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    She called a barmaid asking for a couple of shots with ice.Though she didn't knwo what these 'shots' where she had seen humans call the barmaid for some and decided to try them out. She stood for the bar and with a yawn she stretched herself upwards her small figure producing a slight crack of joints. I have nothing but time, course not sleeping something I should do less often. THough she didn't need sleep as much as the other life forms did, she enjoyed doing so to pass time or to rest after a long activity. Maybe I'll rent a room? She say back down. The woman to her right said nothing and the man to her left ordered a fruit pie. Hm... I think I'm good on food for now. Just then she relised she forgot tot return the small pile of dished she had used from the bar. "Pardon." She spoke to the nearest barmaid. "Yeah, I forgot to return these." The bar's simple white plates appeared stacked in front of the woman on the bar's counter. After the bar's maid took the dishes the woman continued to wait. Hm..... wait, that dammed blessed land.
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    The woman sought no more questions as she waited for her boiling water. She say and looked at the array of liquor behind the bar's counter. "So much..." She spoke out loud
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    She sat as time passed, she'd gotten the food about thirty minutes ago and had finished it in few more then fifteen. Her tea kettle had gone dry now. The trip had taken a lot more out of me then I had though. She thought to herself as she stood. The table now covered in soiled china suddently cleared and returned to a normal bar's table as the woman walked to the bars counter. "Hey keep can I get some more boiling water?" A working from the bars kitchen yelled back 'In a few minutes'. As long as its only a few. She looked to her right where a hooded figure sat, then to her left which was empty. Taking a seat next to the hooded figure she waited and glanced over at the figure. "Is it cold?" She asked as she couldn't understand why so many people wore the hoods.
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    The bar keeper along with an bar maid brought out a small variation of sweet and dishes, each set on a small plate. The food looked as if it was prepared carefully at the hands of a skilled cook. The dished where set on the bar along with a large bowel of boiling water, in front of the elegant looking woman. "Thanks you." She gave the bar maid her hand curled softly and turned her palm down releasing twenty or so shining golden coins. Taking the money both of the workers went back to serving other patrons of the bar. As soon as they stepped away from the woman she carefully looked at all of the food and touched each one of the dished. "Donuts, berries, fruits, jeliton, a sandwich, a slice of cake." She whispered to herself as she touched each one. "I know I have a set for this." She stood not taking any of the food she walked to an bar's table and sat. As she sat the food sitting on the bar's counter diapered. A cloth appeared on the bars table and soon after it was paired along with a set of cutlery, a pearl white china set appeared in front of the woman. Pieces of the delicate glass ware incremented with gold or blue engravings along with a golden rack of sorts seemed to fill them selves with the food the woman had gotten from the inn. The boiling water poured its self in a tea kennel. The woman slowly poured the boiling water into a china cup with a singular tea bag inside. Once the cup was brimming with tea she set the tea kennel down and stirred the tea. Once, twice the silver spoon lapped around the tea cups inner edges. Setting the spoon down on a napkin that had laid under the silverware, the woman gently picked up the tea cup and brought ti to her lips taking a sip.
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    An woman appeared out of thin air right in front or the bar's counter. Appearing slightly higher then she had assumed she would, her light chestnut hair fell over her shoulders in rivers and her exotic white outfit blew slighting from the two foot fall. She waited impatiently for the bar tender who finishing a woman's order at the time. Taking a bar seat, the small constant clicking of her heel on the harded wood of the tavern seemed to echo softly to those near her. Few minutes passed until the bar tender finally had gotten to taking her order. "The usual please, I'm fairly hungry so if ya could add a few sweets on there that you think I would enjoy." The bar tender nodded, writing down something in a notepad. "Thanks keep." The woman smiled and continued the soft clicking of her heels on wood as she waited again. Hm... I should ask some one here about he temple I've found but. She looked over her left shoulder and slowly over her right shoulder. I see none that I'm familiar with. With the though in mind she decided to get her food, eat here and return to her ventures. If the dammed keep can hurry any.
  6. She walked around the outside of the marble and granite crafted building. She walked along the wall of the building north bound, her hand tracing the smooth groves and texture of the temple. She soon came to the edge of the building, whilst the construction of the building confused her she was unable to tell whether she had approached the behind of the building or the front, either way she turned the edge. From her initial thought of sneaking around the grounds the intent had faded, as the building its self gave her a feeling of flight. She found herself in front of a massive garden of fruit orchards and vegetable beds. The garden seemed to be self suntanning as small waters nourished the plants unattended. She took more steps in to the massive garden until she landed foot in the middle of the place surrounded by trees brimming with fruits that matured, most of which she could named on sight and vegetables some burrowed to deep for her to see and other which grew like vines which she hadn't seen previously. The calming of the grounds which she had deemed blessed or something of the sort and the genital colors of fruits and vegetable gave a stronger sense of belonging and a sort of calming as if she could stay in there forever wrapped in the garden, as if snapping her out of the trans like state her stomach voiced its opinion in a small growl. Seconds later she diapered from the space in a silent wind. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lady looked at the walls of the temple her own reflection staring threw a thin sheet of dust. That's some quality craftsmanship. She thought as she reached her right hand out to the wall allowing her self to feel the perfections in the stone, her reflection seeming to the the same as if it was trying to reach out to herself. She started to walk, dragging her hand on the stone. For the looks of the stone htis is a holy temple and in turn means this is blessed land and to which means I cant stay here for long. SHe recoiled her hand from the stone as she had reached the ending of the wall that she had followed, her fingers thick with the dust she had obtained from her walk. Is this the front of the building? Or am I even close yet? She thought to herself as she turned the corner, shaking the dust off of her hand. She could make out the colors and trees of a garden out of the corner of her eyes as she turned but was still amazed by the pure size of an number of orchards and next to a sea of rows and rows of vegetables. Orchards of apples, peaches, pears, plums, and so many. She stopped in thought as she was unable to identify some of the contents of the massive garden. Instead she let her eyes follow the small glossing-ly clear waters in the area that connected all of the plants giving each of them life. She was sure this was the effects of the blessed grounds on her but the place had an uncanny resemblance that reminded her of the small village that she had grown in. Though it was a tragic story to remember she could only remember the wellness of the time. Playing in fields, and romeing the plains as an infant as the grounds where extremely secure and the children of all ages where allowed freedom. The memories swallowed her and for few seconds she was a child again, reaching up for her mother imbrace from her heels. A slight growl of her stomach awake her from the memories. That's almost comical. She thought to herself as she activated her magic and diapered.
  7. Luke had waited a slight distance from the inn for Enk to arrive. Short time had passed as he waited. Hm... I could make curry ... A bit of roasted meat?... Fired would be too unhealthy. He had gone over the dishes he could make threw his head as his pocket dimension that lay in his sheath had most of the things required to make most dishes. Large stones, burning wood, sand ammungst the things he had stored. His thought broken by the man, Enk coming back. "I got what I need. I just want to keep track of time, I imagine after the walking hours there are all sorts of hunters out there." "Good thinking, I would have lost the time." Luke said in response as he stated walking. There is a small pond north of here. A wondering spirit whispered into Luke's mind. He excepted the information and lightly changed northward of the tavern. Drinking water means there might be a major predator there. And that means more meat. @Enk Razorwood
  8. Luke offered a simple nod to Enk's reassuring statement as Enk went to retrieve something which Luke thought was most likely for defense. HE dosen't think you'll be enough to protect him weakling the voice whispered into Luke's ear. Oh where you saying something? Luke shot back. I have more things to do then entertain you. Luke thought back at how me was going to prepare the animals meat. Bear meat is tough but what ever I catch I'll make something out of it. Though Luke wouldn't say, he had a talent for cooking that left uninvested deep in his skill set. Waiting for Enk's return Luke walked to the taverns door and waited outside. @Enk Razorwood
  9. Luke had stayed still and listened to enk before he would have gone to the door but the comment caught him of guard. "hm..." He though for a moment as he shifted his weight to his right leg and leaned slightly while standing. I was planning to take the ingredients out the sheath but if he is coming along I'd be harder to. But the solution is simple he has to come, I''d like to see the skill of a teammate before we get into anything dangerous. "Sure." He paused as if still thinking something over. "But try not to ask lots of questions okay?" Hopefully that takes care of that... You know he'll still have questions. Humans are surely curious "That don't concern how I kill things or my swordsmanship okay?" Luke believe he was making reasonable demands @Enk Razorwood @Victorious
  10. Luke was glad that Enk had changed the topic and let out a sigh of relief. Food uh? Oh yeah I wanted to go catch something. My food is a lot better then anything they can make here. "I' don't think I'll be eating any of the food here but I might just leave for a bit to go hunting or something. I'll be quick but after that I wanted to go to the Library." @Enk Razorwood @Victorious
  11. Luke thought for a split second before responding. "Yeah I know your concern is in the right place but I dout there is anything we can do... at the moment. But that's this moment. Right now their just talking but if anything physical happens then that's another story correct?" He looked at enk to see if he had the same thought as himself. @Enk Razorwood @Victorious
  12. The sun had already started to set as it cascaded a bronzing light over the blossoming forest of Terrenus and the creatures that it housed. Bears rested in the forest, sprites fluttered their glitter like wings and flew from sprouting leaves, rarely seen fire elemental sat in shaded spaces charring the ground with their auras. The pure image of peace, as if the forest was enchantingly calm was apparent just peering in to the forest. Under a dense curtain of soft greens vines there was soft white cloth. With a soft passing of a breeze the vines shifted aside by mother natures breath reveling a woman small in stature and clothed in white.She walked as if she came from noble decent carrying a serving plate in her left hand and an tea cup gripped by the handle in her right. Her eyes seemed to be taking in every detail of the forest as she opened her mouth and spoke. Walking threw the vines the woman basked in the sun light as it reflexes off the cup and platter she held. The shining pearl white set engraved with engravings made of golden ore. Thought she came from deep in the bowels of forest her clothing as well as her pure white skin seemed to be completely untouched whatsoever. Even though she had been walking the tea also remained unaffected by movement or the environment around the woman as she had given off the presence of royalty in her walk. Continuing her walking she passed threw high grass in the most literal way as it had passed threw her being whilst she kept walking soon coming to an edge of the forest where a large marble building lay. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ She had been walking for six day now This forest is so vibrant with life, it's so calming I don't want to leave but... Lady approached a veil of vines guarded by small bushes as she walked. I'll have all the time I want to after I find what I'm looking for. She tea set appeared in her hands as she close'nd the veil, pouring her self a drink the tea set dissipated into the air leaving a pear white serving plate and a pearl white tea cup in her hand as the vines where blown aside. She continued in silence. Maybe I could find it soon... The object she thought of was a weapon named "A peace of me". She had never seen the weapon but had felt as she had owned it and it was lost property. In her search for her memories finding the weapon had been something that could be key. The rest of the grass she walked a pun passed threw her, she had used her power to retrieve her tea set and continued to use her powers. Can't get to dirty now. She had thought to herself as traveled. In the distance the crowd of plants drew thin which possible signified ending of the forest. She had only been walking from the tavern of legends for six whole days and thought the forest had spanned a much longer distance than what she had seen. None the less the thought of getting out of the forest exited her slightly. Lady walked slightly faster now, eger to see what was on the other side of the forest as she had an endless curiosity for the unknown. The end of the forsest of a massive As her first foot laid threw more over grow and the plants shifted from her sight, she came apun a large building. More of a temple but for whom? She let here curiosity lead her to find the entrance to temple.
  13. Luke had completely missed Enk as he walked by. Hearing his voice Luke turned around. "Oh hey.' He was half way down the hallway and had turned and started to walk to Enk. As he got closer he talked as he walked. "One of her friends came to visit and is trying to get Adromeda to leave. I'm not sure what's going on but hell." He shrugged his shoulders, a sign that he had given up on the situation. "It's really none of my business to say anything to her friend. We've only been traveling for few days." @Enk Razorwood @Victorious
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    As the woman grew silent Lady walked away. I wonder where I need to go now? As she had been traveling on instinct and nothing more. Walking out of the tavern she choose an random direction and walked away from the tavern. (Exit from thread)
  15. open

    "My name is Lady, I like to be addressed as such." She gave a childish smile. "Nice to meet you Arie." Looking at the woman, Arie liquor mug Lady noticed she had spit some out earlier. "Need a fresh drink? I'll buy."