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  1. After the initial explosion, Hyacinth mainly directed runaway bandits back at Dan. Not that there were many of them. Dan was, after all, immensely good at combat. For the occasional dying bandit, he turned the blood from their wounds into shrubs or flowers, digging the roots into their arteries and giving them quick, quiet deaths. In the distance, Oni was absolutely killing it (pun definitely intended). Soon enough, it was over. The bandits were either dead or heavily wounded, thanks to the torrent of vicious attacks to their hideout. Hyacinth wobbled on his feet, head swirling from magic exhaustion. He did, however, last longer than his previous battles, which was a good sign. There was a silence. Nothing but bandit bodies in the area. After several minutes, Hyacinth gave up and sat down. "So...what now?"
  2. Hyacinth nodded. Focusing on the wounds of the simulacrum, he forced a portion of his magic into the leaking blood. The blast sounded. The hill shook, raining rubble from the cave entrance. Soon, smoke poured out, and the orange glow of the fire within was visible from their position. The screams of the bandits pierced the air. It was way larger than he would have expected, given that he was rationing his magic supply. Perhaps his hunch that his blood magic would be enhanced by Tuma's necromancy was correct. The sudden drainage of his strength slammed into him, and he buckled, falling to his knees. Or not. Oh, come on! He was rationing his magic! This should not be happening! He tried to get up. Unfortunately, his legs had completely turned into the consistency of rubber, causing him to buckle again and face plant the ground. At this rate, the others would either have to leave him out there or carry him into the cave. Groaning, he closed his eyes and concentrated again. His strength was returning far faster than usual, which was good. This time, he was able to push himself upwards. Success! He gave his companions a thumbs up.
  3. Before they knew it, they had reached the hideout. It was quite a big hill, and Hyacinth was sure it could have passed for a mountain. They stopped some distance away from the cave entrance, so as to remain as hidden as possible. Tuma had prepared the simulacrum using his fancy necromancy, and it looked very much like the deceased bandit indeed. However, there was something off about the walker, and it was most obvious when one looked it in its glassy eyes. What was it called...an uncanny valley? Whatever it was, the guy was a little creepy. With his dagger, Hyacinth made several cuts in the corpse's skin, making it look like it had been wounded by something. If he recalled correctly, the bandit had an arm and a leg wound when he first appeared, so he concentrated the cuts on its limbs to make it more accurate. Several minutes later, everyone was in position. Tuma went deep into concentration, and the zombie finally began its slow descent into the hideout.
  4. "Um... sure. Okay," Hyacinth said, unsettled. "Any chance of the girl just now being a magical construct? Like for spying purposes? The bandits may have been planning an ambush." He shuddered. He was being way too paranoid. Dan continued leading the way down the road. The atmosphere was suffocating. "So we're making a zombie bomb?" he continued. "I can control how destructive the blast will be, depending on whether or not we want a diversion or a legitimate explosion. Or maybe I can just turn the whole thing into a bunch of plants. Or a plant bomb. I like plants." Silence. Hyacinth sighed. "Or not."
  5. Hyacinth's companions all looked ready for battle, joining in by pulling out his trusty knife from his satchel. Its blade was rusty, bound to infect victims with tetanus. It was still capable of drawing blood by tearing a ragged, messy wound across a person's skin, which was all he really needed it to do. "Uh, yeah, what Oni said." Praying that multiple bandits wouldn't suddenly attack and kill them all, he waited for the girl to make a move.
  6. "A girl?" Hyacinth squinted at the trees, trying to make out the shape of a person. He couldn't see anything particularly unusual about them, which just made him more worried. Perhaps Oni was using her super spirit senses, or something (he had no idea how she worked). "Does she look like she's going to attack?" he asked. His eyes widened, and he lowered his voice to a whisper. "Wait. Can she hear us? If she were, for example, a bandit scout...then..." He doubted that someone that far away would be able to hear them, but it was a quiet countryside after all. And if the girl were a bandit, he supposed that she wouldn't be very happy hearing about them making a magic puppet from the remains of her comrade, no matter how low-ranking he may have been.
  7. "The two of you are really powerful, " Hyacinth remarked, glancing at Tuma and Oni. "You can probably make good money off your talents if you wanted to. " Speaking of talents, Hyacinth really had to stop passing out at the slightest use of magic. Perhaps he should try scaling his transmutation of blood down to a smaller level instead, though he doubted that he had the required control. Still, he had to try anyway, for the sake of his companions. "Dan has a point though. We should still be cautious while dealing with the bandits. I doubt that the bandits would be capable of pulling anything too overwhelming, but there are, quite possibly, a lot of them. And we may get badly swarmed while fending them off." Hyacinth shrugged. "But I don't know the full extent of any of your capabilities, so I may be worrying for no reason." He paused for a while, before adding, "The dead bandit illusion thing sounds good though."
  8. After a flurry of apologies towards Tuma, Hyacinth received a breakdown of the events that occurred after his blackout. The grisly remains of the bandit lay in the distance as the group journeyed onwards. He couldn't help but feel...unsettled about the open road. Perhaps he was still jittery about the bandit attack. It was far too quiet, miles and miles of untamed countryside stretching out. His family farm was noisy, filled with the noises of too many children and animals and insects. The forest there was lush and green, alive. This route they were travelling on just seemed so dead and empty in comparison. He decided to say something. Anything. He just needed to break the silence. "So, what are we going to do when we reach the hideout?" he asked. "I mean, we need a plan, right? And just so you guys know, if it requires me to be singing bait, I do not concur."
  9. All of a sudden, Hyacinth was suddenly awake, a horrible smell filling his nose. No, it wasn't just horrible. It was death itself. Was this the smell of brimstone? Was he in hell? Every cell in his body yelled for him to remove the smell somehow. And, oh no, was that his stomach? He pushed himself upwards, spewing forth the entire contents of his stomach like a partially-digested-food-spouting geyser. The events of the past night returned to him as he continued coughing, retching and desperately wiping his face. "I'm awake, I'm awake," he spluttered weakly, gagging. "What did you put on...my..." Before him sat Tuma. A very vomit covered Tuma. Whoops.
  10. Hyacinth was making a huge show out of setting up camp. He managed to get a fire going, and was singing at the top of his voice. By then, night had fallen. The area around him had turned pitch black, his only source of light the fire before him. He glanced back at the field. He hoped that everyone was ready for battle. Taking out the bag of coins, he placed them near the fire, watching flames reflecting off the gold. He then started on another merry tune, screeching out the lyrics like a strangled eagle. "STOP SINGING!" Hyacinth jumped. A man rushed up at him from the shadows, slashing past him with a weapon. In a quick movement, Hyacinth's dagger was out. But it was too late. The man grabbed the bag. In a brief moment of adrenaline-filled panic, he tackled the bandit, attempting to shove him onto the rock. The coins flew out of his hands, raining a shower of gold everywhere. Hyacinth had also lost his dagger in the hustle. The bandit pushed himself off the rock, growling as he got back up. He had definitely injured his right leg, for he was desperately favouring it. And was that...blood? Yes. He was bleeding horribly from an arm wound. Hyacinth concentrated. As soon as the bandit charged him again, he spontaneously combusted, all the spilt blood on him simultaneously turning into fire. He collapsed. Both screamed as the smell of burning flesh filled the air. What was he doing! He couldn't let the man die! Hyacinth managed to drag the man away, stamping out the fire. He was starting to feel really woozy from the magic. The man seemed relatively unburned. No... he had gotten up. Hyacinth was fighting to stay awake. The man was trying to get away. By then, his companions had arrived. And a tiger. Was that Oni? They chased the man. With that, Hyacinth's legs gave, and he unceremoniously passed out.
  11. After a day of preparation and watching Tuma talk to birds (that man was amazing), most of the apprehension Hyacinth had felt about being the bait was gone. His companions seemed talented enough to take on the bandits. He looked at the spot for the trap. It was an area near the road, marked by a flat, grey rock. A shredded canvas lay nearby, moss-covered and waterlogged. It had probably been used as a cover for a makeshift shelter. If he could rearrange the canvas to look as if he were a lone traveller setting up camp – perhaps also starting a fire to add to the effect – he would be the most conspicuous object for miles around. Plus, the field of overgrown wheat behind the rock made for a good hiding spot for the others, and the dilapidated farmhouse even further back could also do the trick. "I'm assuming that the only thing I need to do is to go there with the coins and set up camp?"
  12. "Hmm," Hyacinth breathed, watching the coins as they tumbled onto the soil. He stared at the rat-person with disbelief. "That was actually rather impressive. Did you just... create money? Are they considered counterfeit?" He briefly contemplated running off with an armful of coins, before realising the number of problems that idea would cause (including horrible death by bandits and/or angry companions). Plus, it would certainly be ignoble. And speaking of the concept of nobility... Hyacinth stared at Dan, and it hit him that Dan was, indeed, very young. However capable he may be, he was still a boy. An approximately fourteen-year-old boy. "Right, and I volunteer to be the bait," Hyacinth said, raising his hand. "No offense back to you, Dan, but you're probably too young. It's probably...uh...not safe?" He could tell that probably was not going to sit well with Dan. "Also, the only weapon I have is a dagger, so I'm probably not going to do well in a fight if the bandits come with huge weapons. I mean, unless anybody has any spilt blood on hand, I'm practically useless. I'm therefore the most vulnerable out of all of us."
  13. Hyacinth sniggered at Oni's suggestion. About two hours ago, he had woken up in yet another area of the tavern, this time with a horrible hangover. Now, he was tagging along with a boy and a strange couple on a quest to hunt down bandits. If this wasn't the adventure he craved when he left home, he didn't know what was. "Seriously, though," he said, yawning a little. "What was your idea, Dan? I mean, I wouldn't mind if what Oni said really was what you were thinking, but I would rather get into this with more than a half-baked idea, please." The truth is, Hyacinth was slightly afraid of facing the bandits. After all, his family had gotten robbed by some when he was eight. Though nothing really bad happened, he was still left with a minor phobia of them anyway.
  14. Hyacinth sniggered giddily as he watched Dan get smothered with Oni's assets. Oh my goodness, was she beautiful. He had to remind himself that she was married. "Don't worry, milady, I'm from Valucre too." He was rather sure that Oni was not talking to him, but he rambled on anyway. "I kinda just got that myth book from my parents. It was a good book, it was."
  15. After that brief confrontation, the adventurer who had attempted to leave without paying (thank goodness for that one kind soul that offered to pay) had settled down, and conversation resumed. After Tobais finished his tale, Hyacinth turned to Dan, raising an eyebrow. "Waitwaitwait...So you're tellin' me that the Greek gods are real? Like those aren't code names or something? Well then..." He was somehow unsurprised. There was a lot he didn't know about Valucre, and much of the stuff Toibais had said didn't really make sense to him (what was a cell phone?) Dan still looked rather flustered from the encounter with Oni, and therefore Hyacinth waited for him to reply.
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