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  1. Port Caelum Festival Strength Games

    @Robbie Rotten Pain was no stranger to the gunslinger. But even then, she couldn't move her limbs after being struck down by the giantress. Her head hung weakly as Edric carried her, her eyes still wide open with agony. Her tense limbs shook ever so softly, in sync with her rapid heartbeat. She could hear the blood flowing through her body. Was that a bad sign? And somehow, she still found the strength to talk. "I-its okay Edric... We b-both tried our best... And we won, r-right?" she bit back another round of blood that was forcing its way up her throat. However, Edric's response wasn't what she had expected. "This is no victory. What victory is there in hurting one's own people?" It dawned on Lizzie that provoking Catherine in the first place was her fault. She shouldn't have stepped in to create unnecessary drama for herself. And she succeeded in getting the shieldbearer involved as well. She lifted her head up weakly, taking in the extent of her injuries for the first time. She could taste blood in her mouth. That was bad. As she peered down her arched body, she was greeted by a grisly sight. On the left part of her torso, and along her side, her chest had been so badly bashed in that she couldn't even feel what had happened to it. Her robe her been torn just below her breast, revealing her milky white skin which rarely ever saw the sun. That was only a minute portrayal of her injuries. Small pieces of bone stuck through her skin. It seemed that when Catherine had swung her fist into Lizzie repeatedly, the blows had caused her ribcage to break, and every consecutive punch rammed her soft and tender flesh into the sharp fragments of her ribs, piercing the outermost layer and tearing away that part of her robe. She looked away quickly. It was far too much for her eyes, and she didn't want anyone to see her panic. As her head fell weakly once again, hanging limp from her neck like a rag doll, her eyes swung giddily between the forms of the spectators. They were beginning to make their way towards Catherine now, wanting to take advantage of the situation and best her when she was weakened. she turned her head to her right, in the direction Edric was walking in. A few had gathered to intercept them as well. Why the hell would they want her and Edric? Well, maybe not Edric, but she certainly knew that drunk men could have lewd desires pretty easily. "E-Edric," she tugged on his sleeve lightly, her eyes wide with fear as she lay helplessly in her companion's arms.
  2. Port Caelum Festival Strength Games

    @CrimsonAurora Lizzie reeled in shock at the next blow that struck her chest, raising her arm to block the one that came after. However, that blow knocked her arm aside, and her next punch struck her again. And again. And again. A sickening crack was heard on the sixth blow. Her body straightened fully, her right leg tearing free of Catherine's grasp. Every time Catherine's fist struck her, her entire body tensed up in agony. A sliver of blood made its way out of the corner of her mouth as she gritted her teeth.
  3. Port Caelum Festival Strength Games

    @CrimsonAurora Perhaps trying a strangle a woman three times her size wasn't the smartest idea. The new few seconds were a blur. Catherine was tipping over rapidly. At first, it didn't make sense to her. Catherine could've easily resisted the hit, rather than take the impact on... It then occured to Lizzie that she was the one whom would be at the focal point of the blow, if Catherine chose to ark her body outwards such that her head would hit the ground first. Then, the hand then gripped her left leg wrenched itself free. Lizzie couldn't see what had happened to it, but she felt it immediately when the first blow struck her torso. It didn't cause any breakage of bones, but it did leave her winded and gasping for air. She soon identified the movement of Catherine withdrawing her arm. She knew that it could only mean that the fist would slam back into her body once again. She needed to move. Thankfully, her left leg had been released. The same couldn't be said for her right, however. Her mind raced. This was another gamble. There was hardly a way which she could break free from Catherine's grasp. What mattered however was that she would do enough to the giantress to help her companion to take her down, before she was too incapacitated to go on. With a painful twist, she would slide her left leg off of Catherine's shoulder and use her left side to cushion the fall that was to come. Her right hand would fasten tightly onto Catherine's head so that she wouldn't fall off, and to make it more difficult for Catherine to get back onto her feet. The impact would come hard against her side, but she would use her left hand to mitigate the impact taken to her head.
  4. Port Caelum Festival Strength Games

    @Robbie Rotten Lizzie reeled backwards in panic as Catherine began to fall backwards. However, she remembered vaguely what she was supposed to do. She felt a powerful force grip onto her thighs, keeping her locked in place. This wasn't what she had planned for, but she could improvise. If Catherine were to hold on to her legs, she would have to lift her arms up perpendicular to her body, leaving a nice hinge for Lizzie to grip on to. Sliding her legs away from Catherine's neck, Lizzie would kick into Catherine's Armpits, restraining the warrior's arms. At once, she would feel a pair of powerful hands gripping around her feet. She would sigh in relief. Edric hadn't left her in the lurch. She would begin to strangle Catherine with her knees, in an attempt to cut off the flow of oxygen to her lungs. She knew that like in the previous battle, Edric would have wasted a few seconds, getting back on his feet and recovering from the inertia. She had to buy him as much time as she could. With her legs now secured less tightly around Catherine's head, Lizzie didn't make the mistake of using her arms to distract Catherine as well. She wrapped her palms around Catherine's neck, both to secure herself to the large woman, and to jam her throat.
  5. Port Caelum Festival Strength Games

    @Robbie Rotten Lizzie was nervous. The moment Edric spoke about the frost giant, she immediately went oh god. It was an extremely high speed manoeuvre which had been performed to confuse a powerful but slow enemy. If her legs were to strike Catherine on the ribcage, Lizzie would release Edric's arm, hooking on to her right bicep with the balls of her feet, eventually proceeding to wrap her knees around her arm, which would c side her to be suddenly rotated in a wide ark into Catherine's back. She would grip Catherine's waist with her free arms, release her legs from Catherine's bisep, before hooking the balls of her feet onto her shoulders, digging into the flesh and pulling her backwards. Just like the frost giant? Catherine would have difficulty trying to get the small sized girl off her back, due to the lack of vision and reach. If her legs were to strike a lib that Catherine had used to block, she would bend her knees, immediately letting go of Edric and grabbing hold of the large sized woman's outstretched limb. She would use the powerful twisting movement to swing herself onto Catherine's face, scissoring her neck in a tight headlock. The point of this manoeuvre wasn't to move Catherine physically however. She aimed to help blind her, so that she wouldn't notice what Edric was up to. "Sorry Cath," she would remark, tightly holding on to the woman's skull so that she wouldn't be able to tear Lizzie off her face.
  6. Port Caelum Festival Strength Games

    @CrimsonAurora @Robbie Rotten "Hey, you were the one who said I shouldn't have done it without you," she patted his shoulder and extended her palm to help him up. "Take her together, she's bigger than both of us combined, but she only has one pair of arms," she clenched her fists tightly. "Catherine!" she shouted, silencing the grunting men who watched the battle eagerly, "I respect your pride. You can back out now, and I'll tell everyone that you won, you don't have to fight anymore." She dusted her hands, standing as tall as she possibly could, in a rather formal stance where one would mistake them for having a pleasant conversation.
  7. Port Caelum Festival Strength Games

    @CrimsonAurora Lizzie down the pink liquid in one gulp, wiping the excess onto her robe sleeve. "Thanks Blackjack," she sighed in relief as her bones began to mend and the slash on her leg closing up. She turned to observe her companion take his turn at trying to bring down the giant. Edric was bold, but his valor wasn't being rewarded. Rather, he was having a difficult time. Being a relatively compact man himself, he was still outsized and outmuscled by Catherine. At first, Lizzie saw a glimpse of hope, when Edric took up an aggressive role, rather than doing what she did, which was to run around Catherine like a cat. However, the hopeful look left her face when Catherine hardly shuddered at Edric's Attack, proceeding to attempt to crush him with her arms. Her arms quivered. Edric had always kept her safe. Out in the field, he would never let people get close enough to harm her. But when the protectors couldn't protect themselves, who was to protect them? Lizzie set her robe down on Edric's chair. "Connor, could ya be a dear and buy us a few more potions? I think we might need em," she paused and pointed at Catherine, "Get one for her too." She began to walk back into the ring, her strength renewed from the healing magic. Catherine said that she was willing to take on 10 at once? Maybe two at once wouldn't be too difficult for her.
  8. Port Caelum Festival Strength Games

    @CrimsonAurora @Sapphire Blue @Robbie Rotten Honor she had respected from young. But ever since Edric Carter had taken her under his wing, she was forced to learn the ways of those who lived in the greater community. Manners were not something that she was accustomed to, but when she was offered aid from the woman who had bested her, she felt that it would be arrogant for her to decline. She took Catherine's hand, using her uninjured leg to push herself to her feet. Her thighs would be wobbly from the shock of the blow she had sustained to her ribcage, so she leaned onto the larger sized woman, trying her best not to be a burden. It was easy, being someone of her size, she wasn't very heavy. "You fight well Catherine," she said humbly, "Much better than most out here." She caught the glimpse of a shieldbearer and a man in a tophat standing among the crowd, watching her with concern. She sighed. The earful she was going to get was inevitable. Maybe she should've asked Catherine to beat her up a bit more so that Edric wouldn't tell her off. As Catherine aided her out of the ring before letting go and returning to the centre, Lizzie took one last glance at the woman. She certainly had a lot more balls than most men. She turned her back to the ring, gazing at the two dark figures hidden under the guise of the shadows. With a long exasperated breath, she hobbled over to the two.
  9. Port Caelum Festival Strength Games

    Lizzie's face burned along with her pride. She had been overconfident and worried about her dignity. She hadn't expected the woman to show her mercy. And then offer to allow Lizzie to strike her down. This final act of valor set a look of shame on her face. If she struck now and failed to cause the woman to flinch, it would be the ultimate act of humiliation to herself. "I will not humiliate myself further," she said, sinking to her knees. All her fighting spirit evaporated in that moment. Whoever her opponent was was just better. She lowered her head, allowing the pain to wash over her and never be seen ever again. Her torso throbbed. Something was out of place in her left chest. But she would worry about that later. A small streak of blood rolled down her thigh, streaking the fabric with a crimson red. It flowed onto the rock hard ground, mixing with the dust which had settled there for years. She scowled and tore the mask off her face, beads of sweat rolling down her cheeks onto her neck. The illusion faded and the wound on her leg reopened. The blood was fresh, and ripe. She would need to get that attended to later. She swept her fringe out of her face, revealing her twisted robotic right eye. "You win." After a long pause, the tension gradually left her body, "Alyssa Cooper, and you would be?"
  10. Port Caelum Festival Strength Games

    For a second, Lizzie's face lit up with delight as the woman's first blow sailed past her face as she had predicted. To her horror, the woman began to shift her own weight, the knee which Lizzie intended to go for thrusting back out at her. There was no time to roll aside or dodge it. She let out a cry of pain as the meaty limb slammed into her left ribcage. She was thrown off the larger sized woman, the one blow having been sufficient to wind her. As she landed with a heavy thud, she continued to slide across the ground from the inertia of the blow. She heard a soft cracking sound in her torso. She had probably broken something. When she finally came to a stop, she was inches away from the edge of the ring. The friction had caused a large tear in the fabric on her right leg, leaving a huge open cut that stretched from her lower hip to her knee. Wincing, she adjusted her mask, the illusion magic covering the wound with an imaginary layer of clothing. She staggered to her feet. She could leave. Right now. But if she did, she wouldn't be able to face the smug look on her opponent's face. She didn't move. Just stared at her opponent, breathing heavily. She was bent slightly over on her left side, trying her best to hide the throbbing pain which was sent in waves over her body. Her clenched palms were at her waist. With a long sigh, she returned the woman's gaze, staring back into her eyes. She was feeling dizzy. Her hopes of winning the fight had already evaporated. Now she was just fighting to protect her honor. But at the end of the day, Alyssa (Liz) Cooper lived by the law of the gun. She was by far no martial artist. If she lost this fight, it wouldn't upset her, or bug her ego as much as if it had been a gunfight. Not that she would care if she had lost a gunfight. Losing a gunfight meant the loss of one's life. This was trivial in comparison. And the woman she had fought was clearly no easy pushover either. @Robbie Rotten
  11. Port Caelum Festival Strength Games

    A frustrated growl made its way out of Lizzie's mouth. As she steadied herself back onto her two feet, she noticed for the first time that instead of being flung back towards the centre of the ring, she had been flung further away from it due to the woman's sudden rotation during the tussle. That clearly hadn't worked as well as she wouldn't wanted it to have. The woman had been hardly affected by the attack, and her solid stance made it difficult for Lizzie to trip her. At times like this, she wished she had her semi autos with her. The woman had taken up a new stance. Her fists were balled up tightly, indicating to Lizzie that a simple slide and slip attack wouldn't be viable anymore. She wouldn't be able to pull off the same trick again. She back up slowly as the woman approached her, buying her some time to look for a weakness. And then she felt the ball of her foot rub against something. It was the edge of the ring. If she took one more step back, she would be out. The crowd began to jeer. Blood boiled in her head. This wasn't helping her to think at all. One of the spectators had the nerve to throw a paper ball that hit her on the knee. And that gave her an idea. She began to skirt around the edges of the ring, baiting the woman into bringing herself even closer to the edge rather than having to push her there by force. Hell, even if Lizzie had knocked her clean out, she was unsure of whether she'd be able to lug the woman's unconscious body out of the ring. The crowd disapproved of her disengagement. But it was the only plan she could think of. If the woman were to continue to follow along, gradually closing the gap between them by small amounts, Lizzie would suddenly lunge forwards, heading for the left of the woman's body. She expected that this would trigger a blow from the woman's tightly clenched fists. Of course, her reaction would have to be at breakneck speed, which is why Lizzie would already be prepared to dodge, relying on timing rather than seeing the blow and then dodging it. Regardless of the woman's reaction, she would suddenly shift her weight to her right, now being to the left of the woman. She imagined two likely responses in her mind. The first was for the woman to sweep her outstretched arm out at her. If that was her response, Lizzie would duck down quickly and use that momentum to tackle the woman's left leg, causing her left arm being outstretched coupled with the loss of balance from her left leg to send her flat onto her face, just short of squashing the gunslinger by a hair. Lizzie would then sit on her back and grab the woman's elbows, holding them in such a way that she would be pinned to the ground by the smaller woman. The other response was for the woman to completely dive onto Lizzie due to their close proximity. This was what she feared. It was a risk she had to take. But given the woman's hesitation to take any reckless actions, she figured that she had a pretty good chance of having the woman go for the first. From the beginning, she was already disadvantaged. This gamble, she had to take. @Robbie Rotten
  12. Port Caelum Festival Strength Games

    @Robbie Rotten All forms of silliness left the gunslinger's face. She felt a bead of sweat form on her cheek and stick to it. Urgh The mask was hindering her from releasing body heat efficiently from her face. The only reason why she had a mask on was to disguise her robotic right eye. None else. Her bodily features were all pretty much the same. As the woman lumbered towards her, Lizzie began to back up slowly, before returning to the same stance. This did not provoke the woman into taking a different approach however. Lizzie knew that if they continued on like this, they would just be playing cat and mouse around the ring. Sure, she could endure long periods of running. She'd always have to do that out in the field, lugging a 29 pound sniper rifle on her back everywhere she went. But if she did so, she'd probably get mocked by her opponent for being cowardly. This time, she allowed the woman to get about 6 feet in front of her, and expected her to lunge, given their close proximity, coupled by the frustration of being kited by the smaller girl. Having been leaning back onto her right leg, she would be able to unleash a sudden burst of speed, that wouldn't be directed at the woman, but above her. She would spring upwards, arms bent before quickly thrusting out at the woman's shoulders with her arms, which would allow her some leverage over the woman's larger form. However, she would notice that the woman would have her arms outstretched, ready to seize her if the chance was given. Rather than give the woman a perpendicular grip on her body, she would push herself upwards such that the closest thing that the woman could grab would be her legs. Upon the woman applying an iron grip onto her thighs, she would wince slightly at the pressure before pushing downwards on the woman's shoulders, sliding upwards out of her grip due to the slippery surface of her suit. If she was lucky, that would put her somewhere above the woman now, if only for a split second. She wouldn't waste it. She would wrap her now freed legs around the woman's neck, letting go of her hands and grabbing hold of the back of the woman's skull for some sort of handhold. She would have two choices now. The first would be to use the slippery surface of her suit to her advantage, twisting around quickly, snapping the woman's neck. But this was an event, and she didn't want to kill the woman, in spite of her proud attitude which Lizzie detested. The second would be to try to take advantage of the increased centre of gravity that the woman had. This appeared to be a far better option, even though Lizzie lacked the weight and confidence to pull it off effectively. Upon the woman trying to grab for her, Lizzie would only have a few seconds of time before those powerful hands were to wrap around her waist and pull her off. She would hook the balls of her feet to the woman's back, using that as a pivet and pulling hard on the skull of the woman's head. This was allow her to seemingly pull herself upwards into a squatting position on top of the woman, now free falling towards the ground. If she pulled this off, the woman would be heavily unbalanced, leaning very much forward due to the pressure that Lizzie exerted on her shoulders. And now, she would shove her forwards, lashing out brutally with her legs, which would send the woman reeling out of the ring, and if she got lucky, fall flat onto her face due to the imbalance. With her smaller and more agile form, Lizzie would do a somersault, ending the dramatic leap into a roll to even out the force applied from the fall onto her entire body, before groggily pushing herself to her feet. She would be dazed and panting from the adrenaline and rigor of the fight, bending over onto her knees and gasping for air.
  13. Port Caelum Festival Strength Games

    @Robbie Rotten From the sidelines, a young woman in her early twenties stepped out of the sidelines. A grey robe was draped across her body loosely, going all the way down to her feet. Her black hair was tucked neatly into a small braid at the back of her head. She was small sized, almost three times smaller than the woman who had just hurled a man across the room with little to no difficulty. "You want a worthy challenger?" she raised her eyebrows. By no means was Lizzie not terrified. She was nervous as hell about taking on the larger sized woman. But in her mind, she knew that although the woman was by far much stronger than her, her large size would make it difficult to out maneuver the smaller sized girl. Lizzie wasn't very strong. She was reasonably strong to the point where she could lift heavy tables with some effort, but for her to pick up an entire man? And throw him across the room? She was far from capable of doing that. She sized up her competitor. The woman wielded no weapons. And for the sake of her own pride, Lizzie rejected the training sword which was offered to her when she entered the grounds. Her competitor had stripped her armor completely off, not even wearing a simple tunic to protect herself from punches or direct blows. Lizzie wasn't as surprised, after seeing how the woman had taken a direct strike from a wooden sword without even wincing. Lizzie's robe wouldn't help her much in this battle. It contained all of her fancy gadgets which she'd use on actual threats. She had only come here for a little thrill of kicking someone's arse. She didn't plan on losing this fight. As she approached her opponent, she reached for the straps which fastened her robe together, eventually sliding out of the robe altogether. Underneath, she wore a sleek black suit that covered her entire body. The suit went all the way down to her feet, encasing her toes completely. The only body parts of her exposed were her neck, face, hands, and a small portion of her chest. She was about a head shorter than the gigantic woman. She clenched her fists nervously, skirting around her like a cat. She wasn't stupid enough to go in directly for an attack. That would be suicidal. "I didn't quite catch your name," she said, sliding her left leg in front of her right, such that her side would face the gigantic woman. Her arms were raised perpendicular to her body. If she needed to, she would be able to run to her right or behind her if the woman were to catch her off guard. Awaiting some sort of reaction, whether aggressive of polite, she bent down onto her right leg, coiling up like a spring.
  14. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    @kas "Alyssa Cooper, or just Liz for short," the edges of her mouth curved upwards in an almost feline manner. Her sharp almond shaped eyes batted rapidly as she exerted a soft grip around the woman's palm. As she let go, she hailed for the waiter. "Water please," she said politely. Turning back to the woman, she stared distastefully at the beverage. "I've never been much of a big fan of alcohol," she stuck out her tongue, "It smells weird, and it makes me giddy." She slid a semi auto from her pocket and began to disassemble it in the presence of the girl. As the last click of the firing pin falling out of the gun was heard, the soft clink of a glass roused her attention. "Thank you," she smiled at the waiter. Pleased with her work, she left the disassembled gun on the table and looked at her new acquaintance. "And what brings you to the Tavern of Legend, Elaren?"
  15. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    @kas Perhaps it was more than just a petty gathering. Indeed, it took Liz a while to feel the presence of a small group forming behind her. But after a wild dragon appearance which had left most of the tavern stunned, she wasn't going to try to question what they were up to. The gunslinger shifted her weight such that she leaned more onto her right hip, allowing her to turn without causing great stress to her exhausted body. She peered at the newcomer from a table near the entrance, whistling quietly as to kill the tension in the air. She looked at her companion. Rafael had fallen asleep again. Good riddance. The night was cold. Liz could heard the winds howling loudly from outside the tavern, rattling the windows continuously. It must have taken this individual a lot of come here. And to think that the others were partying whilst this girl had just returned from the freeze of the wilderness. Wincing, she gingerly pushed herself out of the chair, hearing a slight crack as an overly relaxed bone bent back into place. Ow. As she stood, her fringe fell over her robotic right eye like a black curtain. Her normal human left eye looked the newcomer up and down, sizing her up. The woman carried a bag, indicating that she wasn't just some beggar who had came here looking for a roof over their heads. Perhaps an adventurer of some sort? Liz slid her hands into her pockets, her right hand reaching for a small lump of coins that lay at the very bottom. She made a rather direct path to the girl, such that she would see her coming. She didn't want to surprise the girl or take her off guard. After all, it would've been hard on anyone who had taken the effort to come here. Upon reaching the girl's table, she raised her left hand and made a peace sign, tugging on the wooden stool with the ball of her foot. "Care for a drink? I'm not taking any of this dude's cash. Yeah, he says he's paying for us, but for all you know he just wants to get us super drunk and high and then get in our pants," she grinned and offered to shake hands with the woman. "What's your name?"