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  1. @Die Shize Since Luke has been using the woman's sword and also drawng in mana and enchanting it with his abilities, when your character gets it back there is an enchantment on it! You can choose It would be either one or a mixture of acid creation, greater durability or sharpness, or (I don't know if she's a magic user but) a small pile of mana And as long as it's okay with @supernal empliment it. The potion that got all over Luke I choose it to be a modified teleportation potion so he could get back but yall would still have the stone as an option! I absolutely loved this thread and maybe I'll get back before it over but regardless I will definitely read it when I get back, the military is a tire, thank you all and stya safe my friends!
  2. Ah, I wish I would have thought of that before my post! Actually I will change that!
  3. Luke rushed, a few feet in front of him lay a clear bottle with a swirl of cloudy liquid in it. The strange potion had alluring affects thay neither of them had thought of testing but in that moment all Luke could think was Fuck the liquid. Although the exhaust sept deep with in his marrow, his will was restored after a small break allowing him to push himself along like a toy car running on fums. None the less he reached the bottle in second, its coating from their adventures ranging from a patch of mold to the creatures very slime created almost thick viscous layer around it. Luke swollowed and in a true sense, took one for the team as he brought the bottle up to his mouth tilting it sideways he pried the cork from its rim with no ease, fighting against it in a vicious pull his struggle only able to happen as the creatures hostility was drawn to the strange woman. He could hear her shouts and grunts clearly with the sound of Wills arrows flying threw the air. With a small pop the cork gave way, the motion spilling the strange brew all over Luke and in splotches across the natural stone floor. Luke grimaced as he tilted the bottle over to let the liquid pour out splashing it almost along everything in its small vicinity. Luke turned his head to spit the cork giving the bottle a small shake as the liquid hauled to a small drip. The bottle in hand Luke rushed over to the acid pool, gazing over his shoulder at the two others fighting off the monster. For a brief second Will and him made eye contact. Even with their novice, or we'll Luke's novice, in working together they seemed to translate thoughts threw that second and the next Will was fleeing the cave with the scarlet stone Luke had tossed him and the woman with a slightly rusted sword and Luke was bent over at the pond finishing filling the bottle with the acid. Though he was alone his efforts were not as he turned to the creature its limbs more than halfed and its nodes low in numbers. He breathed, letting the mana flow and reproduce as if his body was just catalyst for great power, wisps of deep blue mist quickly spread through the room. Luke took few steps forward, closer to the monster his eyes locked on the shapeless body of his foe. In his right had held a freely rotating spark of mist, his left a bottle shaking and brimming with acidic water. Raising his left hand Luke reared back then jutted forward letting the bottle fly from his hand soaring over the creature and smashing in to the ceiling. With in his right the energy burst to life in a hive like stide swarming the creature. Multiply, rise, spread, and finally flood. The blue sheets of mist spuratically changed into a mirrored solution of acidic water caughing the rain of glass and acid down onto the creature to turn into a shifting vortex. The creature it's self seeming to let out an guttural but submerged howl unlike any animal that roamed the land, it's cry bouncing threw the pipes its body contorted in painfully new shapes and sizes as it folded into its self. Luke watched as the creature was swollowed whole. Even more suddenly he felt light almost lethargic which changed with a sudden spike of nausea which treated to make his insides flow from his throat. He dissapered from the tunnels and reappeared in a familiar marble dome... The rest of the acid poured into the other pools mostly being neutralized the first pool was completely halfed and the very last pool seemed to not be affected at all as if it's material compound was much stronger than the acid, not a single thing being left being of the creature or Luke.
  4. I was gonna have Luke thrown or something and have the stone go off and send him back but I can choose a different way! Or maybe some of its shards will have the same effect?
  5. With the death of the monster they could freely discover the healing properties of the last pool and will and Luke have been in the pipes for quite some time now so I figure having that even if it's just for will would be nice, I can type a post that will hopefully help accomplish this but after I can't reply it will be up to Will and the lady.
  6. Hey guys important question, how's the possibility if us getting threw another round by Monday night? Basically 24 hours
  7. Yeah, the true hardest part of the quest.
  8. Luke stared down into the water, it's surface reflecting his blue eyes back at him as if it was waiting, inches apart for him, for their collision. The noise of silence behind him alerted him to the failure of the explosive arrow. His thoughts slowed as his body reflexively tensed as the cold waters grip took him, the waters surface slamming against his shoulder as cold waves assaulted him to swallow him whole. In the in the midst of shock Luke hand let go of the hilt of the sword he had stolen earlier sending it flying off elsewhere into the water. As he sank Luke concentrated on his body mass imagining himself light on the waters surface, an old swimming trick. Surely enough in the passing seconds he began to rise. Slowly turning his body as he met the surface laying on his back Luke took geedy hastened breath filling his lungs with what felt like life itself. A part of him wanted to stay on the waters surface gasping in air but deeper within himself he knew he had to help fight off the ooze. But what could he do with limited ability use? His mind toyed over the possibilities, he had a sword, one he had 'carefully borrowed' from a strange woman that appeared in the pipes. He still couldn't pin point her reasoning for being there and even more so leaving Will with a stranger and a monster could be more dangerous and losing the only ally he had down here wasn't only a worse case scenario but even worse it would impact his grade. Luke calmed his breathing slowly as he began to move, fist on his list was to find the sword and the other was to brainstorm and met back up with Will. If only they had a powerful gas or elixtor. The thought caused Luke to wonder about the elixtor Will had acquired earlier. Could it be anything useful? Luke stirred, slowly getting to his feet as he allowed his lower half to sink. Maybe if they had something to drown the ooze out... maybe acid? The thought made Luke mentally double take, maybe acid! But how would they get it to the ooze? Pushing it into the acid pool would be reckless if they could get some of the acid over to the ooze.... the bottle! If he could get the bottle and use it to throw acid into the slime it could weaken it from the inside out. If they could activate the arrow to then both of the effect could be damn near killing right? Luke's feet set on the ponds bottom as his waist down sat in the water, he started to look for the sword only to find it a few feet away from him. If he angled himself correctly and threw the sword if it could strike the arrow... But could he do it? He'd have to. Luke pushed threw the water as his body fought against him. Even though his movements was slow and the water was cooling each of his movemtns spiked pain deep within his bones. Still he ventured on, leaning down and taking the swords hilt as he waded to the edge of the pond. Climbing out he could see Will and the woman fending off the ooze as it rose. Maybe she wasn't all too bad Luke thought to himself stepping on to the now familiar rock like floor. He'd remembered Will dropping the potion eariler just by the oozes pool. Luke starts off for the fist piece, trying to set a plan in motion.
  9. No its completely fine, no rush to finish it but this is mostly on my side. If the thread happens by what evers grace to be still going after the two months is up then I would join back in! But if not Im sure we call can met u again in another quest for the professor.
  10. That's good and amazingly convenient, nice. Imma bout to finish up my post! Oh guys I've forgotten to mention that I will have to be unavailable after the 12th of November for about two months sadly.
  11. Luke will be recovering this turn and since at the end of my last turn h was already into the water pool he didn't see the oozes reaction to the acid but I can make something happen because unless hes gonna take a dip in the healing pool, which is very unlikely, hes at the limit for his magic use and hell have to find other means of dealing damage to the creature. Having the sword and the location of the nodes are good bits of information to have but thinking of doing more damage to the creature I'm thinking more along the lines of emptying the potion bottle (if its still intact) and using it as a throwing weapon either by trying to shatter it when thrown into the ooze or just simply leave the top off and have it do damage over time to the creature. Either way Luke will be either prepping or out of it for this turn . @ticklefarte you've probably already said but is the arrow an impact explosion or a chemical explosion ?
  12. Yeah, I tried to edit it to where you guys either wouldn't have to edit or just edit a word or two!
  13. Okay in stead of the core I replaced it with a small Custer of three of the nerves with the others spread out. I was thinking it have multiple nerves together to help shoot up at Luke in the air. Is that okay? Regardless Luke used his powers to highlight the rest of the nodes and will most likely be not too ready to fight next turn.
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