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    A rush of black particles flew past A'aria's ear and solidified next to a burning tent. Devin began to materialize. "Has anyone seen Edric?" he asked, whipping his head around frantically, "I couldn't find Edric or Nura, the tattoo is acting all weird." Devin rolled up his sleeve, showing a glowing blue rose tattoo with a shield on it. He muttered a short spell and the rose peeled itself off his skin and began spinning around wildly before reattaching itself to his skin. "Its supposed to point towards them, but something is messing up the location tracking." For the first time, he noticed A'aria patting a gigantic bear that stood behind her. His eyes widened before he let out a long sigh. "You know what, I'm not even going to ask," he sighed in exasperation, "We need to find Edric, anyone have any ideas?"
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    And now there's a huge bird... Devin had prepared to cause some sort of distraction by using his particles to disrupt activities around the carnival simultaneously, but it appeared that Heather had come up with something more effective. He saw A'aria picking up a small orange object from the arena and running off. As he turned to assist Heather, he saw something horrific. The flames of her powerful Phoenix wings melted the flesh off the body of the host. The earth elemental in the arena sighed with relief as its binding to its owner disintegrated. However, a new binding wrapped itself around its neck. The symbol of the forest. He remembered that symbol vaguely. Heather wore it as a necklace around her neck. No fucking way dude... Taking advantage of the confusion, the bear tore down the wall of the arena and charged out of the carnival, in the direction that A'aria had went. Devin took one last look at Heather before turning and following after the bear. He chased it going at full sprint, but for some reason he couldn't keep up. The bear wasn't faster than him, but in a tight corridor, he couldn't use his particles to boost his speed. Soon, the bear had all but left him in the dust. He hung his head in defeat. In the silence, he could hear a faint sizzling sound. He pulled his shirt sleeve up and found that the angel tattoo was glowing. He sighed in relief as he heard the soft sound of Kyle's wings beating behind him. At least he wasn't alone.
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    Devin counted to three and lifted the cloak off the both of them. "We should be in the clear now," he gave Nura a reassuring look before putting the cloak back onto his back. His eyes were glazed, fixated on something across the room. "This wasn't part of the agreement... Heather was only supposed to fight one elemental," Devin wasn't pleased. He tugged lightly at Nura's wrist, instructing her to follow him. He led her to Edric. "This has gone on for too long. I'm ending it now. Take Nura and get out of here. Heather and A'aria can watch themselves," with that, Devin removed his cloak and gave it to Edric. As the cloak left his body, Devin began to dissolve into small particles of dust. The particles swept across the room, and he melted into the air.
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    Devin was alarmed on feeling Nura's shoulder wrestled from his grip. He turned quickly, stepping between the man and the girl that he was tasked to protect. The man began to puff up on him like a rattlesnake, but Devin didn't let himself be intimidated. He slammed his fist into the man's windpipe, a blow that sent him tumbling to the ground. The crowd began to part as the man rolled, clutching his stomach in pain. Devin turned to Nura with growing nervousness as many heads turned to him. "We need to move," he concluded, holding on to Nura's shoulder tightly as he lead her through the crowd. He noticed eyes beginning to converge on him. This fueled him to speed up to evade their gazes. "Don't tell Edric a word about what happened okay?" Devin said in an almost pleading tone, "If you do, I'll never hear the end of his nagging." Devin stopped and took off his cloak, covering Nura and himself in it. He put a finger over his lips as the angry mob walked straight past him. "Invisible," he whispered to her. He counted in his head the number of seconds that he would wait to pass before coming out from the hiding spot.
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    Devin stayed close to the group and kept a close eye on the girl whom had decided to tag along. As they went around the arena, Devin's sight was drawn to the combatants. The fire cat released a small blaze of fire that turned the metal dog's body red hot. The crowd jeered at its ineffective Attack. It's helpless owner cheered it on quietly with distress. The metal dog came forth and but the cat's neck, swinging it around. The crowd went wild. The dog swung its head sharply, snapping the cat's head off. The Elemental's flames were snuffed out. Then, it moved no more. The crowd cheered excitedly. Devin's face was pale as a sheet. He had heard tales of Elemental betting Organisations, but never had he expected such cruelty to be exacted upon them. "There's the exit," Devin motioned towards a door on the other side. "Once we're through, we can get going."
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    @Waterose56 Devin held the hand of the young girl, leading her through the crowded streets. "By the way, you haven't told me your name.," he raised an eyebrow at her. The streets of Ashville were crowded, but the moment they reached the entrance to the dark alley, the crowd instantly vanished, just a mass of people bustling around behind them. He whispered softly, "Stay behind me, this place is dangerous." A little louder, he addressed the entire group, "Well, are we going in? How do we even know that the body is in there?"
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    Devin chuckled, "Yeah, it gives me more satisfaction than anything. What are your plans girl? What journey lies before you when you step out that Tavern door?" He pulled out a small pocket knife and began to carve a drawing into the bar countertop.
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    "Hah, I wish," Devin groaned, "You have to constantly be afraid of someone wanting to take your life or throwing you in prison. And sometimes, we're forced to make the sacrifice that few would want to make." Devin instantly grew quiet. He thought of Rachel. He thought of himself. He thought of nothing more.
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    "Aah... Solving mysteries I would say. I'm in a guild known as the Rose Offensive. We're an organisation of agents planted in all states of Valucre. Our purpose is to know what is going on all the time, everywhere. We're not exactly an undercover organisation, the military of Genesaris and Terrenus has sent 6 warrants for our arrest, but so far they've caught none. To be honest, I don't think the guards are that keen on arresting us anyways. We've already neutralized two threats to the Empire before word even got around about it. But we have an err... Issue. I don't think its wise for me to talk about it, but if you would be interesting in helping us in our little investigation, I don't think Edric Carter would mind telling you." Devin gestured to a coltish man with a large shield on his back conversing with another woman.
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    "Aah... A pleasure," Devin said, sliding his sword out of its scabbard slightly and examining under the light. Without looking away, he inquired, "And what brings someone like you to the Tavern? You don't appear to be one whom would want to get drunk and get involved brawls." He sheathed his sword and looked up at her, adjusting his black tunic so it looked straight. Devin hated being untidy. His silver hair was always in a mess in the mornings, and he always made an effort to keep it neat. Places like the Tavern weren't the his location of choice, but wherever his group went, he did, so he may as well try to settle down and make himself comfortable.
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    Devin laughed at Rusival's humble comment. He nodded at Alishar, knowing that he had no right to attempt to speak to him due to past Attack that he had carried out on Alishar's life. He turned to the girl that they were speaking to. "And who would you be Miss?" @Waterose56
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    Devin heard a familiar squeaky voice in the background as he sipped from his cup. He turned his head very slightly to see the boy that he was tasked to kill when he first came to the Tavern. How different days were now compared to before. In those days, he had to do as he was told. Now he had a family. A family whom had his back when his real family didn't. "One second love," Devin smiled seductively at Rachel and planted a kiss on her lips before getting up and casting his defining spell. In seconds the particles in his body shifted as his body became lighter and thinner than air. The particles swept across the room like a dust cloud and formed themselves next to Alishar, Rusival, and a new girl that he hadn't seen before. As Devin materialised, he leaned against the counter and smiled warmly at Rusival. "Those were some sick scythe swinging moves back in the garden kid. Where'd you learn to fight like that?"
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    Devin was the last person to step out of the portal. As he stepped out, he caught Rachel's arm, disrupting the spell. The portal burst into small purple particles. He slid his arm around her waist affectionately and kissed her on the forehead. "Its good to have you back Rachel," he grinned wryly, slightly exhausted by the day's events. "We have a lot of catching up to do," he laughed and lead her into the Tavern with a huge grin spreading across his face. He felt giddy. But something was missing. "Oh! I almost forgot something!" he exclaimed as he reached out with his arm and formed a glowing grey portal in mid air. From it, he pulled Rachel's staff and presented it to her as if she was a queen. As the staff returned to her hands, it began to undergo a magical separation. It began to untwine itself from Devin's sword, returning to the form of a staff. Devin pulled the sword out from the hole in the staff and sheathed it. "There we go," he chuckled, "Shall we my queen?"
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    Time was running out. Devin yelled in agony as he pushed on through the powerful winds that ripped his body apart. At last, he was but half a metre away from Rachel. He knew he looked nothing like what he used to, being badly deformed by the darkness, but Rachel still looked to him like he was the most amazing person in the world. Suddenly, Cellius got in the way. "Uh uh, you aren't touching my princess body snatcher, the cancer of society deserves to die. I can't believe I'm doing something good for the world. Jolly!" Cellius extended both his arms and began to absorb Devin's life force. Devin threw his head to the sky and arched his back as his very life leaked out of his chest. The cancer of society... Is that really what I am... Just another body snatcher... And in that moment Devin had a sudden moment of realisation. He only had one shot at this, and he didn't intend to give it up. With whatever energies he had in his body, he hurtled towards Cellius's open arms and... Poof! He had gone into Cellius's body. Cellius was a dark elf, making him extremely difficult to take control of, but that wasn't his intention. Immediately exiting his body from behind, Devin pulled away and came face to face with Rachel. There a short second where they looked each other deeply in the eyes. Suddenly, Devin felt a sharp grinding feeling in his stomach. He looked down to see a blade sticking out from his abdomen. He knew that Cellius had stabbed him, but it didn't matter. He was with her. He smiled and leaned forward through the pain. His and Rachel's lips met. She didn't complain, she didn't speak, but the kiss was genuine and desperate, possibly the last kiss that they would have in their lifetime. Devin felt the blade twisting around in his stomach, spilling his guts, but he didn't care in the least. And all at once, all three of their bodies started to glow in a bright golden light. Cellius pulled the blade from Devin's body in shock, "What the fuck is happening?!" Devin took the chance to cup his arms around Rachel's face, caressing her soft and smooth neck. In the bright light that they emitted, he saw his hands gradually forming back together, his deformed body regenerating quickly. "Break the spell babe," he grinned at his love, tearing the chains off of her with his bare hands. With a burst of light, the portal exploded into a mass of dark particles. The dark field evaporated into smoke. As the polluting puff gradually faded away, the cries of the dead echoed in the room as the animatrix had their life forces sucked out of them, dark bolts of power that flew towards the silhouettes of two people holding each other tightly in the smoke. From within, a fiery glow was emitted, and an orange Phoenix flew out, making its way to Prince Sulfuras and diving into his body. The smoke evaporated completely. Rachel and Devin held each other in their arms, alive and unscathed. Without a thought, he pulled her close to his body and cupped her face with his hands. Their eyes were wet with tears, but glimmered with hope at the same time. Rachel choked on her words, "Y-You came b-back for me..." "Indeed I did my love," Devin gazed affectionately into her eyes. Rachel was just about to say something, but Devin silenced her with a kiss planted firmly on her lips. Her eyes widened in surprise, but they closed almost immediately as tears began to stream out. The two of them stood there, a dashing gentleman and a pretty lady standing amidst the smoke that rose into the sky in small tendrils. Devin hugged her body tightly against him. He wasn't going to let her go. Ever. Again. By the side, Cellius Houston began to sneak away unnoticed. As he broke into a full sprint, he ran face first into Cerbaus whom wasn't very happy to see him either. (End of Roleplay :3)
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    The feeling was familiar. Of being ripped apart by darkness. Devin remembered the time when he'd been dueling with Rachel in the hologram. Those were good times. The memory spurred something within him. He'd done this before. In spite of his bloodied state, Devin pushed on through the hail of particles, his body becoming more and more deformed as he did. He made about half the distance before his leg disintegrated. Devin howled in agony. The pain he was experiencing was worse than everything he'd went through in his life combined. He just wanted to die. To be with her. No! Rachel was alive. He had to live. For her. For the Rose Offensive.