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    I am looking for two other people to start a rp with. I'm looking for somebody to be Levi and Sarah. I will be Kora. You can read their databases to figure out there characters. Of course, you can add your own senses to them if you wish to. I will just tell you a little bit more about the story. This story is set in a dystopian world where the cities and countries have been war-torn. Kora Brink was born with odd features that give off a representation of warm things such as fire (read her database for more info). She was born not knowing her father was and her mother died during her birth. She has lived by herself in the house for nine years, until she met her best friend in martial arts, Sarah. Sarah had been the only one willing to even consider to hang out with her. Sarah had found out that Kora had been living by herself and her mother told Sarah to bring Kora home the next day. After a year of living with them, Kora meets Levi, another person who is rejected by people. He was odd because he had a speech impediment. So it was just the three of them against the world. Levi had been born during a war in Italy and had escaped without his parents or older brother. He had been to one other place before finding Detroit and transferring there. You can read his database for more information too. On Kora's fourteenth birthday a package arrives, telling her that she is actually an immortal goddess of fire that needs to unlock her powers. It also explains that her father is the Greek God Ares. She is denied access to go so she has Levi hack into the airport database and get them tickets to go to Hawaii where she needs to go. She is now considered either Hephae or Hestia by the gods and goddesses. In Hawaii, she unlocks her powers and becomes an excellent goddess, but her grandfather Zeus doesn't want her to be in Mount Olympus. Zeus shoots lightening at Sarah and Levi jumps in the line of fire to save Sarah. Kora then uses her powers to knock both Levi and Sarah out of the way. She accidentally puts too much power into the strike and gives Levi immortality and god-like powers. He now is considered Poseidon by the gods and goddesses. The story doesn't end there though. Now Zeus wants them killed or detained so that they can't be accepted into Mount Olympus. He hires different organizations around Earth to capture them. Kora and Levi decide to flee, telling Sarah to stay back so she won't get hurt. Sarah doesn't listen and follows them, but they don't know it. After being injured badly, Kora begins to give up, and wants to surrender. Knowing they can't die, Kora wants them to just take them prisoner so that they won't hurt Levi or her anymore. Levi is trying to talk her out of giving up, but unknowingly, Sarah jumps out to try and save them, killing the guys trying to kill her best friends. Problem is, she was shot in the chest in the process. Levi and Kora are distraught by this, and decide to avenge their best friend by making it into Mount Olympus. They then begin their journey. The story ends there. I'm going to make this an actual series, but I need help. So if you're interested, please comment so that I can know what to expect.
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    Sarah Jacobs

    Sarah Jacobs was the average Indian teenage girl. She was always happy and always smiled. She was either laughing or speaking, no in between. She had lived a completely normal life. She had a loving mother and father. She had a pretty decent brother. She never experienced any damaging event in her life. She was a very loving person, who could pretty much love anybody she had communications with. She was very artistic and had the perfect grades. She had a sport of interest. She would play basketball. She practiced the art of martial arts for a little while. Everything in her life was pretty much perfect. Well at least, until she met a peculiar girl at her martial arts practice. She seemed different and had a lot of strength in her strikes. She got to know more about this girl as she noticed some more peculiar things like her eyes and hair. This was Kora Brink. They had become friends. They reunited after a couple years and instantly resparked their friendship. Sarah had found out that Kora had been living on her own since birth. Sarah had told her mother who insisted that Kora come and live with them. Sarah had to convince Kora, that was just how much she cares about Kora. She noticed that all the food ever eaten by Kora was the stuff given at school. She then bribed Kora with all the good food that she had at home. Sarah had been so gracious and helpful to the advancement in Kora's life. The Jacobs had taken Kora in as their own and replenished her strength. She was now taken very well care of as Sarah was practically her sister. Kora would tell Sarah everything, including some of her darkest secrets. Sarah was horrified and was very sorry when she heard Kora's life story. She couldn't even imagine never meeting her mother or father. Kora then introduced Sarah to her other best friend Levi William. Sarah had realized the reasons they were friends. They weren't looked at as a normal person because they had flaws and abnormalities. Sarah was a gracious, kind, warm-hearted, and pure child that only wanted to help people. She didn't know about her ancestry, only knowing that she has Indian origins. She had thick, jet black hair that was usually done in any variation of a braid. She had very dark brown eyes that seemed to have this spark of hope in them. She was actually a year younger than everyone else, but she was in the same grade. She is actually thirteen. She is actually a perfect height for her age being 5' 4". She awas also good weight being 102 lbs. She never had a usual sense of style, she could always wear something different and pull it off. She always wore jeans and the same turquoise jacket. She either wore her gray tennis shoes or her brown calf-high boots that had faux fur around the top. She hates to wear the earrings that her mother makes her wear. Upon learning her best friend has immortality and fire powers, she is joyful for her achievement. She tries to do whatever she can to help her increase in strength and power. She lets Kora spar with her twice a day. But after hearing her mother say they aren't allowed to go, she is quite disappointed. But Sarah and Kora won't give up that easily. They decide when and how to sneak out. After devising the plan, they let Levi in and tell him what he has to do. Once Levi gets them all tickets, she helps Kora get all of her stuff ready to go. Sarah had written out a note to her parents explaining where they had gone and when they'd be coming back. After vacationing in Hawaii and seeing the power of the Gods, she decides she wants to help out with stuff with Levi. One day, there was a fight between Kora's family, and she's put in danger. Her grandfather Zeus got extremely mad at Kora and decides to injure her best friend (aka Sarah). After Zeus throws a lightening bolt at Sarah, she braces for the impact, and Levi puts himself in danger by throwing himself into the line of fire. She watches Kora save both of them and accidentally give immortality to Levi as the blue flash emits from his body. Their story isn't over yet. Kora and Levi decide to flee, but Sarah still wants to help them. They have to flee because Zeus hired assassins to kill them. She may not have any super powers, but she knows how to shoot and fight. She decides to secretly follow. When she sees Kora broken down and wanting to give up, she knows things are about to get ugly. Levi tries to help her, so Sarah decides to step in. She has just put herself into an extremely deadly situation.
  3. im_a_black_belt

    Levi William

    Levi Henry William is an extremely energetic teenage boy that is considered different for many reasons. He was a genius tech-wiz who could do pretty much everything with a broken microchip. He had a speech impediment and wasn't very social. He had only a small group of people that he would even associate with. He had helped greatly in the story. He has very dark brown hair. His eyes seemed to be either brown or hazel with a thick blue outline around the iris. He was the perfect height for his age for he was 5' 9". He weighed about 125 lbs. So you could say he was a pretty good weight for his age and height. He loved to wear his sweatpants or basketball pants, hoodies, and t-shirts. Especially if he had his orange jacket with him. He always wore his running shoes like Kora did. Him and Kora had many similarities between the two of them. This is what helped them become such close friends. Levi became highly fond of Kora, especially after she asked him to be her boyfriend. They had been an unlikely couple. They had first met a couple years before. When he escaped to the reformed city of Detroit, Michigan, one girl in particular stood out to him. She had odd characteristics. This was Kora Brink. They had instantly become friends because they had been considered the outcasts. She was different looking, and he had a speech impairment. He had a slightly damaging childhood. He didn't have the best life story to tell, for there were many complications during his first couple years of life. He had been practically across the world, being born in the war-torn country of Italy. He grew up in a fast paced, constantly moving to safe locations. He learned many different ways to defend himself. When he was five, he managed to escape, but his parents and older brother didn't. They were all killed during an explosive attack while making their escape. He was an orphan just like Kora was. This was another thing that they had in common. When he did escape he ended up sailing straight into New York, where he was then transferred to Michigan. He wasn't exactly accepted when he was stationed in New York. He was different, at least characteristically. In the reformed New York, it was normal to dress in crazy ways. Hair was styled and dyed in odd ways. He didn't fit in so he asked if he could be transferred to another foundation. After taking a test he was transferred to Michigan. He makes a couple friend, Kora and Sarah. Upon finding out that his girlfriend is actually a goddess with locked power, he wishes to help her in anyway possible. He provides emotional and physical support throughout this. He offers to help her become even stronger before meeting her father for the first time. She is also in a state of shock so he tries to help her get back into a proper mental and emotional state. Kora wants to take Levi and Sarah with her, but can't afford for the ticket just for herself. She need this help so he offers to hacks into the airport base to get Kora, Sarah, and himself round trip tickets to Hawaii. He then does this and they set off to Hawaii. Levi is an intelligent, kind, and loving person who is always there to have someone's back when they need him. He would jump into fire for his friends, which does cause some conflict later in the novel. Kora was having some trouble with her God/goddess family, who then in vain try to attack Sarah. In the act of trying to save his friend he puts himself into some grave danger. Kora then uses her powers to save him. Although, in this instance she puts way too much of her power into her great save accidentally giving a mortal immortality. They find out that this surge gave him God-like powers. His appearance began to change and his dark brown hair now had a streak of blue run through it. His eyes had become overtaken with that dark blue,outline, making his entire iris blue. He is now the reincarnation of the Greek God Poseidon. The story is not yet over. The next night, while staying with Kora, they are both attacked by a group of assassins. These assassins were hired by Zeus, who doesn't want them to be able to enter Mount Olympus. He wants them dead. Kora and Levi have to flee Detroit. Levi has to leave the only place that he's ever felt safe. Kora begins to give up after being shot as did Levi. Levi can't let her give up so he tries hard to try to save her.
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    Kora Brink

    Kora Rhiannon Brink lives her life as an average teenager because that's all that she thinks she is. She has many talents, most pertaining to music. She was trained as a young girl in the art of martial arts. She is highly skilled in this art and excels in using staffs and even hand-to-hand combat. She has actually earned her black belt. She has other passion though. She is highly fascinated with the idea of fire. (This will come in later, just give me a minute.) She will stand up for her friends when she has to. If she feels the need to fight someone, she definetly won't hold herself back. This came from an instinct to defend herself when she was picked on due to some of her odd features. She was born with an odd shade that can only be identified as red cardinal colored hair. She was born with very pale skin which made her constantly blushed cheeks more noticeable. She was born with oddly pure orange eyes with very small pupils. This makes the orange iris seem very large. She is fairly tall for her age being 5' 6". She is actually slightly underweight from the lack of nutrition at her young age. She weighs at about 107 lbs. She isn't a girly girl whatsoever. She is a tomboy at heart. You definetly wouldn't catch her in a dress. She prefers to wear jeans or her favorite gray or black sweatpants. She also owns several hoodies that she wouldn't live without, for she wears a hoodie with every single outfit that she wears. She prefers running shoes over any other shoe. She is always wearing one necklace that she was given from her unknown father. There was an average sized red flame pendent attached to a gold chain. She has never taken it off and never plans to. She doesn't remember it being given to her, but only remembers waking up the day after she was born in her now abandoned house wearing that very necklace. She gets her education at a public school where she meets many of her friends. Two of her closest friends are actually Sarah Jacobs and Levi William. Kora has lived by herself since her mom died during her birth, not ever knowing who her father was. She had lived in the abandoned house for nine years. She had learned to do things on her own. She fended for herself and miraculously survived. That was until she met her best friend Sarah, when Sarah's mom insisted that she come lived with them. A year after living with the Jacob family, she meets her future boyfriend Levi. They were both mistreated because of their odd features. They had spent most of their time together because nobody wanted to spend much time with the "freaks." The only other person who would spend time with them was Sarah. Later Kora asks Levi if he would like to be her boyfriend and he accepts; they were an unlikely and odd couple. On her fourteenth birthday, a strange package wrapped in pure gold arrived for Kora. When she opens it there are a couple things inside that intrigue her. The letter states that her father is actually the Greek God, Ares. There are things in there explaining that she is technically an immortal goddess of fire. That had been why she had all these warm features, and for her fascination of fire. It explained that it was her time to accept her true self and go to Hawaii and climb to the top of a volcano to train her locked and hidden powers. When she tells Sarah's mother, asking for permission to leave she is denied access saying it was a scam. Kora won't believe her with all of the information and proof that was given. She then decides to sneak away and take her best friend (Sarah) and her boyfriend (Levi). She then asks Levi to hack into the airport database and get them tickets since she can't afford them. There she embraces herself and becomes an amazing goddess. She learns how to bend fire, and set out attacks to other people in a way of self defense. She then learns she can save someone's life in an instant. It only drains her power for a short period of time, but she can only use this ability once. When faced with dangerous family problems she has to save Levi. She puts too much force into this power accidentally giving him immortality and god-like power, turning him into the almighty Poseidon. The story does not end there though. Now Kora and Levi are being attacked by multiple groups that are hired by Kora's grandfather Zeus. Zeus doesn't want Kora and Levi to be allowed into Mount Olympus, so he hired groups to kill them. Kora and Levi then have to flee to try to find safety. Kora has to leave the only place she's ever know. After sustaining multiple injuries, she begins to give up, but Levi and Sarah won't let her.
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    I will like to be an antagonist in the story!!!