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    Eye of the Storm

    @Galen Wolfe Anessa sat with as much patience as she could muster in the waiting room. She was used to waiting, but excitement had her more wired than usual, and she tapped her foot restlessly. She looked about the space she was in, took in the lavish tapestries and the plush carpet. Whoever this mage was that agreed to see her, he was obviously rather well off. She was excited, things had been touch and go in Stormward, for a bit, trying to get in to see some of the researchers. Things had finally taken a turn when she had selectively revealed her condition in a bid to gain attention. Informing the right people had gotten her where she wanted, and a couple of interview later she found herself here. She called herself, Karewyn, and apparently she focused her research on people of strange and unusual natures. While Anessa hated being strange and unusual, she was willing to milk it here to get what she needed. Like most mages in Stormward, Karewyn was specifically concerned with how mage-storms interacted with people of strange and unusual nature, so it was no surprise when Karewyn had been especially emphatic about Anessa visiting when she had learned that the girl's condition had manifested itself during a storm. Anessa should her head to clear her thoughts. Hopefully the woman would have the answers she was looking for. Anessa looked around the waiting room once again, and noticed that a newcomer had arrived while she was spacing out.
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    A Wyld World

    An otherworldly wind brushed gently across Arun's shoulders, sending the Changeling shivering. Forlornly, the young man stared into the gaping maw of the portal resting just meters away from him. The brutal tear in reality yawned like some horrible mouth. To say Arun looked on it with mixed feelings would be an understatement like no other. Pride, fear, apprehension, and excitement all flowed through him in equal terms, swimming and colliding within the depths of his mind. After a few moments of staring, he broke his gaze away from the affront to this reality that he and his siblings had created. He turned his attention instead to the parcels he was tasked with bringing through that festering wound. Two small bags sat at his feet. One smelled of rot and decay, and the other of nothing at all. He knew the contents of each, but didn't want to think on either. In fact, he didn't want to be thinking about any of this. He turned his gaze again, this time towards the village, from which he had walked here earlier this morning. Hopefully his companions would arrive soon and they could get on with it. Arun had been chosen from among the Changelings as the champion that would bear a piece of the Wyrm and a piece of the Weaver back into the Fae realm. He would not be going alone, however. His companions were varied, and he'd yet to meet some of them. Some would be working for coin, other's for more obscure purposes, and perhaps one or two of them might even believe in the cause. As he waited, Arun's mind turned to what his companions might think of him. He knew that in some ways, he resembled his Fae lords, wiry and ethereal, thin to the point of breaking, graceful and flowing. Yet for all that, he also knew the touch of this world was on him. It showed on his slightly mottled complexion, the scars and bruises, the other imperfections that made him more, mortal. He looked again to his parcels. And this is what they would be introducing into the Fae realm. Mortality and structure. He knew it was necessary, everyone did, but that didn't stop the lot of them from shuddering at the thought. Arun sat brooding a little while longer before he heard the first hint of footsteps on the path, his Fae hearing revealing them at a range that would be impossible for a human. With a sigh, the Changeling stood up, and carefully schooled his expression into a smile. The small forest clearing that housed the portal to the Fae realm wasn't too far from the village, but it was easy to miss the turn-off from the path that would lead deeper into the forest. That in mind, Arun walked to the entrance of the clearing, waiting next to the path for the first signs of his companions. Whenever anyone would arrive, he would direct them into the clearing, until they were all assembled in front of the portal. He stared at the varied people, and decided to be the first to speak. "My name is Arun, the leader of this expedition. I'm sure you all know this already, but we're traveling into the Fae realm and dropping of these," he hefted his two small bags for emphasis, "at a certain location within. He looked around to make sure everyone understood. "It's going to be dangerous in there, and we can't really know what to expect. The Fae realm is almost pure Wyld, which means it's shaped by whatever consciousness' it touches. The piece of the Weaver we have hear," he lifted the odorless bag again," should keep things slightly stable, but take nothing for granted, and be careful what you think. Now, before we go in, we should all introduce ourselves and our specialties. Once again, my name is Arun, and I'm a Changeling. I'm skilled in several Fae magics, and my ancestry means I can never be lost, not even in there," he pointed at the portal. "Don't ask how it works, I couldn't tell you, I just literally cannot be lost." His introduction complete, Arun nodded at the person standing next to him. "I believe you're up next?"
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    Wyld World OOC

    @Bella_Donna @Anon @amenities Here's the OOC Thread for the Wyld World Thread. Link to the IC thread is here. No particular post order going into it, we'll decide on the order based on who posts when in the first round of posting. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. No time limit for skipping someone is going to be enforced at the beginning, but if people are being unreasonably slow I'll implement one.
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    A Wyld World

    The gathered group was, eclectic, but maybe that was no less than should be expected. Arun had the nagging feeling that chaos was more the guiding hand behind this gathering, that order had little to do with who had arrived here today, but he couldn't tell if that portended good or ill for their expedition. He looked over each of his compatriots one more time, the mercenary apparently, Sao, the fairy, Bella, and the hooded man, Syr. He had separate reservations about each of them, but he could only hope that they'd be more help than hurt once they were in the Wyld. "Well, we're not making any progress here." He pretended at more bravado than he really felt. "Let's get moving." The Changeling walked over to the portal, and pulled a long strand of thread from seemingly nowhere. The thin purple fibers gleamed almost golden with the sheer weight of the enchantments on them, and wrapping it around his hand took more effort than one would expect. Once he had a solid amount clasped in his fist, he tossed the spool back to Sao, more thread unwinding from it as the object flew. "Wrap some around your hand and then pass it on. The person at the end of the line can hold onto the spool." he instructed the group. "It'll act as a lifeline, keeping us all together. Cutting this thread is, I hesitate to say impossible, but it's probably the next closest thing to. I know being tied together is an inconvenience, but it'll keep you from losing me, and trust me, you don't want to be lost in there." He gestured towards the gaping portal while suppressing a shudder. Once everyone had had a turn with the spool of thread, which seemed no less diminished for the thread currently tying the group together, Arun lead the assemblage into the portal. What awaited them on the other side was, perhaps contrary to the expectations of some, much what they had left behind. The small group was surrounded by trees, and apparent forest, all but indistinguishable from their previous surroundings. Arun knew better though, and the Changeling was immediately and evidently on guard. "I know things look calm, but we're not that deep in yet. This close to the portal, the structure from the waking world is suppressing the effects of the Wyld. As we go further, things are going to get more and more screwy. Just stick together, and trust that I know where I'm going. I always do." So saying, Arun began walking into the forest, moving unerringly towards some unseen objective. He tried to keep his mind as even and unthinking as possible, to give the Wyld as little purchase as he could. It didn't much matter yet, but it would be a good habit to be in for later, when the effects would be more pronounced, and the barest thought could be ripped from the mind and expanded into horrible reality.
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    Hey there Saelith, welcome to Valucre! here on the site, we have a lot of resources available to help new players ease into the experience. First and foremost among them is the "Get Help" tab found at the top of the main page on any non-mobile browser windows. This tab holds a lot of excellent resources and FAQs that can help you get your bearings. We also have a hub thread for new players that can help you get a feel for the site known as the Tavern of Legend. Finally, if you have any questions in need of answering, you can feel free to PM me at anytime, or to post your concerns on the aptly named help board. That about wraps it up for starting advice, I look forward to seeing you around the site, and I hope you enjoy the time you spend on Valucre ^_^
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    Hi there D_Hawke, welcome to the site! It looks like you've already gotten some recommendations about where to start off, but if you need any more advice, feel free to send me a message! I hope you enjoy the time you spend here on Valucre, and I can't wait to see the kinds of things you create ^_^
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    Wyld World OOC

    Hey I have definitely been feeling that grind as well Anon. Thank you so much for posting, and apologies for my own tardiness. Things should be more consistent from my end from here on out.
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    AFV short time!

    Take all the time you need friend (I certainly have been of late). Life hits hard sometimes, and no one here is going to begrudge you your time when something urgent is affecting you. I hope that things improve, and my heart goes out to you and yours.
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    Wyld World OOC

    @Anon We need a post from you my friend. If you need us to skip you let me know. You will be skipped if you don't have anything up by Monday, sorry but them's the breaks.
  10. For anyone who's been wondering where I've gone, I'm still around (though I did disappear for a week, apologies). Midterms are right around the corner and life has been a little bit stressful recently, hence my vanishing act. I'm still gonna be a little slow from here on out, but I am definitely alive. Apologies to anyone I've left hanging.

    I'm going to be triaging posts for the next week or so, prioritizing my group threads, so if you're getting neglected I do apologize. I should be back to full capacity sometime around next week.

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      Thanks for the update. Our own thread only needs one more post and in fact it doesn't even really need that, I can close it out now and just tie up any loose ends in the summary 

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      I am happy to report that with Wednesday over and done with my midterms are finished (for better or worse DX).

      I might still be a little bit slow as I come back into things but I should be at full capacity by this coming Monday. Thank you to all of my posting partners for your patience.

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    In Pursuit of Power

    @Rin For the hundredth time a rustling in the bushes sent Epheren into a defensive crouch. She watched the offending shrubbery with a suspicious glare for one moment, then another, before finally rising to stand straight again. The battle-mage wiped a sheen of sweat off of her brow, and set back to hacking at the underbrush with her machete. She'd been told by the natives that this area was a forest, but warned by some fellow adventurers that in truth it was closer to a jungle. The latter was proving more reliable as she progressed deeper and deeper into the Alterion wilds. Such a strange land, this continent was. Most of the people lived in huge cities populated with some of the most technologically advanced civilizations on this planet, yet fifteen miles outside the city limits and she was in one of the world's most primordial locations instead. The dichotomy was shocking. Equally shocking was the sheer humidity of her environment. Even in her sleeveless tunic she felt as if she was drowning, weighed down by the thick, cloying air. The jungle buzzed and hummed with life, verdant greenery and over-sized insects colored the ground and sky, while unidentified things small and large rustled though the underbrush and the trees. The brilliant display of thriving life put Epheren on edge. She never had been good with those places where life grew most strongly. Her home had been a place of death. It had stank of it, and the soldier had grown up mired in the stench. All this life, the growth, the ever-present pressure of a billion organisms pressing close and competing for the abundant resources, it made her grind her teeth. If it hadn't been for the promise of a truly interesting prize, she never would have dragged herself out here. The potential rewards though, were truly great. Reportedly, a library of awesome proportions had once existed out here, in a time long past. Like many such institutions, it had been enchanted to weather the ages. The library's exact location had been lost, but Epheren had all the time in the world to search, and as long as the magic had held and the place was still intact, she would find it. She'd been chasing the rumors on this continent for quite a while, and she'd finally narrowed the range of her search to this jungle. She was onto something here, she could feel it. The battle-mage broke into a clearing and paused for a moment, intent on getting her bearings and taking a quick break. First, she jammed her machete into the crook of a tree. She then proceeded to pull an alchemical compass from her pouch, and set about finding the direction she was supposed to travel in. At the same time, the battle-mage whispered something under her breath, and made a quick sign with her left hand, before running it through her short, white hair and over the exposed parts of her body. Her hand shone with a magical energy, and cold emanated from her fingers, cooling her off while convincing any new hanger-ons that this was not a profitable home. The magic Epheren used was not a friendly one, and it felt of cold, freezing death. For a short while, the wild-life should be inclined to leave her alone. That little benefit of her spellcasting made it all surprising when for the hundredth time again something rustled in the brush near her. The battle-mage almost threw the compass back into her pouch while reaching for her machete with her other hand. She brandished the improvised weapon towards the origin of the rustling while sending her right hand back to the sheaths on her back, ready to yank out a more suitable tool for dealing death at a moment's notice. "Who's there!" She yelled out into the bush.
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    @ODSTDRAGON Leo leaned against the café wall, while his sister paced restlessly in front of him. “He’s late,” growled Luna.” Leo’s response was immediate. “No he’s not you ninny, we’re just early. Calm down.” Luna rounded on him. “I am calm, okay? Calm and collected.” Leo raised his arms in mock surrender. “Okay, okay, you’re cool. I get it.” Luna growled at him: “Don’t you forget it,” before resuming her efforts at wearing a hole in the sidewalk. In truth, the pair were waiting for not one, but two people. One was the wealthy merchant who had hired them to protect his home, and the other was another specialist the merchant had hired. The twins hadn’t heard much about him, just that he was very good at what he did. One of them was curious, and maybe a little excited. The other was purely apprehensive. The café the four of them had agreed to meet at was open-air and well lit, so theoretically the twins could have waited inside, but they didn’t want to go in before the others arrived. The place was a little upscale, and both of them felt just a bit out of place on their own. Besides, the day was nice, with warm weather and a slight, but pleasant breeze. Hopefully their compatriot should be arriving any moment, and the merchant himself slightly after. Luna really didn’t want to have to wait too long.
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    Housecall [Joran City]

    @Eternity The bustling street twisted and turned ahead of Cecil as he hurried down the brick-laid path. He knew that Joran City was designed as a fortress, so the labyrinth-like streets made sense, but damned did they make it hard to find his way. The ageing pirate captain kept his head down as he pushed on, trying to avoid notice without being overt about it. The wanted posters displaying his likeness were old by this point, and mostly inaccurate, but all it might take was a particularly vigilant onlooker. Best to avoid attracting attention as much as possible. It rankled on the captain a bit, that he had to be the one out here doing this, but of all ironies the captain was the crew member least qualified to help keep the Aria from falling apart on her desert perch. Or exploding. The skeleton crew operating the pirate vessel was minuscule compared to the full complement he needed, and all of his subordinates had more mechanical aptitude than he, which left him the only spare hand available to head into the city and find a real mechanic. Every second counted, and he'd had to run to the city through the treacherous Velhatien sands. He was sweat-soaked and tired from the journey, but everyone else within the sweltering city existed in much the same condition, so he fit right in. He stopped at an intersection in the footpath and took a moment to find his bearings. The weary captain uncapped his water bottle and took a swig, doing his best to remember his way around. He'd spent no small amount of time in the city when he was a member of Genesaris' navy, but places like Joran City were always changing, and he was having a hard time navigating. He knew there was a mechanics shop somewhere close to here, run by an old friend hopefully, but damned if he was sure exactly where it was. It took a few minutes' wanderings to finally bring him to his destination. The quiet little shop was tucked away in a corner down a side-street, just as he remembered, but the signage looked a little different. With no small amount of trepidation, Cecil pushed the shop door open and walked into the garage, looking around for sight or sound of his friend. "Antu, you in here? Need a spot of help." He couldn't spot any side of the old air dog, but there was someone in the shop, a bored-looking woman behind the counter. He recognized the look anywhere. Ex-military, keyed up ever since he came into the shop. She was eyeing him warily, and he stepped over to the counter, keeping his posture neutral. "Sorry to be a bother, but you wouldn't happen to know where ol' Antu got off to, would you? Big orc? Used to own this place?"
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    The King's Feast [SS0]

    When she turned to face their enemy again, she found it looming over one of her impromptu allies. The swordsman was in danger of being crushed by the monstrosity and swiftly she began crafting a spell to aid him. Before she'd even finished the incantation however she knew she'd be too late. Fortunately, someone else was watching out for him, because before the creature could complete it's attack, an ebony spear erupted through it's midsection. The weapon spread into a dome-like structure, obscuring her view of the creature, but it didn't prevent her from seeing what was happening to the area around the shield. Or hearing it. The roar of the blast must have popped her eardrums, because the battle-mage was wracked with a bout of nausea that forced her to the ground to avoid falling over. Desperately, the Epheren shook her head in an effort to clear her feeling of malaise. Already she had a ringing in her ears, and she recognized the signs of tinnitus quickly, further reinforcing her belief that her inner ear was damaged. Unfortunately, she didn't have as much time to shake it off as she would have liked. The shield that had protected her and her allies was collapsing. As it did, something slammed into the ground in front of her. The two *thunks* revealed them to be her weapons. She would have expected them to be vaporized, but perhaps the enchantments on them had protected them. She almost reached a hand out to grab one out of habit, but before her limb reached it her thinking cleared. Quickly, her hand recoiled from the weapons as her mind took the time to actually analyze them. Both hilts were stained with an ugly darkness, and something primal within her recoiled away from the weapons even as something different observed them eagerly. She almost grabbed them anyway, but the risks didn't outweigh the benefits when she had extra weapons in reserve. The nausea was wearing off, and Epheren stood again, leaving her erstwhile weapons buried in the pavement. She pulled one dagger from a belt sheathe as she rose. This weapon lacked the wicked triple-edge that her previous armaments had carried, but hopefully it would be good enough for the job at hand. She shook her head clear and reevaluated the situation. Their foe had morphed again, this time taking the form of some hideous beast. It resembled a dragon, but the battle-mage was pretty sure that most dragons she knew would bristle at the comparison. Rotten flesh and debris from the battle sloughed off of it and regrew in equal terms, leaving their foe an ever-shifting, horrible mass. Epheren wasn't even sure where she would stick a dagger into the monstrosity, so she figured she'd have to approach the problem from a different angle. The square itself was mostly annihilated, with the front facades of the facing buildings having caved in completely. Debris was strew everywhere, as were pools of oozing necrotic energy. Things on the ground were stirring as well, and one quickly picked itself up from the pavement and resolved itself into the form of a ghoul. The ghastly creation stared at the combatants with unrepentant hunger, and began shambling forward, but it was quickly struck down by a blast of water which tore through the monster as if it were paper. Other forms were stirring, but Epheren's attention was already elsewhere, back on the main problem of the equation. The necrotic dragon loomed over them, but something about it seemed different to her, as if the quality of it's magic was different than in it's previous forms. She hadn't been able to influence the magic powering the monstrosity before, but maybe in this form, she had a chance. The stench of death lay heavy in the air, and the aura of pestilence brought back memories of her homeland as she mocked up the counterspell in her mind. She'd encountered necrotic constructs before, and with a few small adjustments, she knew she'd have a spell to try. When she was ready, the actual spell took only a moment. Epheren faced the beast square, feet planted at shoulder width. She worked her hands around in the air, tracing a half-circle of freezing blue energy with each. As the two arcs connected, a similar circle of blue energy appeared around the dragon, mirroring the one in front of the battle-mage. Epheren kept a firm hand on the magic, letting the power coalesce, and then pulling on each of the strands in either of her hands, yanking the limbs away from each other and pulling the circle taught and shut, like a noose. As she did so, she shouted another word in her dead language, "Abzikan!" and the magic crackled to life, brightening in power and intensity even as it tightened shut and disappeared. The circle of energy around the dragon again mirrored her actions, closing in on it instantly. Right before it hit the monstrosity, the circle of energy shattered apart, and the sound of shattering glass resounded through the square. The beast looked unaffected, on the surface, to the untrained eye, but Epheren was used to reading the flows of power, and she could tell that her spell had had some effect. Also, and she was less sure of this, it looked as if the light in the creature's chest and face may have been burning just a bit dimmer. Epheren gritted her teeth in a feral smile, and pulled her limbs in close again to begin prepping another spell. Roll: 2+1=3 (hit) Preps Stored: 3
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    Dice Rolling Thread

    Epheren V. Necro-Dragon Edit: Okay that works
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    In Pursuit of Power

    To her surprise, Epheren felt a weight appear on her shoulders. Quickly, she shrugged off the offending body, quite sure of who the perpetrator was. She didn't turn to check the results of her actions as she continued stalking through the jungle, but she did speak back at her obnoxious companion. "Frankly I care not whether you need the books. I care very little about what you need in general, as a matter of fact. And yes, I can tell that you have a predilection for vacuous conversation." When Platinum took the time to answer her questions, she responded with a snort. "You know, you remind me of several people I've met. High Fae, Archdemons, Demigods, their sort of ilk. That same irritating condescension, the incorrigible belief in their own invincibility." She turned to face the odd man, her head cocked quizzically. "But they at least had the gravitas to go with their station. You act more like a bored child. Tell me boy, what manner of nonsense do you claim to be." Epheren wasn't one to let others probe without probing back. Her expression was bored, but her eyes were sharp, and they observed Platinum with unrepentant intent.
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    After Tobias restrained the thief, it wasn't much more work to get them man fully restrained. In response to their comrades question, Leo offered a quick shake of his head. "I doubt he'd talk, and I don't think we have time for an interrogation, and it would probably be too loud. We'll just tie him up and keep going." The twins put word to action, Luna holding the thief's hands together while Leo wrapped illusory cord around the man's wrists, and then legs, before finally tying both together, forcing the man into a fetal position. He finished it off with a tight gag that should keep the thief from making too much noise. While he finished up, Luna make a quick turn of the man's various pockets and pouches, scattering the items found within out of reach. The illusions wouldn't hold up to strong impacts, but they'd be all but impossible to break via straining. Their prisoner restrained, the twins stood up from their work and started making for the stairs down. "There can't be many more of these guys," Leo mused as they walked. "We need to hunt the rest down. We probably don't have much time, we should hurry."
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    Two Realms As One

    Long have the Fae courts observed the mortal realm, jealous of the bounteous resources of life and death held therein. In the eternal lands of the Fae, trapped in the Spirit Realm as they are, there is no death, and without death their cannot be true life. So, many years ago, a plan was put in place. Changelings were left in many a home in the country of Terrenus, and while most were rooted out, a few survived. Now, amidst the chaos of Civil War, these wayward children of the Fae have united, coming together in one place, a small town called Lumin. Together, they've accomplished something long thought impossible. The group found a way to open a stable portal into the Spirit Realm, and through it have come their masters, intent on claiming their rightful place in the mortal realm. Lumin was a town on the brink of destruction. An agrarian community located dangerously close the Coconino Marsh, the thriving town represented one of the bulwark communities established to help prevent the marsh's spread. However, to accomplish this arduous task, the town relied on assistance from the megacities and the federal government. In spite of their rough role in the world, massive tax breaks, incentives for moving their, and a thriving job market kept the town prospering. However, the advent of Civil War changed all that. Suddenly, the federal government has other matters to attend to, and each megacity and small kingdom has their own concerns. Left alone, it wasn't even a single season before the flooding of the marsh destroyed huge swaths of farmland and drove the community to the point of collapse. Amidst the suffering arrived the Fae. Their agents in the mortal realm had been looking for just such a trouble community, and the crafty changeling jumped at the chance to bring their overlords into the mortal realm not as conquering monsters, but rather as benevolent saviors. The Fae were upfront to the community about why they were there, and what they wanted, for the Fae cannot lie, and the town accepted their help, because when you're a farmer draining a toxic swamp, the person protecting you and buying your crops doesn't much matter, as long as they exist. Of course their was some descent, there always is with great change, but many of these detractors quickly changed their tune after some cautious recommendations, or ceased making any noise entirely in the case of the truly devoted ones, and all seemed well for the Fae. They had their foothold in the mortal realm, willing mortal subjects, and a breadbasket to feed their sudden need for food. Things were good for Lumin as well. New benevolent overseers, a voracious market to pedal their crops in, and all the magical help they could ever want draining their problematic swamp. Unknown to all parties, however, were the inherent dangers of their mixing together so. The Fae are children purely of the Wyld, with little influence from the Weaver and the Wyrm. However, in the mortal realm, the influence from these two primal forces is much greater, and unexpectedly, the Fae began to fall ill. Similarly, the people of Lumin began to change, corrupted by the overwhelming Wyld magic leaking from the portal to the spirit realm. Now, the fragile symbiosis between the Fae courts and the town of Lumin is on the brink of collapse. The Fae stand poised to retreat back into their realm and the people of Lumin are threatened by the loss of another group that might protect them from the whims of the swamp. Neither side wants the Fae to go, and everyone is desperately rushing to find a solution to the problem. Somehow, the Fae must be made to stand up to the Wyrm's influence, not eternally, as they did in he spirit realm, but at least longer than the few months they've had in the mortal one. Similarly, the mortals must be made resilient to the Fae corruption, or they risk losing themselves to the madness of the Wyld. Fortunately, the group that bridges the divide between these two worlds, the Changelings, have a plan. They believe that by introducing enough of the Wyrm and the Weaver to the pocket of the spirit realm from which the Fae arrived, they might be able to stabilize the Wyld leakage and immunize the Fae against the worst of the effects from both the Weaver and the Wyrm. There journey will not be an easy one, but it must be made, for the sake of the town of Lumin, and of the Fae themselves. Alright, so after that whole long IC info dump comes the OOC stuff. This thread is an interest check for a faction thread related to the Terrenus Civil War. Consequently, whatever thread spawns from this post will need to be canonized. I'm looking for a small group of players to represent the party dispatched into the spirit realm to introduce the Wyrm and the Weaver to a pocket world never subject before to their direct presence. If enough people show interest, I might act as a designated GM, and if not I'm more than willing to RP this myself with a few others (or alone if really truly need be). All of that said, if you're interested in embarking on this quest, please post your interest here.
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    Hey there JackDoggo, just swinging by to say welcome to the site! If you need any assistance, feel free to PM me, or post in our help board. Being an ex-lurker, you probably mostly know what's going on, but if you need help getting started, makes sure the check out the Get Help tab found at the top of the browser page. One more time, welcome to Valucre, as a member! Happy to have you aboard ^_^
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    How do you lose your self? [quest]

    In a cabin, on Biazo Isle, not too far outside of Aspyn, a woman sat, along with a family of farmers. Physically, Mara was there, with Meredith and Wernst, the lot of them working desperately to save the couple's two children. Mentally, the apprentice priestess was somewhere else entirely. The details were different, it was an orphanage not a cabin, and they were outside of Hell's Gate, not Aspyn, but the broad strokes were much the same. The children's family rushing about desperate, casting around for something to do, and the priestess in the middle, healing hands on small foreheads. A much younger Mara watched as Sister Amanda Brendt sat next to Ginny and Jackson. The two children were among the first wave of orphans that had arrived from the surrounding countryside after a rampaging congress of salamanders had torn through the area. Both had fit right in with the other orphans, but a month passed, and the siblings had fallen sick. The pair had kept quiet about it, maybe they didn't want to trouble their new family, or maybe they didn't completely trust them yet, whatever the reasoning, Amanda didn't know about it until the pair were both very ill. Now they lay in the infirmary, Mara and Eric tending to them while Amanda did her work. Mara's actions felt hollow, however, meaningless. She could apply mixtures and salves, wipe sweat and try to keep the fever down, but the result was out of her hands. Really, it was out of Amanda's hands as well. The children were in the grasp of the Mother, and only Gaia could decide what would happen from here. Night fell on the small group, while someone from the village took care of the rest of the children. Hours passed, and none of them slept, until Ginny and Jackson did, for the final time. Mara knew that she would never forget the look on Amanda's face. The priestess covered the two small bodies and had one of the older children run to the village to get some help. They'd need it to dig the graves. Someone groaned, and the memory faded, evaporating into the mists of time. All that was left was a snapshot, of a visage distorted in grief. Mara came back to the here and the now, and felt the two children squirming in her grip. She clenched her hands around their foreheads as they really started to shift and turn, and she called to the couple for assistance. "This is it. I need yah help now. Hold 'em down." Meredith and Wernst looked at her, and the priestess' eyes flashed. "Now! They'ah eithah gonna kick this thin' here, or not et all, and I need muh hands on 'em the whole time." She's slipped into accent, but the pair seemed to understand her anyway. They moved to either side of the bed, holding the children down as the squirming turned to thrashing. Wernst grimaced as his son kicked out, and he turned to Mara. "How long do we need to hold them like this." The priestess was staring at the children, and she didn't look up to answer the man. "Just a couple'a minutes. They'll stop soon. Eithah healthy, exhausted, or dead." Meredith gasped, but her hands didn't relent, and for that Mara was thankful. She knew that her bedside manner could have been better, but she wasn't feeling up to it. She felt, angry, for some reason. Mad at Yates for running off, mad at the couple for letting their children get this sick, mad at the kids themselves for falling ill. Mad at herself for feeling this way. She'd always had a temper, but not like this. Not so wild and directionless. She did her best to shrug off the ugly thoughts, but they were persistent, buzzing gnats that kept biting at her mind. Luckily, her focus wasn't really required in the moment. What happened next was out of her hands. It was up to the Mother now, and the children themselves. The pair were heaving now, but nothing was coming up, their small bodies wracking with pain and muscle contractions. They weren't quite seizing, but it was close, and just when the farmer's were starting to have difficulties holding them down, the pair fell still. The cabin was silent, except for the sounds of Mara panting in exertion. The sound persisted for a moment, then two, and then the boy gasped. A moment later, his sister followed suit. The two were breathing heavily, and unconscious, but their complexions were noticeably better, and already their rashes were fading. "It's done," Mara heaved out. She stood, evidently exhausted, but stumbled over to the door. Wernst followed her while Meredith fussed over the children. He had tears in his eyes himself. "How can we ever repay you sister." For her part, Mara didn't appear to be listening. She was checking a timepiece she'd pulled from some pocket, and making a note of the time. Wernst's expression turned to one of confusion, and he looked put a hand on Mara's shoulder. "Sister, are you alright?" When Mara's head turned to face him, he recoiled. "Yes, fine," she replied. "I need to go after Yates. The children are still weak, keep good care of them." Her words came out from between gritted teeth, and she slipped out of his grasp and went out the door before he could react. Mara set off jogging, ignoring her exhaustion and tracking her erstwhile compatriot via her connection with the weapon she'd given him. Behind her, in the cottage, Wernst shook off his surprise, and ran out of the building. Mara was already out of sight, however, and the farmer had no choice but to go back inside. Once within, his wife questioned him from the bedside, "Dear, what's wrong?" The farmer did his best to suppress a shiver, and looked to her. "I'm not sure, but her eyes. They looked, so angry, and I think I saw, something in them. Flecks of black, or darkness, or, I don't know. Just, something was wrong." Meredith looked confused, but she knew where the couple's priorities should be. "Well no point in worrying about it now, come help me tend to the children, please. They need help, like the sister said." Wernst did as his wife suggested, but as he worked, the memory of Mara's eyes wouldn't leave him. The more he thought on it, the more it seemed there was something there. Something dark, and cloudy, just below the surface. Under his breath, he whispered a prayer to the mother, "Please, Gaia, let those brave souls be safe." It wasn't too much work to find her quarry's route, the thing pursuing Yates left, something. A residue, a stain on the world, that she could feel, and follow. The priestess was having a hard time thinking clearly. She was exhausted, though more mentally than physically, and it felt like there was something buzzing in her mind, keeping her from focusing. She was, irritated, angry even, but she couldn't seem to remember why. She just knew that she had to follow Yates, track him down and do, something. Eventually, she came across her mace, buried in the ground. She picked up the still-slightly-glowing weapon. For some reason it felt warm in her grip, hot even, but she ignored the feeling as she hooked it at her side and kept going. She was coming close, she was sure of it. As she jogged, the pressure in her head grew, as did her anger, but she felt compelled to keep going anyway. She followed the sickening path laid ahead of her, sure of her goal, but unsure of her intentions when she arrived. She was just so... angry. But at what? She couldn't think, couldn't remember. She just felt it burning in her. Rage.
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    Housecall [Joran City]

    When Lydia reconfirmed her interest in the job, Cecil's expression brightened, but it grew wary when she came to the topic of his pursuers. "Let's just say that I have my fair share of enemies." He gave the woman another appraising look, noting once again her particularly militant way of holding herself. An inkling of an idea formed in his mind, but he stowed it for later. Repairing the ship came first and foremost. "Well, if you're still interested, we'd better get going." He took off again, once more heading away from the mechanic's district and towards the edge of town. The man was silent for a while, but he opened up again when they began approaching the city limits. "You should probably know the details of the job before we get there. My ship is in, a rather urgent condition. Our engine has been running hot for a while, and recent... events, put us firmly into overheating territory, and we were forced to make an emergency landing. My crew is trying to keep it from melting down before we get there, but none of us are experts, and we can't figure out the root of the problem. That's where you come in." They'd reached the outer limits of the city as he finished talking, and he started up into a jog. "Hope you don't mind a bit of running, but every second counts." The older man looked tired, exhausted even, but he kept an impressive pace as they started into the desert sands. "We're just a few miles out, beyond those rocks over there." The captain pointed towards a rather tall rock formation.
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    Two Realms As One

    Questions are good, I like questions. They mean people are actually reading what I put down ^_^ As for answers, the Fairies of thee Moonwood are different from the Fae found in Lumin, as are the realms from which they hail. IC posting wise, there will be a turn order, but we're waiting a bit to see who's signing on. I'll leave this open until Friday, at which point I will put up the OOC thread and we'll set off with everyone that has expressed interest. Post order will be determined by who posts when in the initial round of posts and we'll just stick with that. Currently I have @Bella_Donna and @Anon signed on, and I know @amenities and @Genkuro expressed interest. If anyone is still interested, or newly so, please let me know here.
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    New guy in the party

    Welcome to Valucre! It's nice to meet you Cerrex, I hope you have a great time on the site ^_^ No need to worry about being inexperienced, as mentioned above, we have tons of tools to help you get started, and if you ever need help feel free to PM me, or post your question on the help board. One more time, welcome to the site. I look forward to seeing you around!
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    Two Realms As One

    Answering questions in order ^_^ 1. Yes 2. That's the gist of it 3. We not talking about the Moonwoods. This RP is set in a town on the edge of the Coconino Marsh We'd be happy to have you aboard
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    Marshland Breakout

    @HumanBean03 The advantage of short friends, Cecil thought wryly as he ran, is that they're easy to carry. Talia was a diminutive woman, by almost anyone's standards, and time spent in the prison city of Reyer had shrunk her even further. Malnutrition and illness wracked his former first-mate's body, and Cecil could feel his anger building at the thought of conditions in Reyer for the "weak." In the lawless landscapes of a prison city, physical and magical power were everything. Those without were up the metaphorical creek, and while Talia was blessed with many gifts, the aforementioned two were not among them. Crackling in the brush behind him alerted Cecil that their pursuers were making headway, and he turned over one shoulder, leveling his magi-tech pistol in the are generally behind him. He squeezed off a burst of rounds and was rewarded by a howl of pain and a reduction in the sounds of pursuit. The trees and underbrush rendered their escape difficult, instead of entirely impossible. The prison-guards on their tail couldn't get a clear shot, and their stun-grade weaponry wasn't suited for penetrating the foliage. Cecil's pistol had no such vulnerability, and every time he opened fire, the running guards had to take cover, or be ready to tend to casualties. The original pursuit group had dwindled to a small contingent of particularly determined individuals, and every one he picked off actually meant two, because one had to carry their comrade to safety. Unfortunately, there were still probably enough of them that he wasn't winning a straight up shoot-out, especially with his dwindling ammo supplies. He was staying ahead of them for now, but he'd be out of shots eventually, and outrunning the guards in the long-haul was all but impossible while carrying his feverish comrade. Cecil could feel her hot breath on his neck even now as he ran, her panting far worse than his. Escaping the city hadn't been easy, and had involved hiding somewhere rather damp for an extended period of time. Talia had practically collapsed in his arms when he'd gotten to her, and he was worried she might not make it through the night. Of course, if they got caught, neither of them would. Fortunately, help wasn't that far away. He just had to break out into the grasslands and they were home free. Tantalizingly close and yet so far. Dusk was closing in, and Cecil wanted to be out of the deep marsh before it got truly into nightfall. The risks grew worse and worse as night wore on, from the danger of losing one's footing in the darkness, to the more virulent wildlife that populated the swamp when the light grew low. The guards would pull back when it got late, but only because they knew that Cecil and Talia never survive the swamp itself. So they were forced into this awkward footrace, Cecil staying just a step ahead with judicious use of suppressing fire, and the guards behind trying to run him out until night fell, unknowing of Cecil's potential avenue of escape. And then the metaphorical wrench in the works. In the low-light, Cecil didn't see the halfling until he was right on top of her, and by then it was too-late. He tripped right over the woman's huddled form, sending himself sprawling. He spun as he fell, landing on his back and catching Talia before she could slam into the swampy ground, but the damage was done, and precious seconds lost. "There they are!" came a voice from the trees. "There's someone with them, catch them all!" Stun shots erupted from the trees, bathing the area in blue, and the pirate captain barely had time to drag his charge behind a fallen log before the sizzling magic washed over the region he'd just vacated. He returned fire with two snap shots, but neither found a target, and Cecil cursed under his breath. Could he make a break for it? Was it the time to fight it out? And what had happened to that halfing? What were they even doing here so deep in the marsh at this time of night?