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  1. Huh. It seemed there were quite a number of bandits that survived. But judging by the overpowering smell of burning flesh, Dan was reasonably sure there was now a pretty sizable hole in their ranks. He saw that Oni charged ahead in her demon kitty form, scaring the living piss out of everyone, and causing a mass panic amongst the bandits. Dan had to give credit. Oni knew what she was doing. Bandits were running like hell into the cave to get away from Oni. Directly toward him and Hyacinth. Dan's face seemed to change, looking as if he was suddenly emotion dead. Then, with his sword and dagger, he started cutting the bandits down in a flurry of motion, with the kind of grace and smooth, deliberate movements akin to an Aphrodite girl applying her makeup and nail polish. A few attempted to fight back against him, some of them even managing to draw their weapons all the way out. That however, was their grandest move. Their attempts at attacking Dan in that state were laughable. One in particular ran at Dan as he was relieving a female bandit of the right side of her head, preparing to stab him. Dan turned and moved the man's dagger strike out of the way with his own, and severed the mans arm with his sword. Barely giving the bandit time enough to process that a 14 year old boy just removed his arm with casual ease, Dan turned away from the man, bringing his dagger arm around and burying the dagger in the man's heart. There was no roaring, no battle cries, not even a grunt from Dan. As if he was so used to doing something like this, it was as natural as eating.
  2. Dan grinned. It went perfectly. He drew his dagger and sword and started inside. He had decided that the faint illumination of his swords would be just enough to use to see in this incredibly dark, impossible to navigate because there is no light cave. He could only hope that they- Oh look. There were torches all on the walls. ....... Dan decided not to mention his thoughts. He stole a look behind him to make sure his friends were following him, and continued inside.
  3. Dan waited with everyone else. The walking blood bomb had started walking in, but this kind of waiting is the thing he despised about his talents. He was a world class thief, and thus, basically an assassin, but both of those jobs entailed a lot of waiting in one spot and being absolutely silent. Both of which are incredibly difficult for an ADHD boy to do individually, let alone at the same time, especially with the thought of a treasure hoard stuck in his mind. Still, he resolved to let Tuma concentrate.
  4. "A legitimate explosion would be good. Bandits are just thieves with no talent. Muscles and weapons, no skill. So, they wont come quietly. Which is fine, I didnt plan to leave any anyway. We need to cause as much damage as possible before we go in. And, Tuma's zombie bandit can check for traps. We find the group, and blow them to pieces. Then, we mop up whats left, and grab the loot. If anyone at the Tavern owns some of it..." Dan stopped. His Hermes blood was screaming 'Take what you can, give nothing back', but he also knew that some people might have sentimental value toward an item. Dan decided not to answer. Dan knew that whenever he was presented with a valuable item, if he didnt take it, he would sweat profusely and go into physical pain from it. Dan decided to cross that bridge when he got to it.
  5. Dan continued to look at the one in the tree, but was a bit confused. She wasn't doing....anything. It almost looked like they'd stopped breathing. And blinking.They were doing literally nothing. "Uhh, guys, I think they might be broken. Maybe we should just go." Having said that, Dan started edging around the area, not sheathing his weapon, nor taking His eyes off the tree's occupant until he was confident he was far enough away to avoid an attack.
  6. Dan immediately pulled out his sword. If one were to look, they would see that the smooth black metal did not reflect the light. Rather, it seemed to absorb the light around it. Dan scanned the tree line, knowing any one of them could house an assassin. Upon looking, he saw what he was 73% sure was not a growth on the tree. He spoke in what he was somewhat sure was loud enough for the 'probably not a growth' to hear without outright yelling. "Alright. If you're a bandit, come on out. I'll make it fast. Don't bother running, I WILL catch you." He hoped it wasn't a bandit. If it took him that long to find one, gods know how many others could be hiding. This would be a perfect ambush.
  7. Dan appreciated oni's confidence, but knew better. A lack of caution going into unsecured enclosed spaces will always be a bad idea. And Dan preferred to keep the "full extent" of his abilities close to the chest as long as possible. So. Tuma could make necro-puppets. A dirty plan formed in Dans mind. "I'm liking this idea. Tuma, do these undead puppets have blood? Blood that say, can explode? Perhaps in the middle off a group of bandits?
  8. Dan walked along with the others. He knew it was stupid, but his paranoia wouldn't let it go. It was just that the bandit gave the location away easily. Very easily. He must have known he was going to die no matter what he did. So he was either VERY new to the whole bandit thing, had some animosity towards the group, or.... Dan was broken out of his thoughts by Hyacinth speaking. "No. No bait this time. We.... Kinda Don't know what we're dealing with." It occurred to Dan that he should have asked the bandit for more than just the location. Things like numbers, and any traps. Oops. "If you like, I'll go first. Just follow behind me. And the less singing, or any noise really, the better."
  9. These were his friends. He shouldn't. Dan knew he shouldn't. But, he did it anyway. Dan burst out laughing. Both at what basically amounted to a prank, and the result all over Tuma. "Okay, okay, alright. Hyacinth, are you good now?" The entire sentence was full of laughing. Dan still had to admire Tuma's handiwork. That was fast, effective, and hilarious. Most healings where he came from were only ever one of those three, maybe a combination of two.
  10. "He seems fine. Just that... Explosion thing wore him out. Something similar happens to demigods where I'm from. We're only half God, so if we use our powers too much it'll exhaust us. We build up a resistance over time, but the limit never goes away, just gets pushed." He looked closer. "The explosion didn't hurt him, I don't think. You got anything for extreme fatigue?" Dan had some things for injury in his backpack, but had a sneaking suspicion that if anyone here tried to eat or drink them, they'd burst into flames. Dan was pretty sure everyone present had had enough of that for tonight.
  11. Well. That's... One way to intimidate someone. Dan had to give Oni props. That was terrifying. Dan waited for the bandit to stop screaming. That.... Took a few minutes. When he finally did, and it was reduced to hyperventilation and whimpers, he spoke again. "Hey buddy. Me and my buds here have a real problem. See, we need to be somewhere REAL soon, but we can't seem to find it. You mind pointing us in the direction of your little gangs hideout?" "I- I have no idea what you're talking about! What hideout?" Dan grinned. "Oni. Rip his good leg off. His other arm too. Ill split him open for you. You look hungry." "Oh, you mean MY hideout! It's a cave system. Built into a big hill. You'll know it by the 3 holes in a perfect triangle. It's directly Northeast from here! But you can only get in if you've stolen something! That's the ward that keeps most people out. And makes sure those of us who leave always come back with loot." Dan was quite pleased with this outcome. He went over and pocketed the bandits dagger. Something freshly stolen. "You got anything on you?" "N-no. We don't leave the hideout with loot." Dan nodded. That made sense. "Much appreciated. Oni, you want him? Hes all yours." The bandit was shocked. "B-but I-" Dan looked back at him with a look that chilled the bandits entire body. "You tried to attack and kill my friend. Did you really think there was any version of this where you walk- sorry, limp away? Oni, do what you want with him." Dan turned and walked to Hyacinth, to make sure he was alright, not wanting to look at what might be about to happen. The bandit thought, with what rational part of his mind wasn't panicking, that this kid must have had something serious happen to him before.
  12. Well. That could've gone better. Dan had had little time to process how his drachma were now lost. He hoped maybe there was one in his bag, he'd check later. He had seen the bandit take out a weapon, but he was too close to Hyacinth, and there was a chance Dan might hit the wrong person. Then... Then Hyacinth made him explode. That... Happened. Upon seeing the bandit get up and attempt to run, Dan bolted off after him. Well, "after him" might imply a chase. With Dan's incredible speed, and the man's limp, Dan was on the man in a span of three seconds. He tripped the bandit, and when he turned over to try to point his own weapon at Dan, found a black sword pointed just above his chest. Dan grinned. "Evening. S'not nice, attacking people like that. Yeah, his singing blew ass, but it wasn't worth killing him over dude, come on. Let's have a little chat." Dan decided to wait a moment until Oni got there so the point made next would be clear.
  13. Dan nodded. "Yeah. Maybe count them, show what they are. But be careful. these might be the kind to just kill you. If they are, I can PROBABLY get there first." This should definitely work. He and his squad used this all the time to capture and question monsters. Dan figured that bandits were about the same thing. "Me and Tuma will hide and wait a ways away. If the bandits approach, don't panic. If they draw a weapon, me and Tuma will stop them. Probably." He stifled a grin at the last word. Of course he could get there first. But it had been a while since he'd messed with someone. Turning to Tuma, he had to ask. "You uh.... Wouldn't happen to be able to turn some of those back into drachma later, would you? Sentimental value, you know."
  14. Too young? DANGEROUS?! He had done FAR worse than this, how did Hyacinth- oh. Right. Dan hadn't told them hardly anything. Oops. For a brief second, severe annoyance flashed across Dan's face, until he came to the realization that they didn't know what all he could do. "..... Right. Alright, you it is. And..." He looked at Mr. Rat, who had just abracadabra'd a few drachma into a lot of other coins. Dan's hand started to twitch. This guy could create money. Which means he could make gems, gold, silver. Dan started sweating slightly. "So..... The other problem solved. Nice job dude. Alright. Let's do this when dark comes. Don't worry Hyacinth, they show up, we'll be all over them them."
  15. Dan's face reddenned again. "No, that is NOT my idea! The idea is this: one of us, NOT the sexy purple lady, makes a camp alone at night. The rest of us will be close by, but out of sight." Dan put his backpack on the ground and opened a pocket. "Then, they'll start counting the bait." Dan took out a jingling pouch. When he opened it, the others would be able to see that it was full of golden coins. "Drachma. Where I'm from, everyone like me has some. These guys won't know they're not currency here, they'll just see gold. When some come to take it, we hit em. Now. The question is. Which of us looks more vulnerable and nonthreatening, me, or Hyacinth? Uh- no offense, dude.