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  1. Okay I'll make the according changes. Since they can pass threw the mirror Luke can use his last spell to put a barrier in front of the mirror so that they wont have enough room to actually get threw right?
  2. In the post I assumed that the mushroom men closet to the king would only react to touch if the king himself was taken out of commission with the dart and couldn't react in mass so tell me if I'm wrong on that one, Luke can use his last charge to block off the mirror just in case the mushrooms can come threw too or he can help Will @ticklefarte to remove himself from the crowd.
  3. Sorry about that, classes have been killer and there is a one failure is too many policy for a text we take every ten or so days. Been giving me hell.
  4. Luke shifted his stance slightly, eyes focused on Will. "No," he hissed, shaking his head. "That's reckless. Why are you so willing to fight?" Luke hissed his response believing it was the easier way to handle the situation even if subconsciously he knew Will was right . "Here's a plan. I'm going to round the crowd to the other side. I have no intention of getting close to these things, but I do intend to shoot them. These things seem the type to go for the bait." He looked to Pierre. "Whatever magic you have to stun or distract, use it as needed. If you need to go further, go ahead, but please be mindful. I know you have no reason to listen to me, so I'm asking you to have faith. Both of you. Bloodshed would end terribly for us." Luke agreed to Will's tactics, utilizing all of their skills would be more proficient. Luke thoughts stirred as the glowing weapon he held suddenly disputed with a soft pop-ing noise. I'll save the charge for a back up plan, running myself dry again after just getting back into this, I couldn't imagine. Luke tuned himself back in to Will's voice as he'd missed the most part of what he said only refocusing around half way in. "Luke, Pierre," he whispered, "I have a tranq bolt. It's packed with enough sedative to knock down a horse. Is there any magic that can give us a temporary advantage? Even a split second could get us that ring and out of here." Taking the bolt carefully Luke looked over at the older mage knowing that a true mages abilities lie in their refined magic. Luke had none of that, he welded swords and preferred armor over draping robes even his magic revolved around weaponry and shields. His body was stronger and more fit dancing and dodging, Pierre's spells held more value that his own. Luckily he could use his half assed magic and move. Blue mist slowly started to gather around Luke naturally, its glow bringing back the growing dim light rising from his feet. "I agree with Will. I don't mind a fight but there's only three of us, and I'm not exactly packed to the eyes with weapons. We're in their territory, and there's Gaia knows what out and about besides these guys to deal with. We have the element of surprise, let's use it." Will laid out his plan. Pierre, nodding along with every step of it, concluded his input with: "I want to save my best stuff for Mone anyway. I'll tell you right now if we make it back up there and we need to square away with him . . . for all of his shitty chest-puffing, the guy is no joke when it comes to fucking around with magic. Keep that in mind." The wizard spoke up bringing a second vote against Luke's initial thought bringing feeling of immaturity to him. " I under stand, I might have been thinking with too much haste. So once the flare flies hell will break loose, so will the crowd." He repeated half haphazardly showing he was some what fully engrossed into the conversation. Giving a small nod Luke turned back towards the looming crowd watching as the flare turned the still mass into a flaring storm. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Luke ran against the water slipping or trying his best to move threw the tides of mushroom humanoids as they passed him jaggedly some clipping him and lashing out in their wake. He ate the strikes and followed Pierre closely, the mage already being wrapped in spells and chants reminding Luke of the spell caster he couldn't see himself ever becoming. His eyes schematically tracing every gesture, his ears every chant, that came fourth from the elder mage. Blue mist rising, climbing into the air as Luke commanded placing properties on the aimless mist as fast as he could make them out from Pierre's incantation, an imperfect printing as the spell itself rounded Luke clinging to his lowered right hand only to be released in a slow pulse coaxing himself in a more translucent than transparent cloak of copied magic. Holding the dart Will had given him in his left hand he took it with his left and headed for the King. Making a direct path for the ring crowned fungus he kept his head down as to some how attempt to not further alert the creature at his swift pace. Quickly coming up to the remainder of the assumed guards. They had formed an even closer net protecting their king and Luke cursed himself for not bringing a more suitable weapon this whole venture. Gaining on them Luke could see that the net, how ever close, wasn't perfect and that was all he needed. He eyes a gap a few feet wide in-between the guards, a gap produced by the ill formed net near the feet of them. He dived smoothing out into a roll as he hit the ground squeezing himself threw, the small group had only one spring into action as Luke jumped up from the kings right implanting the dart deep into its chest with his left hand with his right hand already in the cuffs of the ring turned crown and it was the one he'd touched bringing about vengeance with a quick jab to Luke's side as the king shook jaggedly before falling still. Gritting his teeth Luke silently ate the hit, he could already feel the bruising as he had so many times in these accursed pipes holding up the creature. Letting go of the tranq Luke left it embedded bringing his hand up onto the creatures shoulder to hold it still as he freed the ring from its head which was no easy feat as the ring itself was bound slightly by clumps of fungus as if the creature tried melding with it. Once freed Luke used the ring as a blunt weapon, swinging it in a half moon arc against the mushroom people closest to him opening up a path for himself which he gladly took picking up speed re-dodging threw the crowd he voiced loudly "THE MIRROR" Luke totted the ring taking it in both of his hands as he again stung as he closeted around the crowd that Will had herded managing to knock a few of them off of their feet. Hoping that would give Will a little more room to work with he looked back at Pierre trying to catch the mages eye and with that he ran towards the mirror.
  5. Sorry, i was referring to the amount of spells he can cast. Since he has the sword out but hasn't use it hes gonna dismiss it so he can cast another spell if needed
  6. Luke will go for the king, since he still has a charge left hell probably disperse the sword to make two and cast it to make one then use the last one for back up.
  7. Sorry for not being more active on the ooc, Ill try to change that. Luke can copy spells kinda but he needs some one to either showcase or cast the magic so if Pierre cast the sight just as a show case for luke will be able to copy it , though it wont be as good as Pierre's, while Pierre can actually cast sound
  8. I edited the post a bit and that's a great idea. @ticklefarte Luke put up two suggestions but both of them have a wide variation of bad things that could come from them, how do ya think we should handle this?
  9. Yes, sorry I meant the ring and ah, damn I rolled a perfect d10 lol. Well, if that even the correct roll. I was just gonna use the explosion to throw it our general direction but I can find something else .
  10. Hm, if I wanted to do something daring like throw one of the magic swords and use explosion to propel the key to them, could I if I roll?
  11. Yeah, I was waiting to get a response from ya and then I was gonna edit in a sentence but hes just trying to find the "threshold within which they attack" once he does he will back off and then next post he'll attack and try to get the ring over the threshold.
  12. "Luke, it's time to wake up," Will called. "Pierre, are you ready?" The power nap felt like seconds leaving Luke to wake up groggy, slightly tired as he opened his eyes and just like that they were on the move again. Luke stood stretching slowly, a yawn creaking from him. Though it was a small rest some of the bruises and small cuts had already been healed being a good sign his powers where somewhat functioning again. He might have gained one or two small charges. All and all he couldn't complain as he turned and watches as Will and the wizard Pierre prepare to continue their adventure. By the looks of it Luke assumed that had already found a way threw the magic mirror and followed behind them closely. They gathered around the mirror, impatience and a moment of pause stilled their resolves as he watched Will step into and subsiquently threw the mirror his crossbow pulled in steady aim. Luke monitored their surroundings as he gestured for Pierre to continue before him. Luke stood alone and considered deeply about letting his abilities leech the mana from all the moss just the little he could. He shook his head to himself, using that side of his abilities made him feel just as morally wrong as willingly coming to this place. Stepping through the mirror Luke was just in time to see the older mage flash burn the flesh off a snake like creature before telling himself to calm down, was this man fully sane down here in these tunnels for that long? The thought crossed Luke's mind as he caught up to the two others. The man proved himself useful time and time again as he used the snakes bones to form a makeshift ladder to which even more to Luke's surprise , led them right to the ring and a lot of mushroom people. "The ring is magic right? So it should be fine with a bit of heat? If that's the case then I think we should find the invisible line they seem to not be able to cross in this room, I can produce and explosion to bring the ring out way and after I can seal this place off with my barrier magic. We just have to be prepared for it if it runs smoothly." Luke steps closer to the lingering crowd blue wisps of deep blue mist growing and raging around him slowly. Holding his left hand out the mist swarms in rotating cones as he continues to gaze into the crowd. "But nothing ever does so lets be prepared." Luke pauses taking a few more breaths as the mist storm solidifies into a long sword, its details blanked out in its cycle. "I'll try to test their range, seeing as they haven't attacked us yet we must be fine." Luke carefully places one foot in front of the other, his eyes watches the mushrooms for any slight movement. He keeps a steady but slow rhythmic step as he gains on the closet mushroom to them. Luke pauses cautiously hesitant to move past it. I feel like I've had a thousand bruises down here, whats one or two more? Reassuring himself Luke takes a simple brave step to the side of the mushroom creature and another as he slips into the crowd. He looks back at Will, a glare of action and a small nod hoping it shared the intention of readiness. He moves swiftly to the king the crowd growing more dense with each step which forces him to stop a few years away from the crowned ring mushroom. Luke gathers his options storming blue sword pulsating . It seemed to extend and retract as Luke turned back the way he came and left the crowd. As he makes is way back to Will and Pierre he starts to speak loudly enough for them to hear. "They don't seem to be reactive, we could take them out slowly ore we could go straight for em and deal with the wave." He stated the two options that surfaced in his mind. "But, does anyone else have any ideas?"
  13. Can the mushrooms aggro range be tested ? Or can Luke just test it and see? No mass aggro ?
  14. Luke grunted quietly as he leaned more against the tunnels piping elevation some of his abdominal injuries and though his move was subtle he almost lost count of all the bare skin and cuts hissing with pain. Resting his head back against the wall he closed his eyes taking a few deep breaths as if they would ease him and he began to think. He thought about a lot of things that had plagued him, the pipes, What is this place? -A simple pipe that houses magicians projects and biological anomalies most likely caused by magic- Will and the shady wizard, Who are they? - Men who share the same situation as me. Misfortune.- The mission, Will they be able to complete it? With himself in such a horrid position and his possible teammates exhaustion? -Of course, there isn't anything to it but so- His questions and doubts fiercely fought back by his rational thoughts as he rested which allowed him to throw away, at least some, of the unease that he hid so well. After his thoughts slowed he began to simply listen to his surroundings. Firstly he noticed the sound of the wizards voice, he and Will were having a conversation of which Luke had missed the beginning of, "Has a magic mirror, and that it blocks the way. That only 'one without a reflection can pass through'. "I think that may be it there." Lazily opening one eye Luke peered over, he could hear Will go further down the tunnel towards what looked like something that was gleaming dimly in the dark. A mirror? How did I miss that?... Well I was being chased... Luke watched Will say something he was to tired to hear and attempted to break the mirror. It came as no shock when the mirror splintered the pick and the man recoiled. Annoyance filling his voice Will turned back to them and announced "That'd didn't work." Luke almost let out a sarcastic breath, didn't he know to inspect items first? what if it was a trap to only let the mushroom people past? "No reflections, " ..." Luke," he called, "Pierre. Let's start scraping this stuff off the pipe walls. Without light in this space the mirror won't see a reflection. That should let us through." He got to work with the remnant of his toothpick. "If you guys have any magic feel free to use it, yeah? This'll take a while, otherwise." Luke looks over at Will his mind already settled on a few answers but his body wanting rest. "I have a few ideas with the first one being go and get some of the mushroom flesh and see what type of effect it has on the mirror. Like put it threw the mirror or try to coat something, like an arrow, in the flesh and see if it goes threw. The second one is that I can figure out of its a magic item or not and we can use magic, most likely light magic, to manipulate the light waves causing the reflection to appear and see what effect it has on the mirror. Third we can continue to smash at it and see what happens. But besides the first one, I can't help any." He let his arms drape to his side, he nods slightly to his own inability to help in the moment. "Because I need some rest." In that one moment a faint memory bubbles to the surface of his mind, not his memory but a forever familiar one of a long gone mage who had taught him briefly when he himself was still unsure of his magic ability. "How about some r&r?"
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