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  1. whoever invented calc 2 deserves a chili pepper up their equivalent of a hooha

    1. The Hummingbird

      The Hummingbird

      I envy you because you can actually comprehendĀ Calc 2. I managed 2 weeks of Pre. Math was never my strong suit ;-;

    2. Knighto


      buddy its not even comprehension at this point its a desperate haze of memorized equations and formulas that make a smidgen of sense until the exam and suddenly the haze is gone and you're left with only your will to survive like please god I wish I had given up at pre

  2. Ayan needs to maybe slow his roll a little bit. just a smidge. innocent bab drugging bounty hunters is a strange aesthetic. And idk chaos m'dude, Sonia's straight up electrocuting people. I feel like they're close to even here.
  3. Just,,,, two more weeks until Valucre isn't my only break from finals Hell Yea

  4. Ah, right. She'd forgotten some people didn't take very well to it. I... sorry, it's either this or sign language. Most don't know it, so I don't usually bother. Is Lady Reyna the one that brought me here?
  5. Sonia only slightly regretted wishing for something to alleviate her boredom when the first shots rang out. She was too close to dodge the bullets shot by those with honestly godawful aim- seriously, she had been far enough from the minotaur- so she settled for diving behind the bar as well. It would cut off her exit, but she wasn't the one people were pissed off at, so keeping back here would be the best option. Her hand twitched for the golden guns strapped to her thighs. Staying back and quiet might theoretically be the best option, but Sonia had never really been the type of girl to go with the choice that kept her standing still. A small curse, and she whipped her goggles out of bag and tugged them on, then pulled off her vest to reveal wings made of a metal very much like gold folded tightly to her back. Extending them ever so slightly to give herself something of a shield, she gave in and grabbed her guns, shooting back at the people over the bar in an attempt to get them to back off. The bullets weren't the usual sort, however- they didn't pierce skin, but they certainly gave enough of an electric shock to incapacitate the regular sort that frequented places like this. She hadn't anticipated needing them, though, and she didn't have anything to reload with. Two guns, twelve bullets total. There were more than twelve people in this room. "Hey, idiot bounty hunter- what the hell did you do to get a price on your head so damn soon?! I know the new ones are cocky, but this is excessively fast!" God, did this minotaur even know how obvious he was? Well, she couldn't complain. This kind of fight was way more fun than getting blackout drunk.
  6. Minda did not like leaving her workshop. Didn't like leaving the town she had become partial to, and certainly didn't like the messiness that tended to come with world-wide events. Unfortunately for her, however... she had a soft spot for children. More than a soft spot, really- many of the kids in the town had taken to calling her the toymaker, because she couldn't resist making them things when she saw they were feeling down. It only took the equivalent of a penny of her magic, anyways. So when she'd heard of the crash... well, she'd never forgive herself if she didn't offer her assistance. She selected a few of her magic tools to take with her. More than a few, and they'd interfere with each other and wouldn't work properly. Her fast-traveller, which allowed her to cover seven times the distance she normally would in a day while on foot. Worked wonderfully to mimic super speed in combat as well, though she hoped it didn't come to that. Her wand, for more efficient spellcasting, and a few other little surprises. She attached them to her belt, and away she went in the direction of the last reported contact with the airship. With the fast traveller, she got to the mountain ranges in just short of an hour.
  7. I KNOW I'm safe, have known since I first woke up- but- God, was she overreacting, where even was this place-? A moment to reach out to the earth calmed her, however. She was... relatively far from Shawnee. Couldn't have gotten that far unless someone brought her here, right? I'm sorry, I'm just... confused. Who are you?
  8. A quick glance showed she wasn't alone, and... thankfully the person didn't seem to be a threat? ... Hello. Could you tell me where I am? And how I got here, if you know? Oh god, and where the woman that helped me is- she was a spellcaster of some sort, and so very powerful but I never caught her name- did she make it? Did anyone- oh god, how long have I been that stupid plant- She started calm enough, but clearly trying to get her bearings had put her in a bit of a frenzy.
  9. A'aria had to resign herself to the blank emptiness of... Whatever this state was. She'd have to give it a name. Her memory frustratingly wouldn't return, and though she tried to draw on some magic around her- any of it- the earth stubbornly refused to let her, as if it knew she had to recover. It drove her mad, but she managed. The flower recovered at a pace far slower than its original growth spurt. Slowly the green returned to dry leaves, and the bud of the flower looked healthier with time. Still, it kept itself locked tight, and though the flower seemed to certainly try to bloom, there was no success up til that day. Slowly- but not so slowly as a normal flower- the bud began to open up, petal after petal unfolding. Coincidentally, when he entered the last petal fell into place and glowed for just a moment- a soft, green glow, very easily missed- but it seemed enough. A figure stood just above it, in just a green cloak that she quickly wrapped tight around herself, clearly taking comfort in it. A'aria'd been desperate to bloom, to get out of that equivalent of a prison, but now she remembered- a beam of light, redirecting it but it hurt, burned and she had heard a scream she dimly registered as her own- and now she was here, and she had no idea where here was- what had happened?
  10. A'aria knew, somehow, that she'd been in a state that felt like sleep. She knew it wasn't for two simple reasons; one, she felt the opposite of rested, and two, she was... well, she wasn't sure there was a word for this. She couldn't see, could barely hear, couldn't feel or smell or... anything. Additionally, she felt disconnected- the kind of feeling between being asleep and being awake when thinking was hard and nothing made sense besides the warmth of the blankets and the heavy feeling in her bones. Except mentally, she was starting to feel more and more present. Her body didn't seem to be following the memo, and this was achingly familiar but she couldn't quite place why. Sufficiently trapped in such a state, she decided to focus on how she'd gotten there in the first place. She'd been searching for the guild members again, that she knew. It was the only thing A'aria'd done in quite some time. It... led her to the north, to someplace cold, and there was... an attack. It had reminded her of the fight against that necromancer, but that dark elf had seemed like a puppet when compared to the force of that second army. The... they had called themselves the Legion, hadn't they? There were people resisting, sure, but a scarce few could actually hold their ground. She'd just barely been one. Not even that, if... there was a sorceress that had saved her from a terrifying creature, and then... nothing. Her memory stopped there. She didn't quite feel like she'd become whatever she was right now in that moment, but she couldn't figure out what could've happened between then and now. A'aria felt warm now. Safe. Exhausted, but better, though she couldn't remember what had pushed her to such a point. And then she realized why this feeling and emptiness was so familiar, and it brought about a wave of panic and fear and a desperate need to be awake and up and out of this. This was what the first years of her life had been- overwhelmingly alone and cut off, until she'd managed to connect herself to the magic around her and bloomed; until she'd been strong enough to take on her now-usual form. She couldn't do that again, not when she didn't know where she was or what had happened to the person that had saved her. For all she knew, this might take longer than the first time. Not again. She did not want to do this again. To the general outsider, things in the garden hadn't seemed quite strange the first few hours after Reyna had barreled through, planting a seed and continuing to see her lover. But with no discernible cause, the seed had begun to grow at a pace far past the normal. It had forced a stem, leaves, and a small bud out of the ground far faster than should have been possible, and the bud almost began to open- and had then locked itself tight, like a mother desperately trying to keep a child from running into the world too soon. Despite- or perhaps because of- its rapid growth, the plant itself seemed barely alive, weak; as if it hadn't seen the sun or a drop of water in weeks.
  11. Thats insanely close on Sonia's end for almost everything? And also super amusing, but she's not really close to a ruthless mercenary. She's more likely to run from a fight than start one, won't take just any job for pay, and her passion fron gold really stems from her passion for making things from it. Well. Less passion more hyperfixation? Think high functioning adhd. She's a disaster wearing competent people clothes and making jewelry and stun guns. (Also she will lie to herself and others about only doing this job for the gold but like??? Those are technically kidnapped babies she'd see it through to the end with or without pay the old softie)(and she cant hold her liquor shes a huge lightweight)
  12. Sonia was starting to see a pattern in her life, and she hadn't quite decided if she liked it or not. On one hand, these poker games really were an excellent way to rake in the funds she needed to get all the gold she wanted for her creations- both jewelry and machine. On the other hand, she couldn't wear sunglasses or her work goggles when playing unless she wanted to give the others a full view of her cards. Settling for contact lenses was really such a pain and an inconvenience when she could just sell what she created, but lately she'd gotten ever so attached to it. If she could hoard them forever, she would. So she settled for game after game, losing intentionally when she felt the others growing irritated but winning just enough to get a decent profit from all this. Doing more was a stupid choice, unless a person had a death wish they wanted fulfilled by the rougher sort that frequented the Hades' Hand. She grew tired of the game at one point, though, and politely withdrew with her money, tucking it in her side-bag and glancing around. Time had passed, and the place was less rowdy than it had been an hour prior, though a buzzing energy had never quite faded. A pianist in a corner played a ragtime tune; the bar served those drinking up the money they'd made and the ones sulking over what they'd lost, and Sonia was almost tempted to join in. God, a good drink and picking a fight or a dance sounded like wonderful stress relief, and also something to do. Gambling was only a thrill for so long, in places where winning against the wrong person won you a bullet in the head, so she tucked her messy blue hair back into her hat and began heading for the door. (Nevermind that she was usually the wrong person to win against, but she at least did cheaters the courtesy of a head start)
  13. Gotcha. Do you have a description of the place somewhere or do we take liberties?
  14. Sweet! Is Huxbert going straight to Hades Hand? Cause if so, thats definitely a place where he might run into Sonia. Being a little too fond of gold makes for a routine gambler. Just don't wanna start and throw off anything you've got planned immediately
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