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  1. =D thats a relief. Hollow is going to be forced to work 3 12 hour days in a row, so I will TRY to have a post up soon. At latest, it will probably be Monday.
  2. @Dolor Aeternum How long is the beast going to be staying? A few rounds at least? Cuz Dan's interaction with the Saboteur is going to take at least 1-2 rounds, I would guess. Worry not though, if it goes how the most likely simulation I ran in my head went, Dan will likely bring the biggest haul. If the island monster stays.
  3. To be fair dear, I woke up about 5 hours ago. I gave you 5 hours longer than what I said I would. No post, no communication, nuthin.
  4. Dan flew into the air upon seeing Santa unleash his energy wave, and saw that Alice did the same...sort of. Both of them were clear of the wave, easily. Then he saw the Maidenstress just standing there like a bellend. Again. He was about to go after her, when he got an idea. A wonderful idea. An awful idea. Dan got a wonderful, awful idea. He unsheathed Godshard, and immediately it started drawing from the magic in the Umbran air. This however, was not what he intended. What he intended was what he did. Dan hurled Godshard at the Maidenstress, accentuating it with a wind explosion, moving it faster, as speed was clearly of the essence. Godshard embedded itself a few feet in front of the woman just as Santa's 'Get Fucked Attack' reached her. As Dan predicted, Godshard devoured the energy wave like Leo did his- Never mind. Therefore, the energy wave just BARELY missed the Maidenstress who seemed to find standing there watching Santa murder her absolutely riveting. Dan looked around the wave dissipated, and EVERYTHING that was in the vicinity was in ruins. Good thing it didnt touch anyone. Godshard meanwhile glowed with incredible power. Dan flew down and grabbed it, then flew at Santa with a horizontal slash, aiming to gut the fatass in one swipe. Santa scowled. These three were beginning to be a particular annoyance. Even the one who just stood there doing sweet fuck all and accepted instant vaporization wasn't harmed because of Palmer's interference. He wasn't going to be able to do that attack again for a good few minutes. Palmer decided to rush him, and his speed was quite impressive. However, Santa easily blocked his attack with his Christmas Lights-saber. With even greater ease, he pushed Palmer's weapon back and swiped himself. Dan was less than keen on finding out what that weapon did to the things it touched, so when he was pushed back, he flipped his body over Santa's attack, and started a flurry. Santa however, seemed more than capable of blocking his attacks, even having time to use one or two of his own every few hits. But, this took Santa's entire concentration to do. Dan REALLY hoped the others caught this. And hoped that maybe the Maidenstress would snap out of whatever delusion she was caught in at literally the worst time.
  5. Oh no no no, Dan is very careful. Experimenting on other things first. Working his way up. And, he's a prodigy at what he does, so none of his test subjects have even died! Of course.... all it takes is ONCE.... But he's pretty sure he's got the formula right.
  6. Yes, actually. He took the Tellus Seed and ate it almost entirely to aid him in destroying the Titans and their tyrannical rule back home to save the other demigods, both in and out of his regiment. He also became a potion master and an alchemist in order to experiment on himself in order to [REDACTED]. All so he could kill the Titans. (backstory alert) They took control of the planet, operate in the US, and have turned the entire world against Dan and his kind, naming them terrorists. When they're caught, theyre either put in Almost-Alcatraz bad level prisons, or in a coliseum to fight every day until they're killed. Dan is nearly single minded in looking to increase his own power, go back home, and wipe the Titans out.
  7. @ticklefarte Well well. Seems Baiden and Dan have a few things in common.
  8. @Thotification Ya got till Hollow wakes up, love. At that point, Hollow will skip and make the postness.
  9. Just saiyan.... Im not the one wot snuck on a highly secure, entirely isolated location thinking I could get away with sabotage...
  10. Okay, does Dan blow the saboteur's nonsense wide open? Why yes. Yes he does.
  11. Is it odd that the Adventure Time closing credits song is what came to mind?
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