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  1. The twins RP or any number of Aria RPs you're welcome to. Also, from here on, could you reply with PMs so we don't clutter this thread now? For everyone else, still looking for anyone interested in the plot lines from the first post ^_^
  2. Just making sure that people are aware that this thread is still going and I am still looking for people to RP with. The above two plotlines are both still available and I'm looking for people to help me out with them.
  3. I tagged you in it and put it up, but I guess I should have Pmed you to make sure you caught it.
  4. We already have a thread Rin D<
  5. Alright, I could see something like that working. Let me put a post in the OOC thread to recruit some crew members and we can get something started!
  6. Some part of Cecil felt bad about deceiving the young mechanic, but the larger part of him was just glad he'd gotten someone to sign on. Besides, they were going to pay her handsomely. Hopefully she wouldn't mind the deceit too much. At Lydia's askance, Cecil offered a smile, and a nod. "Sounds good." He walked over the door, pushing it open and holding it there so the younger woman could go through. Once out on the street, Cecil found himself again at the mercy of the hot desert sun, and he had to resist the urge to swear. He was forced to take a moment again, re-orienting himself in the labyrinth-like streets, before he was able to lead Lydia in the proper direction. He walked quickly, hopeful that he'd be able to get them out of the city before anything went wrong. Fate wasn't so kind however, and it wasn't too long before he noticed a trio of men following in the pair's wake. He wouldn't have caught on so fast, except that the structure of Joran city, the damn place's very layout, made following someone discreetly almost impossible. The other group had made one too many coincidental turns, and Cecil was all but certain that they were on his trail. Abruptly, he turned down a side street, beckoning to Lydia. "This way, Ms. Harlow." He offered no other explanation, he'd make some excuse later, and he wasn't even really sure one was needed. There was a solid chance Lydia had already noticed their pursuit, even if she had no reason to be paranoid like he did. What she probably didn't know was that the one's after him were the in all likelihood the proverbial 'good guys' of the situation. If at all possible, the pirate captain desired to keep it that way.
  7. I'm not really in any place to criticize others on speed considering my own track record at times >_< I forgot this above, but my writing pace is generally about once every three for four days. It can skew longer if I'm busy, and will usually be a bit faster if you remind me. Also, thanks for the responses @Aves and @Wanderlost. Send me details and we can get to a more in-depth discussion. Still taking applicants, anyone else interested is free to make it known XD
  8. It is time once again for the great cycle, wherein I look for RP partners, start too many threads, retreat back into a hole, and only come out again after other people have forgotten about my responsibilities :P I'm mostly kidding, I like to think of myself as a pretty responsible RP partner (but if anyone believes I've forgotten to post for them or reneged on a promise, please for the love of the Score let me know), but I wasn't joking about the looking for RP partners part. This time, I'm searching for people to help me with two pretty specific plotlines. The first involves my character Anessa (character links in signature below) and her unceasing quest to figure out exactly what she is. She needs to check out a museum in Mezthaluen (city found on Genesaris), and while I could RP the thread solo, things like this are always more fun with others. My ideas for what exactly takes place in that museum remain vague, but my favorite parts of RPing remain as always the simple interactions between characters. If you're looking for something low-key and laid back, hit me up about this thread and we can try to work something out! My other plotline takes place in Terrenus with my newest character, Mara. As a priestess in training, Mara has been instructed to get to The Abbey on Biazo Isle. Getting there, however, is complicated by the fact that the rail network and gate system are both currently offline, leaving her options at catching a ride on an airship at Hell's Gate, purchasing a horse to ride on, or just walking the whole damn way. To avoid the latter option, she's going to be looking to do some jobs in Hell's Gate to make some money. I'd be very willing to write about these jobs with others, if anyone is so inclined, or we could tell different stories entirely. Mara has to get to Hell's Gate in the first place, and even that could be a journey in it's own right. Basically, I remain, as ever, flexible. If you're at all interested, post here and we can try to work something out! (or pm me if you're feeling shy). Oh yeah and happy new years everyone!
  9. Hey, no problems. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Take whatever time you need for yourself. The Score knows, if you look back at my posting history/status updates you can see huge swaths of time where falling sick kept me away from Valucre, and I'm certainly not going to fault others the same. We'll be here when you get back, so take the time you need to get well again ^_^ Oh yeah happy new years!
  10. Telling everyone else about Claire went better than expected. There were some grumbling about giving people free rides, but Cecil and Anya were able to rather effectively quell any descent between the two of them. The crew informed and nullified, there wasn't much more for the pair to do with regards to Claire. She'd emerge when she was ready, and they hadn't locked her in. Argyle, the cook, had promised to look out for the girl. The large woman was the most motherly figure on the crew, and probably the least abrasive, so they trusted her to the duty, which she obliged willingly. Olaf set back to making sure everything was in order. Cecil sat in his chair and gave directions on the bridge while Anya scoped out their surroundings from her spot on the crow's nest. Other than the minor surprise, all seemed normal. Beneath them, the rolling hills and craggy cliff-sides that faced the coasts held threats unknown and unseen.
  11. __________________QUICK STATS Name Mara Naes Age 23 Gender Female Species Human Height 5'9" Occupation Gaian Priestess (Apprentice) __________________IN-DEPTH STUFF Physical Description Mara is pretty tall, pretty slim, and just generally pretty by most standards. While no striking beauty, she also suffers no shortage of suitors at the village ball, or she didn't back when she participated anyway. While her base appearance wouldn't make her stand out in a crowd, happenstance has bestowed on the girl a certain notability that she would have rather been without. Almost a decade ago, Mara sustained massive burns on her back, left shoulder, neck, and left cheek during an attack on her village. These wounds were treated shortly after she received them, but evidence of their existence remains. Angry red splotches and raised scars still exist on these portions of her body, and she often covers them with clothing whenever possible. Her normal modest dresses and an embroidered scarf worn such that it covers the lower portion of her face serve this purpose nicely. Mara has wiry brown hair, dark almost to the point of being black, which she usually wears pulled back in a bun. Beneath that lay hazel eyes that sit under a generally furrowed brow. She has semi-permanent worry lines, as well as a tendency towards extremely stiff and tensed body posture. Her slight frame belies her wiry strength and like most Terran villagers, Mara is no stranger to hard work. Cord-like muscles lay beneath her rough skin and while she still has freckles and sun-spots from a youth spent out in the fields, her complexion currently tends towards the pale end of the Terran average. Generally, the priestess wears linen dresses, or her apprentice robes, and she favors tall boots that go almost halfway up her calf. When traveling, she dons a light cloak and rugged rucksack, and in colder climates she uses a coat. She tends toward modest and practical styles, and wears no jewelry or makeup beyond a simple pendant with a wood-carved symbol of the Gaian church, the World Tree. History Born in the village of Hellawes, located quite a distance East of Hell's Gate, Mara found herself a member of a family of farmers. She was the second oldest of the Naes siblings, which, all-told, consisted of her elder brother, Lucas, her younger sister, Gina, and two younger brothers, twins named Argus and Antony. Mara stood out among the Naes children, a wild-child where her siblings were stolid, a dreamer among a group prone to being down-to-earth, and a fighter born into a family resigned to boring yet productive lives. The rest of the Naes' (parents included) were more than willing to till the fields or learn a village trade. Maybe marry a nice boy or girl and settle in for another generation of farming and craftsmanship. Not for Mara. She dreamed of a life greater than that she'd been born to. She imagined a world full of swashbuckling adventures, exotic new places, and interesting people. Basically, everything life in the village wasn't. Every moment spent not in the field or with the family was invested in finding a way to escape her exhaustively boring lifestyle. She pestered the village militia to teach her swordsmanship, bothered every stranger and traveler for tales of the world beyond her village, and did her best to pick up any information pertaining to magic. She gained a reputation as a bit of a pest, and a slightly delinquent child. There's only so much trouble a kid can get up to in a rural village, and Mara investigated almost all of these during her youth, never settling for into the status quo. Still, for all her effort, Mara seemed consigned to a life of mediocrity. She had no talent for the sword, not a lick of magical ability, and while a life spent working and farming made her strong, it was nowhere near the level required for a life of excitement and adventure. The adults put up with her trouble, secure in the knowledge that she was as doomed to an ordinary life as they were, and content to let her find out the same for herself, the hard way if necessary. In the end, Mara probably would have been happier had the villagers been right. Unfortunately, it was not to be, and shortly after she turned thirteen, Mara's village found itself under attack. The nest of salamanders that assaulted the settlement were irate and inconsolable, having had been stirred to outrage by some overzealous adventurers. The large congress, having wiped out that particular irritant in short order, took the rest of their fury out on any nearby communities they could find, including Hellawes. The citizen militia formed to deal with the threat was comprised of almost every able-bodied adult in the village, and Terran citizens do not go down easily. The fight wore on for hours while the village young and sick sought refuge in the town's church. Eventually, some of the salamanders broke through a portion of the perimeter. The testy monsters had a good sense for heat, and were quickly able to find the church full of warm bodies. The defenders pulled back, rushing to the building's defense, but they weren't able to catch all of the monsters, and a pair of salamanders broke through one of the building's walls. The eldest among those present defended the younger, using broken boards and loose timber to fend off the fiery creatures, but it was a losing battle, and many perished in the ensuing fight. Mara herself was sent flying across the room by one of the beasts' flaming tails. The shock of the impact left her unconscious and the burning appendage created terrible burns where it struck. When she finally awoke, the fight, and the damage, were done. All told, the salamanders had been in the church for just over a minute, and in that time they had made casualty of fully a third of the children before they were stopped. The one who had ended the rampage was the village priestess, the first back to the church. Her mace contained a zealous fury that extinguished the two salamanders forever, and she spent the rest of her energy healing as many of the children as she could, before finally falling unconscious of exhaustion. That indeed was the state of many of the villagers, those that remained anyway, as they recovered what they could from the disaster. The death toll numbered almost a hundred, a crippling blow for a community of that size, and among their number were Mara's parents, deceased defending the western side of town, and two of her brothers, Lucas in the initial onslaught on the church and Antony protecting Argus in the ensuing chaos. Of the Naes children, only Gina, Argus, and Mara were left, and they were far from the only family torn apart. Many in the village had lost loved ones, and the congress of Salamanders had shredded through several other, smaller communities before finally meeting their end at the hands of Hellawes' citizens. Rebuilding was a slow, tragic process. Homes were reconstructed, and annihilated fields were re-plowed. Eventually, lives were painstakingly reassembled, but for every domicile made anew, another stood empty, abandoned. A lot of consolidation took place, as smaller communities, mostly desolated by those earlier attacks attacks, came to settle in Hellawes. Eventually every house stood full again, but not with well-known neighbors. It took time for time for the sense community to rebuild itself, more time than it took for the actual community to reform. Aid came, primarily from the Gaian church, some from charitable organizations in Hell's Gate, and for many life moved on. In all the madness however, some were left in the lurch. Mara, her siblings, another dozen orphaned children, these no one knew what to do with. A small community like this had no need for an orphanage, for when a single child or family of them lost their parents, nearby relatives would take them in. However, no one had the extra hand to extend to claim another mouth or three or four to feed. Life was hard, and the community torn asunder. Perhaps, if more had survived, the sense of village identity would have held together more firmly, but the massive death toll, along with the influx of settlers from other annihilated communities, diluted that sense of camaraderie, and it ended up being lost in the shuffle. The children almost were as well, and would have been had not the church again interceded. This time, the aid appeared in the form of Sister Amanda Brendt, the priestess who had so ardently avenged the children during the fighting. She reached out to the church, and had an orphanage built just outside the village. She took in the children who had lost their families, and as more and more people came from the surrounding countryside the ranks swelled. Among them, of course, were the Naes siblings, and Mara found herself the eldest of the bunch. As the number of children increased, Sister Brendt came increasingly to rely on Mara, and the girl rose to the challenge. Confronted first-hand with the results of reckless adventuring, Mara turned away from the idea of a life spent endangering oneself and those nearby. Instead, she found new purpose in life at the orphanage, taking care of those in need. She grew under Sister Brendt's tutelage, and found solace from the tragedy in the study of Gaianism. Eventually, after several years spent growing into a caretaker in her own right, the Sister took Mara in as an apprentice. The eager student memorized the scriptures, devoured the history of the church, and fell in love with the teachings of Gaia in a way that impressed even Amanda. Together, the two worked to turn the orphanage into a thriving place. A home, instead of a temporary stop. The scars never healed completely, but they did fade away, and eventually the initial wave of children grew up, and left the orphanage to found lives of their own. With this came a slowdown, and more and more Amanda and Mara found their services unnecessary. The pair soon only had a handful of children to take care of, and before too long it seemed that maybe they could go back to being regular priestesses, taking care of children no longer and offering more frequent services to the growing village. This too, however, was not to be. A runner came to the village, informing the pair that orders had come down requesting Mara by name. She was to report to The Abby on Biazo Isle in person, where she would be given more information. The runner didn't have any other knowledge or directions, and while Mara had no desire to leave the village, orders were orders. With guidance from Amanda, who had done no small amount of traveling at the behest of the church herself in her youth, Mara packed what she needed, said her goodbyes to the children and villagers, and caught a ride on her brother's wagon to the nearest city, intent on using the rail pass the runner had included to catch a ride to the Isle. Of course, like most of the things in Mara's life, this too will likely fail to go as planned... Gear/Possessions This is a list of items and equipment that Mara generally carries around with her. The exact details of these items may change depending on circumstance, and doesn't include consumables like food. List: Apprentice Robes, Traveling Garb, Tall boots, Embroidered Scarf, Gaian Pendant, Gaian Bible, flanged mace, a packet of rose petals, a container of pink salt, a box of iron filings, a traveling cloak, a rucksack, and a heavy coat. Threads Lessons of the Earth Good Company How do you lose your self?
  12. I'm not in any threads with you or anything, but I'd like to echo those sentiments. Sometimes life hits hard, and you need to take some time. I'm sorry for your loss, and I wish you the best!
  13. Following the strangers was surprisingly difficult, as she seemed to fade into the underbrush as she ran. Cecil's eyes had a hard time tracking her, and he wasn't sure whether to chalk the difficulty up to her size, the low-light, or maybe something more magical. Either way, he was on the verge of losing her trail entirely when he finally caught up to her, the halfling having stopped near a particularly large tree. He just caught the woman's gesture to hold still, and he did so cautiously, casting his eyes about with no small measure of suspicion. Why had they stopped here? His question died on his lips before he could even whisper them out as their de facto guide yanked a rope ladder from some hidden store. She gave him a quick explanation of what was coming next in quiet tones, before leaving the two pirates behind. Cecil watched the halfling ascend the rope ladder, but between the thick leaves and encroaching darkness, he couldn't make out her destination. He was just getting to wondering what was coming next when a quick whizzing sound and a soft thunk announced the next step in their escape. The pirate captain looked down at the source of the noise, and found a carefully woven and rather large basket tied firmly to the end of a sturdy looking rope. He heard the halfling woman's voice in a harsh whisper, from up on high, but he couldn't make her out for the life of him. Still, he dutifully set Talia's diminutive form in the basket. He made one look around the perimeter to make sure she would remain undisturbed during his climb, before setting off on his ascent. He made his way up the ladder with practice ease, eventually finding himself on a platform built into the tree that appeared to support an entire house! And a small herb garden to match! More than a little bemused, it took Cecil a moment to shake off his befuddlement, but in short order he had identified the rope leading down to the basket containing his former subordinate. Working together, he and the halfling were able to haul the basket and it's contents up to the platform. Just in time too, because mere seconds after he'd lifted Talia's still-unconscious form out of the basket, he heard rustling below, and the sounds of talking. "Where did those damn pirates go? I swear they went this way." Cecil held his breath, and restrained himself from peeking over the edge. He hadn't been able to make out the house in the trees, perhaps the guards would suffer the same difficulty. Just a bit of waiting, and they'd be home free.
  14. It was probably a jinx. She'd probably jinxed herself, somewhere along the line. She'd certainly hexed herself accidentally more than once. Why not a jinx as well? Just when things were going right, or at least were under control, the metaphorical wrench in the works. Or in this case, the oddly clad boy with the staff in the magic circle. Ellen could only stare helplessly as the best-laid plans (at least in her mind) went horribly, perhaps inevitably, awry. The researcher had just resolved herself to making another attempt at restraining the creature when something, her eye's had a hard time tracking what at first, broke through the perimeter of her circle. The blurry figure resolved itself to a young man wielding a staff with an expert grip. There was a split second of total silence in the grove as the three figures stood in an awkward stand-off, but the moment couldn't last. The sudden and catastrophic breach in the magical containment circle resulted in a dramatic destabilization of space around the tear. Here, was something the rogue entity could perceive. With speed perhaps even greater than that of the young man, the entity heaved it's form towards the gash in reality. The result was, bad. Bad really was the best word for it, though others could have been used as well. Horrible, disturbing, terrifying, eldritch, monstrous, disastrous. Really though, bad summed it up quite well. The abomination sloughed through the hole in dimensions, solidifying it's form into something with nine--maybe ten actually--limbs, far too many eyes, and more gnashing teeth than seemed strictly necessary. The creature was now concrete, but somehow all the more horrible to behold for it. Reality clashed with the beast's very existence, and even as the tear in space around the hole in her circle closed itself, new swirling ruptures in dimensions unfurled and collapsed around the entity's prowling form. Ellen stood stock still, trying to restart her brain from whatever stupor it had fallen into. Arcane horror was nothing new to her, especially after last week's events, but knowing that and keeping herself from descending into a gibbering mess again were two different things. She wasn't the only one frozen. She hadn't seen the boy move yet, though his reasons for staying still she knew not. The creature itself was also unmoving, other than it's horrible eyes. They covered it's pale body, sticking out like terrible bulges of pus and pain against the taught skin of it's spindly body. They moved about aimlessly, taking in everything around them without really seeing, and apparently without direction. Ellen wasn't even sure the creature was capable of moving. She couldn't see any muscles at all, just skin on bone on horrible, vacant eyes, with the odd mouth thrown in for good measure. The creature answered her unspoken question in short order, however. Watching it move was another type of horror altogether. When a normal, average creature moves, it makes rational sense. Muscles tense and move, actions have weight and are dictated by real physics. This phenomenon is part of what makes watching life-like puppets unnerving sometimes. Action without proper basis in reality is inherently disturbing. The way this monstrosity moved put any puppet to shame. There was no warning, no sense, no relation to reality, the creature simply moved. It seemed to shift and slither across the very field of reality, jerking with no attention or respect paid to the way nature and physics expected their creations to behave. This monstrosity might be in their world, but it was no less foreign to this plane for it. The spirit, or whatever it was now, started wandering again, less aimlessly this time, and without running into anything, but still it took no hostile action. It seemed, curious, maybe? Perhaps that was reading too much into the actions of an entity that probably had no basis in emotions or thought as she understood them. Still, anthropomorphizing the horror helped her rationalize her situation. Slowly, she forced herself to move again, and turned carefully to look at the boy, to make sure he was okay. The creature didn't react to her motion, and some small part of the researcher hoped that maybe the situation could still be contained. If they didn't irritate the monstrosity, maybe they could deal with it all at once, before it could really react or understand what was going on. Maybe things wouldn't get worse from here.
  15. Sure! That sounds like an interesting plot-line. What character were you thinking of using here? Are they a military officer? Rogue do-gooder? Member of Justice? What kind of situation would they intercede in that would bring them into conflict with the Aria and her crew?
  16. Okay, my post is up. It's a long beast, and maybe a bit tricky to read. Hopefully my prose isn't too hard to understand, though perhaps I overreached on this one XD Still, hopefully you enjoy it, and keep in mind that details can of course always be changed to make the story flow better. Any questions, concerns, feelings, reactions, please, let me know! Let's get this thing started ^_^
  17. The change had come suddenly. A sweeping wave that had left Elllen feeling drained and exhausted. Noticing this difference took longer, mostly because prior to the event she'd already been feeling much the same. A day spent in a dead mage's abode investigating some odd magical phenomena had gone awry in a truly spectacular fashion. The succeeding series of events left the researcher in what felt like, and may very well have been, a near-catatonic state, and even now, a week later, she wasn't feeling fully recovered. Consequently, it wasn't until she'd tried restraining the odd spirit she'd encountered on her way out of town that she realized something was truly, deeply wrong. Her wells of power and magical energy felt harder to access than usual, and she found herself unable to draw from it as deeply as she was used to. The end result of these circumstances was that the leash of magical energy she'd sent at the spirit wasn't nearly as strong as intended. If everything were operating as normal, the magical tether would have restrained the spirit and linked it to her, at least temporarily, giving her an opportunity to figure out what exactly it was. Instead, the beam of energy failed to attach properly, and the odd spirit shrugged it off. The creature in front of her was truly a strange one. In some ways, it reminded her of an oracular guide, but twisted, in a way her mind had a hard time wrapping itself around. She'd found the miserable entity while leaving town, her business in Doughton over and done with. She'd been intending to report back to the central lab in Hell's Gate for a while now, and this had seemed like the time. Now however, there was another site of interest here. She'd encountered... it, just after leaving the last of small farms on the city outskirts behind. The entity staggered around in a grove of trees, giving off the impression of being lost, but beyond that she could glean no more of it's thoughts or intentions. The creature was alien, in a way nothing native to the plane she called home could be. Clearly, it was some variety of outsider, though the exact nature of which she remained couldn't yet glean. In some ways, it resembled the beings she knew as spirits, the small, semi-conscious masses of magic and energy that inhabited the places in between the 'real' world and the Spirit Realm. It shared with them an ever-changing form that deflected the eye and boggled the imagination, and it's magical signature registered somewhere along the same range as well. There were differences too, however. The entity created a displacement effect in the physical world as well as the magical one, as evidenced by the damage to the surrounding are, and it gave off quick pulses of energy in a format that Ellen found entirely unfamiliar. She'd studied the entity from a distance at first, warily as she could, but it had made no aggressive moves, simply stumbling about in some kind of stupor. It's ever-changing number of limbs and other assorted body-parts would have mattered little, had it been an average spirit, but this entity, whatever it was, found itself subjected to the laws of physics, making navigation impossible in it's tumultuous state. Eventually, it became evident that the spirit lacked the requisite senses for perceiving it's surroundings, and Ellen found herself taking pity on the befuddled monstrosity. Perhaps something had happened to drag this entity into a world wholly foreign to it, or maybe it was the result of someone's horrific experiment. Stranger things had been created or called at the behest of a rogue mage, one of which she'd just finished dealing with herself. The researcher had to suppress a shudder at the memory, and with a grim determination to prevent another such event, she had set to work rectifying the piteous creature's situation. She'd gone about drawing a circle first, using a quick utility spell to turn a regular stick into an implement for crafting very, very minor leylines and then creating a seal of binding in the area around the entity. When she was finished, the magic circle was almost ten feet in diameter, and included the entire ranging space of the befuddled spirit. It wandered about the space, still unaware of Ellen's ministrations. Next, she had reached out the spirit, sending a magic tether to try and make contact with the entity. This, was where things went awry, and Ellen had the gut-wrenching realization that something fundamental had changed about the world around her sometime when she hadn't been paying sufficient attention. The tether had failed to connect properly, but it had gained the beast's attention, and now it thrashed about in a blind frenzy, smashing itself against the trees around it, as well as the magical walls created by the binding circle containing it. A bead of sweat dripped down the researcher's brow as she watched the creature flail around. Whatever was making magic harder for her to draw upon was also affecting her circle, but for now it was holding. She could feel some strain on her willpower at each impact against the magical walls, but she had the reserves to keep this up for quite a while yet. Now, as long as no one interrupted her concentration or disrupted the magic circle, she should have plenty of time to wait for the entity to calm down, giving her ample opportunity to study it some more and then send it back from wherever it had arrived.
  18. Sounds good ^_^ After your post I'll write something up about what Ellen's doing. Then we can have Berkant and whoever's joined up with him interrupt her and the madness can start from there. Looking forward to it! P.S. I might take a while after the first post (hard to know) and if someone else is getting in on this they shouldn't wait for me! Go ahead and post before me if need be).
  19. Fair enough. Thought though, new plot idea, maybe Ellen is conducting research near the city on a rogue spirit, and someone points Berkant to her. He interrupts her and she flubs the spell, causing the problem in the first place. The rogue spirit flees to Doughton and wreaks havoc and the two have to work together to contain it. Kind of an ironic, self-fulfilling prophecy kind of thing. If Berkant hadn't interrupted Ellen, the quest never would have occurred, but also the two never would have met. Maybe fate and oracles working in their tricky way. I dunno, just an idea.
  20. Sounds good Berkant! I think in the immediate sense Ellen would fail to find the traveling nomad particularly interesting, no offense, just the way her character is written, but if she caught hint that something powered by fate or magic was afoot she'd be on it instantly. So, how would you propose our two characters meet up? I don't have any immediate ideas, but I'm certainly willing to brainstorm. I could come back with some thoughts in a couple of hours if you don't have anything right up your sleeve. Also she'd definitely be willing to write him a recommendation, depending on how all of this goes down. She'd probably even travel with him there. I was having Ellen head to the Academy soon anyway. Hoping that I can drum up some interest in some guest lectures.
  21. Hey there Berkant! I said hi already, but I'd like to echo the greeting again! Along with that, I'm offering my character Ellen to join Berkant in his quest. She's already in Doughton, but she might be leaving town when she runs into Berkant. She'd take any recommendation from the oracle seriously, and would certainly be willing to help out, for curiosity's sake if nothing else. She might not exactly be the type of character your looking for to RP with Berkant, and I understand if that's the case, but if you are willing than just let me know. Either way, looking forward to hearing your response!
  22. Hey there thot patrol cziri, welcome to the site! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to shoot me a PM. Alternatively, you can post on the help board, and someone will almost certainly answer your question post-haste. If you haven't already, I would recommend checking out the Lore and Get Help tabs found at the top of each page. These contain some immensely helpful links to useful repositories of information, such as the Quickstart Guide and the Get Started FAQ. Though not required, checking these out can be extremely informative. One more time, welcome to Valucre! I hope you enjoy your time here, and find a home for yourself in this amazing world we all share!
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