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  1. Interest Check: A March of the Damned

    Alright, take your time. I don't mean to rush.
  2. Altissium Bay: Bones

    Hey! I'd like to join if there's still room!
  3. Interest Check: A March of the Damned

    Hey! Is this still rolling?
  4. Interest Check: A March of the Damned

    Hey, Hey! Thanks for the heads up! I'm still in! I'll be using the same character again.
  5. OOC Quest: A Peace between Nations

    Isn't Psykotika MIA too?
  6. OOC Quest: A Peace between Nations

    I hope everything is ok with the two of them. I'm getting kinda worried.
  7. Shadows in Orolindaria

    Syr, June, and Rob made their way merrily through the wood. The music they made was not loud, but carried with it the weight of countless generations. With each step, thousands of souls lifted to join the travelers in song, eager to share the stories of their kin. An unfamiliar feeling nagged at the back of Syr's mind; some long forgotten instinct trying to claw its way to the fore. With each verse the feeling grew more severe, until Syr could no longer suppress it. Bliss eroded against the torrent of fear, and truth. Dryads served as the voice of the forest, it was the task entrusted to them by the Mother. This forest, however, was much different. The elation they felt when Syr began to sing, when June began to play, was far from normal. Theirs was not the booming joy of mirth and frivolity, but rather the somber sigh of freedom. They were not excited to be given voice for revelry, in fact, they were not excited at all. Souls and voices rose in unison out of dire necessity. Syr's voice stopped suddenly, his eyes dimming slightly. "No" he whispered lightly. With one swift movement, his hood had been replaced over his head, and his eyes returned to a shimmering brown. He turned to his small group, overtaken by his previous, grim demeanor. "We have to find the others," he stated coldly, "we have to leave this wood." The warmth had left him, and the forest was silent once more. Syr couldn't help but grimace at his current state of affairs. This trip had proven eventful far sooner than he expected it would. Judging by the looks on his companion's faces, he would have to do some explaining, but there was no time. Silently, he unwrapped one bandaged arm, revealing the tessellation of tattoos covering his skin. One in particular, a small mouse caught between the coils of an oddly patterned cobra, caught his eye. Gently, he called its name, as if rousing it from a deep sleep. "Mus," he whispered. Whiskers twitched slightly at the sound. "Mus" he repeated, this time slightly louder. There was a seemingly uncharacteristic tenderness in his voice. The small form twitched again, before bursting into life. Mus wriggled beneath the snake, wiggling and pawing his way out from under the predator. Syr gritted his teeth against the pain as the living tattoo tore itself free from his arm. Mus scurried into his palm and stood on his hind legs, looking up expectantly. "Things aren't right here Mus," he said quietly, "we need to find the rest of our group. If you see a Dryad, turn around and come straight back here." The mouse squeaked acknowledgement and leaped from Syr's hand, bounding off into the underbrush. The group continued on their path in the meantime, and before long were rejoined by Syr's small rodent companion. Mus scurried up his friend's leg and came to rest on his shoulder, squeaking lightly into his ear. Syr nodded and turned to the others. "The rest of the group is that way," he motioned slightly off their current course, "it looks like they've stopped for now." The group continued on their way, occasionally stopping to adjust their course. After what seemed like an eternity for Syr, the three made it back to their larger group. An uncomfortable chill ran up his spine as Syr rejoined the party. It was true that everyone was stopped, most of them looking at each other expectantly. Curiosity nagged at him, but Syr didn't dare inquire as to what had happened. Instead, he assumed his place among them and waited for someone else to break the tension.
  8. Fighting Gangsters Batman Style

    If this is gonna be kinda small I would absolutely love to join in! I'm only in 1 other thread so I should be good about posting. I'd use Syr, who is a spellblade rogue.
  9. OOC Quest: A Peace between Nations

    I'll do my best to post later today, but I've got the block really bad.
  10. OOC Quest: A Peace between Nations

    @Trigger2Red Eh... they're getting better...
  11. OOC Quest: A Peace between Nations

    Yeah guys skip me for now. I've got a lot going on right now.
  12. OOC Quest: A Peace between Nations

    Sorry this is taking so long guys. I have some free time to get this done tomorrow
  13. OOC Quest: A Peace between Nations

    I'm at the doctor's right now but I can post in a little while!!