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  1. A Child's Nightmare [Quest]

    Thanks! Family has been over and things have been hectic but hopefully I'll be able to respond sometime this week. It is challenging considering I like to do so without 8 to 12 year olds peeking over my shoulder but I shall try. Soon. Gah
  2. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    Oh, that's just silly of them then! As long as people don't give you an actual reason not to help them, I don't see why one shouldn't. After all, Rafael had never given her reason not to trust him, so trust him she did. Once Ferris was seated still, she raised both hands to his head, and they began to glow a soft green- as did her eyes. Oh- that's why it's gotten so bad! Your body is trying to heal around the spike- that won't do. Now, you just give me a moment to get that out and you'll soon be good as new! And don't worry- we don't charge for healing here! A'aria gave him a small grin and the glow brightened just a bit; suddenly the pain was nothing more than memory, completely numbed. It would come back soon after she was done, but by then his body would be healing and it would be well on its way to disappearing once more. She closed her eyes to concentrate, focusing her magic on one clear point in her mind. The result was almost a little creepy, eyes still glowing when closed, but within a few minutes the spike was safely removed from his head and the blood was cleaned away. There you are! Now, my magic only works so long without me around to keep it working, so the pain will be back soon- oh, I'll get you some painkillers for then! I'd suggest more treatment, but... your body heals abnormally fast, doesn't it? So I'm sure that'll be alright!
  3. Down the Lonely Road

    A'aria looked at least a little apologetic when the soldier glared at her for being late, but in all honesty, she didn't consider it too late if they hadn't quite begun to move when she arrived. She did, however, seem a little more embarrassed at having mixed up tech and electrical manipulation. Granted, to a forest spirit they seemed like basically the same thing. While she understood machines and tools and the like, she still did not always understand the differences in technology and what powered it. Still- in the end, she had nothing of the sort on her and thus figured she'd heeded the warning well enough. When the cart began to move and the man in charge gestured to it, A'aria took it as a sign to move forwards with it, now dedicating a little more time to studying the others around them. While she doubted the transport could really go wrong if the prisoner was starved of what could help him escape, she didn't doubt the value of learning a little from the others.
  4. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    Dear and Love? Always a flirt, Rafael. But yes, I'll get those supplies. Though Sir, I... still think magic could help. Especially for numbing the area so you can pull out the spike- A'aria studied the wounded area a moment. It actually... while certainly a terrible wound and would've made her cry out in fear a year ago, now it didn't seem like the worst thing she'd handled. Would you allow me to try to numb it before I grab those healing supplies? That cannot be very tolerable at all, and I promise if anyone can help it might be me. @JaviD'Arcana @LightningBolt
  5. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to startle you! A perfectly solid being with bright red hair and pointed ears stood in front of him with an apologetic smile. She didn't seem too intimidated by the blade at all. I'm not very good at this innkeeping thing, am I? My name is A'aria- I was just asking if you were staying, so that I could in that case prepare a room. I... you're also bleeding, oh dear! Do you need bandages, disinfectant, anything? I'm sure I can find some somewhere for you! The moment she had noticed the bleeding, she'd switched from apologetic to worried, almost trying to keep herself from fussing.
  6. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    Hm, Connor did used to run it. We'll have to double check later and see who can run it now. Not me- I'd be terrible at it! A'aria had disappeared just a moment upstairs when the gambling den was mentioned. She didn't remember it too well- after all, she'd never really used it. She sent that message only to Rafael, before glancing at the now larger group sitting at the bar. Two rooms had already been prepared for the previous visitors, but now there were... three more? So busy so quickly! It would certainly be a challenge to keep up. To the people that had just walked in, she directed her next message. Will any of you be staying overnight? I've got to know- otherwise, I can't really prepare you a room! @SweetCyanide @JaviD'Arcana
  7. A Child's Nightmare [Quest]

    Gah, I didn't realize adding that would change the course of the quest much? Sorry ^^' I don't mind a longer quest, though. Up to you and Jotnotes.
  8. Down the Lonely Road

    I'm sorry I'm late! A'aria's arrival was nearly a surprise, nothing suggesting that she'd even been nearby in the first place. Besides her sudden appearance and the voice in everyone's mind, though, she did not seem the type to be useful in this sort of job at all. Delicate features and a light, almost naive attitude made sure of that. Still, she was quite the fighter, and her abilities tended to be convenient for restraining others, she'd discovered. She studied those in the group just a moment, deciding who must be who. The man struggling in handcuffs was very obviously the prisoner- the pictures from before had been clear. The brightly and oddly dressed man had just been giving orders when she arrived, so he had to be the man that had requested the extra security. The others, she reasoned, were extra security. And among them someone familiar. Hello, Alexander! Then, not a moment after, she turned her attention to the man in charge. Does the prisoner have any other usual tricks up his sleeve, or is it only the tech and sound manipulation?
  9. A Child's Nightmare [Quest]

    Very, very strong same. Can the title be edited or no?
  10. A Child's Nightmare [Quest]

    Don't worry about it! It was a good story, those take a little time. And now I got to have Minda almost nerd out a little, which is always fun.
  11. A Child's Nightmare [Quest]

    Minda listened, expression becoming more troubled as the story went on. She agreed wholeheartedly with Dan- this was not a fairy tale for children, hardly counted as a fairy tale at all. It also matched the newspaper articles she had found almost exactly. No trace of the children at all, no trace of.... anything. "... it seems there are two possibilities. One, someone is making the children disappear and is using this tale as a... cover of sorts, to inspire fear. Two, the tale is more reality than fiction- which raises the question of why they have suddenly appeared and what the children are all making deals for, if they know their fellows are disappearing. Unless we factor in that Blasphemer's Gospel- which, you'd be surprised dear, people write about fictional magic tools all the time. Irritating, for one who studies them. It certainly sounds like a magic tool, and one that is significantly more advanced than most I've encountered, if it's real. If the children, for some reason, have access to it, and it is suggesting that they seek out the Men of the Red Mist to solve their troubles... then to stop the disappearances, we'd simply need to cut off their access to it. Personally, I would recommend its isolation and destruction, in addition. I've dealt with enough of those blasted things to know nothing good comes from anything less." She sighed, before thinking back to what she'd read in the newspapers- immediately, her glasses brought the words back to her attention. "The first recorded disappearances were nearly two months ago, which suggests whatever truly began this appeared around then." Then Minda paused, a new train of thought redirecting the information her glasses decided to feed her. "Actually, a newspaper published a week prior mentioned the discovery of a merchant's wagon outside of town, completely empty and seemingly ransacked of all goods, though the traces of goods left were not the usual kind. It is possible that, should the previously mentioned option be reality, that wagon may have had something to do with it."
  12. For the Greater Good (Justice)

    Well, at least he had some sense of humor. She grinned when he responded sarcastically, but said nothing as he continued. After all, what would she tell him? It was amusing, and there was no need to get in a last word on something like that. Once he proposed his plan, she thought for a moment. Sonia honestly wasn't the best candidate for interrogation, if only for severe lack of practice, and while she was quick she was also unfamiliar with the territory and the enemy. And while the place was big and chaotic, it was still a warehouse- locations from which she could manipulate the security system were probably limited, and thus easy to find. And to top it off, a little exploring never hurt anybody- if they were careful. "I'm best with tech, so I should probably take down the security system. It's probably not inside the actual warehouse- not many places to hide it, so the main computer or device handling it would be back the way we came in one of the offices. If not there, then probably on the exact other end of the warehouse. Possibly high up, to keep workers away from it and to keep anyone in general from tampering with it. We meet back here in... however long you need to interrogate the target, I guess. Sound like a plan?" There were a lot of probablys and possiblys, but it was less vague than it sounded. The fact was, finding it wouldn't be difficult at all if she followed the wires- they all lead somewhere, after all. And tinkering with it likely wouldn't be too troublesome, after.
  13. A Child's Nightmare [Quest]

    Minda watched as the two lost themselves in the shelves- it seemed they had the books covered, and there would really be no point at all to looking for something when two people had already covered it. So instead, she looked for newspapers, recently published things that would contain reference to the happenings around the town. She wanted to get a good idea of when this had started, how often children disappeared, if there were any witnesses- things like that. Gathering the newspapers wasn't difficult. It seemed the place kept a good stock of them. What she found troubling was locating the information she was looking for- there were small mentions in many newspapers, but nothing concrete or easy to locate. She sighed- she'd hoped not to need to bring out one of her magic tools, but this would go much quicker with one. She reached into her bag, a small, unassuming thing, and pulled out a case for glasses that seemed a bit larger than the bag itself. She snapped the case open and quickly put on the glasses- blue frames, normal lenses- before turning her attention to the newspapers again, thinking of mist men and missing children and odd disappearances. Suddenly Minda was flying through the articles, the words she was looking for bright red against grey pages. In just a few short minutes, she'd narrowed down the disappearances to 50 daily newspapers. About 50 days ago, the first missing child was reported, and a child or two tended to disappear every few days. Articles without mention of a child going missing would give small details about the investigation- all the children had reportedly shown interest in a storybook about a week before disappearing. Minda continued looking through the papers with those glasses, double checking to make sure she didn't miss anything. The tricky thing about the glasses was that one needed to focus and know exactly what they were looking for- a second run through usually revealed a little more.
  14. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    Of course! My friend will have both rooms ready soon. She sent a quick thought to Rafael- two rooms, now- before turning her attention back to the two guests with what looked like a small laugh, no actual sound coming from her mouth though it did echo in their minds. As for fables and reality, I guess you start to believe a few fables when you find out they hold a note or two of truth! But really, I'll be fine. I only use my telepathy to send messages- a broadcast of sorts, not aimed specifically at one person but at an area. Aiming at only one person, even then, doesn't take much interaction with their mind! And like I said, stronger than I look. Now, I do love stories- do you two have any fun ones you'd like to share? Oh, and is there anything you'd like to drink in the meantime, Ms. Vespers?
  15. A Child's Nightmare [Quest]

    Frick sorry I'll respond today