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  1. AFV till the 18th of Jan.

    Noted, thank you for informing us and have a safe trip.
  2. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    @Akiris@Knighto "You know me very well, love." He winked at the nymph, putting more emphasis on the endearing nickname. He chuckled as he approached the two behind the counter with a nod, taking their payment. "All right, two rooms to be prepared. Please help yourself to some refreshments to be served by the lovely lady." Motioning to A'aria, he snatched two more keys off the hooks where they hung it and made his way up the stairs, ready for two more rounds of room preparation. He's made a mental note to just prepare the rooms ahead of time once they weren't so busy. It's becoming a hassle to go up and down.
  3. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    A spark of amusement appeared in his eyes at the twin's words but he didn't make any comments. He'd rather not with his current reputation. He flicked his gaze over to their first visitor and quickly began to work, nodding his head in understanding. "Then it seems like we're going to have to give you those supplies. A'aria, dear, mind getting them for us? Thanks love." He poured the drink into a cup and strode over to the blonde male, placing his cup down and taking the last one. "Always has been, always will be." He briefly answered his words, turning on his heel and walking back. @JaviD'Arcana@Knighto@Armada@SweetCyanide
  4. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    "She's simply telepathic, she's doesn't enter into anyone, though." He hummed, placing a hand on his companion's shoulder before letting it slip beck down on to the counter. "Though, if you wish we're actually both capable of mending wounds with magic. Though she's more adept in it than I am, we still have medical supplies that might be more comfortable than it is for you." He knew that some people didn't like accepting help from healers. Some preferred to go through it the old fashioned way, which he honestly didn't know why. "Though if you wish for a faster recovery I recommend accepting our help."
  5. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    A laugh came from his lips but he only shook his head in amusement, an equally amused smile on his lips as he took out two cups while he walked over to the bloodied man. He took out the cork with ease and placed the bottle of wine beside the man before turning back to the shelves. He took out a bottle of whiskey and a beer that had a sweet taste of apples to it. He poured them into the individual cups before returning them to the shelves. He took the cups and placed them in front of the two females, giving them his signature charming smile. "Enjoy your drinks."
  6. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    He blinked before turning around, brushing his fingers against the bottles as he tried to look for any raspberry flavored ones. "We only have wine," He glanced over his shoulder, tilting his head to the side. "Will that be all right for you sir?"
  7. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    He couldn't help the small smirk that fell on his lips but he quickly brushed it off. "Right away." He slipped behind the counter and grabbed a cup, shifting through the different drinks like he'd been doing this for a long time. Though, this was actually the first time he was doing this, he just really knew what the sweetest and strongest are in the batch. He never got drunk with human drinks, after all but he did have one special ingredient. Though, he'd rather not use it one someone he wasn't sure was going to survive the effects of it. Once he was done, he served the drink into a cup and slid it over to the man, leaning his arms against the counter. "Here you go. Please enjoy your drink." @JaviD'Arcana
  8. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    He tugged a bit at the tunic he was wearing, not used to wearing a shirt after being shirtless for around almost a whole year or so. He blinked at the mention of a gambling then before he turned his gaze to his companion. ..A'aria, Conner previously manned the gambling den, right? He quietly swore in his head. He turned his attention back to the two ladies and gave them a bow. "I would have to apologize, but the gambling den is currently out of service as of the moment." He straightened, flashing an apologetic smile. "We're also short of employees that would man the den as well. May I offer you two refreshments instead?" @SweetCyanide Though he blinked as the door suddenly opened, revealing another person-- Or so he assumed was a person. Never could be sure with how it is on the surface. He eyed the blood on his armor and sword, a small frown on his lips. "May I help you sir? You look a little bit roughed up." His fingers tapped on the counter once, glancing over at A'aria who seemed a little bit preoccupied with something before looking back. He didn't know what it was, but he assumed that the sweet smell of magic was coming from the blood drenched man. @JaviD'Arcana
  9. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    Rafael was more quick to finish his job now that he knew how to do it quickly and efficiently. He stood in the middle of a cleaned room with a satisfied hum, placing his hands over his hips. "This should do. Though I hear some new people downstairs.." He murmured under his breath, turning on his heel and walking back down. He was right; two more people had occupied the inn. He let out a soft sigh and a slightly fond smile. Maybe it did have hope. "Welcome to Rebellious Rose." He greeted with his usual charming smile, walking over to the counter and handing a key to the boy that came a bit earlier. "Here is your room, sir." Though he suddenly took notice of two sisters that certainly wasn't there before. Blinking, he quickly composed himself and cocked his head to the side. "May we help you two?" @Panda Kid@SweetCyanide@Enk Razorwood@Akiris
  10. Diplomatic Mission [ODSE] [Tazarek]

    Fredrick kept close to the ambassador at all times, mostly using the powerful flames he produced to protect the other from harm. Occasionally though, he strayed to slice a greenskin down and burn its remains, only to quickly run back to the ambassador's side. For once in his life, he was grateful to have comrades he could rely on by his side. He didn't think he'd be able to do anything like this alone, and that was saying something since the thief prided himself in being able to work efficiently by himself. He was getting a bit concerned with the rapid decrease of dwarven soldiers that he started to use some fallen rocks to pierce the hearts of their enemies to aid them in their battles whenever he could. Keeping an eye on one person was already hard enough, two was going to be a problem. If either of the ambassadors died, he knew for sure that the results weren't going to be pretty. He stopped in his tracks just a few feet behind the golden elf, wondering why in the ever living hell they decided to stop. As he opened his mouth to tell them to move because if they didn't they were gonna become breakfast, lunch, and dinner, he paused in surprise. His gaze narrowed a bit, pressing his lips into a thin line. He knew magic when he saw it. Though he didn't comment on it, noticing that the female had stopped in her meltdown and completely abandoned her trembling. Quickly, he ran after them as well, knowing that it was their top priority to get to safety. He was a bit worried on how long the effects of the remedy would last, though.
  11. Diplomatic Mission [ODSE] [Tazarek]

    Engage. That one simple word, and his first instinct was to dodge. And dodge he did; immediately jumping back to avoid the rain of bullets that threatened to pierce him from above. But doing that made his eyes widen and a loud curse escape his lips. He had forgotten his duty in the moment he needed to do it the most. "Ambassador!" He shouted in worry, quickly making a swipe with his gloved hand above their heads that produced a large umbrella of flames and burning the bullets that made contact with it. The glove dug deep into his fingertips but he wasn't worried about the numbness he had already felt thousands of times. He finally had a sense of duty, one he hadn't felt in a long while. He immediately rushed over to the Golden Elf, rummaging through his satchel as he did. He cursed at the bullet wound, gritting his teeth as he took out a small vial. It was something he didn't use unless in dire situations, having stolen it from one of the elder healers in his homeland before he took his leave. It was a powerful remedy, so powerful that only his father and the high council had known about it. But of course, being gifted with enhanced hearing did have its perks. "Drink it. It might not fully heal the wound since the bullet is still inside, but it will be enough to keep you conscious until we get somewhere safe." He placed the vial in the ambassador's hand before using his speed to immediately reach his opposite side, stomping his feet on the ground and immediately summoning a wall of stone to keep them safe from another onslaught of bullets. His left hand had already unsheathed his mother's sword; Soleil and he was ready to use it at any time. Having a gauntlet that was used to enhance his magic, he learned pretty quickly that using it to wield a sword wasn't something that was going to work out any time soon, so he had to learn to use both of his hands and multitask. Though he didn't particularly feel safe in huddling close to such a large group-- It made them easy targets. He grabbed Gwae's arm, pulling him back a bit so they weren't huddled so close. "It's not safe to stick close to one another when dealing with long range." His gaze was sharp as it flitted around. He wasn't one for teams like those, either. He was used to working alone, after all. "And your safety is my top priority."
  12. Diplomatic Mission [ODSE] [Tazarek]

    There they are, he thought as he nodded his head at the Qanaas’ words. “Got it.” He spoke briefly, resting a hand on his hip near the handle of his sword. He glanced over as to where Dokkalfar was stationed, taking note where he was stationed before turning his attention over to the Ambassador and situating himself close behind him. With an analytical gaze, he sized the dwarves up and down, noting their armors and their weapons. He had heard and read about them when he had been cooped up in his old room and had interacted with one a few times. He used to have a companion that was a dwarf who taught him how to create better armor. That certain dwarf even offered to improve his mother’s sword, but he refused. It was too precious to be tampered with. He took a quick scan of their surroundings. Right, this was going to be a bit of a problem, he thought with an internal sigh. The rocky terrain and the amount of space available made it hard to bend the elements without causing some real damage to his comrades and innocent people. Though he didn’t think it would be too much of a problem. If any real threat were to occur, the only element he wouldn’t be able to manipulate was water due to the lack thereof; Having a sword by his side that he could use at the same time while was also a plus. Reassured by a plan, he tuned in on the conversation. His eye twitched in annoyance at the nickname knife ears. Not the worse he’s heard, but the rudeness of it was irritating. Having been raised where respect was a must, people like these tick him off; Though he was satisfied when the guard had been put in his place and turned his attention over to the woman instead. Ambassador Rikla Honorholder, that’s an interesting name. It was a bit weird to hear, but then it wasn’t as if it was the first weird name he’s hear. After that, he continued to quietly listen to their conversation, taking note of the different important information just in case, all in the while keeping alert.
  13. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    Yes, yes, I will. Playfully rolling his eyes, he was quick to bound up the stairs and into one of the rooms. He was pleased to find that the room was clean, if not a little bit dusty. No matter, it wasn't anything that he couldn't fix in a moment. Opening the window, he stood on the opposite side before giving a hard flap of his wings, watching most of the dust go straight out the window. He repeated that process a few more times before deeming the room clean enough. It didn't take him long to set everything up. He didn't have much of a problem looking for the covers either. Though he took a bit longer at the quick note that came from his companion. He took another set of minutes to prepare the second room making sure to accomplish his task as fast as possible. After making sure that both rooms were properly set up, he was about to walk back down until he realized he needed a shirt. With a sigh, he closed his eyes and allowed his inhumane features to disappear; wings retreating into the confines of his back, horns disappearing while his hair grew shorter. He looked more human now than he did before and with that he took a simple white tunic and slipped it on before continuing his way down. He took a bow with an apologetic smile, speaking up. "The rooms are ready to be used. I apologize for the wait." He spoke, walking over to the two and placing their respective keys down on the table. "First two rooms to be spotted, adjacent to each other. Please enjoy your stay." Shooting a friendly smile, he turned on his heel and walked over to the newcomer, nodding his head in understanding. "Understood. We offer refreshments, you may request some while you wait for your room to be set up. Please excuse me." Turning on his heel, he quickly made it back up the stairs, snatching another key in the process.
  14. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    A look of surprise crossed his features at the other's reaction to him. That was certainly... Unusual. Being an incubus, he prided himself in his looks and seduction, one that got both men and women hooked. Certainly, he wasn't used to the look of rejection. Though he didn't let that bother him any longer, letting his surprise fade and resume one of his charming smiles. He made a conscious effort not to unconsciously use any of his real 'charm', not knowing what kind of person this was. "Of course." He leaned over the counter, murmuring under his breath as he looked between the two ladies. "Cater to him, I'll get a room ready." With a wink, he was off.
  15. Diplomatic Mission [ODSE] [Tazarek]

    Fredrick’s gaze was sharp amd his guard was high, the hand that was adorned the golden gauntlet he highly praised himself for successfully making twitching with every off sound that reached his ears. He was honestly too jittery for something that was a lot less nerve-wracking than what he had gone on before. This shouldn’t make him so nervous, but he hid it well behind his usual mask of indifference. The gauntlet wasn’t turned on yet; he felt like he was going to need most of his energy for today and leaving it on was going to slowly drain him. His attention was caught by the man’s—Qanaas, was it? Words, nodding his head in understanding. The other was right, he doubted that the day would go smoothly without a fight. That was simply not in this world’s vocabulary, especially if they were heading on a mission as important as this. He gripped the handle of his sword with his left hand, the familiar engravings giving him a boost to both his mood and confidence. He strayed a bit, not too far that the other’s wouldn’t see him, but far enough to catch a small glimpse of the terrain hidden by the cliff. He could sense magic all over, but there wasn’t anything off, so far. His gaze flickered over to the hawk that flew overhead, eyes lighting up a bit. Birds were one of the few things that fascinated him; from the way they flew gracefully in the air and how well their feathers adorned them. Honestly his fascination was mostly based on their appearances, but he could also appreciate their way of life. Reluctantly, he pulled his attention away from the majestic creature, turning his attention back ahead of them as he continued to follow after them in his silence. They were in a mission, and he couldn’t have his attention elsewhere. This was important to his race. He tensed and tightened his hold on his sword as he clenched his fist, turning the gauntlet on in preparation. Anything could happen at any time and he wasn’t going to risk anything. His cautiousness often served him well in situations like these, and he hoped that it would also do the same for this day. He observed the dwarves from afar, wondering if this was the group they were waiting for.