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    The Wolf Masquerade

    It seemed that Khakis was alright. Dan let out a sigh of relief there. He noticed the furry-turned-good guy and Beris descending the stairs to join the freakshow powwow that was going on in the basement. Soon after them, Peruggia descended as well. Dan gave them a confident smirk. "Come on in. Plenty of room for more." Then, Khakis started making stomach turning noises, distracting Dan from feeding Lupin's flame with oxygen, until she heaved up a massive blob of thick black snot, just in time for Dan to force his bile back down his throat. Dan had seen the mangled remains of what happened when Genipperteinga mutilated his enemies, and this was still in the top 5 most disgusting things he had ever seen in his 14 year life. Then, to his amazement, the black snot ball turned into Gunter. So Gunter was made of inky snot. Wonderful. However, it seemed that Gunter had a present for Khakis: A new wolf fur coat. Dan tried not to think about how that meant that the wolf was skinned and made into a coat INSIDE of Khakis. Yeah, good job Hollow. Now he's thought about it. Dan grinned. "Sounds good to me." He turned to his phoenix. "Yo Lupin! You about done?" Lupon ceased his Flamethrower attack, and stared into the entrance way he had made for a good 3 seconds before looking to Dan and nodding. "Excellent! Lupin, Arsene, Peruggia, come back." Dan held out the crystal again. Arsene seemed to be slightly annoyed to have been brought out twice now with nothing to play with. Dan sighed. "Oh relax, Arsene. You'll get to play with the puppies soon. Promise. If you don't, we'll go on a big monster hunt. Just the two of us. Okay?" This seemed to satisfy the Wompas Cat, and he nodded. The crystal's light enveloped him, the firebird, and the Pumpkin Knight, and they all disappeared. Dan closed his eyes and felt the air through the tunnel. He extended his reach as far as he could. At first he didn't feel anything, but then he felt a tremor. The barest hint of movement. Followed by a LOT of movement. In fact, he was pretty sure he heard a loud splash. That was it. Dan had the location. There was movement. Activity. There was no question anymore. Wren was in there. "Alright, I'm heading in. I'm WAY sure that Wren is down there. I'll be going pretty fast, so you might lose sight of me. Don't worry though, just follow the breeze, it'll lead you right to my location." Dan grinned, floated into the air, and entered the tunnel. Might lose sight of you, he says. As if you aren't gonna turn into air. It's only fair to warn them. Dan did indeed dissolve his body into air. After which he flew down the tunnel as fast as he was comfortable with. Which was a bit of an odd term, since he was air, and if he ran into anything it would do literally nothing. It didn't take Dan long to get so close that he could find the location of the vibrations just by the sounds. He was VERY close. He sped off in the direction the sounds were originating from, making sure that the breeze blowing from behind him was still going. By his calculations, he would arrive at the source in a matter of seconds.
  2. HollowCipher

    ~*~Child Dungeon~*~

    First Tafili went into the cave, and came out with a shield. Huh. Where Dan came from, shields accompanied weapons, they weren't weapons themselves. Ah whatever. Tafili seemed happy with it, and as long as he was, it didn't matter. Unless he didn't know how to use it. But, Dan was pretty sure literally anyone could figure out how a shield worked, so he wasn't worried. Then in went Jerky- eh Jersy. There. Obligatory jerky joke. Happy now? When he came back out, he was wearing a collar that did.... fuck knows. But he also seemed to possess a battleaxe. Dan's instincts flared up again. He said he was just like his dad, which made Dan's sword hand twitch. But thankfully, Jersy seemed more focused on swinging it around behind everyone and showing it to them than he was trying to kill and eat Dan with it. As long as he wasn't a threat, fine. Then it was finally Dan's turn. In he went, and was bathed in blinding light. Yes, step into the light, young one. Shut up. There was no wicked battleaxe or collar for him, but naught but a glowy dagger. Eh, whatever. Dan had weapons and was one himself anyway. He took it however, wondering if he still remembered twin dagger style. If not, he had every confidence that the instincts would return. And then he saw the paper. Curious as to why the door out hadn't opened up yet, he took the paper, unwrapped the twine around it and read it. Dan's stomach dropped. Bare toes clenched instinctively just at the thought. This motherfucker actually..... How did he hear in his mind? That part, Dan decided, didn't matter. What mattered was... Gods, if that thing got hold of him.... He shuddered, thankful that the door remained shut. I am gonna fuckin' kill you. Oh so it's MY fault? YOU brought it up. YOU'RE the one who kept it going! Pff. The door opened and Dan stepped out. Since he couldn't actually kill Genniperteigna, he would make sure to kill the mind reading pedophile in charge of this place. Deciding that he should show off too, I mean, the other two were, He started spinning the dagger between his fingers, not even needing to look. He would occasionally toss it into the air, and continue his tricks with it. Then as the last one returned, Fatass did his little lever and button nonsense and the dungeon entrance opened. Spiky teeth and flaming eyes and all. Dan was entirely unfazed. "Course we are. And we're plundering the whole place of everything it has. And gods help whoever stands in our way." Going for the pep talker of the year award, are you? Well good news. At this rate you might just beat the chimp they entered as a joke. Will you SHUT UP.
  3. HollowCipher

    Mapping the Depths

    As Dan marveled at the cave's beauty, someone screamed something about Whispered. Dan looked, and sure enough, there was....an insect swarm? ....Seriously? Dan had entries on these from the Hunter database. Insects that liked to burrow into things. In a swarm, they'd eat you alive. Which is clearly what they intended to do. As part of the swarm neared Dan, he sighed. He opened his eyes dramatically, as the wind swirled about him, easily strong enough to rip the insects apart, and deter the rest from him. He briefly considered expanding it to the rest of the party, but they seemed to be fending them off well enough themselves. Honestly, couldn't a boy enjoy a pretty view without being accosted by flesh eating insects?
  4. HollowCipher

    The Shell of Great Sins

    Damien turned the glass up until his left fang touched the red liquid. Once it did, the suction muscles drained a bit of it, and deposited it neatly in his mouth. No need to spill. He was instantly met with ecstasy. There truly was nothing quite like the blood of a stone cold liar. He was aware of the demoness woman sitting beside him, but almost as soon, she seemed to escort Old Man Lienhart to a back room. Damien had not been paying attention, as this whole bit was DREADFULLY boring, so the way he saw it, they either went back there to discuss business, or Old Man Lienhart was about to get laid. That idea amused Damien greatly. He simply sat back and tried to enjoy the performance. Sure, it wasn't what he was used to, but it hardly mattered. It wasn't bad, and the drink was wonderful. Damien took another draining sip. Maybe this wouldn't be the world class bore he thought it would be.
  5. HollowCipher

    Strangely Dressed Man Requesting Children

    I believe its the Mauve Mammal.
  6. HollowCipher

    Shell of The Great Sins (Tia)

    Okay, I will do that. I HATE shitposting.
  7. HollowCipher

    Shell of The Great Sins (Tia)

    Ill post when I get home, but I have next to nothing to react to, so... It'd not gonna be great.
  8. HollowCipher

    Demons and Demigods.

    Gwyn slowly moved forward, making a little noise as a panther. His bare feet making no sound, despite the fallen leaves and twigs. And there he saw it. A 14 point buck. It's fur had a lovely sheen, its antlers large and intimidating. Most importantly, it was huge. There was so much meat on that thing it would feed the entire village for 2 days by itself. Gwyn took his bow off of his shoulders, grateful that he didn't leave it in dual swords mode, and notched an arrow. He aimed as he always did, with perfect prediction and precision. He let loose a short whistle, and when the deer looked up, he loosed his arrow. It flew through the air at an incredible speed, and pierced the deer straight through the right eye, and out the other side of its head. The deer fell instantly, dead on impact. Gwyn rushed to it, retrieved his arrow, and inspected it. Once again, Hawkeyes Gwyn had made the perfect shot. The rest of the deer was left pristine, allowing for the entirety of its meat and bones to be used. Gwyn hefted the massive beast over his shoulder, with a significant amount of damage, given his frame and build, and with more difficulty, started walking back to his village. When he arrived, panting, sweaty, and exhausted from carrying this massive deer, the other elves in his village looked at him. Some with admiration, some with pride, but many with jealous contempt. This came as no surprise to Gwyn. Having both the blood of elves, and the blood of the Greek god Apollo, there was no one in his village that could come close to matching his skill with a bow. Being only 15, this caused a good number of veteran hunters to be very upset with this teenage upstart effortlessly being their better. With his elf ears, he heard one mutter "Peredhel." Elvish for 'Half-Elf'. Gwyn tried not to let it get to him, but it still stung. As if he could do anything about Apollo sleeping with his mom. Whatever, he was still better than that asshole anyway. Gwyn dropped the deer of in the Prepper's Tent, so that it could be skinned and butchered. Then, he went to his house. It seemed his mom was out at the moment, so he just went up to his room. He held out his finger, and a flame sprouted from it. Another little gift from his father. He used that to start a small fire, and then inspected himself. Sure enough, there was a small cut on his left foot, so he ran another finger across the length of it. His finger glowed, and the cut sealed. Yet another godly talent. Red letters appeared in front of him. Even for Gwyn, this didn't normally happen. He wondered exactly why his assistance was needed, but if he didn't go, Apollo would show up, tell his mom, and he'd just go anyway but his mom would be mad at him. Gwyn decided to have a nap first. After a few hours had passed, he got up, packed his things, left his mom a note, stopped by the Trader's Market to pick up some extra provisions, and set out toward Alundra. He wasn't exactly happy about this, and he could feel the relief from the veteran hunters now that they wouldn't get shown up for a while. But, he decided to make the best of the situation. How, he wasn't exactly sure, but he was going to try at least.
  9. HollowCipher

    Demons and Demigods.

    I have my character in mind, but am not sure I should make a sheet... If he's in this realm, I don't know if he'd be useable after this RP... I am having an AWFUL time naming him though...
  10. HollowCipher

    The Wolf Masquerade

    Dan nodded. Frygg fucked off somewhere without so much as a word to him or anyone else. Fine then. Nob. Dan, like a son of Zeus- Dan realized just how butthurt that pompous dicklord was going to be when he found out Dan could control wind. Dan found this thought extremely funny. Anyway, like a son of Zeus, Dan took control of the wind, and lifted Khakis and the now definitely dead furry up. He then moved back downstairs, being careful not to jostle Khakis. Down in the basement, Lupin was still working on the wall, and Arsene was keeping watch. Arsene turned and looked at the three of them, grin still as wide and unsettling as ever. Afterward, he turned back to the open tunnels. "Hey, Lupin. Got your patient." Lupin stopped using Flamethrower, and turned his head to them. Dan laid Khaki's down gently, and Lupin walked over to her. Upon seeing Khakis' condition, he looked at Dan, as if to say You want me to fix THIS? Dan simply nodded to her, and Lupin lowered his head over Khakis' neck, deciding to start there. Nothing happened for a few seconds, until glistening tears started falling from Lupin's eyes. They splattered lightly on Khakis' neck, and she would feel a warming feeling from them. The moment they touched the injured area, it would start slowly closing, the flesh regenerating and knitting together at a highly accelerated rate. Each tear only gave a 2 second burst of this, but Lupin kept going. In a matter of seconds, Khakis' neck would be fully restored. After which, Lupin looked back up at Dan, only to find him checking the progress on the wall. Lupin had made grand progress, however, it was not yet thin enough for him to smash through. Lupin made a slight sound for Dan's attention, and when he looked, Lupin glanced down at Khakis' torso. Or rather, the massive fucking gaping hole where her torso used to be. Lupin looked back up at Dan, and then back down to Khakis. Dan understood. This was Lupin telling him That this was a bit beyond him. Dan knew Lupin COULD do it, theoretically, but it would probably end up draining the entirety of his bodily fluids to do it. Dan nodded. "She can focus on her torso now that her neck is fine. Finish the wall, if you would please, Lupin." Lupin nodded, and returned to his previous position. He reared his head up, and brought it back down, resuming melting the massive ice block wall. Dan couldn't help but grin. Khakis was fix- well, she was stabilized... sort of. Frygg had apparently peaced out out the door, but that was HIS stupid ass decision. All that was left was to find Wren. And he already was 92% sure which direction he had gone. Kid... What if he was taken? Taken? By like traitors? Or Furries? You think wolves were down in the basement this whole time? REALLY? I'm just saying, its a possibility. We might end up walking into a prisoner situation, here. We haven't lived this long by being careless. You're going into an unsecured, enclosed location. It might be best to go intangible, or at least hover over the ground. If I'm just hovering, they'll smell me. They can't if I'm air. Intangible it is. Look, I get the caution. I do. But do you think the General would pick this building if it weren't secured and well searched beforehand? Why would he do that if there were any chance of us being slaughtered in our sleep? ....... Perhaps..... Because this was a set up the entire time. REALLY. How fuckin' paranoid ARE you? I think this is set up a bit... conveniently. Think about this. I believe it's pretty obvious Wren was TAKEN. Unless that dragon has ice powers, I think the ice wall speaks for itself. The fact that he didn't come and tell us where he was going would imply that he was either forced, or rushed. If he were rushed, I would think a gunshot would ring out, or at least a yell from him. But nothing. Kid, Wren was taken prisoner. Its obvious. But, why haven't any of them come after US? Its obviously a prisoner scenario, don't be surprised if we find him bound and gagged in a cell somewhere when we get to the end. But, the fact that no attack was made on us is... interesting. Dan had to admit. Genipperteinga made several good points. Further, if Wren was taken as a prisoner, why? Would it not be easier to just kill him? Sure, they'd need to deal with Cricket, but her power was a bit... limited in enclosed areas. Feasible to deal with. The more Dan thought about it, the less he liked being here. He was starting to regret signing up for this, but he knew that regret accomplished nothing. The bottom line was, he was here, and Wren was most likely in trouble. He looked at Lupin again. The rest of the ice seemed to be warming up even before the fire reached it. They would be through it in a matter of moments.
  11. HollowCipher

    Ruin has come to Ashville

    Well, the highlight... Hm. I'd have to say the fight with the nasties, specifically the fusion. This was the first time across any rp site that i had done that, and I love it. Further, I rather enjoyed the removal of words from memory bit. The fact that there was no way to percieve the invisible goop monsters and that certain words were taken to make it worse was a really interesting move. The low point.... Well I can't really think of one. If I absolutely had to pick one, it would be the invincible room with the Imscared chair and noose. I may have missed something, but it seemed as though that place only existed to try and freak Jet out and to cause him to shorten Aygis' tail. Don't get me wrong. It still confused me, and freaked me out a bit, wondering how Jet was going to live through it. What I found most amusing, is the same as Cacti. My apologies for not lessening the tension more, but that's more Dan's thing than Jets. If I could change something... It took me like 10 minutes to think of something. I would have had us explore the city more. See the effects of the goopy-doo madness in more detail. Looking forward to the end? Kind of. Its the same as watching an anime or a show for a long period of time. This has been a thread on my background for a long time now. And, like when the show you're binging inevitably ends, I'll be having a hole left when this thread ends.
  12. HollowCipher

    Demons and Demigods.

    I'm still working on mine, im sorry 😞
  13. HollowCipher

    The Wolf Masquerade

    Alright kid, I said 3. We've let 4 go by. 4 what? Never mind. Point is, its time to go. But, he hasn't said anything. Or done anything. You wanna find out if Rin is okay or not? Dan knew Genipperteinga was right. But things up here were getting... a little out of hand. Frygg was attacking a wolf that refused to attack, Khakis gave birth to a half digested furry, Beris wrestled the furry and... it looked like he burned it alive. And threatened anyone who attacked the non-hostile furry. In any case, Dan needed to see what was going on with Wren. It did not take that long to search one room, even in the dark. But, he couldn't leave the attic unattended either. Therefore... Dan took out the crystal from before. "Come. Peruggia!" The crystal shone, and in the light came a new face. Dan's loyal Pumpkin Knight familiar, and on occasion butler, who he named Peruggia. Peruggia turned immediately and bowed slightly at the waist to Dan. "Master." "Peruggia. I need you to do me a favor. Stay here, and help these guys with anything needed until I return. Any wolf that comes up here, kill it unless it does not attack. That one there-" Dan pointed at Snipe. "-Do not attack unless it does. As in physically causes harm. And... Make sure that one-" Dan pointed to Frygg. "-Doesn't shoot that one-" Dan pointed to Khakis. Or what was left of her. "- or anyone else that isn't hostile." Peruggia nodded once. "Yes, my lord. Where are you going, may I ask?" "I'm going to check on an ally. If I am not back within 30 minutes, something has gone wrong or something is taking longer than expected." Peruggia nodded again. If one knew him enough, one would see concern in his face. Still, the masters orders were absolute, and he would do as instructed. "Good. I'm counting on you here, man." Peruggia responded by stepping between Frygg's rifle and Khakis. With that, Dan sped back down to the basement. Still dark as Hades' asshole. However, they were not presently under attack, so Dan decided to stay. He felt the air around him. Nothing. At all. However, it was noticeably colder this time... weird. Dan took the crystal out again. "Lupin. I require assistance." The crystal shone again, and this time a glorious flaming phoenix appeared in it. Lupin easily illuminated the room with his mere presence, and Dan saw a sight that chilled him. Sleeping bags torn open, but no blood? His mind immediately went to abduction, or eaten whole. He then noticed something that was very strange. There was... ice on a tunnel. Or in, rather. Perfectly fit to it. Furthermore, it showed no signs of melting, despite the room still being above freezing. The air around it was still misting a bit, indicating one of two things: Either this was dry ice, or it was recent. Upon touching it, Dan confirmed it wasn't dry ice. So this was freshly made. What do you think? I think this is a bit too coincidental. This was DEFINITELY not here last time we came down. Now Wren is missing, and this is here blocking a tunnel? It hasn't even been 7 minutes. Nah. Bullshit. I was thinking the same thing. We're thinking alike. Thats... a bit worrying. "Hmmmm....." Dan thought a moment. There was an exceedingly high probability that Wren was down this tunnel. However, the others were wide open too... He felt as though he should get the others, but he didn't want to leave Lupin down here alone. He briefly considered sending Colonel Blood to get everyone, but it didn't take an Apollo kid to know that moving Khakis in that state was dangerous. The slightest jostling would be a problem. He would need to go himself. Maybe bring Khakis down with his wind powers. He was NOT about to bring Lupin in the attic. His flaming plumage would set the entire place on fire. It was only due to Lupin himself knowing this and not flapping his wings that he didn't down there. So, Dan decided. He held the crystal out again. "Arsene!" The crystal shone brightly, and in the light next to Lupin, was the Wompas Cat Arsene. Dan levitated higher and petted his massive kitty. "Hey buddy." Arsene lovingly rubbed against Dan with his head. The force of this however, was not something Dan prepared for, and so was knocked right out of the air. Arsene then proceeded to lick Dan as if he was also a dog, which caused Dan to giggle. Despite Arsenes massive size, his tongue still tickled like crazy. Dan was able to concentrate long enough to dissolve into air and get out from under Arsene. There wasn't time for an entirely unfair and one sided tickle fight. "Hey, I'm gonna get the others. Lupin, start on that wall of ice. You think you can do it?" Lupin nodded. "Now. When I come down, I'll need you to use your healing on someone." Lupin cocked his head. "No, trust me. You'll know who when you see her." Lupin nodded, and blew out a pillar of flame. It wasn't as wide as the tunnel, but Dan was pretty sure that wasn't important. He turned to Arsene. "While I'm gone, make sure nothing comes and attacks Lupin. If anything does..." Dan grinned, with just a hint of sadistic madness. "Ravage them." If it were possible, Arsene grinned even wider. He nodded and turned to stare at the open tunnels. Dan raced back upstairs. "Hey uh, guys? I think I know where Wren went. But something isn't quite right. Maybe you guys should come down to the basement?" He looked at Khakis. "Khakis... I'm gonna fix you up. Do you trust me?"
  14. HollowCipher

    The Wolf Masquerade

    Dan was quite a bit surprised. This furry should be trying to rip them apart, but it was... talking to them? Dan floated closer. "On the same side? If we're on the same side, you fleabags sure have a strange way of showing it. Maybe it's cuz I'm out of town. Is it customary around here to attack your allies?" Then he put Frygg's gun to the kid's head. Dan very nearly took the furry fuck's head off right there, but he didn't shoot. Instead he was trying to talk Frygg down while holding his gun. Dan was confused. And very curious. Kid. We don't have time for this. Genipperteigna was right. Dan needed to check on Wren. He stopped moving closer, but kept the sword out. "Alright. Convince me. I'm in a rush, so talk fast. You've got one chance." Dan blinked rapidly for a moment. He wasn't going to lose control now. He'd been getting better at containing Him, he wasn't gonna falter just from stress. I say if we aren't convinced in 3 posts from this one we slaughter him and go. Leave Peruggia or something. ??? Posts? What the fuck are you talking about? Never mind. I'll let you know. This is giving rise to anxiety, I can feel you wanting to both stay here and go after Wren. Before Dan could mentally respond, Khakis gave birth to a furry. WHY did she give birth to a furry? It looked curiously EXACTLY like the one she had eaten. Dan moved to a position to where he could see both furries simultaneously. If the one on the floor made a single move, he would open its throat. No hesitation. And then on top of that... Frygg, for fucks sake. "Listen. Only shoot if one makes a move, okay Frygg?"
  15. HollowCipher

    Mapping the Depths

    Dan was.... Well, surprised wasn't quite the word. The portal had led them to a beautiful cave room. The light was dim, but pretty. The sounds of water echoed about the room like a theater. Dan's boyish love of adventure and exploration squealed in ecstatic joy. The ceiling's lights looked like gems, and kept twinkling before going out. This place was awesome. Beautiful. There was nothing (so far) in this room that he didn't like. It took a good 7 minutes before Dan remembered that he was supposed to be professional, and that they were there to map the place out. Not stand and gawk at the beauty. But, he decided that until someone else moved, he wasn't gonna. This was the prettiest place he had seen in a long time, and he wanted to enjoy it a bit longer.