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  1. Vince and Friends!

    Perhaps simply because he wasn't expecting a cat who was only about up to his waist to be strong enough to do so, Vivi slams Karna's arm down with relative ease. Her glee is interrupted, however, by the crunch of the table underneath them. The force of the impact must've broke the table slightly. Well, it didn't fall apart yet. She sheepishly moves over to a different table. Whoever sits there next is gonna be in for a surprise. (GOD SORRY THIS IS LATE I've been hanging out with my parents all week, which is a good thing, but I'm home so late I don't wanna post)
  2. Terrenus Guide wanted.

    @MrDoubleSunday Wanna roll for it? Vivi would probably be about on par with him, since she is a freak of nature I got a 15 on a d20
  3. A night to remember

    Lexi nods at each of the introductions, still not bothering to introduce herself. She always forgets to, being a once powerful and recognizable dragon. Not anymore, though of course, even if one would recognize her scaly self they certainly wouldn't recognize the young female human form she took instead. Ichi she regards with a hint of annoyance, not caring for the arrogant knight schtick he had going on. Or maybe it was just the hangover being annoyed, since that's normally something she'd be thoroughly amused by. Lexicus.. well, that.. might get a little confusing if people decide to use nicknames. Still, he was the least annoying of the three of them, so of course, she liked him the most right off the bat. The child, god, she hates kids enough already. "Where are your parents, anyway?" She half-mumbles, not actually caring for an answer. Kids don't usually leave without their parents til they're much larger than this little one, of that much she was certain. She makes a mental note to ask around lest she be accused of kidnapping. Were we doing something? Yes. Right. Back to business. She stands up. "Well, if it was travelling we were going to do, I don't suppose anyone has any idea how we should go about it? I can't imagine we'll be able to do the whole trip on foot."
  4. Drunks in a field (A night to remember OOC)

    Oh, yeah I did lol You can actually expect a decent bit at those for things I have a hard time describing. The nice thing about forums is you're not in a rush so doodles are pretty doable I'll post tomorrow, I was super tired both yesterday and today.
  5. Vince and Friends!

    Vivi tucked herself into the booth seat, redecorating the room with her mind. A centerpiece would be nice, to add a splash of colour. Or perhaps he could go full on 50s diner style. Yeah, that's doable, expensive, but it wouldn't fly everywhere during take-off like loose decorations would. Her day-dreaming is interrupted by the massive giant walking through the door. "Ah, you again, the quiet one," She waves him over, "Would you care to arm-wrestle?"
  6. Drunks in a field (A night to remember OOC)

    I promise I'll try to move it along in my next post orz I just want everyone to at least introduce themselves first Speaking of, are sheep and youngblood still gonna join us? It's totally ok if you got busy or something! If you wanna join up later we could meet up with you later on if the rp lasts
  7. Vince and Friends!

    Vivi nodded at each of the introductions, except Karna's, who she regarded with some confusion. Whatever. He's pretty easy to identify by description alone. And.. Venti. She sighs. So much for a peaceful trip, with this obnoxious personality running about the place. She watches him fall down to the deck below. "I got 'im," she says quickly, hopping down from to his level and giving him a quick, underhanded toss back up. If he can live through launching himself from 5 decks away, that's nothing. She hops back up herself. "Maybe I should get him a leash? Can't have him falling off mid flight" (On my phone, If anyone's names get autocorrected and I don't catch it I'm sorry)
  8. A night to remember

    Sword. Sword? Lexi checks her pockets. A sword is to big to fit in her pockets. "Uh... no." She crawls over to the coffee pot, tips it a few inches over her mouth and drinks the remainder. There was only about a cup left anyhow. A little more awake now, she picks up the coffee the child used and gets to work on a new pot for the rest of them. "So, uh." She rubs her eye, clearing out some crusties. "Who are you people again?"
  9. Vince and Friends!

    Vivi presses her paws to her ears and turns toward the source of the sudden gust of wind and subsequent shouting. Oh, good. Another one If the other girl ever decides to wake up, that means their pay would be split by 6% each. Whatever, she can live with it as long as she gets her fair share of pirate loot. She waves a paw in greeting at the new stranger. "Hi, stranger! You here for the job? What's your name?" Wait. "Oh, shit, I just realized none of us have introduced ourselves to eachother. Uh, I'm Vivian, just Vivi for short"
  10. Terrenus Guide wanted.

    Ok sure but our posts are kind of all over the place??? Is it my turn or Karna's? This isnt making more rules it's just clarifying the one that's already there, so don't worry about like, binding us by making sure we actually know the posting order
  11. Terrenus Guide wanted.

    Can someone write down the post order cause I have no idea whose turn it is now
  12. Drunks in a field (A night to remember OOC)

    @Youngblood_Rebelle Again You can be sober That was the plan all along, and also why I included (at least most of you) Just think if it as the starter post isn't directed at you. The town in the distance is Kethlerin, just appearing super generic. You can know that if you're sober and decided to tag along. You could even have your own tent. Sorry for not including it in the starter, I just figured there'd only be one not drunk person Edit: I changed it to include you better. I'm sorry you got confused!
  13. @Ichi p sure I tagged you in the ooc thread, but just in case
  14. Terrenus Guide wanted.

    Haha god I bet he'd get along great with my Kaiden. She likes to match people's enthusiasm about stuff Vivi however Maybe not
  15. Drunks in a field (A night to remember OOC)

    Paint tool Sai 2 and an unnecessarily large Intuos Pro tablet