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    Alyssa cocked her head slightly, "Do you know what you're asking of yourself? The work we do is no joke. Its extremely dangerous... Our casualty rate is not low Rook. We lose people every day." She fondled the semi auto around in her hand. "I don't know if you know what you're up against, but I wouldn't mind taking you on a simple circuit to test your metal. Care to go on a short adventurer lad?"
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    "Good story Rook Havoc," she smiled empathetically, "Perhaps you are worth taking seriously." She turned completely to face him, snapping her fingers at the bartender. A drink was delivered swiftly and she took a sip. "So, since you were the one to approach me, how may I help you?"
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    Alyssa stared at the wall past Rook's face. "I do not know. It is not up to me to decide," she shrugged her shoulders frankly. "As with every organisation, there is a leader. I'm just someone who is very good at shooting things, but unfortunately the big boss is out right now." She dragged a stool over to him. "Sit. Tell me about yourself."
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    Alyssa laughed at his strange question. "Hunt monsters? Oh no, my profession is very different. I'm trained to hunt after the people who create them." She pulled the sleeve of her wrist up to her elbow, revealing several individual circular Rose tattoos, some glowing with a bright blue, others almost completely dull. "Killing the monsters is what adventurers do. My Organization doesn't look for adventurers. We look for heroes. Question, what's the biggest or most dangerous Monster you've ever brought down?" she spun her semi auto in her fingers absentmindedly, before pointing it sideways at him with a soft clicking sound. She turned and gazed at his eyes blankly.
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    Alyssa coughed into her palm, "Waiting on someone. I've a place to be going to once my good friend Edric Carter returns from a Mission that he has undertaken, but for now, I'm mostly just trying to relax." She hooked a barstool with the sole of her boot and sat on it, crossing her legs. "And what might bring someone like you here?" she raised an eyebrow curiously.
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    "Whoa, hello there little lady, how goes it?" Alyssa turned around to see a man grinning hungrily at her. She smirked, "And who would you be sir?" She turned around and placed a hand on her hip, giving him a sly grin.
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    Alyssa reluctantly allowed Vox to escape. She smirked as he gasped and tried to catch his breath. "You shouldn't have done that," she told him off as she slid into her grey robe and got up, patting her sides and swiping the dust the fabric. Grabbing her semi-autos from the table, she slid them into her pockets and left the room, leaving Vox groaning on the floor.
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    Alyssa was abruptly awoken from her dreams by a shockwave that rattled her body. She screamed softly as her eyes widened. She saw Vox standing cheekily in the room and jumped onto of him, locking her legs around his head. "What the fuck, dude?!?!?" she yelled into his face. She grabbed her robe from the bedside and began to slide it on, without letting Vox go. She pinched his face and watched as the smug grin on his face immediately transformed into a cry of agony.
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    Alyssa lurched towards the door, panting heavily. Her windpipe had been damaged during the fight when the Prince held her in a choke hold. She was still trying desperately to get air back in her lungs. She saw Connor seated down next to an unconscious Vox, and quickly sat down opposite him. She tried to speak, but all that came out were weird squeaking sounds. She didn't know to what extent the injury was, the only thing she could do was pray that it would recover quickly. She reclined backwards on the couch and remembered about a room that the group had rented. Was Rafael still resting inside? She pointed upwards to tell Connor that she was heading upstairs before dragging her exhausted limbs up a flight of stairs to the room. As she pushed the door open, she saw Rafael, breathing lightly. A pity he had missed the adventure. They had done so many things without him. With a Long sigh, she lay on her back on a bed and took her robe off, allowing the cool air to run over her warm skin.
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    The group was running out of distractions. At least half of them had already sustained injuries. "Isaiah, you really need to hurry!" she shouted at her Rogue friend, drawing her SMGs and firing several volleys point blank into the Prince's face as he walked towards Vox. As the Prince swung his blade at her, she quickly ducked and activated her hologram. Several copies of her began to bounce off of the ground, appearing all around the prince. They all attacked him at once, shooting harmless light projectiles. The real Alyssa danced gracefully between the copies, slinging shots that pinged off the Prince's back. As the Prince slashed between the copies, disintegrating them, he suddenly pulled off an ingenious move. The Prince dashed quickly between the copies, locking on to a single target. The Prince slammed the ground heavily, causing the holograms to shudder. This confirmed his suspicions. He charged forward, wrapping his hand around Alyssa's neck, lifting her upwards in a choke hold. She tugged at his powerful grip, trying to break loose as the prince squeezed the air from her lungs.
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    Alyssa didn't waste any time. As the wall of cards strained against the hail of arrows, Alyssa lined up her robotic eye with the scope. She took her aim. A soft recoil went through her shoulders as the rifle shook softly.
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    "Leave that to me," Alyssa slid her sniper off her back and propped it onto the ledge. An arrow sailed past her face, slicing her cheek open. She cursed and took aim, ignoring the sting of the wound. She took her first shot, but it was intercepted by a stray arrow. "Can somebody please get those fucking archers off me!" she exclaimed in frustration, reloading for a second shot.
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    Alyssa ran her fingers over the symbols. "I have no clue what any of these mean..." she glanced at A'aria and Devin, knowing that they had experience working with natural symbolic laws.
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    Alyssa opened her eyes when she heard the doornob squeaking open. Heather and A'aria walked in. She glanced curiously at Rafael. She'd seen some pretty interesting relationships between vampires and magical races. The Vampires would drink blood directly from their partners every 7 days. Within those 7 days, the partners would have to replenish the blood lost. But it was in this way that people grew close, when they sacrificed for each other. It was only then that she realized how much she had been perspiring. The room was extremely hot and humid. Her clothes stuck to her body. She gave Rafael one last friendly glance before getting up to wash up in the bathroom.
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    "Whats that on your face Rafael, I know gold means that you're using energy, but I've never seen your complexion turn pink before," Alyssa teased him. "You can sleep with her if ya want Rafael, I know the fire girl, that daughter of Sulfuras? She'll want to be as close to A'aria as she can be, but its okay, I guess I'll sleep with her tonight." Alyssa felt around the edges of the bed, "Where are the covers..." She didn't see blankets anywhere.