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  1. Dan nodded. "Yeah. Maybe count them, show what they are. But be careful. these might be the kind to just kill you. If they are, I can PROBABLY get there first." This should definitely work. He and his squad used this all the time to capture and question monsters. Dan figured that bandits were about the same thing. "Me and Tuma will hide and wait a ways away. If the bandits approach, don't panic. If they draw a weapon, me and Tuma will stop them. Probably." He stifled a grin at the last word. Of course he could get there first. But it had been a while since he'd messed with someone. Turning to Tuma, he had to ask. "You uh.... Wouldn't happen to be able to turn some of those back into drachma later, would you? Sentimental value, you know."
  2. Too young? DANGEROUS?! He had done FAR worse than this, how did Hyacinth- oh. Right. Dan hadn't told them hardly anything. Oops. For a brief second, severe annoyance flashed across Dan's face, until he came to the realization that they didn't know what all he could do. "..... Right. Alright, you it is. And..." He looked at Mr. Rat, who had just abracadabra'd a few drachma into a lot of other coins. Dan's hand started to twitch. This guy could create money. Which means he could make gems, gold, silver. Dan started sweating slightly. "So..... The other problem solved. Nice job dude. Alright. Let's do this when dark comes. Don't worry Hyacinth, they show up, we'll be all over them them."
  3. Dan's face reddenned again. "No, that is NOT my idea! The idea is this: one of us, NOT the sexy purple lady, makes a camp alone at night. The rest of us will be close by, but out of sight." Dan put his backpack on the ground and opened a pocket. "Then, they'll start counting the bait." Dan took out a jingling pouch. When he opened it, the others would be able to see that it was full of golden coins. "Drachma. Where I'm from, everyone like me has some. These guys won't know they're not currency here, they'll just see gold. When some come to take it, we hit em. Now. The question is. Which of us looks more vulnerable and nonthreatening, me, or Hyacinth? Uh- no offense, dude.
  4. Dan looked around. Wide open spaces, mostly flat terrain. Yes, this will do nicely. A set of trees would have helped, but Dan was confident this would work. So. A bunch of bandit attacks, huh? Amateurs. Dan did not like bandits. Bandits were just common thieves without any talent. Which was why they waved their weapons and flexed their muscles for a living. They couldn't pick a pocket if it were an open fanny pack hanging on a chair. "So, I would guess, we need to get hold of one of this bandit group, and get him to sing. I already got an idea, wanna hear it?" Dan grinned. This was a perfect job for him. It takes a thief to catch a thief, after all.
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    @Mickey Flash @FirePenguinDiscoPanda @Golden Hyacinth @Ellorian (Forgive me if I'm doing this wrong) Dan returned from the board to the bar, going to the ones he was acquainted with. He noticed two were missing, which saddened him a moment, but he remembered he went over to the board for a reason. "Hey, the lady was right. Plenty of things to do. I think we should-" Dan then overheard someone further down the bar that he hadn't noticed before, likely due to the far more interesting people in his company. It was a man with rough features, and who didn't look very friendly. He looked like he was middle aged or close to it in one direction or another. Dan listened harder, and it sounded like he was whining about bandits while drinking a glass of a brown liquid that Dan took a wild guess was alcoholic. Dan decided what he saw could wait, and walked over to the man, preparing to leap out of the way should he attack. "Hey, were you talking about bandits?"
  6. The OST in Bayonetta is amazing to me. So many good songs. And because of that goddamn secret boss, one will haunt me forever. Also Dark souls. Powerful music.
  7. 'Very well. I confess. It is my intention to commandeer one of these vessels, pick up a crew in Tortuga, raid, pillage, and otherwise plunder my weasley black guts out.' -Captain Jack Sparrow. In all seriousness though, I've yet to have a job where I didn't steal something. I've also yet to have a job where I've gotten caught stealing.
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    @Adventureguy @Ellorian @Anon @anyone else I might have missed because using mobile and going back and forth is obnoxious. Dan took the stone, and gave it the loot-once-over. It was a smooth stone with something etched in it. Dan put it in one of the pockets on his right leg, one with a zipper, so that he could not lose it nor could it be stolen easily. Despite his harrowing first impression, Dan was sad to see the royal man go. Then he saw the warp gate he went through. It would seem that, eventually, he would have to go warping again. Wonderful. When the purple lady spoke of shafts and holes to explore, he was confused for just a moment. Then his face went red again. Did she just offer to.... Oh god she did. Dan focused intently however, on what she said. A board requesting help. Dan decided that she did indeed have a point. He highly doubted this place would accept drachma, or anything in Fancypants' wallet. Getting some cash would only serve to help him. And if he bonded with the others around him at the same time, even better. Even though he had barely known them for a few minutes, Dan already wanted them to be friends. Perhaps it had something to do with the thought of being all alone on a world he knew nothing about being even more terrifying than the thought of what that purple lady would do to him if they were alone, and she had but a coil of rope and half a mind to. "Y-yeah. I'll go umm... Check that out real quick." Dan got up out of his seat, checked to see if his legs still worked, gave each one a light punch to make them work again, adjusted his shorts so that it wouldnt be obvious to the entire tavern that he had a major case of Diamond Dick, and went to check the board.
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    Dan tried to remain calm. The tickling had stopped, but now he was pretty sure there were tits on his neck. Dan's fingers and toes were clenched tightly to keep him from making any embarrassing noises, but his face had elevated to a deep red, and the heat radiating from it could keep you warm on a winter's night. "Yeah." Dan cleared his throat. His voice was two octaves higher than normal there. "Yeah, they're real. Not here though, apparently. Wait, so this place is called Valucre? So it IS a different world." Valucre. Kind of a weird sounding name, but he doubted words like 'Olympus' and 'Tartarus' were common and normal here.
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    Dan's eyes widened. What was she- Dan desperately tried to keep from laughing. His chest was the least ticklish part on him, but it still made him curl slightly before he composed himself. And the moment he did, he realized an incredibly pretty woman was stroking him and talking to him in a very suggestive tone. Dan's face flushed red. And there was a tent being pitched. "U-uuuhhh.... Yeah. It's.... F-far away. Another world entirely." Try as he might, light snickering started to escape. He turned and looked at Jerek. "A p-pleasure. Thanks." He then turned back to Tobias. "Well, don't leave us in suspense. Cliff hangers suck."
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    Dan blinked. This guy KNEW about the gods. This was either good, or VERY bad, but since he didn't attack, and instead asked about his well being, it didn't seem like he was working for him. Unless he was playing a long con, which was possible, but not probable. "So you know about them? That makes things a lot easier. Yeah you could say I'm involved, Hermes being my dad. But where I'm from, they're.... Not so much myth. More-" A somewhat dark look crossed Dan's face. "-More like a bunch of chicken bastards hiding on Olympus under order of Zeus because his daddy came back to power." It was clear that Dan was holding back a LOT of anger, hinting at something more personal that happened. "That lightning-chucking cockthistle ordered all of the gods to stay on Olympus, closed it off, and WATCHED Kronos take over the world. Him, all of his monsters, and his four brothers that helped kill HIS father." A wicked grin formed on Dan's face. "Well, his three brothers now." Dan looked thoughtful for a moment. "Huh. Now that I think about it, maybe my squadron raiding a compound and me killing Krios is why he sent those 3 nasties after me in the first place. You wanna hear the story about that? Now THAT is a better moment than earlier. And a much better story."
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    That was.... Oddly specific. And eerily accurate. " Well uhh... That's... Basically what happened. I was walkin down the road, minding my own business, when I look behind me and see that some asshole sent two Gorg-" Dan realized that this person likely would not know what a Gorgon was. "Ehh... Two serpentine women with snakes for hair. Really ugly. Named Euryale and Stheno. These two were nasty, and on top of that, the street was kinda crowded. I didn't feel like drawing weapons around a load of people would end well for me. Id probably end up in the back of a police car. Again. So I bolted. Turns out that was the plan, I ducked in an alleyway like a doof, and who was waiting on me but Polyphem- uhh, really really really really big fat guy with one eye. Likes eating anything that moves and/or breathes. Wouldn't ya know it, I do both of those things. Don't ask me how the hell he got there, I have no idea. This guy, snake ladies behind me, I did what anyone sensible would do. I used a thing that some eh... Sorcerers in my squadron swore up and down that it wad tested and it worked. It was supposed to put me back at our campsite, but I ended up... Well here. Wherever here is. Yeah... Not my finest moment." Dan neglected to mention what it was That he was doing walking down the road, nicking valuables from people that looked like they had WAY too much money.
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    Dan yelped, a bit louder than he was comfortable with, and spun around, very nearly toppling himself out of his chair. Were it not for the fact that both of His arms were fully occupied with keeping him from hilariously falling, they would have instinctively flew to his weapons. Dan forced himself to calm down. If this person were going to hurt him, he would not have revealed himself. Unless this was his first time. Dan ignored how hard his heart was racing, and awkwardly pushed himself back into his seat. "Hi. I stand out? How?" Maybe because I'm 14 at a bar and look like a lost, barefoot school boy? Dan had to admit. That was a good one. The only way that could have elicited a better reaction from him was if he had... Nonononono. Dan decided not to think about THAT, and how it would have either had him on the floor curled into a giggling ball, or had him yelp a few octaves higher and vault over the bar like a lunatic. To take His mind off of that embarrassment, he noticed some commotion from Mr. Rat. He looked over and- Aphrodite's Tits, who is THAT? As he had prepared himself beforehand for a woman to appear from nowhere, he wasnt shocked. But she was gorgeous. Like Aphrodite level gorgeous. Dan however forced himself to look away and back at the jumpscare man, so as not to look too rude.
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    Dan made it to the bar with, from what he could tell, no incident. He took an open seat, and decided it would be smart to take note of the people around him. He saw a boy, older than him, but managing to be scrawnier than him. And very drunk. Well worn clothes, and seemed to be having money issues, to hear him go on. Dan kept this in mind; he smelled a potential job. He continued to look and saw a man in a gas mask. Dan was instantly wary. In his experience, people who don't show their faces are dangerous. But he didn't appear to be hostile. Dans eyes moved to the ratty looking person gas mask man was- wait. Oh dear gods, that's an actual giant talking rat. Dan was a bit surprised, but wasn't unnerved. He had seen MUCH worse than a giant talking rat. Dan could hear a woman talking, but for the life of him, Dan could not see her anywhere. She was talking to gas mask man, and spoke as though she and Mr. Rat were here together. Dan decided not to worry about it too much, but to keep an eye out for a woman appearing out of nowhere. He noticed a man, already on his way to drunk town, asking people for stories and tales. Dan decided that if he was asked, he wouldn't refuse. Telling a story about what he'd done would be a good way to connect with people and get information. Also, is anyone here were in his employ, Dan would know real quick when they went for his throat after the first sentence or two. Dan then set his eyes on someone that, at first, terrified him. This guy was MASSIVE. By the gods, this guy could probably beat Atlas in an armwrestle. Fortunately, however, this guy seemed very friendly. And appeared to be royalty of some sort. There was a guy drawing. Dan immediately decided he wasn't dangerous. There was a guy up in the rafters. Dan also decided that he wasn't dangerous, but made it a point to keep an eye on him if he needed to make a quick exit. With nimbleness like that, he was likely one of the likely few people who could cut him off effectively before he could get away. The fact that he navigated the rafters like he'd been born in them only increased that chance. And finally Dan laid eyes on- Holy shit is that Legol- No. No it wasn't. But this guy looked like, exactly like an elf. The really epic, cool kind, not those brown nosers in Santa's Workshop. Dan then decided to look at the bar itself, and try to decide if he wanted something.
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    After all this time, and all of this walking, Dan had to finally admit it. He was lost. This was REALLY hard for him to admit to himself, but he also soon forgave himself after noting, yet again, that he was pretty sure this was not the world he was from. "When I get back, Jayce and James had better run fast." This was to no one in particular. The Hecate twins, Jayce and James, had assured him that the Temporal Quick Escape was well tested and would deposit him safely back at their current campsite. Well, it's well tested NOW isn't it? That thought only served to irritate him further. Even with his speed, this had been a long walk. He had started off at a brisk jog at 27 mph, hoping to find somewhere to stay briefly and find out where the hell he was, but soon settled into a walk, deciding to save his energy, rather than risk collapsing in the middle of nowhere. A choice he was glad he made, as he had lost track of all time with how long this had taken. Finally, he saw what looked like life on the distance, which was more than he could say for the last gods know how long. It didn't look like much though. Just a shack almost. Oh well. Maybe he could at least get directions. "Unbelievable. After all this time, the only sign of life I see is a tiny little thing like this. Absolutely-" He then stepped inside. "-........ Unbelievable." Dan had seen enchantments like this before, but never on a scale this large. His eyes started flitting around everywhere, giving as many people as he could a once over. He very much doubted anyone here was in his employ, but his mild paranoia hadn't got him into trouble yet. After concluding that there was an acceptable chance that no one here would attempt to kill him, except maybe that guy with the long ponytail, Dan decided he would not be engaging with him in any manner if he could help it, took a deep breath and attempted to blend with the crowd on the way to the bar. Hopefully they'd let him at least sit there. He attempted to make it a point to A: Not bump into anyone or draw much attention to himself. B: Not look at anyone's pockets or persons for too long, lest he be tempted. The last thing he needed was to be thrown out of here.