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  1. Looking for an easy setting

    I wasn`t sure what was happening with the rabbit. I did not know who was going to be the rabbit now.
  2. Looking for partners or a group to rp with

    I am interested! I only have one character, Echoshine . I don`t really know if your characters will be compatible with her it would be funny with Kryos and his magic since she has no idea about any magic. But she might be cute with Snow... I would like faster pace too, I hate people that take FOREVER to respond. But I don`t really have any ideas...
  3. [Quest]- Searching for the Golden Bunny!

    "Your welcome!" Smiling back as she walked slowly with the witch, you have to walk faster then normal all the time to catch up with a tiger after all. Her eyes widened as before her eyes the lizard turned into a snake. "Wh-how?" She was so confused, how can a lizard turn into a snake? Having seen some stuff in the wild but she has never saw that before. Is the snake fake? She tried to poke it with her long nail but it disappeared again. Still really confused she blinked at the witch, "Echoshine. The tiger is Moon, and the blue cat is named Sun."
  4. [Quest]- Searching for the Golden Bunny!

    "Raine? That is a pretty name." She tried to make small talk, noticing how nervous the other was. Her eyes widened as a lizard popped up and spoke. "Wow. Hello Merlin! I have never talked to a lizard. Can you belie-" She was cut off as the lizard padded away into her hat. She was slightly bummed despite being able to talk to animals she has noticed a lot of animals not caring to talk to her or simply can't talk at all, lizards normally fall under the first category. "That is so cool! A witch! I have never meet one before! But I am not a human so don't worry about me." She leaned in and whispered to the female, "I don't know about him though." And pointed at Cornelius, while he was walking through the bushes.
  5. [Quest]- Searching for the Golden Bunny!

    Still smiling slightly she nodded back, "Well to be precise, Sun knows where it is." Realizing that she never got the human name she looked to her, "What is your name, human?" Then she turned around and started making her way back to where the cat was. She could feel where he was if she slightly concentrated, and well if the plants let her.
  6. [Quest]- Searching for the Golden Bunny!

    Echoshine couln`t help but chuckle lightly at the figure falling over. She knows she shouln`t but for somebody to be afraid of Moon. He did look rather frightening though with all that blood over him, she supposed. Nodding at Cornelius idea she shooed him away, "Go back to Sun, she might need help or something." Grumbling he eyed the figure on the grass, Please don`t tell me it`s because of her?? I will not follow orders or demands from a human! She waved him away stepping behind Cornelius, "Yeah sure whatever Sun. Go." With that he left still growling at the other humans. "Sorry about him, he is a jerk, but he is nice every once in a while." She smiled. "Are you looking for the rabbit too? We are on its trail."
  7. [Quest]- Searching for the Golden Bunny!

    Confused with no sound behind her she looked over her shoulder to see the man gone. Signing she told the cat to wait there but follow the rabbit if it goes far she stalked over to where they originally were. Moon followed her as she heard something like screaming and thrashing through the bushes. Great that man is going to chase the rabbit off. Following the sound she burst through some bushes too see Cornelius introducing himself to a cloaked figure with a knife. Moon instantly started snarling at the figure, adrenaline still in his mind. Honestly he looked scary as he still had blood dripping from his maw and his claws were covered in blood. Echoshine pushed him away to behind her and stepped forward, "Cornelius. Who is your friend with the knife?" She pointed to the knife, eyeing the figure wearily.
  8. Looking for an easy setting

    Hey its cool! We are fine with it, don`t worry! Like Abraham said the quest is for beginners! Beginners welcome! It`s a simple little fun quest anyways, it was not like a huge complicated quest or nothing. Hope you have fun!
  9. [Quest]- Searching for the Golden Bunny!

    Echoshine followed the cat, easy to keep an eye on her cause of her blue pelt stood out against the greenery. Moon was right behind her, sniffing the air and the ground, even though it was hard to smell anything through the thick blood on his snout and fur as they marched through. Echoshine did not bothered to see if the human was following them, they all were dead silent. Which they normally were while hunting something. The cat picked up speed a bit then paused suddenly almost making Echoshine lose her footing but somehow able to stay quiet. The dumb thing is through those bushes. Sun pointed with her tail to a thick bramble bush. The more Echoshine looked around she noticed something small defiantly charged through here. There was grass stomped on and the bramble bush had a slight hole as if the rabbit burrowed through it. She pointed to the bramble bush trying to signal to him to keep his mouth closed.
  10. [Quest]- Searching for the Golden Bunny!

    Echoshine made sure none of the gross men could see her while still seeing what's going on. When she saw that the rabbit they were holding were golden she started coming forward drawing her knife from her back pocket. Before she could get there though Cornelius shoved one of them back and brought out his sword. She stepped back, however, when fire erupted from the sword. But Moon charged in not caring about the fire. He went after the one with the rabbit, but the gross men in shock dropped the rabbit before he could get to it. Moon, in the heat of the moment, clasped on to one of the man's arms and tore it out of the body. Blood pouring out, the man whispered and yelped then ran off. Echoshine glanced around at the scene. "Nice going, Moon! You let the rabbit get away!" Well at least I did something! Unlike you who stood there frozen! "Shut up! It was because of his flaming sword!" She pointed to Cornelius, "How did you do that anyways?" Would you all shut up for one moment so I can concentrate! Echoshine looked over her shoulder to see Sun heading in a direction, sniffing the ground. She gasped, " That's right! You are a wonderful smeller, Sun." Racing towards where Sun was going she looked to Cornelius, "Are you coming?"
  11. Looking for Roleplay Partners!

    I am doing a short quest rn then somebody else might want to do a quest after that. We can do a short quest or a quest after that?
  12. Looking for Roleplay Partners!

    That would be cool! I would like that.
  13. Looking for an easy setting

    Yeah he really dosen`t like anybody. XD he is a jerk. What Abraham said! It really made me grin as I was reading it!
  14. Looking for an easy setting

    Okay. Moon would love to sink his teeth into something cause of having to work along side Cornelius.
  15. Looking for Roleplay Partners!

    I would LOVE to rp with you!!! Your ideas sound very interesting! I only have a female character so yeah. I love your first idea and second. I am on almost everyday, because I have no life. But I am brand new to Rp and doing extremely long paragraphs is hard for me, but if you are patient with me I will try my best!