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  1. Pleasure to be of assistance. This is Hollows plan. The quick version. Agent 69 coughs up that the poison is strictly non-lethal, and Joker gives him the cure for Arsene's Fell Bite as promised. It will come in two injections, one silver, and one ruby red. He will then kindly let you escape, later revealing that the silver injection was NOT to prep your body for the experimental version of the [REDACTED], but a vial of Oracle patented magitech nanobots, that will (only) enable Oracle to pinpoint Agent 69's location at any time. This will have no bearing on anything, until you want Agent 69 and Dan to meet up again. If an IC reason is important to you, its so that Oracle will receive an alert if Agent 69 is anywhere near Dan. The [REDACTED] will work, you won't have any residual damage, and all will be fine.
  2. Kay, My post and judgement will both be a bit late. Work has just started up, I'll have them by Wednesday at the latest. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. Remember Joker can fly, so trying to swim away will likely just end with him flying after you in order to get the cure. And also to administer the thing that will keep his body from falling apart from Arsene's effect. I DO have an idea of how you could get away with it, though....
  4. Dan grinned when they reached the door. "Alright then. Stand back Wraith, and watch a Master at work." First, Dan set a little card down. It was in the shape of a golden rod, with a red orb at the top. Two green snakes curled up the rod. It was Dan's calling card. A Caduceus; the symbol of his father. Dan stepped toward the door, and completely disappeared. He had dissolved into air, and slipped through the door. Oddly, the other side seemed to be completely tiled. He reformed, and his bare feet touched the ground. The tile was cold, and completely smooth. Dan stopped gawking, and got an idea. An idea that made him grin. "Okay. I'm on the other side. I.... can't see a way to open it. Hold on, I-" That was a lie, there was an obvious handle right there. "Wait, what ar-" Dan banged on the door, making a banging sound on it. "Ga- Fuck! Etha-" Dan covered his mouth and yelled into his hand, slowly petering off, until he went quiet. He turned the handle, and opened the door. The second it started to open, he disappeared again, and waited for Ethan to walk inside.
  5. Fool! You think you can beat ME, me?! Do you not know who I am? If you do not-..... I will be very confused. Ha! I KNEW I couldn't possibly lose to ME!
  6. Alright Me, its just Me and Me. Lets see if Dan can dodge the hound, bring it on, Me!
  7. Now, Vs @Fierach. FINALLY someone beats me naturally.
  8. Vs @Veloci-Rapture, let's see if the buffs will be enough. Well.... If you use every single bit of it, yeah....
  9. @EpicRome23 I actually kinda feel bad about that.
  10. Hound d20 to pin Ilene. Wow. Are you actually serious.
  11. Due to complications on Firearch's end, I'll edit my post to match this one. This. Once.
  12. Alright little childrens, if I missed anything, lemme know.
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