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    "Enk you should lead if your coming with us then." Enk probily new how to navigate better then luke did anyway. @Enk Razorwood @Victorious
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    Luke let out a small laugh as the horse seamed to lay its head on his shoulder then preceding to nude his side. "Yeah we should get going." Looking at the horse and picking up the vola,Luke climbed upon its back straping the viloa into its straps @Victorious
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    Luke looked at the grey steed with alluring eyes, taking in the details of even the dark mane turning golden. Walking to the face of the horse luke gently rubbed the side of the steeds cheek. Using the other hand to scratch behind its ear. The horse was bigger then Luke initally thought now that he was up close to it. "I'll treat you like you ride, and I'll hope you will do the same." Turning his attention to the other tam mate me thought of enk. "Hey @Enk Razorwood your oxen, you said they are paced right?"
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    He thought about it and just shrugged his shoulders as he walked past @Victorious. "Yeah, Hurry up Enk!" He wanted to see the horses. While he didn't have the best riding situations, he could understand the basic concepts enough to ride the horse.
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    "Ride what exactly?" He said as he was getting pulled along, bumping into people.
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    "" He had no idea what else to do but walk... the library was at the edge of the other town anyway so. "I guess we are walking then?" @Victorious
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    "We have to travel to another in first. The one edric works at, thats where I got the quest from." Unfamiliar with the portal system luke looked to the girl for portal usage. "I don't know how this portal system works." @Victorious
  8. open

    "I wouldn't mind." He laughed a little bit. In action uh -laugh- yea. Maybe she could beat you but, doll could brake playing with me. I'd love to see her fight so lets hurry. I'd love to see her - FFiugchkt wmiet h m e. "But, lets go to the library now okay?"
  9. open

    "Sorry if I offended you.I wan't thinking." Man eating? -A soft crackle of laugh- They are the best kinda, so ferocious in more then one ways. I remeber they so aggro in be- Cuting off the voice in his head Luke started to talk again. "Your not a monster."
  10. open

    "Thous the only two choices?" he joked "I like the little monster I have right now." He smiled. A few seconds later he acted like he accidentally said something he shouldn't have. Flawlessly he perfected the 'I shouldn't have said that' look. @Victorious @Enk Razorwood
  11. open

    That had sprung a small smile on lukes lips. If she says she is fine then i'll give her the benefit. As long as I don't have to cover her and myself in a event we will be fine. Luke was already thinking strategically. "Nice voice. Guess this doll comes with a voice box?" He joked @Victorious @Enk Razorwood
  12. open

    Out of the side of his eye he watched her flicker as she held back a luring pain. Maybe some pain killers will help her?hm... maybe not. "Andromeda are you okay?" He looked at her, taking a second away from @Enk Razorwood. @Victorious
  13. open

    ((It's fine, don't worry about it. ^~^)) "I'm glad you want to come too." He smiled warmly. Looking over to @Enk Razorwood Luke questioned why he had gone silent. "Hey, you look like an adventure am I right?" Some one to look for and tell the diffrence between magical traps and physical traps would be useful.
  14. The wave of salt water she had produced, waved over the man and the dogs blinding them with the heavy concentration of salt in the air. She wasn't worried about the dogs, they couldn't possibly be dumb enough to bite something that was fumigating in poison where they? Even if they could touch her. The club she had throw was doge(ed) by the weaving bandit and had passed him. The dogs lay steadily in their charge as they jumped at her. The next second they sunk their teeth... into a large wooden club. The girl seamed to be flying in slow motion as she appeared inches behind him as the club was, lightly sticking out her reach and grazing the bandits shoulder.
  15. open

    "I hear they are into some pretty hardcore missions but... I've never been on any real missions that haven't been on my 'task' board.. speaking of which I need to go to this..." Slipping his hand into his pocket he retreated a crumbled up piece of paper. Unfolding the browsed paper it turned out to be a quest paper. "This quest paper says that there is a lybrary no one uses. It also says to raid it for valuable books. I just want to go check this out." @Victorious