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  1. "You don't understand!" Anessa pleaded with the guards. "We're all in danger here, we need to get out of the building!?" The man standing at the front of the squad frowned. "No one's going anywhere until I understand what's going on. Go over it again, from the beginning." Anessa sucked in breathe to begin another tirade when she heard something shatter behind her. She turned, to see the skull-man incoming from the entrance, and behind him she heard the characteristic crackle of more spellcasting. She turned back to the guards, who were now eyeing her new companion wearily. "Look, the mage has gone crazy, she started attacking us out of nowh-" Her sentence was cut off by a shout of "GET DOWN!" from one of the sharper guardsman. She turned again, in time to see Karewyn complete whatever lightning spell she was casting and she hit the deck as fast as she could. She felt crackling energy run through the room. Some of the wild spell struck some of the guardsman, though the more savvy of the guard had either dropped to the ground as well, or activated their lightning charms, protecting them at least in part from the spell. When the maelstrom of lightning had dissipated, Anessa chanced a look at Karewyn, and was shocked to see glowing blue lines coloring the woman's skin. Her eyes were azure lights without pupils, and electricity crackled through her form without any regard for the limits of spellcasting. Suddenly, Karewyn's interest in her particular field of study made a bit more sense.
  2. The quiet walk rankled on Anessa a bit at first. The initial ten minutes were frustrating, with Jericho not answering her questions, but paying attention to his expression, she could tell that he was lost in thought. She'd seen similar looks on several of the academics she'd approached before. She contented herself with finally taking the time to dig a bit of twine out of her satchel and tying up her hair. Eventually, Jericho spoke up again. He offered his own interpretation of her situation, and a disturbing potentiality as well. "I mean I guess I could do that, um, in theory. Trap someone forever, with trees, but only someone, well, someone not too strong. I mean they're just trees. Just because they move around me doesn't make them, well, invincible. They can still be cut down." She shook her head. "And besides, asking the trees for favors, well, it exhausts me. When they know I'm addressing them they, um, I'm pretty sure they pull more magic from me than, well, than usual. I doubt I could sustain it forever." After she said her piece she listened mutely to his offered advice. She nodded at his words at first, they made sense and people had tried to take advantage of Anessa before, but his second recommendation drew a frown from her. "I think, well, I'm pretty strong already. And I'm really durable. I just, well, I don't think getting stronger is, well, a goal of mine." She nodded her head resolutely. "As long as I'm tough enough to defend myself that's good enough for me." She fell silent, her mind wandering now, and the pair traveled on, lost in their respective thoughts. She wasn't really paying attention to Jericho, so she jumped a bit in surprise when she heard him speaking suddenly. It took her a few moments to realize that he was answering her question from almost a half-hour ago. She listened carefully to his words, and when he mentioned Stormward she piped up, "Huh, weird, I was in Stormward not too long ago. Funny." She listened to the rest of his story, nodding where it felt appropriate, and spoke again when he finished, "Wow, that's quite the tale." She shook her head. "I guess it's well, I guess it's better than mine." Jericho responded by questioning her about her reason for traveling and Anessa looked at him with a bit of surprise, before bursting out into bitter laughter. "Oh I don't need anyone to, well, to tell me what I am." She scoffed. "No, I don't need anyone else to tell me that I'm a monster, I just need someone to tell me how to change back." Her voice got quieter, and her eyes turned distant. "Someone who can tell me how to be human again." Her laugh turned weak now, and the bite in it was obvious. "That's all I really want."
  3. Fight was in uc-a and Misty took the bout. Good game, and good luck in the tournament proper!
  4. Keep me posted if Ferroul's fight is rescheduled to be against Misty. If this is the case, send me a PM @Misty and we can work out a time to hop on discord.
  5. When Tanner handed Leo the device, the boy looked at it in confusion for a bit before noticing what must be the pin. He nodded as Tanner went down the ladder, and after confirming that his compatriot had made the descent, he went over to the entrance to the room, setting the device down and yanking out the pin. Leo turned around to make his climb down himself when sounds of shifting came from the door behind him. He turned around just as one of the bandits squeezed through the space they'd made in the obstacles in front of the door. The man tackled Leo, sending them both sprawling to the floor. Down on the ground, Luna and the hostage both looked up expectantly as Tanner climbed down. Once he had reached the bottom the trio waited, expecting Leo. A few moments passed, with no signs of the boy, and the hostage turned to Luna, "Should we," he started, and she held up a hands to forestall him. She closed her eyes in evident concentration for a moment before opening them and turning to the two men. "We go now." she told them. She turned around, heading deeper into the forest towards their rendezvous with the guard. "But what about the other one?" she heard the hostage behind her. "She yelled over her shoulder as she walked. He'll catch up, but we have to go no-" She was interrupted by the sounds of an explosion from the room above, and the illusory ladder faded out of existence. Luna had broken into a jog now, and was yelling to be heard over the din. "Let's go!"
  6. The more the dragon-girl talked, the less sense she made to Anessa. Her understanding of concepts and vocabulary seemed half-formed, and ill-defined. And a dragon? Like, a real honest to the gods dragon? It seemed unlikely, but her new companion was very draconic in her own right... Still, it wasn't in her nature to pry, and Anessa did her best to leave her concerns well alone. If there really was a dragon in this forest, being on the good side of it's friend seemed a wise plan. "A town, is, well, think of a place with, um, a lot of people. Like, a lot a lot. Thousands. All living in one place in buildings." Anessa gave her a funny look as the pair walked. "You do know what a building is, right?" She couldn't take anything for granted in their conversation. Whatever her response to that question, Anessa continued, "You'll probably be able to find kittens in Vintel, though I can't imagine what it would cost to buy a domesticated one. Or three for that matter."
  7. Leo and Luna set about their own preparations. With guidance from the security team, Leo started setting up one-way walls, as in illusions that could be seen through one way and not the other, as well as hiding some of the doors by making them appear as part of the wall. By the time they were finished, the house was a maze, even to the people who regularly inhabited it, and the pair had to spend no small amount of time acclimating the inhabitants to the changes.
  8. Anessa jumped a bit when she felt her new companion's hand on her shoulder, but was relieved when he stepped past her, ready to deal with the thugs. He relief grew to confusion, however, and eventually disdain, as the skull-man and one of the thugs postured against one another. As her new companion laid out the large thug, Anessa felt the hair on the back of her neck rising, and she could almost perceive the electricity charging the air. Karewyn had probably already gotten out of the room, and no bets about where she was going. Anessa grabbed the skull-man's arm and hissed at him, "Enough of this, we need to go!" and released it to go barreling down the hallway. The men with clubs were scary, but they were also nothing compared to Karewyn's magic. The first guy, the one she'd thrown before, had recovered himself and came in swinging, but she just shrugged off the blow from the club shoved him roughly against the wall, winding him again. She caught the next man's arm as he came in swinging and pulled him viciously, sending him sprawling behind her in a heap. She bolted past the final man, who by this point seemed too stunned to put up any real resistance, and turned another corner, hoping that her companion was following. She rubbed her head where she'd taken the hit as she ran down the hallways. She didn't feel any worse for wear, and she couldn't feel anything too wrong so she resoled herself to ignoring any potential injuries for now. Sheexited the corridors into the waiting room where they had come in from, and hustled to the door, passing the unnoticed and unconscious forms of more black-clad thugs.
  9. display case
  10. Decisions made, for the most part it appeared, the eclectic group exited the church. Shiel paid little mind to who was following her, save for the brothers. She lead the party along a predetermined route that she had memorized prior to setting out for the city. In her head, she recited, first to the church, then out and a right, left at the tavern, right at the tailor's, down the third alley on the left, and there it was. In front of the group was a short alley that dead-ended rather quickly, and more importantly contained a heavy metal trapdoor and a scrawled glyph that meant "entry" for anyone schooled in the Radiant Dawn's order. Shiel knelt near the trapdoor, tugging experimentally on the handle, and found that, though it was heavy, the trapdoor was unlocked, and relatively easy to tug open. She lifted the metal covering, exposing a yawning portal with a ladder leading down into the abyss. Shiel frowned, and put one foot experimentally on the top rung. She pressed down, and when she didn't hear any creaking or cracking, she put her full wait on it. She started lowering herself, and left her companions above with a message, "I'm going down first, follow me after I yell that I've reached the bottom. We don't want more than one person on this ladder at a time." Her message delivered, she continued her descent. Gingerly, Shiel lowered herself further and further, taking her time to make sure she wasn't going to slip. Eventually, after what felt like an age, she touched her boots on the bottom. She looked up, and could barely make out the opening above. "Alright the next person should come down now!" she shouted up to her companions. This done, she turned around to inspect her new environment. There wasn't a lot to see. It was pitch-dark in what seemed to be a narrow tunnel. She felt around herself to inspect the dimensions of the space, and concluded that they could probably walk to abreast, and that if anyone in their group was particularly tall they'd have to hunch. Hopefully this passageway lead into a more open space. Shiel heard the sounds of someone descending the ladder, and she cleared herself away from the landing way, to allow the next person access. Once everyone was down, the group could set off again.
  11. Oh geez what the heck? I'm so sorry guys! I missed a few posts and didn't realize I was up! I'll have something up later today. And for future reference, if I ever take more than three days to respond to something feel free to poke me, I probably didn't realize that I was up. Again, so sorry everyone, my bad >_<
  12. Jericho's lack of respect of personal space, as well as the intense curiosity in his gaze, put Anessa a bit on edge, but she did relax some when he backed off, and when he acceded to her request to keep things lower to the ground. The pair started walking, Anessa heading unerringly northwest without any hesitation, and Jericho explained his ability while Anessa tried to come up with a cohesive way to explain hers. Normally she wouldn't talk about her situation, but Jericho's earnestness, and his willingness to simmer down a bit when she was uncomfortable, convinced her to share a bit. "From what, well, from what I've put together, it has something to do with leylines. I've talked to a couple of, uh, mages. Mages, and botanists, now, and the botanists tell me that whatever it is that happens around me isn't, well, natural." As she explained, Anessa's frown grew, and her words started tumbling over one another. She hesitated a few times, in between rambling sentences, very evidently discomforted by what she was saying, but she always continued after a few moments. There was a certain catharsis in explaining her situation to someone, especially a good listener like Jericho. "From what the mages have tried to explain to me, it seems like, and again this is just guesswork really, it seems like I'm, uh, attached. To a leyline, that is. I'm attached to this leyline. And I guess, well, I drag it around with me, wherever I go and it dumps, magic, well, ambient magic, into the area around wherever I am." She stopped for a moment, and then looked up in alarm, hands held out in front of her. "But don't worry! It's, it's not dangerous or anything. At least, I don't think it is. As far as I've seen it only really, well, it only really effects plants. And as for the dying when I go up high thing, well, I guess I need to be close to the ground to be, well, to be getting magic from the leyline. So, you know, no flying for me or I just kinda, well, stop." She halted her speech on that cheery thought, and fell silent for a few moments, before she remembered Jericho's final question about her abilities. "And as for the tree, the animation should last, hmm, probably a couple of hours, while the trees burn off the magic that I, uh, that I put in the environment." She stopped again, only for a few seconds, before she volleyed back some question of her own. "So why is that, Arinx was it? Why was that Arinx guy chasing you? And he has, uh, cronies you said? What's up with him." She shivered a bit. "He was a real creep."
  13. The odd girl's words made Anessa frown. "You're looking for, uh, kittens? In this forest?" She looked around her, eyeing the trees and the underbrush. "I guess you might, well, find kittens." She thought for a moment, "But, well, if I had to guess, anything small and feline in this forest has, uh, well, parents, that you don't want to mess with." Anessa started walking again. Talking was a nice distraction from her injury, but it couldn't come at the cost of making as fast of progress as she could. "I think you would, well, you would have a better bet finding kittens in a city, or a town." She looked thoughtful for a moment, before asking her new companion, "Have you even been in one? Uh, a city or town I mean."
  14. When the skull-man addressed his question to Anessa, she pointed down one of the corridors. "I'm pretty sure we came from that way." She was looking down the corridor, and she didn't really have time to react when her companion brushed the hair away from the side of her face. She pulled away from him instantly, her face coloring a slight shade of green, and her eyes going wide. "Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to, um, you startled me." Anessa tried to explain. "It's just, you're a little intimidating. Oh, but, um, thank you so much, for saving me back there." The girl made as if to stammer on a couple more times, before finally settling lamely for, "we need to get moving. Uh, well, sorry." She turned down the corridor she'd pointed out earlier, and started jogging down it. She reached the end of the hallway, and gave a yelp as a black-clothed man reached from around the corner, hands grabbing. Anessa swung her arms in a wild shove, and the man's eyes boggled as he flew backwards from the impact, landing heavily on his back with an audible, *whumph.* Anessa looked down at him, half-surprised at her own strength and half-relived. The latter was short-lived, however, when she noticed the three men standing behind his prone form. They were blocking the next passageway, armed with cudgels and clubs, they started running down the hallway.
  15. Leo held up a hand to forestall Sebastion's answer. "Certain constructions in the walls just don't take well to manipulation. Happens in every building. It has to do with the way people perceive, and how far you can stretch those perceptions. I don't think it's anything that Sebastion's men can do anything about, it's just something we're going to have to work around." Leo turned to his sister, and addressed a question to her. "Are we all set?" She gave him an "OK" sign with her hands, and he turned to face the two older men. "Me and Luna have seen everything we need to see, and are ready to set up. Do you have anything else to show us Sebastion? And do you have any questions for him Tobias?"