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  1. Yeah, sorry, I've been really busy and a little bit lazy too.
  2. Sorry for the hiatus, guys. I'm back and ready to get back to regular posting.
  3. "Well, if we have somewhere to stay far away from that dragon, then I'd assume all we need is a place for the horses, right?" There were many ways this could go... if the horses didn't get rest they'd be stranded, rest they couldn't get without shelter. On the flip side, staying somewhere would cause it to get burned down by that dragon, even if the people themselves lived. That was no way to treat hospitable strangers! They couldn't go after the dragon, avoiding conflict was pretty important on just a routine trade mission. But then, how would they shelter the horses? What would happen to them if they didn't? They desperately needed to stop somewhere regardless, Xaga's hair was already getting soaked and dripping these annoying droplets into her eyes. That just made it harder to think and made her much more irritable- Xaga sharply inhaled and exhaled. Now was definitely not the time to lose her cool. Sure, there really wasn't a time to lose her cool, but that would assume that she was incapable of losing it in the first place... Ugh. Having an overworked mind was a hassle sometimes. Looking at the grass next to the road, Xaga thought about any possible ideas... "Hey, what if we built a shelter for the horses ourselves? Sure, we probably wouldn't have enough time and probably don't have enough materials, but I'm sure I could help with that!"
  4. Oh, that's fine. Feel free to skip me any time I can't get a post up.
  5. Xaga hadn't really paid much attention to the things going on with the party. In fact, the few seconds she wasn't glancing at Lars after he elbowed her, she was usually looking all around the carriage, admiring the plant life and how it could grow so densely just a few miles from a major population center. She even ignored the pitter-patter of the rain as it soaked everything. She had never really minded rain anyway, though that was probably to be expected. If anything, she felt more in tune with nature with cloudy skies than sunny ones. What she did notice was the massive... sheet? of metal all around them. At first thought... yep, it was Xylex. Who else? Still, she did enjoy watching as his revealed skillset slowly became more and more diverse. What would he do next? Who knew. She was not most scared of him, though, but of the other thing that happened to be one of her biggest fears. She turned her torso around and looked at Xylex. "Wait, did you say a dragon? Like the four-legged snake with wings that breathes fire? That dragon?"
  6. Cal cursed to himself. He would either put all of his faith in this plan or rely on his shooting skills. He did not like his odds with the latter, especially against two armed opponents. It was probably too crazy to work, but he had done many more stupid things in his lifetime. "Alright, you got me," Cal shouted. He slid the fully loaded revolver out of its holster and threw it over next to his rifle with an audible crash of metal hitting metal. Stepping out of the doorway, Cal held his hands up above his head. He looked guilty about something, likely getting caught. He noted where the weapons were, just one foot in front of where he currently stood. He also noted where the guards were and which one was injured. He'd likely need that later. If nothing else, this would cause more confusion that would let one of the others have a better shot at killing Wenig.
  7. Yeah, sorry about that. School's been pretty busy for me. I'll try to get posts out more frequently.
  8. Cal's fire seemed effective at first, but the revolver fire of the wounded guard forced him to retreat behind the corner for cover. In doing so, however, Cal realized he had given them the strategical advantage, and it was something he wanted back. Thinking quickly, Cal decided to toss his rifle on the floor, about 6 feet from where he was. As he did this, he quietly slipped his revolver out of its sheath and aimed it towards the hallway. Anyone who came into his line of sight would likely get a bullet or two to the face. "Okay, okay. I give up. I surrender. You guys are clearly too good for me to beat on my own."
  9. Sorry about that. I'll have a post out tomorrow at the latest.
  10. As he was asked to come forward, the mage spent a few seconds reflecting on why exactly he was so drawn to this prophet. Sure, he seemed larger than life and was able to uplift the commoners out of their seemingly hopeless situation, but any great political leader is like that. His healing magic seemed great, but again, any user trained heavily in the art of magic could likely learn to do that. What was really special about him was his complete devotion to helping others. No religion based on some god or goddess that likely didn't exist, but only dedication to helping those in need. This was a cause Archmaic could get behind. He slowly walked forward and bowed before the prophet, setting his staff on the ground beside him. As he did this, he felt an overwhelming sense like this is what he was meant to do, even despite his will to find out what exactly happened to him those few long days ago.
  11. Cal's sights were set right on the stairwell for a few seconds. Fortunately for him, he didn't hear any footsteps which could be expected from a stairwell, so he eased up his tunnel vision a bit and paid attention to his senses. The first thing he noticed were the gunshots, which he decided to focus on first. Sure, he had heard them, but he really hadn't paid attention to the meaning until now. There was the alarm, but that had been too annoying for him to listen to any further. And then, heavy footsteps. And they were close. Cal took just a half-second to think about what to do, and then sprinted back to the door, turned around the corner, and fired his rifle at any guards he could've found running towards him. This plan left him exposed in the back, but he had gotten lucky before.
  12. "Don't move. I won't hurt yo-" Cal's demands were interrupted by a rather noisy alarm. Someone must have found out. With haste, Cal ignored his "prisoner" and ran back into the stairwell with noisy footsteps which he hoped would be covered up by the alarm. Picking up his rifle, he listened for footsteps while aiming at the entryway. This was a good place because he could easily fire down onto anyone coming up, and people entering into the stairwell likely wouldn't expect him there. On that note... Cal looked around for any cameras and shot them out. Surprise was the biggest element he had right now, and he wasn't gonna lose it.
  13. The mage had already made up his mind about helping the prophet, so his final actions weren't much noted by Archmaic as he eagerly waited for the end of his speech so he could ask the prophet where he would go to dedicated his services. As he approached him, however, someone in the crowd handed him a small piece of paper, somewhat wrinkled by the countless hands that had carried it to him. He read it quickly and memorized the location given to him. He would definitely be there. After reading the note, Archmaic suddenly felt something. Not a singular thing, but a whole mass of feeling all around him. It was hope. Hope from all of the populace. Hope that they hadn't felt in likely a long time. Hope that he could never remember feeling himself. He knew he was starting to connect to them, but what the connection did portray to him was confusing and slightly frustrating. All of his hope had been taken away when he... he didn't remember, actually. Well, whatever, perhaps this prophet could help him solve his mystery. The cloaked figure walked into the abode, though his robes lacked the neon green hue that had been seen before, rather, he had disenchanted them to look as if he were less powerful, but also to look more normal to the other travelers. He hadn't taken off his mask, however, as he never liked to reveal his face to people, even if they were He noticed two others who had already come here. One of them he could recognize from the crowd, but the other he hadn't seen before. He sat down next to them, and introduced himself. "I am Archmaic, wandering mage and adventurer. I seek to dedicate my power to your cause."
  14. Xaga observed Lars as he ate the meat on the skewer, and how he savored every bite of it as if it were the greatest food in the world. This made Xaga a little hungry, but she preferred food that she herself had made. It gave her a sense of pride knowing how she had worked for her meal, and how well it tasted when she ate it. When the skewer and tea were thrust into her hands, she realized she didn't really have a choice. The skewer did indeed smell as great up close as it did from far away, better even. And the uptight guard wouldn't be happy if she rejected it, anyway. So she decided to try the food. It was great. It was a little salty, which she didn't like, but the tenderness of the meat made up for it immensely. The whole thing was gone in just a few seconds. With her meal gone, Xaga decided to try the tea. It was alright, nothing great, but the minty feel left a good taste in her mouth. She realized that the newcomer had been talking about something for quite a while now, and she stopped in to listen to the rest.
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