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  1. Dan felt around with his power sense, and found a huge magical signature off in the distance. Using his newly returned speed, he raced across the desert, and soon arrived at the source: A hole appeared in the pocket dimension. "Ya gotta love it when the gods just hand it to you." There was a problem of course. When wasn't there? But this one was the large number of... admittedly powerful inmates. Dan was confident he could take a good number of them, but most likely not all of them without having to bail. On top of that, the guards were responding to the break out, some of them ordering the inmates to stay where they were. Dan had no idea why in the hell they thought that would work. But, guard stupidity aside, some were still reacting violently. So outright fighting was not going to work. Thankfully, Dan Palmer always had alternatives. This one, was very simple. Dan dissolved his body into air, and simply slipped through the hole. One half of that he was quite familiar with thanks to Leo. But instead of his cute, hopefully shirtless boyfriend, Dan slipped into a mess of guards, inmates, and guards fighting inmates. So, he flew higher up, and rematerialized. Naturally, he had a plan. Dan was the man with the plan in this land, understand? He laid back in the air like the cocky little shit he is, and addressed them. "Evening, officers. Have I been a bad boy?" Simple as that. Cocky, condescending, taunting, reminiscent of Bayonetta, the works. After which, he used the power of the Sappho Tellus Seed again, blasted the entire group in front of the hole away from it, making the exit completely clear. "Come on out boys, its playtime!!" Oh hey. We're hijacking the plot choices again. Never done that before. "Hijacking the huh? What'r you talkin' about?" Nothing, don't worry about it.
  2. No, I have a post swirling about. Juuust waiting for it to take form.
  3. 😞 Every time I come to type a post, my mind blanks. Idk what to have Dan do. Halp D:
  4. Hmph. The snow didnt work. And there were no walls. That... was irritating. But, she kindly stated that this was simply survival. Which was fine with Dan. If there was one thing Dan was good at, it was stealing. And fighting. And leading. But also surviving. This may be all in his head, which was fine. The thing was, it would be much easier to find the way out of there WERENT disgusting writhing maggots everywhere. And the Queen's offspring could also be dealt with. Heyooooo! And because inspiration has abandoned him, the writer could not come up with the eight thousand word long epics the others were some-fucking-how able to pull out. So, Dan directed laser blasts from all 10 fingers, running through maggot after maggot, like a laser light show. When the maggots were dead, theyd find a way out. And so, the Maggot Genocide began.
  5. Dan will be sure to comment about how Charlie's mega dick jumped to attention when a barefooted teenage boy was forcing something down his throat.
  6. Dan's face was contorted, trying to not laugh. It was time for Cinderblock to do his job, and he did so dutifully. The problem was, Dan was devilishly ticklish. So while this was humiliating for Cinderblock, which was good, and it was something Dan enjoyed on multiple levels, but it was also a bit on the torturous side. He had been attempting to find a way to breach this place's security for quite a while now. All of his attempts, however, had come up empty. He had a gang now, and everyone knew not to mess with him, but he REALLY needed to get out of here soon. Otherwise, Leo would come and save the day, and would probably not let Dan forget it for a good few months at least. As far as the conditions of the prison; honestly, the Coliseum was worse. This was by no means pleasant, but Dan wasn't going to go insane, begging to be released. He led a gang, so there was certainly those prospects working for him. Furthermore, word seemed to spread pretty quick about the teenager in the prison. Dan himself had spread some rumors to help keep challenges to him at a minimum. About how he was a demon that they locked up here to keep him from obtaining his 100th soul. About how he was a mad alchemist who they imprisoned after they found his countless human experiments. About how he was a demigod from another dimension and obtained ludicrous power after staying in Valucre. Funnily enough, that last one was true. As Cinderblock finished up, Dan suddenly felt a tremendous surge of power all at once. He felt his Tellan powers returning, his abilities from the Christmas incident, his incredible speed, all coming back. Dan had a wicked grin on his face. It looked like his way out had just showed itself to him and was doing a little dance, just so he'd notice it. At that moment, Cinderblock stood up, as Dan began walking away. He utilized one of his many powers, and conjured a large battleaxe and raised it up. He had had enough of this little bastard. He humiliated him, he stole his gang from him, he made him lick his feet every single day, after being barefooted through all of it. Finally, it was time for vengeance. Or it would be, if Dan couldn't feel every movement in the air around him. He detected every one of Cinderblocks movements, but decided to have some fun. "Cinder. You wouldn't be trying to attack me, would you?" This caused Cinderblock to pause. And when he did, Dan jerked his thumb over his shoulder, and shot a beam through Cinderblock's right kneecap. He turned and walked back to him, who was now on the ground, screaming in burning pain. "Did you forget what I do to traitors, Cinderblock? Why don't I remind you?" Dan show another one through his left knee, crippling both of Cinderblock's legs. "I'll offer you a deal If you can manage to get out without being killed, you can rejoin us. If not... Im sure Hades will like the company." And with that, Dan walked away. He had long decided that this place could not be allowed to continue to exist. It was WAY too difficult to escape. Thankfully, its destruction was just handed to him and the other inmates. This. Was going to be fun.
  7. No like, Dan's dad is god of travelers, so he has a nearly flawless internal compass ability, but things like this mess with it. Aah, Dan loves tormenting Cinderblock like that, despite being insanely ticklish. The vamp being in there and experimented on sounds alright. :)
  8. I had ta take multiple breaks reading that. My adhd..... MY ADHD!!!!!!! One 'i' )The stuff with leo and the mechs and familiars and such was flavor text. He isn't going to be more than something Dan mentions. Maybe he'll contact him when he leaves at the end of the thread, saying that everything was fine and he's coming back, but thats the extent. I just don't like leaving holes in plots I make, and if a month went by and Dan didn't get out, Leo wouldn't just sit there moping. Plot hole. Iz bad. That being said, it hasn't been a month, and Leo isn't coming. Two 'i's) I was not aware of the prison type... I just imagined a huge metal barely cleaned facility like a massive, somewhat futuristic, dark prison complex. So I figured sole shield was needed to prevent damage. If it isn't needed, like theres no chance of burning, I can remove it. Three 'i's) Eh. Cinderblock is just someone I made up to make Dan a gang leader in a short time. He isn't at all important, the fight was trivial because Cinderblock was trivial. I have no intention of brushing things aside here. And if things change around, Dan's internal compass won't work. Idk if that is explicitly stated in his bio, but it falls under the things that mess with it. Four 'i's) To be perfectly honest, the crime family is something I came up with on the spot. Pretend assimilation is fine, provided the Serpents' loyalties don't change. Five 'i's) Well, the ones that I've worked with can go in the sun, I think. Purebloods are the most powerful of vampires, and so their blood is the most potent. The usual, incredible strength, speed, reflexes, etc. Other powers are up to controller's discretion. Go wild, lets make this a spectacle! Six 'i's) Oh. Dan wants out. But he also, to his mild dislike, has grown somewhat attached to the gang he stole -I mean.... Yeah stole. So he wants to make sure that they'll continue to be his gang, but he has very pressing matters and can't stay. He CAN come back every so often, and will. But main goals; Make sure the Serpents will remain loyal and safe, and leave.
  9. Oooooooh. (funnily enough, I was actually going to feature a Mandalorian ripoff as being one of the only ones Dan did not defeat, and being the one to take Leo)
  10. As ya wish. Lemme boot up my bounty hunter ripoff characters real quick... This will also require creative thinking so I'll do this at maybe 4 or 5 my time, yeah?
  11. I only wanted to use a cool sounding word to draw people into the story. (it totally works) It wasn't an effortless decimation, it was like 10 or more on 1. Even when he busted out his 1st super form, they still hit hard. I can elaborate more on the story later, about how cool it was and such, after my intermittent fasting allows me to eat and think more creatively, if ya want.
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