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  1. Lukas relaxed slightly, the soft click of the inns room door behind him seeming to echo in the empty room. Still having about two or so hours left until his promise rang he wanted to use his time carefully Though it wont take more than five minutes. Lukas' tailing shadow grew forming an lump mass as if ejecting mass throwing out the first of the captured while slashing over Lukas too, his magics bending his appearance with much lighter, almost abnormally, pale skin brown marbled eyes even making himself appear shorter. Going further, the appearance of his shadows changed to be more transparent, imitating some sort of wind ability. At first Lukas didn't bother to make heads or tails of the creature that was unlucky enough to had caught his eye but now he could take a breath to try to figure out. From initial glances Lukas thought the creature was amphibian, having a grey blue skin with a slimy like glitter, but it didn't have any gills from Lukas could see and he could see lots. The creature had been still on the floor and on second thought Lukas pondered if the gleam could be sweat instead of a line of mucus. Either way Lukas wasn't amused at the possible mess to clean. "Disgusting get up. You'll stain the floors." He lashed his heel out onto the humanoids chest which sent its big yellow eyes to roll in their sockets its eye lips flashing open a few times before it came out of its sunned state. Even thought its skin was already blue Lukas could have sworn as soon as the humanoids eyes met his own the blood drew from its face. Its instincts urged it to move but the mix of a crushing gaze right after being forced into and released from captivity kept it locked in place. It wouldn't have had anytime to move anyway as Lukas' eyes flared a slight wavelength shadows raising from under the humanoid on its neck, around its arms, around its legs, shadows spilled over binding the humanoid to the ground. "Na, that's not enough." Just as suddenly the humanoids left arm erupted in black spikes, a wisp of black smoke wrapping around the creatures mouth seemed to absorb the almost inaudible gurgle it had let out. Its blood pooling out of it mirroring the same ugly color if its skin, seemed to get drained not onto the floor instead into the shadow. Lukas looked down at it, somewhat satisfied with the reactions. The more pain inflicted, the deeper the blow to any resolve this thin might have had. He walked around the creature, the shadows rotated keeping the creature facing Lukas eventually arriving at the bed. Lukas sat on the edge looking down at the creature in silence almost as if he was deep in thought before finally, "What kind of shit is this?" Shadows spooned at the creatures back pack only to fish out vails dropping them to Lukas' feet. Leaning over to grab one Lukas saw the vails were not filled with a black liquid as e initially thought he'd find, but small pieces of dehydrated red fruit. Hook, line, and fucking jackpot. Lukas held the vail up closer to his face, it had been a while but he recognized the look of the berries, Odin's Haze, a drug that was infamous for its effects at killing after is high. It was as infamous as expensive and where ever the money trails lead, there is always a much bigger fish to be hooked which, in this case, was a bad thing. " The money must be phenomenal right? I know, I sell it too I'm just higher up on the food chain than you." The creature looked up at Lukas with stained eyes and a look of horror stuck to its face. At least the screaming is gone. Lukas could feel the creatures speeding heartbeat as he asked his next questions. "I know you can speak, they wouldn't let just anyone carry this *Lukas paused, rolling his eyes* product on them gingerly. Who this far down is this for?" The creature proceeded to spout its broken and guttural English, Lukas was only able to catch half of the important information through its pleads. He's taking the drug to an trader near other side boarder of the residential districts, explains the dug flow through here but why here in New Totenborough? That's gonna cause problems. They sell it where they can but here is no longer an option. As long as I don't cause a bigger mess then I'm fine. "Tell them the graves are packing down on this route and I'll be damned if I start loosing payloads because you fuckers can't do anything right. Change your route to go through one of the lower floors in Old Toten and come up through the graveyard." Lukas put up a strong fa├žade that the hydrid had no choice but to believe. The hybrid shook its head frantically almost on the verged of self harm before the shadows slowly began to cover it again. "Oh and if anyone asks for me, tell them its from way above their heads" With that last remark the shadows swallowed the creature and like a ray of light, rode the walls to the windows and out on to the streets. Focusing Lukas allowed the shadows to move further away from him, deeper into the slums only to drop the creature off in an randomly come across alleyway. It should be able to live with a fractured arm, the blood loss isn't that bad. If this works then there should ultimately be less crime in the area, granted only drug related ones but its a step. Just like that, I'm on to the next. The tattoo on Lukas' arm slid off onto the floor convulsing into a sizeable mass before spitting out a young boy with a handful of bloody glass.
  2. Lukas' steep back into the city making the layout of the guards post a note deep within his mind, no telling when he'd ever need the information. Moving threw the crowds he slowly traced his way back into the slums of the city near where he had rested the day before. If could collect detailed information from one for the dealer then I'd need some information from one of the users too. That's the only way I can get more information as to how far drugs have spread. At least what ever the hell this one is. He could still feel the creatures movement which had slowed significantly from the pure panic of random captivity to a bested still Maybe he passed out? Lukas thought to himself as he passed threw the somewhat familiar stalls. Stalking near the edge of a fruit stand a young boy with hair like fire and a cheeks stormed by freckles caught the slight of his attention. If not the familiar swift hand it was more the broken and empty glass vial the boy clutched in an empty hand as he reached for an deep scarlet apple which lay slightly out of the stall keepers view. Drops of blood glossed the vial Must be dedicated uh? To such a small vial... Or addicted Lukas' intuition gave way to a bird and so he picked up a stone. Straightening his posture with a quick brush Lukas brushed back his hair bringing more light to be swallowed by his deep black eyes and light grey pupils making his appearance more fierce but ever so lighter as he strode over to the stall. The boy didn't even notice he was in danger until Lukas' hand wrapped around his wrist. "Little thief what do you think you're doing uh?" Lukas said it loudly enough for the stall owner to hear his won voice intimidating and deep. The child's eyes filled with dread as they snapped his attention onto Lukas the child shaking lightly from the shock even still the hand the child gripped the broken glass vial didn't waver not even when the child tried to pull back his hand squirming captive. The stall owner, a white haired hybrid who seemed to be of amphibian decent. His skin had long dried up leaving him looking more like a husk than a man, stood to his feet. Lukas intervened before the man started to come closer, instead lifting the boy into the air to show the man the thief. "Here, I can take care of your little problem for you." With the free hand he had Lukas dug into his pocket fishing out a few silver pieces to toss at the man. Still the undeniable look of repulsion in the mans face was clear, he didn't care what happened to the child as long as his problem was solved. The few silvers the man picked up shyly was just a plus. With that Lukas was off, he had lowered the child just enough for the boys feet to skim the ground as he walked searching for the next ally way. Some where hidden to let the shadows consume the boy too. It was a few moments before Lukas accomplished just that and set off further down the street.
  3. @ticklefarte Thanks, I still need to get better, your writing was good as hell.
  4. Makes sense. Luke is gonna start actively carrying his sword, not just for when he thinks the venture is gonna be easy. A lesson learned, I'd love it he had that one.
  5. Hm, could spell sword work on magic constructs. Most likely not but that still seems like a good skill to have. Honestly even though Luke uses magic his abilities are more suited for anti-magic fighting so adding another to the kit wouldn't be bad.
  6. Looks like I've missed the conclusion as fine as it is lol. Sorry for being inactive, if misadventures could be shaped into classes thats what I've been up to all this time but thank god I am back and with slightly more free time since I no longer have classes that run until 3pm-2am and now have classes that range roughly from 3pm-11/12:00am
  7. About to turn mone into snow globe, hes gonna be chilling in a box lol. Since hes small and, threw my post ill elaborate, luke tried to force most of the mist to stay threw the winds what little he has left can certainly be used to make a small sized box around mone. Is that fine? Then he will use the sword he already has summoned and make is produce a similar explosion like earlier in post with a little more force behind it and that should be fine right?
  8. Wait like post it here? Sorry I think I miss understood, if there is anything you want me to change or correct let me know.
  9. Luke dashed seeming to gather more mist and speed moving away leaving Will with a slight nod. He was running a sort of V line from Will trying to get into one of Mone's blind spots, he knew it wouldn't be that easy, alternatively he wanted Mone to shoot his magic at him as eh felt he could handle it better then the others all he needed was to get close. He felt the storm before the first icy ball flew into his mist . The first small blue marble was swallowed whole by his mist in a hissing fit but more followed, the thicker ones only chipped by the mists attacks soon rained down. The few he couldn't catch in time to slice caught him all over his chest and legs, the assault was distracting enough even so Luke never faltered striving to get closer to the mage. Away from him he could hear the clunk of Wills cross bow and only seconds later the archer wielding two arrows drew on. More mist spilled out dueling as both a show of power and a distracting, Luke focused on Mone almost didn't notice another large attack being formed , the flames spewing out from Pierre which almost barely swept Will and melted the hail. Almost. Luke spun around his blue eyes mirroring the flames crowding into him narrowly whilst the mist rose to the flames hissing and fuming curling onto their own as Luke commanded them to him. Spiraling into a solid more form at Luke's call the mist compressed itself into a sheet, a shield like a roman would wield, against the flames funneling them around him. Float, deflect, protection I'll fucking hurt that damn wizard when we are done here. He thought in spite as the wave of flames passed, he wouldn't let the moment pass. Sword and shield in hand he pressed on directly for Mone closing the distance fast. He could tell there where two people near where me thought the wizard was, one of them surely had to be an ally and with the last he saw of Will it could most likely be him. The first thing he did was throw the shield in a spinning motion towards Mone, low as if to hit the mans hip but his true intentions were clear."Jump!" He yelled into the smoke only hoping Will would hear him. Ideally he wanted the shield to hit Mone and if the wizard doges hopefully Will could catch or use the shield as a platform for an ariel attack. Luke hopped for the correct results but he didnt know how Will would react. Secondly Luke slid as he got close to Mones position blade ready for a sweeping low attack. Third Luke prepared another spell.
  10. Hm, its a three on one so ill go with the safer option of using a spell charge to make a wall.
  11. Luke is a sort of anti magic magic user if that makes any sense lol. The mist around Luke, because of its hivemind like properties, it clashes with other magics and creates the smoke and energy discharge so if Luke senses the massive attack coming he can either emit more mist to try to counter it with one or more spell charges (though with the difference in levels he will still take damage)/ Alternatively he could just sense the mana being draw for the large attack and use a charge for a wall, he definitely can handle it though .
  12. Luke watched carefully, the blue mist rising to the occasion as he opened his arms letting the gold bags drop onto the floor. Well if I take them now it'll look like we robbed the poor man. "You're a child," Luke watched Will snap to his bow in a smooth motion and knew that just escaping was suddenly much harder. Almost as hard as the first suit of armor hit the ground. "MOVE!" He glared up at the wizard as Will commanded them to move, the mist at his feet moved in mass spiraling that rose below his waist. Even Pierre broke out of his silence while behind the armors Mone closed the stairwell leaving them in an even tighter spot. Suddenly he felt empowered, the mages boost running threw him though it was weakened slightly. Impossible to tell with quicker magics Luke's body held a sort of dampening effect with lingering magic. Still he pressed having almost all this charges back at four and one person to unleash them upon. "This is it!" Pierre called out reaching into his satchel and doing what Luke thought, some sort of ritual. Luke prepared himself along side them, the mist growing and washing the floor. We can still get out of this, its as simple as take out the golems and open a path. Luke reassured himself, he didn't want to fight but what little that had to be done he would defend and help. The mist continued to stretch out fast and as Luke reached out his left arm with his palm facing down the mist reached rising in a spiraling column wrapping around his hand in a blanket of galaxy and blue. Bringing his hand down diagonally shook off loose mist from a clear crystal like sword, it was tempered blue from the seemingly impossibly sharp tip down to its circle guard. Holding the slightly extended hilt Luke exhales watching the fight unfold eyeing as Mone shoots a skeleton like hand flying straight for Will. It only took one push to send Luke sailing towards Will just barely being able to slash the skeletal hand. As the two collided the sword fumed and smoked with a crackle of energy. That title is old but it still works uh? "The anti magic swordsman" Luke pivoted backward bringing his sword across horizontally sending a burst of mist flying towards Mone. The mist wouldn't do anything Luke probed for a response, If it was left Luke could use it for a spell and if countered Luke hoped it would open up an opportunity for the others. Regardless Lukes magic always responded viciously when out up against other mages letting him have a soft of advantage in blocking and attacking magic. "Will I got your cover. If we can get him away from where the entrance is I can try to blow it open and shield us from it we just need to get him to move."
  13. Luke is about to say bet to be honest.
  14. Okay I edited a bit, not to much, is that fine?
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