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  1. Thanks for the heads up! I thought there was one more person before me. I'll have something up soon.
  2. Abe followed his companions silently, doing his best not to get in the way. Without his partner he feared that he was of little use. He couldn't help but chuckle slightly at the thought that the thing once inhabiting his body was ever his "partner." Between Asura and Linda, they managed to make it quite a bit in what he had faith was the right direction. His body had cooled by the time the expedition had reached the clearing. The last faint wisps of steam escaping from beneath his cloak. Some of his hairs still stood in awkward places, and he did the best he could to smooth them out before anyone noticed. Abe almost let himself relax before the spear impacted the ground before them. Heron began conversing in an unfamiliar language to the stout natives, though from his stance Abe could gather he was attempting to calm the situation. He watched Linda take her position behind Asura before moving himself beside Heron. Electrical energy crackled from the tip of the spear embedded in the earth. Abe took a steadying breath and sat back on his heels, reaching a hand out to the spear. Electricity crackled from the weapon to Abe. Changing colors intermittently. Light blue and yellow sparks intertwined as Abe attempted to probe the spear. Ultimately, the investigation only proved that this world was far more foreign to him than he had lead himself to believe. Even so, he maintained his connection to the spear as he stood, and the yellow electricity emanating from it was consumed and replaced entirely by Abe's own blue sparks. He pulled the spear from the ground and took a step back, unsure of what kind of response his display would provoke.
  3. Yes please, im sorry it took so long. Things are super hectic for me roght now.
  4. Hey I'm so sorry about the delay! I'm moving right now so between that and work i haven't had much time to post. I'll have one up by the end of the day tomorrow for sure!!
  5. Abe watched the plan unfold with bated breath. He was unsure of the nature of these pests, but their weapons ans abilities seemed to be effective enough. His attention was pulled in all directions, from his allies to his enemies, and back again. Arms still outstretched, Abe did his best to maintain the meager barrier he had managed to erect. The luminescence of the forrest was suddenly drowned out by roaring flame. Abe lifted his head to meet the source of the attack, and was somewhat shocked to see the Ilyrian levitating off the ground, spewing hours of flame from her wrists. The order came, and Abe's first instinct was to obey. He released his barrier, and clapped his hands together at his chest as if in prayer. His eyes shone bright, electric blue. The rhythmic thrumming from his shroud became louder with each passing moment. "Brace yourselves!" He shouted, "This is going to hurt!" He hoped his voice carried far enough over the sounds of the battle. Abe's disheveled ivory hair began to float upward as he amassed more and more energy. He extended his arms to his sides, willing his shroud away from his body. A translucent dome of thrumming, vibrating electricity extended ten feet outward in all directions in the blink of an eye. Beyond that, Abe was unable to accurately control the shape of the lightning. It was all he could do to stop the errant bolts from striking members of the expedition as the dome unraveled. Abe was unsure of the nature of the milibytes, and was unsure of how much electricity he would need to neutralize them. He hoped it was less than it would take to kill his new companions. He released wave after wave of his electrical dome pulses, each pulse increasing in amplitude. The thrumming increased in pitch, and the air immediately around Abe vibrated visibly. He tried his best to increase the potency of his electrical waves as minimally as possible in the hopes that none of the other expedition members would be too badly injured. By the time he finished doing his part, his hair had become damp with sweat. Thin whisps of steam rose from within his cloak, and the blue was gone from his eyes.
  6. Abe awoke gently. A slight ease in his bones indicated that the distant storm had broken in the night. He took a deep breath of the musty, belowdeck air, and gathered his meager belongings. With his dagger affixed to the small of his back, and his dark brown cloak clasped around his body, Abe departed from the ship. The splendor of the island's flora struck him immediately. Once again, Abe felt as though he had been thrust into another world. Stubborn light peeked out from beneath the underbrush, and innervated the darker crevaces of the trees that surrounded them. Abe's eyes flitted back and forth, from creature to creature, plant to plant. A few times he noticed himself drifting a little from the group. Each time he began to lag, one of the nearby Illyrians would gently nudge him back towards the group. For the time being, he had no problem giving everyone their space. Abe's eyes widened as they approached the golden-barked tree. Sunlight reflected prismatically against the trunk. At a certain point, it seemed to Abe that the tree was breathing. He was right. Droves of millibytes took flight from the now disappointingly ordinary tree. Their bodies created shadows so dense that the light from moss along the ground could be seen. Abe was taken aback at first. The fear didn't begin until the first Illyrian fell. His convulsions indicated some type of toxin, though Abe couldn't be sure. Either way, he wasn't about to wait and find out. Abe began breathing more deeply, summoning what power he could from this unfamiliar world. A nearly imperceptible blue glow emanated from the narrow seam in his cloak. The air immediately around him began to vibrate slightly. Within moments Abe was shrouded in translucent, blue-white energy. A dozen or so muffled pops emanated from Abe's body as the millibytes that attempted to reach his skin found themselves charged with too much electricity for their bodies to handle. Abe made his way to Heron, making especially sure not to touch anyone on his way. "Alright Director, what's the plan here? I have an idea, but it may end up doing more harm than good. Best case scenario, everyone gets really tingly for a few minutes. Worst case, your men on the floor may die. It's up to you." The muffled popping continued as more and more millibytes attempted to pierce Abe's shroud. He extended his arms outward at his sides, and the shroud extended from.the tips of his fingers to the ground, offering Heron a slight bit more protection.
  7. It's recently come to my attention that Abe doesn't have a character sheet. I have a new computer arriving at the end of next week so by the 9th I should have a complete character sheet available for him.
  8. Abe nodded along attentively as Heron addressed his inquiry. Yes, I understand. Thank you. Abe took a moment to collect his thoughts as the group was dismissed. The answer had been satisfactory, though he could not stifle the nagging suspicion that there was a larger goal to their expedition. He watched as the group parted, each more interested in their own endeavours moving forward. He understood their apprehension more than most. The rumors he had heard, as well as the familiarity he felt from Her on, reinforced the story that they had come from somewhere else. It wasn't too long ago that Abe found himself ass-over-tea kettle in the middle of some jungle. There was a comforting sense of trepidation as he approached the rear of the ship. In the light of the setting sun, it almost felt like he was home again. The crackling anxiety emanating from the guards aboard the ship also helped ease some of his own worries. Soldiers will always be soldiers. He stared out at the horizon, growing ever more distant as the ship continued onward, until the sun finally set. There was a storm brewing in the east. Abe closed his eyes. Behind his eyelids he could see himself in the center of the storm. He remembered the power; raising oceans and splintering mountains. Colors once present in the world had left him. It was a stark reminder of his place in the events that had transpired in his past life. For the first time since he had arrived on Valucre, Abe found himself questioning his desire to return home. He shook the thoughts from his head and made his way belowdeck to his quarters. He unfolded a small arc of light between his index finger and thumb as he reached the edges of the common areas. For all of his talents, he could not see in the dark. Sleep found him quickly. For yet another night, Abe was thrust back into war.
  9. Hey y'all I'll have a post up tonight! Sorry about the wait!
  10. Hey do we have a set posting order for the Ulway quest or are we just winging it for now?
  11. Abe stood and watched in wonder as the small old man comanded the attention of the entire ship. Where he was from, there were very few who were able to hold the attention of such a tense group of strangers. At one point, in another life, Abe had been one of those people. Seeing Director Heron stand where he would have stood sent a curious pang of rage shooting up his spine. The emotion was fleeting as, once again, Abe had to remind himself that it wasn't him in those memories. In fact, he doubted that his will mattered at all back then. Regardless, he began to tale a closer look at the unique spread of adventurers onboard the ship. One of them in particular caught his attention. She looked almost Ziq herself, save for her fair skin. Still, the resemblance to his own people was shocking. Abe made a note to himself to speak with her about it later. The smaller, more excited looking woman, was also familiar to him. Again, he took a mental note of the existence of halflings on this plane. The way she was regarded by Director Heron, as well as previously by the various guards on the ship, suggested that she may be Illyrian herself. Again, it was something to return to later. Abe listened attentively as the Director addressed the group for the first time. He could not help but feel a slight, comforting kinship between them. The task itself was simple enough, it was more or less what Abe had been doing since he arrived on Valucre, with the exception of harvesting specimens. His home was nowhere near this advanced technologically, and he had no clue how he would go about this testing. Regardless, Abe sat back on his heels in the safety that he would most likely function as a deterrent on this trip anyway. When the time came for questions, Abe let the other two speak before raising his own voice. "Director, you said that we are going to attempt a peaceful arrangement with the native population. What should we do if that is not possible? Not that I would be much help in the negotiations, but I would like to avoid active conflict with these strangers if possible."
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