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  1. He woke up with distorted gaze eyed towards the ceiling, the low budget wooden ceilings of the inn shifted violently enough to educe nauseating in all but most fucked up moods he'd woke in. Fortunately for Lukas he was sober fully as he had tasks today that he needed to be right minded for.. or he just didn't have the funds to get wasted in the local inn before coming to bed last night either way he woke up rested and in a half decent mood to rise from bed at his first wake. Sleeping close to the edge of the bed Lukas nudged himself out the the bed and stood there for a moment before turning his head to the left, leaning it back slightly and stretching it to the right. With a yawn he was walking towards the shower and five minutes later he emerged from the steam filled room a none brand black tee shirt on and some equally nameless blue jeans on. He didn't want to stand out and they where more so comfortable than most of the attire he regularly wore..... or lack of. Walking out of the room and into the hallway he continued into the main part of the inn and out the door into the warmish day. As the light hit his face he winched a little winning slightly as he walked into the city streets.....
  2. She listened to him, patently finishing off the last of the cake and sipping away the rest of the bottle and the contents of the tea cup. He'd made some good points, this world was always changing and revolving about the states and territories and foolish rulers and monarchs as all things where susceptible to change, even herself. She would be lying to herself if she though she had clean hands in the affair of countries and various territories, being a high class national grand wizard did pull her into things and allowed her to slip into things in an equally similar slide of ease. She'd been away for so long she wasn't even aware of a new territory arising or that would have been her first place to look and she would have been here to begin with. The conversation with the man yielded high results of information that she didn't mean to acquire in that instant. For that, she was grateful and held the random man in lightly higher regards thus the conversation went from a lightly pushed one to that of a slowly comforting one. She leaned back in her chair a bit, the fluff of her clothes folding back on her slightly and her hair resting against the back of the chair. "My tasks are many too, its... if nothing else its busy work" She smiled softly her rose slips meeting in a curl, "I might head there after my trip back, I have a task at hand for the next few days." . "Ah so your not down here for any purpose? That's a shame, hell keep me occupied from too much and Ill grand you lord ship" She snickered before answering his next question. "If I may ask, from where did you travel?" . She shuffled a bit in her chair, sitting back up. She'd not answer normally but though of it more of a trade of interest. "I came from the same place I'd gotten the material for my robes, the mountain peaks Alterion, Renovatio. I was on some mild business." She had been there, adding relics to her collection and had to stop to come down here before she could retrieve it, sad but necessary. "I'll be traveling to back to Alterion for personal reasons after this. You?"
  3. His surprise came with no shock as she'd sipped away the last of the cup and began to refill it with more liquor than tea. She was short on the details herself and with so little to work on and so much to do she couldn't tell where the scraps of this would be investigation started and or stopped. She'd most likely have to return to her work before any leads.. this fact saddened her. Setting the cup down she instead picked up her fork and sliced a corner off of the sponge before sliding the piece in her mouth. "From what I've heard. So for now I can only assume shes passed and that its a foul play as there isnt any direct conflict at the estate im aware or unaware of" She said slowly.
  4. She finished filling the cup till its golden rem, setting the now open bottle to on the counter top of the bar the smell alone making her simmer and calm. She took a long sip, bringing the edge of the glass to her soft pinkish lips softly downing half the cup. The stink of the liquor against her tongue reminded her of royalty. Needed but hurtful. She listened to the man carefully "I guess local is wherever I am at the moment." He sounded as if hed never thought of local the way she did. Plebeians never held the same thought so she held no displeasure at it. She soon started to relax a bit more, comforting her self in the chatter while she drank. The tea mixed rather nicely with the liquor. His next question though... it brought unease back, creeping in the void of her mind. She'd straightened her posture just slightly. Calling her important work to a hult to come see the well beings about the queen only to be greeted by questions and conspiracies and more questions about the death of her beloved friend. One of the only natural born humans who she could bring herself to an absolute rest before, true she had always acted royally on par or even better then the monarchs of this realm but she didn't always hold a tittle as suck. The queen had granted it to her as a promise, one that goes unbroken, even in death. The results of her stay yielded a need for answers, clues, and whereabouts of people she didn't know she needed to find just yet. If she couldn't in the next few days or so then she would have to return to her work, drowning herself yet again in idle and urgent matter the like. She finally responded. "I've come to see the passing the queen as in her funeral, it was early yesterday morning. Besides the such, nothing more. Just a .. lay away ... a vacation for work." She brought her eyes to his as she spoke, the eyes that reflected even the biggest forests
  5. She sat and awaited her order, hunger begged at her stomach in a slow lowly growl though the items she'd ordered weren't to quell the feeling but to provide her body with the sugars and burnable essence it needed to function. The last few months had been hectic on her body the fighting, roaming threw woodland, exploration that was always harder than it seemed but she was not stranger to it at all, this life style was her home on so par. It was a lot of what she knew it was more surprising her body had not gotten use to it already and though the calm of the inn slowly mixing with the idle-ness of the wait helped her slip into her memories, deep into thought about everything she had known and questioned in the near past. The queen, her ranking in nobility, her abilities, the drought brought aqun her body by the same positions and powers she had once relished in but how long ago was that? Three hundred years ago? Four? Trapped in memories she couldn't access anymore. She was so drawn into thought she barely noticed when the cake arrived, much less the tea and bottle to accompany it, only noticing when the male that had taken seat next to her had asked her of her royalty. Sparking her conciseness back to the surface of her thoughts his voice caused her to quirk up sharply murmuring a low "Uh? Oh uh" as she lifted her right hand to her face, brushing the few silk strands of hazel hair that had fallen into place over her right eye and pushing them back behind her earlobe. Acknowledging the man further she glazed over him with her eyes, he was a traveler, the most telling fact was the smell of oxen and travel on his skin. His question would have gone unanswered normally but with him catching her off guard she decided she'd humor his conversation. Taking up her tea cup and the bottle of whiskey she carefully maneuvered her thumb to the cap of the bottle pushing her thumb against it strongly she forced a small turning motion against the cap causing cap to flawlessly seem to unscrew its self and bounce off lightly landing near the man arm. A trick she had learned from some drunken royals suddenly had come in very handy as she crossed her legs and began to pour the bronze liquor into the tea cup. The two bronze liquids mixing together and fusing in the cup. She did so slowly as she engaged in conversation with the man. "I am an official, a royal advisory but just one passing threw, nothing local. But I'm guessing your local is far in range, traveler." The suit she wore constructed out of mana threads, arctic Qui fur and other mystical animal threading. Having been a traveler the man would possibly pick up on the engravings of the greek huntress god blood that laid in mirrored themselves on the sides of her suit.
  6. hm... How seriously do you want to be taken? Do you want to rule over mortals ? Do you believe in your own esse? Hm... I have a particular person that interactions with this group would be ... various types of ideal.
  7. The bartender stood, just for a second looking at the dressed girl who'd just come into the inn from the now pouring rain completely dry. Though if she worried to extensively about all the weird things that walked in and out of the doors she'd be in an endless and vile circle of confusion so she let the thought go focusing more on her request 'The usual' as if she knew what that was. The woman didn't look like a regular, maybe a shape-shifter or a doll perhaps. Again a lot of strange happenings where the foundation of this inn so she did the only normal thing she could. Ask. Like a normal person. " And that would be?" She asked the woman almost instantly noticing the strange look of hurt on the woman's face. Her eyes with mixtures of shades of green and slits of brown mirrored the most beautiful forests seemed to well slightly at their edges which was inherently unfair as she'd no idea who this woman was. Her annoyance grew slightly and diminished just as so as she spoke again. "That's hardly fair, come and just tell me what you want okay?" The strange woman looked up at her, lifting her sleeve to her face and carefully wiping her eyes before giving a small nod. "Red velvet cake and tea with no sugar and a splash whisky" The woman spoke as if she intended to do so shyly as she watched the bartender turn and dissaper into a door the counter. Taking the time the woman looked to her right and grazed the inn.
  8. I mean I just came back for a years take off. My lit is rusty but if youll have me
  9. Tiny droplets fell freely down from thick grey clouds that showered the Wilds of Terrenus giving life to the other wise grey cascaded hour. Wild life teemed, wolfs seeking shelter, the ever so rare nature elemental clung to trees as even they didn't bask in the rain. Amphibious life sprouted from their ponds on side of the children of bugs, local seek-ed their cabin shelters warry, all was quite, drowned by the hum of droplets, Sept' the few that held inside the inn near the Keep. Even from the outskirts some told you could always here the chime of pints and the lively batter of customers, all seemed to be drawn to their velvety chairs and burly tables as so many unique scared faces, on going stories, and cherished lives fleeted there. Maybe it was magic, maybe it was fate that even seemed to draw old faces back.... back to memories, back to situations, back to the inn. Yards away from the inn the drenched vegetation seemed to part to allow a small figure to pass between them. The figure in question being a small woman in a elegant but soft type of what seemed to be a uniform. It looked as it could have been royalty or military. Stunning but comfortable to the eyes. The woman seemed to make a v-line straight for the inn as it was now obvious its where she decided to go. She stepped onto the paved road and followed swiftly but ever so casually to the inns door way, pushing it open with ease as warm light, the sound of catter and the smell of ale hit her simultaneously the woman relaxed her unknowingly tense shoulders. Golden inscriptions glittered against the light as she took few calming step in directly towards the bar. She wore no hood, cloud like curls of hazelnut hair fell down to her waist bouncing as she walked. Her actions smooth, her clothes none-fazed as if the air had no resistance on it. Taking a seat at the bar she smiled almost perfect teeth, too many fights leaving one or two chipped, she spoke as if shed lived there and with all her warmth she spoke "I'd like the usual please"
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