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  1. We Are All Mad Here

    Lucas had reached somewhere close to where he left Orion, when he heard him talk. Ah, no. Numbuh 007 does NOT lose allies. Not without some SERIOUS resistance first. He had wanted to tell Orion about this before he showed it off, but... Oh well. Lucas concentrated hard on a single image. As one of the spiders reared up to deliver his fatal strike to Orion, a roar sounded through the stairwell before a fully grown tiger slammed into the spiderman. The cat had torn the spider man's throat out in one massive bite before they had finished landing. When the tiger turned, the last remaining spider was well and truly terrified. It turned to scuttle away, and was very fast in doing so. Faster than a tiger... Nah. The striped feline ran back up the stairs and pawed it down. It then pounced onto the arachnid, and stared at its eyes, just to see the unbridled terror. This kitty however, had no intention of playing with its prey at all. It tore the spider in half from the waist up. Finally, it turned to Orion. It opened it's mouth... "Can I not leave you alone for 5 minutes?" The tiger stood on its hind legs, and started to change. Mainly shrinking. It's fur gave way to skin. Claws became fingernails and toenails. Kitty features became boyish features. In under 10 seconds, the tiger had turned back into Lucas. Lucas beamed at him. "I leave for just a few minutes, and you already get backed into a corner by spider people. You would make a terrible bad guy." Oh well. At least he hadn't cowered in a whimpering ball. Lucas would give him that much.
  2. Ruin has come to Ashville

    Wait... Memories, he understood. But something that took WORDS from you? That was impossible. As Jet read the list, this was confirmed. He had never heard of any of these words before. And that wasn't just because they were written in whatever tongue this planet had, either. "So it has no shape. No color. And no name. No one knows what it looks like. ... This is sounding like it's going to be almost impossible." It wasn't his fault. Jets were not known for being optimistic. Or gentle with their words. "So where do we even start then?"
  3. We Are All Mad Here

    Giant spiders. Of course. At first there were 4. Lucas decided to make them split up if they were going to attack, which it looked like they were going to. He ran up the stairs, and two followed him. When he made it to the next floor, he burst into a room that could have been a lookout, with its large wall windows looking out at the city. Lucas turned to face the spiders that followed, and there were suddenly a lot more of them there. He counted at least 5 up there with him. Lucas took out his S.C.A.M.P.P. with his S.P.I.C.E.R., and shot at one. The spider he shot at showed much more speed than he was hoping it had, and dodged. It crawled across the floor with alarming speed, and was upon him in seconds. Lucas dodged to the left and fired both weapons, holding down the S.P.I.C.E.R.'s trigger and pumping the S.C.A.M.P.P.'s blasting the spider against the wall. When he turned around, another was already on top of him. It knocked him over, and reared up, about to take his head. Lucas froze. His instincts were paralyzed. This thing was gonna.... Then a shot rang out. Before Lucas could react, the spider's brains were painted all over the place. Lucas was in shock. He knew that sound. When he looked into the stone wall by the staircase, sure enough, there was something small and round embedded inside. A marble. One with a rainbow swirl inside of it. There was only one weapon in existence that made that sound and fired that ammunition. And only one person alive that used it. Numbuh 009. The greatest sniper in the organizations history. The Sniper of Sector O. Nicknamed Deadeye. Lucas was about to signal him, and remembered there were 4 more spiders that wanted very much to eat him. But, there was a way to make absolutely sure this was Numbuh 009. The spider Lucas opened fire on charged him. Lucas did the sensible thing and charged back. He then dropped when he was good and close, and slid under it. Once under, he pushed upward with his legs, and launched it upward. Sure enough, another shot rang out, and the spider's head exploded. Lucas was positive now. This was him. Eric Hathcock. He remembered his older brother James always snickered when he said Eric's full name. He had no idea why. At any rate, he now had absolutely no fear. If he had Numbuh 009 covering him with a sniper, there was nothing that could touch him. 3 left. Lucas opened fire on another. It dodged his S.P.I.C.E.R. beam, but he led the thing with his S.C.A.M.P.P., and hit it square in the face. While it was blinded, he popped a Ghost pepper in, and fired his S.P.I.C.E.R. again. He kept going until the nasty thing's head was a molten mess and it was twitching all gross. The final two leapt at him. Lucas made an educated guess, and moved forward and right. Sure enough, that spider's head exploded when another shot rang out, and it passed harmlessly over him. The final spider turned and made a break for it. Lucas got a bit worried. Numbuh 009 couldn't get a kill shot with its back to him like that. But, it seemed he shot anyway. He hit the floor an inch from where the spider would be. This stopped it dead for a moment, and Lucas seized the opening. He leapt onto the spider, and fired both weapons into its head, frying its spider brains.He backflipped off of it to show off to no one in particular, and struck a cool pose, true to form. After holding it for a few seconds, he picked up a stray piece of glass. He then used it to reflect the sun, and make signals in his organizations code. Since adults often knew Morse code, they never used that. Instead, they developed their own. Numbuh 009 answered immediately, and his message was 2-parted. One: "Saved your butt again, Numbuh 007." -__- The second part: "Move to your position?" Lucas signaled back. "Negative. Area is not secure. Follow me with scope. Target is inside this tower. Will signal when safe to approach." More signals immediately. "Roger. Got your back." Lucas was about to turn, before he signaled again. "Have a comrade. Wears a lame burlap robe thingy. Leather wrappings on one of his arms. Adult. Hold fire." He didn't want Numbuh 009 to paint the walls with Orion's brains if he got too close. Numbuh 009 responded a bit later than before. "Adult?" There was a pause. "Roger. But, if he turns hostile to you, I will shoot him." Lucas responded. "If he turns on me, you have full permission. But If I hold up my left hand, its a ruse, or special circumstance. Hold." Response. "Understood." Lucas knew that sounded really paranoid. But he didn't care. He didn't rise to the leader of the Special Ops Sector O by not preparing for any circumstance. He slowly descended the stairs to see if Orion needed aid.
  4. Ruin has come to Ashville

    It was my turn? D: Oops
  5. What are you playing?

    Very soon. Very soon, I will possess God of War 4. I will have it, and it will be mine.
  6. We Are All Mad Here

    Lucas smiled. "Okay! In case you die, my name's Lucas!" Lucas grinned. This guy seemed like a decent adult. He wasn't going to reveal who he really was yet though. Even though he was pretty sure he accidentally did that at the tavern... oops. With a big smile, Lucas ran inside the tower. His S.P.I.C.E.R. was out and ready to melt bad guys' faces. He had been bored for several hours now, he was ready for some action. Lucas covered all the corners and checked above. Nothing on the first floor. He covered the staircase and found that it too was clear. He then decided to wait on Oh Ryan before going further.
  7. A Letter Most Curious

    So he had been right. Of course he had been, he was registering entry points. Ooooh. He was close. Dan was beginning to think he knew already. When the daggers exploded into icy air, Dan let out a yelp, one that definitely showed how young he was. He was not proud of the pitch that hit at all. He started coughing. The air hurt like a bastard. He liked cold, but this was WAY too far. Things started coming fast, nicking his skin, scratching his clothing. He started dodging about, but the cold was dulling his reaction time. Every time he moved against the air it stung. Every time he breathed it stung. He was getting slower. He felt deep gashes appearing on his arms and legs. The spears coming at him had no attacker holding them, it- Calm down. All attacks have an origin point. If an enemy is faster than you, move a step ahead of them. Dan had almost forgotten that one. That was one of the first lessons his old tutor Chiron taught him. Dan had been so used to being faster than everyone else he'd let that one slip from him completely. Ever since day 7 in the Coliseum, there had never been any need. He moved so quickly that he was able undo nearly any attack plan an enemy came up with. Now though... An enemy he couldn't see was attacking with startling speed in impenetrable fog. The training he'd done since the Coliseum commanded him to bound out and run. Dan figured this is how his boyfriend would feel if something ever burned him, or a Poseidon kid started drowning. Terrified. Then he heard someone in his head from before. But this one wasn't a kind old mentor centaur. This was someone he despised. Look, kid. Being afraid is normal. In any battle, the one who claims he isn't afraid is a fool and a liar. The thing that makes a person a fighter is the ability to focus and act through it. Dan remembered shaking a little. Back when he was actually afraid of Ares. He wasn't fond of the memory coming back. But, he was right. Dan breathed, ignoring the pain in his lungs and focused. He caught a movement, and drew his sword. In one motion, he deflected a spear aimed for his shoulder. He followed the direction the movement went, and deflected another. He'd lost sight of the movement, but just enough time passed for him to- Dan turned and bent his body low, guiding a spear from behind away from stabbing into his back. Heathcliff was moving clockwise around him. Attacking in tune to the music. Dan soon settled into a rhythm, deflecting them, but then they stopped. And he spoke again. About his next attack, and deflecting it. If the key was to be ahead of his opponent, how could he possibly manage to to that when he couldn't see- Then it hit him. Heathcliff could see him. The song was reaching its end, one that Dan knew of, since the Athena and Apollo kids played classical music almost on repeat when they wanted to calm down. Dan's mind was racing almost faster than he himself. The sing was ending. As it ended, it would end in a dead stop. And if Heathcliff was ahead of Dan and watching him, he knew he was onto his rhythm. He knew of Dan's speed by now, and thus there was one way to bring Dan to a dead stop from his position. Dan leapt into the air. And not a second too soon. The spears clashed against each other and exploded into ice shards. All but one, that is. In his haste, knowing he didn't have a whole lot of time left, he had leapt upwards at an angle. When he did, one of the spears embedded itself in his foot. After all of that, he still hadn't thought fast enough. As he landed, he choked back a pained yelp. Due to the immense cold, Dan was positive this wasn't hurting nearly as much as it should have been. Kill him. KILL HIM. He deserves it, he tried to KILL us! Dan ignored the sound of his own voice in his head. The identical, but slightly more raspy version of his voice belonging to The Other Guy. He ignored him, and suppressed him. While he was doing so, he sincerely hoped that Heathcliff had had his fun. It was probably due to his armor amulet that the spear didn't do worse damage, but he doubted he would be able to dodge as effectively until he'd healed it.
  8. Wonderland Resort: T1cs Elemental Team Tournament

    Hollow is the activeness.
  9. Come at me...

    Who summons HollowCipher? Does someone desire combat?
  10. We Are All Mad Here

    Lucas was a bit confused. Sure, the screaming was REALLY annoying, but he didn't think it was THAT bad. But, he did have earplugs. a few sets, in fact. Nothing fancy, no 2x4 earplugs. He took a pair out and handed them to the burlap man. He also then decided to get his team on making some cool 2x4 earplugs when he found them all. He grinned at the chance to show up the other sectors yet again. "Are you gonna fight that screamin' thing? Cuz I sure am." He had absolutely no idea what the burlap man was talking about, something about a whispering night. But, there were monsters involved. And if there were monsters, he had to destroy them for the good of kids everywhere. Well, if he found them, at least. He had a team to find, first and foremost. THEN he could run about the place monster hunting if he liked. But, he was here now, and there was a monster, so he was obligatified to kill it.
  11. We Are All Mad Here

    Lucas decided not to bother with the screamer. It wasn't his problem. Well, until it screeched again. By that time, Lucas was well annoyed with it. At the 3rd scream, he decided that enough was enough. Whatever it was was about to get a taste of Numbuh 007. Lucas' eyes went wide for a moment, and he quickly rephrased that. A taste of his WEAPONRY. Not a taste of HIM. No no no, no one would be eating him. He walked toward the tower, and saw someone. Someone he recognized. The brown, burlap looking cloak. The left hand wrapped in leather for some reason. It was-.... Actually, Lucas realized that he never found out the guy's name. Or gave his own. But that was normal. He didn't much care for others -especially adults- knowing his real name unless they knew him personally. But, he liked this adult. Well, he was indifferent to him, which was a step above most others. He ran over toward him. "Hey! Hey! You're here too?!"
  12. The King's Feast [SS0]

    Roll of Thread Necromancy +1. Quick Cast. (prep: 3) Enough was enough. Dan had had it with this muthahfuckin' Lich in this muthafuckin' city. He snickered at the reference. He'd never even seen that movie. Regardless, Dan took out his shoes and put them on. Immediately wings sprouted from them, and he took off flying at incredible speeds at the Lich. Dan knew this was incredibly stupid, but he was sick of not helping. So, he flew directly at it, intent on plunging his sword directly into the Lich's core. He was fairly sure that would hurt it. If the attack landed, after it did, Dan would push off with his legs and flit out of immediate range again, like a much more dangerous, and slightly more annoying Peter Pan.
  13. Dice Rolling Thread

    Let's see if I can't resurrect the King's Feast and begin the beginning of the end, then. Acceptable.
  14. We Are All Mad Here

    Lucas was just having a stroll. Casually having a walk through the completely deserted city of Valinde, mainly because he was lost on this continent, and for some reason everywhere he went was horrible. There was one city that was teeming with undead and half dead, both of which only came out at night when he was trying to sleep in a previously empty building. He didn't sleep for 48 hours after that, paranoid that they had followed him across to another town or something. There was some other area that he was pretty sure had some kind of twisted black firebirds flying about the sky and blasting everything with fire as black as they are. Lucas steered well clear of those. And of course, there was that tavern. The one with those mutated abominations that worshipped some horrible, sanity draining monster. The one that apparently gave him shapeshifting powers when it died. And now he was in a place that was empty. Just once, he'd like to find a place that was full of people, lively and happy to see him for no reason. One with real food instead of things he found or stole. But, at least this one wasn't covered in twisted things that would try to eat him. At least from what he saw. This was just a place full of broken things, like people had strings of immense bad luck that culminated in death. He knew an operative back home in his plane with a similar affliction. One that he, and pretty much every operative that existed, wished very much that it would just culminate already. Lucas kept wandering about, looking for scrap and stuff he can scavenge into more weapons or gadgets, since he was pretty sure any kind of food he found would be inedible. Then he heard a piercing shriek WAY in the distance somewhere. That almost made him leap out of his skin. Whatever it was, wherever it was, Lucas was now upset with it. And pouting slightly as he attempted to convince himself that he totally didn't just yelp and jump 3 feet straight up in terror.