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  1. Dan was quickly relieved of any worry by the ancient power when it, she, whatever, said that their children separate around this time. Which, so long as both parties were find with it, so was he. It then expressed curiosity towards him, and Soldier 76 did a splendid job of failing to adequately explain him to the Great One. Foreigner wasn't inaccurate, but he wasn't even from this dimension, let alone the surrounding area. But then again, neither were the Illyrians. And Dan sported FAR less genocide when he arrived than they did, so honestly, he doubted they had ANY room to talk. He was just about to express that he was fine with the exchange, when Soldier 76 had to open his mouth and run dick-first onto Dan's shit list. He had, in fact, not lived with his parents in quite some time now. Since one was dead, and the other was a god. And then patronizing him on top of that. Yeah, Dan was gonna leave this one destitute later. His first instinct was to charge a laser blast and take his stupid head off right there, but he refrained. He pushed his own instincts, along with Genipperteinga's insistances down, and turned back to the great one. "If you're okay with it, then I'm okay with it. No, I am not Illyrain, thank the gods, and Im not even Valucrean. You're quite astute, I can respect that. No, I'm from a different dimension completely. One full of monsters to kill, oblivious mortals, and gods that are...Just an absolute joy to be around. You haven't lived until you've heard Apollo talk about himself and sing his own praises for 87 straight minutes." He paused. "To clarify, Im being sarcastic. Most of the gods in my universe are just the worst kind of people. I would know, One of them is my dad. He's... less of a prick than some of the others, but he's not the picture of fatherhood." He then realized that Soldier 76 had not given him anything to do, or if he did, Dan didn't hear it because he stopped listening to him so he wouldn't be tempted to separate his body parts. So instead, he took out his crystal and spoke into it. "Alright. Everyone who isnt on the ship, get what you were getting, and go back. You wait for me there. And if you see some dipshit in a mask on the way, kill him." Elsewhere, Dan's familiars would hear their orders, finish their gathering, and return to the ship as commanded. Dan returned his eyes to the Great One. "So, since you're probably the best conversation Im gonna get here, any other questions?"
  2. Except since Mass heal isnt a free action, I'm prolly gonna edit the attackingness on Noleroleon out.
  3. EpicNotQuiteAsGoodAsGreece put 'thanks' as his reaction to my post. We all gonna die.
  4. Oooh i mustv confused that with advanced buff. Ill fix it soon as Im done with irl things.
  5. Dan, admittedly, was not paying attention. That was why the attacks that came at him out of nowhere for no reason caught him off guard. The first one, a sword slash, Dan barely had time to move out of the way of, just enough to where it made a shallow slash into his arm, rather than a deep one in his chest. He winced, both in pain, and at the embarrassment of letting something like THIS hit him. The halberd attack went similarly. It was swung in a wide arc, which Dan was able to dodge also, but it cut into his back as well. That. Was a mistake. Not on Dan's part. While not a whip, the stinging pain in his back still triggered the boy to a lesser extent. He didn't turn into an enraged, rabid killing machine however. No, this was a bit... different. "Oh. You wanna play, do ya?" A sinister smile formed on his face. "Alright then. Let's play, bitch." The wind picked up suddenly, and those sensitive to it would feel Dan's power spike. His hair would start changing from the roots up, until it had turned into a shimmering gold color, and stood up, completely defying gravity's weak, pitiful laws. Dan opened his eyes, revealing the brown irises to be a brilliant gold. Then, came the flash of blinding golden light. Though, interestingly, those looking would somehow be able to clearly see what was going on inside. Magic of this caliber was an interesting thing. It seemed his clothing was undergoing the most drastic of changes. Where he was previously wearing a t-shirt and shorts, Dan was now wearing a full set of golden armor, though minus footwear. His armored greaves stopped right at his ankles. The armor had naturally formed on him a bit at a time, for drama and coolness. First the gauntlets, then the greaves, followed by the waist plate, then the cape, then the shoulder guards, and finally the chestplate. The final product looked something like A smirk formed on Dan's face as he entered his form change for the first time outside of practice. "Don't hold this against me. You asked for it." He opened his right hand, palm up. "But you see, we have places to be, therefore we don't have much time. So-" His eyes narrowed and his smirk grew, malice very clear in his face. "I'll wrap this up fast." Dan closed his eyes, and suddenly pointed 2 fingers up together, and a cyclone exploded beneath Chastity, spiraling her upward with enough force to tear through armor with only moderate effort. After that, he simply pointed one finger in Chastity's direction. He opened one eye, his smirk widened, and he fired a beam from the tip of his index finger, to go right through Chastity's head. He smiled, satisfied with the kill, before popping a vial from his pocket. The contents evaporated immediately upon contact with the air, and Dan took control of the air around it. He then dispersed the vapor to himself and others. This would heal them, or it was supposed to. It did in every test he'd performed on it. No better place for final test of a product than in the field, right? But then, he realized something else. These were allies, and likely meant something to someone who wasn't him. While of course, Dan cared very little about the members of the Order, Fiddle-de-tee probably took this pretty badly. This irritated him slightly, and looked into the surrounding darkness, at Noleron, one who seemed to be plaguing Khakis, who Dan abruptly realized was here. Khakis was his.... well, friend? Maybe? Somewhere between friend and acquaintance? Dan was...not entirely sure where they stood, but they were above neutral ground, which made her an ally of his. And no one fucks with Dan Palmer's allies. "....You. Whatever your name is." He looked right where he sensed Noleron was. "You gonna actually do anything yourself, or do you plan to let your minions fail at doing all the work while you hide like a little bitch?" He spread his arms slightly at his sides. Whether this was a pose or a taunt was difficult to guess.
  6. ......I have no idea what all the names are about, but I get the gist. Great. Targeting the youngest protagonist. You really are a jrpg villain.
  7. D: Oh come on, already with- I'll read it when I get in tomorrow morning, perfect thing to do while boiling oneself alive in an epsom salt bath.
  8. I can post on Tuesday. .....I am so lost, whats going on here? Maybe I'm just sleepy, but I read over the Rome posts, and I still have no idea whats going on. Nothing is registering for me. Plz halp 😞
  9. I can post on Tuesday presently, unless they decide to make me work then too. Sorry for the delay.
  10. Sry I am the late Ad YAAAY Khakis is with Dan again! I'll address this in my next post, since I cant be arsed to change it right now!
  11. The delusion Dan was under; being back in time, back in that Coliseum from before, melted away. Dan's mind was in a state of chaos. As he was trying to calm himself down, some jackass appeared in the darkness, and taunted one of the others here, in classic JRPG villain style. He said something about facing truths they'd buried or something? Dan wasnt paying attention. The guy that introduced himself as Noleron, who undoubtedly had silver hair, was remarkably strong, likely had some sort of past trauma leading him to become a villain that wants to destroy the world, or the thought that destroying it was healing it or some such thing, the one that basically welcomed them to his humble abode, and monologued about nonsense all of maybe one of them understood. The JRPG villain stereotype was almost complete. All that was missing was the main antagonist bursting out into evil laughter for no reason. Instead, he did the cool villain thing where he snapped his fingers and vanished, insinuating that they would meet again. Dan sat down again and breathed. It was difficult at first, but he focused his mind. Within a few minutes, he returned to his usual self. He wasnt in the arena. This was now, not 2 years ago. Now completely sane again, Dan was ready to deal with whatever else this backwards ass country had. All he knew at this point was that there had better be something amazing at the end of this Yh'mi expedition to make all this worth it.
  12. Try again. Meditation 2. Thank fuck. Jesus.
  13. Roll for meditation in Everything into the Dark. Are you. For REAL.
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