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  1. Ruin has come to Ashville

    Archmaic scrambled through the door, only a few seconds after Jet. "Hey, slow dow-" He asked of the figure as he walked through the door, only to find that Jet was nowhere to be seen. That's... odd to say the least. Archmaic knew what was at stake here, but purposely altering itself to split up its party members? He could not sense any arcane energies in this place, so it had to be something with the cloud above. He looked around the room, only to find it was completely pitch black. Except for his enchanted robes, with gave a neon green hue which allowed him to see around 3 feet in front of him. They somehow worked now, unlike they had earlier. Then, he heard a loud crash, finding that the kobold had fallen from his shoulder and onto the hard floor. "I think I just smushed something." He could tell she was still frightened, if only but a small bit. Fortunately, getting into dire situations with people does let you read them more easily. "You'll be fine," He said to her, as he felt along the walls for anything that could provide them more light. After a few minutes of searching, he found a large gray box, which could only be an electricity generator. Unfortunately, the entire thing was split in half, cut wires running between the two parts. And that was the least destroyed part. The rest of it was all scratched or banged up in multiple places. This thing would take hours to fix without spare parts. Hours he didn't have. He was again stirred from his thoughts by moaning. It was somewhat distant, but he could tell it was getting closer. Quickly. He put his ear to the wall and could hear it much more clearly now. It was a large group of... something moaning and growling and the like, definitely moving toward them. "You better get ready, Aygis." He warned the kobold.
  2. Ruin has come to Ashville

    Quick question: Is Jet in the same room as Archmaic and Aygis, or did they somehow get split up?
  3. Ruin has come to Ashville

    Archmaic walked up towards the shrine, until he started hearing the voices again. "Great, not even the embodiment of darkness can be original," he thought to himself, being quite used to the voices, before hearing a high-pitched shriek from the small mage. Turning around, he could instantly feel her overwhelming fear. Not quite enough connected to her to see what she was thinking, though. He went over to console her, but saw that Jet was trying to do the same thing, until he stopped, looked as if he was trying to keep his focus, and then brushed past him into the doorway behind the shrine. Still hearing the voices, Archmaic walked over to Aygis and slung her over his shoulder. She was surprisingly light, even for a... whatever she was. "C'mon," he said to her. "We'd better follow him, lest our party shrink to thre-" he looked around. "Two." As Archmaic walked up to the door however, the room suddenly went pitch black for him. No light from the windows and no light from his staff or robes, which was quite odd. Fortunately, the door was just behind the shrine, and he walked through it without too much effort, still carrying the kobold the entire way.
  4. Where Light Loses Form

    Shale watched closely as the woman, her golem, and the other figure had walked over. While Shale did prefer to work alone, acquaintances did make doing anything much easier, and thus he resolved to learn more about each of them. Especially the golem. He watched as Roham greeted the knight quite formally, again, much apart from his style. He put a piece of silver on the counter for the drink he didn't consume a single drop of(it didn't matter, he would soon control this wistful town anyway), and stood up to shake the hand of the "knight." "My name is Shale. I presume you are associated with this woman"-he glanced at her-"and are here to join with us, yes?"
  5. Where Light Loses Form

    The Plague Doctor caught most of the conversation between the woman and the first figure, and was intending to hear the next fragment of conversation between her and the other figure, but unfortunately was interrupted as the other, similar-looking one slid in next to him. Shale could already tell that he was a mage of some sort, and an evil mage at that. His blackened robes and gloved hands served his explanation well enough. As he came in close, Shale could tell that the mage was repulsed by his presence, and that the amulet he wore on his neck also seemed to be disturbed by it. Shale didn't mind, he liked being disturbing towards others, especially those working with him, as to know they would not meddle in his affairs later. Shale watched as he put down a small abomination on the table, and noted that the man was in fact a necromancer of some sort. He observed it as it half-walked, half-rolled around the table in its endeavors, and noting that it, too, seemed to feel as it had an aura of disease around it. He heard the man introduce himself as Roham, and asked him if the woman brought him there, too. Shale could already note that this was a... more "playful" one, rather than the silent, orderly type that he was. "I suppose I did come here because of the woman, but indirectly. I could sense the evil power here and how it could grow my power. So I seized the chance, as anyone should when met with such an opportunity." He paused a minute to collect his thoughts on the last subject of conversation, then answered, "Mine is an ancient power, that has slowly grown over time. It feeds on those who fall to me. It appears that you have already talked to this woman. I believe you shall introduce me to her," he finished, picking up the little abomination and observing it.
  6. Where Light Loses Form

    Every story has its beginning, and Shale, the Plague Doctor, was, somewhat knowingly, about to start his. Shale had never much liked moving about in public, at least in his most vulnerable form. He generally stood out amongst the crowd. His iron mask, black hat, and black robes all were the subject of hushed whispers about him, and what could be seen through his mask did not help. Neither did his ghastly aura, which seemed to feel of death or decay. No, Shale much preferred to possess objects and let them do the talking for him, for an unknown force is the most dangerous type. Fortunately, Shale had not shown himself to the majority of Terrenus quite yet, only to small rural villages and houses which could not easily get the word out to other places, so they did not know what to expect of him. He came here for one reason: Power. Shale never did things rashly or without consequence in mind, and thus larger towns he had almost never set foot in. But he knew that here, darkness was about to engulf the city. He could usually detect darkness, like a wild dog can smell its next meal from quite a while away. He could feel its residents being enslaved as the city was taken over. As he set foot in the tavern, he could tell that he was quite the topic of many conversations already. Then he laid eyes on the golem. That was a telltale sign to him. There are almost never mages flaunting their power freely in smaller cities. After all, mages are the least resistant types of adventurerers in terms of bodily protection. He saw a woman sitting next to the golem, and could instantly detect that she was the one he was looking for. Shale sat down around 3 seats from the woman, whom he could tell was beautiful simply from a side view. Another sign. Lust is a common factor in those engaged in the dark arts, especially women.
  7. As A Town Falls

    I would love to join if you wouldn't mind. Shale has always been a being of evil, and would love a chance to make his name be known among the people of Terrenus. Any personal gain is worth it to him. (And yes, I know, the possession thing. I'll nerf it here so that there's an actual challenge and he can't just take the city in one fell swoop.)
  8. Ruin has come to Ashville

    As Archmaic walked along, he noticed the little mage had formed a magical bubble to protect herself from the rain. Not that impressive, but was good enough to justify her being a mage. Just as he was thinking this, he noticed she was glaring at all of them about someone whispering to her, the same thing that happened to him. "How overdramatic," he thought to himself. He was walking in front of the rest of them anyway, so it's not like he could've spooked her. He could feel her basic emotions at the moment, a small layer of anger on top of a foundation of fear. He was stirred from his thoughts by a loud crash accompanied by what appeared to be wood cracking. Looking up, he had seen that the one with the gemstone had kicked open the doors. "Eh, thanks," he responded to Jet, as he walked inside. Inside the first floor of the church was nothing all too special, at least not to a normal church. There were rows of long benches, or pews as the religious people called them, leading up to an elevated area accessible by stairs. At the top of this altar area was a shrine, decorated in stains of blood. This was a huge red flag to him, as no Terrenus religion usually used sacrifices, as far as he knew. He felt a strong magical aura coming from it, and strong enough to make him forget about his situation for only a split second. He walked back to the doors to the church. "It's safe to come in," he reported, waving the rest of the party into the building.
  9. Ruin has come to Ashville

    Archmaic stepped outside and looked up again, noting what the old man had said. The darkness was slowly thickening, like an artist slathering black paint on top of his already-laid purple paint. The liquid seemed to be coming down harder now, not quite soaking through his robe and mask, but enough to make him shiver a bit due to how cold and dark the liquid was. As he was thinking this, he suddenly heard a faint whisper, near him and yet nowhere near him. To his left? To his right? Behind him? The voice seemed to be everywhere for just that one millesecond. He looked around, but nobody appeared to have talked. Was he going insane? Paranoid? Both? Whatever it was, nobody else was taking charge, and so he would. Stamping the base of his staff on the ground and pointing towards the church, he announced to the rest of them, "I say we go to the church. We have no other defined choices, and it much beats sitting out here and getting wet and cold, and probably going insane." He started on towards the church, not waiting or looked behind him to see if the others followed. He really didn't care.
  10. Archmaic followed behind the rest of the crew, looking around at the beautiful scenery, at the green grass stretching endlessly away from him. It would be a nice place to fight a battle, he reflected. Realizing he had fallen behind the rest, he ran back up behind them and caught the end of the guide's explanation. "The trails will become dangerous, and there are some interesting creatures." He noticed her joyful and cheery attitude, denoting that either she was excited to see the creatures, excited to show others whatever she was about to show them, or putting on a facade and leading them into a death trap. The last one dropped his attitude a bit, but it wasn't like he wouldn't tell if she was. Noticing he had zoned out yet again, he noticed that the archer had spoken up this time. "Rare, unknown creatures that or only dangerous to the uninitiated? Or something that will reduce us to bones with but a thought?" Archmaic chuckled a bit at the last sentence. While Callen didn't seem the slightest bit fearful, he could tell what he was thinking. Besides, a mage is much less protected than an archer is, as they prefer to increase their power with light robes, amulets, and the sort, and not a thought about even light armor like an archer would. Archmaic was no different in this regard.
  11. Ruin has come to Ashville

    Archmaic stared at the man while he made his speech. There was something off about him. Like a homeless boy wearing a gold crown laden with jewels. And yet again, there was nothing too off about his story. It seemed reasonable enough for him to wave it off. Besides, he wasn't too worried about the man or his story anyway. It was what was inside his story that bothered him. Again, he felt a small prick in the back of his mind. Were they getting more frequent? He couldn't be sure, his mind was too busy taking in everything at once. Just then he was startled by another lightning bolt and glanced over at the door, watching this "Jet" figure looking outside, then coming back in with a strange liquid in his hand. What was that? Again, he was drawing conclusions. It looked more like Mercury than anything, but he couldn't be sure. He would have to study some of it later.
  12. Ruin has come to Ashville

    Archmaic followed Aygis's lead and went inside, and looked at Aygis's reactions as she talked to the man, as if they held clues to unlocking her mind. He then glanced over at the strange person, wondering whether he was insane, or simply trying to make life as comfortable as possible. His thought was interrupted by a shrill, almost beastlike shreik from the kobold, and followed her view to the dead body which simply sat in the corner. Of course, he couldn't blame the man, sometimes it takes a bit of bloodshed to get yourself out of a pickle. But not even disposing of it? Supposedly he was too frightened to attempt to leave the post office. Or maybe not, because then at least he would have tried to clean up the place. It was much too messy for someone like himself to get acquainted to without it being orderly. It was much harder to infiltrate these types that seemed to make no sense. At any rate, he had no real concerns about the man. Attempting to assault a large group of armed warriors is never a good idea, and he figured that they could scare him out of attempting such a stupid thing. In the meantime, he still looked around half-worriedly, due to remembering the strange things in the sky outside, and half-annoyedly due to the messiness of the place.
  13. [Quest] The ever-crumbling palace

    The three Magi woke up at the same time, fortunately all still on their valued cart. Desmond noticed what the dwarf was doing, and talked among the Magi as what she was doing, as well as what to do with their cart. They came to the conclusion that they had a "better" idea than Wendolyn, and said they would go after the other members of the party.
  14. [Crystallo Stella] OOC Discovery!

    I'll stay in if at least one other person does.
  15. [Quest] The ever-crumbling palace

    Desmond wasn't exactly impressed by the alchemist's choice, but was somewhat interested in his abilities. Even still, burning metal did seem quite wasteful, when you could easily use it for various other purposes. As Fronzel pushed them onward, Desmond recalled the dwarf speaking about dwarf things or whatever. If there was one race he wasn't interested in learning the history of, it was the quite boring dwarves. "They are short people who are stubborn and like to build things," is all he really cared about them. As Desmond attempted to see through the blinding darkness, he felt his hand scrape against a pillar of some sort. It felt sturdy, and yet still ready to collapse at any moment. All of a sudden, without moving his hand, he suddenly couldn't feel the pillar anymore. He attempted to signal this to Fronzel, but realized that his words wouldn't come out either, nor could he hear the cart's wheels slowly turning on the ground. Suddenly, he realized that he couldn't see even his hands in front of his face anymore. He could suddenly smell the scent of burning silver, and saw for a brief moment. A large array of shadowy figures formed in front of them. Then, he could see no more. Necthos, being robbed of his senses and then being able to see in the darkness of the cart for only a brief moment was enough to make him think they were being overrun. He rose out of the cart, somewhat upset he wasn't feeling the spellbooks being pushed aside, and casted a Nether Blast, his most basic spell, somewhere in front of him. He was also somewhat upset about not hearing an explosion from the spell, or screaming of whatever was apprehending the crew. Fronzel, being startled by not being able to do anything, froze himself in a block of ice. Even without his senses, he could feel something breaking into it, almost as if he had a relationship with the ice itself. Whatever it was, it scared him. "What could be there?" He whispered to himself, and then realized he couldn't hear anything, as well as sight and touch.