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  1. I meant to hit remissio, the bomb boy. Ill edit when....I can?
  2. The madness abated, but Dan could still feel its effects. So, he took a moment, and gathered his thoughts. When he felt in full control again, he tried his previous attack again. This time, aiming a wind blast, to knock the healer away from his teammates and do damage to him. Finally, he readied himself to dodge any attack coming to him. Again, the post sucks. But once again, he needed to post something, anything, and nothing was coming to him. Writers block is a tragic thing.
  3. Lets roll a d10 for Dan to meditate Success!
  4. D: I completely forgot that I havent posted yet!!! I'll try and think of something quick
  5. Streaming Kingdom Hearts 3's Re Mind DLC now!

    If you wanna check it out

  6. Sounds alright to me. This was mega fun to do. Especially completely ruining someone else's dirty plans. >:3 Thanks Dolor
  7. Dan bowed out, and left. Floating out of the passage, he began to fly back to the ship. His familiars arrived before he did and, with a bit of coaxing from the Pumpkin Gang, gave up their flora samples to the team. Autolycus took more persuasion than the rest, but gave them to the team anyway. Dan himself landed, and recalled his familiars, after checking to make sure Autolycus wasn't hiding anything. Dan smiled and nodded. Perhaps these guys werent entirely assholes. They could actually be civil after all. He made his way to the guest room, and got into the bed. He wasnt entirely sure how the hip would move, after Agent 69 blew the engine up, but he was confident they had a backup plan. Dan touched his ear. "Oracle. Tell me you got something on that masked loser." He heard his boyfriend's voice in his ear. "Si, mi amor. I can't track him, but I can tell whenever he's close to you." "..... Eh, good enough. I'll contact you later." Dan severed the connection, and summoned Peruggia. "I'm gonna have a quick nap, alright? Make sure no one comes in." Peruggia bowed. "Yes, my lord Joker." Dan turned over, and waited to drift off to sleep.
  8. The sheath, right? I'll have a response by the end of tuesday, im mega busy 😞
  9. Now I feel bad... Should I tell the deity about some of the good things the gods did before I canonize leaving? Now shes gonna have as bad an opinion of them as Dan...
  10. Dan was buffeted by the mad wind eating at his sanity. Despite being entirely immune to wind attacks. Gods, this thread series makes no sense. Noleroleon finally showed his bitch ass, only to erect a barrier around himself. Heheh. He said 'erect'. Dan heard to attack V something, and saw who it was. And, while he hated being told what to do, any gamer knows to deal with the healers first. So, he pointed and fired a beam, but as he did he suddenly saw two of them, and his beam missed. He scowled, and readied himself to deal with any attack that would come his way. Yeah, this post is lackluster, but nothing was coming to him, and he had to put SOMETHING out, so here ya go. Im sure he apologizes for the garbage lame post.
  11. Dan Palmer attack 1 Fer fucks sake.
  12. Dan was about to turn and leave with the others after the glowy light show of coolness, before he was asked to stay, to discuss the Olympians. This.... was unusual. He REALLY hoped he wasnt about to be tricked into being trapped here, but he also didnt wanna piss off the deity that he was currently inside of. "The gods? Where do I start? Theres the king of the gods, Zeus. God of thunder and lightning, and lord of the skies, wind, and clouds. A bigger asshole than even the most stuck up god you can imagine. Cheats on his wife, rapes his sister, the works. His brother Poseidon, the WAY cooler God and lord of the sea. Creator of horses. His kingdom is the WHOOOOLE oceans. His kids can breathe underwater and have hydrokinesis. ....Wish I could do that. But having more power over wind than Zeus' kids works for me. Then their older brother, Hades. God of the Dead, God of Wealth, and lord of the Underworld. His kids can use shadow powers and make skeletal warriors. Theyre the elder gods. The elder goddesses are Hestia, Goddess of the hearth, and one of the only goddesses worth a flying shit. You know that feeling when you're at home, with family, and everything is just perfect? That's Hestia's gift. Another is Demeter, goddess of the Harvest. MAJOR plant fanatic, and her kids have control over all plant life. She's the one Poseidon and Zeus raped. And last is Hera. Goddess of marriage and family. Wife of Zeus. WHAT a cunt. Anyone who doesn't fit into her ideal family is shunned by her like they don't exist. I actually punched her in the face once when I found out how much she tortured my boyfriend when he was little." Dan smiled. "I still have her front teeth in a case at home. Anyway, the other Olympians are Ares, Zeus and Hera's kid. God of war and manly features. Major prick. Had a fight with him once. I won, cuz I could move faster, but I got nicked up pretty bad. Really aggro and stupid. Then theres Apollo and Artemis, theyre twins. Artemis is the virgin goddess of the hunt, and drives the moon across the sky. She's incredibly sexist against men, and has her own stupid little toxic feminist club of unaging girls. Good at archery, and hunting and tracking. Her cooler twin brother Apollo is God of Archery, sports, poetry, music, theater, truth, prophecy, and Gods only know what else. I kinda feel like, if the Greeks invented something new, or forgot who was the god of something, they just threw it at Apollo. Better archer, REAL pretty boy... like oh my god.... Uh- And drives the sun across the sky. Then there's Hepheastus, my boyfriend's dad. God of the Forge. His kids have incredible tinkering powers, and pyrokinesis. Hepheastus made weapons are second to none. GODS he made the cutest boy in the multiverse- Uh- right and another is Athena. Pettiest god in the pantheon. Goddess of wisdom and battle strategy. Her kids, especially the girls, are some of the most pretentious fucks that aren't in the Hunters of Artemis. Athena was born inside Zeus' head. Hepheastus had to split it open. I dont like Athena very much. Aphrodite's another, but she's actually a Titan, not a goddess. Goddess of love, beauty, and probably sex. MAJORLY gorgeous. I'm gay, and I think she's hot. Probably cuz she always appears as the most beautiful form you can think of. Cheated on Hepheastus with Ares. Her kids are some of the loosest people I have EVER seen. And a tradition with them is to break as many hearts as possible. Yet another is Dionysus. God of wine, parties, and madness. He invented wine, and gave it to mortals to get shitfaced on. Not much to talk about here. And. Saved the best for last. My dad, Hermes. God of thieves, travelers, trade, and tricksters. The Trickster god, The swiftest god, and messenger of the gods. One of my favorite stories is about how, when he was a week old, he stole Apollos sheep, used stilts and walked across the entire mountain with them so no one could track him, then straight lied to Apollo without actually lying to him. Then charmed him with the first music instrument ever made, got Apollos caduceus, and became an Olympian. Oh yeah, and he has winged sandals. And because he's a prank lover, the little-.... He enchanted me when I was 13. So now, any shoes I wear sprout wings. Which is why I never wear them. Barefooted for life." Dan got dreamy eyed slightly. "And my boyfriend abandoned shoes too, just because I couldn't wear them. SO perfect...." "Uh, anyway, I could go on about them more, and tell loads of stories, but I should prolly get going.... I'd hafta punch them if they left without me... Lovely talking to you, though."
  13. Dan was quickly relieved of any worry by the ancient power when it, she, whatever, said that their children separate around this time. Which, so long as both parties were find with it, so was he. It then expressed curiosity towards him, and Soldier 76 did a splendid job of failing to adequately explain him to the Great One. Foreigner wasn't inaccurate, but he wasn't even from this dimension, let alone the surrounding area. But then again, neither were the Illyrians. And Dan sported FAR less genocide when he arrived than they did, so honestly, he doubted they had ANY room to talk. He was just about to express that he was fine with the exchange, when Soldier 76 had to open his mouth and run dick-first onto Dan's shit list. He had, in fact, not lived with his parents in quite some time now. Since one was dead, and the other was a god. And then patronizing him on top of that. Yeah, Dan was gonna leave this one destitute later. His first instinct was to charge a laser blast and take his stupid head off right there, but he refrained. He pushed his own instincts, along with Genipperteinga's insistances down, and turned back to the great one. "If you're okay with it, then I'm okay with it. No, I am not Illyrain, thank the gods, and Im not even Valucrean. You're quite astute, I can respect that. No, I'm from a different dimension completely. One full of monsters to kill, oblivious mortals, and gods that are...Just an absolute joy to be around. You haven't lived until you've heard Apollo talk about himself and sing his own praises for 87 straight minutes." He paused. "To clarify, Im being sarcastic. Most of the gods in my universe are just the worst kind of people. I would know, One of them is my dad. He's... less of a prick than some of the others, but he's not the picture of fatherhood." He then realized that Soldier 76 had not given him anything to do, or if he did, Dan didn't hear it because he stopped listening to him so he wouldn't be tempted to separate his body parts. So instead, he took out his crystal and spoke into it. "Alright. Everyone who isnt on the ship, get what you were getting, and go back. You wait for me there. And if you see some dipshit in a mask on the way, kill him." Elsewhere, Dan's familiars would hear their orders, finish their gathering, and return to the ship as commanded. Dan returned his eyes to the Great One. "So, since you're probably the best conversation Im gonna get here, any other questions?"
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