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  1. Unfinished Business With the Wrong Kind of Follower

    "What did you expect? All your money? Sweetheart, if you had enough money to bother with a request like that, you wouldn't be a bounty hunter." True enough, the things Dan took from her room were for a vengeance standpoint only. He very much doubted things like that would fetch very high prices. He took those entirely out of spite. "How do I know? A magician never reveals his secrets. But seeing as I am not a magician, let's just say I have my sources. Maybe if you spent some time on the other side of that law line you'd learn a lot more a lot quicker." Dan paused. "Unfortunately.... My little birds are a bit... reserved, on the specifics of them so far. Which I hope to remedy after I win."
  2. Unfinished Business With the Wrong Kind of Follower

    Dan followed Twitch out. It seemed like it was gonna be night soon. This helped him out even more. He was attuned to nighttime, as any thief worth a damn was. When they were away from people, he spoke again. "Alright.... Stakes. If you win, somewhow, I'll give you back your heroine, or whatever it is. But when I win...." Dan thought a minute. He had actually come up with the idea of stakes approximately 3 seconds before he spoke the word, and had no idea what he wanted. "Uuuhhhhh..... Oh! If I win, any information you have or will receive on the Abbadon Triumvirate, you bring directly to me. I'm plannin' on payin' them a visit." Dan neglected to mention any of the other things he had taken from Twitch's room. He was gonna hold onto those. After he won, he decided, if he was in a good mood, that he might even give her her heroine anyway. The best he could do with that is sell it off to another addict, which he detested the idea of.
  3. Down With the Sickness (faction thread)

    Damien's impatience was starting to show up again. If they were going to go fight the hydra, why couldn't they just GO ALREADY? Sebastian clearly noticed Damien's mood. "Young Master, I understand that the past several weeks have been rather uneventful for you, but, your father is watching this little job. If the attack on the hydra is successful, he has said that he will come here in person. Both to retrieve you, and speak with Master Leinhart." Damien was quite uplifted by this. "Dad's coming? HERE? Wait.... how does he know about the hydra?" Sebastian smiled in the way he did whenever he was going to reveal a 'gotcha' moment. Damien saw that smile more often than he would willingly admit. "Seer spoke of it. I believe he said, 'Leinhart's gonna take Damien and his army and attack a hydra. If you wanna see if he'd be worth an alliance, this would be a good time to watch'." Yes, that very much sounded like Seer. As the army started moving, Damien floated above the ground. He outright refused to walk unless he was concealing himself. As concealing himself would yield no help, floating it was. Finally, something was gonna happen.
  4. Unfinished Business With the Wrong Kind of Follower

    Dan intended to describe fully how fair the fight was, it was two people using what talents they had. However, as Dan was still in pout mode, the first thing out of his mouth before he could stop it was "Is so!" Dan blinked and composed himself. "Not here. Neither of us can move around in this tiny ass room. And collateral damage to the hotel is something I'm sure neither of us wanna deal with." Dan pointed. "Outside. We'll find a place where there aren't any people around to help you gang up on me." "And! Criminal, I get. Yeah. I'm a thief. A MASTER. Thief. The only time I don't steal from other criminals is 1, if its jewels and I just can't help myself, or if it's been too long. Otherwise, I start shaking, sweating, and cramping. Or 2, If I really have to. Like, if the alternative is... well starving." That 2nd scenario was nigh impossible at this point. Dan had well cleaned out several smuggling and thief rings around the continents, and made quite well for himself on that alone, never mind the quests he'd gone on. "I'm a criminal, sure. I am NOT a damn villain. After I pound you, I'll tell you who a REAL villain is." Dan hesitated. "..... That came out wrong. I didn't mean 'pound' like that."
  5. Unfinished Business With the Wrong Kind of Follower

    Dan was genuinely confused. "Kill you? Now why would I do that? You didn't try to kill me, now did you?" True, Dan had no intention of killing Twitch. Though, he did know someone lurking in his mind somewhere who would just LOVE to decorate the room with her insides. Dan hoped he would stay right where he was. "No, no, no. All you did was embarrass me. You didn't even beat me fairly, you won by tickling me, damn twitchy lady! You couldn't possibly beat me otherwise, so you used dirty tricks! And there I was trying to fight fair!" Dan was very close to pouting. In fact, that is exactly what he did for a few seconds. "I refuse to count that as a loss! Me 'n you are gonna have a little rematch. And when I lay your ass flat on the floor, everyone will see you for the drug addicted hack of a fighter you are! THAT is fair vengeance. Humiliation for humiliation." Dan was a bit disappointed that he couldn't get her sent to a jail, but he would have to break her out inside of 3 days or it wouldn't be fair and balanced. WAY too much effort. When the fuck did I start thinking like a Nemesis kid? Dan decided that didn't matter. "Accept, or scuttle away!" Dan pointed dramatically at her, determined to make it as melodramatic as possible.
  6. King's Feast Chatter [Participants & Gamblers Only]

    I really, truly, would love to be helpful again. Honestly, this is getting ridiculous now.
  7. Dice Rolling Thread

    Okay Tyche. Come on babe. 3, 4, or 5. You fucking cunt of a goddess.
  8. King's Feast Chatter [Participants & Gamblers Only]

    ..... For fucks sake. Now we have a Lich Golem Maleficent.
  9. Unfinished Business With the Wrong Kind of Follower

    "Not so soon? I did tell you I would be out within the week, didn't I? Well, I did. Inside of 3 days, as a matter of fact." Dan pretended to look around. "THIS is the kind of place you crash in? Really? Was my bounty so low that a dump like this is the best you could afford?" Then he heard her final question. "Revenge?" He cocked his head. "Was it that obvious?" His eyes moved downward. "Oh yes. Go for the pistols. At this range, I'll have your hands in my pocket before they're all the way out. You know how fast I can move without even trying, don't be stupid."
  10. OOC: Feast or Famine

    Posting in here in order to follow it.
  11. Unfinished Business With the Wrong Kind of Follower

    Dan had been shadowing Twitch for a little while now. Learning everything about her. He had recently discovered she was after a person who matched the description of someone in the Abbadon Triumvirate. Dan had scoffed when he heard that. He could've told her he was in the Triumvirate like it was nothing. Being a Master shadow thief had numerous advantages, not least of which being that you overhear and learn things no law abiding douche canoe would. Dan decided that, once he learned more, he might pay them a visit. True master thieves steal from other criminals, after all. And if he cleaned out the Abbadon Triumvirate, people would probably end up making the Caduceus Thief a national icon. Dan grinned. That'd be hilarious. The problem was, he needed a way to conceal himself. He was good, sure, but on the off chance someone saw his face... Then it hit him. The Dimfyre Mask. No one would know who he was with that on. Perfect. Dan shook the thought from his head. He was waiting in Twitch's hotel room, and had been for half an hour. He was sitting on the bed, legs crossed, facing the door. He'd already pocketed anything he deemed valuable, including a pair of adrenaline shots. He'd remembered that Twitch had used those before and decided that she wouldn't this time. Then, the door opened, and in she walked. "Evening, Twitch."
  12. Ruin has come to Ashville

    Jet was very confused now. Every time he had done that, either the glass, or the chair broke. Neither of them broke here. Further, it seemed that all the walking dead things decided to get up close and start laughing. Jet saw nothing humorous here, but decided that asking them what was funny was not a smart course of action. So, war of attrition by fighting in the open to move around is out. So, deep end it is. Jet pulled his dagger from the black gem in his left palm. He flicked it outward once, and it thinned out and lengthened into a rapier. If anything, if they broke the glass, he could dive out of it with minimal damage. Jet readied himself. If they were going to break the glass, he would need to dive rapier-first. that would cut through a lot of them, and he could easily get out from inside them. All of this depended on him moving the moment the glass broke.
  13. Dan came in with a hoodie, shorts, a backpack and bare feet, only because he was told he should because he's rich and technically noble-born. Also because food. You're fine, dude.
  14. Wonderland Resort: T1cs Elemental Team Tournament

    Aves hasn't been on site, at least not un-hid in nearly a week now... Did anyone get any notice of a hiatus?