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  1. After walking around for a bit while reading the folder's contents, Dan found that he would need more information than this. This provided no way at all to track the thieves, though it DID give him the information required to find what would allow him to track them. He donned his Dimfyre mask and pressed something in his right ear. "Oracle. You online?" It took about 10 seconds, but then he heard his favorite voice. "Yo! My favorite thief Commander! How'r ya doin'?" The wonderful voice of his boyfriend, Leo Vasquez. He was the one in charge of the technological aspect of his thievery. As a Son of Hepheastus, he was completely okay with that, and BOY was he good at it. "Done with that job already?" "No. Im gonna break into Hyperion to get some clues for you to help me follow. I'm gonna need your help. No detection on this one. No calling card either." He understood immediately. "Ooooooh, gotcha. Gonna check the scene out yourself, huh? Alright then, just lemme know when to work my Leo Magic!" It didn't take him nearly as long to find where it was. The folder said specifically what building it was, and even what room. Normally, this would be simple in and out, he wouldn't even need to reform from air. But, this was a tracking mission, which meant it would require a bit more finesse. Dan smirked, and disappeared, dissolving his body into air. He slipped into the building, and surveyed the area as he went. No one suspected the slightest hint of anything amiss, but as he thought, they had mega beefed up security in this place after the string of dragon egg thefts. He found a hallway that led to the room where the eggs were being kept, and, sure enough, the room was under heavy guard. He could sense several bodies inside the room itself, along with cameras lining the hallway. Dan's Hermes senses told him the floor was not to be trusted, and so as he materialized, he flattened himself on the ceiling, using his powers to fly. "Oracle. Please tell me you've got good news." "I do. And I also have bad news. Bad news first, this place has some of the highest tech security I've seen in a while. The cameras are infared and x-ray, but a variety of x-ray that is almost radiationless. The floor has motion sensors, The room is guarded by people, cameras, and motion sensors. They really went all out." "And the good news?" "Good news is, almost none of that matters at all, because its all a closed circuit system that is all connected. Just put one of my babies on a camera feed cable, and I'll handle...mmmost of the rest." Dan knew what Leo meant immediately. He moved over to a camera, and perched right behind it. He then reached in a pouch, and took out something that sort of resembled a thin spiny caterpillar. Dan wrapped the thing around the cable, making sure as many of the microneedles penetrated the cable as possible. "We in?" "Wrong cable, babe." Dan rolled his eyes, took the thing off, and wound it around another cable. "This better, Your Pickiness?" ".......Yep! Im in. Just a seeec..... Alright. I'm feeding a loop to every camera in this hallway and the egg room. You won't be seen by any of them. Aaaaaand, Motion sensors deactivated. Ooh. They had some laser security that wasn't in the blueprints. Too bad it's faulty, and will be down for a few minutes." "Great job. I'll take the guards, and we'll get to business." Dan dissolved into air again, and slipped into the egg room. There were no less than 4 guards in the room, one in each corner. He had hoped this would have been easier, but he had a plan for this. He slipped into an air vent, and rematerialized. Then, using his mastery of air, he converted the air in the egg room into Isoflurane gas. The guards went down in but a few seconds, and Dan returned the air to normal. He slipped back out of the vent, and approached the dragon eggs. "Quick question, Joker. Why bother going through this in the first place? Aren't you looking to help?" "Simple. There is no way they'd let me in here, whether Im here to help or not. Also, this is more fun, and I wanted to see if I could do it. To no surprise, I can." Dan could just feel Leo rolling his eyes. "Alright, lets get started." Dan activated his mask, and took out something. A small container of aluminum dust, and a brush. He meticulously went over every egg, but not a single fingerprint. Though he was no closer from this, it told him one thing; Whoever did it wasn't sloppy. They were precise, and they were good at what they did. "Any camera feed of who did it?" "Kind of a stupid question, bro. If there was camera feed, they would know who did it. No, best I have is the cameras blacking out at certain points." That told Dan very little. But, he got an idea. Using his brush, he spread the aluminum dust that fell on the floor all about and, sure enough, there were some prints. "Oracle. We got prints. Im sending them to you now." After a short pause, Leo spoke again. "Got em. Running them through a criminal database.... just a sec..." "These meatheads wont be asleep for long, I dont have a lot of secs." "No, but when we do, it is AWESOME." As awful as that joke was, Dan couldn't help but laugh. "Alright, we have a match. Vladimir Athanatos. This guy's got a rep sheet and a half. Murder, extortion, grand larceny, racketteering, kidnapping, but... that part is just teenage boys- ....Oh. I think I found why that is. Uh... anyway, last arrest was in Tellus Mater. He escaped the very next day." "Alright. Inform my Little Birds to listen for the sweet songs of a Vladimir Athanatos. I'll do the same to the ones here." "On it." Dan quickly cleaned the aluminum dust, dissolved into the air, and slipped out of the room, out of the hall, and out of the building. He rematerialized in an alley, unseen. This was going to be a bit more interesting than he thought.
  2. It took a little while, But Dan had a plan. He saw that several of the others had killed Remissio by the time he was ready, so that made things easier. He fired a single beam from his fingertip at Noleron. It missed, because why the fuck would it not, and he countered with some other attack that stung and whittled his sanity. Because why not. We only just got our RP inspiration back, nothing quite like something like this to take it from us again. The FUCK are you talking about? Nothing, forget it. But, Noleoreo's barrier was gone now, so Dan could put his plan into action. Using his greatly increased speed, Dan ran to Remissio, and grabbed the explosives off of his very dead body. Without even pausing, he then went 3/4 full speed toward Noleron. In his 1st super form, it would be exceedingly difficult for people with below exceptional senses to keep up with him. With a snap of his fingers, he made a twister appear to try to tear Noleron to pieces, though Dan knew he would dodge. With the sanity drop, he saw this plan happen even easier, and breathed a moment to calm himself, arrived at Noleron through his twister, and planted the explosives on him. Deciding this was the time to push himself up to top speed, Dan turned, and fired a laser blast from his finger into the explosives, and into Noleron at the same time. With that, he took off as fast as his body would allow, which would almost cause a sonic boom, to escape the explosion.
  3. Do it again Good. Meditation successful I can work with this.
  4. Sanity roll, because of the above. FUCK OFF
  5. Rolling for a noleron attack God dammit. Perfect. Now everything'll be ruined, you fucking watch. Sigh. I couldve just let this thread slip by and we'd get off fine, but nooooo. >:(
  6. As Dan entered the military district, he was met with.... well, exactly what he expected to be met with. Soldiers training, Soldiers drinking, and Soldiers showing off to each other, which Dan assumed was to compensate for their tiny genitals. Or because they were drunk, it could be either one, really. It took Dan nearly an hour of wandering around, getting looks from several people, which he knew were due to either his age, or the fact that he was barefooted. He didnt know which, and he didn't care. But he finally found someone who he assumed was in charge, or close enough, as he was shouting instructions to a workout routine. He tapped the man, and he turned, seemingly slightly irritated that his ordering a bunch of people was being interrupted. Dan could tell just by looking at him that this was the kind of person who shouldn't be in charge of ANYONE, let alone a platoon. This is someone who valued themselves and their opinion FAR too much. "Hm? Whatchu want, kid? This place is off limits to civilians." Dan feigned ignorance. "I am so sorry. I did not know. If I see one, I shall inform you immediately." Judging by his face twitches, Dan surmised the man was thinking something along the lines of 'Oh great, a smartass'. "At any rate, I heard of a problem here, something about someone stealing dragon eggs? I'm here to deal with it." The man was highly amused by this, and leaned down" "Look kid, thats something for grown-ups to worry about. You need to go home before it gets dark, and your parents start to worry. Come back when you've got some facial hair, and we'll talk. I've got people workin' on this, don't worry about it." As he turned back around, a vein pulsed in Dan's temple. "Do not talk down to me, you drooling mongoloid. Anyone with any sort of talent would have wrapped this up by now. I've heard of this thing MONTHS ago, and you are so goddamn incompetent you have no leads at ALL. So you'll forgive me if I'm less than impressed with the 'grown ups' doing gym class I see here, and their useless commander." Dan saw every muscle on the leader tense in anger. Perfect. He turned back around, eerily calm. "Alright you little shit. I'll tell you what. You beat me, hand to hand, right now, I'll let you go on this little mission. I'll even give you my paycheck. Sound good?" Just as Dan's Hermes child street smarts told him. He couldn't stand someone questioning him. Gods, people in charge were so easy to read. "Sounds good to me." The man took his shirt off, and subtly flexed, thinking both that Dan would be intimidated by this, and thinking that Dan would notice that he was trying to be intimidating. Both failed. "Uh, sir! Perhaps you should not fight that boy! Harming civilians is against code, sir!" Amazing. This was someone who had sense. Dan made a mental note to ensure that guy got this one's job. "I don't give a damn, no one's gonna know I beat the shit outta some brat. He's trespassing anyway." "Yeah, don't worry about it. No civilian's getting harmed here." Dan dropped his backpack and both his swords, then his dagger.He wasn't about to give Him the option to kill this guy. "Ready when you are, jackass." The man came at Dan, clearly not caring to hold back against a teenager. Not that it would make any difference. He threw a haymaker, and Dan easily dodged it, and gave a condescending slap to the man's arm. The man tried again, this time to grab Dan. He was sure he had him, but his hands grabbed nothing. He looked around, and saw that Dan was off to the side by 3 feet, checking his nails. Not even paying attention to the captain. At this point, the captain was well enraged. This kid was making a fool of him in front of his platoon! "Hey! Is dodging me all you can do?!" Dan however, was as calm and condescending as he could possibly be. "Is missing me all you can do?" Several of the platoon started snickering at that. Dan dodged another punch with a sidestep and thrust his right fist over his shoulder behind him. This caught the captain's mouth. Dan didnt put an overly big amount of force behind it, but it was enough to make him taste blood. Dan quickly ducked the following grab attempt, and swept the mans legs from under him from behind. As he fell, Dan slammed his fist into his solar plexus at half his top speed. While it wouldn't knock him out, it was enough to knock the wind out of him. He didn't even have to use any of his powers besides speed. No wonder this city needed outside help if THIS was who they put in charge. He took a few steps back to let him catch his breath. The man got up, and saw his platoon barely holding in laughter. "Wipe those damn smiles off your faces! I swear to god, I-" "You about done getting your shit together over there? Cuz I'm starting to get bored." And that was the line that made the captain snap. "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME YOU HALF PINT LITTLE SHIT?!" Dan was unimpressed. "I said I'm bored. You're boring me." The captain roared, and yanked a table up, preparing to smash it over Dan's head, apparently not realizing that if his fists weren't working, there was no reason why the table would. Dan took this moment, and rushed forward, and hid his fist in the captain's diaphragm at full speed. This, would be enough to make him start hemorrhaging. The captain fell backward on his back, unconscious. Dan gave him a prod with his foot. "Okay, who's second in command?" The guy from earlier stood up. "I-I am...Sir." "While I am a Commander, I'm not YOUR commander. Formality is not required here." "Yes, Sir-...Ah, what IS your name?" Dan gave a theatrical bow. "Dan Palmer. Alchemist, Demigod, Commander, and Monster Hunter. And several other titles I'd rather not name." The Corporal nodded, left, and returned with a a folder. "This is what we have found out so far. That said, I would ask you not to mention what our Captain did to anyone." Dan simply nodded, took the folder, and left. He hoped very much that the rest of the job would be this easy.
  7. After a bit of travelling, Dan arrived in Hyperion. It was a pretty big city, more than he had anticipated. However, given the nature of where he came from and what was going on with him, Dan was less than thrilled with the name. Still, as long as Hyperion didn't actually show up in the city, there wouldn't be a problem. His little birds had told him that apparently, someone had been committing acts of grand larceny against Hyperion, stealing dragon eggs. Strangely enough, Hyperion did not like their dragon eggs being stolen, and were offering a reward to anyone who found the thieves, and brought back the eggs. Interestingly, nothing made any mention about what to do about the thieves themselves. Dan assumed that they simply didn't care, and thought that if they wanted to kill the thieves, they could go right ahead. After walking about for a good while, and deciding this place is a definite candidate for a heist later, Dan decided to head to the military district. That, at the very least, would be a place to start looking for someone to talk to about the bounty.
  8. I meant to hit remissio, the bomb boy. Ill edit when....I can?
  9. The madness abated, but Dan could still feel its effects. So, he took a moment, and gathered his thoughts. When he felt in full control again, he tried his previous attack again. This time, aiming a wind blast, to knock the healer away from his teammates and do damage to him. Finally, he readied himself to dodge any attack coming to him. Again, the post sucks. But once again, he needed to post something, anything, and nothing was coming to him. Writers block is a tragic thing.
  10. Lets roll a d10 for Dan to meditate Success!
  11. D: I completely forgot that I havent posted yet!!! I'll try and think of something quick
  12. Streaming Kingdom Hearts 3's Re Mind DLC now!

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