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  1. As the weekend approtches again sadly my posting speed will dwindle greatly, I'm bust all Friday and I am clueless about Saturday except my busy night.
  2. Luke had steadied himself along the rope, gliding down smoothly as he illuminated the pipe turned tunnel. The reflected rust stained walls gave an apocalyptic feel as if no human was meant to be there and truthfully it was exactly as such, no human has ever been down here not like this. Unless of course this is where Mone's experiments took place, the thought gave his skin a frosted feeling. Looking down it was clear that he was near the end, the surface of the water low beneath him reflecting the light back to him on its surface in rifted waves. In a few minutes he splashed down onto the solid pipe ground. Gazing up he couldn't see Will in the above darkness and with a second more to spare, he began to search around the area peering into the slightly illuminated dark. The path to their left was a turn that pulled around a corner into more unknown whilst the path on their right seemed to descend deeper into the pipes system. Will set, stretching his body as he too examined the paths swiftly making a decision, "Mone dropped a ring, yeah?" he asked. "If we're assuming he dropped it with water, the flow would likely take it further down as opposed to around a corner. Luke, I think we're going going down again." "I agree, though I'll do a quick check of the other turn just in case you head on without me and I'll catch up real quick." Luke gave him a signature nod and turned the other way jogging lightly and disappeared around the corner, he was fast as his light loomed bright even around the corner. Coming down the straight pathway to his disappointment the path only led to a different rising with walls made of plastic instead of the ancient pipelines with nothing notable at all, this mission wasn't gonna reach the sudden ending or without trying which gave him a sense of hope for a more fulfilling adventure, pivoting Luke started to head back, the sell of mildew rising in the air. Returning to the path he followed the gleaming thread happy to know Will was continuing without him. Following the thread Luke came to another decent, faintly in the distance beneath him Luke heard his partner hiss "Gah," Luke took to the rope like a man on fire, sliding down as fast as he could voicing his concern threw a yell "You okay?!" With a steadily closening response will spoke "Luke," he called, voice echoing through the expanse. "I need you to lead. I'm blind down here." With in seconds he hit the ground causing more water to be splashed about, he almost jumped back onto the thread when the cold mold smelling liquid flooded his boots and splashed his jeans. Now he understood why WIll had yelled. "Okay, it only makes sense, I was just exploring the other route." Luke looks up to the numerous spouts and pipes that spew droplets of water "This place will probably be flooding when the storm hits, we better be out of here by then or be really good at swimming against thunderous wave" Continuing to scan whats above then Luke notices a patch of discolored fuzz "Is that mold? God only knows whats down here" Turning his attention forward, the waters flow pulling to the right. The pipe must be taking the water into larger waterways, the facts that the ring made it this deep was magical in its own sense. He starts to push forward, following the waters path into a curving pipe Luke's presence showering it all in a bright blueish light that bounced and reflected off of the waters surface as they moved. "If this is like traditional pipelines then it should be like tree branches. With the smallest ones being the one we came threw and the ones we've been walking threw and the biggest ones being the sewer" Luke shivered at the thought, the smell and the moral wrongs that came with roaming around a massive system of waste and critters. Simply pushing the thoughts to the back of his mind he walked curved with the tunnel that brought them around in a U shape which brought them to a drop, a thick plaster void filled to the brim with colorless water. On the other side of the void was a continuation of the path they where on, dry, which meant the path continues to go down draining more water. Could it have pulled the ring down? It looks like it is suppose to be another drain pipe, it must be clogged maybe with the ring? its sitting at the bottom of this pool? Na, it cant be that easy... Luke thought to himself as he stopped, peering over the chasm he could see the clear mesh of more mold lingering in the distance. "I think this is a good place to split up for a second. I'm thinking of going down and checking down in this water for a clog, maybe I can find something in this you can come with me or cross on your own. Can you cross this on your own?" He looked at Will, he was able to swim if he likes but Luke could probably help him get over with his abilities. Going back to his previous breathing techniques Lukes grew brighter steadily, the soft mist concentrating around himself as he waited for Wills response.
  3. Right, Okay makes sense. I'll complete my post and detail it accordingly. Investigate and search more! I'll try to leave more details to go off of and you guys help me a lot, thanks.
  4. okay so I wanna a little help with my post or to be clear, I wanna make the ring be found a little deeper more so near the sewage pipes to the point where food and materials have been caught on the ring and have made a small mound that attracts phorid flies and being flies that favor running to flying the two adventures have to beat the flies and take the ring. Would that be practical or am I thinking wrong? Any tips would be amazing, thanks!
  5. If its magic then shouldn't it be able too be detected by someone with good mana sense like my character? While its not infinitely ranged if they are close enough mana sense can give a faint location, would that be viable?
  6. Luke had had countless magic adventures ranging from abnormal phantom plains to voids, most of which stayed locked behind the impenetrable walls of a higher consciousness that always left a sensation of cool burning on his skin as a sign of long lost deja vu and his skin was a flame in that moment as thoughts of the system of drains and pipes connecting similarly to that of the design of a labyrinth. The mission of find an item of power within a maze not knowing the dangers that lurk or the traps that lay set for only the most novice adventures lives to be claimed on, it was thrilling yet comforting to him. Even in his haste he'd forgotten important questions like how were they to be shrunk, how long ago had the event taken place, or is there any unique power emanating from the ring. All of these questions could have helped them take a more direct route, be more attentive for signs, and make them more comfortable with the quest in its entirety, he cursed himself mentally before preparing for the wizards magic, it was too late and the motions where already in place. More important of all, is there rats? The sudden thought crossed Luke's mind, that enemies that aren't human would be present. More thoughts crossed his mind, recalling the professors last words. "You don’t know how long it’ll take to get to your next meal.” He realized that he'd come grossly under prearranged as he had no rations and no physical weapons. He found himself having to rely on his magic when he'd started to wish he had brought a dagger or a short sword with him.Something, anything more constant than himself and his abilities but in that instant he knew he'd been too careless and only the success of his team and their mission could right his obvious wrongs. My magic inventory is long ranged barrier and mimic magic. Thinking deeper he could come to name the unique magic he held though the more he thought of it the more questions it always produced, as it was less of a magic and more like controlling mana participles in the air crystallizing them and using the producing mist as a catalyst for spells. At least thats what Lady told him it looks like, an anti magic mist of crystal mana that could be used. Will took up the thread, "I'll take the thread? With my luck, I'll crush the shiny rock accidentally." Which caused Luke to smile lightly, hell he wasn't sure he could either but careful items weren't foreign to him and he picked up the small transparent gem with a light blue hue to the stone, holding it in his open palm for a second staring at it. The light strobes of magic energy coming from the stone alluded to its mystery. He simply pocketed the stone shared in Will's "Ready" with a nod and he turned to look at the wizard, he had started to answer Will's questions of "Is this going to hurt?" With a lengthy explanation that ended with a request. "I've already prepared a concoction which will see to your resizing. I've been experimenting with an aerosol. Worry not I've already trialed it several times and can swear to its efficacy; there is no risk whatever of your staying shrunk. As to whether it will hurt or not, it's honestly difficult for me to say. I've never shrunk myself. My subjects have moaned and groaned before but I think it has much more to do with the disorientation than with physical pain." "Actually, would you keep a record of your experiences so I can flesh this out?" Luke felt uneasy, the way the wizard spoke about it was as if this was an experiment. The thought sent shivers down his spine. With a second of thick smoke of swirling pink and orange fumes they shrunk, the feeling of being much smaller was a much smoother process then Luke had thought it was gonna be and no matter how gun-ho he was about the experience there was still room for error. Then the nausea hit like the force of two massive cargo trucks and a plane. The world spun in a much slower rate than his stomach the two feeling as if they rotated against each other in a cruel and savage grind. The lizard spoke but his voice was distorted by the whirlwind that the world had become, lost in its walls. He didn't know how long it lasted but when the feeling lifted he had been brought to his knees in the massive reversed dome of a marble sink. Standing up slowly Luke looks at his partner and then the turns gazing to the surface of the gaping metallic hole yards in front of them. Shakily Luke attempts to stand which to his surprise solidifies himself. "Will are you okay? I don't know about you but that was one hell of an experience" If will had fallen like he had then Luke would offer his hand to help him up. If he hadn't Luke would smirk and pat him on the back. Turning his attention back to the hole Luke deeply exhaled and deeply inhaled calmly repeating the action as if to meditate while standing. Gradually the air around himself started to grow a blue tint, after a few minutes the tint grew to a clear but transparent mist, a few more moments pass and the mist grows thick producing a bright colorless light whilst maintaining its see threw properties. With one last deep inhale Luke nodded at Will and took to the thread, sliding down as he illuminated the rusted pipes. Water reflecting from somewhere deep beneath them.
  7. Luke continued to walk on without his partner, he could have practically feel Will's disapproving gaze burning him back when he had squeezed the information out of the man, having such a soft partner was gonna be a bigger problem then just being able to find the wizards hide away. He'd thought hard about the, in his mind, minor situation as he navigated threw the the town with a slightly smoother ease than the rush he had started with that morning. Vaguely he took notes of all the small things in the town, the gap between the many jewelry hung wealthy people and the few commoners within the city was smaller that anywhere else he had seen before. That was the first tales of magic, people learned to not base off of traditional things but magic wither it was rarity or strength but at the moment he couldn't tell. Obediently following the main roads Luke had been able to see the distance tower which seemed to fade into the clouds, a breath taking view from the ground and he could only wonder how much of the world one could see from its top. Even though his eyes confirmed it his senses had been miles ahead. He could feel the dense mana from the collective of thousands of magic users making his head ache, the presence of mana to even this degree was havoc on his sensitive talents. It gave him the sensation of walking threw water with all of it begging for him to reach out and grab onto its shapeless form and command it into meaning but this was nothing. He'd been around Lady for long amounts of time in the past years and een though it sounds ridiculous, she held much more raw mana and magical power than this place could bring itself to. He drew a long breath as he continued to walk whilst ignoring his instinctual feelings and after a few lengthy strides he, since the beginning of the day, was happy to see his partner wade in the distance tide of people and to his further delight they had both locked the tower in their sights. Will however started to talk to one do the many hooded magic users swifting around If he has the jump on me for getting info then I'll just wait for him Luke thought to himself ideally as he took a sharp right preceding to lean against one of the many building in wait. Bypassing the time by staring into the crowd of passing silk Fire mage, water, ah a duel attribute, spirit user Luke read the few passing mages core mana realizing their mana control is weaker than what he'd imagine from the town. Glancing over Luke stood as Will was walking right down the path in front of him. Silently letting him pass Luke filed in behind him. "The city is full of wealthy and novice mage for the most part. Be careful" They continued down stone paths until they finally reached their destination when Will announced "Luke," he said, "maybe hold off of threatening the wizard. Or anyone else who doesn't really deserve it." "Ill try" Luke watches closely, he wouldn't know what to expect when they stepped threw the door and as they did and subsiquently got captured he looks over at his partner grimacing as if to say 'Do they deserve it?'. Traps, of course. Now we are gonna get arrested by the city police because of some bad directions I should have che- mid thought Luke was stopped by the sound of another voice yelling out deeper into the house. "Hold on a second!" Out of cloak of darkness stepped a petite and hunched humanoid lizard, the thing had amazing mana flowing off of it attempting an following introduction to which Luke responded with, "A simple spell sword" Wasting no time the humanoid told them their task, the urgency and straight to the point dialect settled well with Luke giving him respect for his employer. "With the supplies you have set out for us we should be able to get this done efficiently as possible, thanks." Luke glanced over at Will to see how he was processing the information, "I think we should both carry one of the items, the gem and the thread. I don't care which one you pick but for the first time since this morning I'm actually exited to get going." He stood in the bathroom turning to face the small marble tub in the neat slightly modern room and waited.
  8. I have work for the next two nights and since that's when I do most of my posting expect me to be a little distance for the next two days. I'll post when I can though!
  9. Yeah, at one point in time all my characters where not the best of people, old ways and some of which never change.
  10. Yeah, sounds good. The more the merrier! and thanks for all the feed back,I love it and I'm making the new post right now and I'll take all that into it.
  11. Lukas looked down to the person who would be his partner for the task at hand, he paused as if to ponder and with a similar nod to Luke's own and a smile he stood. I guess this its time for us to get going, finally Luke thought to himself as he yawned slightly. Walking up in such a rush still left a bad taste in his mouth and a rising mist over his mind. "We'll get right on that, Professor." Luke couldn't agree more as he turned around and started towards the door yelling over his shoulder loud enough for them both to hear. "We'll do it and do it properly. You have my word." And with that they where off and out of the building back onto the late morning streets. It was slowly making its way to one or so. Their objective was to find the place, sadly Luke had never been the most keen on sense of direction so passively he kept himself a step or two behind the man. If it was up to him they would have had to find some other way to transport them selves, maybe pay a local teleport-er though they are extremely rare. Luke was so lost in thought that he barely even heard the man introduce himself. "I'm Will" the man said as he walked. "Happy to know you." "My name is Luke and happy to get to." He wasn't too keen on the idea of working in a team with some one beside his rarely together three force team but it was a small but needed time of change. If this was gonna work then he might as well give it his all as a person and a team. Luke watched as Will set his eyes on a strangely dressed merchant and walked over asking for directions "We need help with directions. Could you help get us to the Tower Quarter?" to whom told them only if they consider to buy something. Luke instinctively felt the sides of his jeans. Luke worn a old leather adventure gear set, the only things missing are the belt to hold items like weapons and coin purses. He didn't grab anything out of the inns room in his haste, its all probably gone by now and if by some stroke of luck it was back he didn't have any plans to go back there without finishing the mission first. Luke signed to himself, he could always use his magic to try to create some but... He looked down at his hand, making a tight fist. "No, I left my pouch." Luke searches his mind for an answer What action here would get us there faster? The less time we spend away from out destination the better so how do I get this guy to tell me where the place is in a way that it would maintain my score? Luke groaned under his breath cursing. Fine, the fastest way is the normal. Luke grazes at the mans wares, old trinkets and such "There are a few things here that wouldn't pass for the smallest coin, you know that don't you?" Luke's deep ocean mirrored eyes brought them self's to direct gaze into the merchants own dull brown marbles. Walking closer to the stall he put his hands down on the bare wooden surface counter top putting his weight and force onto it just enough for the small structure to creek loudly enough for all of them to hear. "But that's just a custom right? It has to be right? Because where I come from there isn't any such thing *he puts more pressure on the stall* and its so much easier. Helping people feels good right? Like aa weight has been lifted so wouldn't you like weight being lifted." His eyes now looked exactly like staring into the bottomless depth of the ocean, menacing and relentless. The poor stall was on the verge of collapse at this point, the look across the owners face read pure shock. Nervously the salesman fiddles with his hat and in a light whisper he caves. "You're right i-its south-west from here, across town and if you reach the city limits you've gone too far" Almost instantly Luke let off of the stall, towns folk don't lie when their lively hood is at risk, "Thanks, maybe I'll be back later to actually buy some thing for your time." He turned away and with a bit of pause started walking.
  12. I edited mine to include a response for that, sorry. Straight to the point is how Luke usually handles things so not many questions and the few he does have he keeps to himself.
  13. Drifting in the endless darkness of his unconscious mind Luke floated. Some where off in the distance of the endless void there was a soft ringing ting ting ting ting it was an infinite sound no where but everywhere at the same time until it forced his conciseness bare forcing a realization. He woke to the sound of blaring alarm clock, lazily pushing it off to the night stand. To his displeasure it didn't stop the noise so he begrudgingly opened his eyes only to be almost blinded by the amount of sunlight streaming into the inn room. Pushing himself out of bed he stood to bend down and turn the the thing off why did I even turn this thing on? What was it set for? it took him a second, a long deeply thought second before horror overcame his face. "Fuck" The next five minutes were a blur, a shower, and a rush. Out onto the streets he could clearly see it was late morning, crowds of people conversing on the streets and stalls with plump pastries and breakfast meats. This did nothing to stop his haste, yelling out loudly as he could "Coming threw" and "Excuse me" on his way, nearly trampling several people and two children.He could hear chatter along the lines of "Thats the second one today". Weaving threw neatly placed stall Luke could see his destination in the distance, "Pavilion of the Sun, Moon and Seasons", and with in the minute he was calmly entering the building and sat next to what he assumed to be his partner. They where the only people there and as the man started to speak. He was young for a professor but if anything that must adhere to his skill, his yellow eyes calm without a trace of worry. "The job belongs to Mone, a wizard with a place in the Tower Quarter. He'll tell you the rest of the job when you get there and tell him you're on the case." Luke listened carefully as he spoke, taking in any minor details he could, this was a test and he wanted a good score. After the professor stopped speaking the man next to him spoke up "A wizard?" Luke almost scoffed questioning his mates qualifications for this missions briefly "Ah, sorry. So you want us to make our way to this wizard? Why not just meet there?" "That's fine with me as" Luke spoke, his voice strong but quiet as he too reached for a sandwich an stuck expression of annoyance across his face. He was eager for details, to squeeze out any information he could but the professor couldn't give them so he stayed silent and took a bite of his sandwich. "You're new to the city right? Getting to the job is part of the job. Navigation is a fundamental skill. Besides. Food and coffee. Have a snack at least before taking a job on. You don’t know how long it’ll take to get to your next meal.” The professor spoke again, Luke nodded silently in agreement as he finished his sandwich and stood up. "Okay, I'm ready"
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