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  1. Bkfootball

    Not All Floods Involve Water

    Xaga observed Lars as he ate the meat on the skewer, and how he savored every bite of it as if it were the greatest food in the world. This made Xaga a little hungry, but she preferred food that she herself had made. It gave her a sense of pride knowing how she had worked for her meal, and how well it tasted when she ate it. When the skewer and tea were thrust into her hands, she realized she didn't really have a choice. The skewer did indeed smell as great up close as it did from far away, better even. And the uptight guard wouldn't be happy if she rejected it, anyway. So she decided to try the food. It was great. It was a little salty, which she didn't like, but the tenderness of the meat made up for it immensely. The whole thing was gone in just a few seconds. With her meal gone, Xaga decided to try the tea. It was alright, nothing great, but the minty feel left a good taste in her mouth. She realized that the newcomer had been talking about something for quite a while now, and she stopped in to listen to the rest.
  2. Bkfootball

    Black And Red [Norkotia]

    Cal sighed audibly. "I don't have an ID, you moron. I only-" His speech was interrupted by footsteps, footsteps which were shortly followed by another guard reporting something to the guards. The report wasn't the important part though- it was the distraction. Cal quickly lifted his rifle and fired a shot right at the first guard's head. The kick of the weapon was surprising to Cal, but the weight of the weapon felt amazing as it recoiled. Fortunately, his body was steady enough to prevent him from moving backward too far. The rifle's barrel was quickly pointed back at the guard who had just entered, assuming he was too slow to pull out his weapons fast enough. "Put your weapons on the ground. Now."
  3. Bkfootball

    Thus Spoke the Prophet (Factions)

    The figure clad in the green robes walked along, with seemingly no purpose for himself. He had woken up on the road just a few days prior, but couldn't recollect anything that had happened within the few days before he had woken up. As he was walking, he sensed something... magical energies in the air. With seemingly nothing to do, he decided to walk closer to wherever this was coming from. Eventually, he stumbled upon an.... odd-looking man. Well, odd was a relative term. Archmaic was dressed quite oddly himself, though not too oddly for a mage of his caliber. The weird man was talking about something. The mage moved closer, now in just the outer circle of people listening to him. He was talking about an old kingdom, about how magic should be free for all, and making it a gift for only the rich could lead to disastrous consequences. Archmaic agreed with this thought, magic is such a splendid thing, and everyone who wishes to partake in it should do so. Even so, Archmaic decided to turn away and start walking once again. Some political figure who just wanted to sway the people with "change" and whatnot. He had heard that one before. As he was leaving, however, the wheels of some sort of cart came to his attention. He looked back again, and saw a little girl. She was evidently badly burnt, likely due to the recent attack he had been hearing about. And then, she was enveloped with a glow of blinding light. When the mage's eyes opened with awe, he saw that the girl was fully healed. And the man... well, that was the greatest healing magic Archmaic had ever seen. "Then I ask of you now, lend me your strength that I may become your servant! Bring me the sick, the hungry, and the tired, so that we may show them our power that they may join us in our radiance!" Archmaic had made his decision. He would help this man and lead people to him. And who knows, maybe he could learn a thing or two about magic himself.
  4. Bkfootball

    Black And Red (OOC)

    Sorry for the short reply, I've been pretty busy recently.
  5. Bkfootball

    Black And Red [Norkotia]

    The stairwell was pretty fruitful so far, Cal was glad he had gone with this idea. The only guards there were headed outside, presumably to find the intruders that were already behind them. The thought of it put a smile on his face. Outsmarted and outplayed by a small, seemingly hopeless group of nobodies. He was rather rudely interrupted in his thinking by the guard who had just run into him. "Wait, who the hell are you?" Cal sighed, and put on his most convincing voice. "Dude, I'm a mercenary. Wenig hired us as reinforcements, which is clearly needed right now since you guards somehow can't deal with these intruders running around all over the place!"
  6. Bkfootball

    Not All Floods Involve Water

    Wiping the sweat off of her brow, Xaga leaned against the carriage and listened vaguely to what Lars had to say. Something about an easy and short trip or whatever. She doubted it. There was always something that went wrong, something that was intense in the moment but could be told as a great story later. She suddenly awoke from her thought to Lars placing a bag of coins in her hand and pointing to a stall. "Oh, sure, I'll do that." Xaga didn't know exactly what she was getting, but she suspected that he didn't want herbal tea, based on his personality. Her readiness to help always refused to ask questions, yet her logical thinking usually picked up the slack anyway. The elf approached the gentle-looking woman guarding the stall. "I'd like one of those, please." She pointed to the skewers and set the bag of coins on the stall. Picking up the skewer, she went on her way back to the carriage. It truly did smell divine, like a warm summer evening by the lake, and she caught herself sniffing at it more than once. She hadn't brought any money with her, unfortunately, so she'd just have to imagine what it tasted like. Or forget about it altogether. That was probably the better option. She walked up to Lars and gave him the skewer. "Here you go," she said in a somewhat monotone voice, before eyeing the newcomer. He looked to be quite powerful, kind, and respectful as well. He also seemed to be one of those monk types who do everything humbly, which in of itself isn't a bad trait. What was bad about them is the way they usually killed friendly conversation by being serious all the time. But, what did she know? Maybe this one was different.
  7. Bkfootball

    Thus Spoke the Prophet

    Mind if I join in too?
  8. Bkfootball

    Black And Red [Norkotia]

    The map provided some useful details for Cal, and a couple of options too. The lift seemed like the obvious choice, but not only was it easy to run into guards while using one, it could also break down easily and leave him trapped. No, the stairs were a much better option. He was in good shape, anyway. Picking away at rocks for endless hours will generally do that to you. The rifle was held closely to Cal's body as he quickly moved down the hallway while attempting to be as quiet as possible. The clink of the revolver occasionally hitting against his spear inside the holster jarred him a little bit, but it was pretty smooth sailing otherwise. Cal decided to go to the closer staircase, deciding that he didn't need to walk more than he already needed to. Soon, he found where the entrance to such a place should be, according to the map. He took up a spot next to the entrance and peeked in every so slightly, hoping the amount of guards inside would be manageable.
  9. Bkfootball

    Not All Floods Involve Water

    Ah, the Hyperion Market. It was a spectacle, a marvel, a clash of all things busy, yet colorful. Crowded and noisy, yet amazingly decorated and displayed. It was this combination of two seemingly opposite things that left the elf in awe at its mere existence. Gawking up at around at the flashy displays and stalls, always trying to get her to buy stuff that she didn't need. Not that she needed much of anything, being a nomad who had lived in the forest most of her life, but it still peeved her more than her usually stoic exterior would allow her to show. As she walked along, sometimes gawking at the exotic sights, sometimes being haggled by merchants asking her if she wanted a new bedspread for the bed she didn't have, only a little sure of where she was going, Xaga slowly moved onward. She maneuvered through the crowds of people like a snake moves through a field of crops. She remembered long ago, when she was just learning how to move through the woods, how she slowly learned to move more and more quickly while avoiding trees, tripping over roots, or getting bitten by vile creatures that stalked below her line of vision. A smile came to her face, remembering when she had fallen in the river and escaped only after she had been carried three days' walking distance from her home. At the time it didn't seem all that funny, but time does make memories more bearable. Then, she spotted the figure, lifting heavy crates up into a carriage. The former was pretty usual for the market's standards, but the latter was what made her realize she had made it after all! Maybe she shouldn't have doubted her sense of direction like she always did... She suddenly wondered if the man, likely the one who hired her, needed any help with the crates. Not that she could help him, she had always prized her agility and reflexes over her brute strength, and there wasn't a natural plant in sight that she could use to help her, besides random fruits and vegetables being sold around the place. Ah well, she would help him anyway. With the surprisingly silent steps one would expect from an elf, she awkwardly walked over to the person in question. "Hi, I'm Xaga. Need help with those?" The elf pointed over to the stacks of crates still very not-loaded.
  10. Bkfootball

    Black And Red [Norkotia]

    Cal slid the revolver into his pocket, seeing as his spear was already taking up his holster. He gripped the rifle in his hands. It looked pretty bulky, and he'd probably have to drop it off elsewhere if he wanted to remain stealthy. But it would probably come in handy regardless, so he decided to take it with him, even if he only had one free hand now. Cal stood up and faced the guard, well equipped with his new rifle. He was quite a bit taller than the guard at his full height, and looked even more dangerous now. The infiltrator pointed back towards the door to the room he had just come from. "Meet me in that room, just know it might be a while until I can get there."
  11. Bkfootball

    Black And Red (OOC)

    Tyler can post if he wants, I'll be gone for the next 2-3 days or so and haven't had the time to whip up a post beforehand.
  12. Bkfootball

    Ruin has come to Ashville

    The highlight of the thread was probably the atmosphere of it all. It's much more interesting to write when there's this intense feeling of dread looming over you the entire time. It makes you feel closer to your characters, in a way. I guess that technically doesn't count as a "highlight," so my favorite part was probably the transition from the old man to the church, when things went from bad to waaay worse. The way it ramped up from dread to panic to confusion was amazing. The most amusing part was everyone's characters reacting to the confusion that happened near the middle of the RP, and how that reaction caused them to interact with the other characters. I strive for great character interactions in roleplays, and this definitely included it. I'll have to agree with Cacti about the low point, the pacing felt a bit slow near the middle of the roleplay, though not enough to make me feel out of touch with it. That was the only real issue with it, though, at least in my opinion. I'm somewhat excited for the end, though I feel like energy of the RP has slowly declined after the "climax" of encountering the beast. I'll definitely miss it, though, that's for sure.
  13. Sorry for the late response, but I think Xaga would be pretty good as a guardian of the carriage. She's pretty charismatic and sympathetic too, which might be useful in political situations.
  14. I would be interested in joining this, it's a great idea.
  15. Bkfootball

    Black And Red (OOC)

    Posted! You can ignore the "searching the dead body" part if the guard decides to defy Cal.