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  1. Chance encounters

    So a dragonborn is like a sort of... elegant hybrid? That's interesting! She mused, thinking a moment how that would work- how could magic bound the two forms together like that? It was something she wanted to research, sometime soon. Oh, me? I can imagine you wouldn't know- from what I've seen on my travels, we aren't common! I'm a nymph- a being born of magic and nature, meant to protect places that constantly buzz with magic. The places are usually closed off, and we aren't much the traveling sort. At least from what I've heard. I haven't run into someone else of my species, admittedly. What I know is instinctive. She had no such qualms sharing that information, not seeing it as particularly important. After all, the man seemed mostly calm and kind, and it wasn't as if someone could find her forest easily either.
  2. Chance encounters

    Well, it's nice to meet you both! Oh, I'm A'aria. And.... dragonborn? She hadn't heard of that, yet. Or at least, she was fairly sure she hadn't. Admittedly, she didn't know the name of the species of most people she encountered. She asked often, but didn't always get the response. I don't think I've ever met a dragonborn! And I really doubt I've met a goddess, so I think I can confidently say I haven't met one of those, either.... The last bit was mumbled, her having gotten distracted and beginning to ramble. She jumped back to the present in just a moment though, with an apologetic grin. Ah- sorry. Off topic, I think. They certainly seemed interesting, and she was beginning to feel curious already- well, more curious than she had been in a little while. She refrained from immediately asking questions, though. She had already begun rude- she didn't want to continue being so.
  3. Chance encounters

    A'aria had been completely lost in thought by then, a mix of daydreams and memories, when sound suddenly pierced her little bubble. With a start she scrambled to get up, only to trip on her cloak and fall backwards with a wince. Heather would have been disappointed if she saw that- A'aria had gotten used to surprises for a short while, but it seemed the while of quiet had returned her to her easily startled nature. Bright green eyes caught sight of a man just ahead, donning a confused expression and... wings. Instinctively, she relaxed once she saw him. It seemed people with wings were becoming more and more common- first Raphael, then Kyle, and then... whoever this was? Though Raphael and Kyle certainly hadn't had dragon wings! She pulled herself to her feet properly, an embarrassed grin now on her face, and reached out with her mind to speak to him- only to find two minds in one. The surprise was clear on her face, then almost instantly replaced with almost childlike curiosity. Oh- hello! Forgive me if asking you this is... rude, but are there two people in your head? Ah, wait, it's rude to ask questions without knowing names first, isn't it? Her voice sounded like an echo in his head, bright and cheerful but not entirely there. It made sense- he wasn't hearing anything, after all.
  4. Chance encounters

    @Bolt Mulaag The sun just barely shone through the thick foliage at the top of the trees, shrouding much of the forest in shadow and giving it a sense of mystery. A'aria knew the effect would end as soon as the sun rose a little higher in the sky, but for the moment she enjoyed it, letting the scene remind her of home. Home, with the magical energy buzzing under every leaf and branch, every petal and stem. With the vibrant red flowers that had given her life, and the rushing river that cut the land in half. This forest did not have the warmth of magic, nor the red flowers she loved so much. But one could find a piece of home wherever they tried, couldn't they? With a deep breath, she kneeled down, placing a hand on the ground and calling to it, encouraging it to let a little life come forth and sparing some of her own magical energy to help hasten the process. Right before her eyes, a small sprout began to grow, and grow, and then bloom into the very flowers mentioned earlier. And suddenly there were dozens of them, all around her, and she pulled her hand back in surprise. Her time spent with the Rose Offensive had trained her- magic came far more easily, it was becoming almost hard to keep a handle on what had previously been so little. With a sigh, she sat in the middle of her creations, tilting her head back and looking up towards the tallest trees. The scene reminded her of home, yes, but that meant it was also lonely, as home had been. As things had been since the sudden disappearance of the Rose Offensive. Absentmindedly, she traced the tattoos that stayed dark and very much there- if they were dead, the marks would have faded, but it was almost worse to know she could not find them. In the emptiness of the forest, with none of them near, she found herself wishing she could happen upon someone- anyone, really.
  5. Looking for RP partner

    Hey! I've had to disappear for a while do to personal craziness, but when I came back, almost every single person I had been actively rping with disappeared >w< So now I'm on the hunt for a new rp partner or two! I don't have any plots just yet, but we can work that out before we start! I post anything from a few times a day to almost constantly for an hour, depending on the day, and I have a few characters to pick from! I'm good with pretty much any pairings, though there don't have to be pairings in said role play. I.... I'll admit I'm not sure what else to put here ^^'
  6. Minda Aniet

    Name: Minda Last name: Aniet Age: 23 Species: Human Personality: Cold and uninviting of others at first. Not willing to give up very much information, and usually not particularly inclined to begin conversation unless someone can offer her something of interest. However, there is much under this icy demeanor. If one can get her to warm up to them, they'll find a determined and fiery friend who would pull them through thick and thin and has a soft spot for children. She's passionate about crafting magical tools and objects, and spends much of her time trying to perfect said craft. She has a rather severe disconnect with the world, and a surprising talent for ignoring her surroundings completely until they directly affect her. Along with all that, she has a habit of daydreaming whenever she gets even remotely bored- a possible contributor to the previous point. Magic?: Yes If so, what kind?: Telekinesis and mild shapeshifting abilities. Has a wand, should she want to channel actual spells. Weapon: Her wand, which she herself created. When not in use, it seems almost tiny, fitting in one's pocket. When in use, shifts to a larger shape, nearly the length of one's arm, and glows a bright blue. Appearance: Around 5'7, with shockingly long grey hair that does not match her age, nor the rest of her youthful appearance. She's frighteningly pale, as if she's never spent a day outdoors- even her eyes are an almost dulled shade of blue! If asked, she'll blandly blame it on stress and close off the subject. Her clothing is usually in brighter colors, thankfully, ranging from well worn jeans and soft blue t-shirts to dresses covered in ruffles and beautiful patterns. Her usual outfit, though, is a simple white, almost sporty dress that reaches just below her knees, and a white hair tie that pulls the masses of grey hair from her face.
  7. Port Caelum Festival Games

    @Crossbone While the carnival may have been boring for Kyle, it was already exciting for A'aria. The forms people took with the masks weren't too exciting, but it was fun to try and imagine who was under the mask. There was no way to tell, and it was quite the game to her. The games themselves were new to her, and the decorations and festivity were beautiful. What could she say? Even she had to admit, she was easily satisfied. She didn't notice her bear was giving him any sort of look, and so she took the offered balls with a grin and small thanks. That faltered a moment though, at his seemingly offhanded comment. Well... I think you're luckier than you think. The beginnings of life can be difficult or even terrible, I've noticed, but... look at what you've got now! You've got the Rose Offensive! When your wing was hurt, you had access to what you needed to replace it so you could fly again. It's a matter of... perspective! Lots of people don't get second chances. Or whats sort of like a second family. This time, when she threw the ball in, it stayed. Just barely, having bounced on the bottom and nearly flown out over the edge, but it stayed, and she grinned with delight, already distracted from her previous point. Got it! I knew it couldnt be too rigged!
  8. Port Caelum Festival Games

    @Crossbone A'aria giggled at that, taking the ball offered to her. Rigged? Its only tossing a ball. Maybe you just got unlucky, hm? Though she teased him, she did recognize the game could be difficult if the ball bounced right out of the basket. But she found she didn't mind- it was fun to participate anyways, and just seeing all these decorations and festivities was wonderful. In the end, who cared if they won? She still wanted to try, however, and narrowed her eyes in thought a moment before mimicking Kyle's throw, but intentionally weaker. With less force, it was less likely to bounce out than his, right? And she almost succeeded. It bounced just barely at the bottom, but enough for the ball to slip it's way out of the basket. Oh- that was close! Can we try again, please? I bet we can get it right this time!
  9. Port Caelum Festival Games

    @Crossbone A'aria was always slow to wake up, yawning and rubbing her eyes to chase away the temptation of going back to sleep. It was especially tempting on a boat, the waves rocking back and forth in a soothing rhythm. Sleep could not call her for long, however, when there was something new and exciting to see, and she soon summoned her usual energy and rushed out onto the deck to see where they had landed. And what a sight the place was! Decorated all over, with lanterns and streamers and so many decorations she didn't know the name to, all in gold and silver. There were games, more than she could count and she wanted to try them all. And the masks! Before her eyes, when someone put them on, their appearance would change completely! It was fun to watch, and she suddenly desperately wanted to take part in it. The first person immediately in her sight was Kyle, and then Devin. She was sure Heather would join shortly- the girl was always close by. And so A'aria ran up to the two, giggling when the mask took Devin by surprise. While she hadn't spoken to him much, he was still someone she was getting used to seeing, and was familiar with him. A shame when he slipped into the crowd, seemingly to find something of interest to him. She didn't mind sticking to just Kyle for now, though. Could we play some of the games, pretty please? Oh, and wear the masks, too! I've never seen someplace like this before- It's incredible! I want to see it all! She then frowned slightly at a thought. Don't want to see it alone, though. It's more fun to play games with friends, after all, right?
  10. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Admittedly, A'aria had panicked and said the first thing that came to mind that meant that the woman had gone away. She was glad Heather hadn't commented on this. Or Kyle, either- she glanced in his direction. He seemed fine. The child form was a surprise, and it took A'aria a second to respond to the suddenly smaller form that had attached itself to her waist. She was always the shortest one around- this was new. With a hesitant chuckle, she hugged back. Ah... it's ok, Heather. Just... I'm going to fall once in a while! I'm gonna get hurt. You cant get into a rage when it happens. Otherwise, where does that leave us? @Alternative
  11. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    A'aria's eyes went wide and she quickly shook her head, emphasizing the motion with her hands- a very large no. No no no, Heather- no stuffing anyone's head in a toilet bowl! Whoever it was already went downstairs, and were probably just in a hurry- besides, they only knocked us over when they ran by, they didn't commit a crime or intentionally hurt me or anything! Please calm down! Heather being so protective was sometimes scary- the rage in her expression over something as simple as being pushed and falling over was an example. The fire was an added bonus on the fear tree.
  12. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    A'aria had nearly fallen again with that- now that was a little embarrassing. She hadn't realized how heavy he would be, and silently thanked whatever diety was above that he had steadied her so she didn't topple into him twice in one day. She glanced in the direction he was looking in a moment. Was he talking about the woman who had knocked them over? I'm not sure. She was talking to a few others a little while back, I think, but that's all I can say.
  13. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    A'aria nearly squeaked when she found herself falling, Kyle crashing into her, and her first instinct was to shelter Heather, who had seemed to be dozing off on her shoulder in canary form. She'd only seen a small flash of black hair behind him before the fall- was it the woman who had been talking to some of the others earlier? There wasnt much time to consider that. When she hit the ground, she was surprised to find it was... not quite so hard as imagined. Kyle had tried to make sure she didn't fall, she realized. A little stunned, she hadn't quite moved until Kyle informed her he needed his wing back. To that, she quickly scrambled to get up, a small embarrassed flush on her face. I- ah, sorry! Are you alright? She held out a hand as an offer to help him get up, himself. @Crossbone
  14. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Kyle's comment caught her by surprise, so completely unrelated to their general trail of conversation. Her expression showed her surprise slightly, and she thought quite literally on the question. Oh! Uh.... I... well, the traveler I mentioned earlier told me when I was still little, I think. Besides that, I don't think its... something I've ever heard. Thank you! She said with a warm smile, before noting that when he hid his wings, he looked almost human, much like when she hid her ears, she could also pass as human. Did he move them so much for any one particular reason? Maybe it was tiring to hold them up all the time. She nearly had to pinch herself to keep from launching questions- she'd gotten a better handle on her curiosity, recently. And... I like your wings. Mechanical one and the original. They sort of remind me of the bats from back home, actually! They hid in the cave at the base of a bordering mountain most of the time, but when they came out, they were everywhere! And the little ones were very affectionate. They would even let one feed and pet them, stroke their wings- did you know they're quite fuzzy and small? Though I don't know if they let me do all that because I'm a nature spirit of sorts or if they really are naturally that way.... She trailed off a moment in thought before giving Kyle an apologetic look. Ah, sorry- rambled a little there, I think.
  15. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    I don't think you're very weird. Though I'm not the best person for that, I guess. Weird was... unusual, right? Everything around her seemed unusual and new all of the time. Maybe Kyle was just more unusual by regular standards? Did that mean Raphael was also unusual by regular standards? And the others? Questions, questions. And Kyle had just asked her another. Oh! Uhm... She tapped her chin in thought a moment. I met him here. He seemed so new to me, and I had a lot of questions to ask just about anyone. So I asked him! We... I suppose we haven't separated since. She gave him a sheepish smile. Sorry if my answers seem a little plain. Except for a very small number of incidents, I don't have much to tell in way of stories. She could go on for hours about her forest, and the magic it held and the species and all the hidden places and curious glades, but... well, she didn't want to bore anyone.