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  1. Port Caelum Festival Games

    @Crossbone Devin groaned as a beam of sunlight fell upon his face, raising a hand to block out the blinding light. He struggled to find footing on the wobbly seacraft, examining his surroundings while he did so. Along the deck of the small ferry, the Pegasus child, Kyle, stood with his wings spread wide, enjoying the powerful winds of the morning breeze. Devin himself stepped out from the Low roofed canopy that the ferry provided, raising a foot and planting it on a rubber tire. "Wow... I never knew Genesaris had anything other than radioactive zones and wasteland," he joked to Kyle. Indeed, the sight was impressive. A sturdy dock was just one of the minor attractions there. If one looked down the coat, they would see a fully functional port, with huge ships docked into the loading bays. Several stalls lined the coastline, and the road opposite it. People swarmed the streets, playing carnival games and buying treats for young kids. But one particular thing caught his attention. "What are those?" he pointed at an elven man handing out masks to passers by. Curious to find out for himself, Devin grabbed a rope and tied the boat to the dock. When he approached the man, the man didn't even ask who he was or what he wanted. A mask was instantly shoved into his hands. His immediate instinct would be to suspect some sort of foul play, but looking around, it appeared that almost everyone had a mask of some sort. He was unfamiliar with anything outside of Predator's Keep, so throwing himself in the middle of a bustling crowd in an unknown land probably wasn't the best decision he had made. Screw it. He slipped the mask over his forehead and panicked as an ethereal mist began to wrap itself around his body. He quickly pulled the mask off his head. He had no reason to conceal his identity. Perhaps it was best to leave those be for now. And with that, he disappeared into the crowd, looking for something out of the ordinary that would provoke his interest.
  2. Tavern of Legend OOC

    @FlamingTraveler Welcome back to the TOL :) @Mickey Flash
  3. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    As the time shifting break in space occured, a small portal opened in the fountain which formed the space time bridge which Rachel Azraelian had spent time and effort to create. A man donning a grey tunic, covered by a silvery cloak stepped through the portal, only to find that his feet sank through the ground. "What the..." Devin began, "Kyle! Wait! Stay on the other side!" Devin maintained the portal open with one hand, greatly hindering his concentration, but as he peered into the subconscience of the only being that he saw moving, he felt the presence of Tobais. Devin's body snatching mutation allowed him a strange connection to whatever form was brewing in this alternate universe. And through his eyes, he saw, actions rewinding. Isaiah doubled up on the floor, blood flowing rapidly back into his mouth as he sat up straight. A pair of handcuffs clicking off a purple haired woman as well as his Friend. Connor's array of cards flowing back into his pockets. Vox Umani's sleep deprived look returning to his face as he walked backwards up the stairs. "Kyle... Are you seeing this...?" Devin glanced at his Pegasi Friend. And all at once, the world solidified. Devin was forced back into his conscious body. He gasped as the portal shimmered slightly. The pain on his arm from the tattoo began to fade. Devin shook his head. He didn't have a clue about what he had just experienced. Tugging at the angel's wing, Devin would pull Kyle through the portal before closing it with a deep sigh.
  4. Festival of Faces Interest Check

    Oh Ma lord, Calm down OD xD Solo is just kidding... well, I think so xD But dude, you need to chillax lel, Valucre is a place for everyone to take their mind off the stress of life. Adding tension to it isn't really helping anybody now, is it? .-.
  5. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    With his head hung low, Devin pushed open the doors of the Inn. He knew deep down that he couldn't have prevented what had happened, but he still blamed himself for it. Now, the dark mage was missing, and they had lost their only lead on her location. He was surprised to find the winged angel inside the Inn, conversing with another person at the bar. The particles in his body split and he turned into what appeared to be a swarm of bees, but it was really just his body, split into tiny molecules which formed a sentient being. The particles rushed past Kyle and solidified behind the bar, where the silent bartender gasped in shock, before sailing pleasantly at Devin. He peered over the counter and knocked the gentleman who was facing Kyle on the back of the skull. "Mister Angel, I thought you only flirted with the ladies," he teased.
  6. Festival of Faces Interest Check

    AHAHA Rip, at least you still have Heather to work with
  7. Strangers Meet in Strange Places

    The wind rustled soundlessly. The body of the decapidated girl turned into a dark Essence that drifted off into the wind. The silvery particles which clung to Goliath's body detached themselves and flew off across the barren landscape. Devin knew not of what Rachel was trying to do, but he knew for his part that she wouldn't simply be killed so easily. Rachel had absorbed the powers of an Elemental Prince. If anything, she would regrow her head in time. But what worried him most was her particle form. Her flesh could slide back and forth like his, except she had a much greater control. Night was falling. Soon, the great orc that had helped him was just a spec in the distance. Devin didn't even have the chance to thank him. Go back my love. I'll find you. The voice reverberated though his mind. Devin dug his feet into the ground, coming to a complete stop. He had failed his Mission. But it didn't matter to him. Rachel Azraelian was no longer the same girl that he had loved before. She was no longer sweet, no longer caring. She was cold, ambitious, and selfish. He didn't know if she would ever return. He bit his lip softly a slid a small shard out of his pocket. Slamming it onto the ground, a small portal opened on the ground, large enough for only the width of a human. He turned his head to the forest, albeit briefly. He gazed at the trees, thinking of how he had been helped by the most unlikely of people. For indeed, Strangers met in Strange places. "May Gaia be with you Goliath," he muttered to no one, jumping through the portal. As his form disappeared and he portal closed, no one would have known that on this night, an orc helped a human to prevent a terrible disaster.
  8. Strangers Meet in Strange Places

    "Please understand, she can still be helped, we just need to stop her until we get her somewhere safe." Devin looked away as a case of ice wrapped itself around Rachel's body, creeping up her ankles and along her legs. During this process, the forest shook with a disembodied voice. Devin? Devin is that you? Devin why are you trying to kill me? I thought you loved me? The voice shook with powerful feelings of anguish, causing the ground to rumble and the trees to sway violently. "She's lost it... Hurry Orc!" The ice had slid up her thighs and was making its way around her waist, but it suddenly halted its advance, dark energies pecking at the growing topmost layers. Devin hated doing what he was about to do. He was a swordsman, but after the years of being his previous master's sidekick, he'd picked up a few tricks. "Vi trahunt a me, et studia vestra influunt." Devin's body erupted into particles, his molecules separating into small fragments which began to cling to Goliath's body, covering him in a glowing silver glitter. His voice echoed around Goliath, but not as loud as Rachel's was. Do what you must, and do not look back. I will protect you.
  9. Strangers Meet in Strange Places

    Devin peered through a gap in the brush that Goliath had hacked away. The sun was beginning to set, darkness beginning to settle upon the land. The shadows cast by the trees hummed with energy, leeching power from the girl which sat still as a statue in the middle of a small clearing. The jungle grew increasingly quiet as they approached her, before Devin soon realized that it the jungle was not actually growing quiet. The air around them slowly became thinner and thinner as a powerful void began to radiate from the girl. The grass around her feet had rotted and decomposed, leaving dark clouds of corrosive gas swirling about below her. As Devin began to push through the mist, the first thing he noticed was that he couldn't breathe. It was as if a vice was wrapped around his throat. The second thing that he noticed was that his movements had become sluggish. Something was terribly wrong. Ever since Rachel had lost her memory, her powers had become increasingly unstable. It had reached the point where she had almost killed one of their group members. As he continued to push through the seemingly airless field, he noticed that his breathing rate had slowed. Was time slowing down? Rachel wasn't capable of time manipulation. He didn't get that. To his horror, he saw bits and particles of his flesh beginning to turn to dust and fall of his body. It was just a little, but he knew of Rachel's anti-matter spells. If they didn't stop her, she would vaporize a huge chunk of the forest, as well as herself.
  10. Strangers Meet in Strange Places

    The beast that sprung forth from within the bushes caught Devin unprepared. The eerie silence of the jungle was getting to him. In any open plain, Devin wouldn't fear any enemy that he could see. But he could not fight something that lurked from within bushes. The orc had saved him twice now. Devin didn't know whether to feel gratitude or humiliation. He had only ever been grateful to two people in his life. One of them was lost in these woods right now, and he couldn't let her down. "We must keep moving, there may be more, or something worse," the orc muttered in a serious tone. "Agreed, lead the way," Devin glanced at the orc, sheathing his sword. In the dense jungle, his weapon would only hinder his movement. At least when unarmed, he could shift his form quicker than if his hands were occupied. Devin had personally never traversed such terrain before. He was used to open plains, where he could ride his horse on for days. He was not at all accustomed to these lands. In the corner of his eye, he saw the shape of the sun, about 3 quarters down its path from noon. "Good fellow, we must hurry. We don't have much time to find her," he said in a flustered voice.
  11. Strangers Meet in Strange Places

    Devin was uncertain of whether or not to follow the orc. His history of being betrayed and backstabbed before he finally joined Edric Carter and the Rose Offensive was a long and painful one. But before he could reply, the orc began to sniff around with its nose, and headed off towards a direction in which he thought smelled different. This dude has never seen the horrors of the world Well, Devin didn't have much choice, did he? He was in awe at how sincere the orc was, and how it had not even suspected him at all. Still, he could not allow his heart to stop suspecting. He cautiously followed along, his hand gripping tightly around his sword. The forest reached for him with gnarled branches and creeping roots. It wasn't the kind of warm nature which A'aria emitted from her body. This aspect of nature was hostile. Unforgiving. Cruel. Devin's ears perked as he heard a swift rustling of leaves in the bushes to his left, and then to his right. He sped up and tried to stick closer to the orc. "So... Goliath, what creatures dwell in these forests?" he looked over his shoulder, his entire body tensing up. After a few more steps of walking, he spoke again, "No, she is not a firebender. The girl I am looking for practices dark magic." The rustle came again, louder and nearer this time. Something large was moving through the forest. He and the orc were not alone in these woods.
  12. Tavern of Legend OOC

    I liked the original one ;-; This one looks really boggy on my phone
  13. Strangers Meet in Strange Places

    Devin's eyes twitched instinctively to a break in the constant swaying of the trees. A powerfully built orc lumbered between the trunks with his arms raised. He is totally going to eat me now. Immediately, Devin anticipated some sort of trap. It wasn't rare that he'd be led right into ambushes. Not that it really mattered, he usually made whoever ambushed him regret it greatly. Upon seeing the orc lower his axe, Devin too lowered his sword, low enough to not pose a threat, but in a position where he would be able to react quickly if the orc did decide to attack. His racing heart slowed down to a steady beat. He sized up the creature, not sure whether or not he should try to communicate with it. To his shock, it spoke first. "Hello there, you look lost, traveler, are you looking for something?" the orc asked in a surprisingly pleasant tone. Devin was taken aback. He lowered his blade completely, now holding it with only one hand, its edge drooping towards the ground. He studied the orc's expression. In spite of the orc's humongous size and brutish appearance, he seemed rather sincere in his concerned inquiry. Devin gave a long sigh, "My name is Devin Allagard, I'm looking for... A girl. She got lost in these woods. If I do not find her by nightfall, I fear she may run too far to be found." After a long period of deliberating, he asked, "And what would your name be?"
  14. Tavern of Legend OOC

    @Warlock Welcome back to the Tavern! I'll leave it to my associates to keep you busy ;)
  15. Strangers Meet in Strange Places

    Purple particles left a burnt smell in the air, sizzling like the coals in a fire before evaporating into nothingness. They sprang forth from a whirling mass of magical energies which seemed to force their way through reality. From within, a grey cloaked human male leapt out of the portal, slowing from a full sprint into a slow jog. He narrowly avoided colliding with a tree, bending over onto his knees to catch his breath. "Rachel?!" he shouted at the top of his lungs, although quickly regretting it, realizing how far his voice would echo in the dense woodland. He whipped his head around frantically, although nothing seemed to be particularly threatening to him at that point of time. He looked up into the sky, a wall of foliage allowing only small pockets of sunlight to seep through. He hated the forests. They made it very difficult for the molecules in his body to stay connected, preventing him from using his dust form to look for her. He sighed. Edric wouldn't be to happy to know that two of his members were missing. He had to find Rachel as quickly as possible and return her to the Tavern. Devin rolled up his sleeve, examining the row of rose tattoos that dotted his forearm. All of them glowed faintly, but one. The dark rose had a slightly bright glow to it. That was reassuring, it meant that Rachel was still within the forest. How he would find her, he didn't know. He considered that maybe Rachel would return after she got over the trauma, but he couldn't count on it. His life's love wasn't something that he could gamble with anyways. Rachel's ability to manipulate dark magic was also a concern. If she was traumatized, the shadows would rush to protect her. If night fell, it would be almost impossible to locate her. She could be anywhere, at anytime, at her own will. He had to locate her before the sun went down. He peered upwards again, taking note of the position of the sun, before a vigorous rustling sound was heard in the undergrowth. Devin drew his sword, backing himself up against a tree. He didn't have time to waste, but he wasn't going to throw his life away on something that he could deal with if he faced head on.