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  1. NAT - Old is the Victor.

    I'm going to be dropping out of this tournament - I apologize in advance, Valucre just isn't really the place for me. Good luck with the future matches, everyone!
  2. 野蛮 ゴブリン (Yaban Goburin) [WIP]

    Roleplay Timeline & History [Wip] Miscellaneous Information [Wip]
  3. 野蛮 ゴブリン (Yaban Goburin) [WIP]

    Friends, Acquaintances & Enemies (Player) [Wip] Friends, Acquaintances & Enemies (NPC) [Wip]
  4. 野蛮 ゴブリン (Yaban Goburin) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- General Information - [Full Name]: 野蛮 ゴブリン (Yaban Goburin) - [Alias]: Goblin-san, Gobbo-chan - [Race]: Goblin (Weland Gorge subspecies) - [Gender]: Male - [Age]: 11 - [Job]: Savage Protector - [Home]: Weland Gorge, Terrenus - [Alignment]: Chaotic Good Appearance Yaban is a short, heavily muscled green savage. Standing at 5'2" and weighing nearly 170lbs, Yaban's muscle density and overall build scream 'savage barbarian' - if his full body tattoo and primitive attire don't give him away to begin with. A dark, earthy green Yaban matches perfectly to his dense forest home in color, with his clawed hands and feet allowing him to navigate his home with relative ease despite his lack of shoes or other common attire pieces. Like most Goblins Yaban has large, pointed ears somewhat similar to an elf - Yaban himself has a series of rings and studs pierced into his ears, various gifts from the villagers he has protected. Structurally his face his highly angular, with a large pointed chin and a prominent nose - his mouth and jaw is jagged and made of a tough flesh colored bone with large 'fangs' near the hinge of his jaw - likely a decorative feature of his goblin subspecies, used for mating rituals or the like as when Yaban is excited he often clacks his bone like mouth open and close making a loud click near the 'fangs'. Due to this bone like protrusion Yaban's face appears quite harsh and unforgiving, tending to favor more 'aggressive' expressions by default and without the wide range of motion a more fleshy facial structure would allow. Like all Goblins of his subspecies Yaban's arms are longer then a human of similar build, his his finger tips reaching the upper part of his knee when at a rest - he is otherwise proportionally identical to a stocky, powerfully built human. His hands are feet are harsh and harder then humans or even other goblin species, being more similar to his jaw as if more bone then flesh - with his fingers and toes ending in thick black claws similar in appearance to miniature bear claws in shape and design, used more as a tool then out right weapon as most omnivore claws would be. Most distinctive of Yaban is his full body tattoo, a light faded red that is almost pink the design is clearly hand tapped into the flesh - stretched and faded it is given to the Goblin's at birth by their tribe and its warped, stretched look and faded tone is considered a sign of age - a way to tell how old the Goblin is, the older and more faded the more respected. Yaban is considered quite old amongst other Goblins, wildly feared and respected as a great warrior. Most interesting of the tattoo is the pigment source, a communal effort of mother, father, and any siblings blood is used to create the pigment using a process only the tribe Shaman knows and then tapped into the infant over two weeks. The design is unique to each Goblin, as is the size - for those infants that cry and struggle have smaller tattoos and often serve as gatherers or other jobs - only a rare few have the head to toe tattoos of Yaban, a sign of his strength from birth. As for attire Yaban favors mobility over protection wearing the furs of a bear around his waist covering his lower body, its arms and claws dangling down from his hips. Skulls of those he has defeated in battle are tied to the fur around his waist, signifying his personal kills and sending threat to any who would challenge him. Perhaps most distinctive is the strange demonic looking skull atop his head, the horned brownish skull from a beast Yaban personally defeated in protection of a human village - believed to be one of the horrifying half-men half-beasts which terrorize the humans of the Weland Gorge, stealing children and the like. - [Height]: 5'2" - [Weight]: 168lbs - [Build]: Muscular - [Skin Color]: Dark Green - [Tattoos/Markings/Scars/Jewelry]: Elaborate redish pink full body tattoo, multiple ear piercings of various pieces of metal crudely bent into rings and studs some are even meant to be rings worn by humans or the like. - [Eye Color]: Purple Personality By appearance alone many would target Yaban as a savage beast, an old and powerful Goblin who has escaped the sight of adventurers and terrorized people all his life. Yet reality is often not what it seems, for Yaban is a gentle, friendly and a fierce protector of the weak. Raised to be a raider, rapist and monster like all Goblins Yaban rebelled from his tribe often - his superior physical skills allowing him to do as he pleased despite their displeasure. Early and often he would attempt to interact with local humans, and while they always drove him off with spear and sword Yaban never relented. This stubborn nature defines Yaban, and while life has often been harsh to the old Goblin he shows no signs of it letting it defeat him or his love for the world. Humans he has interacted with often say much the same thing about Yaban, that he is sweet, funny and perhaps most of all he is deeply loving. It is not rare to see Yaban guiding children, caring for injured animals or otherwise showing his love. Yet those same humans will also say that Yaban is fierce, for should any threaten what he values his savage nature shows - he is not opposed to killing, and he has done it many times. Perhaps like all things, Yaban is both what you see on the surface and what is underneath - a savage monster and a loving oddity, a beast and a friend. - [Likes]: Animals, women, children, wrestling and fighting. - [Dislikes]: Water, magic, Yokai and other Gorge horrors, prejudice and outsiders. - [Quirks]: Yaban has a distinct voice and laugh due to the bone like mouth - his voice sounding like gravel and his laugh a loud exhale and the clacking of his jaw 'fangs'. When he is attracted to a woman of any race he will also click his jaw and often can't make eye contact. History Born to a savage tribe of Weland Gorge Goblins Yaban was the first of his people in six generations (around sixty years) to willingly take the full body tattoo as an infant. Respected from a young age many of the other Goblins believed he would be the next chief to lead them against their hated enemy - the humans of the Gorge and the adventurers who passed through it. Early Yaban showed a stubborn streak, unwillingly to listen to the Shaman of the Gods and out right denouncing them and their call for blood shed against humans on a regular basis. The elders of the tribe often allowed such speak, believing Yaban would change once he met a human. On his fourth year of life Yaban (an adult) ventured out from his tribes cave home alone, vowing to find a human for himself. The journey was harsh, and when he stumbled upon a Gorge Bear it only got worse. After a long, tough battle Yaban came out the victor and donned the upper skin of the bear around his neck - using the claws as a point to tie it. After a number of days Yaban stumbled upon his first human - a pair of adventurers. At sight they charged him, and despite his pride Yaban fled knowing he would likely die if he tried to defend or explain himself. Yet he did not relent, and for many days he would show himself to them, flee and then follow. Eventually the pair arrived at a village, believing Yaban to be a scout they warned the village. As the pair rallied the village into the square Yaban snuck into the village. Rummaging through home after home Yaban ate their strange grains and breads, tore up their clothes and tried to eat it and otherwise made a menace of himself. On his third house Yaban stumbled upon two humans - a child and her mother. The child tried to scream, but the other held her mouth - pleading to Yaban in a language he did not understand. Sitting down in front of them Yaban simply picked at the bread he held, watching the pair with curiosity - after twenty or so minutes it became clear Yaban had no intention of attacking them, even offering them his stolen bread on occasion. The child was the first to interact with him truly, escaping her mothers grasp and grabbing at the bear fur around his neck. Yaban ran his hand across the girls hair, confused by it - for his tribe was hairless. He realized quickly it was attached to the child when he attempted to pull it and she smacked him in the nose, waving her finger as one would scold a dog. Yaban was surprised by this, but laughed none the less - the loud, strange sound shocked the terrified mother and she screamed. It no time the small home was surrounded, the two adventurers charging in swords drawn. Screams and yells followed, the mother pointing at her daughter and at Yaban. Inferring from the body language that she wanted her child back Yaban stood up and picked up the young girl, handing her to the woman. Shocked by this the adventurers hesitated but eventually swung wildly at him, Yaban easily avoided it and growled - barking back in his own language that he meant no harm. Yet it was the girl who once more broke the ice, kicking and flailing at the adventurers and crying. 'Gobbo-chan is my friend!' She wailed, breaking free once more from her mothers distraught grip and embracing Yaban. Yaban smiled, his bone like facial structure poor at showing expression yet clearly joyous in that moment. Somehow the situation calmed, and over the next few weeks Yaban slowly began to become accepted by the people - his name literally means 'Savage Goblin' in Weland, what the people had called him at first. Perhaps embarrassed by him or otherwise finding him indecent the other children of the village taught Yaban to cover his manhood with his fur, and in turn he taught them how to wrestle and fight. Yaban had never felt this at home in his own tribe, and soon he was leaving the village for a few days and returning with various hunted animals. Almost naturally Yaban fell into acceptance, the village cheerfully greeting 'Goblin-san' as they passed him in the village. For years this went on, Yaban splitting his time between his own people and the human village - he learned their language and even another, Terric. He became friends with hunters, warriors and even travelers. 'Goblin-san' of Susa Village was almost a tourist attraction, a 'friendly goblin'. Yet few missed the growing number of skulls on his belt, of the fact that many of the skulls were Goblins - for while the humans accepted him, his own people began to turn on him for his unwillingness to attack human villages. The few that dare challenge him ended up only on his belt, though even the occasional human skull donned his belt - for not all adventurers could look past their prejudice and attacked him outside the village. None survived to tell the story, however. Often Yaban was given tasks by various villagers, deliver this to a far away village - kill this predator and so on, each time paid with his favorite thing 'shiny', various bits of metal and jewelry he would pierce into his ears and show proudly to any human female willing to listen. For Yaban deeply lusted after the human women of the village, often clinging to them and playing the cute pet so they would stroke his head and call him a 'cute Goblin-san.' Often the women would catch on to his game over time, scolding him playfully - for all knew Yaban was harmless, a jovial friend of the village. When children began to go missing in the night none thought to look to Yaban for help, whispering that a half-man half-beast had come - yet their trust was so deep none implicated Yaban, even when other villages in the surrounding area less familiar with him accused him openly. Susa would never turn their back on Yaban, and so Yaban told them he would kill this beast. Most thought it empty boast, for a Goblin was a terrifying creature to the untrained - but they were the weakest monster in the Gorge. When Yaban scaled the Gorge in search of the beast, tracking it for three days and nights many feared the worst - that Yaban had died. Yaban found the beast in its cave only a mile from the village, its cave full of bones picked clean of flesh. The stench of blood and lust filled the air, and Yaban knew those women and children captured did not die slow - enraged Yaban charged into the cave with his stone axe against the massive seven foot bird monster, a mixture of man and raven the horrific creature turned to face the Goblin and never even got a blow off. Savagery unending fell upon the beast, hacking and shattering it against every wall - for Yaban was immensely strong, many times stronger then any human his size and while perhaps his savage charge lacked skill his power was undeniable. Dragging the corpse back to the village as well as any bones he found Yaban shared in the mourning of the families, crying as they cried and it clear without doubt that Yaban was more then a cute, unusual member of their village - Yaban was their savage protector, feeling as they felt and loving deeply for all of them. He turned the skull of the creature into a helmet, a constant threat to any in the Gorge who saw him - Susa was untouchable! Yet not all enemies could be defeated by axe alone, as Yaban spent a few days with his Goblin Tribe he did not see the sickly man enter Susa, he did not hear the coughs of his loved village as the plague that had swept through Weland proper ravaged his unprepared people. When he returned few remained, dead or dying the plague had shredded the population - those who escaped the disease scattered to neighboring villages. Yaban's friends were dead, Susa was burned by the local authorities to prevent the spread. Yaban wept for many days, each feature of the Gorge reminding him of them. He knew he could not stay, and so he descends the Gorge into Terrenus proper - old for a Goblin, strong for a Goblin, but a Goblin none the less. Inventory [Wip] Skills & Abilities [Wip]
  5. Take me for a ride. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Now that I have your attention I'd like to find something to do with a strange, experimental character concept I have. My living motorcycle Ōtobai needs something to do - a totally blank slate, essentially an adult intelligence infant I'm open to ANY roleplay idea for him. From becoming the steed and companion to a great hero, to being stolen by a thief running from the law and realizing the bike they just stole is alive to literally anything else. If you are interested and have any ideas or just want to interaction with Ōtobai let me know! g
  6. Terrenus | AMA (Ask me anything)

    Ah, alright. Fair enough!
  7. Terrenus | AMA (Ask me anything)

    So I could, in theory, create a character based on some of the races in the now defunct Nich'e? Thanks for the assistance!
  8. Terrenus | AMA (Ask me anything)

    With the archiving of 'Nich'e' what becomes of any characters from or based on that area? Example being lets say I was an Andhera traveling outside of Nich'e, does said Andhera simply fizzle out of existence or if not did the place that once was Nich'e simply vanish, leaving said Andhera stranded and confused about what became of his home?
  9. NAT - Old is the Victor.

    Winner: Rhazagur (Me) vs Warlock via forfeit.
  10. Ōtobai the Living Motorcycle [WIP]

    [Note: This character is HIGHLY experimental and subject to change or outright scrapping.] Ōtobai, The Living Engine ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- General Information - [Full Name]: Rhu'groz Naizhrac Vrokzuth - [Alias]: Ōtobai, The Living Motorcycle/Engine - [Race]: Sealed Daemon (Possessed Construct) - [Gender]: 'Male' (Genderless, formerly male) - [Age]: Newborn (As Construct) - [Job]: Unemployed - [Alignment]: Chaotic Neutral (Formerly Neutral Evil) Appearance Ōtobai is a small, single cylinder motorcycle about 63 inches in total length. Sporting a sleek, black frame and spoked wire wheels Ōtobai is a an attractive motorcycle. A girder fork type front suspension system keeps the front wheel under control while the rear is handled by a unique torsion bar and friction damper setup. A distinct single exhaust curves elegantly from the engine case, while a beautiful red tank sits atop the frame. All in all, Ōtobai looks like an attractive, unique motorcycle - but still just a motorcycle. There is no indication that Ōtobai 'lives', no hint that the single cylinder engine sitting inside the frame of Ōtobai in fact houses a powerful Daemon - constantly expelling his near unending power in place of any traditional combustion system. Perhaps the only true indication that Ōtobai is not a simple motorcycle is its lack of kick stand, or the fact it remains up right without assistance. Of course, once it speaks from that elegant exhaust pipe all belief that Ōtobai is but a bike end. - [Length]: 5'3" - [Weight]: 309lbs Personality Ōtobai has no memory of his life as a Greater Daemon, no recollection of why he is a motorcycle or what his purpose is. Even his name is simply his first memory, the utterance of a Weland scientist as he was completed 'Ōtobai', Weland for 'Motorcycle'. As an essentially adult intelligence infant Ōtobai is prone to rash, random decisions if only to discover what something is, or what something does. This child like wonder for the world is what lead Ōtobai to escape his creators captivity, killing them in the process. Having little sense of what it is to live, and no practical knowledge of the world besides an innate understanding of the language Ōtobai is naive, brash, oddly friendly and most of all confused. With no compass to guide him nor life experience to make up his personality Ōtobai is a blank slate, a canvas for which his travels will paint and shape - creating a hero or a monster, or more likely something in between. - [Likes]: Doesn't know yet. - [Dislikes]: Also doesn't know yet. - [Quirks]: Has a tendency to wordlessly 'purr' when sitting still, sounding exactly like an idling motorcycle engine. History For a thousand years Rhu'groz fought, from his birth until his summoning he climbed the ladders of the Great Hells in hopes of becoming greater then the position he had the day before. Greed, violence, lust - any and all he indulged in an endless struggle for power. A struggle that ended with what Rhu believed would be his greatest triumph, to escape the Hells and wrought his desires on the material realm. A fool had chosen to summon him, to attempt to bind him to their will! Few were so bold, and fewer still survived their encounter with a Greater Daemon. It was with joy that Rhu came upon his prison, a magical cage far too feeble to hold him - an old man hopelessly struggling to contain him as what looked to be a team of mages and other types scrambled around a strange contraption in the center of the room. They barked in their pitiful language, urging the old mage to hold fast against Rhu's ever growing power - Rhu knew he could not, and by his expression so did the mage. Yet as triumph seemed upon him it ended, for as one the foolish humans commanded the cage released. Rhu cackled at his freedom, preparing to rape and murder for eternity on this pathetic plane of existence. Yet it was not to be, for as the cage dropped a hideous contraption pierced his body with a beam of raw energy - transfixing his physical form in place. Over the next few hours the men and women gathered in the room worked, casting spell or using technology to slowly pull his very essence from his physical form. The sheer tier of power required was staggering, though if Rhu appreciated it his pained screams showed none of it. His soul separated from his body they set to setting him inside what they continued to refer to as an 'engine'. A metal box with a tube sticking out of it, by all accounts - inside the box was a single cylindrical cavity; runes etched along the walls. Rhu does not know how long it took, for as his soul passed each stage of rune to where it would rest at the bottom of the 'engine' his mind was altered, his memories removed. Soon, even the name 'Rhu'groz Naizhrac Vrokzuth' was lost to him, only the word the Weland scientist kept saying resounding in his head 'Ōtobai' 'Ōtobai' 'Ōtobai'. Be it misfortune or just reaction, as they placed the engine into its new 'body' and finished the final connection Ōtobai roared to life. Frightened, confused and most of all restless to escape Ōtobai tore through the unsuspecting scientist, destroying their secret lab and any hope of discovering who or what he was - all Ōtobai knew was they he needed the open road. Inventory [WIP] Skills & Abilities [WIP]
  11. I was talking with some friends from my old Warhammer board about where they roleplay now, and I mentioned the few places I take part - one grabbed more attention then others. With that in mind, what is the 'strangest' roleplay you've ever been apart of? Mine is simple, but fun. I roleplay in a 'hard realism' RP loosely modeled after 17th century, where I play a mid-level cavalry commander in a failing formerly isolationist nation surrounded by enemies. It is tons of fun, and the combat is very unique due to the complete lack of powers and NPCs. The setting of sword, cavalry and black powder is fun and unique. I admit however that it is a strange setting, as I rarely see this era ever toyed with even in media.
  12. NAT - Old is the Victor.

    I've yet to fully finish my profile, but Warlock and I have agreed to Tuesday/Thursday at 8:30ish. Not sure if that is EST or PST or Central yet. I should probably download Discord, I keep slacking on that.
  13. To Cross

    Rhazagur's ears tossed and shifted, scanning the wasteland for any sign of life that his ears could pick up. There was movement, as there always ways - insects and other small creatures of the desert, fighting tooth and nail in their miniature world while Rhazagur and his new friends trudged along. The billowing smoke stacks of the Fire Plains far in the distant filled the sky, dulling some of oppressive heat if only just. Rhazagur was born and raised in a lush forest, he fled to the cold norths as an adult - the desert was not his home, and quickly his jovial braying and heavy footfalls vanished, his pace falling to match his companions and his humanoid upper torso sweating profusely. His tongue rolled from side to side, falling out of the sides of his bestial mouth as he softly panted to reduce some of his internal body heat. The desert was overwhelming, and the sad truth was - those who were unprepared, died. "Pale one, how big wastes? How long cross?" Rhazagur asked, trying to sound as friendly and jovial as he did upon their initial meeting despite the deserts harsh treatment of his body. His eyes never left the billowing smoke stacks beyond, for in his world the wastes - and by extension the plumes of smoke contained only one thing. The dreaded Chaos tainted Dwarves, a race of harsh slavers feared throughout the Old World - and even though Rhazagur knew such creatures were unlikely to exist in this new world, his natural instincts could not be over come. [OOC: Sorry for the delay.]
  14. Vague Manipulation

    In my RP forum, I never met someone who took advantage of vague manipulation and wasn't a 'get rekt scrub' type. Likely due to the nature of the website itself, being 'full pvp' all the time for every character. So as a result, I can't really offer anything further to the conversation. An interesting topic though, and I'm enjoying the discourse.
  15. Vague Manipulation

    Vague manipulation has its place - but I would say of the various 'winning' tactics it is probably the one I'd recommend using the least. Vague manipulation isn't an IC fighting tactic, its an OOC one. At a basic level, every single time you use vague manipulation your sending one message. 'I'll see your ass in the OOC thread, where I'm going to alpha you into agreeing with me or your going to bicker back till the judge comes. Where I will win, because your post was shitty.' That is a valid tactic in a tournament setting, but it won't make you popular. Decide for yourself how you want others to view you and then use it at your desecration.