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  1. Bkfootball

    Black And Red [Norkotia]

    Cal rolled his eyes once he heard the alarm go off. Not that he hadn't expected it, of course. Arrogant people are always the most likely to fail. As Persephone ran into a building, Cal decided to be more cautious. He slowly snaked his way toward the complex, finding the nearest bit of cover when a searchlight neared his location. He regretted his decision as he heard footsteps coming from the nearest building, one set of them coming right toward the pile of sandbags he was hiding behind. Unsheathing his spear, Cal waited until the guard's footsteps came within striking distance, and then vaulted over the sandbag and pierced the spear right through the man's neck. His body collapsed to the ground with a soft thud as he bled out. "Great, the mission just started and I already have blood on my hands." Cal used the momentum to sprint past the remaining stretch of field, slinking his way around the searchlights. Cal opened the door to the nearest building, walked in, and surveyed his surroundings. It looked old and dilapidated, its only notable contents some storage crates and a wooden door on the other side of the room. He replied to Persephone's question. "We track down this guy, of course. And I'm in an old building with nobody in it."
  2. Bkfootball

    Ruin has come to Ashville

    Moving in behind the others, Archmaic's will to fight was much improved by the slaughter of multiple smaller creatures by his comrades via spear, dagger, and fire. He surveyed the battlefield with awe as the countless swarm launched itself at the smaller party. Every creature acted as one, and yet as an individual which prided itself in their destruction. Archmaic used his staff to send a bolt of magical energy at one of the smaller ones, instantly stopping its assault, and its life. As another got close, he bashed away with his sturdy staff and shot another bolt at it, with the same result. Ah yes, he had missed this action. He gleefully executed about twenty more creatures before he heard Raegar's cry for help. Archmaic took another quick look at the battlefield, and noted it mentally. He began to slowly fight back towards his party, swinging at and launching more bolts of energy at the small blobs, and before long finding he had reached Malcom, a much better spot to be in for what he had planned. He turned toward the larger creature and held his open palm out toward it. Almost immediately, the... thing had a faint glow around its outline as Archmaic used his telekinetic power to hold it in place. Performing even a simple action would take a large amount of force on the creature's part. Of course, maintaining such a large and powerful thing under his grip took a large amount of force and concentration by the mage himself, and as such, Archmaic had to stay completely focused on it, and paid no heed toward the many small creatures which swarmed all around him.
  3. Bkfootball

    Small Town Mysteries (interest Check)

    I'm definitely interested in this type of roleplay, the old adventurer formula can get kind of stale sometimes.
  4. Bkfootball

    Black And Red (OOC)

    I'll sit out this one, I don't really have anything to add right now.
  5. Bkfootball

    Ruin has come to Ashville

    Archmaic, being a man who stuck mainly to solving how things worked among the known, was both awestruck and utterly confused by the scene unfolding before him. It seemed eerily strange, like something that could be only thought of. No, not even that. These things were incapable of being thought up by any mortal being. They completely defied description in every way. Their methods of moving, their physical bodies... everything! "The reason they're feeding on the larger one is so they can escape, grow up, and spread the nightmare further, like spores from a fungus of some type," Archmaic thought to himself. The most logical course of action would be destroying the larger thing to end the nightmare they were in... But that was at the cost of letting the little ones escape and causing even more havoc elsewhere. The thoughts and feelings of his comrades, Archmaic had simply pushed to the side for the time being. There was too much to focus on to deal with them for now. But the more he thought about it, the more he realized that among the four others he had started connecting himself to, there was another one... stronger, and yet more quiet than the rest of them. It was odd, much different than any person's mind he'd ever explored, yet somehow similar. It terrified him more than anything else in the room. Archmaic awoke from his stupor, thinking over what he said for a moment. "I can hold the thing there while you kill it." Archmaic told the spearman soberly. "Be quick though, I can't hold something its size off for too long."
  6. Bkfootball


    Xaga is an elf who uses magic to make semi-sentient creatures out of various flora. Backstory Xaga's community of elves lived quite a fair distance away from other elven communities in the Wilds of Terrenus. At a young age, Xaga's community was ransacked and burned by a raiding party. As the villagers fled through the forest toward the nearest community, Xaga was lost by her parents in the deep, lush green of Terrenus's deep forests. While wandering around, she stumbled upon an aging treant. The sentient tree took pity on the elf and decided to take care of her until she was old enough to be on her own. Over time, Xaga learned to become one with nature, a skill only treants generally learn. However, Xaga's magical prowess as an elf didn't manifest, due to her influence with nature rather than her own kind. However, her likeness with nature manifested with her elven magical prowess, and allowed her the ability to make semi-sentient beings out of the nature, which she could give orders to. When Xaga showed the treant her power, he realized that she was ready, and sent her off into the world. Recent Backstory(Roleplays she's been in) None have been finished yet! Personality Xaga is mostly reserved, but a social butterfly when near good friends. She is charismatic, kind, and caring, but has a fiery temper when pushed too far. She is very emotional and can get easily offended. She is especially protective of plant life, and is quick to defend it in arguments and warfare. She is very observant and absorbs information quickly, but can easily forget smaller things. Appearance Xaga wears a one-piece light green tunic, rounded out on the bottom by a skirt of the same color which ends just above her knee. She wears brown boots that go halfway up her shin. She has short, messy light brown hair, blue eyes, and Caucasian skin. She has pointed ears(she's an elf) and is 5' 6" tall. Abilities Xaga can take certain small plants and use them to form a semi-sentient plant which takes orders from her. The creature is about 3 feet tall with a general humanoid body shape. It has eyes on its head area, but the only other feature is the original type of plant growing all over the creature's body. Maintaining these creatures takes some of Xaga's life force, so the more she has, the weaker she will be in physical combat. She also cannot maintain any while unconscious. Xaga is also quite gifted in hand-to-hand combat without using weapons, but is less skilled at it while she has more plant creatures under her control.
  7. Bkfootball

    Black And Red [Norkotia]

    Cal gently took the device from the man, examining it in his hands. Magitech gadgets were always interesting to him, and he'd love to see its inner workings. Later, of course. Cal put it in his ear and noticed how unreliable the signal was, likely due to the anti-magical nature of the land they inhabited. It was odd to him how the device even worked as well as it did, though the technical element probably had something to do with it. Hyeok's plan was pretty reassuring to Cal, though the position was likely very dangerous in the event that the alarm was sounded even if he was a fantastic sniper, the suppressive fire coming from more than 6 guards would probably be too much for him to handle, and he was pretty useless as a distraction if he was dead. Of course, the entire point of the backup plan was that is was executed in the event that Vince failed, and he clearly had no problem reminding them how great at stealth he was. He also clearly had failed to realize that backup plans are a major part of any operation, and not meant as an insult to him. "If Vince doesn't fail, I advise we split up and track down Wenig separately after we get inside the complex. Less of a chance of getting caught, and a higher chance of finding the man himself."
  8. Bkfootball

    Ruin has come to Ashville

    Yeah, Cacti can post. I was on vacation for the last few days and have nothing really thought out yet.
  9. Bkfootball

    Hunting the Amulet (1x1)

    Cal could tell that Marcus was very curious about his amulet. Marcus also assumed that he could take care of himself, but Cal wasn't too sure. Mages are generally not as good against smaller creatures because they favor magic that drains the person rather than using a conventional weapon, at least in his experiences. "I'm technically an earth spirit, although I personally like acting as a human because it's more relatable." Cal decided to disclose some information, at least for now. He was a generally introverted person and didn't trust Marcus yet, so he didn't want to say too much. As Cal was thinking this, he heard a low growl coming from just to the right of the path they were traversing. He looked over and saw two yellow, canine-looking eyes protruding from the darkness only about 5 meters away, and then faded away back into darkness. Wolves were smarter than most would expect, generally sending a lone wolf to scout out any prey before attacking as a pack.
  10. Bkfootball

    Black And Red [Norkotia]

    Cal was usually rather quiet in large groups, at least until he got more acquainted with them first. He liked this about himself, though. It allowed him to think more easily instead of trying to add onto other peoples' conversations. And even now he was using it to formulate through everyone's plans, cutting pieces of them out or adding his own ideas to find the most optimal method of attack, and stitching it all together to make a fleshed-out collection of ideas which would form a plan. "For Plan A to work, we need to rely entirely on the elf's stealthiness and the enemy's inability to detect him. If he's captured or killed, the alarm will almost surely sound and we'll have to resort to Plan B. But what exactly will we do in the case of a Plan B? Our VIP will likely be escorted out of the building as hastily as possible. I suggest in that case, that we form a perimeter around the building and watch any possible exit point. If one of us sees the man, they'll either attempt to take the escort out by themselves or signal to the rest of us." Cal looked over the rest of the group. "If nobody has a better plan, of course."
  11. Bkfootball

    Ruin has come to Ashville

    Archmaic simply didn't know who to side with. Yes, Aygis the Magus(probably a stupid name she gave to herself) was being quite annoying, but Jet's unwarranted use of violence didn't help any of the members of the party. "You know what, screw both of them," he thought to himself. He felt like killing both of them right there, how fun it would be to hear them scream as he used their favorite techniques against them. The soft sound of the spear landing in Malcolm's hand convinced him otherwise, though. At least for right now. Then Archmaic realized that Malcolm was getting some unfair treatment, too. He had completely left their party and came back with some stranger, who suddenly decided "screw all these people, stab 'em if you want I guess." If anything, Malcolm was even more crazy than any member of the group, with that odd smile he gave them. But he would let it go... for now. As Malcolm brushed past him through the wall, he realized something. "I could just leave them all here and turn back by myself. Who needs them anyway?" Archmaic turned around and looked at the black empty space all around him, like the stomach of a being from hell itself... whatever those were called. "No, I guess not," he thought to himself yet again. Archmaic gathered his resolve, turned around, and stepped through the wall. What he found on the other side was... disturbing, to say the least. Organic matter coated everything around them and it was covered in some wet substance that already covered the soles of his boots. This wasn't what bothered him, he was quite used to illusions based on sight. What truly terrified Archmaic was how real the place felt to every other sense. He could smell the vile, foul odor of rotting flesh around him from all directions. The rubbery and yet sticky feel of the substance under his feet. The sound of distant machinery(?) alongside the rhythmic, nearby beating of his heart. And... No, he wouldn't think about tasting it. "Well, onward is the only way to go, I suppose." Archmaic gripped his staff harder in his already trembling hands. This was truly an experience he would remember for a long time.
  12. Bkfootball

    Hunting the Amulet (1x1)

    Cal picked up his spear and polished its blade free of all the dirt that was once clinging to it. "Mine's Cal. And no, you can't have the amulet." He started walking along the treeline in the opposite direction Marcus had come from. "It's about half a mile to the start of the trail, and then a mile or so until we actually reach this ravine. Follow me closely, or you'll probably die horrifically. Or get a few scratches, but there's really not too big of a difference." Around 20 minutes later, Cal finally arrived at the spot. He pointed out a 10x10 meter area of leaves and brush. "This area right here is more thick and dense. It's kind of hard to see, but it can be noticed with a keen eye. Cal pushed the overhanging branches aside as he walked through the entrance, using his spear to cut off especially annoying ones. "Watch out for creatures, by the way. Especially bats and birds of prey. They can get mighty nasty during the night, even more so than on other continents."
  13. Bkfootball

    Black And Red [Norkotia]

    Cal, being the uptight individual that he was, arrived just slightly before the woman with the pointed ears walked in. Immediately entering the room, ignoring the smells of the city and sights of the abandoned warehouse that he was pretty acquainted to, he first noticed the map sitting on the table. Cal had an affinity for maps and anything geography related, and could probably name the majority of the towns in Terrenus. For the time being, though, he was studying the map and searching for any possible weaknesses in the facility. He noticed a few almost immediately, particularly the rotary gun. The fact that it was even there was a weakness in of itself, any people guarding it would not expect to be attacked and would likely be easily surprised. Of course, first, they'd have to take out the sniper towers first, which could be pretty hard to take down with garnering the attention of said rotary gun. What worried him more than anything was the fancy-looking man's talk of the local police. He'd heard this plenty of times-people being sent in as "allies who don't know about your mission, and might kill you if they see you." What Cal had found on his operations was that most of the time they fully knew you were there, and would take you out purposefully so that you didn't have to get paid. He'd keep an eye out for that. As Cal leaned over the map, he heard a click which would normally be quite silent, but its echoing off the walls of the warehouse in combination with the relative silence in the room made it clearly heard by everyone. Cal looked over the man, specifically examining his rifle. It seemed quite well built, and ready to neutralize any and all that stood in its way. The man himself he found was very similar to himself, very picky and made it clear exactly what he wanted. As soon as he started talking about tactics, Cal knew that he was playing the leader card. The best way to make yourself a leader is to talk first and ask questions later. Cal was pretty fine with this, he didn't consider himself a leader type. No, he was far too reclusive and solitary. What he did like was being an advisor of sorts to said leader. Cal had high confidence in his own military strategy and cunning in general. He also agreed with the man's tactics, which somewhat monitored his own thoughts. Cal pointed to a tower situated around the very edge of the compound and about 200 yards east of the position the "commander" had pointed to, which was likely a solid choice for a sniper. "We'll have to take out this guy first, without attracting any attention from the rest of the guards."
  14. Bkfootball

    Hunting the Amulet (1x1)

    At the very first word said by the newcomer, Cal opened his eyes and took him in. He seemed to be a mage, a type of warrior that Cal was pretty good at fighting, all things considered. He looked down at his amulet and back up at this person. "No offense to you, sir, but this amulet isn't exactly for sale. I can see that you are definitely a collector of rare items, but this one is one-of-a-kind indeed." Cal stood up and brushed the dirt off of his lower body, just then remembering the Starseeker's Amulet. He thought about bringing it up, but he preferred not to, as he might have to give it to the salesman. But then again, it would probably be much easier to search the deep cavern with two people. And if this mage wanted it for himself, he could always just kill him later. "I do fancy myself a treasure hunter, though, so I'll make a deal with you." Cal gestured towards the deep woods which he had just exited before. "I'll help you find a treasure even greater, located just in that direction. It might be kinda dangerous with all sorts of beasts around, but that's never stopped me before, and I suppose it won't stop you."
  15. Bkfootball

    Ruin has come to Ashville

    Staring blankly at the piece of paper, Archmaic was suddenly outraged. He'd been tricked into answering this "plea for help," and now the town was stripping away both his memories and his vocabulary. Not only that, but he had to help save the town to get either of those things back? It was like being swindled and having to follow what he said to get your items back. Archmaic especially hated that, since he was used to being the one who outsmarted other people. Archmaic then relented, as he realized that he was somewhat lucky that he even had that... that he could even feel that he was outraged? Bah, whatever. At least his party included two somewhat competent adventurers. He looked around the room, in search of what could be a possible exit. They would destroy the curse on this town and restore order, Archmaic thought cheerfully. At least, he wanted to think cheerfully in anticipation of it being the last cheerful thought he had.