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  1. Leo stopped and looked around. A voice was speaking to him out of nowhere. The cogs in Leo's head started accelerating rapidly. They were getting a dangerous criminal If Spaggiari spoke truly, it was the Gaian Clergymen. And there was only one reason they'd be here. Taking Dan. However, if they were STILL here, that would mean Dan hadn't flown off or escaped when he VERY easily could have. Which meant.... Leo tried to contain himself. Dan must be playing the lot of them. Baiting them into capturing him to give him a free trip to Terrenus so that he could get the difficult to obtain ingredients. Leo then got a bit upset, as he knew WHY Dan was doing this way too. It was so that Dan wouldn't have to bring him to any dangerous places. Despite him telling Dan repeatedly that he isn't a fragile butterfly. But, just as quickly, it died down. He knew Dan meant well, and is afraid of something happening to him. He could hardly blame him for that. Leo began weighing his options. He could push on anyway and force them to capture him too. Not only is that a tremendous turn on for him, he'd be able to be with Dan. But... Dan would be immeasurably upset with him if he did that. It would also require more work on his part to get them BOTH out of prison. And if they tried to torture him for information, Dan would go ballistic and slaughter them all, then probably feel really guilty about it after a few days. On top of that, if they found the hideout... Well, even if it WAS impossible, Dan and his paranoia would want it locked down. No, Leo knew what he had to do. "A voice? From nowhere?..... Dad? That you? Come home! We miss you!" Wait no.... That wasn't what he was supposed to do.... "Oh.... well... Any idea when It'll be wrapped up? I need to go to the Apothecary. ...Ah whatever. I'll just come back later." Leo pivoted his feet, and dug his toes into the indents on the hoverboard. "Execute 180. Awesome level." The hoverboard hopped into the air, and spun Leo around no less than three times, before he landed facing the opposite direction. "Later, weird stupid soundin' voice in my head!" Leo took off back in the direction he came from, doing several cool tricks along the way. He would act like a teen boy going about his skating routine for a bit, before heading back home. He had something VERY important to do. It was a strange thing. It seemed that the Head Pedophile just... vaporized the earth on him, and used it to encase Dan while he was air. That was odd, he could have sworn... Don't worry about it kid. More timelines were made recently than in Zelda. ....What? Don't worry about it. Just get out of the marble. If Dan had tangible eyes, they would have rolled. Fine, he'd get out of it. All at once, the air inside the hollow earth rematerialized into a teenage boy. The small marble could not handle the sudden increase in mass, and shattered with half a second of resistance. Dan looked at the lot of them with immense disdain. They had tried to contain him in a small marble. Further, he sensed Leo not far off, along with the presence of a pedophile. And on top of all that, the unique Fiddler Diddler saw fit to encase him in a light cage. Just like with.... And that, was the thing that drove him over the edge. "Alright. Fine. No more games. No more tag. Whaddaya say we have some real fun-" Dan closed his eyes, and when he opened them, his irises had turned a crimson red. Dan's expression changed from barely contained anger and a Trickster's debonair expression, to.... something else. Faux Affably Evil would be a term for it. Though, if one looked and listened VERY closely, one would still hear the madness tucked inside him. "- Herr Diözese." Inside his mind, Dan was a bit confused. Genipperteinga hadn't donned a german accent before... Not since the first time he appeared to Dan. What could have triggered this version? He looked around. "Mm. Magic Mike und ze fair Fräulein are here as vell. How very convenient. Now I can slaughter ze lot of you all at once." He floated to the edge of the light cell, and tapped it with his knuckle. "Let me guess. You sink zat ZISS vould be enough to contain me? Ach, mein sveet, Summer childt-" He narrowed his look directly at Michael, and though his expression nor body language didn't change, Mikey would probably be able to feel the overwhelming malice emanating from... whoever this was now, as it was obviously not Dan. He opened his hand, and a blue wisp trail emanated from it, gathering in a point to His right. After about a second, something appeared. He had used conjuration magic to summon.... It occurred to both of them that Dan had yet to name these things. Oh well. A job for a later day. "-Nein." The conjured construct opened its maw, and fired a blue beam of highly concentrated mana, impacting the wall. It took but a moment, and that wall shattered. He dispelled the creation, and floated out, but did so taking steps, simulating walking on air. "I know zat Hollow said no killink in ziz sread, but to Hell vis Hollow's rules! Ze lot of you deserve to be killdt by me." His pupils dilated slightly. "Yes, Genipperteinga vill make you all into GLORIOUS art." He looked at Imogen next, addressing him specifically. "Und you. You haff been VERY naughty. Ve hadt MANY more cards ve couldt have played, but ve seem to have nearly run out of time. Zat, und the fact zat if ve continued, it vould just be you und Hollow auto-countering each ozzer vis constantly lengsening titles for it, until zere vere more alternate timelines zan in Doktor Who. Und by ze vay, I understand you are lookink for ze one who mutilated your man in ze Abbey und turned into a fine bit of bratvurst meat, ja?" He spread his arms wide, a gesture for 'Look at me!'. "Vell! Here I am! Und if I had sings MY vay, I vould have emptiedt your entire abbey! Unfortunately, Herr Palmer regainedt control before I couldt exterminate your Geistliche. But, zat doesn't mean I cannot start again, ja? You vere kindt enough to bring me many Geistliche to play vis, after all." As He spoke, all people present would feel the wind picking up to dangerous levels. The makings of a tempest. Roofs began to fall apart, weaker buildings began to move dangerously, and people who had any sense were running for cover. This, most likely, did not include the Pedo Lord, the Cougar Queen, and the Fiddler Diddlers. "Shall ve begin?"
  2. Oh very well, if silliness on Dan's part must be had.... Maybe.... Lemme sleep on this idea for it, I'm not sure about it.
  3. Oh there won't be THAT much silliness. Maybe a LITTLE. He's a son of Hermes after all. But mostly coolness.
  4. I've already got an idea of what to do to cause an escape. About 83% done in my head. Hollow always thinks ahead. Fuck me that picture's huge. Lemme just...... There we go.
  5. No no, the entire point of Dan not flying off the second he saw the lot of you in yer shit brown robes is cuz this is free passage to Terrenus, and he gets to show up the prison again. :P Dan has to go to Terrenus anyway to get the hardest ingredients for [REDACTED] and having escaped Terran prison again is the perfect reason for him to be in the neighborhood. Better than the generic "Oh, I gotta go there, rent a boat or an airship".
  6. Oh, and don't lose any sleep. Dan will still be cracking jokes and hurling insults at the end of it. He just wants to make Himself known. Just to be in the thread in some way.
  7. Very well. Leo got away to initiate Code Yellow, so I in turn, will concede that much. But, before all of the things resolve, I think it fitting to show Imogen who exactly it is that killed the clergyman. Partly because I found some fitting music for this version of Him, partly because I think it'd fit in the drama themes, and also because I wanna use the german accent thing, and who knows when it'd fit thematically for Him to take this version again. And as for carted off....Imogen and the Fiddler Diddlers are still gonna do it right? To Terrenus?
  8. An inch thick, huh? So, if the air inside suddenly became a 14 year old boy, a piece at a time, I assume it wouldn't hold up?
  9. But, on that note anyway, He wasn't going to help. Even if the exchange had been made, Dan would have demanded he go back home to initiate Code Yellow. So still no evidence of helping him escape.
  10. Yes, mein Thot. However, due to the time stream changing, and there being no exchange between the two boys, there is no evidence to suggest that he was doing so. Which would be unlawful arrest, which is a no-no.
  11. It does have weapons, yes. However they are not visible yet, as Leo has not spoken the key words to arm it yet. Also, exactly how thick is this 'marble' you speak of?
  12. Attacking an innocent boy. Supernal-senpai you should be ashamed of yourself.
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