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  1. Hyacinth was making a huge show out of setting up camp. He managed to get a fire going, and was singing at the top of his voice. By then, night had fallen. The area around him had turned pitch black, his only source of light the fire before him. He glanced back at the field. He hoped that everyone was ready for battle. Taking out the bag of coins, he placed them near the fire, watching flames reflecting off the gold. He then started on another merry tune, screeching out the lyrics like a strangled eagle. "STOP SINGING!" Hyacinth jumped. A man rushed up at him from the shadows, slashing past him with a weapon. In a quick movement, Hyacinth's dagger was out. But it was too late. The man grabbed the bag. In a brief moment of adrenaline-filled panic, he tackled the bandit, attempting to shove him onto the rock. The coins flew out of his hands, raining a shower of gold everywhere. Hyacinth had also lost his dagger in the hustle. The bandit pushed himself off the rock, growling as he got back up. He had definitely injured his right leg, for he was desperately favouring it. And was that...blood? Yes. He was bleeding horribly from an arm wound. Hyacinth concentrated. As soon as the bandit charged him again, he spontaneously combusted, all the spilt blood on him simultaneously turning into fire. He collapsed. Both screamed as the smell of burning flesh filled the air. What was he doing! He couldn't let the man die! Hyacinth managed to drag the man away, stamping out the fire. He was starting to feel really woozy from the magic. The man seemed relatively unburned. No... he had gotten up. Hyacinth was fighting to stay awake. The man was trying to get away. By then, his companions had arrived. And a tiger. Was that Oni? They chased the man. With that, Hyacinth's legs gave, and he unceremoniously passed out.
  2. After a day of preparation and watching Tuma talk to birds (that man was amazing), most of the apprehension Hyacinth had felt about being the bait was gone. His companions seemed talented enough to take on the bandits. He looked at the spot for the trap. It was an area near the road, marked by a flat, grey rock. A shredded canvas lay nearby, moss-covered and waterlogged. It had probably been used as a cover for a makeshift shelter. If he could rearrange the canvas to look as if he were a lone traveller setting up camp – perhaps also starting a fire to add to the effect – he would be the most conspicuous object for miles around. Plus, the field of overgrown wheat behind the rock made for a good hiding spot for the others, and the dilapidated farmhouse even further back could also do the trick. "I'm assuming that the only thing I need to do is to go there with the coins and set up camp?"
  3. "Hmm," Hyacinth breathed, watching the coins as they tumbled onto the soil. He stared at the rat-person with disbelief. "That was actually rather impressive. Did you just... create money? Are they considered counterfeit?" He briefly contemplated running off with an armful of coins, before realising the number of problems that idea would cause (including horrible death by bandits and/or angry companions). Plus, it would certainly be ignoble. And speaking of the concept of nobility... Hyacinth stared at Dan, and it hit him that Dan was, indeed, very young. However capable he may be, he was still a boy. An approximately fourteen-year-old boy. "Right, and I volunteer to be the bait," Hyacinth said, raising his hand. "No offense back to you, Dan, but you're probably too young. It's probably...uh...not safe?" He could tell that probably was not going to sit well with Dan. "Also, the only weapon I have is a dagger, so I'm probably not going to do well in a fight if the bandits come with huge weapons. I mean, unless anybody has any spilt blood on hand, I'm practically useless. I'm therefore the most vulnerable out of all of us."
  4. Hyacinth sniggered at Oni's suggestion. About two hours ago, he had woken up in yet another area of the tavern, this time with a horrible hangover. Now, he was tagging along with a boy and a strange couple on a quest to hunt down bandits. If this wasn't the adventure he craved when he left home, he didn't know what was. "Seriously, though," he said, yawning a little. "What was your idea, Dan? I mean, I wouldn't mind if what Oni said really was what you were thinking, but I would rather get into this with more than a half-baked idea, please." The truth is, Hyacinth was slightly afraid of facing the bandits. After all, his family had gotten robbed by some when he was eight. Though nothing really bad happened, he was still left with a minor phobia of them anyway.
  5. open

    Hyacinth sniggered giddily as he watched Dan get smothered with Oni's assets. Oh my goodness, was she beautiful. He had to remind himself that she was married. "Don't worry, milady, I'm from Valucre too." He was rather sure that Oni was not talking to him, but he rambled on anyway. "I kinda just got that myth book from my parents. It was a good book, it was."
  6. open

    After that brief confrontation, the adventurer who had attempted to leave without paying (thank goodness for that one kind soul that offered to pay) had settled down, and conversation resumed. After Tobais finished his tale, Hyacinth turned to Dan, raising an eyebrow. "Waitwaitwait...So you're tellin' me that the Greek gods are real? Like those aren't code names or something? Well then..." He was somehow unsurprised. There was a lot he didn't know about Valucre, and much of the stuff Toibais had said didn't really make sense to him (what was a cell phone?) Dan still looked rather flustered from the encounter with Oni, and therefore Hyacinth waited for him to reply.
  7. open

    For the past ten minutes or so, Hyacinth had wisely stayed quiet. The other adventurers sure we're good storytellers. Around the time the lady appeared, he had somewhat sobered, his wild euphoria mellowing into an brooding silence. In truth, he was trying his best to understand the onslaught of stories that had come upon him. His mind was still trying to decipher what a police car was. "Y'seem to be involved in a looooot of Greek Mythology... for some reason, " he replied. "I think I have a book of it at home? It's...uh... where m'name came from." A frown crossed Hyacinth's face. "You sound like you're in a bunch of trouble to me. You need some help? " At least, that's what Hyacinth thought he said. His last couple of sentences were unfortunately butchered by his severe case of drunken slurring.
  8. open

    Hyacinth now found himself surrounded by a circle of strange characters. A part of him wondered how he managed to get drunk so easily. Then, another part of him wondered why he was so self-aware about being drunk. He was feeling very lightheaded. And audacious. Hyacinth ended up straining very hard to focus on his surroundings. Unfortunately, his cotton-stuffed head was not doing anything to save his own dignity. Acknowledging that Syr had asked a question about two minutes ago, he gave a delayed introduction. "Call me Hyacinth. And my life has been rather uninteresting so far. The only worthwhile tale I can tell is the entirety of my financial struggles for these past two months." He proceeded to drunkenly discuss his monetary woes, which didn't do much to improve the impression he had on the occupants of the table.
  9. Statistics Epithet: Sardonic Moniker: Henry Auger Alias: Hyacinth Visual Age: 19 (Is actually 19) Ethnicity: Caucasian Race: Human Alignment: Neutral/Chaotic Good Gender: Male Class: Physiology Hair: Black, messy, dry and chin length. If it gets any longer, he can tie it into a ponytail Eyes: Dark, clear blue Height: 5' 7'' (175cm) Weight: 130 lbs (58 kg) Voice: Mid-range and smooth. Can pass as a girl if he screams in terror. Build: Slightly scrawny at the current moment due to his issues. In the past (when more well-fed), he was relatively more muscular, but still very lean. Condition: Relatively healthy, but will get very ill after using magic. A little undernourished. Clothing Short blue tunic (hand-me-down from brother) Patched-up black trousers Leather boots Skills Blood transfiguration Hyacinth has powers over blood, and only spilt or exposed blood (for example, blood from an already open wound). He can transform it into other objects for a short period of time (like weapons). The rule is that he cannot use his own blood for this. This also means that there are theoretically few limitations to this (e.g. a single drop of blood can be turned into a castle) However, when putting it into practice, there are plenty of limitations (e.g. Hyacinth's own willpower, concentration and ability to use magic makes creation of large and complex objects impossible). The only things he is legitimately good at making at the current moment are several different kinds of flowers (he likes botany) and fire (when he concentrates too hard without anything in mind, the blood will combust and occasionally explode. Surprisingly useful at times, though the fire and explosions are usually harmless) His creations tend to last for 10 seconds. Will pass out after using magic. Mild Phytokinesis If there are seeds in the area, Hyacinth can grow them into adult plants. However, after 10 seconds, his magic and concentration will give out and the plants will collapse back into seeds again. Useful for diversions. Also likes botany. Has a green thumb. Will pass out after using magic. Dagger proficiency He can fight with a dagger, though he relies mainly on the element of surprise. Inventory Grey satchel Rusted dagger Journal A pencil twined with dried hyacinths. History Hyacinth was born to Hayden and Adelaide Auger, and named Henry Auger. He was the fifth-born out of seven children. As all the children were christened with relatively common and uninteresting names, many resorted to nicknaming themselves. Henry, who found that he had an affinity with blood and botany related magic, nicknamed himself after a man in an old myth – Hyacinthus, whose blood was made into flowers (hyacinths, of course) after his death. Living up to his name, Hyacinth spent most of his childhood furthering his skills in blood transfiguration, which ended with him being able to turn blood into various flowers and plants. Some of his siblings also began to develop talents with various types of magic involving blood: one could divine snips of the future from animal entrails (the legitimacy of this one is a little bit of a controversy in the Auger household), one could adjust the efficacy of her own exposed blood, and another could heal himself extremely quickly using another source of spilt blood. Their parents happily supported them by regularly supplying the blood of slaughtered animals. After all, the entire Auger family line had a tendency for hemokinesis. Tired of working in a secluded family farm, Hyacinth decided to go adventuring, like some of his elder brothers and sisters, promising his parents that he would be back in five years. Unfortunately, he underestimated the amount of money and supplies he would need on his journey. He now wanders from town to town (vaguely trying to make his way to a major city), trying not to run out of money. Credits: • Dan: Profile Layout.
  10. open

    Just like that, Hyacinth was left alone, holding the vial of liquid. And still penniless. Sighing, he headed back to the tavern. Stupid ladies and axe-murderers. To his surprise, his original seat was still unoccupied. A glass of water (the cheapest drink they sold, he supposed) sat on the table. Plopping down, Hyacinth leant back, holding the Bitterwater up. The drunk man was probably trustworthy, as the ingredients of the drink that he had stated did have healing properties. He had never heard of them being mixed into a solution before, though. Making up his mind, he carefully tipped the vial, allowing approximately a quarter of its contents to trickle straight into his mouth. Then, he choked a little. As the liquid went down, it burned with bitterness, searing his insides. His ears rang, his eyes watered. But after about ten seconds of hellfire, the heat vanished completely, leaving him slightly euphoric. The Bitterwater had healed the drain from casting magic as well. A slow grin spread across his face as a strange bout of dull happiness took hold of him. In his hand, the vial dangled, about a third of the liquid gone. He might have overestimated the amount of the drink he needed. And how fast excess Bitterwater acted on a person. At that moment, Hyacinth noticed that the table behind him (previously occupied by Lani and scarf-man) was seating a couple of people and was that his saviour, axe-murderer and Bearer of Bitterwater, Syr?! In his slightly confused state of mind, he managed to grasp that they were having some serious conversation of some sort. Being the polite individual he was, Hyacinth got up, stumbling, before waving madly at the occupants of the table behind with the vial. "THANKYOOUSOMUCH, SYYYYYR!"
  11. open

    Unfortunately, the man that arrived was very, very drunk. But Hyacinth had better be on guard anyway. The drunk had an axe. Therefore, by logic, he could be a drunk axe murderer. And Drunk-axe-murderer was trying to poison him with a clear liquid. What was that about being in a compromising situation again? "Thank you," he said, forcing a smile. "But no thank you. I mean... you didn't really have to. I'm fine! You should probably save that for yourself, y'know?" Using a multitude of not very subtle panicked looks, Hyacinth tried to communicate his emotions to Lani, who was (intentionally or not) trying not to meet his eyes.
  12. Just started Konosuba. I've heard a lot about it and finally decided to start! It's been pretty funny so far. Three episodes in right now. Last full anime I've watched was Madoka Magica (kind of been catching up on old popular anime I didn't watch) Love the art direction there.
  13. open

    Lani had managed to drag Hyacinth all the way outside the bar, and he managed to show his gratitude by not throwing up. "Really secure place you stashed the money in, " he choked out. Pushing himself off the ground, he grinned slightly. "Surely no one will manage to steal it." Lani's murderous glare made his voice die in his throat. Before she could retort, a voice rang out. "Hey kid! I got something for your stomach!" The voice was getting closer. "Kid?" "Here!" Hyacinth yelled. He was in a rather compromising situation with Lani, at the moment. And he wasn't sure if he could trust her. Hopefully, she would not mind more company. Another part of him hoped that said company wouldn't turn out to be an axe murderer.
  14. open

    When Hyacinth awoke, the first thing that hit him was a wave of grogginess. He tried to stand up, except that he ended up scrambling and collapsing again like a drunk person. As soon as his vision cleared, he immediately noticed that he was far from his original position. He was now lying at the edge of the tavern, leaning against the wall. Had someone moved him? The next thing he noticed was that nearly everybody was standing up, and the tension in the air was so thick that it could pass as a well-done steak. In the middle of it was the skeleton man he had seen running to the toilet earlier, except much shinier. He, unfortunately, looked rather hostile. And was that someone on the rafters...? Finally, he noticed that the money was not with him. And both Lani and scarf guy were no where in sight. Figures. Also, did he seriously just pass out after turning some spilled blood into flowers? He was indeed a pathetic mage. And very out of practice. He tried standing again, forcing all his strength into his arms and legs. This time, he violently threw up on the floor next to him, before collapsing again, ruining the tense atmosphere of the room a little. Hyacinth supposed he that should lie down for a while more.
  15. You found my flower. Thanks for the like!

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    2. supernal


      She totally is! Granted she's a peacekeeper which is the highest rank you can achieve in the military and still be fighting so I made her specifically to be a badass, versus some of my other characters, but I'm glad it got "pretty awesome" and not "smelly OP" :P

    3. Golden Hyacinth

      Golden Hyacinth

      Cool! I don't know much about Valucre's lore yet, so I don't know much about anything, let alone the rankings of the military (and the fact that there's a space program). It didn't occur to me that she'd be OP at all, for some reason! She's just really badass, as you said.

      Speaking of which I think I'm going to PM you a question about my character's abilities. Don't want to come off as too OP or anything.

    4. supernal


      Send away. 

      There's definitely a spectrum on the mild powers line where you can both be not OP but also really strong. Being really strong isn't a bad thing but it's good to consider that the more that your character can do or has done then the less they need to grow. And the growing / experienceing is the fun part 

      I wrote this mild powers guide that you may find useful: 

      but I'll be looking out for that PM :)