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  1. Chance encounters

    Souls. Rafael had taught her about those, hadn't he? How he hated them, mostly, because the only ones he ever got to deal with were the ones in hell. He liked most of the ones in the land between just fine, from what she could tell. It made sense, that such powerful magic would require those to power it. And life... well, that she could understand. Overexerting herself using her magic drained from her very life force, and often the life of nature around her. The death of a nymph was not usually a pretty sight for good reason, after all. Then again, they never truly did die... Souls? Do they act as a sort of... power source for your magic? Are they required for a ritual? How foreign magic worked was always fascinating to her, after all. Althea's question to her surprised her for a moment, however. Oh, no- this isn't my birthplace. I was simply... passing through? Where I was born, these grow everywhere! She kneeled down, placing a hand on the ground and closing her eyes. In just a moment, she slowly began to lift it, and as she lifted it a flower began to grow- the same kind that hung around her neck. The soil also suddenly felt refreshed, and charged with a little more magic than was normal.
  2. Chance encounters

    Oh no, you look human! I'm just... never sure. A'aria didn't seem to pick up on the fact that Althea had been avoiding the question at all. She'd met so many who appeared human and then were anything but, that she rarely assumed one was human anymore when she first met them! Luke, who seemed perfectly normal until handed a sword, Kyle, whose wings were something she envied greatly, Rafael, a demon who always wandered in human form... and so many more. Her thoughts quieted her for just a moment, enough that she hardly realized when Althea was drawn back to the edge of the lake. When she did notice, however, her curiosity immediately came back full force. Most nymphs weren't quite this curious, but most nymphs didn't feel the urge to travel that she did, did they? Not as far as she knew. Althea seemed properly distracted now, as if A'aria wasn't standing there, but she strangely found herself unhesitant to continue asking questions anyways. Normally, she had a little more tact. Perhaps it was because she hadn't run into someone this interesting in so long. What sort of price, if you don't mind me asking?
  3. A Child's Nightmare [Quest]

    Minda was a bit of a traveler, she couldn't deny. And she supposed she was a bit of a merchant as well, selling the magic tools she created in the towns she passed through. The only things she could really remember were the people who bought her wares or asked her how the magic worked, or managed to teach her something new. She couldn't tell you how many towns she had been in, which ones they had been, or how long she had been travelling. But she could tell you just how many children frolicked through the streets in those towns, how many ran up to her stand excitedly asking what she had to sell and if any of those things were toys. She could remember their names and stories easily. And thus this town was marked for her, suddenly. Because in place of children, there were posters declaring that the children were missing. She asked around and none would give her a straight answer, besides the appearance of ghosts or demons, suspiciously like the ones in kids tales. Kids tales tended to have the slightest note of truth in them, she often found. Through this questioning, Minda found herself in a tavern. She saw only two people besides herself there- the bartender, who was unusually quiet, and a man who seemed almost giddy with excitement with his legs propped up on a table. Both immediately disappeared from her range of attention as quickly as they had entered it, and she turned her focus and memory towards the posters covering the walls, trying to memorize names and faces. This wasn't something to be taken lightly, and she didn't want to leave this town without getting to the bottom of it.
  4. Chance encounters

    Upon finally getting so close, she could also see the slightly pointed ears mostly hidden behind the masses of curls. The ears, the magic, the close resemblance to the flower, and the glowing eyes all pointed to one possibility- she was a nymph. A being born of magic and nature, forests infused with magic tended to have one or two. They protected the forests, never leaving and never letting intruders tamper with the order of their birthplaces. This one was a long way from home. Althea. She seemed to think on the name, trying it out, before suddenly smiling. I like it! Its a pretty name. She then studied the woman in front of her just a bit longer before curiosity caught hold on her and she spoke again. Are you human, or another kind of magic user? I've only ever seen one other person use that sort of magic, and supposedly it was very rare. Even then, it wasn't as strong as yours. Or, well- it didn't come as easily.
  5. A Child's Nightmare [Canon Quest]

    Minda! She may be cold at first but she can't turn a blind eye when kids are involved. Is she ok for this?
  6. A Child's Nightmare [Canon Quest]

    Can I join in as well? Sounds interesting!
  7. Cult of the Damned - Genesaris version!

    I would love to sign me the heck up for the pain train
  8. Chance encounters

    I don't like to. Some aspects of my magic... I'm not very good at controlling. One of them is tied to my voice! I've gotten much better with my magic in the past few months, but not at that. Only after she said that did she notice that it was something she'd usually kept hidden. She trusted this woman, somehow- this woman who took confident steps towards her, who was speaking much like Eldia had to her when she first found her. It felt off- A'aria did not doubt that it was not her usual manner of speaking, but some instinct was telling her not to worry. So she stopped taking steps back, allowed the woman to continue forwards without guaranteeing the same safe distance as before. With hesitant hands, she pulled the hood of her cloak away from her face, revealing curly red hair, sun kissed skin covered in little freckles, and the glowing green eyes. Her head tilted, mimicking the movements of the woman in front of her. The small movement allowed a small charm to move just into sight- attached to a chain, a flower encased in amber. The red of its petals resembled the red of her hair, the little brown specks matching the freckles that dotted her cheeks. The glowing green of her eyes matched the small bit of stem that had joined the flower in amber. I'm A'aria. Who are you?
  9. Chance encounters

    Your magic revived a deer. His magic revived an evil elf with demonic powers bend on taking over the... land? World? I can't exactly remember. Oh, and bound a powerful elemental prince to his will. Your magic was stronger than his though- I'm not sure why. With each step forwards she took, she was rewarded with a step back from A'aria, though she still looked entirely unafraid and entirely curious. She did get a glimpse of her face, though- vibrant, almost glowing green eyes, and tan skin covered in freckles. Aside from the glowing, there didn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary. And.. oh! My magic, you mean? A friend once told me it was referred to as telepathy. I think it's more just... connected. I'm... connected to living things. And I cannot speak, so this is easier than learning sign language.
  10. Chance encounters

    That she'd been noticed at all startled her- normally, she was not seen in places like this unless she wanted to be seen. And she hadn't wanted to be found. She pulled the hood of her cloak over her head, the smooth feeling of the fabric immediately relaxing her before she stepped out from behind the trees, wide eyed. She'd already learned hiding the pointed ears and unusually vibrant red of her hair was a good idea- that she had to hide it did not bother her as much as it should, not when she was curious. The woman's eyes were almost a golden color, she realized once she had a better look at her, and she hardly noticed the confident gaze. The cloak was made of seemingly quality material, green as the leaves of trees in summer and with patterns of flowers embroidered in black along the edges. It dwarfed her already small form, giving her an almost childish appearance when her face was covered. She did not seem afraid at all- though whether it was because she was powerful or naive was difficult to guess. I'm A'aria. I apologize for intruding. The voice echoed inside her head- some form of telepathy? I simply... felt the forest was full of magic and wanted to try and find the source. I didn't mean to interrupt. Though I must say, you have magic I've never seen! Well, I have seen it, but... different. Darker?
  11. Chance encounters

    She suddenly felt a burst of magic, and immediately began to run towards the source. Her steps fell almost invisibly, not a sound to be heard as she made her way through the forest. That magic had been released into something, which meant _someone_ harnessing it- and a powerful magic user, too. This time, she allowed herself to fade into the forest, allowed her magic and her being to mingle with it as her consciousness raced ahead of her body to find a lake- and a woman holding a heart just over it. She watched in awe as rings of red flew across the surface of the lake, turning it red- this was a magic she hadn't seen before, not even with Rafael- And just a few seconds later, a deer left the lake completely calmly- revived. No, this was certainly not something she had seen before. She wondered for a moment what Rafael would say- probably throw a slight fit because things weren't supposed to pass the breach of life and death. It was then that her body caught up and she snapped back to it, hiding behind the trees and peering through the foliage to get a better look at the woman who had commanded such an impressive display of magic. How had she done it? Was she human? Or was she tied to the forests, as A'aria was? Or maybe she was like Rachel, a necromancer, or like Rafael, a demon! Though Rafael had assured her that people of his world did not lightly visit this one.
  12. Chance encounters

    @Tia Dalma A'aria had been travelling in the forests for months now. It was difficult not to run into people on occasion, but she found it was far less than most other forms of travel. While just a few short months ago, she would have jumped at the chance to meet anyone new, now she hesitated at the chance. The tattoos on her arm were the reason- each a member of the Rose Offensive, each having vanished without a trace. She assumed they were still alive- the tattoos would turn faded if they hadn't. But wherever they were, she could not reach them. Still, her insatiable curiosity could only be dimmed, not fully erased. The few people she ran across, she struggled not to question, to ask who they were and what things were like for them, and if they had any stories that would leave her wide eyed to hear. And there were- there was a half dragon, half human man who had been incredibly kind and curious as well, and there was the odd woman who seemed to forget- or ignore- everything she heard and was told only to turn back to her work. Their stories had eased her need to stay away from people, whether she liked it or not. The forest she was in now was full of magic. A'aria could feel it in the leaves, the branches of the trees, the roots and the flowers and the very air she breathed. It was not quite as much as in her home forest, but it was still more than most she had encountered. And, curiosity drawing her forwards, she continued through it, looking for some kind of source. She could reach out with her magic and locate it immediately if she wanted, but there was something about doing it the human way, trekking through the woods and taking it all in with only her senses, that held a certain charm.
  13. A chance meeting

    Hello! I'm looking for someone to do a casual rp with! Well, honestly it could be casual or dramatic or packed with action and I wouldn't mind. Just generally someone to rp with! We could talk about the plot based on which characters we would like to use and what we're both interested in? I just honestly want to get back into action here since I had been off for months!
  14. Chance encounters

    So a dragonborn is like a sort of... elegant hybrid? That's interesting! She mused, thinking a moment how that would work- how could magic bound the two forms together like that? It was something she wanted to research, sometime soon. Oh, me? I can imagine you wouldn't know- from what I've seen on my travels, we aren't common! I'm a nymph- a being born of magic and nature, meant to protect places that constantly buzz with magic. The places are usually closed off, and we aren't much the traveling sort. At least from what I've heard. I haven't run into someone else of my species, admittedly. What I know is instinctive. She had no such qualms sharing that information, not seeing it as particularly important. After all, the man seemed mostly calm and kind, and it wasn't as if someone could find her forest easily either.