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  1. About to turn mone into snow globe, hes gonna be chilling in a box lol. Since hes small and, threw my post ill elaborate, luke tried to force most of the mist to stay threw the winds what little he has left can certainly be used to make a small sized box around mone. Is that fine? Then he will use the sword he already has summoned and make is produce a similar explosion like earlier in post with a little more force behind it and that should be fine right?
  2. Wait like post it here? Sorry I think I miss understood, if there is anything you want me to change or correct let me know.
  3. Luke dashed seeming to gather more mist and speed moving away leaving Will with a slight nod. He was running a sort of V line from Will trying to get into one of Mone's blind spots, he knew it wouldn't be that easy, alternatively he wanted Mone to shoot his magic at him as eh felt he could handle it better then the others all he needed was to get close. He felt the storm before the first icy ball flew into his mist . The first small blue marble was swallowed whole by his mist in a hissing fit but more followed, the thicker ones only chipped by the mists attacks soon rained down. The few he couldn't catch in time to slice caught him all over his chest and legs, the assault was distracting enough even so Luke never faltered striving to get closer to the mage. Away from him he could hear the clunk of Wills cross bow and only seconds later the archer wielding two arrows drew on. More mist spilled out dueling as both a show of power and a distracting, Luke focused on Mone almost didn't notice another large attack being formed , the flames spewing out from Pierre which almost barely swept Will and melted the hail. Almost. Luke spun around his blue eyes mirroring the flames crowding into him narrowly whilst the mist rose to the flames hissing and fuming curling onto their own as Luke commanded them to him. Spiraling into a solid more form at Luke's call the mist compressed itself into a sheet, a shield like a roman would wield, against the flames funneling them around him. Float, deflect, protection I'll fucking hurt that damn wizard when we are done here. He thought in spite as the wave of flames passed, he wouldn't let the moment pass. Sword and shield in hand he pressed on directly for Mone closing the distance fast. He could tell there where two people near where me thought the wizard was, one of them surely had to be an ally and with the last he saw of Will it could most likely be him. The first thing he did was throw the shield in a spinning motion towards Mone, low as if to hit the mans hip but his true intentions were clear."Jump!" He yelled into the smoke only hoping Will would hear him. Ideally he wanted the shield to hit Mone and if the wizard doges hopefully Will could catch or use the shield as a platform for an ariel attack. Luke hopped for the correct results but he didnt know how Will would react. Secondly Luke slid as he got close to Mones position blade ready for a sweeping low attack. Third Luke prepared another spell.
  4. Hm, its a three on one so ill go with the safer option of using a spell charge to make a wall.
  5. Luke is a sort of anti magic magic user if that makes any sense lol. The mist around Luke, because of its hivemind like properties, it clashes with other magics and creates the smoke and energy discharge so if Luke senses the massive attack coming he can either emit more mist to try to counter it with one or more spell charges (though with the difference in levels he will still take damage)/ Alternatively he could just sense the mana being draw for the large attack and use a charge for a wall, he definitely can handle it though .
  6. Luke watched carefully, the blue mist rising to the occasion as he opened his arms letting the gold bags drop onto the floor. Well if I take them now it'll look like we robbed the poor man. "You're a child," Luke watched Will snap to his bow in a smooth motion and knew that just escaping was suddenly much harder. Almost as hard as the first suit of armor hit the ground. "MOVE!" He glared up at the wizard as Will commanded them to move, the mist at his feet moved in mass spiraling that rose below his waist. Even Pierre broke out of his silence while behind the armors Mone closed the stairwell leaving them in an even tighter spot. Suddenly he felt empowered, the mages boost running threw him though it was weakened slightly. Impossible to tell with quicker magics Luke's body held a sort of dampening effect with lingering magic. Still he pressed having almost all this charges back at four and one person to unleash them upon. "This is it!" Pierre called out reaching into his satchel and doing what Luke thought, some sort of ritual. Luke prepared himself along side them, the mist growing and washing the floor. We can still get out of this, its as simple as take out the golems and open a path. Luke reassured himself, he didn't want to fight but what little that had to be done he would defend and help. The mist continued to stretch out fast and as Luke reached out his left arm with his palm facing down the mist reached rising in a spiraling column wrapping around his hand in a blanket of galaxy and blue. Bringing his hand down diagonally shook off loose mist from a clear crystal like sword, it was tempered blue from the seemingly impossibly sharp tip down to its circle guard. Holding the slightly extended hilt Luke exhales watching the fight unfold eyeing as Mone shoots a skeleton like hand flying straight for Will. It only took one push to send Luke sailing towards Will just barely being able to slash the skeletal hand. As the two collided the sword fumed and smoked with a crackle of energy. That title is old but it still works uh? "The anti magic swordsman" Luke pivoted backward bringing his sword across horizontally sending a burst of mist flying towards Mone. The mist wouldn't do anything Luke probed for a response, If it was left Luke could use it for a spell and if countered Luke hoped it would open up an opportunity for the others. Regardless Lukes magic always responded viciously when out up against other mages letting him have a soft of advantage in blocking and attacking magic. "Will I got your cover. If we can get him away from where the entrance is I can try to blow it open and shield us from it we just need to get him to move."
  7. Luke is about to say bet to be honest.
  8. Okay I edited a bit, not to much, is that fine?
  9. I tried a different approach, if this isn't that great just let me know and we can change it a bit but I thought this would be a unique way to handle the situation. Maybe it will enrage mone or maybe the three will rest and get attacked hell even maybe mone does get arrested who knows but i tried and cant wait to see the next move. \ Oh and I also made the assumption that something like not telling the correct quest difficulty which I tally up to the whole "retrieve a ring" but really "survive" aspects of the adventure and the possible law that makes it illegal. I couldn't imagine a adventure clinc running when people would put down fake quest titles to get people to come and die ya know? bad for business.
  10. "The gold! Yes of course your reward. How silly of me." Luke waded into thought watching carefully threw the corner of his eye as Will had trained his cross bow onto the lizard, at that moment he grazed over how the encounter would go if Mone was killed by Will and Pierre in their rage and spite. He'd just take his coin and leave, he had known them both for a short time in the pipes and neither was worth getting blood on his hands unnecessarily more importantly their grade would surely fall with Mone. It was almost somewhat of a relief when Will eventually lowered his crossbow not that Mone seemed to be paying any attention to Will in the first place, he'd seemed so focused on getting the ring from Luke that even Luke wondered what was so important about this artifact he held tightly in his palm. he simply walked away to fetch their gold. "Questions first. Money after. Then you get your ring.", "Adventurers," Will continued , "are people. We aren't expendable. We risk our lives for worthy causes, not pointless ones, on the hope that the end result will outweigh the danger." He stopped pacing around the cellar and shook his head. "So, tell me. Is the ring worth it? What is it? What were those... things in your pipes? A tentacle monster. A colony of very angry mushrooms. My guess is they were a consequence of wandering Tower Quarter's drainage system, but people were only wandering down there on your whim. They died for you. Why." "I know how you feel" Luke looked over at Will to see his focus still lay on the lizard as he reentered " But we didn't come here for that." Luke let the room settle as Mone returned with the coin and after managing to throw it at them Mone surprisingly spoke a rebuttal to Will's questions. "See here young man, if you would like me to show you the ways of the world then I suggest you sign up for a lecture or private tutoring. I'm not cheap. You are a laborer." Luke already knew where the conversation was headed, he had been distant from the magic enthralled world for a long time but he'd never forget what type of mages drowned themselves in deep rooted pride putting themselves above the lot but, he wasn't wrong as they had signed up for it. In lawful view the only thing they could prove was their accomplished mission and the falsities about the mission difficulty even though they could still out him under investigation it would be hard to prove much. Mean while Luke ached for a shower, his hate ran thin and his care bore little fruit as he leaned down and collected the bags of gold. "That is why you have those big, gawky muscles and that pitiful little sword and smell of shit. Because you are paid to be and to do those things, by men and women like myself. Don't you have insurance or something? Can't you bother them with all of your question? Now please, if you would be so kind sir, fulfill your obligation and return to me my property. Mone finished just as Luke picked up the last of the bags of gold cradling them in his left arm. With a light sigh Luke had no intention of fighting or more conflict he wasn't fully content on letting Mone be completely unbothered. This just proved the intensity from the others was infectious. Pocketing the ring he began to speak, "Cheap? Looking at you I could have sworn you're as knowledgeably and as expensive as a piece of tattered cloth. Don't know about you *looks at Will* but definitely wasn't worth risking my life. Besides the illegal experiments I'll be informing the adventures clinic about the misdeeds and vague information on the quest. Along with our eye witness here *luke grazes over Pierre* expect a through search of this place, permit checking, and the set of fines that come with it. Lying on a quest document is quite a illegal thing to do, this wasn't a simple retrieval mission. Professor Cutler will contact you soon, hopefully." Luke looked up at the wizard before taking a step back and turning his attention to the other two. "Lets go guys, there are different ways to handle this and I would much rather some rest right now. Wouldn't yall agree? I would hand over the ring but I'm sure it would cause Pierre here some unnecessary distress. " Narrowing his eyes the edge in his voice was subtle but meaningful, If necessary we don't have to get out hands dirtier in all of this, lets leave it.
  11. my bad for some reason i thought mone would respond? Or was the handing over money the response? nv mind ill type up something in a bit
  12. "Here," Will panted. "We'll use it here." Luke nodded giving preparing himself for the teleport. They had been running away from the crowd of mushroom people for a while now but Luke was happy they still had the damn thing. It was a miracle really with the amount they'd been tossed around. Pierre mumbled something about Mone in his mind but Luke didn't pay attention. They were seconds away from completing their mission and getting the hell out of there, they'd get a good grade as it could only have been a day or two. He tried to focus on just that, he didn't care about the misdeeds that Mone had either done or suspected to be done knowing that Peirre would do enough. He planned on handing over the ring and leaving, the magic world was too close to dark arts to be properly judged at times and defining that line wasn't what he'd come here for. Silently bracing himself he watched as Will crushed the stone seamlessly bringing them into Mone's lad with a flash of blinding light. Luke brought his left arm up to cover his eyes for a second, he could hear Mone's voice call out to them. He seemed as if he was in distress as Luke slowly uncovered his eyes allowing them to adjust to the light. "You have it? Give it to me. Give it to me!" The light waded fiercely reviling the humanoid mage hunched over behind two almost towering metal knights. Luke's initial thought was to give over the ring in the first place but the lizards nervousness arose more suspicion within Luke. Suddenly he gripped the ring more tightly. "No problem. Just give us our reward and show us the door." Luke glared at the wizard trying strengthen his own resolve as blue mist slowly spreading over the three, just in case.
  13. Sorry about that! Again, studying getting crazy.
  14. Luke watched as the two beat him to the mirror knowing they would make it. Coughing small clouds of green smoke Luke could feel the creatures intensity their leaders orders written all over Luke screaming 'Catch him'. The crowds behind him merged into a mass coming to form. Ahead of him before stepping threw the mirror Luke watched as Pierre cast two spells. One slung a volley of missile flying into the crowd behind him. The next empowered Luke with greater speed, his body feeling light mixing to mix well with his urge to flee as most of the crowd behind him was reduced with the ones surviving tripping hastily over the fallen. Luke ran full force, having been able to outrun the creatures slightly before, now he was able to completely outpace them in swift strides embedded with magic catching up to to the mirror with ease almost throwing himself threw. On crossing the first thing Luke noticed was the two, Will and Pierre, fast down the hall way. Luke's initial plan was to use his abilities to block the mirror so they couldn't come threw but as he looked at the two he hastely decided to join them, the wisps of speed magic weakening around him only to finally come to a release as he closed the distance between them. Far behind them the mushrooms began to flood out of the mirror, their progress only being slowed to the lack of cooperation them trying to fit all of themselves threw the mirror at once. Still more and more poured out now far behind them. Luke slipped the ring threw his arm holding it firmly underneath his arm as he jogged, "Let's get the actual fuck out of here!" Luke strove on their heels glancing back at the trickling mass. "We can out run them. Will do you remember where we left the string? Or the stone?" Luke had assumed he'd lost one or both of their methods of getting back, hopefully he was wrong.
  15. you think the image could trigger their aggro?
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