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  1. (For some information not listed, I would suggest looking at other character profiles) Living in a dystopian future isn't a cake walk, especially when you're a total softy. This was the life of Sasha Juno. That is literally her full name, she has no middle name. Sasha sometimes would help her mom in the tech lab, so Sasha has much experience in this field. This is a useful skill considering they are trying to find new technology methods to improve their society. Sasha has turned fourteen along with her squad and has to make her decision. She had had a hard time deciding which job to choose, but she decided to stay with her best friend. She thought "What would Kinsey do?" So the entire group ended up choosing to be a guardian. I forgot to mention that this decision is supposed to be entirely secretive and you need to buy clothes that attribute that certain occupation before hand. Sasha is kind of on the short and very skinny side considering she is only 5'2" and 102 lbs. She is very modest and can be quite the bright one. Sasha has always been teased because she looks different than the others in this sector. She has a different off shade color of skin had always made her She has long, dark jet black, thick hair. She prefers to assemble her hair into any form of a braid. She does also have a tomboyish state of mind like Kinsey. Although Kinsey may Ephesians more of a tomboy, Sasha does have this trait. She hates dresses, wearing hair down, and any other really girly thing. She may thinks it looks cute, but she knows she won't do anything like it. She has a warming but dark shade of brown that fills her eyes. They are filled with mystery and hope. For she doesn't know much about her origins and much of her family. Just by looking at her, you can tell that she seems to have the brightest smile. Her family has Indian origins, but in the future she has no ancestry due to the wars that caused havoc on the world. She has a scar on her forehead spread the cnepter from up a cut that she never remembers having. She is very cautious as Kinsey is slightly careless. She absolutely adores Kinsey as she has been her best friend for like, life. She is very kind and always open to help someone, even if it's very inconvenient at the time. She wears the same clothes as Kinsey, but with some minor changes. She wears sweatpants that look like blue denim jeans, but isn't. Her hoodies are always a bright gray or any bright color in general. She wears the same shoes. Her weapon of choice would be any small gun such as a pistol. She would prefer a gun that wouldn't instantly kill a person. Either severely wound or inflict so much damage that it just takes a while for them to die. She doesn't wish to see people die. Her relations in this book are basically the same as Kinsey's. There's one minor thing that is different. Levi is not Sasha's boyfriend. Sasha doesn't believe that she needs any guys so she never receives a boyfriend during the mating seasons. The entire group has the same rivals/enemies. Sasha does have a secret to hide. Her parents do too. She is a spy from a nearby sector of the Michigan region; Lansing, Michigan. Her mission was to get in, spy on one of the highest ranking people inside, Kinsey, and get out quickly. She is now attatched to Detroit and doesn't want to leave.
  2. Alright, so I'm like extremely new to this so no judging! I am in the current process of writing this book and I'm running out of ideas. Please help me. So Kinsey Break lives in a futuristic world in Detroit, Michigan. Her best friends are Sasha Juno, Levi Willow, and Danielle Marcus. One day of the year, every fourteen year old is a graduate and chooses their occupation of one of the following: educator, guardian of the gate, volunteer, or a peace worker. They have this occupation and each goes through three stages of training and you are put in a position based on your scores. I will basically lead you to where I am in the book right now. Danielle is not introduced until later. Sasha, Kinsey, and Levi are all introduced in the beginning. The three of them are offered exclusive training after they choose to be guardians. Earlier that day they had chosen their homes and had begun to unpack. In one week every female graduate receives a list of ten guys that they are allowed to date. Kinsey and Levi like each other (PLOT TWIST!!! not really). They are on their way home from their first day of exclusive training. You can read Kinsey's character profile for a little more information on her. I will also come out with a profile for the other three listed in here.
  3. I will like to be an antagonist in the story!!!
  4. Mackinsey Rhiannon Break, or as she prefers to go by, Kinsey, was the normal teenage girl in her dystopian futuristic world. This world is in future Detroit, Michigan. This world is very high-tech as they come out for a new way to make life easier everyday. A child is considered a graduate when they turn fourteen. Well Kinsey is now fourteen and every fourteen year old has to choose one of the four occupations: educator, guardian of the gates, volunteer, or a peace worker. She was fairly tall and skinny for her age as she reaches the height of 5'8" and weighs 124 lbs. She is unknowingly beautiful and if someone tries to tell her she is, she won't believe them. Even with her tanned skin, long, light ash brown hair, and odd but beautiful eyes. Her eyes are green with a faint blue line circling the outer edge of the iris and orange circling the pupil. Her closest friends are Sasha Juno, Levi Willow, and Danielle Marcus. Her enemies or rivals in this book are Hunter Rays and his great niece Lola Narnia. Some of the relations in this book are Levi Willow being her boyfriend and neighbor and Sasha Juno being her best friend and neighbor. Her parents are barely mentioned in the book due to the fact that both of them are volunteers and are barely at the house. Kinsey may seem like a bubbly teenager with her bright turquoise phone, but there is a dark and threatening power that needs to be unleashed. We will come back to this later. She seems to defy the rules because she doesn't believe that they are morally correct. She is definitely a huge tomboy because she hates the idea of fashion and doing her hair and nails and BLAH! I'm making her sick by just typing it. She hates having to dress up, which was one of the things that persuaded her to choose to be a guardian. There are different dress codes for the jobs, just to put that outs there. She loves to wear the comfortable sweatpants and warming hoodies. The sweatpants have secret pockets in them where you can completely conceal small weapons or the beads that contain large weapons. As stated earlier the world is extremely high tech so what you do is take out a bead crush it in your hand and the weapon of choice is sprouted and it grows to its size right in the palms of your hands. The hoodies are bulletproof for protection, but the fact that it's bulletproof is unknown because you can't make it out with the human eye. The shoes are another thing. They are comfortable sneakers that allow the wearer to be comfortable and stylish. They are completely black with white laces, but they also have a secret. All you have to do is press a button on the side of them and whoosh! You're flying off! These allow the wearer to get to the location of where they're needed faster. When you see Kinsey crusing down the street she will most likely be sporting a classic ponytail or some variation of a bun. On some occasions she will braid her hair. These are the only three hairstyles she can even deal with. Again, tomboyish. She has two weapons of choice: bow and arrows and a fine set of daggers, if these are options, you are definitely going to win if you have Kinsey on your team. She loves to listen to music and hang out with the squad (well, Sasha, Levi, and Danielle). She doesn't handle change very well. Now we're back to the whole dark power thing. The readers are given a glimpse of this hidden power at the very start of her exclusive training when she gets "attacked" by the two trainers Hera and Michael. Hera receives a bloody nose and Michael receives a damaged rib cage. Although, she was already weak from helping with her moving process. So who knows what could've happened to them, well I do! Later in the book, this power will 100% be unleashed out of blind fury and terror. Here's a little insight: An antagonist threatens the life of someone she really loves and she is the only one able to do anything because everyone else is hypnotized. There will be maps to every other character listed in this. I'm open to suggestions on how to improve this character so please help me with this.