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  1. Dolor Artinnium coming in and fixing everyone. Also Dan tries to meditate. The Other Guy takes control of his hand and tickles the soles of his feet. Dan jerks his leg into a rock and takes 1 damage. Thats how I see the crit fail meditate going.
  2. I am curious to see... How does one hurt oneself meditating? >_>
  3. Ah... Well, its a good thing none of the threads actually fail- ...... Oh... wait....
  4. It works as a block for multiple people. Bottom line: The dragon fire damage is reduced to 2.
  5. Aye. And as before, when blocked, it only reduces damage. Not prevent it.
  6. Did anyone else use block or defend last round? If so, they'll negate an extra point.
  7. You cannot dodge or defend the dragonfire. That was the last post in the thread. Ed's defense does not negate the sanity drop in any way. However, my merciful side won out. Ed's defense will negate 1 damage from it. Since he's still down, I dont hafta change anything, and its not as severe anymore.
  8. Iffit makes feel better, I dont think the other realm got near the kill count we did, so there MUST be people with mass heals and mass sanity heals left. Itd make ME feel better, fer sure.
  9. It wasn't meant to be defended against. But it'd stop at 0, ye can't have negative sanity. My merciful side is kicking in, no stop it. In response to Akiris' calculations, a hidden mechanic of the thread was, if we killed the dragon, everyone else would have cowered in fear and refused to follow the emperor's orders.
  10. If it's any consolation, I also didnt expect this many sanity hits. Glad the health was only hit twice.
  11. The dice were cruel here. I dont know why. I expected more than 3 to get out with no harm. I apologize. If I wasn't so late I might have tweaked things.
  12. The competitors were doing quite well. Well, most of them, anyway. There had been several deaths already, which the crowd had openly cheered for whenever they happened. However, not all was well this time. There were audible boos from the crowd at certain points. Vlad, for instance, while he was impaled, and got off of it, all he had done was dodge and gloat about it. The impaling was cool, but Vlad himself was honestly not that interesting this time. Another round of booing came in the direction of Jack Murray. All he had done was dodge. He did nothing interesting except be hit. And that was more due to his opponents than him. Utterly boring to watch. The third set of booing was even louder than the other two, and directed at Ed. Not because it wasn't interesting, but because he seemed to think so little of his opponents. A cocky, and arrogant little thing. And not even to show off to the audience, just to be a knob. Obviously, the Emperor was not about to stand for boring contestants. So, he snapped his fingers, and brought judgement upon Vlad and Jack. All of a sudden, Vlad would feel a searing pain in his insides, as if someone had lit his organs on fire. They hadn't of course, but it sure felt like it. At roughly the same time, Jack Murray would feel as if he'd seen a Lovecraftian god. His mental control started fraying heavily, and he may begin hearing whispers and voices. Ed, on the other hand, had something very odd happen. He countered the attack on him, and threw Megaera into Alecto, launching them with perfect accuracy into the elephant's attack. But then, when he tried to pin them, they were able to somehow leap out of the way of it. Megaera and Alecto let out an earsplitting screech that only Ed seemed to be able to hear. How this was possible was anyone's guess, but it might be because the gods were upset with Ed, over attempting to use mechanics that did not exist, such as 'continuous' attacks, and keeping an opponent pinned to the ground. Right as the monsters were about to attempt to launch more attacks, the air crackled. Electric bolts filled the air in the center of the arena, and hole opened in the air. A hole that led out of the desolate, horrible, madness inducing Coliseum, into the desolate, horrible, madness inducing plains of Yh'mi. Doubtless, everyone would scramble for this portal. The monsters however, weren't all willing to let them leave. As a last ditch move, the three Furies took to the air, and screeched as loud as they could. The triple screech would deal 3 sanity damage to those affected by it. Alvumaar also decided to jump on the final attack train. He opened his mouth and unleashed a sea of fire, engulfing everything on the ground without prejudice. It instantly killed every centaur still alive but would only end up doing 3 damage to those hit by it.
  13. And last, Soryn Markov! Will we make the scot-frees a threesome? Please? Yes we will! Thank the gods!
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