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  1. Of Sins and Trespass.

    Jaro wasn't entirely sure he liked the view from the railing of the airship. He was as fearful of going over the side as he was quesy at the thought of how humans most certainly were not meant to fly. The sigh of Shanna leaning so carefree over the railing sent even his toes tingling in nervousness. Even more so when the heels of his boots skidded across the deck of the ship and he was forced to a more dangerous perspective. He tried very hard to look at all the things Shanna was pointing out (and failing horribly). "Yes who doesn't love magical flying death machines? A bit like the one we are on." Of course that was when Shanna flung herself over the edge and he sighed as he was entirely too proficient at when around the rambunctious woman. He forced the rediuculously large brimmed hat onto his head and held it before following Shanna over the side. Floating down gracefully under the power of magic and barely given a chance to collect himself before he was lead on, not entirely against his will as her ambition infected him and the last traces of any curmogenous attitude wore out. "Well not all in one day! That would be foolish and terrible for your stomach I might add." Jaro was still feeling a bit green from the trip, but wouldn't dissuade her from trying anything she wished. Mostly to take some grim pleasure out of telling her 'I told you so.' when she tried too much. His gaze glancing up when a telltale shadow of a dragon passed overhead. "Where I am from we have a healthy respect for dragonkin. Mostly due to the aforementioned magical hobnobbing." he took on a curious look. "I think that is the word I want." Before shrugging. He gestured a direction "Smells best that way if my nose is any indication."
  2. The Red Tower.

    Jaro had only really been teasing about going to Mageside City. Now however he was only evermore curious about just what had happened between Shanna and whatever college this was that she came from. It also had the unintended side-affect of completely derailing Shanna from his inquiries about just how in the great ocean of magic they were supposed to find her insanity driven quest for her precious grimoires. His eyebrow had perked in a rather pronounced matter as she mentioned an Airship. "Airship?" Jaro entirely didn't like the sound of whatever the hells that was. If it saved them both of them, well him mostly, from walking it surely couldn't be all that terrible. His inner musings interrupted as he looked at the gibberish that was the map. Geography hadn't been a strong suit of his on the best of days and now that he was in what was effectively a new world he had given up on it entirely. Shanna seemed to be guided by something other then something so mundane as cardinal directions or landmarks anyway. "All my stuff is already packed." Not adding that he was waiting for her to break out of her nightmare fueled fugue so they could be about it for pressing issues of his own. "What is this about Leviathan scales?" He asked as he stood with a grand stretch even as he mentally prepared himself for the journey back to Umbra and this 'airship'.
  3. The Red Tower.

    There was a tinge of amusement in his eyes as Shanna thanked their cook for taking care of them when he was more then capable the last week to fend for himself. He contented himself with eating his egg toast as they dispensed with their nicities as he turned into his reserved self in the company of others. There was a slight bit of grey to his cheeks in eyes as he sipped at his watered down wine and watching Shanna eat when she wasn't looking. Now that they were both well fed he leaned back in his chair some and listened to her talk. "Your the navigator I am just along for the adventure as it were, well mostly. A coastal town sounds good. Not sure i have ever eaten fish that fresh before so that should be a treat. Sure you do not want to return to Mageside to snub some old fools noses in your successes?" He inquired with the slightest glitter of amusement and humor in his eyes. "As much as I despise the idea we should use horses this time instead of on foot. My joints were killing me from all the walking. Though it is dubious if enduring the jarring and the smell will be much better." The older looking gentlmen offering his own counsel on the matter. "Ah! Yes I had a thought now that I am thinking about it. Can we fashion some sort of detector for your grimoires? So we know if a book is in the town we are in at least? I doubt all of them are going to be available for sale and in the hands of private individuals in which case it would be dreadfully difficult to even know of their existence should they be tight lipped or reclusive. Divination aren't my forte however. If I had the spell i could enchant it to something, but other then that." Jaro spread his hands apart a bit. Before reaching up to rub his chin in thought and one could see the train of thought on his face before he dismissed whatever further idea it was. "Well if your ready I do believe our things are all packed up curtesy of our excellent staff. So whenever you feel up to it."
  4. The Red Tower.

    It didn't take a scientist to tell that the woman was downplaying his words or he thought after a moment she simply couldn't believe it the way he meant it. After the barest of moments to consider his options he just smiled simply and gave her upper arms a squeeze before separating from her entirely. Caught up in the whirlwind of her renewed vigor he let it lay as it was before nodding to her and watching her wander off.One of his eyebrows raised a bit and his eyes twinkled in amusement. He would have to remember that for whatever reason she was easily fooled by illusions. Though he gave her some leeway given the circumstances. "Yes the Cook said she was making your favorite today." Not that Jaro could remember what that was all of a sudden. "With egg toast for me." he said with a bit of relish. "Are you going to want a bath before we go? I can get one of the maid to help you." He raised a hand up and snapped his fingers together and just like that they were back where they had started with nary more then a few moments passed. The two of them back side by side on her bed. he gave her shoulder an affectionate pat on the shoulder before standing with a grimace. The old aches and pains of his real body remembered all too keenly until he adjusted back to the arthritic rhythms. "Don't tarry everyone is waiting for you." Then in his own impetuous way he left to carry out her wishes and meet up with her later in the dining area.
  5. The Red Tower.

    The long quiet that clung between them seemed barely noticed by Jaro. Simply doing as he had stated and laying there staring up at the sky watching the clouds drift overhead until she started to speak. He listened quietly and without judgment and started to watch her as she moved about. When she stood he watched her smile and offered her one of his own in his typical reserved style. The fact he made no move to get up and his words reinforced the fact he was in no great hurry to go anywhere. "We are alot alike you know. I am not sure if you recall or if I even told you. My father was not a kind man. Blamed my very existence for every trouble he ever had and if the man had one defining trait it was the ability to accumulate troubles at a vast rate." Unable to help a grim smirk at the thought. As it faded quickly he turned his head to look at her with a serious look on his face. "I promised that I would not lie to you Shanna and to help you how I can whatever troubles may occur." Finally he stood and far more easily then he had any right too, without the grimacing and creaking. "I have been accused of a great many things, but being good with people certainly has never been one of them so I apologies if it comes off as uncaring, it is anything but the sort." As if to punctuate the severity of the situation and how seriously he considered all of what she had to say in minute detail he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. A pause was given before he opened his eyes as he exhaled before reclaiming breath to speak. "One must consider what is important to one at all times and to what lengths one will go to accomplish such. I assume your referring to your very personal living memory you were pulled into. For those two the answer is simple. He loved power more then he loved her, if he even loved her at all. One might argue to him she was, but a required means to an end." Jaro shrugged at that unable to offer anything further in that regard. "The hearts of people are easily swayed by dark desires. Most just want comfort and a rare few fight or work toward something greater then themselves." "I often think fate is something to blame when something terrible happens in our lives while I hope it guides us to be better then ourselves. It is also wise to regard the fact that Brutus is not human and as such feels things differently then you and I." Jaro attempted an encouraging smile that was a bit like an actor attempting some new facial feature for the first time. Being genuine with his expressions far harder then with words evidently. "Wolfs often let their wounded fellows tend to themselves after all and hell hounds.." he shrugged before continuing. "And what sort of mages would we be if we only delved in the mysteries of the arcane while ignoring the most crucial component of any spell? Ourselves." Then the final point which he could no longer stave off any longer. He steeled himself once again and moved forward. This time he walked forward and grasped her in a hug that went beyond the hug friends gave one another. It was warm and wholesome. An outpouring of how he felt on the inside, but couldn't find the words for. Half afraid she might vaporize him for the act the other half utterly not giving a shit. He held her quietly for a moment and continued to hold her as he spoke. "I love you Shanna. If you shatter me, i will melt myself down and recast myself stronger. I cannot promise I won't push you away, but I won't cast you aside. I cannot promise that I will understand, but I will always try. And I cannot promise that I won't change, but I do promise I will always care about you." And so having poured his heart out he just held her and willed more of the Shanna he had grown fond of to come back.
  6. The Red Tower.

    The man could scarcely remember a time where each tick of his watched felt weighted with such great responsibility. His resolve almost evaporated once he plunged her into the waiting depths before steeling himself with the reminder it must be done. Regardless of whatever he convinced himself with his foot tapped impatiently for any sign that Shanna possessed even the smallest of will to live. Glimpsing an astounding lack anything on her part he sighed diverting more attention to watching her reactions. Dolls had more semblance of life then she did at this moment. Finally she seemed to finally look up weather it was for saving or a last glimpse at the light before letting herself drown he wasn't aware as he decided it was the former. His hand dipped into the water and seemed to stretch across the vast expanse of the depths without hindrance and grasped her forearm with a reassuring squeeze. A light tingle of a taste of power that was Jaro's and they were else ware. The fragrance of fresh air and a rainbow assortment of flowers assaulted their nostrils. He had shifted the illusion and they were now surrounded by a small field of flowers with them laying in the midst of it all staring up at the sky that moved as if they were actually outside. Jaro laid like that staring up at the sky for a moment before drawing in a deep breath. "Not usually one for the outdoors as you well know, but even I find myself liking this place. Tis a small ways away from the tower actually. One of the maids informed me of it after asking after a few flowers." he went quiet for a small time before resuming. "Did I ever tell you where I am from has no greenery at all save for the grand park? It has all been cleared away for pristine streets and thoroughfares. A grand prison my home country was. All this greenery is rather an assault to the senses as well as how it seems to ooze life of all sorts in comparison to the functional paved streets and buildings. I miss my mother at times and in some way how it gave me all the knowledge I have rattling around in my head. Not enough to make me ever want to go back though." he gave a dry chuckle at that. Now he tilted his head to look over at her. "I would have came to check in on you more, but admittedly I was exceptionally out of my element in dealing with convalescing women or even friends for that matter. Matters dealing with others was always my friends forte not my own. Likened me to a golem sometimes. So please tell me. What ails you Shanna? It pains me to see you devoid of passion or life. I can't promise I have the solutions or answers, but I will try my best to help and above all listen."
  7. The Red Tower.

    Jaro completely ignored the wolf's growling as if he didn't exist. In the intensity of his resolve he did not dare let the wolf distract him into backing down. Despite his frailty at inopportune moments he was glad he managed her onto the bed without causing her any serious harm. When he plopped down next to her and she listed like an aimless doll he grit his teeth, but made no outward sign of dissent. In the immediate moment he ignored her words and threw a blanket around the both of them in an attempt to get her warmed up a bit. An arm wrapped about her waist in case she dared pitch too far forward and returned to the floor. "I am not going away for the foreseeable future Shanna. You see I have decided that you are indeed my friend both in my heart as well as my head. I may not be the sort of friend you want or deserve, but I will be the one you need even it makes you hate me with every fiber of your being. Tis a small thing to be hated by the ones you love so long as you do right by them regardless if they want or understand it themselves." The words were meant for himself as much as hers even if it didn't reach her in her less then perfect mental state. He made sure he had whatever attention she could spare. "So I apologize in advance for doing what I must in lending the hand you do not wish. We have honored your wishes for what I feel is long enough." He tested her arm to make she was no longer cold before slipping the blanket off the both of them. Given how uncaring she seemed to be he simply picked her up in his arms as if he was carrying a child. Even in her dulled state she could probably tell he thrummed with magical power. Then without barely so much a tickle of energy an overly large bathtub was in the center of the room complete with steaming water. It took everything he had to keep his face neutral as he stepped towards it and stopped once he held her over it spoke grimly. "I must see how much of the real you is left in there." Just like that he dropped her into the bath and raised his left arm. A wristwatch was now there somehow and he watched her with one eye as the other rested on the time. The reason was quickly apparent as there seemed to be no bottom to the tub. She drifted down into a dark wet warm abyss, the only window of light shone down from where she had been dropped through. Jaro's silhouette ringed by light as he waited for her to seek help and do something other then just die. Watching both her and the time carefully. Normal humans couldn't breath underwater after all.
  8. The Red Tower.

    The majority of their first day back was spent resting. The visions that had been forced upon him and the magic he had spent in their efforts to escape had left him drained in their haste. The following days were spent as much mulling over his own revelations of their short sojourn to the place of nightmares and dealing with 100 little things to work out with himself and Tristram. His visits to Shanna were indeed sparse. At first it was to leave her to her healing privacy. Then as the days passed he found he was inexperienced and under-prepared on how to deal with injured women. Despite his usual grumbling self he found he missed the screeching wakeup calls and her endless energy to get things done Not that he would ever admit such things aloud or to her much to Jezehr amusement. As he hadn't graced the woman with his presence the day before he got dressed up in serviceable black suit and for once forgoed the gloves, the runes that glittered and danced on his flesh tucking themselves hidden up his sleeve so he wouldn't bother their 'servants'. He even raised a hand to William as he passed the sprite on his way to Shanna's room. He knocked twice on her door to announce himself before peeking curiously inside (instead of barging in like she would). An eyebrow shot up in alarm when she wan't in bed and quickly strode in further only to discover her on the floor. His other eyebrow perked up and he hastily went over to her side. "Shanna are you alright? What happened?" Then his lightning quick mind shot a dark look to the bastard wolf laying lazily at his spot. "Why didn't you help her back into bed?" His teeth grit hard as his hands flashed blue. "Leave us." his power flashed angrily and his words were back by a magical compulsion to leave himself and Shanna alone, such was his irritation. His eyes settled back on Shanna hastily and offered her an bare hand. "I came to ask you to breakfast. The people of this tower miss you." Once he had helped her sit on the bed and examined her state further. His tone softened further still. "Would you like a bath and some help dressing? I could summon one of the maids to help?" He could beat himself up about her sorry state later.
  9. [Abyssal Enclave] Demons and Men.

    Jaro longed to be far from this twisted place. The way magic and darkness intertwined like lovers about them with a near sentient longing for their living walking vessels. Unlike the trapped memories or souls or only the gods knew the truth of the what they were seeing Jaro and company could leave and it seemed desperate to stop them now that the precious blood that he ventured fueled the darkness about them scented a fresh source of power. All these thoughts were second to his own morbid fascination as he watched magic pour forth from his companion. Such careless oozing of unkempt power. Were the woman in any sort of fit mental state he would feel a inkling of requirement to admonish her. Instead his gaze was locked on her as they moved hurriedly away. His thoughts far faster then they had any right to be. 'What would she turn into? How much power is that using? Could I do that if I tried?' Were just the first three that flitted between his ears like magpies. Then the rolling fog became far more tangible threat. Annoyed he was distracted as the source of his curiosity fell from view as the wolf lurched to a stop. Impassively he turned to watch the outcome. 'Can we do something? Should we?' No answer was forthcoming or thankfully needed. Shanna in much the manner some adolescents learned they had the gift for magic lashed out with it instinctively, harshly, powerfully. Jaro finally managed to blink once as he regarded it with all the favor of a passing firework show. Before he could settle his thoughts and form a consensus with himself the immediate concerns were over with. In any other situation he would be more then a bit offended at having anyone carry him on a shoulder like a kid let alone a woman even if the bastard wolf was currently occupying her body. Be it the indignation of the situation or having contributed nothing to this current outing the fog muddling his brain snapped free with less then kind things echoing in his head from Jezehr. "Try not to jostle me wolf." Seeing as how magic wouldn't immediately make his brain explode he had no choice. Enduring whatever visions that plagued him he cast and the staff in his left hand flared a brilliant azure as the mage muttered a fast incantation under his breath. Suddenly they were surrounded by a warm protective light as a quintet of beings made of the matching light surrounded them protectively to drive back and dissuade any further attempts by the darkness. One of the beings dimmed a moment and the light seemed to concentrate on Shanna's wound, staunching the flow of blood. "It isn't healed but it won't bleed further." Jaro offered to anyone bothering to listen. A trace of self satisfaction in his voice.
  10. [Abyssal Enclave] Demons and Men.

    Jaro was concerned for this little expedition of theirs. Despite the short time he has known and grown fond of the woman he also knew she lacked in the typical caution that prepossessed most people. That could prove especially problematic in a place such as this. He knew some of what drove her to be so accepting of her peers, but whatever damage emotionally or mentally the events of her life had done to drive her to search even a place such as this.. For once an uncomfortable sympathy for others settled on him before he shook it off. He told himself it was just this horrible place even as Jezehr told him otherwise and promptly shut the youth in his head up. The inner turmoil was entirely unappreciated as he felt it try to corrupt him with its presence. At Shanna's questioning he didn't dare speak. Not for what might come out, but his own fear was of what might try to get in. Lips were set in a tight line and his jaw was clenched uncomfortably at his own unwillingness to invite disaster or availability of a adequate answer. Instead he grunted in dissent at her foolish suggestion of cleansing the place of what tainted it. The macabre scenes playing out before his eyes felt like the the re imaginings of the history of his own land and he doubted totalitarian regimes ever played out any differently when magic was involved. Jaro almost hadn't noticed when he had started to stare at the fire. Shanna's gentle pull in the physical realm a welcome jolt and he was all to happy to stick close to one of the only safe things in the hellscape. He found the forge both beautiful and haunting in equal measure and shuddered as the voices threatened to overwhelm him. Did Shanna hear what he did or were they simply going for the juicy morsel containing two spirits? Jaro was even more ready to leave as they pried themselves away from its deadly vicinity to continue on Shanna's increasingly foolish errand, but it was her call to make and William continued to voice his own thoughts so he wouldn't have to. Increasingly concerned as the darkness surrounding the place seemed to manifest itself more physically, clinging to their feet and Jaro swore it was trying to stop up his nose. A mixture of relief and increasing paranoia crested in the man's chest when they found the library. As Shanna slipped free he stood silent vigil over their company. Wary of what horrors lurked in such a foul place. His staff swapped hands and flexed the aching joints of his left hand from how much he had clung to the artifact. The sense of unease he had felt was fast growing in the pit of his stomach and just as he was about to ask the woman to leave himself. Too late was his instincts as the scene burst forth in front of them. He dared not move for fear of the vision engulfing him in its twisted reenactment. What if he had become the Jury or worse the Adjudicator himself? That was the sort of darkness that tainted a person forever. With Shanna's horrified shriek it was as if a pane of glass had shattered and Brutus was a flurry of activity. His own eyes scanned the churning smog for any other sort of evils present aside from their own mistakes. Jaro moved to quickly flank the hellwolf as they moved to quickly depart in a far more determined fashion then they had entered. Shanna's pleas for answer twisting a mix of intellectual satisfaction and regret that he knew such things. Lessons that hurt his chest to think about as he knew full well the weight his answers could bear upon his friend. Too important to be stifled by any such corrupting influence that could possibly infect and sour him more then he already was. "For some no price is too great to realize their dreams and ambitions." It went far beyond any simple things as just saying power. Some wanted not for power, but greatly for other things. More harrowing was the thought where he asked himself what price he would pay for his own. Knowing full well he would think less of himself for the answer he didn't pursue that line of thought very far.
  11. [Nymeria] The Craek Contact

    "A year?" he questioned and the octopus upon his head made a sound at him. "Ah a measurement of time I see. No doubt that will be a sufficient amount of time for our people decide if this will work. All we ask is a reasonable lieniency dealing with any cultural misunderstandings. Surely that would be more then acceptable for this social experiment of ours would it not?" That was how he viewed the proceedings anyway. A strange merger of peaceful hermit people with those he viewed as little more then militarist expansionists. It was his orders and he was going to carry them out however. Wondering it was that the council saw as the eventual end that he couldn't despite his many attempts. Finally the half octopus man moved his upper arms slowly in a stretch and the hazy membrane slid from his eyes. "Indeed." The arms fell back to his sides and his face was far more meotive then it had been as he thought hard on her question. "Hmm. A modest stipend for any immigrants to get started and a list of available jobs for our people to occupy. The sooner we have our people working alongside one another the better I believe. If it is your desire I could send for one of our larger cousins to help in the defense of Nymeria? I believe you would be familiar with them being called Kraken. Other then that however we shall make our own way as you expect your people to make theirs." He extended a hand to the woman. "Peace and companionship sister."
  12. [Abyssal Enclave] Demons and Men.

    Jaro's visage reflected that of the surrounding environment, dark and sour. The unnatural dark and the magnitude of the magical taint on the land left an equally putrid taste in his mouth. Shanna's slight pause of unbridled fascination allowing him to close the distance. He barely managed to arrange himself near her before the air shimmered and sent a shiver down his spine. "Shanna.." A tone of warning reverberated in his voice before the scene came unbidden to their senses. If it hadn't been for William's words he would have thought someone was playing a very elaborate illusion on him. He supposed it was in a way. He faced the grim scene with a stonelike face and resolve. This place he found made him uncontrollably furious. For the stupidity of whatever mages had beset this place so horrible out of the natural order to produce such effects and for the grains of fear it was trying to instill into him that he was doing his utmost to shake off. By the end of the scene he was desperately wanting it to end for the hubris involved and well he was never much a fan of taunting in fighting. Once it was over and William uttered his urging to return back the way they came he hoped that the complete stranger would be able to get Shanna to leave this place and only return with a plan to raze it all down to magical nothingness. No chance of that happening though. He felt the warmth of her hand in his and blinked once before nodding. "Never." As much as he wanted to entreat her to reconsider he knew a person with a determination to finish a task in a way he had felt also. With a slight grind of his teeth and a set of his jaw he stepped in deeper towards the madness and foul tidings with a determination of his own to see them through. "If one never stirs the pot the bottom burns Sir William. We shall not be swayed from this quest. Your assistance is most appreciated however."
  13. [Abyssal Enclave] Demons and Men.

    Jaro raised a brow and stared at Shanna as she fawned over the weird creature. More so when she started to just be her and nice and all sociable! Jaro grumbled as this William responded to his question so far he figured the only thing the creature had going for it was that he was polite. He wondered how William knew he wasn't as old as he looked, but didn't want to sound less then knowledgeable so let it slide. His attentions were more focused along the pathway with Brutus, he didn't like the outdoors particularly much and creepy heeby jeeby filled outdoors far far less. "As if you could stop us.." The grumpy man finally spoke again and was about to say more until a happy hug from Shanna extinguished any undue ire he felt for the Wisp. The torch she fetched out made him feel only marginally better as they peered about. He stayed close to Shanna and Brutus and nodded in agreement at Brutus' reluctance. "I think Brutus has more sense and instinct then the rest of us." It was a rare moment of taking the hellwolf's side. Shanna was busy chatting up the wisp and he looked around. Every where he looked was some scene from his wild nightmares. Blood caked boulders, ichor, and things best left to the imagination. The knuckles of his hand around his wizard's staff/walking stick were pale and stiff. Then Shanna prance ahead "Shanna don't go too far ahead!" he hissed at her as he hobbled to try and keep up. "I am going to strap stones to her if we make it out of here alive." grumbling to noone in particular. If he had been any less sure of the situation he found himself in he might be concerned the wisp had just replaced him.
  14. [Abyssal Enclave] Demons and Men.

    Leisurely was certainly not how he would have put it. Certainly far more well placed then the erratic exuberance exhibited by his companion that was for certain. Regardless he was hardly used to trekking over mountains and hillsides in the 'wonderful' outdoors. Thus far he found comforts of a bed he could use freely and a building he could live in total ignorance of the weather outside to be far more to his liking. Only his promise to help and the guilt of repaying him for such luxuries kept him from simply turning on a hell and letting her find her precious grimoires herself. It wasn't all bad as he got to see Brutus in a more natural environment as he did worry about the strange intelligent-yet-a-beast nature of him. As they neared the source of what he could only imagine was a source of discord, corruption, and pure evil given the name Abyssal Enclave it took him a moment to realize his own dark mood was not in fact clouding his perception of his own environment. It was actually getting eerily dusky despite the location of the bright ball of burning gas above them declaring they should have plenty of day yet. His eyes narrowed at the apparent storm as if willing the thought of potential rain pissing down on them far far away from them and somewhere more beneficial like a crop somewhere. "Almost there? With no sign of an inn. Well color me surprised." His utterly flat tone conveying he was not surprised at all. Both of his eyebrows raising at the talking flame. "Shanna.." he sighed. "You really should be slightly more guarded with your name." Still he stuck close to the other two. Relying on Brutus far more acute sense of danger then Shanna's to keep him from getting into trouble. He leaned heavily on his staff to give his slightly shaky legs some relief. "I do not suppose the talking torch can direct us somewhere I can sleep until your done with this quest?"
  15. [Nymeria] The Craek Contact

    The strange pale man resumed being still after he had partook of which foods he had wanted to try. The writhing mass of an octopus on his head giving an almost disturbing contrast of constant slight movements to Ctholo's own statuesque stillness. His lips however moved smoothly as they spoke. "Indeed, one such as you does not need pointing out how surviving and living are two very different fish." Pausing a moment, supposedly to think over the gravity of her own words before continuing on. "They sound the sorts to enjoy plumbing the depths of mysteries they encounter. As for what my people can bring?" He paused yet again before speaking. "We were born from the sea and are quite familiar with its workings. We can plumb the depths where only death resides and come out unscathed. We can assist in protecting your home-front as you seek to claim the lands of others. Material wise we can bring the bounties of areas inaccessible to you and yours, both plant and animal. Unseen and unheard watchers of the sea both far and near. Quite a bit to enterprising expansionists such as the Nymeria wouldn't you say?