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    I thoroughly enjoy reading or writing almost any type of literature. Walking in and exploring the wild are two of my favorite activities when not on my computer or electronics, as well as spending time with friends and family, cooking, and helping others in any I can.

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  1. As a reply, August suggested the group split up, and Isua go to the bottom floor, as he was the one to suggest it. Isua nodded, and began walking toward the second set of stairs, though suddenly, he jolted around, quickly pulling out his sword. Around his hands was a glowing silver aura, and this time, he noticed. He dropped his sword, as two gunshots fired in the small room. one hitting stone, and another hitting flesh. His ears were left ringing. He saw a brown liquid pour from a barrel, and assumed it was beer, or some similar substance. He beside the barrel was a rat with a rather large bullet wound in it's side. "Holy shit..." He heard August say. He was right. These rats were huge. More like the size of small dogs. Isua fumbled for his sword. His hands still glowed, but now, the aura was more steady. As he grasped the handle of his sword, the light seemed to glow more white, and intertwine with the metal of the hilt, eventually feeding the into a set of runes near the base of his sword, about an inch above the hilt. He felt somehow comfortable now with this magic. He was fairly sure it was magic, at least. He felt as though it resonated within him, and pooled at the center of his abdomen. This sensation was new. He nodded at August, and said "I will." With that, he headed down the stairs, only to be met by Kyle (@Crossbone) and Edric (@CrimsonAura) standing in front of a group of four of the oversized rats, one of which, charged at Edric's shield, though the rat did nothing but hit the shield, and was knocked back by his own force. Isua noticed Kyle's wings glowing brightly. He held his sword with both hands above his head, his right hand nearest to the hilt, and his left near the pommel. The flat of the blade faced the rats, as the blade itself was positioned vertically. The tip of the blade was pointed to the left. "Heh." Isua says half-heartedly. "You guys started the party without me." I'm trusting you... magic... his face finally got focused, as he waited for a rat to charge at him. (OOC: The position of Isua's blade is a medieval technique meant to misdirect a sword, but as it ends up striking low, It would be useful for battling the rats. The blade is meant to slash down to the left in an oblique strike. The stance is a prep, waiting for the moment to strike, and it is easy to strike precisely. His wrists form an "x" with his right palm facing away from him, as his left palm faces him. The blade is a hand-and-a-half sword. Here is a link to the picture: ) EDIT: (OOC: By four rats, I meant four stationary, and one charging at Edric's shield. Making five in total. Sorry about that.)
  2. Isua followed the group down the stairs silently, watching his feet as he walked, and occasionally glancing at his sword. He had gotten nervous as soon as he walked through the basement entrance. The basement was lit with hanging lanterns strategically placed on the walls, and though it wasn't bright, it was lit enough for someone to see comfortably. Looking around he saw August (@Sloanage), Wayne (@AdventureGuy), Rafael (@LightningBolt), Archmaic (@Bkfootball), Kyle (@Crossbone), and Edric (@CrimsonAura). He'd heard all their names before, though some were hard to recall. Beside them were another set of stairs leading down to what Isua assummed to be a deeper part of the basement. "Are we clearing both floors?" He asked the group, to no one in particular.
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    A rat problem. If I were to try to control my magic, I guess this would be ideal. Isua unsheathed his sword, and ran his fingers over the runes. Energy flooded his veins as he did so. Now, he thought, if only I knew what you were... He sheathed his sword. The situation, it seemed, had been a rat problem in the basement, and the manager was asking for volunteers. Ash explained this to him, and then turned to him and asked, "Why don't you volunteer, too?". Isua put his hand on his sword, and gripped it tightly. I'm trusting you. He thought, refering to his sword. "Sure" he replied, and with that, he headed toward the basement. "I'll help clear the rats." He grinned as he walked, though she couldn't see it.
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    "Well, at least you're up and about already." Ash said, as Isua sat at the bar. He looked at her, and grinned, setting his pack on the floor. Isua then retrieved a light green, short-sleeve shirt from his pack, as well as packed the armor that was on the floor. "Yeah." He said, as he looked at her. "Somehow I'm ok now. I just got a sudden burst of energy. August said something about having a 'situation'. Do you know what he was referring to. He reached toward the water, hezitant to pick it up, and then grabbed it, and finished the rest. At least I can pick up tankards.
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    Isua was beginning to feel the effects of the rest he'd had, as well as a boost of energy he could not explain. Either way, as he started walking, he felt energized again, and picked up his pack. This is a bit unreasonable of me. For me to run away at the mere mention of magic. I have to be strong. If that was magic, in the room, I must learn to control it. Isua thought, finally calming down. "Hey, Isua! We've got something going on over here." He heard a voice say behind him, and as he turned around, he realized the owner of the voice was August. His words were slurred, and he looked drunk. Isua grinned. Though August may be a bit overconfident, Isua enjoyed being around him. He was one of his first real friends. "Hey, August. What sort of a situation do we have?" Isua said before sitting down beside him. He wouldn't show it, but he was still a bit scared of what happened.
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    Ash had retrieved his things, as he had asked, but he saw her use magic. She then left to get her cloak. He had to get out of here, but it wouldn't be easy... he didn't see any way he could though, with how weak he was. He had to try... Isua stood, grasping at the edge of the table for support. He slowly let go, and stood on his own. He began to slowly let go, and stand on his own. She had said something before leaving, but he hadn't heard her. He was too focused on her magic. He sheathed his sword, and began to slowly, weakly walk toward the door, dragging his pack behind him. He had to get away from all of this magic... (OOC: I gotta sleep. I should be able to post tomorrow though. Sorry.)
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    Isua felt much more able to talk after Ash helped him drink his water. "Yes, I believe so, though I don't have a clue on what type of magic that was." Isua almost spit out the drink before forcing himself to swallow it. More fear gathered in his eyes as she said it. "What's up with you and magic? You look so... terrified when you mention it." Ash asked, after helping him with the drink. "I don't know what it was either." Isua paused, and ghasped. "now that I think of it, the last thing I saw before being blasted was a blast of blue light. I was striking with my sw- Where's my sword!" Isua looked around, and found his sword still penetrated in the table, as well as his pack on the floor. He looked at Ash again. "Could you... uh... get that for me, please? I can't walk". Ash looked a bit less embarrassed asking this. He looked at his sword again, and saw something etched into it. Though he had to squint to do so. "Ash," he said, as he pointed to the base of the blade of his sword. "are those... runes?" He had intentionally avoided the question about why he was scared of magic. He hoped she hadn't noticed.
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    As the tankard hit the wall of the room, water splashed over the majority of Ash's cloak, as well as her dress, and the dress was clinging to her frame. As Ash moved to help Isua, he tried to stand, but was soon surprised to feel her picking him up. As he glanced at her, he could not help to think that she was beautiful. It could've been the fact he hadn't seen a lady in so long. He also thought it was ironic that the majority of water splashed on her, as when he was crying, she had said something about not starting the waterworks. He grinned at this for a few seconds before being put back down on the bottom floor of the tavern. He desperately grasped for the bar, as he almost fell. The weight of his armor was not helping. He began taking off his chestpiece, and backplate, letting them drop to the floor, as well as the rest of the top part of his armor. He now sat shirtless, with the bottom half of steel armor still on him. The armor caused a bit of a ruckus as the pieces hit the floor. "You owe me a new dress" Ash said as she sat down. Isua grinned at the statement. He was not fat by any means. Not even chubby. He didn't have a six pack, but he was still quite muscular. His skin was lightly tanned, and he was a bit of a handsome man. After stripping off his shirt, he motioned over the bartender, and ordered a glass of water. When it was brought, he started to reach for it, but decided against it. He looked over to Ash pleadingly "Wo - would you mind... helping... please.." His face was very flushed from shame and embarrassment. "A - and. Was that... magic." The fear in his eyes was apparent when he said the word "magic"
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    "What was that" Ash said, after grinning to Isua's previous remark. After hearing her question, Isua got a bit more serious. "I don't know. I wish I could tell you, but it seems I cannot remember anything about what happened. The last thing I remember is walking out that door." Isua thought for another brief moment. "I believe it was something about ma -" Isua abruptly stopped realizing what he was saying. He looked away, and softly muttered "something about my mother..." He stopped before continuing, and a tear fell onto the bed. He could not stop the stream of tears that followed, no matter how much he told himself to be strong. He cried for almost two minutes, his back turned to Ash, in shame of his weakness. When he looked back at her, his face was read, and tear-stained. He focused on the tankard of water, trying to distract himself. He reached for it, but never got it. He had not noticed his hand glowing a bright silver. As he reached for the tankard of water, it was blasted back into the wall of the room, a wave of translucent silver force was sent from Isua's hand before it flew. Isua jumped back and then attempted to stand, but soon fell. Why am I so weak. More importantly, was that m - magic... He didn't want to think of what he had done, after forcefully hitting the floor. He forced himself to speak, as he looked at Ash. "Help me to the bar. I need food and drink." He said it in a strained voice. Water was everywhere. Including on him and Ash. Though the majority did hit Ash. She must have been splashed with at least a fourth of the tankard.
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    "Drink this first. You need to rehydrate yourself." Isua would've laughed at the comment, but he was too sore to. It would hurt to. He sits up, forcing himself to do so. He hides pain. He sighs, and looks Ash in the eyes, and grins. Can't show weakness... "Ok, what do you want from me, Ash" He taked the drink she had offered, and sips a small bit, and then lays it down. He stands, attempting to hide his struggle, though he does not completely succeed. "You're being suspiciously nice to me," He grins at her, and takes another drink. It seems when he's around her, he relaxes more. Is comfortable. He doesn't know why. " and I think I like it." He finishes. Sometimes, he says what he feels, even if it is stupid and foolish to do so.
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    Isua wakes with a start, coughing hard, and dryly. He can barely breath for a few moments, but he soon recovers. His pupils are dilated, but after a few quick, rigid movements, he determines he is in a room. I'm in a room. Whose room? Isua looks around the room, his heart beating rapidly. He sees Ash in the room, and jumps back a bit, startled. "W - Wh -" Isua tries to speak, but it is interrupted by another rough, dry cough. He sighs, closes his eyes, breathes in, and then breathes out. "Ash... Ash. What happened to me." He looks to his side, and his voice becomes more frantic. "Where's my sword?" His begins to feel his soreness, and lays down. Relaxing. He lets out a long sigh, interrupted by another cough.
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    Isua closes the door a bit too hard, and it causes a sound to reverberate through the tavern. He cringes, hoping no one noticed. He reaches for the strap of his pack, though he does not find it. He realizes he must have left it inside. Dammit He thinks. And then he he is alone. He still has his sword, though, and he quickly draws it. He takes a deep breath, and then exhales, pulling his right arm back, then lunging forward, impaling an imaginary foe with his sword. "Come on..." He mumbles. "Come on you bastards!" He shouts, his words echoing through the night, and no doubt piercing through the wooden door. It must be below freezing in the night air, but opposingly, Isua feels hot with rage. His skin is burning at the touch. He readies his sword again, and this time when he strikes, he is thrown back against the door of the tavern, breaking it open. He feels almost completely drained of all energy, and his skin is almost completely pale. His sword slides quickly across the floor, stabbing into the table he was just sitting at. Everything fades to black, and Isua passes out. His skin is as ice to the touch, and the chill air blows into the tavern. Everyone in the tavern goes silent, and stops what they were doing. At least for a moment, anyway.
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    Ash disregards Isua's comment, and begins talking to Wayne. That's fine. In fact, Isua welcomes the change. Isua stands, and backs away a bit, cautiously eying the blood on Ash's arm. There's something unnatural about it. He is a bit frightened it may be magic. Then, remembering what had happened to Wayne, he almost jumps back. " Magic... " He says quietly. Just above a whisper. "I - I think I'm going to go outside for a bit." He says to the group. With that statement, Isua begins walking toward the tavern door. He looks distracted... Worried... Frightened... Remembering...
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    Ash replied to the remark by saying she did not need the blanket, that she didn't deny she was cold, and that apparently she had ran out of cares. "I was under the belief that once we exchange names, we are no longer strangers. Hmm." Isua does not move or suggest in any way, that he will take the blanket, or the gold. He finishes his ale. "I believe you have something to hide, Ash, and I plan to find out what it is. Let me tell you a story. People get cold. People get sick. People die. I have no use for the supplies, so I insist, you keep them. You will you not trust me. Why?" Isua looks a bit concerned. This lady. Ash. I will protect her. I need someone to protect after... aft- A small tear seems to come to Isua's eye, but then quickly withdraws. No. I cannot cry here. I cannot show weakness. Isua smiles, but it is barely believable, as his thoughts don't seem to be on the smile. He looks directly at Ash. "You'd best eat. Else, the venison will get cold."
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    Ash cringes after taking a drink of the ale, and slides the drink back toward him. Must not drink a lot... hmm...Isua thinks. It is a passing thought. "Alright, what do you want from me? You're suspiciously nice, and I don't like it." Ash says as she examines Isua. A grin spreads across Isua's face, as he downs half his tankard in one drink. "Well, Ash, you're suspiciously wary of me, and I don't like that. You're cold, and we can see that. There is no use in denying it. Now. Are you going to use that blanket, or am I going to have to lay it around you myself? I don't want you being unwell" Isua says, as he adjusts his armor. "Thank you, August, for being the only one that can see I'm trying to help."