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    I thoroughly enjoy reading or writing almost any type of literature. Walking in and exploring the wild are two of my favorite activities when not on my computer or electronics, as well as spending time with friends and family, cooking, and helping others in any I can.

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  1. Welcome to Valucre! I hope you enjoy the site. If you'd like to jump right in, and get to roleplaying, I'd suggest you join the Tavern of Legends. You are not expected to read the whole post, however, I'd recommend you read the first post, and a couple of the most recent, so you'll know what's going on at the tavern.

    This is a place where you can get to meet other new members, and maybe make a couple of friends. Or - I'f you'd like to introduce yourself - The "New Members and Returns" section.


    Here, you may want to introduce yourself, or your character. If you don't yet have a character, that's completely fine! We are accepting of generally anything you want to be. So go ahead! Create your character. If you'd prefer a character sheet, there is a section for that as well.

    As well as a character image repository.

    I'd recommend you read up on the lore as well, as to see where you'd like to transition to after the Tavern, as well as get a general understanding of the world of Valucre. It is optional, but strongly recommended that you read some lore.


    As for recent events in the world, the Whispernight is approaching (more info should be able to be found in the lore section). Now, of course, this is not the official introduction, so - without further edu - The getting started guide should serve that purpose.



  2. Shadowspeaker

    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    "His name is Ben." Archmaic says, as he begins walking following him. Isua soon follows. Ben stands beside a board, full of papers. "This is the Bulletin Board" Ben announced, as he pointed to the board. "Pick a quest, any quest!" He exclaimed. Isua took a closer look at the board, skimming over a couple of quests, and then stopping at one, near the center of the board. Bear Problem! Help Needed Local travelers have been complaining about a real problem with bears as of late—well, one specific bear. There are some bears that wander the local woods and most of them keep to themselves, but one of them has gotten used to the presence of people and has gotten awfully brave, attacking travelers and raiding their food stores, or wandering through their camps at night and stealing leftover food. It is only a matter of time before this bear attacks a person, and once a bear has had a taste of man, they rarely stop. A reward is being offered for the bear’s removal, and upon proof of having done so, you’ll be given the VB. This bear is distinguishable in that it is larger than the rest and has a bright pink scar on its snout. Watch out though, this is a big brown bear, with estimates putting at 1,200+ pounds (545kg). A bear problem? We could take care of that... I think. Isua points to the paper. "What do you think of this? Says there's a bear problem nearby. I think we could take care of it." @Bkfootball @Ervos
  3. Shadowspeaker

    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    "Sure, you can join us" Archmaic said to the man who had sat beside us. "Of course, we actually need a quest to go on first." He continued. So, I guess I'm going on a quest then. I'm fine with that. I was going to ask him anyway. Isua smirks after that thought. I believe we'll get along just fine. The guy smirked, and told us he knew just where to go, and then told us to follow him. Isua was about to get up without question, though just then, he thought of something. As the man walked, Isua whisper a question to Archmaic. "Did he tell you his name?" @Bkfootball @Ervos
  4. Shadowspeaker

    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    "Don't tell anyone, but I'm really here to find an adventure or quest to go on." Before Isua could respond, a man came up, and sat by Archmaic, slamming his mug down, and splashing ale everywhere... well... everywhere except Isua. The ale flew through the air, much of it splashing Archmaic, and some getting on the man himself, however drops stood suspended around Isua, soon dropping back on to the bar, with himself staying dry. A silver mist lingered for about three seconds, before clearing up. Isua heard the man saying something as he sat down, though he didn't quite know what it was. Truth be told, he didn't know what, or how he'd done what he just had. The only other cases of this happening was when he had gone outside the tavern to cool off, and was blasted back, as well as in the room, with the tankard of water. His hand continued to glow silver for a few seconds more before normalizing. After collecting himself, Isua heard only this bit of a sentance. " - would like to join me." Archmaic was the speaker, and spoke to the new man. Isua thought it a good idea to introduce himself, and did so, in the same manner as he had to Archmaic. I hope they don't ask questions about that. I wouldn't be able to answer them if they do... What the hell is that? (OOC: To clarify, if your character would ask questions, he is absolutely welcome to. Just because Isua thought that, would not necessarily mean anyone else could hear it.) @Bkfootball @Ervos
  5. Shadowspeaker

    Tavern of Legend OOC

    No problem :)
  6. Shadowspeaker

    Tavern of Legend OOC

    You're welcome. Have a nice day, and hope you have fun.
  7. Shadowspeaker

    Tavern of Legend OOC

    I believe your question may also be answered on the first page of the TOL
  8. Shadowspeaker

    Tavern of Legend OOC

    Ah. Ok. Then you should probably do that. You are able to do that in about any way you wish, though the most common way, is playing your character walking down the street, and to the door, then entering, etc... After you enter the tavern, I'd recommend that you meet at least one other person, and talk to them, or such, though if your character is just looking for work, maybe go to the bar, or message an admin. Generally, just play your character as he or she would act. If you want a job, what would your character do to get one. Generally, you'd tag an admin in your post, I believe, in the TOL, if you're looking for a quest. Hope this made since, though I am typing on a phone. If you need me to clarify, I can.
  9. Shadowspeaker

    Tavern of Legend OOC

    Have you introduced your character to the TOL yet?
  10. Shadowspeaker

    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Not soon after Isua had finished his sentence, the man had accepted his handshake, and introduced himself as Archmaic. After a brief moment of silence, He proceeded to ask what Isua was doing here, at the tavern. Isua grinned slightly, before answering Archmaic's question. "I had come through here hoping to meet some people I could call friends. Haven't had many of those since my village was burned by mages. Either way, that matter is over now. What are you doing here, Archmaic?" Isua gives another slight grin.
  11. Shadowspeaker

    Tavern of Legend OOC

    Ello @Mr. Who. I don't know if I can be of assistance, but what do you need advice on? P.S. sorry, @supernal. I did not realize you had already replied.
  12. Shadowspeaker

    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Isua was thankful for the water the bartender gave him, as well as the few herbs he had in his pack, with which he was able to make a crude medication for his headache. He was glad it worked, if only the slightest bit. His thoughts were interrupted by the tavern door opening. In walked a man with a mask covering his face, and a walking stick in his hand. He glanced around before proceeding to the bar, and ordering a drink. After taking a sip of that drink, he looked around at the people in the bar. As his eyes reached Isua, Isua stood, and began to walk toward the man. He offered his hand to the man as he sat down, saying "Greetings, Sir. My name is Isua Gafere, I hail from the southwestern plains of Gensaris. Who do I find myself greeting?" @Bkfootball
  13. Shadowspeaker

    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Isua sits up from his bed in his room. He glances around. The room is a mess. Papers are scattered over the floor, his chair is knocked over, and his pillow and blanket are on the other side of the room. That must be why he aches, and is cold. Not to mention his lack of clothes, and his terrible headache. He slowly stumbles out of bed, and over to the pile of clothes he has in the back corner of his room. He puts on a light green shirt, covered by a light leather tunic. He then proceeds to put on a darker pair of cotton pants. He glances around, looking for anything that he could have forgotten. Unfortunately, though, he finds it a bit hard to concentrate on any one item for too long. "Damn... I wish I hadn't had so much ale last night..." Isua mumbles to himself as he bends down to retrieve his sword, and belt. He buckles his sword at his side, as he begins to slowly walk down the stairs. After what seems like forever, Isua finally reaches the stairs, and sits at an empty table. He glances around, looking to see if the people he had previously met were present. He soon finds that they are not. Or if they were, he did not notice them. He sighs, and motions for the waiter to come over. It's going to be a long day. Isua thought, idly. Right. After I get over this headache, I should try to find some work.
  14. Shadowspeaker

    I Smell a Rat! [Tavern Quest]

    As a reply, August suggested the group split up, and Isua go to the bottom floor, as he was the one to suggest it. Isua nodded, and began walking toward the second set of stairs, though suddenly, he jolted around, quickly pulling out his sword. Around his hands was a glowing silver aura, and this time, he noticed. He dropped his sword, as two gunshots fired in the small room. one hitting stone, and another hitting flesh. His ears were left ringing. He saw a brown liquid pour from a barrel, and assumed it was beer, or some similar substance. He beside the barrel was a rat with a rather large bullet wound in it's side. "Holy shit..." He heard August say. He was right. These rats were huge. More like the size of small dogs. Isua fumbled for his sword. His hands still glowed, but now, the aura was more steady. As he grasped the handle of his sword, the light seemed to glow more white, and intertwine with the metal of the hilt, eventually feeding the into a set of runes near the base of his sword, about an inch above the hilt. He felt somehow comfortable now with this magic. He was fairly sure it was magic, at least. He felt as though it resonated within him, and pooled at the center of his abdomen. This sensation was new. He nodded at August, and said "I will." With that, he headed down the stairs, only to be met by Kyle (@Crossbone) and Edric (@CrimsonAura) standing in front of a group of four of the oversized rats, one of which, charged at Edric's shield, though the rat did nothing but hit the shield, and was knocked back by his own force. Isua noticed Kyle's wings glowing brightly. He held his sword with both hands above his head, his right hand nearest to the hilt, and his left near the pommel. The flat of the blade faced the rats, as the blade itself was positioned vertically. The tip of the blade was pointed to the left. "Heh." Isua says half-heartedly. "You guys started the party without me." I'm trusting you... magic... his face finally got focused, as he waited for a rat to charge at him. (OOC: The position of Isua's blade is a medieval technique meant to misdirect a sword, but as it ends up striking low, It would be useful for battling the rats. The blade is meant to slash down to the left in an oblique strike. The stance is a prep, waiting for the moment to strike, and it is easy to strike precisely. His wrists form an "x" with his right palm facing away from him, as his left palm faces him. The blade is a hand-and-a-half sword. Here is a link to the picture: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/f7/50/ac/f750ac818924fabc85ea93bc6d015901.jpg ) EDIT: (OOC: By four rats, I meant four stationary, and one charging at Edric's shield. Making five in total. Sorry about that.)
  15. Shadowspeaker

    I Smell a Rat! [Tavern Quest]

    Isua followed the group down the stairs silently, watching his feet as he walked, and occasionally glancing at his sword. He had gotten nervous as soon as he walked through the basement entrance. The basement was lit with hanging lanterns strategically placed on the walls, and though it wasn't bright, it was lit enough for someone to see comfortably. Looking around he saw August (@Sloanage), Wayne (@AdventureGuy), Rafael (@LightningBolt), Archmaic (@Bkfootball), Kyle (@Crossbone), and Edric (@CrimsonAura). He'd heard all their names before, though some were hard to recall. Beside them were another set of stairs leading down to what Isua assummed to be a deeper part of the basement. "Are we clearing both floors?" He asked the group, to no one in particular.