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  1. A Religious Robbery [Class B Quest]

    Dan grinned. "Yeah. I could've done that. But that wouldn't have been as fun." Dan looked and saw that they were good to go. Which was fortunate as they didn't have time to wait anymore. "Alright. Lets get-" Dan was cut off as he heard something coming. He peeked back down the hallway and saw a whole horde of clergymen coming. So that's where everyone was. At the Chapel of Nine Altars. These guys must have been late. Dan came back around the corner, rapidly picking up speed. "Move move move move, people are coming, lets GO. Follow me if you aren't sure where to go." Dan rocketed down the Cloister and made a sharp left turn before slowing his pace in front of the Cloister Court. There wasn't anyone inside, but there were several people inside the Refectory to his right. Dan's disguise apparently worked, as one of the people inside saw him and came up to him rather quickly. "Good evening, sir. You arrived a few minutes early, and we are not entirely ready for service yet. You can have a seat though, and we will see to you as soon as we can." Dan thought fast. "Um... No thank you, I'm feeling a bit nauseous right now. I'll just... sit on the stairs for a bit." The man regarded Dan, and seemed convinced enough. "If you insist. I do hope you recover soon." "So do I, mate." Dan left, continuing down, skirting past the Frater house with a bit of increased speed, not wanting another encounter. He exited the other side and hid behind the wall, waiting on the others to get there. While he did, he went over the map again. Unneeded, but he was paranoid about getting lost. He studied it again. It looked like the only thing before the Abbots House is the Cloister Passage. Dan forced himself to calm down. Now was not the time to get excited.
  2. The Headmistress of Bronte wants escorts.

    Quick and easy money? Dan would like this, despite it not involving theft.
  3. Thy Self, Consumed.

    Can I join this one with Jet?
  4. [Quest] Forsaken hope

    I was hoping not. I like difficulty. Adversity is good for character progression.
  5. [Quest] Forsaken hope

    Hmmm, going to a den of evil despicable people? Possible bloodshed? Pissing off a god? Damien would LOVE to be part of this.
  6. A Child's Nightmare [Quest]

    Dan was simply walking down the street. Yep. Simply walking down the street. Also nicking the wallets of anyone close enough to him to get to without being noticed. He then noticed an open tavern, and decided to duck inside before people start to notice their missing stuff while he was in sight. This would also give him a prime spot to count up the goods. Once inside, Dan was greeted by the deafening sounds of absolute silence. This... was highly unusual. I thought taverns were full of noisy drunk people beating the shit out of each other. Hm. Dan then noticed a wall of missing posters. Normally, he wouldn't so much care, except that all of them were kids. This struck a serious nerve, and Dan decided he was getting involved. He walked up to the bartender, who was busy cleaning a pristine glass with no need for cleaning whatsoever. "Yo, uh, what's with all the missing kids?" In RPGs, barkeeps were always the go to for information on this kind of thing. "............." Was the response he got. The bartender jammed a thumb at the drinks menu. Nice guy. Evidently, he wanted Dan to buy something. Wait what? What's the legal drinking age here? Dan decided that it didn't matter, apparently. However, he knew literally nothing about alcoholic drinks. So he went with the first thing that popped into his head from a movie he saw once. "Umm, a martini. With gin of course. Stirred for 10 seconds while glancing at an unopened bottle of vermouth." The bartender's eyebrow cranked up like a drawbridge, but he got busy. Dan had the drink in a few moments. Dan payed the bartender, and went to sit down, preferably far away from the useless bartender. He sipped at the martini, and his toes curled in horrendous disgust. But he tried very hard to keep his face normal. He had already payed for this after all, and 2 others were here. He didn't want to look dumb, especially after taking interest in a missing kids wall. He decided to wait and see if the others were also interested. One seemed really excited about missing kids. ..... Thats.... a little weird. The other was a woman. Kinda reminded Dan of Artemis. She kept staring at the wall. Definitely interested. Dan kept sipping at the martini, fully aware that his toes were not unclenching any time soon, and started thinking about how so many kids could vanish so easily.
  7. A One Night Plan

    Damien blinked in shock. How did- I look like a commoner, EXACTLY like one. How in the blood-soaked Gaianist HELL did she- Damien dispelled the disbelief. It had also seemed like she was close to figuring out what he is, in addition to his status. Seeing as how some vampires were slow on the uptake to identify his vampirism, this human was either the real deal, or inconceivably lucky. The Moon. Danger, Darkness, Terror, and Deception. Fair enough. The Sun. Material happiness. Again, fair enough. Death. End, Mortality, Destruction, Corruption. This one puzzled him. Though, if one wanted to get technical about it, he was technically dead already. A drink and food. Really. Someone who seems very much likely to be an actual tarot reader, wanted that, knowing full well that he's..... Lemme get this straight. You know I'm loaded. And I asked YOU your asking price, and you ask for shitty food and shitty drinks in a shitty bar? Humans were so weird. "I'll do you one better. If you want, you can do whatever business you need to here, and you -and you too, dude.-" Damien looked at Salvine. "- and we could go back to my place. You wouldn't believe the spread the guys back home can make. My parents won't mind. We don't bite." "..... Well, no. Thats not true. But so long as I tell them you're guests, you'll be fine. If you'd rather not, thats fine too, I guess."
  8. A Religious Robbery [Class B Quest]

    Dan bit back laughter. The Aphrodite kids back home would have a stroke if they saw this. "Looks good. You 'rock' that outfit dude." Oh what sweet lies Dan weaved. And such terrible puns. Seemed like his boyfriend was rubbing off on him. Oh well. At least Benjamin found one that fit him. He was the one he was worried about finding a fit, with his massive muscle mass. "Okay. Jasper, hide em and get changed, we're on a time limit now." Dan started hauling the one that Ben didn't get back to where he hid the first 3 he took down. After looking to see that no one else was coming, and Dan wondering why, he hid the unconscious clergyman in the bushes outside with the others. Afterward, he went back to rejoin the others, and lend another hand if need be. Elsewhere, Frederick decided that this simply was not a good idea, turned around, and used his elemental control to fly out over the wall, checking to ensure that the guards were not facing him, not wanting to doom the others inside already, and out over the mines. He then started back up the mountain and didn't look back.
  9. Thieves Wanted For a Holy Heist

    Alright. Lightning has not posted in some time, and Not even been to the site since the 21st of September. I have written him out of the quest.
  10. A Child's Nightmare [Canon Quest]

    This seems like something Dan would be into. Can I join you?
  11. The Tarot Girl

    Sooo, is there post order, or does everyone go once and you reset with your post?
  12. The Tarot Girl

    Eh. I kinda finished mine with the idea that she would see that Damien is a noble but trying to keep it low when he's out when she reads the present part for him.
  13. The Tarot Girl

    Id be down to keep going, but I also have all the patience of a 4 year old lately so.... Bias.
  14. The Tarot Girl

    ...... Okay, it's my piece of trash laptop then. Good to know.
  15. The Tarot Girl

    For the record, I have no idea why it says you put that up 3 hours ago in my quote. SixShots.