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  1. Dost thou have an ETA or should Hollow play a skip?
  2. Dan floated along in the air, hanging out above the group. He was laid down in the air, relaxing. Back in the Haunted Glen. Back AGAIN. Ugh. Well, whatever. From what he bothered to memorize, they were there to find some guy named Peter and grab his rod or something. He really hadn't been paying attention. Though, his attention was piqued the moment he heard about the reward, and he was in. The problem was, they didn't repeat what they were doing. So Dan was half in the dark. Oh well. "Sure, it's important to be prepared, but don't obsess over it. You've got me here, plus the rest of this group, so we'll be fine." 'Peter the Dark'. Sounded like a wishy washy bad guy fro a 90s cartoon. And yet here they were in the Haunted Glen, going to jack his rod. Welp.
  3. @Hurttoto @Lawman Friendly reminder to post. And that if you don't this time with no communication, this is twice in a row you haven't, and Hollow will activate his Removal Card.
  4. Is it my turn? I didn't get a notification that Veloci posted. I thought, since I moved back, that theyd all have to waste one of their moves to get closer, THEN attack. At which point my defend kicks in, dodging one attack, I tank one shot, counterattack the other, attack the one I countered and kill it, attack twice more, killing another, and defend for my last action from my delay last turn.
  5. If that's the case, Dan will probably do it. Something to wave in their faces. And an edge against them when if he decides on another heist.
  6. Until I saw that last post there, I was about to throw Dan in as an antagonist in Dark Peter's Rod, as a thief trying to nab the rod himself, or maybe the idol in order to siphon its power. But if there is a reward for something.......
  7. .................. I didn't know the Mistress was into that kind of stuff.....
  8. With who? Everyone here is female except for Dan- ........Who is.... tied up..... Oh.....
  9. Time = Squandered. Alright then, no recovery for you. Next phase has begun. Dan is gonna need a bit of help at this point, as mild spoiler warning, he cannot escape this on his own. Second to last phase, closing in on the end.
  10. Dan calmed himself down. He drank a stamina potion to help offset the drain his wind powers were putting on him, and looked at his teammates again. Strangely, in their down time, they weren't doing... ANYTHING to recover. Didn't ask him for potions, didn't ask for Lupin, nothing. Dan found that VERY strange. This was a taxing fight, and doing nothing to recover when they had the clear opportunity was probably a bad move. But then again, what more could Santa POSSIBLY have? Well, he was about to get that answer. Santa recovered from his shock quite fast. Still not getting out of the sleigh, he held out his hand. "Santa calls to you, Dark One from beyond. Naughty children stand in Santa's way. Santa calls upon you to destroy these pests. Come out my servant!" A dark symbol appeared on the ground, and grew larger and larger, until the symbol changed, and seemed to open into a black void. Out of the void came a strange looking creature. It was completely black, and resembled a goat, but walked on two legs. It had human limbs, human hands, long horns, and a horrible, evil grin. On its back, it carried a large basket. A basket that appeared to be moving and making small muffled sounds. Dan was... well he wasn't sure what he felt here. He was expecting a massively powerful entity, like another armored elf, but he got... a goat demon man? What the fuck even was this? ..................... Krampus. No, I'm still loose and limber. Not 'cramps', kid. Krampus. The Christmas Demon. "Indeed. Your German Persona knockoff is correct, Daniel Palmer. My name is Krampus.And I am here to punish the naughty childrens." With a snap of his fingers, forms started to appear in black smoke. Before Dan, was a large mass of- Dan almost threw up right there. A writhing, pulsating mass, completely covered in holes. His Trypophobia was triggered hard. He could barely even move, he was so nauseous. Before the Maiden, someone very familiar would appear. Someone that she had very much hoped to be rid of. "Well well. Hello, sissy. My my, isn't this awkward?" In front of Alice, several shapes began to take.... well, shape. All of them however, were the same. Within seconds, a legion of Dobermanns appeared in the smoke, each baring its teeth and snarling at the cat girl. It was VERY clear what they wanted to do. The only question was, how many pieces. And in front of Darre, due to a lack of response from her author to a cunning and cruel dungeon master, the form in the smoke was having trouble taking shape. But then, the DM decided he was sick of waiting and the lack of communication, and decided to force it to take shape. And take shape it did. With another snap of his fingers, the beings surged forward. Well, most of them. The mass of holes facing Dan did not surge forward as such. Instead, a startlingly high number of tentacles shot from the holes, wrapping around Dan's limbs, and yanking him back against it. The dogs tore off at Alice, barking loudly. The ones in front, however, opened their mouths wider. When they did, something could be seen in their throats. However, it would not be seen for long, as incredibly strong jets of water shot out of them, almost like a high powered water hose. With a smirk, the Mistress ran at the Maiden with greatly impressive speed, and swung her bastard sword, aiming to cleave the woman in half in a single shot. The horrible, multi-armed, crow-like monstrosity came toward Darre slowly. Until it faded completely in the span of 1.5 seconds, appeared behind her, and slashed downward with all four of its swords. The final two unarmed hands lunged at her to grip her head. Dan was in a panic. Now he was bound, and bound TO the thing that made his insides into Cirque du Soleil. He was just about to turn into air and slip out, when he felt something. And this something took complete command of his entire thought processes, drowning out everything else. The tentacles that weren't binding him were tickling him. He felt them slide along his feet, across his stomach and ribs, up and down his sides, into his armpits, and across his thighs. Dan shrieked in laughter, pulling at his limbs, and getting nowhere. So this was Krampus' ability. To bring what one hates the most to life, and use it against you. Wasn't that just fucking perfect?
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