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  1. Dahlia sighed and stared at the other, crossing her arms as she assessed her current stamina and power. She could definitely summon one of her favorite man-eaters, but she wasn't sure if the environment could still handle it, not to mention if she herself could handle it. "All right, give me a moment." She placed the branch down and took her pouch of crystals from her waist. She rummaged through it, wondering if she could used something to aid her summoning. She took out a small, uncut gemstone--an Aventurine. She strapped her pouch back underneath her leather belt and took a few steps closer to Murray. "I hope you don't mind." Without giving him any time to respond, she crushed the crystal with her bare hands. She opened her palm and the shards immediately took flight, swirling around the both of them. A soft, barely visible glow surrounded them as one by one, the shards turned into dust particles and eventually disappeared. "The stone was an Aventurine," She started, shoulders relaxing. "It stands for peace, vitality, and confidence." Once the last shard turned to dust and disappeared, she gave a hum of approval. "That made me a little bit more refreshed." She turned and took the branch she held awhile ago. "We might want to be a little bit farther from town if I'm going to give you a demonstration. It gets noisy when it's hungry." She chuckled, walking further away from the town and towards a more deserted area.
  2. Dahlia took a moment to analyze her work, plotting a few more possible ideas to add that "umph" Murray was looking for. Definitely it would be a pain to try and pass through these obstacles, but it wasn't entirely impossible if people really insisted. She took the other's words into consideration, wondering if maybe she could somehow find a way to have something like a thorn on the ground. "I could find a way to make something sharp sprout from the ground. If the jeeps were able to pass through the roots, then they'd find their tires popped by sharp thorns." She took a deep breath and waved her staff. The flower glowed a bright green a she continued to speak, reversing her work. "The problem is actually doing it. I haven't tested anything out like that before, so I won't guarantee that I would actually be able to do it." She ignored the nagging tiredness at the back of her head. It wasn't like it was anything new. In her old job, she worked day and night without any rest. Not to mention the fact that it also wasn't always that she actually got to rest comfortably whenever she travelled. The boulders shrunk to rocks and the roots buried themselves back into the ground. Though she left the roots where they were so it would be easier to immediately make them sprout once needed. She walked over to a tree and took out her dagger. She cut off a medium sized branch and walked back to her items, allowing her staff to take on the appearance if a pendant while she inspected the branch. "I'll be taking this back with me." She hummed. "If i am unable to find a way to make thorns grow, then it's also possible to have man-eating plants." A smile curved her lips, leaning a bit more to the mischievous side. Ah, she could imagine the terrified screams of the people.
  3. Ah, sorry for the late reply. I'm actually sick right now sadly. How about she's just showing Murray how it would look like and just reverse them later?
  4. She considered Murray's suggestion, gazing thoughtfully at the tree. It was true that if they were to block the road with large boulders, then they'd probably just end up going around them instead of getting stuck. Now, she wasn't able to make quicksand or something, but maybe... Huh, she wasn't sure if it was going to work, but she has to try. "I'll use its roots and make it tall, tall enough for transportation to pass through." She picked up small pebbles and placed it directly on the road in a straight line, making sure they wouldn't push each other away when she increased their size. Then she glanced around the field, moving her staff around as she mapped out how she was going to do this and in the same time be able to conserve energy. She had to be mindful about the fact that her powers weren't as strong as it is in this place. She stepped back a bit, taking place beside Murray. "This should be fine." She mumbled. Placing her staff in front of her, the beautiful flower changed its color from yellow to green. A magic circle was etched on to the skin, a soft, green glow coming from the lines. The symbols on it were from an old, dead tongue, unreadable to almost everyone except the few who were able to experience the first few years of this word. If Dahlia was completely honest, even she couldn't fully understand this. But in the moments were she was channeling a spell, she understand it completely. The pebbles began to grow in size, slower than what she had liked. Usually it'd be faster, but with her lack of proper energy source it was unavoidable. The ground lightly trembled as the roots of the large tree began to slip through the earth, unnoticeable if one was preoccupied with something or too far away. They erected from the ground, only to make a U-turn and dig their way back down. In a few minutes, the fields were filled with large, protruding roots that would make the passing of transportation difficult. By then, Dahlia was beginning to struggle. Only now did she realize how heavily she actually relied on her surroundings. Once everything was in order, her staff lost its glow and the circle disintegrated into thin air, leaving everything as it was. She heaved a heavy sigh, wiping off the sweat on her brows. That was a lot more tiring than it looked.
  5. His gaze softened as she shouted out her anger to him. He didn’t speak, merely allowing her to voice her thoughts and let out all her sorrow and frustration. He could feel the small droplets of rain hit his skin before it began to pour. His wings were soaked and the feathers turned heavy. He wouldn’t be able to fly in this condition. As silence hung in the air, he thought that she was done. He wondered if she was finally going to slap it. Even now he wouldn’t bother retaliating. He was above raising a hand against women needlessly. Despite being a demon, he wasn’t heartless. He had morals of his own and that shunned him from the rest of his kind. He watched her every move, though what she did next shocked him enough to make him freeze in place. His soaked, cold chest was warmed up by the heat—which wasn’t much actually—the other emitted, her tears mixing in with the rain. It took a moment for the moment to process in his mind, but once it did he wrapped his arms around her waist. He shook his head and gently patted her hair down, listening to her story. Even when she was done, he didn’t speak up, allowing her the silence to spout her feelings that he was sure she had been keeping deep within herself. He used his wing to cover her from the rain, not really caring if it got a lot more soaked than it already was. He glanced over when a new voice spoke up, barely able to get through the loud pattering of the rain. He gave a half-hearted smile, nodding at her. “Hey.” He spoke softly, gazing at her then back at Ardella who he still had his arms wrapped around, then back to her. “Come over here. You’ll get soaked in the rain.” He raised his other wing, offering her a place to take refuge under and away from the harsh rain. He felt the familiar protective urges that only came in these moments. Being a big brother and a best friend to a female nymph that used to be unable to protect herself, he had always felt responsible and protective. @Csl @Frostbinder
  6. Rafael descended on to the ground, staring at the bodies that littered the place. The scent of blood that had previousl permeated the area growing stronger with each human victimized. He was about to turn and leave, no longer enjoying the festival when he was suddenly confronted by the female. She looked angry at him, and at first he was confused. Though, it suddenly made sense when her hand raised and presumably was about to slap him. He merely raised a brow and crossed his arms, daring her to do it. He wouldn't retaliate if she did. Though he'll stand by what he said; humans were lowly beings compared to him. He wasn't a normal demon, after all. Even if he became humble, there was no denying that fact. Humans were fragile and weak. He was surprised, however when she hesitated and then promptly left. Why didn't she do it? The chaos had begun to die out, spotting Dredge begin to help save some of the people and put fires out. That surprised him a lot more and he was actually tempted to help out but a sudden thought came into mind. The festival had reached its peak with the chaos that arouse earlier, and it would mean risking the chance of his mother's guards coming in to check on what was happening. There were probably a shit ton of souls that had entered hell by now, and that help catch their attention more. Without another thought, he flew up and left the festival. His form casted a shadow down, the moonlight shining down on his form. As he passed, he spotted Ardella by a small clearing. Was she crying? With his stress levels low, he began to feel a little bit of guilt. She somewhat reminded him of his nymph companion that had gone missing a few months ago. She'd be pretty mad at him for making someone cry. With that in mind, he landed a few feet away from her, sighing quietly. "Why are you crying, love?" He asked, his voice softer than when it declared his opinion on humans. @Frostbinder
  7. Rafael was completely ready to freeze the other right down to the bone, just like he did with his father. Though her actions intrigued him and he allowed himself to be led away into a dark alley, and he gazed at her with a frown. He could hear the shouts and screams of chaos that they had managed to escape, and it made his head hurt. He wasn't the type for such large and rowdy crowds. He raised a brow at her question, tilting his head. "Don't belong? I think you've mistaken something." As he spoke, he didn't allow himself to be interrupted despite the flaming monkey that had practically flew past and set the tent ablaze. His gaze was steady on her, not really annoyed but somewhat. "I may look human, but I'm far from it." He sighed, turning to face the mob that was heading straight for them. "And here I was, thinking I'd be able to enjoy myself for the night without any episodes like this." How foolish of him to think that a party filled with demons would go on without a single problem. Taking his cloak, he tossed it to the side and backed up a bit. Closing his eyes, a ripping sound came from his back as the flash tore and gave way to two, large wings. The width was too big for their little space and it destroyed the two walls that stood on each side of them. His hair grew longer, resting on the middle of his back. His eyes took on a golden shade, specks of swirling blood red in them. His horns revealed themselves, curling back. It was in that very moment that he took on the appearance of what he really was; a demon. "You dare accuse me of being such a lowly being?" He scoffed, hovering a few feet off the ground. With one strong flap of his wings, he blasted them off with a strong gust of air. If there were a few scums who were able to withstand the force he'd instantly freeze them into living ice statues. @Frostbinder
  8. Rafael allowed the female to do as he pleased, though his eyes were calculating and alert as it followed her every move. He recognized this position; was she asking him to dance? Well, he definitely wasn't against it. However, "You're an odd one, wishing to dance in the middle of a massacre." He hummed, taking one of her hands in his and placing his other on her waist. "Though I was taught not to disappoint a lady such as yourself." He didn't hesitate to lead her along, expertly dodging people even when they weren't in view. Though despite his charming smile, his eyes were watching her every move. What was she planning? Deciding that he hasn't gotten anything to lose, so he spoke up and voiced his thoughts. "What is it that you wish to accomplish? You know, in this position right now I have a great advantage over you." In an abrupt manner he pulled her flush against him, his arm sliding around her waist. "As beautiful as you are, I won't hesitate to spill blood. May it be mine or yours." @Frostbinder
  9. Rafael stopped in his tracks as he felt a figure bump right into him. Really now, people should really look where they're going. Though her words made him raise a brow, an amused smirk crawling up his lips. "Why, thank you." He practically purred, taking her hand and pressing a kiss to the back of it. "You're not too bad yourself, love." He took the moment to inspect the creature that was unfortunate enough to cross his path in such a night. An elf, was it? She was definitely equipped for battle and he couldn't help but wonder what had her attention before they accidentally crossed paths. He chuckled, placing a hand on his hip as he released her hand. "Don't stare too much. You might not be able to look away." That wasn't exactly an exaggeration, either.
  10. He's usually a good guy, but for now he just wants to let loose and be the demon he is.
  11. Is there any specific posting order or do you post whenever you can?
  12. Now, Rafael knew whatever the hell he was doing was a damn stupid idea. He was on the run from the children of hell, his own kind but then he decided it was fun to attend a party where he was completely exposed to the very creatures he was avoiding. However, this party was bloody and brutal, a place where his clean-freak of a mother wouldn't dare send even her lowest servants to find and kill him. Much less herself. Hell would have frozen over before she even stepped foot in a place such as this. A nice place to unwind if you asked him. Though for extra measures Rafael came prepared with his dagger, a blood red cloak made from fine silk that he had bought from a merchant on the way--which came at a ridiculously high price, he might add. He didn't bother wearing a shirt since he knew for the fact that once he summoned his wings he'll only end up destroying another perfectly good shirt, which he was actually starting to lack from how many times he destroyed his. With that he only wore pants and shoes, exposing his torso. Not like it was a problem. Being the son of a succubus gave him no shame at all. When he arrived at the festival, he already knew he was pretty much late already. The party had started and there was this man thirty feet in the air, giving some entertainment. He stepped back to avoid being hit by what seemed to be a human prisoner, screaming in pain as their bones cracked. Rafael ignored his morals and for the night gave in to his demonic tendencies, snickering in amusement. "Poor you. Born at the wrong place at the wrong time." He shot the pitiful human a charming smile before stepping over them and heading straight into the party. Immediately the scent of blood--which he had been smelling from practically a mile away--hit him full force, making him scrunch his nose up a bit. Now, that was too much blood in one place but he wasn't complaining. He quite liked the designs of the place as well, he could give them that. It's as if he was at home again with all the screaming souls and humans as well as the redness and evil radiating from everyone. He could see some of the creatures give him a double take as he passed, and that could only mean two things. One, they thought he was human. Two, they recognized him. For those who thought that he was only a mere human would get a surprise as soon as he transformed. Though for now, he'd like to enjoy the festival in a form that wasn't too eye-catching.
  13. Can I have a brief summary of what happened between Pandahat and Abigail? I can't follow ?
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