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  1. Let me take a gander at it, maybe light magic?
  2. Lukas returned rested as he snuck past the guards again wrapping himself in ancient magic and illusions. By this time the check point had thinned out considerably only having two people in line trying to enter the city, both of which seemed to have complications with the guards, they wouldn't be passing threw soon. Back to the necessary Lukas breezed down the hallway stopping near the pocket of shadows he'd sustained with a captured mysterious creature in it. Lukas found that it could lead him to a bigger portion of the drug dealing league within the city. If it was still awake. Lukas could feel the creature moving, struggling, against the shadows when they first claimed him and he continued to struggle for a half of an hour before he finally calmed down still searching for a way out but not as frantic and now hes completely still. Lukas toyed over the fact the creature could be trying to trick him but What good will that do? even if he thought he could catch me by surprise . Lukas looked at the shadow pocket, normally if anyone looked in the same place they would only see simple shade and unless they had an abnormally high mana sense or a really good intuition they couldn't sense these still pockets but Lukas could sense, feel, and see both on and threw each facet of his shadows so he glanced at the man for a moment silently watching the rise and fall of his chest. Subconsciously commanding the shadows Lukas started his way back down the path, hands in his pocket and shadows melted into his own.
  3. Luke continued on racing against the some how growing crowd of humanoid mush biting his ankles. All together the strain made the run even more hectic the stinging, burning rashes, and deep purple bruises gathering across his body. His shirt burned by acid and ripped to almost tattered while his pants thankfully were just scuffed heavily all of him was drenched . Luke himself wasn't better than his tattered equipment burning lungs and exhaustion plagued him making him look older than ever. Luke focused in the distance another wall, a small crowd of mushroom people blocked his path. He cursed silently bracing himself for the impact planning to burst threw them. Letting out a long breath Luke tried focusing himself trying to draw out the last wisps of latent energy from deep within him only to fail, not even a single fume of blue mist to meet his calling. He cursed again this time out loud as he closed the distance between the group in-front of him. "Fuck" The mushroom group he was closing in on suddenly turned around just as Luke jumped diving forward knocking them out of the way like stray pins as he sailed churning into a roll. He was almost certain that he would feel their stray hits as he hit the ground and streamed forward using the momentum to carry himself to his feet. "He's not one of them!" Luke paused slightly slowing down just enough not to crash into the familiar voice "Don't harm him!" Blue light glazed over their familiar faces, Will and the mysterious lady now joined by a mage in black robes. The same robes as the corpse? If they are standing there then... He took pause looking across them as the questions came rolling out of Will. "How are you alive?" Will stammered. "We saw you die..." Luke slumped against the pipe wall sliding down to lower himself on the ground, the exhaustion finally caught up. He looked up at Will and grinned slightly finding it mysteriously funny this wild situation they were in. "Good to see you too and honestly I feel like dead so I don't know either." Luke's gaze shifted to the woman, At least she got her sword back And then over to the man in robes. Luke looked back down the path at the bigger looming crowd of monsters blocking the path back in managing to pack themselves in. That's fine, who would want to go back in there? He didn't know how the circumstances had changed and he'd hate the news. Coughing violently for a few seconds Luke gathered himself, one good thing about them being back together and well him not dying is that they were back on track and hopefully they had gotten more clues about the ring while he was 'taking a nap'. "Any more clues about the ring?" Back to business.
  4. Rivers of nothingness yet everything that is or will be wanted for. These rivers are ever changing with tides that ripple from the lightest butterfly to the very stitching of reality itself. To whom it's rightful owner is, well he must be an illusive man for this river and all its mighty tides lays to rest within your deepest dreams. Luke's body lay motionless plastered against a jagged ceiling of rock and molded piping, gravity draping him down against a foaming white liquid that seeped from his skin determined to keep him stuck in its bubbles. His conciseness was a wash, aimless and deep, with slumber but ever so strangely the distance sound of what seemed to be a thousand footsteps struck Luke like lighting causing him to jolt awake a silent scream erupting from throat as he arched his back only to be stopped by the feeling the strength of the sticky foam that swallowed him from the waist down. Instinctively he fought trying to scramble out of the foam, dazed from his slumber, only to be viced closer to the hard ceiling beneath. Just as his confusion and heart rate reached a seemingly climax as the foam released him with a 'pop' sending him falling head first down. Luke waking moments truly began as he landed crashing into the ground on his back the impact seeming to knock mysterious water from his lungs as he began to cough uncontrollably. Trying to get back on his feet Luke attempted to sit up only to be met by an tight pain blooming from his abdomen and an intense wave migraine. Struggling to stand he instead rolled over propping himself on his knee taking jagged breaths as he coughed up cool water making his lungs raw-ish . Despite the circumstance he forced his eyes to drift across his surroundings as slowly his mind began to catch up with his body. The mission, the ooze, the lady and Will. He recapped the events in his head formulating a plan and a reasoning for why he was here separated from the others. Around him lay familiar pipe walling far in front of him and few yards behind him, it looked like he was on a pipe stretch that continued deeper into the labyrinth of piping. On the ground a small river ran down the pipping drenching Luke in more water.The only thing being out of place where massive soft mattes of what looked to be some sort of dust or soft fungi that clung to the walls which themselves seemed to be more rusted than the walls they'd past earlier. It's probably caused by more water flow here.... maybe I was carried by the water? Luke attempted to get to his feet, this time slowly lifting himself off of his knee. Nausea toiled in his stomach as he finally stood, looking up into the face of a oddly shaped creature about the size of a adult human. With no chance to doge Luke was struck hard in the face throwing him wildly off of balance and what was one set of fist turned into to two threw the gaps Luke could only count more of them as he was beaten. He needed to get out of there and even though his legs felt weak and his body more exhausted than he'd ever been, he pushed outward the monsters surprisingly easy to move from his path and without waiting for their next move Luke ran aimlessly away.
  5. The second option seems nice and fair enough. Thanks! Also, can Luke attempt to eat some of the mushrooms flesh?
  6. God I've managed to get even more rusted. Would it be viable to say that Luke has to find another path because of the water ?
  7. Has any days passed? I know its a silly question but it seems like it has only been a few hours in character time so want me to go off of that assumption or let Luke rest a bit?
  8. Thanks, oh just so I don't mess anything up, what's the post order?
  9. Well, it's nice to finally be able to say I'm back my friends! Though for the moment I'm stuck replying on my phone. I'll read all of what you've all posted, I'm sure it's going to be very entertaining and if I could, might I join again?
  10. Hey guys! I got a day off, well more like a few hours and I'm sorry fro leaving the last placement as a kinda loose end! I liked how supernatural made it out to be ! So I have about six weeks left and I wanted to let you guys know that every chance I'll have I'll be reading along! Stay good and make a lot for me to come back to read.
  11. @Die Shize Since Luke has been using the woman's sword and also drawng in mana and enchanting it with his abilities, when your character gets it back there is an enchantment on it! You can choose It would be either one or a mixture of acid creation, greater durability or sharpness, or (I don't know if she's a magic user but) a small pile of mana And as long as it's okay with @supernal empliment it. The potion that got all over Luke I choose it to be a modified teleportation potion so he could get back but yall would still have the stone as an option! I absolutely loved this thread and maybe I'll get back before it over but regardless I will definitely read it when I get back, the military is a tire, thank you all and stya safe my friends!
  12. Ah, I wish I would have thought of that before my post! Actually I will change that!
  13. Luke rushed, a few feet in front of him lay a clear bottle with a swirl of cloudy liquid in it. The strange potion had alluring affects thay neither of them had thought of testing but in that moment all Luke could think was Fuck the liquid. Although the exhaust sept deep with in his marrow, his will was restored after a small break allowing him to push himself along like a toy car running on fums. None the less he reached the bottle in second, its coating from their adventures ranging from a patch of mold to the creatures very slime created almost thick viscous layer around it. Luke swollowed and in a true sense, took one for the team as he brought the bottle up to his mouth tilting it sideways he pried the cork from its rim with no ease, fighting against it in a vicious pull his struggle only able to happen as the creatures hostility was drawn to the strange woman. He could hear her shouts and grunts clearly with the sound of Wills arrows flying threw the air. With a small pop the cork gave way, the motion spilling the strange brew all over Luke and in splotches across the natural stone floor. Luke grimaced as he tilted the bottle over to let the liquid pour out splashing it almost along everything in its small vicinity. Luke turned his head to spit the cork giving the bottle a small shake as the liquid hauled to a small drip. The bottle in hand Luke rushed over to the acid pool, gazing over his shoulder at the two others fighting off the monster. For a brief second Will and him made eye contact. Even with their novice, or we'll Luke's novice, in working together they seemed to translate thoughts threw that second and the next Will was fleeing the cave with the scarlet stone Luke had tossed him and the woman with a slightly rusted sword and Luke was bent over at the pond finishing filling the bottle with the acid. Though he was alone his efforts were not as he turned to the creature its limbs more than halfed and its nodes low in numbers. He breathed, letting the mana flow and reproduce as if his body was just catalyst for great power, wisps of deep blue mist quickly spread through the room. Luke took few steps forward, closer to the monster his eyes locked on the shapeless body of his foe. In his right had held a freely rotating spark of mist, his left a bottle shaking and brimming with acidic water. Raising his left hand Luke reared back then jutted forward letting the bottle fly from his hand soaring over the creature and smashing in to the ceiling. With in his right the energy burst to life in a hive like stide swarming the creature. Multiply, rise, spread, and finally flood. The blue sheets of mist spuratically changed into a mirrored solution of acidic water caughing the rain of glass and acid down onto the creature to turn into a shifting vortex. The creature it's self seeming to let out an guttural but submerged howl unlike any animal that roamed the land, it's cry bouncing threw the pipes its body contorted in painfully new shapes and sizes as it folded into its self. Luke watched as the creature was swollowed whole. Even more suddenly he felt light almost lethargic which changed with a sudden spike of nausea which treated to make his insides flow from his throat. He dissapered from the tunnels and reappeared in a familiar marble dome... The rest of the acid poured into the other pools mostly being neutralized the first pool was completely halfed and the very last pool seemed to not be affected at all as if it's material compound was much stronger than the acid, not a single thing being left being of the creature or Luke.
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