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  1. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

  2. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Travelling into the corner for a quite time was not a good idea as more and more people milled in. Turning to face my compatriots I nodded at their names and then "Well my friends call me Shade so yeah cal me Shade; and it wasnt because I wasshady " he said hastily adding the last bit . "As for the cat" he turned to Petra "T'was our family cat who ded in a nasty accident and before he could enjoy himself in kitty heaven I brought him back an so what do I get.... A disgruntled uhappy fat black shadow cat - he hates everyone"I remarked before watching te cat in question walk over to Petra and rub its head against her arm softly mewling. "What!?" I eclaimed "How..." I said before shaking my head and I turned to greet a samurai and a woman ( @Sparrowgirl) . I turned back to Petra "So what brings you here?" I asked whilst glaring at the cat who almost smirked at me. @Uschi @Youska
  3. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    Seeing Luke step out of the portalMeiyo had half a mind to check if he was ok however ll that came out was "I did warn you" before walking down into the main tavern area ushering Archeaus in with him as he watched Luke set out for the tavern of legend. In the main area I turned to Archeaus and muttered "Don't start" before calling out to anyone for a drink and a nice warm meal.
  4. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    Stumbling out of the sparring room Meiyo led his friend to a nearby chair letting him take a rest whilst Meiyo secretly wanted to wait for Luke and apologize. 'It should of been me instead' he thought to himself. The dark figure nearby animatedly stretched he looked content and proclaimed this "Haven't had that much fun in years"he said enthusiastically.
  5. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    "I am unfamiliar with this place . I'm assuming this is the sparring place" It mused carefully. "Anywhere will do to sate my boredom and anyone... Come you waste time hurry up . Im ready "It said , you couldnt tell but under the shadowed hood it was grinning as it prepared itself for a short clean kill. "I shall not kill you for now for my friend Meyo will get blamed... Public humiliation however...."It chuckled darkly standing in a ready stance.
  6. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    The dark figure then turned to Luke and said "Mortal. I am bored you shall cease this boredom and spar with me" Meiyo hoplessly looked at Luke shaking his head before the figure stood infront of Meiyo blocking him from Luke's view "Are all mortal cowards or what.."the dark figure said impatiently tapping his armoured foot on the ground making clinking noises "I want to amuse myself.."it said smoothly hands on two sinister looking handes.
  7. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    Still as a statue Meiyo igored Lukes curious attempts at communication ignoring his jest at him listening to A'aiar for once who in question shortly got up completely missed him and walked out of the room. Sneak level up 46*. Jumping to my feet and cracking my joints I decided to go to the sparring room when suddenly on the trip my stone was buzzing. I took out a small grey stone and holding it out a figure appeared infront of me "What are you doin here!" I hissed It cackled evilly and said "Im bored no souls to steal the nearby villagers are all dead and no demons for miles around.." "Thats got nothing to do with me! There are just innocent people in here! Do you not know nothing of honour and my teachings!" I said earnestly whilst entering the sparring room "Go kill someplace else...-" he was cut off by noticing Luke in the sparring room . Oh no was all he thought before... "Mortal!" the black armoured fiure screeched before being cut of by Meiyo. "Do not accept his challenge Luke ! He is far too powerful in his current state for you..." Meiyo started before this figure cut him off and said "Thats dishonourable Meiyo. Tut tut tut . Let him decide his decisions". This shut Meiyo up. Unforanetly his friend was right. *=gotta love the skyrim reference
  8. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    I groaned as I woke up ; sleeping in armour was never fun . I then proceeded to take a shower before noticing A'aiar sleeping all on her own in a double bed. I almost felt sorry for her 'did she take my statement of Rafael sleeping with her too literally?' I worriedly thought to myself. I sadly and lightly pet her on her head as way of sorry and took a shower making sure that my Nadashi was close at hand. Redressing myself in informal attire was a thing I was unused to and so I donned the same set of armour and carefully tip toed past A'aiar's bed guiltily before tripping over my Nadashi . Clunk! I had fallen over probably waking half the Tavern. I thought about what to do on the floor I get up and run? Noo that would be dishonourable. I could get up and carry on? No its the morning I handle A'aiar moaning at me about how enjoyable sleep is. Or I could..... I lay there still as a statue on the floor waiting , waiting ....
  9. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    Boredom was all Meiyo felt as he was wrapped in fortress of blankets. He could've sparked a conversation with A'aiar yet she was no doubt sleeping I decided to meditate.. Peace and Tranquility I thought . Honour and comaradery - I thought to my best friend Archeaus. I suddenly smiled I needed to introduce him to Rafael that woldnt end well he'd probably try and kill him and everyone here . Family and trust. A lone tear rolled down my eye … I always loved my family even as I drove my blade through their hearts. If one were to walk in on me they would see me wrapped in blankets kneeling a lone tear on my face yet I carried on; meditation is good for the soul
  10. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    "No... but.." Meiyo struggled to defend Luke's point however it didnt matter Luke had left leaving 'his' bed undefended. With a scramble and a heavy clink of armour Meiyo scrambled into his bed and created an igloo of blankets with his face just peaking out a giant smirk on his face as he'd claimed Luke's bed as his own. He looked over to A'aiar who had just given up being the motherly figure "Oh God imagine trying to get a peaceful sleep tonight with those two!"disregarding the fact he mostly started the fights althought to be fair Meiyo was always used to being the superior and unchallenged. Meeting Luke and Rafael had changed this perspective.
  11. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    "Fine"I grumbled to A'aiar "I shall resist.. challenging him sure take whatever bed you like. Although I thought Rafael was to take that bed no matter you can sleep with him " I jested before being yanked off the bed by Luke "First you assert your dominance by strutting around wanting to flex your muscles and now since Im the only male opressor you want to belitlle me " I snapped before leaping up and snatching the matress back attempting to rectify the mess he'd created . Cleansliness is friendliness my master used to say.
  12. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    I chuckled at Connors card performance especially hard since I was trapped to the wall in a crushing hold. "I simply love magicians and they're fanciness" I said smiling . I was prepared to get rid of the cards before Connor withdrew and angrily walked away.. 'What a strange fellow' I thought to myself noticing the sparring match finished. Rafael had to depart and luke set off for his... no.. our room. Looking into the room was luxury far better than the academies rooms. This one even had a bathroom to which Luke was undressing to which A'aiar did not appreciate "I would prefer you to wear some clothes than to walk around flexing your muscles ..." I said shrewdly As for the bedding arrangements I thought 'Closer to the door would be better should I have a need of blocking an escape ' . "I call this bed" I said out loud pointing my figure daring Luke to contest me as I sat on it.
  13. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    "So if you can control them show me. I am curious your art seems to be very interesting and quite fancy . I mean playing cards ..." I said lost in my own fantasies of shooting playing cards at people. "I want to see your capabilities..." I said excitedly
  14. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    I mused to myself at the answer "I am strictly forbidden to lie due to my code. It makes it easier to tell when someon is lying-" he was cut off by Connor and with a gasp I said "Its you the magician with the cards that cant even perform a magic trick!Small world..." I said "Why do you have a set of cards anyways?" I asked curiously
  15. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    OOC: Im literally crying right now with hopelessness IM A GUY! As the warrior MAN turned he noticed A'aiar relief flooded his face as he sat next to her. "Typical... last one here and I miss out on the sparring" I grumbled. I took out my nadashi pathetically and imagined sparring with Luke and the expression on his fac when I bested him. I sighed "Well since I'm not in any action might as well socialize."he turned to his fellow compatriot "So... how comes you cant talk..."I said calmly.