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  1. Ok, sorry i was gone for so long, i had some issues i had to deal with, and now that they are dealt with, i have a small amount of time for valucre, and i hope that i can post somewhat regularly
  2. Hey, please skip me, im sorry i am going through some personal things, i will hopefully be back next week, and then i will have meds to help me deal.
  3. It had seemed that he had gotten off on the wrong foot with Hikage, and it would be a while before she warmed up to him. Jerek gave a little hands up and pulled his sword out of the sand, only to show that it was fine, and rested it on his shoulder. "Sorry for attempting to be diplomatic." He muttered. Just then the camel man started stripping, but hey, whatever paid the bills. It might have been a good idea for him to follow suit, but he could feel the bad vibes emanating from Hikage, and besides, going shirtless usually made women swoon. He checked the pockets of his cargo pants to make sure all his stuff was still there. The rest of his group was on their way, and he was lagging. Jerek hurried up to the rest of the group.
  4. Wayne busted his way downstairs, he was not an observant fellow, as he had forgotten to understand the importance of being somwhat stealthy in this situation. He had had no knowledge of August's entrance downstairs, so he was quite suprised to se he was down there. "Ahh!" He whispered harshly. "How did you get down here so fast?" In a less concincing whisper. Wayne's claws emerged from his hands like a cat getting ready to pounce on... well... mice.
  5. It was time to go, he was ready and so everyone else had to be. He sprung up from his chair and attempted to grab Kyle, and then Rafael, as they were the closest bodies to him. "Lets go! It's time for some fun!" Wayne headed towards the stairs that led into the basement and proceded through them.
  6. Wayne had been in the room quietly the whole time, just eating his meat, so when he was minding his own business he was quite suprised to doused with water; then again he was quite engrossed in his venture to care. Ash and Isua had left when another man had walked in. At this point, he was almost done with his meat, and the man wasn't doing any harm. Wayne finished eating the meat, the last piece being a verry succulent piece of bloody raw pork. Wayne licked his fingers and stood up to go check on Isua and Ash who had come up but gone back down once more. The problem was that the dude was still at the door when he was leaving, so he somewhat aggressively pushed him out and walked down the stairs. As he came down he heard hear-tell of a large rat problem. Good thing he was still a little hungry. Wayne smiled wide, the blood and water soaked his mane, and his fangs shone bright. "I am very interested in this." Wayne replied. He saw Ash checking out the man-bat at the bar. Decidedly, Wayne chose to sit right next to him, while the patron next to him was ripped from his seat. "You like rats, do ya?" The beast asked the man bat.
  7. Cool, i will have something up by the afternoon tomorrow, im low on sleep high on bact to school stress and not good grades.
  8. Handsoaps, not to be confused with bodysoaps, are inedible
  9. Dont worry about it, the last few pages should be fine, although if you are looking to rp with someone specific in the ToL then i suggest digging a little deeper to find their entrance post to get a short bio, other than that you should be fine.
  10. Pro tip: dont mix your windex with your blue gatorade.
  11. The beast had been sleeping quite soundly up until this point. He awoke with a start from Isua, but Ash had him covered. The real question was, where was his food. Sitting up, he saw none. Where was August? Probably still drinking, well, he supposed he would have to walk down and get it himself. "I...I uh am going to get food, thats right. He pushed himself into a crawling position, and started to crawl down the stairs and to the bar, where he told the waitress he needed four pounds of meat, and he didn't care if it was cooked or not. He payed for this with the last of his gold and dragged the bloody bag of assorted meats back up the stairs and into the room.
  12. "Well, where I'm from they call me Belial, because of my shape-shifting they think im a trickster demon, but really im just a guy who was cursed for not letting a wrinkly old lady crash my party. Anyway, so how did i get here though. Oh yeah, so i was getting chased by an angry mob you see, and i thought to myself. Well Wayne, you fucked up now, so i came in here to wait to massacre yet another village in order to stay alive, but it seems they couldn't get in here. " He exhaled. Wayne turned his head to face Ash, "So what about you? How did you get here? Nice horns by the way."
  13. Cat Wayne hopped off of Isua and as soon as he hit the floor he burst into his usual form. "Motherfucker." He coughed drained of energy as well. He flipped himself over laying down on the wooden floorboards. "I sure could use something to eat, cow, pig, chicken, tavern patron, anything. " Wayne laughed at Ash's joke, replying, "Yeah. I guess." He would have moved from his position on the floor, but the adrenaline had him spinning.
  14. After the extraction, Wayne took a deep breath and was able to change form again, but this time into a black and white housecat. He had a hard time controlling his shifting when he got emotional like now. Cat Wayne gave a small meow as he hopped up on Isua's body and watched as Ash fed his blood to Isua. Gross. Honestly he had no idea what to do with the blood, as he had only eaten the unicorn last week, but he was glad that Ash had figured it out.
  15. Wayne the unicorn whinnied in a fashion as if to say, "I have no idea." He spun in a circle and sat down in the only way a horse could. Wayne didn't have the ability to speak as a unicorn, and he was too flustered to be able to turn back. So there he was, little help, but emotional support. He could be of some more help, but as a horse he could not cut himself to draw blood. He moved over to August and pushed him with his head, and then moved to Isua's stuff, rummaging around to grab a dagger in his teeth. Hopefully either August or Ash would have gotten the message.
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