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  2. Hm, so I roll a hundred faced die? Can I roll a d20 5 times? If so then 3+8+7+9+4 to get a 31. Hopefully that is a good roll?
  3. Hey I have a small collection of dice and I know this seems amateur but which one do I roll again?
  4. oh my god, what have you all been up too in my absence? Though I should be more involved with checking this thread. Sorry for the out of order post too! Though should I do a roll too?
  5. Luke noticed the spikes of alertness in Wills eyes, the jolt of fear threw his body and the rest leave from his posture as he raised his weapon towards him. Luke himself perched on the ledge steadied from afar as he prepared himself to jump paused at the change. This hauled him, the seconds' wait turning into a vital move as the pond itself shuttered to life. Thick jell like arms sprouted from the surface of the presumed gelatinous water moving towards him. They were fast giving Luke a seconds margin of error in his quick evaluation of the situation. Coming directly for me two yards. If I wait until it's closer I can have it hit the platforms edge that I'm standing on. The jelly like bodies mean that pricing weapons like Wills cross bow won't be enough however... He's going a fine job drawing the aggro. It's too fast for me to be able to make anything, I need an opening! The ooze's limbs sped closer to where Luke was standing. Hold . Luke willed himself whilst changing his stance, his legs prime as he further steadied himself. After the creature was mere feet away from him he... The the release snap of Wills crossbow was a god send causing one of the limbs to return beneath its surface and the other suddenly turned around to meet the threat almost instantly traversing to Wills side. "Get out of there!" Will shouted as he stepped back yet again. "If we can go further down the storm water will deal with this thing for us. We just need time. " Luke couldn't agree more offering a agreeing nod before taking the oprotunity window Will had opened up. Bracing once again and jumping across the pond landing solidly as he looked up at his partner. The ooze has beat him there using its acid jelly arm to widely sweep the edge with a massive range far extending the pool. Luke started to sprint and in a burst of agility jumped over the big tentacle. Upon langing he kept his fast pace shooting a glance over to Will. "You're right! Let's go let's go" The panic and adrenaline flowing threw his body fueling him as he continued dashing towards the cave like rooms exit. Glancing back to the pond Luke watched more and more limbs erupted from the surface of the pond. Even if they stayed to fight he was unsure if they could have beaten it anyway. It was too fast and Luke couldn't conjur anything wiythout time or mana. He set his eyes forward only turning his gaze to Will for a second as he shot into the pipes.
  6. Actually scratch that, @ticklefarte you can go ahead
  7. Luke watched as Will slowly immersed himself in the clear water, for a second wondering if he too should sink into the cooling water. It would undoubtedly help his rash and clear what little fatigue he had accumulated on the quest so far. After another moment of thinking he decided against it, squeezing the bundle of cold flesh slightly. He could deal without and the sooner they got out of the place the better with their race against the storm that would flush the pipes in a matter of hours... Or less. Even so Luke turned to peer down where an array of pools sat in wait for them. Because ouf their rotating turns he was sure the next one, a purple hued pool that looked like it was made of watered down jelly, was his to investigate. With a slight shiver he turned his attention back to Will. He was fully immersed in the water now ducking under the surface as if he was looking at something. Luke gazed into the water under Will trying to see if anything stood out or glimered beneath him but Luke could see nothing. Shaking off the though Luke waited and it wasn't until Wills grabbing motion caught his attention again that Luke took another more careful gaze into the water. Nothing. Maybe all this time down in thses tunnels were getting to him? Before Luke thoughts could branch out Will emerged from the pool and silently gathered his things and started to the next pool. Hopefully the pipes won't rob us of our senses, it's already been quite an extensive journey. How long were the others down here? If nothing else a time estimate would have been nice. Though didn't the professor elaborate days? Luke followed Will to the next pool. They both looked into its strange depth in silence until Will looked over, "You're up, friend," he said with a shrug. "If that's not safe, I'm not to eager to hop in...for obvious reasons." He added with a wry grin. Luke shook his head and cracked a mildly nervous smile while he handed his stuff to Will. "I knew it but I still didn't wanna except it." He joked taking the moment to control his breathing emitting once again a plethora of the light blue mist. Getting closer to the edge Luke crouched and did the usual water tests, dipping his fingers in and smelling and with hesitation his lips. Needless to say that wasn't something he ever wanted to do again, the strange consistancy giving him the urge to gag. Standing back on his feet he consintrated producing a small rectangle which stood vertically with an open top a few feet high , it's walls an inch in length whilst high enough to protect Luke legs and mid waste it clung to the bottom of the pool almost directly in the center. All Luke had to do was jump into it. Taking a deep breath he backed up, Weight, heavy, immovable Though he knew he couldn't make things he created actually immovable it was nice to add as much weight to it as he could as to not tip it over. For a second Luke thought this was a dumb use for his powers and cursed himself lightly. He did have a limited use and he'd forgotten how much he'd already used. With a powerful dashing motion Luke tossed himself almost perfectly into it only bumping his shoulder slightly, not enough to bruise. To his plesure the box didn't tip or rock standing its ground as he landed on its floor. Crouching down he peered into the substance around him. Usually his ability formed items with glass mirrored appearances but multiple use slowly made it more transparent. Though he could offset this with longer charge times. Looking into the jelly Luke searched for anything useful and after scanning and seeing nothing he turned around and did the same only to be annoyed at the realization that the pool was empty. Deciding to make an hasty exist Luke pulled himself onto a ledge, careful to not tople over into the substance, and stood on the edge. Attempting to jump across.
  8. It's fine, I'm still getting use to doing this all on my phone! So sorry for the mild waits, I don't get direct notifications. With that said I'll start on my post right now! Glad to hear for ya. Also Luke will test the pool like the rest!
  9. Hm, there is no response from him at all? Well I'll see if I can.
  10. Luke slowed, Turing around to Will kneeling down and examining a third pool of water gazing into it cautiously. "Feels like water but... I'm a bit wary. Can you confirm?" "Okay, I'll test it real quick." He said, giving a nod and he walked closer to Will, laying the wrapped bundle he carried down next to him Luke kneeled at the edge of the third pond and preceeded to give it the same cautious test as the second. Dipping his hand into the water waiting for any reaction then bringing his hand close to his nose and finally to his mouth. As far as he could tell the water was pure and some what fresh. Cupping his hands together Luke scoops the water into the dips of his palms in a attenpt at bringing some of the water to his mouth. Successful he takes a slow and cautious drink confirming the water was perfectly fine. Funneling the water Luke had managed to get some of it into his mouth though spilling a majority of it into his clothes, as if the spell of water and mildew could get any worse than in the tunnels. Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand Luke gave another nod to his partner, "The water is definitely safe, I recommend getting a drink. We've been in here for a while"
  11. Hey guys I have some mildly bad news. My laptop, an old model, has been giving me some problems lately with its screen that I will have to get fixed. Until then I will be posting from my phone which will limit what I can and can't do but regardless I can post. Just have a bit of patience with me!
  12. I can always edit if that's easier, sorry about that.
  13. They walked down the continued down the pipe in silence, their minds churning, Luke had turned over many possibilities of the mans death, Mone's experiments, and the lurking creatures of the tunnel. The spider nodes mostly likely already been emptied, fueled by now corpse its parents probably still lurked the tunnels and they headed still into the dangerous and controversial unknown. Just your average adventure right? Even so Luke kept a calm demeanor though the calm was exactly like that on a waters surface. Disturbed by the smallest notions. The silence was finally broken, from behind him Will spoke up meeting his own thoughts with a question. "Where exactly is it? The spider, I mean. We didn't run into it on the way here, so it's probably somewhere ahead, isn't it..." Luke kept his pace, thinking for only a second. More about calming and making both of us focus. "I think its moved on, I cant imagine there is much food for them down here but the nests mean there could be more. It would be lucky to bump into one, the chances seem to low. Stay on your toes and watch out backs I'll do the same with the front because even if we do bump into one I don't think we both already have enough scratches" Luke chuckled lowly, if they had come across a spider it was better to kill it then to let it roam around after the encounter. They couldn't afford to get boxed in and if worst came to even worse they could retreat back or scrap the mission. Honestly it isn't the simple threat of spiders. Its the threat one of them being another one of Mone's experiments. The path they walked down slowly gave way to a stone oasis, the rustic metal piping transforming into hard rock and similar material all formed around two glowing pool with a faint but displeasing smell Luke couldn't put a name to. Maybe sulfuric acid? Luke had no idea but was skeptical Will on the other hand wasn't as he started handling Luke his equipment. "Wait I dont know if thats saf-" Luke tried to speak but Will was already off leaving Luke holding a strange device, a strange brew, and the note from earlier stacked cradled in his arms with the bundle of jelly fish flesh. So he watched, the smell it gave off certainly was acidic but if it was high enough Will would certainly take first notice. Right? He carefully eyed Will as he jumped in, Luke was concerned for a moment but Will seemed fine even venturing towards the middle of the pool to dive. He turned his attention away from will direction it to the unoccupied pool of water next to the body Will swam threw. They didn't have time to spare. Luke set their items on the ground, away from the pools of water just in case and closeted to the edge of the water standing in its small margin gazing into it. The water was clear, the pond still beneath him. Taking a knee Luke brings himself closer to its surface, inches between them. Luke brings a hand to the surface of the water, hesitantly dipping the tips of his left hand into the water. Retracting them a second later he waited momentarily for a sting, a buzz, or any other give away of the waters hazardous properties. Concentrating he brings the tip of his finger to his nose and then to his mouth, touching it lighting against his tongue none of his tests coming back positive. It was just a simple pool. With such a fresh water source could there really be nothing down here thriving off of it ? He stood, skimming the pool one last time before going back and retrieving their items. Turning his attention back to Will as Luke gathered the potion, device , and note Luke thought, Let it finally be the ring, this would be what? The third time ? There had to be some luck in our favor. As Will rose, the shiny gem glistened in his fist. Luke met him, moving close to the edge of the pool, as he came out. This close to the pool intensified the smell of acid, Luke was surprised that nothing on the mans skin was burning. "That was stupid of me," Luke gazed over him watching as a light red hue spread. He was right, it wasn't water "We move on" "Be more careful, I should have said something but I'm not gonna keep repeating what your already thinking. If it was acidic that other pool seems like it regular water, which is usually neutral but, with all these minerals and it most likely coming from these pipes it shoudl be mroe like tap water which is a base. It will help the burning." Luke would wait for Wills answer. If it was to quickly dip into the pool Luke would join him, the cooling water would help the rash, if it was to continue then- Luke handed Will back his things, holding them out and waiting for him to take them before venturing forward again. Now they both had burns, acid and poison. Luke slowed slightly, the rash on his mid section had climbed slowly, just now touching his rib cage. Behind him he could hear Wills worried remarks, somewhere deep off he could hear even more thrashing waves of water, ever so close the storm. "Faster," he hissed. "At this rate we're going to get crushed by the storm water." "Yeah, you're right about that. Let's get going" Luke took on a quicker pace, almost jogging as time was their greatest threat.
  14. I'm assuming the pool is close to or right next to the one Will went in. " Luke brings a hand to the surface of the water, hesitantly dipping the tips of his left hand into the water. Retracting them a second later he waited momentarily for a sting, a buzz, or any other give away of the waters hazardous properties. Concentrating he brings the tip of his finger to his nose and then to his mouth, touching it lighting against his tongue..." also is there also an object in this pool? its not mentioned so I'mguessing not. I'll post and edit to fit !
  15. Luke, now rid of most of the webs that stuck to him, watched Will descend. He could see the soft grin is partner tried to hide from a distance and he didn't blame him for it instead he smiled a slightly and waited for Will to reach him. Taking the extra time he produced a small bit of mist which provided them a little more unneeded light as they both had been their own sources of light for a while. "You all right? Tell me you didn't crush that stone.. " Luke took the question as a light gab and a joke, ignoring it as he turned to continue their path and picking up the bundle of the jelly fish limb. There was more piping to cover and threw the lights edges, just barely visible Luke saw a bundle of webbing and clumps, at first glance Luke thought it could be their salvation. Until the faint smell grazed him. Most of Lukes senses were better than the average, much better and even finer tuned by years of training. He stopped, Will continued down the path as Luke thoughts raced What died? More importantly where is the thing that killed it? Will ventured forward noticing the tangled webs after Luke, taking almost immediate action rushing tit and slicing it open with one of his cross bow bolts. The wave of rotting corpse spread threw the tunnel, Luke walked up behind Will looking into the contents of the pod. Robes of a mage, a piece of paper, and a strange device all on a corpse a few days away from being bare bones. Will turned and looked back at Luke, the look on his face was that of distraught and confusion. "How many people did that wizard send into these pipes?" Luke avoided his gaze, Will's emotion making him shy away. He'd seen this side of magic for years and even when avoiding it that side of the world never altered. "I don't know, maybe some people just couldn't handle the pipes? We can't control who fails but we can finish this out so no one else has to risk their lives down here." Luke laid his hand on Wills shoulder, what little comfort he could provide as mere hours ago they were, and in many ways still are, complete strangers. As Will opened the letter they both gazed onto the two words that threw their situation into mental spirals. Mone LIES In scratched letter, the man must have knew he was gonna die here and these letters where the embers of his life. And a warning to others. Mone, each and every magic user has their secrets. Is this what he meant by he had tested this shrinking before? I've been experimenting with an aerosol. Worry not I've already trialed it several times and can swear to its efficacy if this is what he meant then the two jelly fish and this corpse is three. Where are the other four? Wills voice broke him out of his thought. Will passed Luke the note and passes Luke, "I'm not sure what this is," he began quietly, "but be on high alert. We can decide to keep going, or crush that gem and ask Mone some questions right now. Regardless, something's wrong. I say we forge ahead. Get the ring, crush the gem, and get our answers with leverage. But," he added, "if you want to end it here I'll support you. I can't force us both to keep going. "It wouldn't make sense to end it here. He already told us there was seven attempts and no matter how *he pauses, looking back at the corpse* unfortunate *he looks back to Will* this may seem I think we should finish." "Our professor... he wouldn't put us in shifty situation right? I'm really not sure." " I don't know *Luke starts to walk further down the pipe* it would be a good experience if our real target was mone and we had to collect evidence on his possibly illegal experiments *he chuckles* but I think thats a much deeper mission that just a ring ya know? I think thats a little out of our pay grade."
  16. Lukas continued, slipping threw the crowds as slipping threw the shadows. Losing himself further in the twisting roads of memories he day dreamed, black ally ways and towering figures, tearing winds and gloomy skies, cold blood and hard steel. Suddenly his instincts ripped him from the sick euphoria causing him to shift his attention. Behind him, slowly, a small hand reached towards his pocket grazing his side ever so slightly, it could have passed for the brushing of wind against his jeans if not for the roaring crowds of people that surrounded him. The swift hand admittedly has more skill than the others, Lukas just now noticed the small hand just inches away from his pocket on his right side. He pondered for a second, he could turn around and confront the child or rather tiny persons but more importantly he wanted to scare the little bastard off. He continued to walk, the thief ever so closely followed him, their hand inching closer and closer. Lukas walked closer and closer to a stall, one right near an ally way. In one swift move Lukas grabbed the thief hand pulling it forward bringing an teenage boy with hair the color of fire and a face riddled with freckles right past him, flinging him into the ally way. Lukas wasted no time, like nothing happened he passed the ally and continued. Passing threw the rest of the slums with ease, he exited. The outer skirts of town was a sudden change from the streets, where the stream-like streets where crowded and warm the otter ring of the city was lonely and cold. Lukas like it way more than the city streets and although he was looking for the Bastion all he knew was it was on the outer skirts of the city. "This better be worth it" he sighed to himself before continuing into the outer ring. The stone and cave walls helped Lukas remember this was a massive cave system with lots of parts carved out ,old and new, it was a sort of spectacle, what a mass of people could do. Sure the caves were ancient but this modern day had brought such life to it and such growth its an entirely different place with only history to tell its tales. Lukas gazed around the barren land, two pillar like posts stood out to him, the first one was distant at least a six hundred yards away, a little over 1/3 of a mile and the second one more than double that distance away. In stead of wondering what they where he decided to see. Lukas focused, gazing, concentrating, as the tattoos that covered his left arm bloomed to life, sliding down and taking physical form, the form of ink. The form of something darker than shadows before melting into the ground,melting and vanishing being indifferent from the other shadows, Lukas' personal familiar Ikiru kage . The mass was unbelievably fast crossing the distance almost instantly without a sound. Lukas' left eye took in the images from roughly the center point of the ability. The pillars them self's started off of a base platform which rose but a solid wood foundation into the air which had a basic spiral stair case around it. Four of the gatekeepers diligently lazing around at the top side of them. They armored in a deep greenish grey leather outfit, a black tome stitched on their backs. It seemed like they were all equipped with two sets of hand cuffs which dangled on their waists, a sword and a dagger on their left, and a heavy looking cross bow which looked optional few carrying them as they all lazed around the towers. He had no doubt that they were sent her on patrols but honestly more of a disposal for the weak and lazy sections of the keepers. The more prosperous ones where in the city. Lukas didn't feel it necessary to waste all of his time staring at them and with only minor distant threat of the keepers he felt confident, breaking into a dash across the dimly lit field. At the exact instant he darted his familiar returned to him, inking itself back on to his skin covering his left arm in ancient illustrations. In seconds he was further out into the field of aging rock and hard stone. Slowing his pace to a walk Lukas took in the surroundings the more bare stone and ancient rock as he got closer and closer to the edge of the city, gazing further down Lukas could see the opening of the cave where a set up of more guard posts with more heavily armed guards stood attentive to the line of foreigners beneath them with a group of graves providing thorough checks and questioning. Lukas knew the check point was going to be busy but the closer he got the more it outclassed his imagination. One of the patrons, second form the line beginning stepped out of the line to meet the grave. Putting his arms out to his side in a "T" like formation the man, or what Lukas assumed it to be, looked like a mixture between a mole and some sort of fish as his hands where webbed on his brownish blue skin, gills stood-out ribbed not on his face but along his arms pulsating lightly, only wearing a large black sack on his back that looked hastily stung with simple stings that seemed to cut into its arms, and his large beady black eyes coldly meet the grave condemning the creature to a lazy check. The line stretched back for what seemed to be hundreds of yards with even more of a mixture of almost unrecognizable entities and persons. The tower wasn't just of one but of several looming structures crawling with an abundance of gatekeepers with heavily modified crossbows that could only allow them to shoot further. Even the flight groove and strings looked deadly. Lukas moved with a new sense of actual danger and need for stealth melting into the shadows a fine mixture illusion magic and his familiar stretching itself over him creating a sort of cloaking which allowed him to move almost undetectable along the cave walls as he gotten closer to the entrance. The walk was longer than he expected the cave appearing short until he'd began venturing towards its opening as if it wanted to keep him inside its walls forever. He slowed his movements when he became within ear shot of the tower faintly he could hear the grave speaking to the creature in a louder than normal tone. the grave had pulled a small leather pouch from the creatures back sack, even from this distance Lukas could hear the jingle of veils as the grave shook the pouch in front of the creature. After a few more lines exchanged the grave just simply waved the creature threw and began to check the other patrons. Lukas could hear more jiggling as the creature started coming towards him and down towards the city. No wonder why the area is getting dangerous who could have guessed? The creature only made it a few more feet before the shadows themselves wrapped around him drawing him into themselves making him vanish faster than a blink, Lukas' sarcasm fell on his own thoughts as he passed the first of several towers slowly. He'd keep the creature there until he returned A few more minutes past and a slew of dangerous and simple people drew into the city. I'm not about to play hero and fix everything, its never been that way. Lukas thought as slid past the lip of the cave into the sun. His shadows receding against the light drawing back onto his arm as ink, they were always lazy in the sun and that's why he used both illusion magic with his shadows. Something that wont fade so easily. Rounding the corner Lukas followed onto a flat stone ledge that trailed above a small divot coming on to a rampart. After he was far enough from the entrance of the cave he let his magic dwindle away walking along the old carved walls and the seemingly dusted path. He'd burn the next two hours walking along the rampart wondering about the history as if he could relive the battle or pluck the details straight from history.
  17. "A magnet," Luke nodded, the thought somehow slipping his mind for a brief moment. Stopping Luke leaned against one of the rusted tunnel walls. "Jelly fish are bigger than this. Did Mone shrink a jellyfish and...lose it in the sink?" The thought lingered in the air for a moment, Luke dismissed it, they never questioned where Mone's moral compass lay and Luke honestly didn't care. "I guess its been a while since I've been straining myself, specally' underwater." He followed a few feet behind his partner as they traveled threw the seemingly ancient pipes. Luke shook his head with a soft smirk as he started his breathing technique, deep breaths birthed the bright, spacial like mist from his core, a brighter light cut threw the tunnel as he relaxed himself. It feels good though, stretching out like this . Their combined light showering the pipe reveling the distant black pit in their path. They both noticed it around the same time, Will making it there a head of him, gazing down into the abyss "Get ready climb down" Luke nodded in agreement watching as Will threw his bundle down over the edge, falling silently Luke caught a glimpse of Wills worried expression before he descended into the abyss. Walking himself to the edge Luke peered over, looking down on to Will scaling down the rustic walls. Below him Luke could vaguely make out a reflective line, a spiders web. Bouncing as will settled on it light bounced off just the same allowing Luke to see the nests on either side. Wait if there are children, I'd hate to see the adults Images of the massive jellies scattered threw Luke's mind, he didn't need any more poison in his system. "Ah," Will called, "Luke. Do you think you could push the thread lower so I can climb down? I'm not sure if your abilities allow for that kind of thing, but if so..." Luke leaned ever so closer to the edge "Yeah, I'll be down in just a sec-" Pain from the rash buckled his knees sharply and suddenly he was falling at the mercy of the abyss. Head first he dove down the pipe lucky enough to hit the webbing head on gathering more in his fall as the nests shook and fell into the depths and all the webbing being torn from its hold by a falling mass they couldn't hold so in stead latched on to freeing Will's descend. "Out of ALL MY LUCK" Luke spat against the wind, ripping that he could of the thread off of him the sticky webbing refusing sticking to him like another layer of skin. Cover, protect, force Luke's right hand glowed as the magical mist revolved into and around it creating a clear gauntlet Float, dig, rise thought the spider webbing did nothing to fully stop Luke they did slow him down enough, with the combined force of the webbing and Lukes own magic he slowed, drifting his fall close to the pipe walling expending a his right hand which touched with sparks, his fingers eating into the wall leaving a fingered marking as he leaned himself onto the fall, the resistance finally stopping him, using the now graved wall as hand placements he lifted his left arm, allowing the bundle of jellyfish flesh to fall on the now in range floor. "HEY WILL SORRY ABOUT THAT" He yelled in the tunnel above himself, slowly sliding down the wall, his magic somewhat controlling his decent as it wasn't strong enough to make him float but helped resist the fall. A bend helping him greatly as the floor closeted Sliding down the grime covered walls urged him,right then and there to empty his stomach but he had to resist and he did, the faster he could reach a shower the better. He continued to slide, carefully, regretfully he slid eliminating more spiders webs that would have gotten in Will's way. In a few minutes he lands, half covered in webs he started to detach them from lower half, which took long enough.
  18. Its the weekend for me so it'd be slow anyways. It's fine, life happens. I look forward to seeing your post tomorrow friend!
  19. Thanks, the injure is gonna become a slight weak stop for my character, thought he does have a really high drug and poison tolerance, getting stung by something roughly six times your size especially a sea nettle. I remember coloring one correctly but I cant remember if i gave an accurate number for its limbs. Sea nettles are rarely death educing but when you're that small its more than six time the dosage which would be undoubtedly fatal. Nice little showing off but with a character that only has two forms of magic for now, passives matter.
  20. Sorry about that, I started it yesterday but somethings came up sadly. It delayed me a bit but I think I just posted all of what I needed too, I might edit a bit but again sorry for the wait!
  21. He waited for Will's response as he produced more of the mist like substance that now grew over his body like waves, normal mages used incantations and charges to cast their spells but Luke only needed a sufficient amount of the crystallized mana participles that constructed the mist to use spell with each spell taking a amount of the mist based on strength and other variables. When Will's answer finally arose the man simply shook his head and sighed, "The water goes deep. I don't think I'll be able to hold my breath for that long." he paused, Luke watched as his partner tightened his hold on the thread, took off and dropped his heavy bags into the water. Just watching it made Luke mildly uncomfortable. "You go, I'll swim ahead and you can follow the thread to get to me when you're done. Be quick, Luke. And be safe." With that he was off into the water and fast. Luke felt no haste as he started to go on his own way, the mist moving around him in not in the usual uncoordinated flow but with purpose extending outwards from him almost growing in size eight fold forming a massive field filling part of the tunnel behind him and in front of him draping over the water surface the tight clumps of crystallized mana many times stronger than its traditional counterpart. Without hesitation he walks to the waters surface and steps over on to the magic. His foot hits the mist as a solid as it further visually solidified creating a transparent glass-like floor beneath himself just enough room for him to spread his arms to his sides, front, and back enough two or three inches of room. The mist swirled into rising walls and a ceiling around him as he continued to breathe steadily Apply weight, retain air, seal and sink. He concentrated heavily, commanding properties into the mana and they followed. He stared below himself into the deep murky water and slowly he started to submerge into its unknown depths. On his heels Luke moves back against one one of the cubes walls letting himself rest on it before sliding down it bringing himself to a sit on the floor, for the first time since he'd been down there he let his breathing go out of control as he slowly descended, breathing in rapid burst. Four walls at once still does shake me up, damn I have to get my breathing back under control Luke thought to himself, tossing his head back he gazed upward to the now distancing surface of the water. In a few calming moments he could no longer see the surface, the void of darkness had swallow him whole. Breathing properly now he started to produce more of the mist in his decent, gazing around his surroundings which never seemed to change in its full deep ocean like presence. Within a few moments he was back to his feet, the mist almost filling the cube, "How deep really is this thing?" In his wait he talked to himself lightly, a habit that had been with him for a long time. Gazing down through the almost see through barrier walls into the water Luke shivered at the thought of having to go down there and into the water. He'd do what he had to do like always, like a repeating pattern in a loop. The water must be freezing, I'll have to go into it slowly to undo the clog when I get to the bottom though I- He stopped mid thought as he focused his gaze. Deep into the water a faint glow far into the distance beneath him was steadily getting closer, he was right on top of it and in his decent what ever it was would be in his way. What could that be ? Don't tell me some one dropped a potion or something else down the drain. Or maybe, that could be the ring? He didn't mention any glowing. Luke was caution but exited as he waited getting closer and closer. After a few moments he could almost make the thing out, it looked like two over-sized jelly bulbs still in the water. His first thought was jelly fish? then he shook his head, there wasn't anyway live jelly fish could be here right? He prepared himself anyway, whether or not it was a jelly fish or a toy someone had gotten lost in the pipes, Luke could faintly see the outlining bottom. Possibly having to cut threw the thing was more of a problem then what exactly it was. Few seconds had passed before the image of not only one but two of bell curved heads became clear, their curved surfaces emitting bright almost blinding light, the long protruding tentacles tucked under them yielded to be deadly weapons of thick whip like arms which held clumps of thin needle injectors that seeped poison. Even a full sized human would avoid these and with smaller jelly fishes being anywhere from six to ten inches long there was no doubt about their inconvenience when Luke found himself few meters away. With a sharp intake of breath Luke prepared himself as he thought, the mist around him swirling into both his hands creating hilts from which grew long opaque blades, a darker shade than the barrier which housed him. If I can just get past them, but first I need to get out of here, they'll be distracted by colliding with the box but I don't know how much time that will buy me I need to keep the box stable enough for me to return to it or else I might drown out there He stared into the cold abyss, his eyes glowed the mirrored color his cornea coated in a very thin shield of mana and with that all the mist was gone. As far as attacking and defending himself he could only use the box and the swords he currently held. He was inches away from impact. Soften, pass threw, make way he commanded the wall across from him as in its falling course the box would collide into the gut of the first monster hopefully keeping entertain as the second one was almost right behind it in the direction Luke would jump as he rushed the wall dashing right threw it into he freezing abyss MOVE he screamed at himself as the cold took him and he shut his eyes, halting all of him to a stop as the water soaked his clothes and drenched his hair the darkness seeming to dye everything it touched as it swallowed him, his body conversing lightly at the sudden switch of temperature the air almost ripped from his lungs his forced his eyes open and swam hard in broad wide strokes, it wasn't the first time he'd been underwater swimming with weaponry and as his weaponry held no definite weight he was fast glancing back to see the shelter he'd had moments before in a mesh of rising appendages both of them the box and the pinkish transparent jelly of the monster sinking further down. Below him the second orange glow rose slowly to meet him, the creature roughly six times larger than him was slow but in its home territory. Luke swam in an attempt to circle the creature, a rising arm reaching out for him. Luke himself was so small that he could see the jagged singers that covered the surface of it. Rising almost just in front of him Luke wade left using the motion to swing his sword which sliced cleanly threw detaching the limb. Flipping onto his back Luke brought his arms in a soft flapping motion, propelling himself forward he twisted his body forcibly earning himself chorus of soft cracking as another limb shot to his left, seeing the opening he committed to an attack, the limbs regrowing at astonishing rates . Vast weight, sink fast, overload he feed the thoughts into the sword in his left hand increasing its weight to sink him allowing him speeds which he couldn't fathom as his lungs slowly grew horse. Having been above the creature his speedily decent drove right for its center, the lost of two of its limbs sent it in a fury throwing more of its arms in retaliation and while his left arm pulled him down his right still held the weightless counterpart and in a agile burst of movement he continued to twist himself to doge and slashed wildly with his right arm, what he couldn't protect against his gear covered as he closed the gap between him and the monster, tearing though it like a drill piercing its guts and shooting out of its mouth letting go of the sword he held in his right sinking at incredible speeds. Overflow and fill with even more, expand and erode your walls /\ mimic magic, EXPLOSION now far behind him the creature was engulfed in a brilliant orb of red and orange flames the construction of the sword acting as magical shrapnel aiding in tearing the creature apart as it was washed away by the flames, the shock wave shaking the pipes and propelling Luke down even further, he could see now, the mass of caught moss and unmentionable filth that kept the drain filled with water. To his left he could see the other creature helplessly pinned being crushed slowly by the box dying. Close to his objective Luke ignored his lungs yearning for air as he changed the swords command Weightless, standard, Običan the force from the pull gliding him into the reason for the clog. I'm going to throw up he gagged as he buried the last sword into the mess, kicking it pushing it as deep threw it as he could. Peering threw the transparent weapon he could see the other side, a curved fall empty. He searched the mess for anything metal but came up empty in the seconds later. Defeated he started the swim back to his cube, which laid on the slain monster its vice like limbs now limp at the boxes underside. Entering the same wall he had come out of Luke greedily took in gulps of air, laying on the floor a bit of the creatures limb had broken off inside the box. His body felt unnaturally wet as the disgusting liquid had even soaked into his skin. His eyes where tired and his body felt in its self like jelly from manuring in the water. He laid there, a wet and damp mess for moment before hoisting himself to his feet. He wasn't done yet but as he did so pain spread threw his midsection, the surprise of such brought him back down to his knees. Shakily whether from the cold or the injure Luke lifted his shirt to find a rash that had spread on his mid section down to his upper thigh. he staggered back to his feet, kicking the severed limb of the beast against one of the walls as if to further spite it. "Fuck" He voiced aggravated with himself for being careless. Taking off his shirt he preceded to wrap a sample of the monsters limb up into it tightly, examining it afterward to make sure it was safe to hold he tucked it under his arm and concentrated. Weightlessness, floating, fast rise he recited in his consciousness. The box started to rise at a faster rate than it had sunk and few minutes later Luke could see the surface of the water. Overflow, erode your walls /\ mimic magic, lesser explosion he finished the line by tilting the box towards the far end of the pipe, the way his partner had gone. Far off in the depths there was an explosion as Luke broke the surface of the water, the speeds he had come up at launched him in a perfect arch to the other side. Crashing down onto the ground the corners of the cube cracked and its walls splintered shattering throwing Luke out of it sending him tumbling down the pipes hall. The shards dissipated into aimless mana, Luke lay there aggregated and aching again picking himself up he slowly began to walk down the hall, following the damp thread catching up to his partner. Some where deep in the pipes he could hear rushing water, the storms already starting? I have to catch up quick "I don't ever want to swim again in my entire life." His first words to his partner and with a stern look he nodded. "Did you find anything? On my side it was a bust." Luke showed Will the jelly fishes limb that was wrapped up in into a bundle. "Found some weird stuff though."
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