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    I think he's good at it. He found a way back here when we got lost without much trouble at all and all the bears in the forest were incredible at hunting down food, so... maybe. A'aria frowned. He also needed a name, sometime soon. Though she could bother with that later. They had to find the others. The bear, upon her request, sniffed at the hieroglyph. Upon picking out the scent, he began moving forwards, not entirely waiting up for the others. Seems he... picked something up?
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    Seeing Kyle let her finally fully calm down, and she smiled. Thank a diety, that was one person from the group. To his question, she shrugged sheepishly. M-hm. Not entirely sure how again, but he's sweet. I like him. She patted the bear behind the ears. Really, he was nice when he wasnt being forced to fight. Where are the others? You all disappeared, I couldn't find you when the chaos started.
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    A'aria was still buzzing with adrenaline, so she didn't yet feel tired. But between the warmth from Heather and the steady rhythm of the bear's step, she was starting to feel the effects of all that had just happened. She simply hoped they got someplace safe before she crashed. Thank you, Heather. The bear kept plodding forwards a while, retracing their steps to get there, until they got back to the ruins of the area they'd first fled from, and A'aria prompted the bear to turn down another way, following the directions they'd been given back before all of this happened and trying to find the others. She wanted to ask Heather if she remembered what they were exactly, but after all that happened, she wanted the girl to rest.
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    A'aria climbed onto the earth elemental's back when it lay down for her to do so, even then having a little trouble. Her height had never been a problem for her in the forest, but it seemed always one here. When Heather grinned and said it probably lacked intelligence, she huffed in response. Don't be mean! They're... powerful and pretty! That's... two out of three! Then, after a moment. But I'm glad you're ok.
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    She immediately threw herself between the two, panicking for a moment thinking they'd attack each other. Just as things had calmed down a little! No no no no! No! Neither of you is attacking! She had felt a surge of relief upon seeing Heather's form again- thank whatever diety above, she was ok. But until she was sure the two weren't about to start something, and that Heather wasn't hurt in some way she couldn't see, she did not let herself feel calm.
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    Stunned for a moment, A'aria lowered her hand. That was what Heather wore, wasn't it? So did that mean she was now... master of two elementals? She didn't even think she had saved this one, really. Was it because Heather killed it's master? Whatever the case, what Heather said earlier came to mind- they usually ended up with masters either way, didn't they? And with all that had happened... she supposed this was better for the poor thing than being stuck with someone who would force them to fight. Though offhandedly, she wondered why now both elementals bound to her had to be so much larger or taller than she was. It was an easier thought than what she'd been stuck on. Can you lead us back, or at least out of here? She didn't expect much response, really, but Heather had said they followed orders, and maybe she'd get lucky, now.
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    A'aria kept running. She knew she stood little chance of out running a bear, but it was possible to at least get someplace narrow enough that the elemental couldn't follow her, right? Then it hit her. The elemental... well, the elemental's master was dead, wasn't he? So he couldn't have sent it to follow, meaning there was possibility it wouldn't be hostile. But when her mind flashed back to the ruthless fighting, the burning corpses, the running and screaming, she found it hard to believe anything wouldn't be hostile here. So when she realized just how completely, hopelessly lost she was, she stopped, turning around to face the area the bear was most likely to come from, clutching the small canary close once more and ready to defend herself if necessary, really hoping things would go right for once and she wouldn't have to.
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    A'aria didn't know when her legs stopped being able to hold her. She stood, transfixed by the scene around her, the burned corpse and singed skeletons, the people running and screaming, and then she didn't. It was a scene almost more gruesome than their fight with Heather's father and his master, more gruesome than the girl with a hundred arrows in her back, than Devin half dissolved and screaming in pain, Kyle without his wing, badly wounded and bloody... she hadn't thought it could get worse than that. But fire... well, dangerous to play with fire, wasn't it? She didn't know when she had carefully picked up the small canary, either. The heat burned, but Heather had asked her to take care of her body, and in her state of shock, that was all she could think to do. And the other words she'd spoken to her- to find her way out. Numbly, she stumbled to her feet, holding the bird carefully to her chest, and going fast as she could manage towards the exit. It took time, with the running, screaming, the heat that made her dizzy and the sight that hovered at the edge of her vision- but she stumbled out, unsure if she'd exited through where the others had or not and unsure if it mattered at the moment. And for the first time since she'd left the forest, she almost wished Edlia was there. Edlia would know what to do and say, where to run, how to find the others and how to help Heather.
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    A deal was no longer going to help them at all, she knew. The others had disappeared sometime between the first match and this one- Heather and her would have to get out on their own for now, wouldn't they? And the looks the men were giving Heather, closing in on all sides... well, she wouldn't allow them to get anywhere near her! She raised a hand fast, eyes glowing green, and the men closest to her side of the arena were knocked back by thick thorned branches. They quickly disappeared, but it bought them a moment at the least. Come on, Heather! We've got to run!
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    This wasn't the deal! None of this was the deal at all, and for the very first time, A'aria felt something akin to hatred. Hatred for every face in this crowd that was the reason Heather was forced to do this again! Hatred for the man who broke the deal, for the men who they couldn't fight to get out of here- all of it! But what could she do? What could they do? Even with all that anger, there was no safe solution coming to mind. So she grit her teeth, and again spoke only to Heather. If you... think you can do it, and you're willing to, then go. But if you don't, or if you do and that elemental nearly kills you? I'd fight everyone here to get us all out! I bet the others would too, ok?
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    A'aria took a hesitant step back from the men blocking their way, though she knew there were more around them, and glanced at the others- who were now glancing at her. She'd only made bad decisions until now- why did she keep ending up in positions where she had to make them? But she didn't like the look of the man, the way he stood and the arrogant confidence in his tone. He knew he'd backed them into a position in which he won no matter what, didn't he? The others were better from the last quest, but after something like that she didn't want to put them through more fighting. This was a puzzle that, unlike the last, she really only saw one solution to. Besides, Heather was uncertain. That was too close to scared for A'aria's tastes. She'll fight. But only one fight, and no matter what the results... all of us leave. That's still participating, right?
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    A'aria quite literally flinched when she saw the scene, quickly turning her head and almost subconsciously hiding Heather a little from sight. She really didn't like that at all, didn't think it could be possible. From what she had seen, elementals were very much alive and thinking and LIVING and she couldn't wrap her head around why people could just make them do things like this. It made her almost feel a little sick, thinking that Heather must've been... quite scared of this when they saved her. When Devin pointed to the exit she nodded, picking up the pace just slightly. The faster they were out of there and away from all of that, the better. And the faster they figured this out, the faster she could ask Rafael more about this. Surely, this couldn't be so common, could it?
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    A'aria most tiptoed her way around to avoid stepping into something she'd regret encountering later. Heather was right, actually, it was a little chilly here- And then Heather grinned at her and offered a piggyback ride, and despite the situation at hand, A'aria couldn't help a small huff and nearly crossed her arms. I'm not that short, Heather! An absolute lie, she KNEW she was tiny compared to the others, but really!
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    A'aria glanced in nervously. Kyle was completely right, if she's guessed correctly and he was being sarcastic. But was there much choice? They had to go in and find out what happened, and the more time passed, the less chance she supposed they had of doing so. Well... the faster we go in and out, the less chance of danger?
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    It's no trouble, Heather! She gave her a big smile, both because the girl now seemed to be in better condition, and for her own reasons. If her magic was stronger, now, then she could be of much more use! Do you want anymore help? She now glanced around at the others, just a moment. It seemed everyone was chatting with people who were already here at the tavern before them. Maybe it could be a good idea to chat with someone new, sometime soon. Always more to learn.