the outer edges of this distortion by tonight," she added, hoping to bolster the rest to action, preferably in an away direction. "So long as there are no more surprises." Brief victory seemed to have incensed the creature even further, it lashed out even more tentacles of shadow, probing so wildly at the edges of the shadows it could reach that it almost seemed the shadows upon the ground boiled. Nothing, nothing, where did the quarry go? So hungry, so hungry, crunch, feed, eat. Eat. It screeled plaintively, unable to form words, but too excited to remain silent.
  14. Rob's careful eyes took in a quick downward shift of the gaze of the attractive young thing he'd been carefully avoiding looking at this entire meeting. Was she.... blushing? Rob was confused. Perhaps she was restraining laughter at him? That would be unfortunate. He frowned worriedly and glanced at Phil. Phil was paying rapt attention to Travis's, admittedly, impressive display. He shot a quick grin at Rob. This was definitely going to be interesting, but, more importantly, fun. Travis was clearly more interested in June, the bard, than Phil, but that didn't deter him in the slightest, a challenge was always worth it. He tipped his hat up a bit, to reveal more of his face, grinning lazily. "Oh. If it comes to entertainment, my brother and I will not disappoint," His voice was smooth and soothing in unusual ways. A bedroom voice, that nonetheless carried across the entire room, and could, if needed, rise above a noisy street crowd; it invited the listener to sit and listen, and whispered sweet nothings into the silence hung heavy in the air after he finished speaking. He'd been named silvertongue before, and it was certainly true of the moment. Phil could spin a yarn like no other, and whisper ideas into another's ear that came out of the listener's mouth as though the listener had thought of it themself. Rob was skilled in sleight of hand, what the simpler folk often perceived as magic, and could juggle more than adequately. Rob's favorite show was the one he started off juggling knives slowly, clumsily, to build tension and fear that he might slip up and be injured horribly, and speeding up, faster and faster till the knives seemed a river of quicksilver between his hands and the sky and earth; it was always a crowd pleaser. Phil let a few moments slip past, to give the group's imaginations to work on what he could possibly mean by "entertainment" before carelessly adding a clarifier or two, "Rob juggles and I am a talespinner," he said it simply, but filled out the blank spots of the bald statement with a strange unspoken tension and inflection that hinted at much, much more. Scandalously so, with his rogueish grin. Rob rolled his eyes, but nodded. Yep. He juggled. That was one of his skills. Why not. He said nothing, having exhausted his store of words already, and not wishing more attention. Phil didn't have to look at his brother to know exactly how uncomfortable he was making him, by announcing even one of his lesser skills to the group. "So," he tilted his head to the side, allowing the light to catch his face at a good angle to accentuate his most attractive angles, "everyone's going and everyone wants first crack at infiltrating this mystery city none of us have seen, or know really anything about. Sounds like a plan." He said it almost sincerely, but with a mocking glint in his eyes betraying his amusement. Having been through a good deal of fighting with his brother, via one mercenary band or another, he know it ultimately didn't matter: no plan, however well crafted, ever survived first contact. The simpler the better, and the entertainer cover was as much of a plan as he was prepared to commit to beforehand. "The bard has a point, however," he added dryly, "we should probably have a contingency plan for the worst case scenario." He turned to the queen and raised a questioning brow. Rob shot a furtive glance at Breta to see if Phil's silver tongue had successfully caught her attention, as it had unintentionally snared many before.