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  1. Alright @EpicRome23 Reroll. .....FFFFUCK I wanted to kill the Olyphant
  2. Now against the failed kill shot. D20. Always D20. And I win again. I do believe, that charlie is in trouble. Shouldnt have had that fizzy lifting drink. Now I'ma kill you.
  3. Alright alright, fine. I, for some reason, feel this... weird emotion. I think its... pity? Thats a new one.... Rolling against your fire dodge, lets see what I'm up agains- ..... Oh. I win.
  4. And no, if you use an action to pull yourself from the spear it doesnt do damage. Itll only do the damage if you prioritize doing damage over your own life.
  5. No, I did not get any plea from you @zackrobbman.... I remember nothing about that. Did it get buried in the Before Time? in the Long Long Ago? And unfortunately, due to how the thread works, yes the fire breath would hurt Charlie. For the same reason that Dan is suddenly an amazing shot and never misses, despite being one of the worst marksmen ever to exist. The reason of things like that matter not in these threads.
  6. Crit shot chance for kill shot is 1-5 on a d20. You CAN force a reroll by using up your buff... I mean, if you really want to...
  7. Did a REALLY cheap edit. Yer still getting critted, boi.
  8. Alright then. Oh fine. I'll kill you on the last turn then.
  9. And finally, Dolor Artinnium. @Dolor Aeternum YES, FER GODS SAKE ITS D20 OOOOH, that ones gonna hurt.
  10. Okay, lets see how the second goes with @Fierach Wow, two in a row.
  11. Now we have @Fierach with a- .......Oh. OBSERVE, EPICROME.
  12. Who's next? ... Oh. @EpicRome23 again. Okay. Maybe he'll dodge this time? Just a little thing between me and Epicrome here. Cast: Hollowcipher: Piccolo. EpicRome: Gohan. Guest starring @jaistlyn as Goku.
  13. @EpicRome23 Again. Lets see if the giant, mega slow elephant can dodge. I guess not.
  14. Next up, EpicGreece! Oh- wait... Did I confuse the better empire with the Empire of Knockoffs? My bad. @EpicRome23 ................................Wow. Thats just rubbing it in.
  15. Alright, Piss and See first. @P.N.See
  16. Unfortunately I hafta go into work, like immediately,i shouldnt even be writing this response. I can do when I get back tho.
  17. Okay, the answers to all the ones I remember: 1. Oops. I forgot the centaur was the knocked down. I'll fix that when I get in from work. Or, if I forget to, either remind me, or assume the attack from that one didnt actually go down. 2. If we tie, Ima assume we have a rematch. 3. Nope, this isnt about winning anymore. Its about 4. There is one more round. The conclusion round. Where everyone gets one last attack on them, before being shipped out of the nightmare, conscious or not.
  18. If I overlooked something, tell me. After losing the first post, my motivation went through the floor, so I just cranked it out this time. Sorry.
  19. CENTAURS Dan's centaurs were less than happy. One couldnt see out of one of his eyes, the other had a friend that couldnt see out of one of his eyes. So, they decided to shoot the flying boy out of the air. @Akiris Ed's centaurs were considerably less happy than Dans. And everyone else's, really. Thankfully, the dragon in question had no appetite for eating things that were non-bipedal and so, he flicked his head, and chucked the centaurs across the arena. The Furies followed, but stopped themselves in the air. @P.N.See Vlad Dracula's centaur was understandably upset by him casually swatting one of the duo aside like he was nothing, and decided that maybe this person should not be alive anymore. And so, like any decent person, he decided to rid the world of Vlad. Or, at the very least, hurt him very badly. He galloped toward him, holding his spear out like a lance, preparing to skewer him. @Dolor Aeternum Same vampire species, different name, the centaur still alive fighting Soryn Markov was equally upset. At Soryn, of course, but also at Megaera for muscling in on his fight. Though this was quickly remedied. So, he lined up a shot, took careful aim, and fired. @Tyler The centaurs, having been successful in their endeavor to exterminate the Narkotian Brigade that has another name with infinite 'a's, then converged onto Jack, who was the nearest to them. Conveniently, he already dealt with his two centaurs, so now he has two more. Joy. They both fired twice rapidly, aiming to severely injure Jack. @Fierach Due to Sheryl's broken nonsense, four centaurs were wounded. The two focused on her found that being wounded wasn't fun, so they decided to make this as quick as possible for her. They both aimed, and fired two shots in rapid succession. @EpicRome23 Ilene, though having defeated one of the centaurs, was not finished yet. She had the second to deal with, and was not very happy with her. Maybe the adventurers would notice a pattern here. The centaur aimed carefully, and fired on her, intent on killing her outright if he could. The ones fighting Surus were equally irritated. They lived for hunting large, stupid animals. Why was this one being such a pain? One got up from being knocked down. The other got up, aimed carefully, and fired. Charlie's Centaurs started to go and attack someone, but for some reason they couldnt decide on who to attack. So they spend the turn deliberating. The Furies Megaera and Alecto were flung from the Dragon's mouth, and stopped in the air. The both glared at Ed with the most malicious hatred many of the crowd had ever seen. Alecto flew at Ed, screeching with an ear-shattering pitch, with speed close to Dan's, and extended her hand. Alecto gripped Ed by the throat, and carried him into the air, almost 30 feet in the air. She point blank shrieked at him, wearing at his sanity if he could not resist her influence. After which, she would toss Ed into the air, and flip in the air, building up force, and axe-kicking him in the gut, and sending him careening back down. Megaera simply waited her turn. Though, not happily. Why the hell did Alecto get first dibs? But, after the attack, success or fail, Megaera did the same. She flew at Ed, hand outstretched. Tisiphone, pleased with Charlie's demise looked for a new victim. She decided on Vlad. She flew to him at great speed, and attacked, coming in close to latch her fangs into his neck. Good Gods the irony. Alvumaar The dragon did NOT like being force fed. It hurled the contents out of its mouth, not particularly caring one way or another about what happened to them. He looked at the combatants, to see who looked the most appetizing. One was really short. Not much more than a light hors d'oeurve. One, was a barefooted flying boy. He seemed interesting, but looking closer, Alvumaar found that he was quite skinny. Not an incredible amount of meat, and even less fat for flavor. Then he saw someone. Someone with a shotgun. THAT one would be who he chose. Alvumaar raised his massive hand, and brought it down on Vlad.
  20. That is a good question... Anyways, Aki, I wish you luck. I honestly didn't wanna use this. What a fucking liar.
  21. Oh... Going through them now.... Zackrobbman didnt post... .........Welp. Since the centaurs did 2 damage, and the Alvumaar did 3, Charlie's dead.
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