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  1. HollowCipher

    Mapping the Depths

    Dan was about to freak, when he saw an armored guy just outright stop the giant deer monster. He wasn't sure how, but that probably hurt. Dan tried to think of something to do, but nothing came to mind. He couldn't attack the beast from his position, and pushing on the other dude would only make things worse. How could he help if he couldn't even- Oh, duh. He kept forgetting he could do that. Dan dissolved himself into the air, and floated to the other side. Behind the deer. He reformed himself, and took out his sword. He flipped it around in his hand into a stabbing stance, and brought it down, directed to go into the deer's head. He did this at an angle so that it would have no chance of harming the other dude on accident. That would be the suck.
  2. HollowCipher

    The Wolf Masquerade

    As the other dude man person whipped it out, wait, it of course meant rifle. No, not THAT kind of rifle, for fucks sake. Dan went into overdrive. As whatshisname was about to pull the trigger, Dan went intangible. But then, he dropped the gun, which probably was not good for it, and if the safety was off it was probably not a good thing to do in general. But, the moment was over, and Dan came back into tangibility. Frygg. Wait, wasn't that a Norse goddess? Whatever. Dan wasn't going to judge just because this guy had a girls name. At Wren's behest, Dan turned his body right side up, and lowered himself to the floor. However, right when his bare feet touched the ground, he leapt back up into the air with a small, high pitched 'yipe!'. The floor was REALLY cold. Dan vigorously rubbed the soles of his feet. "Nope. Sorry. Nuthin' doin'. Not until the place heats up better." As if on cue, Wren suggested a fire. Perfect. Then, he heard that the dragon had trouble moving logs. This logic puzzled Dan immensely. If a DRAGON couldn't move the logs, how in the flying fuck did he expect a scrawny teenager to do it? Then, an idea hit him. Dan concentrated, and focused the air in the room. The logs lifted up into the air, and were carried to the designated area. Dan stopped at about 5. After this, he moved his fingers about a bit. This wasn't necessary, but he was still VERY new to these powers, and this helped him focus on what he wanted to do. Dan altered the air composition surrounding the logs, just barely making an outline around them. "Okay. The logs are covered in oxygen-rich air. One spark, and it'll light for sure." Just in case, he lowered the oxygen level a bit farther away from the logs, just in case he lost control of it. That way the whole place wouldn't go up in flames. Paranoid, sure. But again, Dan was not used to his powers yet.
  3. HollowCipher

    The Wolf Masquerade

    Dan's grin widened. A veteran warrior caught off his guard. He LOVED doing that. When the- wait, DRAGON?!..... When the dragon seemed to threaten him, those in the attic may have noticed a change in the air. Literally. Not just tension, but a sudden shift in the air flow. When everyone calmed, so did the air. The grin did not dissipate. "How? I'm talented. Really long story short; Tellus Seed. Why not use the stairs? Because fuck stairs. Plus, theres no way I can, say, trip over something obvious and fall into someone. Gods that'd be so embarrassing." Dan moved his hand to conjure a treat for the dragon, and realized he knew of no dragon treats. What did those things eat? Sheep? Goats? Cows? Unfathomably cool and dashingly handsome teenage boys? Dan didn't know how to conjure living things yet. "What, is that a hint that I'm not wanted here, or somethin'? Oh well. I hate crowded places when I'm not allowed to pick pockets. So attic it is." Dan floated upward slightly, and stretched out on the...air, crossing one foot over the other in a relaxed position. How very rude of them. Throwing a veiled hint like Dan was being a nuisance when all he did was use the most convenient method of getting up there. And snarling at him, doing that tongue thing that only lizards were supposed to do, not dragons. At least according to Eddie Murphy. Wow, now that Dan thought about it, he had a LOT of dragon experience in his movies. Being one, then marrying and banging one, and- Dan shook the ADHD tangent from his mind. He decided to change the subject, and tried being friendly. He turned counter clockwise and looked at Wren upside down. "I'm Dan. I think I heard your name was Wren?" Then he turned to Frygg, still upside down. "But I don't know yours. What is it?"
  4. HollowCipher

    The Wolf Masquerade

    Dan had arrived with the others, and already didn't like the place. It was cold, even more so than he liked, for one. He had taken an anti-frostbite potion earlier, to make sure his near perpetually bare feet didn't freeze off. Still, this was a bit too cold. As a plus, he didn't have to worry about trench foot like, ever. There was also the looks. All these other people with years of experience were giving him the same looks most adult adventurers did. Like he was too young for this, and they were anticipating babysitting him. Dan scoffed. He had enough adventuring experience, and DEFINITELY had enough skill. He could easily manage something like a wolf hunt. Worst, the room was REALLY crowded, and smelled terrible. Dan was fairly certain he could count on one hand how many people had actually bathed before coming here. He couldn't stand it. It was more crowded than Disney World and smelled worse than Ares Cabin after a workout. Nope. Dan, still kind of getting the hang of this, dissolved himself into the air, and flowed himself upward, away from the people and to the attic. It was unlikely to be as crowded there, and likely not as smelly. As he entered, basically as nigh invisible air, he noticed others there. Someone who had apparently shot the general. Great job, guy. A dude that kind of reminded Dan of Chiron, but a lot less kind and friendly looking, and a....dragon. Dan rematerialized and grinned. "Hey. You guys not wanna be around all those nasty smelling people too?"
  5. HollowCipher

    Malpractice Retribution

    No business. All day. Dr. Florence was livid. When he got out of here, he would start a manhunt for this Phantom Rogue. He closed up like normal, and went home. As he had requested, guards were everywhere. And man, were these professional. They didn't so much as avert their eyes when he approached or walked past. There were two on either side of every single doorway, entrance and exit. There were an additional two in every room's center. All except his, naturally. He wasn't going to have shaved gorillas watching him sleep. Dr. Florence entered his room, and locked the 5 locks on the door. He would leave first thing tomorrow morning. "Nice place." The doctor spun around, looking for the source of the voice. He screamed for his guards. They could EASILY break the door down. They didn't come. Of course they didn't. The paralytic gas administered to them 7 minutes ago saw to that. The doctor was almost foaming. He was spinning around, looking everywhere. "WHERE ARE YOU?!?!" "Boo." The doctor turned, and something flashed across the air. A dagger was in someone's hand. A very young someone. Someone in a mask and really cool looking outfit. The doctor had all of 2 seconds to process this before he collapsed, holding his throat as blood poured from it. With that, the Phantom Rogue left. The next morning, documents would be found, showing that the doctor had been implanting psionic parasites into the populace, and then removing them for the high prices he charged. Naturally, the foreign boy who just came into the town was suspected, but after a HIGHLY intensive search, no one could find anything connecting the two. Dan left as soon as the search was done. As he did, he started hearing several people talking about the Phantom Rogue, and couldn't stifle a grin. When he eventually returned to Umbra, he decided to celebrate a successful job by eating that Tellus Seed he had won at the King's Feast just the other day. He conjured the key to a metal box he kept hidden, and opened it up. Inside sat what looked like a large, light blue apple-looking thing. It had really odd spirals all over it in what Dan thought was an artistic pattern. Dan's little birds had not been able to find out much about these things. They told him they tasted horrible, and bestowed some kind of power on those who ate them. So, Dan decided right then, took a breath, and took a bite of it. Good fucking gods. Dan forced the bite down whole. He couldn't bring himself to chew. He would take the garbage food in the Coliseum prison LITERALLY every time over this. It was EASILY the most horrendous thing he had ever tasted. His little birds would be receiving a lesson on how to properly convey things like this. He was expecting bad, but gods and titans that was horrible. It occurred to Dan that he had no idea what this seed did. His little birds said there were classes, and this one was called Sappho. Apparently, the one named Sappho had a random of the 3 classes, and that the ones who ate a seed were usually not immediately aware of the powers they received. Oh well, whatever. He was sure they would manifest themselves eventually. They always did.
  6. HollowCipher

    Ruin has come to Ashville

    Jet had begun to move with the others, but something stopped him. The thoroughly bred instinct of his caste stopped him from attacking immediately and instead waited to see what they were up against. As expected, they were killable. And one mustn't forget a Jet's adage. If it lives, I can kill it. As the small things began to swarm, Jet drew his dagger, and flicked it into a rapier. One of them leapt at him. Jet caught it with his left hand and bore down hard with his fingers. He was pretty sure he heard something crack, and the creature stopped moving. No wonder Jaspers loved doing this so much. Jet launched into a killing frenzy, but not in the way one might think. If forced into a confrontation, a Jet was notoriously hard to hit and hard to keep track of. He dodged and slashed and stabbed and killed with the grace of a well choreographed dance. Sure, this wasn't how he ALWAYS fought, but against a swarm of creatures, there was no better way to fight. And yet still more came. Eggs were hatching. Great. Whatever, Jet could keep this up all day. As he saw the big one start moving, without breaking his flow, he grabbed a small one, inserted his rapier into it, and then threw it at the big one with dead aim with enough force to put a sizable dent in a steel wall. That should slow it down somewhat until someone could keep it still. Jet was too far away to get to it immediately, but began slowly working his way toward them while continuing his graceful fighting.
  7. HollowCipher

    The First Steps to War

    There was no question that Lucas was disappointed. He really liked Dray. But, it was his decision, and being an operative wasn't for everyone. Plus, there was every chance they'd meet again and he could always ask again. Then, his request. Lucas grinned. "Numbuh 005. Think we can manage that?" The ruby haired boy walked over and closely examined the crystal. "Heh. Does an adult wear a suit?" "Not all the time." "..... Yes. I think we can. Just... it might be a bit. I can put the ship on auto pilot to our next stop while I work on it. You can help too, if you want Captain." "Good. Then set our course for Talix Engine." "Can do. Just one thing. ......What's a Talix Engine?" Lucas paused. "Y-you don't know?" "No." "Uuuuhhh.... Onion. What's a Talix Engine, and how do we get to it?" Number 009 was watching Onion intently. At the first sign of betrayal, concrete proof of it, he would put a hole through his head. If something happened to his team, Number 009 would never forgive himself. Onion was a threat. He was going to turn on them. He knew it. Onion knew it. Literally EVERYONE PRESENT knew it. They just couldn't prove it. But the second they could...
  8. HollowCipher

    Ruin has come to Ashville

    Hmmm.... I think it might, actually.
  9. HollowCipher

    Ruin has come to Ashville

    It's fixed. And now I have writers block. Possibly because running in without caution is not something I'm good at, and thus have trouble putting it to paper. Or... post, rather. Could someone get my juices flowing again? I HATE holding up rps.
  10. HollowCipher

    In Hostile Territory — Dangerous Game

    Kay, so, I was in an RP with this precise quest earlier. But it died. Like hardcore died. I wish to strike that from my record and put Dan in this one. I want that bloody wolf pelt. I was thinking of doing it on my own, but a group is much easier for me to work with anyway. If you'll have me, I'll give you the Bird of Hermes himself, Dan Palmer. Maybe he'll bring his Wompas Cat with him. I've been itching to try him out.
  11. HollowCipher

    Ruin has come to Ashville

    Yes I do. I planned on catching up everything yesterday when I got in. But I can't access the site on my laptop. The site is entirely fucked on it. If it doesn't fix itself by tomorrow, I'll use my phone and be sad.
  12. HollowCipher

    First Steps to War [OOC]

    Okay, so. When I tried to check the site on my laptop, the whole fuckin' site was broken. Using my phone is fine, but I REALLY don't wanna write out an entire post on my phone. So, if it gets better, fine. If it isn't fixed in like, 2 days, I'll cave and use the phone.
  13. HollowCipher

    Let's Make a Deal Pt. 2

    It appeared that Leo had been attempting to get the tape off his face without actually using the sword. With considerably less than success, it seemed. TOG and Dan had all of 3 seconds to process this before Ethan collapsed on them both. Leo let out a muffled grunt, and TOG shoved Ethan off. When he turned to look at Leo, the boy's eyes went wide, as he immediately recognized TOG when he saw that Dan's eyes were red. "Relax, repair boy. When the plane takes off, I'm going back in." He got up and snapped his fingers. A wheelbarrow appeared, carrying Ethan in it. But, the wheelbarrow had some... questionable parts. Like the handles. They were human arms, ending in hands with a serious case of rigor mortis. The wheel was made of pulsating meat, and the bucket itself was made of a church's stained glass. The parts that kept the wheelbarrow upright when stationary were made of celery, for some reason. "C'mon, hot stuff. Let's go already." He took the wheelbarrow and started running to the plane. Leo following behind, after TOG realized that Leo did not possess his speed, and slowed down. The moment they all arrived on the plane, TOG yelled at the pilot. "PUNCH IT CONSTANTINE!!!!" "It's... Larry." "I don't care what it is, Rasmus! Just fly the goddamn plane!!!!" The plane took off without another word from the pilot. The moment they were in the air, TOG blinked and his eyes turned brown. The first thing Dan did was wrap his arms around Leo. When he did, realizing that this wasn't a dream, and Leo was really here, for the first time in a long time, his emotional dam broke. He hugged Leo tightly, sobbing into his shoulder. Leo wrapped Dan in an equally tight hug, and stayed thus for several minutes. After which, Leo tapped him and pointed to the tape. Dan nodded, and conjured a scalpel. He looked, and it seemed that the end that one should be able to pull had been melted onto the rest of it. So, Dan carefully slit the tape and started peeling. Around and around and around. And around. When it was finally finished, Leo stretched his jaw a few times, and smiled that mischievous grin that drove Dan wild. "Thanks. That's much better. But now you hafta live with me talking your ears off forever." Dan grinned. "It's the best sound I've heard in months." "They said you were dead. They told us that over and over, almost every day. You were dead, and you weren't coming for us. NO ONE was coming for us. I never believed it. If you were dead, they would've paraded your body around like the place was a circus." "Yeah, they would. Of course I wasn't-.... Wait. Leo. Who is 'us'?" Leo's eyes widened. One could almost hear his stomach drop. "Uhhh... Maybe this would be better after we land. This could be a long story."
  14. HollowCipher

    King's Feast Chatter [Participants & Gamblers Only]

    Dan would like to claim as his prizes, The PM agreed upon familiar, And, The Sappho Tellus Seed. I would like to thank the both of you for making this event so fun to do. @Syncopy, @paradigm,
  15. HollowCipher

    First Steps to War [OOC]

    Because the 3 of them could make about anything. Because I like tantalizing the curious. Because I'm sick and not thinking clearly. Some combination of these 3. Maybe all 3 at once! Who knows.