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  1. @Vynathalon Exactly! I'm so mad, jk. It's just difficult because after 2:00pm EST I can't use the internet at all. Miss so much, rip.
  2. I don't think that I can rp here anymore, in the tavern lol. I use a phone to write and I can't come on in the afternoon so I miss a lot of stuff and my phone is already messed up enough to click the pages, rip. Um, I'll try to leave the RP and go to a different location.
  3. Lani got up and wiped stuff off her. "How clumsy of me," she muttered. She looked for the tiger and then she laughed, seeing the woman. She probably thought she was scared but she was only doing tho for fun. Of course she could take a tiger, what did they think? She was no coward at all. Lani banished her other knife and slashed them in the air, yelling, "Cat got your tongue? You can't even say anything to defend overaged squirrel!" Lani laughed hysterically, not realizing that she was feeling strange in the head.
  4. Lani grinned and ran into the crowd. She glance once back at the woman with tiger, which was a fatal mistake. She ran into the bartender and knocked over the food he was getting the man. Food spilled everywhere.
  5. Lani stared at the woman for a long time. Then she said, "What if I told you that I could give you something that you really desire?" She was growing bored and wanted to spice things up. She saw the tiger move and she grinned. She moved her foot and when it was over the tiger she stabbed her foot into it's side. "Realizing" her mistake, she bolted up and ran behind some people, and gasped, "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!" She slowly grabbed a knife concealed in her cloak and pretended to be scared.
  6. Lani was suddenly distracted by a conversation nearby. She watched a man who went by the name Rafael talk to a young girl who looked very much like a nymph. The man looked suspicious but then again everyone was strange and potential dangerous to her. She chewed on the inside of her cheek as she sat with her hands folded in front of her.
  7. Um I'M actually part house. I'm also part WhatTheHellIsWrongWithYouian and a small part YesBabyian. And idk. Probably not though.
  8. Lani eyes narrowed for a second before deciding to just ignore the big cat. It's just a tiger who cares anyway, she thought. She sighed and nodded, thinking of something to say. "So, what brings you here...with your tiger...and a blue cat?" she asked, scratching her ear. She glancing around and saw another young woman enter the tavern. She didn't stare too long and focused back on the lady, sitting in a nearby chair. "Sorry, but I don't see tropical creatures everyday, especially in populated place such as this."
  9. (1000 finger scrolls later...) NOICE! I didn't read any of it really but thanks for writing about your characters guys so I can know more information! Lani is just a regular fair skinned blademaster with hazel eyes. She likes dark clothes and curly short black hair.
  10. Lani felt that she was safe and that she wouldn't be in immediate danger so she waltzed across the road to the tavern, avoiding touching anyone in the crowd. Her movement was almost like a delicate dance and she couldn't help but smile as she entered the building. "Holy f-" Lani did a double-take when she saw the tiger in the tavern. It wasn't like she never saw one before but there were two definite problems: one, animals weren't allowed and two, it could maul anyone close enough in seconds. She was surprised that there wasn't any commotion and stared around. It seemed like no one noticed at the moment. Lani studied the woman and lifted an eyebrow at the strange blue cat. No, scratch that; the woman herself was strange. She didn't look troublesome, which was enough for Lani but it was suspicious how she needed to protect herself with a bloodthirsty tiger possibly magical blue cat. She didn't want to go near the lady at all and was actually starting to sweat, calculating how fast the feline could maneuver to where she stood, but her instincts told her that she should speak to the woman. Lani ducked her head as she casually walked towards the woman, pretending to be interested in the activity of the other people and when she finally approached the woman, she said, after briefly glancing at the tiger, "Hello there, er, how are you?" Lani wiped the palms of her hands on the side of her pants, lips pursed together. You would have to be studying her very hard to figure out that she scared.
  11. Since I'm back but I don't really know what happened does anyone feel like having a fight in a store with Lani??
  12. I'm back and I got a haircut! :biggrin::aghast:

  13. Uh not be a pest but you don't HAVE to make a character bio. But it would be nice of you did. I would be grateful if you just put: Name, Age, Basic Appearance, History, Personality, and Equipment. Just so I could have something to work with if I'm rping with you. @LukeRipstine
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