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  1. Jaro looked almost offended, almost. This was Shanna they were talking about and she tended to speak faster then she could think. Which he always wondered how that was possible, but it was in her case. Instead he just gently corrected her false assumptions. "I did far more then just think Shanna." Almost managing to keep the indignant tone out of his voice.. almost. The fact she had total confidence in his ability to generate fantastic ideas did salve away any perceived bitterness that she might have unintentionally offered. The color fled his face as she talked about the Enclave and going on more excursions and he focused on his food to hide the rather hesitant look on his face. It was true he needed to leave the tower sometime this decade.. he was just shooting for the latter part of the decade instead of the immediate present. Glancing over to her as he thought it over and internally sighed. He certainly wasn't going to get any closer to her hiding away in his room conducting experiments and getting or rather staying and old man. "I would rather not repeat that experience if we can help it Shanna." This time he did sigh outwardly before responding. "I suppose we can go to this.. Umbra." It sounded vaguely familiar and he couldn't place why. Waving it off a bit before scratching his cheek. "After I show you what I have been up to and laying out the plan for out esteemed residents and.. guests." Giving a pointed look at the lizard children and pinching his nose. Of course she would bring in some random tramps. He wondered if Shanna's true magic was to be able to make him simultaneously happy and grumpy at the same time. "We need to find someone suitable for teaching for the kids amongst one of these excursions."
  2. He supposed the crushing hug was fitting punishment for not being around. Longer then intended really, but he did enjoy his work. He gave Tristram another little nod and found the man as entirely too competent at wrangling the woman. Spy training maybe. Something to bear further thought on in the future. "I'll survive." he managed to say while rubbing his ribs. Not without more then a fair share of bruising or cracked ribs if he had to guess. "I have some idea on money of course." He hadn't been working his butt off for nothing after all! Just being antisocial and feeling guilty about it. The one large benefit of working alone is you could talk to yourself and people didn't think of you as crazy. "Getting artifacts could be a good way of supplementing our income." He demurred slightly. It was a good and practical idea. All the more terrifying since it came from Shanna of all people. When one spouted 1000 things a day it was sheer numbers game that something would be good he concluded to himself. Then there were her eating habits.. audibly sighing. Well she owned the tower.. she could be however messy she wanted to be he figured. But she had made him a Lord, with a capital L right in the name and he was going to be deserving of the title. If Tristram was the rock and Beth was the nourishment he would just have to be the director.. or glue.. maybe both. He blinked the distraction away and nodded half listening to what she said as he ate and contemplated in a far more REGAL manner. "No dragons." There was no way in the lower planes he was letting that happen. "We don't have the infrastructure to feed animals that big and frankly I don't enjoy animals around big enough to eat people." Giving a soft mmm and a smile as he ate a perfectly cooked strip of bacon at the PROPER eating temperature. "I think I have a direction for the tower you will all find agreeable and solve any potential money issues in the future. It will be a challenge to establish, but I feel with the team we have now we can accomplish it."
  3. A pathetic little wave is given in response to her next rush of words as he clamoured for more breath. At least most of his color had returned. Of course that meant the stupid flush to his cheeks had returned. There was something seriously wrong in the universe to have such an energetic woman be so strong. "it's ok." He wheezed equally pathetically. At least he found full breaths after awhile and Shanna seemed, for the moment at least, not intent on crushing him to a pulp. He'd have to give Tristram a suitable reward for putting up with Shanna for... well however long he wasn't travelling with her. He looked pleadingly at Beth to have her bring some food. Even if his body wasn't old and frail he doubted he would be up to the challenge of getting up after the bear hug he just received even with his original body. The woman bless her heart with magic did bring some over and he gave a grateful nod to her. Shooting a bit of a glance at Shanna to let her know he definitely did not want to be squished while eating!! Between bites he posed questions of his own. "So you want to be an antiquities dealer?" Face scrunching up a bit at that. It wasn't a terrible idea in the short term. It would keep the place going and supplement his own idea.. it might even give them a wedge to drive his primary iddea in. "Never did much like slavers." He gave a indignant sniff at that. "And who has been teaching them their numbers and letters?" The look on his face as lordly as he could manage as he half expected no one was.. well at least not Shanna anyway. Ah what has he been working on? Crows feet crinkled as he smiled. "Well you will just have to eat some breakfast and then all of us can go on a little tour since all the important people of the tower are present. Children not excluded of course." Despite his rough exterior and mannerisms he rather liked children. If he told Shanna however, every damned poor kid in the kingdom would come calling.
  4. It appeared it didn't matter if he particularly wanted anything special, but he would be a fool to say no to bacon of all things! So he just contented himself with a polite nod towards the strangely talented chef. With a bit of a start he couldn't remember exactly where the woman had come from and blamed it on his current hunger pangs. eyes glancing towards the curious wisp.. he didn't remember having one of those either. Or children.. or did he? He scratched his scruff in bemusement then shrugged. Though he was very careful to avoid looking directly at the children who thought he was the boogeyman. Then the cook gave him a compliment.. at least he thought it was meant that way or was it meant to be backhanded? People were so much more difficult to interact with when you couldn't feel them rattling around in your own head with unfiltered emotion showing through. "I do try Beth." He finally spoke aloud, it was a bit rough from morning grogginess and more then a little disuse. Even attempting a small smile to go with it. Not that it lasted long. Hearing the voice approach made his heart race a bit. How was she going to react to his presence? He had gotten quite lost working and mulling things around in his head. The time apart gave him a quick surge of emotion now that she was finally about. Then she squealed in a rather unbecoming manner and launched herself at him. Flinching a bit in expectation of the blow that never landed. Hearing her words made a blush appear and then look a bit pale as bones creaked and she cut off any chance of a response along with any potential air. Then as if that wasn't enough she rapid fired questions at him.. and held on until he felt like he was going to pass out. It would have been quite pleasant minus the bone jarring dislocation of it all and his no doubt cracked ribs. The jury was out on if it was worth it or not. Once free he heaved great gulping breaths of air to keep from passing out. Not that stopped the torrent of words from bashing up against him further still. Once he finally got his breathed he gave a laugh and shrugged mostly to himself. "So in order, working on the tower, in the tower, it's complicated, and that sounds all like a really interesting month err season, whatever." He wasn't about to tell her how awkward he felt about friends in general let alone about her! "Grimoires, death potions, banshees, and time manipulation?" Only to get shook up even more. Oh she was still holding onto him. That was nice, being jarred about, not so nice. "Shanna, calm down otherwise I am going to break and wouldn't that be a tragic reunion." His eyes searching about for help. Tristram had saved him once, maybe he would do it again? "Aren't you hungry?" Jaro fished desperately. His human contact percentage had just gone up 1000% in the past few moments and he was beginning to look uncomfortable and flush. Not to mention still trying to make u p for all the lost breaths he had missed out on!
  5. It was hard to reconcile his own feelings in the face of all things. It had been a long time, but perhaps not overly long for the life of a mage bound for eternity. That didn't make his own slurry of feelings any easier to bear. Some things were best face alone and Shanna had needed self reflection and growth. At least that was what he had convinced himself of at first. The bitter truth was that he wasn't sure how to build or maintain any sort of relationship with anyone let alone the sort of relationship he wanted to have. His mental companion having as little experience in that area as himself so they sought solace and their own companionship and fell into any good balm for wounded souls. He worked. Experimenting, studying, exploring. Purposefully avoiding interactions with the others of the tower. A protective wraith and spirit guardian working for their benefit with admittance it helped himself as well. At first it was something to do. Then as ever was his nature he questioned why. Sought after the bit of enlightenment that his true age would have found punishing and his current body had cracked under the pressure a time or two. It struck him oddly while tending to one of the secret gardens he had emplaced as to why that was. All his life he had wanted to be Mage-King and now that option was no longer available he was left adrift seeking his own place. Then some time later he realized he was acting the sort of King he wished his native world had been lucky enough to have. One of benevolence towards his subjects without regard for thanks. He would do what he must because he could. Even if it hurt. No one really questioned the fresh food that always made its way to the pantries of Beth the cook or how Tristram always had what he needed and that was fine by him. The lack of residents in the tower had made it that much easier. Still he longed for a closer relationship even if he wouldn't admit it out loud. So before he could talk himself out of it. He simply walked into the dining room for breakfast one day leaning heavily on his staff and took a seat. Much to the surprise of well everyone. Including the two children that were convinced Shanna was crazy every time he was mentioned.
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